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Jean remembers reading Ps 91 everyday from childhood. However, she suffered from rejection, fear and depression. Her son took her to the alter at church and she was immediately delivered from Valium as well as other things. She gave testimony of having no contact with her father for many years. He was dying of cancer in 2009 and she had opportunity to forgive him for desertion. We must choose God’s ways – forgive and release. We must decrease so God can increase in us. Jn 3:30 She also tells of choosing to release a child and the results. Her mother was a praying mom who prophesied many things in her life that came to pass. Jean closed by offering to pray for anyone who had a need in any area.

11LHCD7-5 – Kernaa Williams – VAMPIRISM
This message is a real education as to what’s going on in our country in the occult involving vampirism. How people are eating blood and even getting their teeth sawed to represent knives and swords. He says there is a Vampire Alliance in Ga. that has thousands of members. A vampire spirit will drain your energy, they are drama queens, demanding your full attention. They are very critical, controllers, full of self-pity. They want you for what they can get from you, financially and sexually. It is vital that we become aware and on guard against these spirits. Bro. Williams gave a lot more info about certain movies and books, etc. that we need to be aware of. There are many scriptures that help us to identify these enemies of God’s people as well as identifying some of the physical traits. Every parent needs to hear this message! Deliverance follows.

Ps 91:1-4 God is our covering, our protection, a defense for us from danger and harm. We have total safety in Him. He will never disappoint us – Mk 16:17,18. Even under His feathers is safety. Isa 26:3 tells us He’ll keep us in perfect peace if our minds are kept on Him. That says that our minds are kept safe, too. It is a spiritual battle that we must fight against the powers of darkness. Eph 6:12 However, Gal 3:13 tells us that we have been redeemed from the curse. Many scriptures are included in this teaching, which tell us how to stay under His protection as well as the benefits.

Bro Williams begins by reminding us that there are many rejected in the church and that Jesus is concerned about the whole man. He talks about destruction of the soul and some of the causes. Prov 6:32. He gave descriptions of a paranoid personality, anti-social personality, dependant personality, an obsessive personality, and those who suffer from satanic ritual abuse, among others and gives references that describe such behavior. The bottom line is that we need to minister to those coming to God’s people for help. Deliverance follows.

1 Chron 21:15 AMP. God can delay time and judgment for America. We are seeing gross ungodliness in America at this time but we read here that God regretted and relented, stopping the destroying angel. We certainly match the description of the daughter of Babylon as seen thru out the scriptures. Jer 50:23, hammer to the nations, (Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and perhaps Libia is next. Rev 18:7, lived deliciously, a queen – Statue of Liberty, no widow – full of pride. Rev 17:18, reigneth over kings. The list goes on. In Isa 47 a fall is prophesied. Can God delay His judgment? Yes, He can – but will He? There is much more to this teaching that we all need to hear.

Zombification is on the rise in America and in the church today. Bro. Williams lists 7 ways to recognize if your pastor is a “zombie” and if you are in a congregation of the dead. Few Christians recognize the power that is in the Word of God. We must accept it with childlike faith. God is raising up a people who are not afraid of spiritual warfare. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. 

A “duppy” is a Jamaican ghost is in the form of a person or animal a water spirit or a shadow of a dead person. In Jamacia grieving people get under attack by sexual demons and goat demons who impersonate their deceased love ones. Those marine spirits can overthrow church leadership. There are agressive duppy spirits who attack school teachers. These things are not as yet in our nation.


12LCCD2-1 – Jean Williams – DEMONIC TONGUES
Do you know the words we speak with our tongues keep us from going forth in God? We either curse or bless ourselves and others. Only God can tame our tongue. It is powerful, deadly and out of control. We have hurt ourselves and our brothers and sisters in Christ. The tongue is meant to edify, build up, to please God. Jean names these seven ways we use our tongue to curse others. 1) lying, 2) gossiping, 3) argumentative, 4) judgmental, 5) boasting, 6) rude, and 7) retaliating. When people offend you, do not try to avenge yourself. Vengence belongs to God. Pray for humility to understand and give it all to Jesus. Prayers follow to become free from these seven demonic tongues.

Pisgah is a place of rebellion. Moses was the first to know God as Jehovah. He was a powerful man of God who worked wonders in Egypt with a rod. Because of sin he was not able to enter into Cannan. He could only view it from Mt. Pisgah. He struck the rock in rebellion. God has a purpose in what He tells us to do. The rock was Christ. This wicked spirit of Pisgah today lets you see the promises but will not allow you to enter in. Rebellion also robs you of health, wealth, etc. It is a tormenting spirit. It can operate in our lives today but doesn’t have to, because Jesus has given us dominion power to get this spirit out of our lives. Speak it into the realm of the Spirit and it will come to pass in the natural. All within us that is not like God, release it. Deliverance prayer follows.

12LHCD7-1 – Kernaa Williams – DEATH SAINT – SANTA MUERTA
The Williams went on a missionary to visit to Mexico. In those meetings people came forward to be delivered from curses and spirits of death because they had worshipped a statue called Santa Mureta – the Saint of Death. Some other names for this demon are Lady Death, Sacred Death, White Girl, Skinny Girl, Goddess of the Dead. Worship of this statue requires blood sacrifice – animal or human. This practice is rooted in ancient Aztec religious rites. This statue wears a hooded shroud, has the face of a skeleton, often holds an owl in its hand, and has a globe of Earth attached to its body signifying world domination. Drug cartels participate in rituals of blood sacrifice to this statue to gain power and territory. This spirit is moving into the USA today. As a Church we must pull down these principalities and powers of death. In order to fight we must have an abundance of God’s Word in us. The Spirit of God is moving and saying, “Will the real men and women of the Lord stand up!” Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

