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Win Worley was the pastor of Hegewisch Baptist Church of Highland, Indiana where it remains to this day.  In the late 60’s, Pastor Win Worley a Ordained Baptist Minister came face to face with the Hosts of Hell and the reality of demon spirits and our authority to cast them out. In 1970, these accounts of casting out evil spirits in a church Body Ministry began to spread all over the United States and overseas into many foreign countries.

Pastor Worley began to document his experiences and the knowledge he would gain so as this information could be used by the body of Christ to effectively wage war against Satan and his kingdom.

What ensued was the writing and release of 14 Books, 50 Booklets and hundreds of hours of audio and video teaching.


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77LHCD6-4 – Win Worley – Deliverance
77LHCD6-7 – Win Worley – The Bread of the Children 1-of-2
77LHCD6-9 – Win Worley – The Bread of the Children 2-of-2
In the first part of 77LHCD6-9 Buzz Milosh came up and shared some Scripture, and deliverance songs.

77LHCD6-12 – Win Worley – JESUS AND THE CROSS
This is absolutely the most compelling message most have ever heard concerning the last few hours in the life of our LORD Jesus. Bro. Worley goes into great detail about every aspect of the passion starting in the garden praying with the disciples. There is much included about the involvement of satan and the hosts of hell in his commentary. This message is full of food for thought and interesting insights. For instance, Win gives an interpretation regarding the garden trial – “let his cup pass from me” – that you may not have ever heard, but you’ll find it interesting and thought-provoking. He makes several such points. Even the funny parts of this message are useful and informative. You’ll find yourself wanting to listen to this message over and over!

77LHCD6-14.mp3 – Win Worley – SIN IN THE CAMP
Amidst the multitude of admonitions within this message to stay focused on the Word of God, is a clarion call to pastors to be accountable in their position in the ministry. One of the most withering things you can do to a demon is to say, “I’m seated high in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus”. The enemy is fully aware of the authority we have in the name of Jesus as we are obedient to Him. Brother Worley delivers strong attacks against pride, sexual sins, and religious racketeers – just to name a few. Evil reproduces evil but the Word of God produces the whole counsel of God. If you are to effectively be used to help set the captives free, you must be willing to confront and repent of sin in your own life and submit to God’s authority.

77LHCD6-16 – Win Worley – Deliverance and Prayers.
Mass Deliverance message.

77LHCD6-17 – Win Worley – GOD’S ARMOUR
This is a wonderful discussion of how casting out demons was such a vital part of Jesus’ ministry. Worley will convince you that deliverance is for everyone! Included is an outstanding treatment of Eph 10:6, and how important it is for you to be in the thick of the battle. We don’t have a chance without the armor and, above all, the shield of faith to put out every fiery dart of the enemy. The faith shield can reinforce any part of the armor. Win explains what to do when Satan throws up your past and condemnation. Great advice to send those demons packing!

77LHCD12-3 – Win Worley – Deliverance Ministry

77LHCD12-6 – Win Worley – Deliverance Ministry

In this teaching, Win points out that all spirits aren’t demons. There are many spirits of and from God. He believes that learning how to loose spirits of God is the key to breakthrough – of getting armies of heaven into the conflict we are in. We are admonished in 1 John to “try the spirits to see if they be of God.” Heb 1:7-14 He makes angels spirits … sent forth to minister for us. He points out that not all of God’s spirits are “nice” ones – like spirits of judgment, destruction, and burning. Remember, we’re talking about calling forth the armies of heaven to do battle on our behalf. We can call for God’s spirits that are opposite, to displace the evil ones. For example, if you’re dealing with a lying spirit, loose a spirit of truth and bind the lying spirit. Win says the tide will turn when we realize that we can’t do anything – that we are dependent on God and call for reinforcements and learn how to access what God has already provided. He lists the spirits of God for us. We can even loose them on ourselves. Examples: spirits of power, love and sound mind, wisdom, praise, joy, understanding, contrite, right, broken, faithful, humble, excellent, patient, counsel, might, fear of the Lord, willing, worship, quickening, adoption, meekness, quietness, ministering, truth, prophesy and revelation. This binding and loosing is not a quick fix. We still must pray, study the Word, walk right, and stop sinning. But this will put more help in our corner. We must be doers. It doesn’t work just because we know about it.

