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Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

Declaring the Kingdom
Where Jesus Christ Is Lord! 

Freedom from demonic oppression, etc.

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Lake Hamilton Bible Camp (LHBC) is a registered non-profit corporation.
Our 501-C ID is 23-7394399. We’re located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

It was established by the Lord in the early 1970s, to be a place where families could come for prayer and to receive spiritual help. Our thanks to all of you who faithfully help each month, both financially and with prayer support. We never take God’s provision for granted. Your donation support is vitally needed here. 


Thank You!

The Arkansas Story – mp3 audio
Testimony of the founding of
Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

By Glen & Erma Miller

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 New
The Founders of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

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LHBC camp meeting video messages on YouTube

(All Derek Prince, Don Basham, Kathryn Kuhlman messages we’re recorded by Glen Miller as he was authorized by the Full Gospel Business Mans Fellowship International from 1963 to 1978 during that time.

Glen Miller also recorded all our camp meetings here at LHBC from the 1970s until Thanksgiving camp meeting 2004. Glen’s master library of LHBC masters was over 2,300 tapes. Both cassette and overlapping reel to reel masters too.  He then wanted to stop recording on reel-to-reel and cassette masters, and change to recording on computer WAV files. Later Glen wanted us to start preserving the deliverance ministry cassettes to mp3. Over time we saw the need to convert cassettes by camp meeting order. Since Glen was inviting both the deliverance ministry speakers, prophets, and end-time teachers too. Also, speakers who helped folks move into the gifts of the Spirit. That teaching needed to be converted to mp3. That way no one gets left out.

We ordered the camp a computer. Added pro sound card and Sony Sound Forge software installed, and began recording WAV files in the live camp meetings starting with the mid-winter camp 2004 and still going today. As we bought more hosting space over the years, In time we saw the need to convert cassettes by camp meeting order to post online. There are over 2,300 cassette masters. Kevin plays cassettes into the computer in real-time and save the file as a WAV to make CD masters, then converts that to mp3 in podcast format to post online. 

Glen then had more opportunity to teach, write and fellowship with others during these camp meetings. Erma Miller passed in 2002, Glen Miller passed in 2011. Glen Miller was faithful. We pray the Lord will continue to work faithfulness into our hearts too.

The camp started video recording in mid-2006 and beyond.  Ned Duffy built and donated a custom computer that we’re still using. Ralph Andrews ordered and installed the video camera, wired up everything. Before they left they taught us how to run the camera, process video, and burn DVD masters to make copies of. There are now over 850 DVD video’s in our library. LHBC DVD List in PDF format

Merrill Miller, Glen, and Erma Miller’s son is our boss running Lake Hamilton Bible Camp and is doing a wonderful job inviting the speakers and overseeing these meetings. His son Michael is also vice president. There are other board members too.

This site is a rich resource to the Body of Christ worldwide.

We’re still recording all the future camp meetings each year.

Our thanks to all of you who faithfully help each month, both financially and with prayer support. We never take God’s provision for granted.

Your donation support is vitally needed here.

View the Audio by Camp Meetings and see below what’s next to be converted to mp3 to be posted here. Plus we’re still recording the future live camp meetings here each year too. This site is an ongoing labor of love.  LHBC staff also started posting a few LHBC camp meeting videos on YouTube.

The ministry of LHBC’s Christian Book Store also provides a unique source of classic Christian books, including deliverance and spiritual warfare – many of which you will not find in your local Christian bookstore. View our new secure book & media catalog is at https://lhbcshop.com/

We can also take your order over the phone at 501-525-8204. Office hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, (CST) Monday-Saturday. 


There are MANY hundreds of FREE mp3 audio’s messages online now! 

All of our retail CD’s are higher quality uncompressed WAV files for each speaker.
We also have CD quality MP3 sets of a whole camp meeting too. This is more cost-effective than buying a single WAV file CD of one speaker. 

For retail MP3 sets, we’ve been able to compile from 8 to 11 full messages on one CD using jukebox mode. It really depends on speaking time.  Each full teaching is a  track. Our camp meetings now are 6, 8, or 11 full messages, and now it usually fits all on one CD at 128 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, stereo, mp3. There is no way to share that quality here online. 