12LHCD7-2 – Jean Williams – THE SPIRIT OF WORRY
The definition of ‘worry’ is “to harass; difficult to deal with”. In the authority of Jesus Christ we do not have to bow down to this spirit. Worry is sin. It affects the whole body. This spirit is on the rise to get us to doubt that God will take care of us. God rules. He has the ability to deal with every situation. Do you believe God rules and reigns in your life – for your future, health, job, family members, friends, finances. Release all worry to Him. What is not of faith is sin. Worry puts your focus in the wrong direction. Keep your eyes on Jesus. You will know peace because He is in control. Worry is satanic meditation. We must give Him all of us so He can use us for His glory. He says, “Come to Me and rest.” Do not allow a divided mind. You will either have the mind of the Lord or the mind of the devil. Choose Jesus. Know who you are in Christ. If you worry, why pray? If you pray, why worry? Believe, wait on God and He will move in that situation. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

12LHCD12-5 – Kernaa Williams – THE TACTIC OF ABADDON
Brother Williams message concerns married couples and the tactics of a ruler spirit named Abaddon or Apolyon, the Destroyer. Abaddon is the place of destruction, death and ruin. He is the angel of the abyss. The assignment of this demon is to destroy marriages. It causes one marriage partner to withhold sex from the other. Abaddon stirs up uncontrolled passions which lead to anger, emotional abuse, and passive aggressive behavior. This opens demonic portals for demons to enter. Anger and wrath bring forth strife. Abaddon speaks through a spouse those damaging words of negativity, contention and strife and bring division in the marriage. Other marital sex killers are stress, depression, medications, embarrassment, control, manipulation, exhaustion, pain, frigidity, guilt, shame and jealousy. Married couples must pray together and make things right before going to bed each night. Failure to pray together will allow violence, abuse, lust and wandering eyes to devastate your marriage relationship. If you give permission to these manifestations of demon powers, you will not be effective in this next move of God. Abaddon wants your marriage, your ministry and the anointing God has placed on your life. Activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit so they come out of dormancy and defeat the tactic of Abaddon. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. 

12LHCD12-6 – Jean Williams – A DECEPTIVE TONGUE
God is concerned about what comes out of our mouth. With our mouth we can bless or curse others and ourselves. Our tongue is an unruly evil full of deadly poison, a consuming fire and completely out of control. The mouth of fools pours out foolishness but God wants us to comfort, edify and exhort one another with our tongues. Sister Jean teaches us about seven deceptive tongues. 1) a lying tongue which is deceitful and full of half-truths and exaggerations; 2) a gossiping tongue which tells secrets, destroys another persons reputation and breaks up friendships; 3) an argumentative tongue which is a busy-body, quarreling, butting in, winds up and never shuts up, annoying, vexations, contentious; 4) a judgmental tongue which always has something negative to say; 5) a boasting tongue which seeks glory for oneself; 6) a rude tongue which is degrading and uncharitable; 7) a retaliating tongue which gets even, rendering evil for evil. God wants us to bless those which curse us. When we step out of Gods boundaries and take matters into our own hands there are consequences to pay because it is sin. Ask God for humility – freedom from pride, arrogance and an exalted sense of ones own worthiness. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


13LHCD7-1Y – Kernaa Williams – THE BOGIEMAN
Kernaa teaches about the “bogieman”, a nick-name for the devil. When Kernaa was a child, his parents told him that if he misbehaved, the bogieman would get him. Without meaning to, with that spoken word curse they opened a demonic portal to tormenting fears, trauma and the paranormal. Individual young people give testimonies about their own personal experiences with demonic beings and imaginary playmates. Demonic manifestations include objects moving around by themselves, objects being moved to different locations, objects coming from nowhere, knocking, banging, objects flying around the room, religious articles disappear or are destroyed, animal sounds, scratching sounds, a foul odor, orbs, furniture moving on its own, vaporous apparitions, dark shadows, odd looking creatures, electrical appliances being turned on and off, spontaneous fires, glass breaks for no reason, sudden temperature changes, feelings of being watched, disturbances when you attempt to pray, levitation. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Both parents and children receive prayers of deliverance.

Kernaa opens this message by engaging the enemy with prayer declaring freedom from demonic powers. The devil has transferred warfare into the waters and the battles are intensifying. The church has been asleep concerning water spirits. Revelation 12:12 “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the seas.” Marine spirits are destructive demonic powers in the waters. They have a great influence upon the earth. Marine spirits are extremely vicious and cruel, conceited, evil, merciless, mean and stubborn. They try to control and manipulate every aspect of life, trade and commerce, even the marriage, the family and the Church. Prolonged grief over the loss of a loved one can be a demonic portal. This marine spirit kingdom is also responsible for demonic winds. It’s time that we attack these demonic powers. Forbid anyone to draw demonic power from water spirit worship. Use the hook of the Lord and the sword of God to punish Leviathan, the spirit of pride, who sits in the heart of the seas. We must exercise the authority given us by Jesus Christ who lives in us. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

13LHCD7-2 – Jean Williams – WHAT IS THE ANOINTING?
The anointing is the power of God, a divine enablement to accomplish God’s plan on this earth. As we begin to obey God’s perfect will and consecrate ourselves to Him, we are set apart and strengthened to do things we alone cannot do. The anointing equips us with the miracle power of God to cast out devils. As we begin to obey God’s perfect will, He will entrust us with the anointing more and more. People can recognize it operating in us. You have to have a consecrated life, according to the Word of God. Once the anointing is activated, it begins to produce fruit. Jesus begins to show and prove Himself, that He is God. There are true and false anointings. Judge by the lifestyle of a person. Imposters, seducers, deceivers, false leaders and anti-Christ glory seekers have gone out into the world. He wants us steadfast with daily Bible reading, prayer, and fasting. The price of the anointing is to spend time in God’s presence and get to know Him. Do not hinder the anointing with a bad attitude. Cease strife and worry. Be a partaker of the divine nature of Jesus Christ. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

