Hate, Vengeance, Envy And Strife

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Numerous Scriptures are cited, allowing the Word of God to minister to the heart. Opportunity is given to examine our lives and things from our past, which are hindering our family and marriage relationships, as well as our friendships. The presence of the Lord can be felt as the service closes in a ministering of His love to one another, allowing barriers to be broken down.



HATE (Opposite is Love)
God hates: Worship of other gods or images; sacrificed sons and daughter to other gods; God hates rightfully; idolatry; evil deeds; wrong; robbery; those loving violence; loves those who hate evil and those Egyptians that hated Israel (Ps.105:23-25); haughtiness, lying, murdering, plotting evil, eagerness to do wrong, a false witness and sowing discord among brothers (Prov. 6:16-19); pious meetings; hated Esau – loved Jacob; show and pretense – hypocrisy; pride and false glory; those worshiping beautiful homes; plots to harm others; swearing lies; divorce and cruel men (taken from 25 scripture verses).

We hate: Low and vulgar things; crooked deals; false teaching; those undecided to obey God; every other way; lies and falsehood; God’s enemies; evil; pride; arrogance; corruption; deceit; our son if we don’t discipline; dishonesty; bribes; hates himself if a thief; time for hating; idols; father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters and own life (Luke 14:26); licentious deeds; sexual sin and idol feasts (taken from 19 scripture verses).

List of Scriptures

Ex. 20:5 (Worship of gods and images)

Deut.12:31 (Sacrifice children); 16:22 (Worship images)

Job 34:17 (God hates rightfully.)

Psa. 5:5 (Proud sinners); 11:5 (Violence); 45:7 (Wrong); 97:10 (Evil); 101:3 (Deals); 105:25 (Hated Israel); 119:104 (False Teaching); 113 (Undecided); 128 (Way); and 163 (Falsehood) 139:21-22

Prov. 6:16-19 (Seven things) (Evil), 8:13 (Lies), 13:5 (Son), 24:9 (Folly), 28:16 (Dishonesty and bribes), 29:24 (Hates himself)

Ecc. 3:8 (A time for hating)

Isa. 1:14 (Pious meetings), 61:8 (Robbery and wrong)

Jer. 44:4 (Worshiping other gods), Hosea 9:15 (Idolatry)

Amos 5:15, (Idols) (Hypocrisy) (Pride)

21 and 6:8

Zech. 8:17 (Lying and harming others)

Mal. 1:3 (Rejected Esau), 2:16 (Divorce and cruelty)

Matt.10:22 (Hate us for being Christians.)

Luke 14:26 (Father, mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters, own life)

John 12:25 (Despise life)

Rom. 9:13 (Chose not to bless Esau) (Hate wrong)

Rev. 2:6, (Licentiousness and sexual sin – Morally unreserved, wanton,

And 5 lascivious, voluptuous, dissolute, debauched, profligate and unbridled)

Psa.139:21 (Hate God’s enemies) hate, to hate enemy, be utterly odious, grieved

And 22 to cut off, detest, loathe self, hatred, exceeding hate.

VENGEANCE (Opposite is to let God repay your enemies)

Rom. 12:17-21 (Vengeance is mine; I will repay).

Christians are to: Bring back or help enemy’s ox; love thy neighbor as thyself; feed enemy; resist not evil; turn other cheek; give cloak also; go two miles; lend; give to him that hostess; love enemies; bless them that curse; do good; pray for them; be perfect; have peace; overcome evil; provide honest things; give place to wrath; be a blessing; pitiful; courteous and compassionate.

Christians are not to: Forbear helping enemy; hate; rebuke; sin upon neighbor; avenge; bear grudge; recompense evil; be false witness; deceive; do so to him; render evil accordingly; grieve brother at meat of idol’s; obtain vengeance; be bitter, and render railing for railing.

Vengeance means punishment, to retaliate, avenge, revenge, carrying justice out, punisher, justice and judgement.

Repay means recompense, render, pay, command and grant. Have you done these things?