Win Worley – FORGIVENESS – QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ON DELIVERANCE 2-of-2 Win Worley’s messages are always packed with practical information, but this one is really loaded! It is very good for both seasoned deliverance workers and for beginners. Worley goes into great detail about two major sources of bondage that will block your deliverance. unforgiveness, and the occult. He says, Clear the underbrush!! The message includes an exceptional explanation of why deliverance is so essential – not optional. The information included in this message is absolutely mandatory if you are serious about deliverance. If you’re trying to convince someone to read a book or listen to messages on deliverance, just give them this set. End of discussion.


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78LHCD12-6 – Win Worley – Good Soldiers
Though Jesus defeated satan at the cross, the demons are still fighting!  We need to meditate on the fact that the devil is whipped and defeated!  We have to learn to be as persistent against the enemies as they are against us.  When they harass you, harass them right back.  God needs an army of believers that are determined to be obedient to Him, believe in the authority Jesus has given over demons, and fight the good fight.  In order to hold our ground, we have to quit being selfish and sissified.  We need men, filled with the spirit and power of Elijah to tie into the enemy, to not back off, to realize the war is not won by great masses of people but small groups and even single individuals – people like Job who said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”  That’s the group of people the enemy can’t stop because their lives have already been forfeited to God.  He’s calling us out to endure hardness, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.  You don’t have to be afraid of death, it’s the doorway into Heaven.  You’ve got to learn to whip the enemy that is living on the inside of you.  Some will say, “Well, I’ve been up for prayer for deliverance and they prayed and it didn’t work.”  There could be many reasons but one is that God doesn’t want you to be afraid of any demon that walks on the earth.  He wants you to be able to whip them on the inside when they are in their strongest position.  Then you’ll never fear them when they come back and attack you from the outside because they are infinitely weaker when they do that.  They are much stronger when they are inside than when they are outside.  Win testifies there are 3 people in his church who are free from schizophrenia.  He says that alone makes it worthwhile to be in the deliverance ministry.  Win dissects the profile of Lucifer in Ezekiel 28 and addresses those various attributes as to how we can be tripped up in our journey to be good soldiers.  Our only ambition should be to be like Jesus. A call to salvation is given at the conclusion of this message.

78LHCD12-8 – Win Worley – Our Great High Priest
Throughout the message, this legendary deliverance minister articulates his allegiance and dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Citing Hebrews 4:14-16 which identifies Jesus, not only as our high priest but as the only one to whom we can go for mercy and grace in the time of need. “For we do not have a High Priest Who is unable to understand and sympathize and have a shared feeling with our weaknesses and infirmities and liability to the assaults of temptation, but One Who has been tempted in every respect as we are, yet without sinning.” [Ampl] Satan will reinforce your whining, pity party and complaining that nobody understands “my special problems.” Anyone can be set free if they cooperate with the deliverance workers and the Holy Spirit. On the flip side, deliverance is a team effort. There are no “stars” but Jesus!  In verse 14 we are told to “hold fast.” Win admonishes to not let the devil chase you on that.  We have a high priest that has passed into the heavenlies to the very throne of God – the seat of power.  If God had not given to us the power to overcome the principalities and powers He would never have put us in conflict with them.  We are told to “Quit being afraid of the battle!”  When you are commanding a particularly stubborn demon, call him to attention and remind him you are seated with Christ in heavenly places and tell that demon that puts you and the authority you operate in above satan. Jesus is identified as the greatest prayer warrior there has ever been and He continues in that capacity to this day, ever living to make intercession for us. An interesting comment was made regarding praying in tongues.  We tend to pray soulish prayers, but if we will “patch-in” to praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit corrects our prayers and lines them up with the will of God.  An added bonus comes when the Holy Spirit turns the searchlight on our hearts to correct the issues that might be causing us to pray amiss, i.e. criticism, judging, etc.  We are reminded to hide the Word in our hearts to give the Holy Spirit plenty to feed on.  Three hallmarks listed: 1) God is reasonable – the devil unreasonable; 2) God leads – the devil pushes; 3) Holy Spirit convicts – the devil nags.  There are too many useful instructions given in this message to include in this summary. Suffice to say it is worth listening to.  The final 15 minutes is anointed praise and worship.