13LHCD7-7 – Kernaa Williams – THE BOGIEMAN
Kernaa adds more details to the subject he spoke on at the Youth Meeting. The bogieman is an oppressor of children. The bogieman is an imaginary being used by adults to frighten children into compliant behavior. Kernaa tells about his own early childhood experiences with the paranormal. He has found out that spoken word curses can open up demonic portals to allow the paranormal to manifest in a child’s life. Even though parents do not mean any harm, words have power and authority and there are demonic entities ready to go into action by the release of our words. If we lead children to believe in pagan fantasy creatures such as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus we are setting them up for demon infestation. Legends, fables, myths and old wives tales lead people away from absolute trust and confidence in God. These are lies, falsehoods, imposters, imitators, counterfeits and anti-Christ deceptions. Revelation 21:8 “All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death.” Speak truth to the children. Close the doors to the occult. We have missed the mark in this matter. It is time to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children. Deliverance concludes this message.


15LHCD7-3 – Jean Williams – WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART?
We can believe in our minds and still be lost, but once a man believes in his heart, true salvation comes. Is the treasure in your heart good or evil? We do not want the old heart described in Jeremiah 17. “The heart is wicked above all things and it is exceedingly perverse … severely, morally corrupt and diseased.” (Ampl) Take a moment and search your heart. We must yearn and desire for holiness, purity and righteousness. A new heart wants to walk right and wants only the things of God. You can not walk in His ways unless you love Him from the very center of your being, which is your heart. God yearns and desires for us to love Him with our whole heart and soul. A pure heart determines whether you enter the Kingdom of God. Once this heart changes, everything changes because that heart is going to line up with the Word of God and His ways. Then we will see the manifestations of the characteristics of Jesus Christ in our lives. Sadly, if you are operating out of an old heart, then satan has the rights to you. You cannot hide who you really are. The words of your mouth will speak from the abundance of what is in your heart. Make your choice today and humbly ask God for a new heart. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD7-4 – Kernaa Williams – ENDTIME SIGNS & EVENTS
Read Jeremiah 20:3-4. What is the meaning of “Magormissabib”? “I will make thee a terror to thyself and all thy friends.” That is the name of a ruling principality of fear and terror and it is time to dethrone him! What is happening to America? In increasing numbers, America’s children are being given mind-altering drugs to “help” with their behavior problems. Some medical doctors tell us that deadly diseases are being engineered for the purpose of depopulating the earth and newly designed psychotropic drugs are causing people to commit suicide and homicide. There are reports of weather modification and manipulation by scientists … “ecological climate engineering”. We are learning that throughout the world demonic entities are appearing as human beings, and fallen angel activity is manifesting. Are you allowing television to put you under spells and make you a mind-control slave? Church, do not allow Magormissabib to drive you to embrace spirits of fear and terror. Refuse to be overcome by any tormentor. We have the protection of God as promised in Psalm 91. We are to become “Watchmen on the Wall” for Jesus Christ and live strong in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Deliverance prayers follow.

15LHCD7-8 – Kernaa Williams – TSELEM – THE IMAGE OF GOD
What does God look like? God is a spirit, invisible, unapproachable light, a great and fiery brilliance. Exodus 33:20-23 says we shall not see God’s face, for no one shall see His face and live. The Hebrew word ‘tselem’ means “the image of God”, His divine anatomy. ‘Anthropomorphism’ means human characteristics or qualities assigned to non-human beings. In Scripture God is identified as having a human anatomy. These are some examples: His eyes behold and His eyelids try the children of men. The eyes of the Lord are upon them that fear him and hope in His mercy. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Thy right hand, oh Lord, has become glorious with power. With the blast from his nostrils He caused the Red Sea to part. Smoke and fire come out of His mouth. He hears the cry of the righteous. We ask Him to cause His face to shine upon us. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it. God’s lips are full of indignation and His tongue is a devouring fire. God’s breath is an overflowing stream that brings enemy nations into submission. He shall carry the lambs in His bosom. The Lord will come with a strong hand in His glory cloud.” Why do we fear – when we serve such a great and mighty God? What a tribute this message is to our awesome God!

Read I Kings Chapter 18:30-39. The Lord’s harvest field will be fruitful again when the time comes for the great spiritual contest between God’s servants and the servants of Baal. God will not be put to shame in this hour. 1 Peter 2:9 “We are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated, holy nation, God’s own purchased, special people, set apart, that we may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections and praises of Him Who has called all of us out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (Ampl) God is about to show who is the Boss. The God of Elijah is about to answer by fire. We better be in position to receive what God has for us. God wants to take us to another level in Him. We live in a day and time when people serve the gods of self, recreation, and pleasure. Ichabod is in the churches and that means God has departed. The Lord is training His chosen people for such a day as this. Be steadfast. Be a troublemaker for God. You are more than a conqueror. The God of Elijah is ready to release the supernatural into your life. Get fully equipped with the power, authority and anointing of Jesus Christ our Lord. Do not let this moment pass you by. Prophetic decrees follow this teaching.