We had a vision for this site but didn’t start LHBCONLINE.com till November 2013.  Before Glen Miller passed he was thrilled to hear about new people coming to a camp meeting because they were listening online at LakeHamiltonBibleCamp.com. But there we only had enough hosting space to rotate about 25 or 30 audio messages. Now with LHBCONLINE.com, we don’t have to take anything off. Just keep growing it.

Many of you listening online maybe can’t physically come to a camp meeting. But those same people who did come listened to these same audio messages in the meeting and got a measure of freedom right where they were sitting. There is power in the name of Jesus. It’s Jesus who is our deliverer if you’re a born again Christian.  Just follow the minister on each deliverance audio message.

There will be a time of repentance before the ministry takes place.  Deliverance ministry is an ongoing walk with the Lord, and not a one-time event.  Repentance is not out of style. There is so much healing that will come to you if you can just humble yourself in His presence and tell him everything. 

“Be an overcomer when no one is looking”

Reading Materials: See our – Online Catalog

The Deliverance Manual By Gene B. Moody – (Scores of FREE audio there too).

Your Daily A.M. WARFARE PRAYER By Carla Butaud 

LHBC – Spiritual Reading Resources

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Deliverance – The Basics 

Deliverance – Questions & Answers

Deliverance – From The Occult

The Gift’s of The Holy Spirit

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Audio by Camp Meetings:

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Audio by Speakers

Angelo & Nancy Rosario Deliverance Ministry 

Art & Lilly Johnson – Gospel of The Kingdom – (Types & Shadows)

Ben & Polly Buchanan – Deliverance Ministry 

Bill Britton Gospel of The Kingdom

Bill Smith – Gospel of The Kingdom

Blanche Reynolds –  Deliverance Ministry – Bible Living

Bo & Jean Fisher – Deliverance Ministry

Bob Buess – Bible Living, Overcoming

Bob MixonBible Living, Ever Pressing Forward

Bob Trench – Bible Living, Overcoming, Deliverance Ministry

Carl Fox – Deliverance Ministry

Carla Butaud 1-of-4  – 2004 – 2008

Carla Butaud 2-of-4 –  2009 – 2012

Carla Butaud 3-of-4 –  2013 – 2014

Carla Butaud 4-of-4 – 2015 – 2020

Carla Butaud – 2021 and Beyond

Carla Butaud – Kingdom of God Series – 2006 – 2015

Carroll & Bonnie McCarroll – Deliverance Ministry & Kingdom Living

Charles Trombley – General Bible Studies & Deliverance

Cheryl Batts – Deliverance Ministry

Chip & Darlene Hill – Deliverance Ministry

Chris Simpson – Deliverance Ministry

Chuck & Mary Ann Flynn – Kingdom Living, Holy Spirit Gifts

Clement Humbard – Bible Studies

C.R. Oliver – Gospel of The Kingdom

Dale Copeland  – Gospel of The Kingdom

Dario & Cindy Parish – Deliverance Ministry

David Brogdon –  Holy Spirit Gifts

David Bunch Sr. – Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

David Bunch Jr. – Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

Deborah Raiees Dana – Deliverance Ministry

Deborah Vails – Deliverance & Holy Spirit Ministry 2015 – 2022

Derek Prince – Deliverance Ministry & Studies Recorded by Glen Miller Including, Don Basham and Kathryn Kuhlman messages. Glen Miller was authorized by the Full Gospel Business Mans fellowship from 1963 to 1978.

Doc Agan – Gospel of The Kingdom

Don & Ada AndrewsDeliverance & Ministry

Don Basham – Holy Spirit Gifts & Deliverance Ministry. recorded by, Glen Miller as he was authorized by the Full Gospel Business Mans fellowship. 

Don Corder – Deliverance Ministry

Dorman Duggan – Deliverance Ministry

Dr. Marcus Haggard – Deliverance Ministry

Dr. William Null 2004 to 2008 – Deliverance Ministry

Ed Johnson –  Deliverance Ministry

Ernie MarzulloBible Living, Overcoming

Ferris Miller Deliverance Ministry

Frank Butler –  Overcoming

Frank & Ida Mae Hammond – Deliverance Ministry

Frank Marzullo Jr. – Deliverance Ministry

Frank Marzullo Sr. – Deliverance Ministry

Frank MendoliaDeliverance Ministry

Gene & Earline Moody – Deliverance Ministry

George Leroy – Gospel of the Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