78LHCD12-14 – Win Worley – CURSES
Why do we need to break curses?  Because they hold demons in us!  The breaking of curses destroys the legal ground.  Win Worley takes a look at some of the curses common to the believer that make you say, Why couldn’t I have seen that years ago! What a difference it would have made!  Worley was indeed gifted in arming Christians to blow the enemy away.  How can you battle on the ground when the war is in the heavenlies?  The demons cannot be crucified – they have to be cast out.  There is always an underlying reason why they won’t budge and the answer will be found in the Word of God.  We must dig it out, find the key.

If our eyes were fully opened to see the spirit world around us, it would probably scare the daylights of us! That’s what happens to the alcoholic, when they are in DT’s, they are actually seeing the spirit world with an unprotected mind. It can be enough to drive you insane. Drugs, especially the hallucinogenic ones, do the same thing. The mind, under the blood, is able to see into the spirit world without it becoming unhinged. But even then, you have to be careful because you can easily get caught up with the idea of seeing spirits and the next thing you know you get fascinated by it, drop your caution and your protection, and get spun out of shape. Word to the wise – when you are fasting you are opening doors to the spirit world, both from God and from the enemy. Try the spirit carefully. No one is immune to deception. That doesn’t mean you live in fear and panic. Num 13 is given as one of the examples where spirits transfer. Win Worley gives numerous practical suggestions to help the believer walk in victory and does a good job of exposing religious facades that the enemy so skillfully tries tripping us up with. If you’re only serving God in your spare time? the devil will see to it that you don’t have any!


79LHCD6-6 Win Worley – Where Is The Lord God Of Elijah.
Win emphasizes that we need to understand that the Lord God of Elijah is waiting for the Elisha’s. God is moving anywhere where He can find people who will do what He says.  Where are the Elisha’s – those who will pick up and carry on after other powerful anointed saints have gone on to be with the Lord?  One must also be willing to count the costs before embarking on the mission – especially when it comes to the deliverance ministry. The summary of this message is being written in 2020 because there was never one done before.  It is amazing that so much of what he relates that was going on in 1979, is what is going on in the world today – only much, much worse!  But God is still on the throne and continues to set His people free from demonic strangleholds.  Mention is made of certain dated prophecies in this message. Though many never came to pass, it affirms that God does not usher forth His judgments without first speaking through His prophets. He is always looking for repentance, not judgment and God’s people can and have often prolonged or deflected judgment by repenting. God seems to continue to honor His Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  There is still work to be done in the prayer closet!  Throughout the message he weaves strategies for victory over the devil throughout this message, i.e. what mind occult is, deliverance as being a necessary part of the church program because it puts the men in gear.  What a glorious body of believers it would be in a church where the enemy has no friends!

This message begins with a description of the nature and operation of demon spirits, so that we may readily identify them. Win says demons are personalities without bodies and they want to use yours and mine. Demons are persistent, recurrent, and dominating. They drive, harass, and torment. They manifest as anger, pride, fear, jealousy or self-pity and are often thought to be just “how we are”. In actuality, they are demon spirits – allowed in because of generational curses. When the curse is broken, they can be cast out. Win often zeroes in on men and this message leaves no exception. He talks of the damage done to our men – saying if we “get them fixed”, our family, churches, and country would follow. He says our men have been taught wrongly about emotions – for instance that “real men” don’t cry or love each other, causing a generational decline in male ability to give or receive love. He says because fathers did the damage, it will take fathers or father images to break it. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