16LHCD3-3 – Jean Williams – A RISE OF THE HORSEMEN
God showed Jean a dream about a brown, reddish horse. He began to reveal the meaning of this dream to her. She went to Habakkuk 2:3. We are in the season and the time of the brown horse, unmasking hidden sin and hidden agendas. God demands holiness in His people, so take the veil off your face and come clean. God expects us to apply these Scriptures to our life today. We must continue to yearn after holiness and take our purification seriously. Heavenly horses represent dramatic judgment for violent purification in His people. The horse represents power and strength in fleshly carnality. God wants to take that carnal flesh and purify it today. The horse also means strength, authority and power in battle. Natural characteristics of the horse: his first defense is to flee, he lives in a herd where there is security and protection, he is a social animal, a creature of habit, has special needs and he submits his own will and learns the ways of his master. Our Master will provide us with supernatural characteristics of consecration, obedience and fellowship with Him so He can pour forth His glory into us. His perfect will for us is to be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD3-4 – Kernaa Williams – THE 4TH SPIRIT BEAST
Daniel 7:7 “Behold a Fourth Beast”. God is raising up watchmen in this hour to warn His people. They are unafraid to speak because, “My times are in Thine hands”. There is a plan to destroy the Constitution of the United States and its Constitutional form of government. America is in danger of losing her freedoms. Kernaa has some startling information to share about the agenda and strategies of the New World Order, the shadow government working behind the scenes to destroy this nation. You can see the acceleration of the 4th Beast Spirit that is moving through America. Jeremiah 18:7-9 “If that nation turns from their evil, I will repent of the evil I purposed to do to them.” Sadly, many are under the influence of post-hypnotic mind control because of the media. We all must fast and cry out in travail unto our God. “Shadow Government” written by Grant R. Jeffrey, opened Kernaa’s eyes about government and military manipulation and surveillance of our general population. We are battling demonic entities…violent, brutal, cruel, vicious, savage Beast Spirits, Demon Destroyers. In Jesus Christ’s Name engage in warfare against this 4th Beast, anti-Christ spirit. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

America uses the Gregorian calendar. This teaching is about its naming of multiple gods and goddesses. January was named after the Roman god Janus. Belial is its ruler spirit. February is named after the Roman god Februra, the god of the dead and of satanic human sacrifices. The ruler spirit is Leviathan. Valentines Day is paganism, Church. March is named after Mars and falls under the rule of satan himself. April is connected with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. May comes from the Greek goddess, Maya, a goddess of fertility. Its ruler is Lucifer, the bearer of light. June comes from the Roman God, Juno, and is connected with the Queen of Heaven and Baal Berith. July is named after Julius Caesar. The ruler spirit is Beelzebub. August is named after Caesar Augustus Octavious and is ruled by Asteroth. September means seven and is ruled by Tamuz. October means eight and is ruled by Baal. Read II Chronicles 23:17. November means nine and is ruled by Osmodeus. December means ten. The ruler spirit is Moloch. Due to time restraints, Kernaa encourages us to research the Hebrew calendar ourselves, to study and discover its fascinating, prophetic arrangement of months, tribes and purposes.

God wants to align and position you into that place in Him so He can equip you to do your assignment. In military service both Jean and Kernaa were taught to get in alignment for their assignments. God is preparing you for your destiny. You might feel shaken and riled, but when He is finished, you will be prepared. He aligned Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Nehemiah, Peter, Paul and many others. Whatever it takes to align you, He will do it because He is a God of order. There will be challenges along the way as God prepares you. Every tear, disappointment, struggle, and frustration … God wants to use it for His glory. It is about the alignment of the Kingdom of God and it is the will of the Father. If something in your life was not built on the rock of Jesus Christ and His principles, God wants you to let it go so He can take you to the place where He wants to take you. He wants you to carry His anointing on this earth and conform you to Jesus Christ’s example in living. In order for the Kingdom alignment to come, you have to disown yourself. Alignment consists of an ongoing life transformation. Allow the Father to calibrate those fine adjustments. Surrender your heart to Him. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD7-4A – Kernaa Williams – DREAM OF THREE WOES 1-of-2
16LHCD7-4B – Kernaa Williams – DREAM OF THREE WOES 2-of-2
Ezekiel 33:6-9, A watchman must warn the people of their wickedness or God will hold him accountable. God is raising up a prophetic people who are also watchmen. There is a stirring in the Body of Christ of what is ahead of us. Regarding the pre, mid, or post tribulation, Brother Williams asked the Lord, “Where are we?” God gave him a dream, a prophetic visitation. He was driving north, south, east and west and he heard an audible voice, “One woe is past yea there be two more woes.” Dreams are to be tested by the Word of God so Brother Williams examines a number of relevant scriptures. The Greek word ‘woe’ means grief, a time of trouble and sorrow, unhappiness, pain, horrors and all types of trials and tribulations. Revelation 9:12 Kernaa believes prophetically we are in a time when the seal judgments and trumpet judgment are being fulfilled. We are in a time of deep repentance. God wants you to use your voice as a prophetic trumpet and begin to warn what is coming in the land. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Randy Richey presents a brief teaching called “Deliverance 101” to help us understand the fundamentals of deliverance. We learn how to remove the many layers of corruption which defile us. Sister Jean admonishes us not to let this moment pass us by, but surrender ourselves completely to the will of God so we can know Him in a more excellent way. The spirit of intimidation is coming against the people of God to shut us up and shut us down, to keep us from going forth in what the Lord has called us to be. Webster defines intimidation: to make timid, fill with fear, frighten, especially to compel or deter as if by threats. It takes you out of your comfort zone and its intent is to disarm you of your legal right. Remember, God has not given us a spirit of timidity, cowardice, cringing and fawning fear but a spirit of power, love and a calm and well balanced mind and disciplined self control. It is your choice to be armed and ready for battle. God can still do a great work in your life. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Who and what is moving you…what the Word of God says about you or what other people say? A fiery dart is a weapon that satan uses to inflict a disabling wound into a believer. Its objective is to silence us from advancing the Kingdom of God in our personal ministry but also to attack and wound God’s people so they would turn bitter towards Him. The things that you are going through are to bring you into alignment with God’s Word. To be used by God, you are going to go through some things. Take the shield of faith and quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. The enemy throws fiery darts of fear against what God’s Word says about you. Satan hurls wicked and negative thoughts at you such as, “I cannot do it, I am a failure, I cannot be used of God.” These are all debilitating lies of the enemy. Prophesy into your destiny. Take Isaiah 45 and make it personal to you. By God’s grace you will overcome at the moment of your testing. Believe what the Word of God says about you. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

