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Frank Butler


We begin in Mt 15:22 – the Canaanite woman came to Jesus – she cried out to Him until she got what she came for. Personal faith gets personal results. She didn’t give up even though Jesus seemed hesitant to grant her request to deliver her daughter from the power of demons. Everything seemed to be against her but she kept going after what she needed and her faith was rewarded. We see in Mt 8:5 – that the Centurion’s “great faith” also got a miracle. Neither time was the one in need, present when Jesus was called upon for healing and deliverance. Jesus’ word went forth and healed the daughter of the Canaanite woman and the Centurion’s servant. Bro. Butler closed in prayer and proclamation of a new day and change to come. 

11LHCD4-4 – Frank Butler – GOD’S WAY OF HEALING
Christians do not want to talk about health-care. Doctors treat people; Jesus heals people. God’s way is to use believers to lay hands on and anoint with oil to heal. Wouldn’t we be better off to trust God and do it His way? What He asks for is our faith and He has given us a measure of that. In the 4 Gospels and Acts, all that were sick or demon possessed were healed and set free and the dead were raised. That is God’s health plan and He has provided what we need to see it work; our hands, oil and faith. Prayer for healing follows.

11LHCD4-8 – Frank Butler – GOD LOVES WINNERS
Eight times in Revelation, we read “to him who overcomes.” In Acts 16:16, the girl said the right thing but with the wrong spirit. The devil will use scripture to trip you up and attack Jesus. Whose authority are we under? Sin shortens our life. Know that when someone attacks you unjustly, there’s something wrong in their life. Paul and Silas were able to sing and pray even while incarcerated wrongly. That’s freedom in the spirit – vs 27, 33. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of trouble,” Ps.46:1. When your ways please the Lord, even our enemies are at peace with us. Joy comes from serving Jesus.


As we draw near to Jesus He draws near to us. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The Holy Spirit came to give us power for the battle. Jesus told us to do the same as He did. The anointing of the Holy Spirit breaks the yoke of bondage. Why does God allow satan to attack us? 1) To develop character in us so we can become kings and priests unto Him. 2) To keep us humble. 3) To cleanse us from all sin. In the Book of Revelation Jesus calls us Overcomers eight times. There is much rubbish in the church. We need to have great discernment. The devil goes to church. Brother Frank names many problems the devil causes and many ways to overcome satan. First put on the armor of God and stay alert. God is omnipresent but the devil is not. Angels are not demons and demons are not angels. Demons and the unsaved are under satan’s dominion. God forbids us to communicate with demon spirits. Know who you are in Christ. There is only one thing to do with devils. Cast them out. Be holy and pure in your life. God wants us all to be free.

We are only passing through this world. The hearts of God’s people have grown cold. Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers. God wants you to be radically changed in your thinking, doing and being. When the Head (Jesus) comes back the church has to be as well as the Head is. Healing and deliverance is God’s will. Not all Christians want to be healed and delivered. This is about personal choice. Life is a battle. God gives us the victory but we have to get in the fight. These are some possible causes of sickness: (1 Personal sins, 2) Other people’s sins, 3) Unforgiveness of self and others, 4) Unclean spirits, 5) Stress diseases, 6) Accidents, 7) Unbelief, 8) Taking Communion unworthily, 9) Misuse of the tongue. What to do? 1) Attend a live church which believes in healing, 2) Take care of your health because no one else will, 3) Do not partake in surfeiting. 4) Glorify God in your body and spirit which belong to God, 5) Have faith in God to heal you. 6) Thank, praise and worship God for your healing before you are healed, 7) Testify and be optimistic that God will heal you, 8) Surrender everything to God, 9) Have faith God will keep you healthy, 10) Pay attention to God’s Word, 11) Stay humble before God and others. A lot of people get healed when they start loving on others. 12) Always believe. It is a choice.

12LHCD5-6 – Frank Butler – HAVE A GO WITH JESUS
When a person receives Jesus their whole life changes. It is a miracle. Miracles always give God praise and honor. When Jesus walked on the water the disciples were three miles out from shore. First they were afraid they were imagining things or seeing a ghost. Then they were afraid Jesus was going to pass them by. Jesus said to Peter, “Come.” Peter walked on the water by the Word. Peter experienced a miracle while the other eleven adult men were in the ship. Then fear gripped Peter and he began to sink. It doesn’t matter how far you sink, Jesus will lift you up. Your faith will be tested. Jesus brought the ship to its desired destination. Because Peter had great faith, Jesus left His church in Peter’s care. Brother Frank shares testimonies of several miracles he has witnessed in this present time. Fear God and keep His commandments. This is the whole will of God. This is a new day and we are a new creation. Prayer of encouragement follows this teaching.


The Word of God says we will still bring forth fruit in our old age. Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood because she had an unquenchable expectation of faith in Him. For twelve years her condition had continued to deteriorate. But then she heard about Jesus and confessed her miracle before she got it. She expected the unexpected and looked forward with certainty to her healing. She was fully persuaded that what God promised He is fully able to do. The Bible says the anointing abides forever. He upholds all things with the Word of His power. There’s nothing like the presence and power of God. He has given every one of us a measure of faith. Our greatest possession is our personal faith in Jesus Christ, His words and His miracle power. That little woman was not a wimp. Her faith led her to Jesus. These are some of the ingredients of her faith. She heard it, stayed with it, thought it, said it, planned it, was pro-active, confident, bold, determined, expected it, received it, did it, humbled herself, testified about it, believed it. Let faith in Jesus Christ come alive in you as never before and come boldly to the Throne of Grace and obtain mercy.

You exist for one reason and one reason only, and that is to bless the Lord. In return, we will receive His benefits. Unfortunately, in the Church today there is the lazy Christian whose hands refuse to work. The half-hearted Christian lacks force, conviction and commitment. There is the indifferent Christian, neither hot nor cold. We’re either with Him or against Him. What’s it going to be? The double-minded Christian cannot decide what they believe. The compromising Christian has divided loyalty. There is the murmuring and complaining Christian. They are super-spiritual, looking for demons under every rock but cannot get their own life together. There is the fearful and doubting Christian. They lack confidence in God. Make up your mind! Forget not His benefits. Being free from sin is a great benefit. He heals all our diseases, promises us long life, gives us power over the power of the devil, works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. He will sustain us in time of trouble. Those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing. He daily loads us with benefits. Bring God’s power into the now.

13LHCD3-5 – Frank Butler – GOT A BIG WANT TO?
People go to service after service, hear message after message and nothing changes. Christianity is about change. It is a personal choice. You have to make up your mind that you want to change. You have to have a “big want to.” Are you going to get rid of the garbage in your life or continue to carry it around? What do you do with the trash in your house? You don’t put it on the sofa next to you – you get it out of your house! Blind Bartimaeus had a big want to. He cried out! Jesus was His only hope. He was desperate. This message encourages you to believe that God will do what He says He will and not to be discouraged by the opposition the enemy sends your way when you truly believe. Bro. Frank ministers to the people at the conclusion of this message.

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LHBC Camp Meeting Coming
Every day there will be personal ministry.
Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !
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