79LHCD6-14 – Win Worley – SOUL TIES
(This message begins with a Medley of 6 /chorus/songs) Win Worley starts off by telling us there is such a thing as a tie between the souls of people. Soul ties can act much as curses do, keeping people from becoming free of demonic powers. He mentions references that will give you the background of the idea of a soul tie as in I Samuel 18:1-5. A soul tie was established between David and Jonathan. Good soul ties are strengthening and edifying and bad ones are bondage. He says he will speak primarily about the bad ones in this teaching. There can even be soul ties to Lucifer. Soul ties are established with close relationships and Win gives examples of good and bad. Any relationship that brings about interplay of your mind, your will and emotion with another person will develop a very tangible and intangible soul tie and it will remain in place long after you have forgotten about it. A soul tie acts like an umbilical cord tying into your mind. Distance has no effect on spiritual matters. The occult will seduce you into passivity. He gives very explicit explanations on passivity. And he recommends Evan Roberts book “War on the Saints” out of the Welch Revival that explores religious passivity. But remember God has built in safeguards for His people. Such as a “check-in your spirit” given when you become a born again Christian. Let God develop it. Other safeguards include the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, and direct prayer. There are 3 things to be warned about here; Beware of those who call for your mind and your will to be brought into total submission to them or some group. Beware of those who seek to control all details of the private lives of the people. Beware of those who teach that the leader alone can hear the voice of God. In conclusion, Win speaks a group renunciation on certain soul ties, repeated by the congregation, advising all to continue to break soul ties as you are reminded of them. This teaching is very informative.

Win Worley – Forgiveness – The Occult – Prayers of Deliverance

In this message, Win focuses on 2 areas that are open doors for demons. First, he talks about the necessity to forgive and then keep short accounts. He notes that those closest to us are the ones most likely to hurt or disappoint us, i.e. parents, children, siblings, spouses, ex-spouses, pastors, teachers, etc. If we hold unforgiveness, God will not forgive us AND because we are in rebellion, demonic powers have the right to torment us. We have given them the right. (Mt 18) It is imperative that we repent, get rid of the tormentors, and close all doors and keep them closed. Win then takes the congregation through forgiveness prayers as a pre-requisite to later deliverance prayers. (We urge you to participate as you listen) In the next part of the teaching, we learn about the seriousness of any encounters with the occult, namely such things as sorcery, drugs, crystal balls, tea leaves, astrology, zodiac, hypnosis, ESP, Italian horn, hexagrams, freemasonry, Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, etc. Win points out that yoga positions, karate, and kung fu, are all mind and body openers for demonic spirits. This is idolatry – turning to another god and brings curses to the 3rd & 4th generation. He then leads the congregation through prayers to break these curses, renounce demonic works, and close doors. After all legal grounds are destroyed, the demons can be cast out. Deliverance ministry follows this teaching.


80LHCD5-3A  Win Worley – THE GREAT FALLACY 1-of-2
80LHCD5-3B  Win Worley – THE GREAT FALLACY 2-of-2
Win refutes the doctrine stating that a Christian cannot have a demon. There has been a misunderstanding of salvation. Our spirits can’t be touched by demons after we are saved because we are sealed unto the day of redemption. (Eph. 1:13-14, 4:30). However, our bodies and souls can still be afflicted by demons even after being born again. He discusses five, so called infallible arguments proving that Christians cannot have demons. There are many scriptures to refute these arguments. With tongue in cheek, he gives the infallible arguments: 1. A Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and there is no way that the Holy Spirit can live side by side with a demon. It is just the flesh! Also, why should Paul warn the believers in Corinth about receiving another spirit if it were impossible to do so? (II Cor. 11:4). 2. Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the devil, and it is all done. 3) Romans 6 & 7 describe a struggle between flesh and spirit, not with the evil. However, demons roost in the flesh. For example, Paul was buffeted by a messenger of satan in the flesh. (Well maybe he wasn’t saved). 4. According to Col. 1:13 and 2:1-3, Christians are delivered from the power of satan. Of course, this is true, but it does not happen automatically. Otherwise, why aren’t Christians perfect? 5) A Christian has protection. (The armor described in Eph. 6:1) But, this armour is designed only to deal with the enemies from the outside. Why? Because the Scriptural way to deal with enemies on the inside is to cast them out in the name Jesus. He’s given us authority as believer to use his name.