God is doing a new thing in the Earth realm. There is a percentage of pastors who are experiencing mental and spiritual burnout, full of stress, anguish, worry, bewilderment, depression, fear and alienation. Some feel they are in the wrong ministry. There are others walking in five fold ministry titles, but they do not even understand the characteristics or the function of how that ministry is supposed to operate. Exodus 25:9 describes the pattern of the Tabernacle. Its example, design, model and blueprint is the expression of Jesus Christ. Other visions and efforts are man made and there is no power. Submit to divine order, divine obedience, finish the work and the glory of the Lord will fill His house. The winds of restoration and change are blowing. The Lord is returning the church to New Testament Church order…Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers (the five-fold ministry), and the Gifts of the Spirit. We will soon experience greater works than have ever been seen before. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Aeshma is an end-time ruler spirit of uncontrollable anger that resides in men. Anger in America at this time is dangerously high because we have been placed under a spell of uncontrollable anger. Aeshma is the demon of wrath, rage, fury and violence. It is designed to stir the hearts of men to do evil. In the occult realm, it is the most fierce demon spirit of anger that can be unleashed. Aeshma is responsible for national aggression such as malicious words and extreme bloody violence. Aeshma has another name: “The Bloody Mace”, an ancient instrument of war used to establish authority. This spirit will not stop the aggression until somebody is bleeding or near death. It sounds like the streets of America. Even professing believers are having trouble these days controlling their tempers and hateful words. Anger opens a portal for the vagabond spirit, heaviness, and mental illness. You have to deal with Aeshma anger before you can go to the next level of God’s authority and power. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD10-5 – Kernaa Williams – 21st CENTURY MEN OF ISSACHAR
1 Chronicles 12:32 – Issachar men had understanding of their times to know in their hearts what Israel was to do. At this time of crisis in America there is a great need for Issachar men who listen to God’s voice, obey His instructions, minister in the gifts, receive revelation knowledge and seek His purposes and plans for America. America’s current path and destiny is self-destruction. Proverbs 1:30-33 “Those who will not accept My council will eat of the fruit of their own ways. They are backsliding, self-confident fools.” Deuteronomy 28:47-48 “Serve the Lord with gratitude or serve your enemies.” e.g. Today technology is disrupting weather patterns worldwide. Where are the prophetic voices of Issachar men who will weep between the porch and the altar? Have they become girlie men? It is time for men to be intercessors, to fast and be consecrated unto the Lord, to receive His prophetic words, to bind and loose and take authority over the enemies of the Most High God. Do it now. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching..



Opposition means resisting or combating expressed in action. Propel is to drive forward or cause to move in a particular direction. The Lord is propelling and forwarding you into your position. This year the Lord is restoring and recovering everything that the enemy has stolen from you. God wants to affirm you and remind you of the promises He has spoken over you. God’s will is to drive you forward to your calling. The Holy Spirit allows opposition to come to bring you into alignment with God’s plan and purpose for your life. The enemy is also taking notice of you. The more you move in deliverance, the more you are a threat to his plans to steal from you, kill and destroy you. The Holy Spirit is allowing a pruning and purging to take place in your life so you can move into the next level of operation in your personal walk with Him. Separate yourself from defiling, corrupting and contaminating influences in your life so you can be set apart and used for honorable and noble purposes. Deliverance prayers

‘Sovereignty’ means supreme power, supremacy, and possession of power. Absolute sovereignty belongs to God only. ‘Reveal’ means to make known. ‘Secret’ means unseen, private, secluded. We serve a God who reveals His secrets. We need to yearn to know His secrets that we may do all the words of His law. However, we do not have to reveal to others everything the Holy Spirit reveals to us. God has a set and appointed time for that. Hold His secrets close to your heart until He gives you permission to share with others. Sometimes we need to be protected from those who do not have our best interest at heart. I Corinthians 2:9-10 tells us God examines and scrutinizes the deepest secrets of our heart continuously. He wants our hearts to be pure, because He only reveals His deepest secrets to the righteous. When the truth-giving Spirit comes He will guide us into the whole, full truth as He receives from the Father and transmits to us. Can the Lord trust you with the secrets of His heart?

17LHCD4-3 – Kernaa Williams – MESSIANIC PSALMS 22
Yeshua Ha-mashiach, is the name of our Savior, the Crowned Man with the Sword. Our Messianic Savior is the one who has power to change the world and bring peace. In Psalm 22 David prophesied Christ’s crucifixion thousands of years before it happened, detail by detail. Jesus cried, “My God, My God why hast Thou forsaken me?” Many believers feel forsaken by God, left to fend for themselves, rejected, deserted, abandoned, all support and protection withdrawn. Could God be silent in your life because He is waiting to see if you will trust Him in your crucifixion? During Jesus’ crucifixion, high level satanic powers opened portals to the strong bulls of Bashan, giant, bloodthirsty, wicked men. ‘Dog’s’, sodomites, encircled Jesus as He was dying. The ‘power of the dog’ was the agent of execution. We are in a time when those same shameful, corrupting, evil demons from hell are making their appearance again. Jesus moved from humiliation and suffering to Glory, and we will, too. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

17LHCD4-6 – Jean Williams – THE WINDS OF CHANGE
We live in a world that is rapidly changing. Technology and fashion change daily. Are we changing? We have all done things that were not right. But the wind of the Holy Spirit, the wind of change, is starting to blow and is beginning to get rid of the garbage and debris we have stored in our lives, all that is hidden beneath the surface. When you leave here, do not think that you can get by with anything. The Almighty sees and knows it all. God wants to bring new life to your deadness and dryness and restore resurrection power in you. Psalm 103:16 The wind passes over it and it is gone and the place thereof shall know it no more. No remembrance of the past. God wipes it clean. It is gone. When you repent of your sins and say yes to the Holy Spirit and He comes, it’s a wrap. God wants to awaken a spirit of revival in you. You will no longer be the same. He is radiant, light and pure and He is Holy. Allow yourself to be changed into that image of Christ and demonstrate His power. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