George Wingate – Bible Living, and Deliverance ministry

Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008Deliverance Ministry

Geri McGhee 2-of-3 2009 to 2013Deliverance Ministry

Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2020 – Deliverance Ministry

Geri McGhee #4 2019-2022 on – Deliverance Ministry

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1975 – 1993

Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1994 – 2012

Howard Pittman – Testimony and End-Time Truths 

Ish Payne Deliverance Ministry

Jack & Carol CannadaDeliverance Ministry

Jack Duran Deliverance Ministry

Jack Harris – Gospel of The Kingdom

James Golden – Missionary

Jane Hunt Worship Leader here at LHBC & Bible teacher.

Jesse & Kara Birkey – Deliverance Ministry

Jim & Mildred Coffey – Deliverance Ministry

Jim & Alberta Landry – Deliverance Ministry

Joe Poppell – Healing Ministry

Joe WilliamsHealing & Deliverance Ministry

John Boney – Gospel of The Kingdom

John Fletcher –  Deliverance Ministry

John Rothacker – Health Information

Kathryn Kuhlman – Holy Spirit Gifts & Bible Living. Recorded by Glen Miller as he was authorized by the Full Gospel Business Mans fellowship.

Ken & Annie Schisler – Annie’s Visions

Ken Kemble – General Bible

Kernaa & Jean Williams – Deliverance Ministry

Kernaa & Jean Williams – 2020 and Beyond

Kyle Parmer – Overcoming & Kingdom Living

Kyle & David Nees – Deliverance / Overcoming & Kingdom Living

Lee Ellenwood – Gospel of The Kingdom 

Lee Nystrom – Deliverance Ministry

Lester Sumrall – General Bible

Linda Sutter – Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

Louise Pemble – Bible Studies and Deliverance Ministry

Melvin Creason – Gospel of The Kingdom 

Marvin & Kathy Sistrunk  – Deliverance Ministry

Maxwell Whyte – Deliverance Ministry

Merle Schroeder – Deliverance Ministry

Mitsi Burton – Deliverance Ministry

Mike & Gail Patton Deliverance Ministry

Miscellaneous SpeakersGeneral Bible

Monty & Sharon Mulkey – Deliverance Ministry

Myron Fagon – Specialty – Information

Nathan & Janie Hopson – Deliverance Ministry

Nickie Pinson – Holy Spirit Ministry, Bible Studies

Norman Parish – Kingdom Ministry, Bible Studies, & Deliverance Ministry

Phillip & Darlena Fields – Testimony, General Bible

Phillip MorrisDeliverance Ministry

Randy & Callie Richey – Deliverance Ministry 2014 – 2022

Richard Tate – Gospel of The Kingdom 

Robert or Michael Cameron – Salvation for the whole House, Bible living

Robert Kramer – Studies & Bible Living

Rod Johnson – Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

Ron Brunson – Deliverance Ministry

Ronnie & Diane Bijeaux – Gospel of the Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

Shirley Smith – Deliverance Ministry

(Col. ) Speed & Ruth Wilson – End-Time truths & Gospel of The Kingdom

Stan Johnson – Children’s Deliverance Ministry

Stan & Kathy Joslin – Deliverance Ministry

Steve Bell – Deliverance Ministry

Steve Coyle – Deliverance Ministry

Steve & Jackie Sellars – Studies & Bible Living

Tom & Dianne Stone – Deliverance Ministry

Tommy Cook – Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

Vann-&-Sandy-Hutchinson – Deliverance Ministry

Vito & Patricia Rallo – Deliverance Ministry

Walter & Deede Fletcher – Deliverance Ministry

Wes Daughenbaugh –  Deliverance ministry & Bible Living

Win Worley – Deliverance Ministry

W.  L. Duncan – Holy Spirit Gifts & Deliverance Ministry

Next Camp Meeting Coming

Audio by Camp Meetings – Main Menu

LHBC Audio by Zoom Meetings – Main Menu

Free LHBC video messages on YouTube – New

Please prayerfully consider donating to this ministry. 

Lake Hamilton Bible Camp (LHBC) is a registered non-profit corporation.
Our 501-C ID is 23-7394399. We’re located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Our thanks to all of you who faithfully help each month,
both financially and with prayer support.

We never take God’s provision for granted.
See the donation link on the home page

Thank You!

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