80LHCD5-6A – Win Worley – Hindrances to God’s Choice Blessings – PART-1
80LHCD5-6B – Win Worley – Hindrances to God’s Choice Blessings – PART-2
((This message used to be called “God of New Starts”  online.  However, I noticed on Glen Miller’s reel tape master years later for this audio number it was originally called as above. So changed it here online.  Two major areas that block God’s best blessings, allowing the devil to slow these down to a trickle or to stop them, are unforgiveness and the occult. Forgiveness is not optional, but is required and is a matter of will, not emotions. (Mt. 6:12,14,15 & Luke 11:4). Bitterness and resentment are close allies of unforgiveness. These three spirits open the door for spirits of arthritis and cancer. All involvement with the occult is condemned in Deut. 18:9-14. The occult is an illegitimate channel for super-natural power and knowledge, which constitutes spiritual adultery. A person can be involved with the occult intentionally, ignorantly, or through inheritance (e.g. see Deut. 5:9). Pastor Worley shares how pierced earrings, tattoos, and abominable objects (zodiac symbols, Mexican sun gods, owls, etc.) can cause occult bondage. Win relates how Charles Manson is leaving his prison cell by astral projection (soul travel) and putting spirits such as violence, hatred and murder into Christians who have been involved with rock music, alcohol and drugs. Win leads the congregation through prayers of forgiveness, confession, and renunciation to destroy the legal footing of Satan. Then he began to cast out various families of spirits. Excellent massage! [Demons were crying with loud voices and came out of believers all over the building]. This message includes info on: soul ties, ankh, Italian horn, pictures and artifacts from the Orient and Mexico, TM, yoga, mind control, incense, incense burners, cuckoo clocks, acupuncture (Chinese witchcraft), martial arts, Rock Music (some spirits have the same name of rock artists, Eastern religions.

“We need to realize that though the demons can be defeated, that though satan is certainly limited — his power is not unlimited. We need to realize that he can be defeated, but we must take certain steps ourselves, to protect ourselves. If we play the fool, it isn’t God’s fault that we fall into a snare. I want to mention to you a few things tonight about what gives the demons grounds to attack you. Because really, if you don’t know why the demons are attacking you, you may have open doors, and they will just continue to swarm on you and you won’t know why.” Win proceeds to talk about the areas of unforgiveness and the occult. He then breaks curses, leads prayers of renunciation and forgiveness, and then binds and casts out numerous spirits. Curses open the door for demons. However, we can break curses (Gal. 3:13; Col. 2:13-15) in the authority and name of Jesus Christ. CURSES OF ILLEGITIMACY – Deut. 23:2 – Note that this curse runs for ten generations. We call it “running” in the family, or is familiar to a family. How do any of us know what has occurred among our ancestors in the past four hundred years? Think about that for a few moments. I believe that all of us are laboring under that curse. We must go back eleven generations to get it broken. Beware of putting curses on your children. How often have we told children such things as “Shame on you”, or “You bad boy”. That will lodge in their mind, or telling them they are dumb, etc. The enemy uses things like that.

Last night, I ran into a spirit that dropped in on the fight. I’ve had this happen before, and it was always a spirit that dropped out of the heavenlies. The Holy Spirit warned me this thing had just come in. I said, “You came out of the heavenlies?” He said, “NO!” I said, “Will that answer stand in the judgment?” He said, “Yes.” Finally, he told me, “I came out of the pit. I am on a secret mission.” I said, “Will that answer stand in the judgment?” He said, [very loud] “Yes, it will.” Editors note The previous night the first spirit that manifested in the young man was a spirit that kept yelling, “I am the greatest!” He had released himself from a group who referred to themselves as being in “The Walk”, and majored in prophecy, etc. The spirit that Bro. Worley refers to the above as another spirit that manifested in the same person. He was stubborn and belligerent, and would say nothing about the secret mission he was on. Perhaps the hour is much later than any of us ever considered. Look in Rev. 11:7, 17:8, and 9:1-11 to see what comes out of the pit. Win states there are several reasons we should know about demons. First, and foremost, it will cause us to be more appreciative of the Light, the Lord Jesus Christ. It will cause us to be better Christians, drive us to prayer, enhance true worship, and motivate us to study the Bible. Most of all, it will cause us not to put our trust in any man, preacher or person. That brings a curse, if you lean on the arm of flesh, God puts a curse on us. If we are soldiers – if we have our warfare armour on, then why shouldn’t we know about our enemy, and how he works.