17LHCD4-7 – Kernaa Williams – LEVIATHAN IN THE CHURCH
Zachariah 13:6 “I was wounded in the house of my friends.” Here is a sketch of Revelation 2:1 and the conditions of today’s end-time churches. 1) Ephesus: you have left your first love; religious imposters have entered the church. 2) Smyrna: you are reviled by those who say they are Jews and are not, the synagogue of satan, bringing spirits of intimidation and fear. 3) Pergamos: you exist in an area where satan is enthroned as Balaam. 4) Thyatira: you tolerate Jezebel, a spirit of compromise and sexual immorality. 5) Sardis: you are dead; the spirit of tradition has entered and made the authority of the Word of no effect. 6) Philadelphia: you have a draining spirit of weakness because of spoken word curses. 7) Laodicea: you are lukewarm because of wealth and pride. Job 41:34 Leviathan is the king of the sons of pride, an animal that twists, winds and coils, a marine spirit. Proverbs 6:16-19 and Job 13:1-3 tell about the seven abominations of pride and the self-righteous attitude that God hates. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

17LHCD7-3 – Jean Williams – LEARNING TO OBEY GOD
Jean goes to great lengths to emphasize how important it is for us to obey the Word of God. Obedience does not always come naturally. Just as a child has to learn the consequences of disobedience, so do we. We have to do whatever is necessary to bring our minds and our wills under submission to the Holy Spirit. The flesh hates to submit, but it is God’s will that we obey. Jean shares seven things that are very helpful in learning how to obey God. We live in a microwave society where we want everything “right now”. That mentality has affected the way we commune with God. It is past time we learn to wait to hear from Him. In the days ahead it will be even more critical to hear and know the voice of God for yourself. Learning to obey God is a process. It behooves everyone to digest this message! Service concludes with deliverance ministry.

17LHCD7-4 – Kernaa Williams – THE SPIRIT OF JANEES & JAMBRES
2 Timothy 3:8-9 is the Scripture basis for this message. What we are seeing in this nation is an attack on leadership. Not only is there a political battle going on but there is intense spiritual warfare. The Bible says that “we wrestle not…” and there are many churches that are “wrestling not!”. Bro. Kernaa exposes many things about the occult that Christians need to know. It is the scheme of the enemy to keep these things hidden! The Word of God commands us to pray for those in authority over us. Bro. Kernaa’s insight will help you pray more effectively. Will the church be powerless or will the church engage? Message ends with powerful deliverance prayers.

The ultimate purpose or goal of the spirit of the python is to crush and destroy the vision, dreams and hope of the church and the individual believer. The spirit of the python promotes divination, witchcraft and rebellion. It seeks to break down God’s plan and purpose of the local church by destroying the divine order and authority. It will always draw attention away from Jesus unto other human beings or self. This demonic spirit causes people to focus on the predictions of future events and away from now and today. The python is the source of many sicknesses and deaths of many people in curses, spells, voodoo and incantations. Where python is allowed to rule there will be an ever increasing use of drugs. It can constrict the flow of and literally steal our finances from us. As born-again believers we have absolute control and victory over the spirit of the python. Wonderful deliverance ministry concludes this session.

17LHCD7-10 – Kernaa Williams – VANGUARD PEOPLE
A vanguard is the front part of an advancing army in battle – a group that leads the whole military into battle – a type of reconnaissance team – spying out the land before the battle. God is raising up His army for His end-time purpose on planet earth. He is pruning a people of the soulish order and Kernaa goes to great lengths to identify that order. The vanguard people are those who are willing to go into regions and do what the Holy Spirit says do – including tearing down altars and images! They understand the Gifts of the Spirit and are not afraid to move in them. We are in a time when the saints must understand what it is to be equipped! The vanguard are about the cloud of glory – they move with the cloud. This message is not about playing church! It’s about impacting cities and nations with Jesus..

17LHCD10-3 – Kernaa Williams – WATCHMAN, WHAT OF THE NIGHT?
The title of this message comes from Isaiah 21:11 in the Amplified Bible. The authority of the watchman has far reaching impacts if the listener will avail themselves to intercession. Kernaa believes there is a clarion call going forth to every man to arise in the nightwatch – to pray and to intercede – so the day can be ruled. When the call to pray comes forth, it takes understanding to know what to do. The enemy knows every trick in the book to abort this “sleep interruption”. Kernaa shares personal experiences of how his loved ones were preserved because he was obedient to pray in the middle of the night. Many people don’t understand why they are awakened in the night season, and Kernaa identifies what some of these things are to help the listener discern what the call of the watchman of the night is. There is much demonic activity going on at night but the gifts of the Spirit also operate at night and as you avail yourself, God will direct you how to pray, what and who to pray for, etc. We’re in a time when this nation needs prayer. This message is a challenge to the men (but women need it to!) to pray!!!! Kernaa concludes this message with a deliverance service.

17LHCD10-5 – Kernaa Williams – OCTOBER 2017
In the Hebrew calendar the month of Tishrei is from September 21st to October 20th. Kernaa identifies a variety of actions that are to take place in the spirit realm and in our personal relationship to the Lord during this time cycle. Additionally, this is the month we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to return to our first love – and it is also the month when God wants to touch you and bring you into His presence. Kernaa, can switch gears and turn any message into deliverance! And he does so by connecting October to a teaching on mind control. He examines causes of mind control, forms of mind control and things you might want to consider that are happening in your life as a result of mind control. Television is a strong force of mind control – why else do they call it programming? He concludes this service with much deliverance.