List of Scriptures

Ex. 23:4-5 (Help enemy’s oxen)

Lev. 19:17-18 (Not hate, rebuke, sin, avenge, grudge but love)

Deut. 32:35 (To God belongs vengeance and recompense)

Prov. 20:22 (No recompense), 24:28-29 (No repaying), 25:21-22 (Feed enemy; coals of fire)

Matt. 5:38-48 (Love your enemies)

Mark 9:50 (Have peace one with another)

Rom. 12:17-21 (Vengeance is God’s and do not grieve brother over

14:14-19 food of idols)

I Thes. 5:14 -18 (Do not render evil for evil)

Heb. 10:26-31 (Vengeance is God’s and root of bitterness)


I Pet. 3:8-9 (Do not render evil or railing)

ENVY AND STRIFE (Opposite is Peace and not Coveting)

Prov. 14:30 (Envy is the rottenness (disease?) of the bones)

I Cor. 3:3 (Are you not carnal and walk as men)

I Cor. 11:30 (Weak and sickly (diseases) and many sleep (die).

Gal. 5:19-26 (Shall not inherit the Kingdom of God (fruit of the Devil).

James 3:14-16 (Envying is jealousy.)

Envy is described as a green-eyed monster, yellow-eyed, horn-mad, resentful, to try to possess, to demand, to covet, mistrust, to be skeptical and jaundiced.

Strife is described as contentious, quarrels, hostility, competition, rivalry, controversy, pairing off, acting hateful and spiteful. Have you had these feelings?

List of Scriptures


Numbers 12:1-10, Ezk. 35:11-15, I Cor. 3:3; 11:30

Job 5:2, Matt. 27:18, II Cor. 12:20

Prov. 14:30, 23:17, Mark 15:10, Gal. 5:21, 26

Prov. 27:4, Acts 7:9, 13:45, I Tim. 6:1-6

Ecc. 9:6, Acts 17:5, Titus 3:3

Isa. 11:13, 26:11, Rom. 1:29; 13:13, James 3:14; 4:5; 5:9

I Peter 2:1


Prov. 10:12; 15:18, Prov. 22:10; 26:17, Phil. 2:3

16:19; 16:28; 20:3, 26:21; 28:25; 30:33, II Tim. 2:23-25

I want to try to minister love to break down barriers. This is a new area for me and I ask God to help me. The ones that hurt us the most are the ones we love the most. Love breaks down walls between people. Love has been flowing in this camp meeting.

It may be the most powerful force of God. Love can be used as a weapon against evil. Demons can not comprehend love; they hate each other and Satan.

I have often wondered why men can not show love for their wives in church but they can easily hug the other women. The women can also easily hug the other men rather than their husbands. It is not sissy to show love for your wife.

Jesus was not a sissy. A man who truly follows God rather than the world is courageous.

I ask Earline to stand beside me so that we can minister together and show love for each other. I ask the families to sit together so that they can show love for each other and be ministered together as a group.

Love your enemies. First, forgive those that have hurt you. Bless them that curse you. Then ask God to break the curse. Do good to them that hate you. And ask God to bless them. Pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you. Pray for your enemies now (Matt. 5:44).

Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Ask God for forgiveness for holding grudges against Him and blaming Him for tragedies in your lives. Ancestors and Parents:

Forgive them for the sins of the ancestors. Husbands and Wives: Husbands ask God to forgive you for having bitterness against your wives. Wives ask God to forgive you for not submitting to your husbands. Children: Ask God to forgive you for not honoring and obeying your parents. Others: Forgive others for hurts and wrongs. Release them from sins against us.

This list of demons and their characteristics caused us to have a confrontation with our pastor about deliverance. Since we couldn’t do deliverance his way, we left the church so that we could do deliverance God’s way.

Scriptures and demons for Envy and Strife were taken from a teaching by Glen and Erma Miller of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp, P.O. Box 21516, Hot Springs, AR. 71903. See Glen and Erma Miller’s CD’s, tapes, DVD’s, Books online.

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