Angelo & Nancy Rosario

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Published on: October 24, 2017

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Angelo & Nancy Rosario


05LHCD9-1 – Angelo Rosario – THE JOY OF OUR SALVATION
Bro. Rosario uses Mt 24:24 as his key verse. We’ve had a free ride – God is on a last mission to destroy the power of the enemy. There will be many false religions, teachers, prophets and anti-christs in this last day. We will not be able to discern if we are not in earnest prayer. There will be true prophets, in whom the enemy will arise, and they will become a false prophet. Why do you think the Bible says, “they shall deceive the very elect.” You need to live the Scripture – not just memorize it but you can’t do it without the Holy Spirit. Then the will to sin will not be there anymore. Bro. Rosario challenges us to take a look at our prayer life.

05LHCD9-7 – Angelo Rosario – A HEDGE OF PROTECTION
It is hard to have a relationship with God when we have not known a good relationship with our earthly father. The enemy wants to destroy our homes and most Christians don’t realize they have the authority to tell the enemy to get out. Tell him, “You don’t rule in my home or my life anymore!” The enemy will charm you. He looks like a holy man with material things for you. Bro. Rosario speaks against the spirits that surround God’s people and shows how we can ask God for angels to put a hedge around us.

God is not a religion or a denomination. He is our Father and He loves us. His kingdom is not of this world. We need to be practicing loving God over everything else. The love of God needs to be so deep inside of us so we can love others. God puts that love in our heart. It transforms a life. He said, “Love God, love your neighbor.” That is the reality of His love. This was an outstanding teaching.

Choosing to serve God will engage you into spiritual warfare. Satan has an army and he hates it when one of his cohorts comes back defeated. The enemy has been given an assignment -to be on you daily until you fall. You are in a wrestling match & you can’t wrestle unless you are physically fit, rooted in God’s Word. If you are occupied with the mind of Christ you will not be occupied with self. Nancy encourages you to look at patterns that have been occurring in your family and shows how to break them in the name of Jesus.


08LHCD7-3L – Nancy Rosario – HILL OF BEANS
Nancy begins with II Sam 23:11, 12 – field full of lentils (beans). Shammah gave a hill of beans. Your hill of beans is your home. How do you defend your hill of beans? Break generational curses and be in charge of generational blessings. We give a hoot about our hill of beans. Rom 12:1-3 – you cannot defend your home if your mind is not renewed. Stand your ground fight for your hill. You get renewed by studying the Word. She uses a tower for illustration. You gain prospective as you see from your tower. By capturing prospective the walls were torn down. Your values are the walls of your tower. Spiritual warfare – satan works through a network of demons but he is not omnipresent (everywhere at once). She shares 3 darts satan throws at you; temptation, deception and accusation and explains each one with examples. Defend your hill of beans! Then Nancy shares 4 ways to stop the darts: do not be deceived by being complacent, do not disobey the authority God has given you, do defend your ground and do destroy the works of satan. Nancy concludes with recitation to defend your ground and deliverance prayers.

08LHCD7-13 – Angelo Rosario – WHAT GOD IS DOING
We must trust more in God than in our self. He says God has a sense of humor. An illustration is given of how God took a gang leader that brought peace among several races of people. Jesus never had a race except the human race. He came for all the races. Why do we ask for something we already have; freedom from demonic forces. Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. Your little finger can cast out demons if you believe. We are playing church. Matt 10:6 The church today is lost. The house of the Lord is in decay. God is putting something in us to be a warrior. Jesus came for the lost sheep of Israel. We are His sheep. We are being abused; the enemy is walking all over us and our families. And as you go preach, saying the Kingdom of God is within us. With our hands we have ability, tools of the Kingdom. You don’t become an expert overnight but each day you become stronger. We have a battle because we are in the image of God and the Devil hates us. All you have to do is use God’s power. Ask God to help our unbelief. Religion and denominations have destroyed the church. Listen to what the Spirit of God says to the church; God’s Word. This war is a spiritual warfare that cannot be fought in the flesh. That is why God sent the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to save our soul. We get old and die. But as Jesus saves our soul we feel younger, healthier, etc. Preach God’s love and God will put everything in its place in our families, friends, etc. God is real. He uses the illustration of driving a car to show how with use, you become a more observant, safe and expert driver. This is also true in spiritual warfare. You are warriors and you have got to be prepared. There are demons all around you and your house; powers and principalities. The Good News is that the gates of hell cannot prevail. The Kingdom of God is in your hands.


Eph 4:27 Demons are territorial. They must be evicted and then kept out – by keeping the door closed. We may need to fast to humble ourselves before God. If we do not take control of our bodies, the enemy will. Nancy split us into age groups and explained the different chapters of our Christian life – how we should be maturing as we get older in the Lord. We must become aware of our great need of Him no matter how long we’ve known Jesus. There are new battles and new wars in each age group. However Eph. 4:18 gives us the promise of victory, saying He will deliver and preserve.

10LCCD2-5 – Nancy Rosario – WOMAN OF FAITH
Study to show yourself approved. 1 Sam 1 & 2 We can learn a lot about how we should handle the issues of our lives. We find that men should only have one wife. We see Hannah seeking God in her grief over being childless. Women of faith face real problems. Vs. 1-19 some very desperate prayer. We see God not only giving Hannah her heart’s desire, he makes her son a special vessel for God’s use. Hannah kept her promise to God. Nu 27:11 – praying daughters asks for their share of an inheritance and got it. A woman of faith will give Him the praise because she knows the source of her provision and is thankful.

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