What are “ites”? They are distractions that attempt to hinder you from reaching the promises of God. They are evil spirits working through people who don’t want you to have the promise of all God wants to give you. They are dark forces working against us to keep us from the inheritance that is rightfully ours. But we are here to take it back from these enemies. The children of Israel often found themselves fighting against these nations and were affected by them until God cleared the way for them. God commanded these “ites” to be destroyed (Deut 20:17). We must never underestimate the power of the enemy. The reason satan doesn’t give up the fight against us is because he is convinced it all belongs to him. Jean goes into specific detail, breaking down the different modern day characteristics of the “ites”. Extensive deliverance prayers and ministry conclude this service with much deliverance taking place. Get delivered as you listen to this message!.

Jean begins with a very personal example of facing disappointment concerning the custody of her grandson who was found on the street at 3am…in Chicago, IL. She and her husband, Kernaa, made several trips to Chicago only to hear a judge refuse them custody. They had fasted, prayed and cried unto the Lord and were just so sure they would be taking him home with them. So now how do we deal with that? They were doing the work of the Lord and living right. So why didn’t God do what they petitioned Him for? Then she began to understand … it wasn’t in God’s timing. She was reminded of how when her son was a child, he would ask for something and she would say “no”. It is the same for us, sometimes it is a timing issue. Ecclesiastes 3:1 in the Amplified Bible tells us that there is a time and purpose for every matter under heaven. Then Jean goes on to give us 12 reasons, backed by scriptures, why our prayers are not … or seem not to be answered. Examples … wrong motives, priorities, needing to forgive, etc. If you have any “whys” between God and yourself, this will be a good teaching for you. 

Jean is like a Holy Ghost tour guide.  She takes us around one curve showing how we feel and think in our pain and struggle – then around the next bend is what the Scripture says. The whole journey is really about where our focus is and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  God’s got us! He understands and He will deliver, but we must wait for Him. He is the final destination through all this back and forth but we have to keep at His “speed” to reach the end result. It’s when we try to navigate these twists and turns of life ourselves that we get ahead of what He is doing. That only leads to more pain and struggle!  We are looking for Him just around the corner but He wants to speak to us from a different spot.  That is why we must focus on Him and not on what we are going through. This message brings understanding to the experiences of pain and suffering. Embrace what God is doing through it!  His ultimate goal remains – to conform us into His image and likeness. He wants us to learn to hear His voice so we can understand what we are going through.  Jean looks at 4 ways pain and suffering can shape us. God doesn’t just want you to survive – He wants you to thrive.  Message concludes with an altar call and prayer.

Kernaa Williams – DIVISIONS, ISMS & SCHISMS IN 2019 1-of-2
Kernaa Williams – DIVISIONS, ISMS & SCHISMS IN 2019 2-of-2
Jude 17-19 lays out the blueprint for this title.  In the end-times there will be scoffers sent to cause division. This prophetic word is not just about the church.  It includes government, families, educational systems, work places and more.  We should be crying out for God to bring us into a greater measure of discerning of spirits. Kernaa profiles what an end-time scoffer is. They come to ridicule, belittle, discredit, find fault, and condemn others to promote themselves. This spirit operates behind the pulpit as well as in the congregation.  In the Hebrew, a scoffer is the same as a fool. A scoffer does not want to be corrected. They will recruit others to join in their rebellion. Scriptural instruction is given as to what to do with those who cause divisions, isms and schisms.  Extensive deliverance and healing for medical issues (over 60 minutes) concludes this sobering message.

Kernaa Williams – JANUS OR THE MONTH OF TEVET 1-of-2
Kernaa Williams – JANUS OR THE MONTH OF TEVET 2-of-2
Before Kernaa begins this teaching he shares 3 recent events that are fulfilling Bible prophecy. He then digs deep into the idolatrous background of the Gregorian calendar, with specific emphasis on Janus (January) and the paganism, witchcraft and impact it has, especially on the mind.  Janus is two-faced and a keeper of the doors.  Kernaa states, “satan’s false system (the Gregorian calendar) was introduced into our lives to hinder the blessings.”  We are being governed by the Gregorian calendar but it’s time we understand God’s calendar.  In the Hebrew calendar, we are in the month of Tevet (Dec 11-Jan 11).  The Hebrew calendar is prophetic.  It is not the Kabala and it is not Jewish mysticism. We are in 5779 on the Hebrew year which is an era of favor, grace and goodness as long as one walks in obedience to Jesus Christ.  Kernaa says every month on the Hebrew calendar is connected to the 12 tribes.  Tevet is connected with the tribe of Dan.  He breaks down the month of Tevet and the blessings of aligning ourselves with the Hebrew calendar.  Fasting, praying, purifying, placing things on the altar – these are all part of the month of Tevet.  He reminds the people that you will still have to use January when you write a check but to pray about shifting to the Hebrew calendar and it’s applications to the Kingdom of God.  Kernaa concludes the last 30 minutes with additional prayer, ministry and deliverance in the scope of medical issues.

The only time that you and I have is now, so there’s no time to waste to be out of the will of God. This message is really about God’s Kingdom business.  He is not concerned about your age but with what you did with your time while on this earth.  Jesus knew His time and purpose.  Many times He said, “My time has not yet come.” This is an extremely thought provoking, practical, wise and timely message for all to hear.  We want to be aligned with God’s timing and season in the decisions that we make. One of the surest ways to miss God’s timing for our life today is murmur and complain during our wilderness of dry season.  The advice given in this message for the “dry season” is priceless. Jean explains why we must understand time and seasons. She shares 5 advantages of time, 7 things you must know about your season and 5 questions to ask yourself about your purpose. Wasted time is a wasted life. Extensive deliverance ministry concludes this excellent teaching.