In this message, Win talks about several issues associated with deliverance. For example, who is this spirit of Leviathan? (Study the Scriptures) Did you know that Leviathan is associated with blocking Bible study, prayer, and true worship? This spirit also is connected with learning difficulties in children. Win also told a shocked crowd that Rosemary’s Baby is no myth. Women have been known to copulate with Satan or a demon and then to conceive and bear a child. (Gen. 6:1,2) Win told about a couple who were praying and fasting for a young woman who had been involved in a satanic cult and was under bondage and seemed to be unable to receive salvation. She had a powerful “bride of Satan” spirit that would not leave. They discovered that it entered when the girl was ritually offered to Satan as a bride. Such women can conceive a demonic child. These babies are usually morons that are offered as sacrifices to Satan. Jesus came to set the captives free!


Throughout Bro. Worley’s teaching during this camp, he reiterated the idea that we not be deceived into thinking we are all delivered. No one has yet arrived! We must remain open to new things of God. If mass deliverance is offered, everyone should enter into what God has for you in that moment. Various and sundry doors to be examined and re-examined are: white witchcraft, crystal balls, hypnosis, ESP, levitation, charms, Rubik’s cube (double pyramid), biorhythm, dungeons and dragons, pierced earrings (constitutes mutilation of the body and in scripture refers to slavery, harlotry, and demon worship), tattoos, Jean Dixon – just to name a few. We’re not just dealing with the devil in general – it’s the demons in particular. Remember, satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life. Deliverance belongs to the Lord. (Mass deliverance at end).

Win Worley – WHEN THERE WAS NONE TO DELIVER – THE FRAGMENTED SOUL Throughout the Scriptures we are told to love and serve the Lord with all our soul. How do we do this? With our mind, will, and emotions that make up the soul. Now satan has crippled people and God is being robbed of our love. None are loving the Lord with all of their souls. What has happened to our souls? Search the Scriptures. For example, adultery destroyeth souls (Pro. 6:32-33); souls are subverted or destroyed by words (Acts 15:24); souls can be beguiled (II Pet. 2:14); other souls can be imparted unto you (I Thes. 2:8); the Lord restoreth our souls (Ps. 23:3). Ask the Lord to show you more.

82LHCD4-4 – Win Worley – SCRIBES & PHARISEES
This teaching is based on Matt 23. Can you recognize religious spirits? 1) Religious slavery – binds people under heavy burdens. 2) Religious fronts and facades. 3) Religious pride and ambition. 4) Religious spirits keep us from being a servant. 5) Religious spirits that put prayer on parade. 6) Religious spirits proselyte. 7) Religious spirits cause people to lie for the sake of religion. 8) Religious deception. Mass deliverance at the end.


83LHCD5-1 – Win Worley – SINS OF THE FATHERS
The importance of having a good inheritance it is something that can’t be bought anywhere, and it is important. Ex. 20:5-6 … “for I the Lord am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd & 4th generation of them that hate me …” Ex. 34: 6 & 7 ” … keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children.” We say we are not under the law, but delivered from it … NO! In Gal. 3:13, “Christ has redeemed us from the CURSE OF THE LAW being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree. There is a difference between being delivered from the law – which is perfect, and from the “curse” of the law. Many other Scriptures are given. These are given to show us that many troubles can come from the sin and transgressions of our fathers or even as far back as ten generations. Nehemiah and Daniel both did this and others. Many examples of deliverance are given in this message.

