1986 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting

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The 1986 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting

Below is this camp meeting in podcast format.

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Maxwell Whyte
Deliverance Ministry

86LHCD11-1 – Maxwell Whyte – BETWEEN GOD AND SATAN
We are between two forces: God and Satan. It is our choice to whom we yield. How much does the devil have on you? Think about it. Most Christians don’t know the Bible well enough to know if they are obeying God, Satan, or themselves! Get out of the milk stage and into the meat stage. Colorful illustrations formed by years of experiences make these messages by this anointed man of God extremely interesting. He states, “One of the biggest problems in the ministry is praying deliverance for people who are not yet ready to be prayed for. Not only is it a waste of time, but dangerous as well.” Ministry for deliverance concludes this service.

Tommy Cook
Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

86LHCD11-2 – Tommy Cook – THROUGH THE 12 GATES
When we talk about going through the gates, we’re speaking of twelve experiences in God. We reflect on the government of God – where He becomes Lord of spirit, soul and body. Jesus is the pattern – He prepared the way. The Holy Spirit will work through us to bring it to pass. Many gems of truth are revealed as Bro. Cook shares the relationship of these 12 experiences to each individual tribe of Israel. This message is a must for those expecting to bring forth the manchild according to Revelation 12. Blessed are they that do His commandments … that they may go through the gates into the city.

Maxwell Whyte
Deliverance Ministry

To stay delivered is one of the most important things for us to learn. It is our responsibility to maintain what Jesus does for us. If you don’t obey the Word of God after receiving deliverance, you can kiss your deliverance good-bye. The big problem remains that people refuse to humble themselves under the “mighty hand of God.” The devil loves to give us tangents in hopes we’ll get distracted with them as main elements of truth. Beware at all times of your target position. Many were set free during the time of ministry following this excellent teaching.

Jack Harris
Gospel of The Kingdom
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86LHCD11-4A – 7 LEVELS OF SUBMISSION 1-of-3 (Part-1)
86LHCD11-4B – 7 LEVELS OF SUBMISSION 2-of-3 (Part-2)
“This is a day of great urgency,” is what the Lord has been saying to Bro. Jack. People are looking for an instant change to take place to go from a carnal Christian to the Bride of Christ. But there will be no magic moment like that occurring. Transformation comes through suffering, and submission is extremely hard on the flesh. You don’t have any liberty until you are ready to submit to that liberty. The seven levels of submission are outlined as follows: defeat, half-hearted, to command, to a request or suggestion, with eager anticipation, ministry in silent support, and unconditional. This teaching is continued on 86LHCD11-5.mp3.

Jack Harris
Gospel of The Kingdom
click above to see his other audio messages

86LHCD11-5 – Jack Harris – 7 LEVELS OF SUBMISSION 3 of 3 (Part-3)
This is a continuation of 86LHCD11-4A & B. God wants us to come to the place where we can unconditionally submit to Him without any options. There is no submission like that of our pattern Jesus, who said, “Not as I will, but as Thou will.” He learned obedience through the things He suffered. These CDs are an in-depth Bible study into these seven levels of submission and would be marvelous for home and group study material. Included with this message is an outstanding testimony of thanksgiving to the miracle of survival that God performed in Bro. Harris life during W.W.II when he bailed out of a crashing plane, only to land in a machine gun nest. The hand of God was gloriously upon this man to preserve him for this hour of the Kingdom.

Tommy Cook
Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

86LHCD11-6 – Tommy Cook – THE PLUMB LINE
An exhortation for Christians to get their “walls straightened up!” This deliverance message is taught out of the book of Amos with the anointed ministry for rejection, hurts, bitterness, hatred, envy, and unforgiveness coming forth at the conclusion of the message. We must hate the things that God hates. The majority of Christians are experiencing a famine from hearing the Word of the Lord – not because it’s not being taught but because they just aren’t listening! We have much to learn with respect to why God was rejecting Israel during the time of Amos. We must be attentive to His Word and his prophets.

Maxwell Whyte
Deliverance Ministry

86LHCD11-7 – Maxwell Whyte – THE PRECIOUS BLOOD
Dynamic unveiling of truth to set your children free! Without an understanding of the protective and delivering power of the blood of Jesus it is not possible to enter into the deeper things of God. With the intensity of seducing spirits and doctrines of demons that are coming forth we must cling to our faith in the blood of Jesus to see us through. This tape is one of those “life changing” messages that will give you a new dimension of revelation of this power that is available to all believers and how it may be released. Too little has been said about the practical use of the power in the blood of Jesus.

Maxwell Whyte
Deliverance Ministry

These are the days of restoration. The great falling away has already taken place. God is forming a “burning bush” church. He is the vine and we are the branches. It is his true church that is on fire. Don’t be afraid of the fire; it will not burn you. The voice of God spoke right out of the midst of the burning bush, and as we proceed farther into the fire the fullness of Christ will manifest itself in us creating a life of holiness. This is what the Lord is looking for in His people.

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