After Jean prays, she begins her teaching. We learn how a deaf and dumb spirit operates and the effect it has on us. First, we hear of how it affected her life, beginning when she was a young girl being bullied at school, causing her to refrain from speaking because of embarrassment. That was a stronghold…and she gives a very thorough description of how a stronghold works. Then we get scripture Eph. 6:11-12 instructing us to put on the whole armour of God which enables us to do battle and win. It’s vital that our ears are hearing what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us. Mt. 13:43, Jesus says ‘Who has ears to hear, let him hear’. We are called and given authority to confront and evict demon spirits. The enemy’s job is to rob you of your calling. In Mk. 9:25, Jesus commanded the deaf and dumb spirit to come out…and we see in vs. 26, it obeyed. This spirit is connected to learning disabilities, A.D.D., concentration, spiritual and physical deafness. We have ears but we are not hearing. Is. 42:18-20 we see that even with eyes and ears, we may be blind and deaf. She gives a personal example of her husband saying one thing and she would hear something different. Communication issues are prevalent in marriages, which is a focus of our enemy. Jer. 5:21 speaks of eyes and ears but no understanding. Jean lists and explains with scriptures, the causes and description that allow this spirit to enter…trauma, addiction, infirmity, etc. She also lists manifestations. God gives us the authority and the strategy to win this battle! The good news is that God is a restorer! Ps. 23:3 He restores my soul. Deliverance follows.

19LHCD5-4A- Kernaa Williams – TIMES OF VISITATIONS 1-OF-2
19LHCD5-4B – Kernaa Williams – TIMES OF VISITATIONS 2-OF-2
Kernaa begins by going to Joel 22:28 which says, You shall decree a thing and it shall be established.  We want our words to stir and activate what is in the atmosphere. He uses Micah 7:15-20 as a basis for the word spoken to be decreed.  We see in Gen 20 that Abimelech was warned in a dream that Sarah was Abraham’s wife…a visitation which served as a warning. Gen. 41, Joseph interpreted dreams of 2 men concerning Pharoah as meaning the same…confirmation.  Kernaa then told of a dream he had about Donald Trump 2 nights in a row…confirmation.  He says we are in a kairos time when God is speaking clearly BUT we are not listening.  He points out that Gen. 41:32 says that when there is confirmation, a thing is established. He points that according to Job 33:14-15, God speaks to us in dreams and visions as we sleep.  Vs 16 says He also speaks words of instruction, that we can know His way.  We need to learn to apply the Word of God by action…making ourselves vessels that God can use…first to listen and hear…then follow thru with intercession, etc. Another amazing dream is spoken of in Mt.1:20 where an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream giving the fact that the baby would be a boy and His name would be Jesus. Jesus promised greater works.  At this point Kernaa begins to declare and prophesy a place of power, dominion, authority and influence that is coming in and to God’s people in this time, operating in the spiritual realm. Believers are to be demonstrating the kingdom of God. We are then told of 4 dreams that he  has received and the interpretation of them.  Deliverance follows.

19LHCD5-5 – Kernaa Williams – MENTAL PASSIVITY
Listen up, Christians, as Kernaa takes us into deeper deliverance. Bluntly put, Satan is after the minds of believers. He’s playing for keeps. Kernaa doesn’t sugar coat this.  It’s really a matter of life and death. Opposite the mind of  Christ means your mind is full of demonic mind-control.  If Jesus is not Lord of your mind, your mind can be under mind-control, mind-binding and blocking type spirits that you aren’t even aware of.  Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus. This message focuses on mental passivity in professing believers. Many, many Scriptures are shared concerning the mind – both spiritual and carnal. One of the definitions Kernaa gives of mental passivity is to put your mind in neutral, thus having no control.  We must bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (God’s Word).  If it doesn’t line up with the mind and heart of God, it will get us in trouble.  If it’s not a fruit of the Spirit it is a work of the flesh.  Our minds cannot be passage ways for demons to come and go.  We must guard our thoughts.  Television, the internet and sad to say, many churches are portals for the enemy to enter your mind.  Some churches disregard holiness.  They either embrace or tolerate the occult (mind-altering drugs), eastern religions (Yoga), fornication (and most sexual sin) and have compromised the Truth of God’s Word. We, as Christians, cannot just assume that everything that goes on in the Church is God.  We must seek His Truth for ourselves and not be gullible and give the enemy a foothold or stronghold in your life.  Deliverance is not to be played with.  It is very real that, after deliverance, you can become seven times worse if you go out and start sinning again in the same area you were just set free from. Kernaa takes the congregation in much deliverance at the conclusion of this excellent message.

Jean said she believed her message is for this time because she could see a lot of people weighed down…not knowing how to experience our Lord…and it’s time to get free!  Many are still stuck in Lo-debar.  She begins by telling us about Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, and the grandson of  Saul.  2nd Sam 4, tells us of an accident that left him lame. Some of us have been crippled by someone else’s mistake and are wondering if we are ever going to get free.  Lo-debar means without pasture, no communication or direction…depressed.  She points out that it’s not our fault if we were molested or abused as a child or if you had no parents or had to raise ourselves. King David learned of Mephibosheth and desired to bless him because he was the son of his friend Jonathan. When we’re in Lo-debar, we’re hopeless and don’t believe things will ever change…but GOD!  He says it’s time to come out!  He will send deliverance from Lo-debar.  He desires for us to dine with Him but we don’t know how to have a friend.  We feel unworthy but God will make a way to get thru to you.  Jean gave a very moving testimony as to how He got thru to her.  Eph. 2:6 tells us that God has raised us up and made us to sit together in heavenly places.  He desires that we be together with Him. In Is. 55:1, God calls out to those who are thirsty. He’s got the answer but we must choose to respond. Joel 2:25,26 says God will restore what has been taken from you.  Deliverance follows.

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