This message is a mass deliverance after Bro. Worley teaches on the various aspects of deliverance. No deliverance is easy, the devil must be kicked out in Jesus’ name. He must be forced to leave, and in order to be forced to leave, you must bring superior power to bear on him. If the demon has legal ground or legal holds, no amount of prayer, or fasting, or anything else will drive him out. He has a legal right to be there. Repentance is the key to loosing those bands of darkness. If you have unforgiveness, with resentment and bitterness going hand in hand. Demons screamed out, and the spirit of abaddon manifested in this service.

83LHCD5-7 – Win Worley – THE HARLOT CHURCH
This message takes up a “tirade” against Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. His text comes from Rev. 2:1-23 and Rev. 17:1-16. Jesus comes to the Church in Thyatira as the Son of God, coming in judgment (feet of brass) and seeing thru all the sham [eyes like unto a flame]. Spiritual adultery is to come and worship other gods, to interweave the occult with the truth, and that is exactly what is happening today in the new age movement. Mass deliverance at the end on idolatry.

83LHCD5-10 – Win Worley – BINDING & LOOSING
(One of his best messages!) Believers must learn how to use the power that is coming down upon us to bind and loose. Bind up the enemy, and loose angels to work for you. This move of God in binding and loosing is coming through the LITTLE PEOPLE so to speak, and not through great name ministries. IT IS FOR YOU! We never pray to angels nor worship them .. but Jesus will send them to us and they will work for us. Just ask Him. Ends in mass deliverance of sexual demons, abortion, occult, etc. Very Powerful!


Believe it or not, we don’t know everything there is to know about deliverance yet! There is a great surge of deliverance, still to come forth within the Body of Christ. God has a wise purpose in allowing us to go the long way around, in order to get our spiritual muscles developed. He wants us to have a thorough understanding of the spirit world, how powerful it is, that we don’t underestimate the enemy. We are learning full well what we are facing and God is demonstrating that His power, the weapons of our warfare, are infinitely superior in every way. There is good, down to earth instruction given on how to “get with it” and get delivered. The anointing for deliverance fell upon a large group of teenagers that were here for the convention and the power of God was really made manifest in the deliverance that they experienced in this service. Hear it for yourself and get deliverance in your own home or prayer group.

84LHCD8-8 – Win Worley – KEYS TO GODS POWER

Ps. 110:2, “The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.” We are that people that are to be ruling in the midst of our enemies! We are becoming a prepared people, equipped with the rod of His strength which includes our experiences in casting out evil spirits and what the Lord is teaching us thru His Word and His anointed ministers. As we receive more and more deliverance we are better able to stand against the onset of satan’s wiles and attacks. It’s not a large company the Lord is preparing, but it’s those who will lay down everything to serve Jesus. We need the ministry of the Spirits of God in our lives, to open our understanding so we can receive what God is preparing us for. We would highly recommend this message for pastors and those in leadership within the church. 

84LHCD8-10 – Win Worley – DON’T DOCTOR THE WATER
This message could be described as listening to one of Bro. Worley’s books talk! Many illustrations from his own personal experiences provide us with much insight, teaching, and encouragement. Remember, in basic training there are very few casualties, but in the actual war there are often many casualties. And we are engaged in active warfare. Beware that you don’t become a tragedy. God is looking for men and women that will last! Mass deliverance takes place with much receiving help.

84LHCD8-11 – Win Worley – HOGS VS. HEAVEN
The text for this message centers around the Gadarene demoniac. He uses it to exemplify much of the activity that is going on in our lives today. When “Heaven” landed on these shores, the demoniac reached out to God and his life was forever changed! And “Heaven” is still landing on the shores of our lives, bringing that turnaround, if only we will grab for it. A tremendous word for the young people and those truly seeking for more of God. And for you who are bringing forth the Word of the Lord through teaching and preaching, despise not small crowds. Jesus’ two most important sermons were preached to only one person – Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene. Deliverance ministry takes place for the sins of the fathers. 

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