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13LHCD11-1 – Nickie Pinson – BEING ONE IN CHRIST
Jesus prays for us to be one with Him and the Father. Has the Father given you to Christ? All that the Father has given to Jesus will come to Him. If we serve Jesus we will follow Him. If the cloud moves, we move, otherwise we sit right where we’re at, or we get our self in trouble. We are either with Him or we are scattered abroad. To be with Him is to be only where He is, doing only what He is doing, and saying only what He is saying, and doing it where He is doing it. This is the product and this is the proof of being one with Him. When we behold Him we will be transformed. If Christ lives in you, you will be crucified with Him through much tribulation. So tell your flesh NO and you won’t sin. Be holy and blameless. Always remember, your body belongs to Jesus. Be very careful what you do with it. It is the temple of the Holy Spirit and Christ wants to live His life through your body. Jesus offered up His body. If we hope to be one with Him, we must continually offer up our body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God which is our reasonable service. Yield to the ownership of the Lord Jesus Christ. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

13LHCD11-2 – Nickie Pinson – CAN I BE DELIVERED?
To be delivered means to be set free or liberated, to be released or saved from, to be handed over, transferred, emancipated, redeemed or rescued. Ask yourself these questions: Is God able to deliver me? Is it God’s will to deliver me? Why is it necessary to be delivered? First of all, get your eyes on God, not on the person who ministers to you. Jesus asks us, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” Remember the one time Jesus did not set the captives free? In His home town of Nazareth He marveled at their unbelief. They just did not trust Him and they held back. Allow Jesus to have access to your total being. It is all or nothing. Keep asking Him to change your heart. Infact give the Holy Spirit permission to change your heart daily. You only see what you want to be free from, But the Holy Spirit sees the root that is disrupting fellowship with you. This whole relationship with the Lord is all about fellowship with Him. Stay close so he can change your heart to where you long to be in His presence daily. But we have to come clean with Him. That might be why you are not getting deliverance in certain areas. He knows our heart and when we are playing games with him. Our unbelief limits Him, the Holy One of Israel, from setting us free. Also, there is no deliverance without true repentance. You need to hate that sin. What will keep you right is that bad feeling that comes when you offend the One who loves you and gave His life for you. If we keep sinning wilfully then we in time become spiritually numb. And soon your not convicted about much of anything. Get back to square one. Cry out! Let him have your heart to change daily. He works though out all your Christian life as you keep moving forward. Spend daily time praising him and being thankful. Learn to be quiet in His presence so He can speak to your heart. We’re led by His peace. We make decisions based on it. So guard that peace in your heart always. Feeling a little out of tune? Just repent, to restore fellowship once again.  They that are Christ’s will crucify their flesh with its affections and lusts. Otherwise those things will control us and we will not enter into eternal life with Him. No unclean thing is going to dwell there, it says in the book of Revelation. Be not self deceived. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

John 20:19 Things change when Jesus comes into the middle of our situation. He said to His disciples, “Peace be to you.” He breathed on their bodies then spoke a prophetic word for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Even today, no matter the size or color of your body, it is important to God. He wants to manifest His power in and through it. Be sensitive to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit and yield your body to the Lord so you will be able to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Do things God’s way and the blessings will come. If you worry about what people think, you will shut down the Holy Spirit. If you are wanting to see a miracle, remember that it is a miracle to speak in tongues, it is a miracle every time you prophesy or give a word of knowledge. If you are going to a church where they do not give the Holy Spirit His place, you need to get out of there. The leadership there does not want to give up control. Scriptures tell us prophecy is the best gift, and most of the other gifts operate through it. Let the other prophets in the church judge and let the carnal people be offended and move on. We are going to be what Jesus is to this world, baptized in the Holy Spirit. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

13LHCD12-2 – Nickie Pinson – THE SEPARATENESS OF THE SAINTS 1-of-2
These are some of the meanings of “separateness”: to keep apart or to divide, set apart, disconnect, disassociate, to remove or sever from an association, to part company, to withdraw from personal association, detach, exist or maintain independently, to be secluded, to be isolated. It is to live a hidden life. You need to spend time alone with God and separate yourself unto Him. Every one of us is to be separated out for the work He has for us. If you get impatient with God and you go where God has not sent you, there will be many unwanted things and people that will attach to you there. If the cloud does not move, you do not move. You must have that altar of seclusion and isolation with God if you are ever going to be effective for God. Lot never built an altar…he depended on Abraham to approach God at his altar and then give “thus saith the Lord” to Lot. If some of your brethren do not seek the Lord at their own altar, do not allow them to drain you of your time and energy. A true servant of God will not confront others with an angry spirit but will humbly combat strife and immaturity with soft words. The power of the Holy Spirit will flow as you minister. Prayers and prophetic words follow this teaching. (There is no DVD for this service).

13LHCD12-6.mp3 – Nickie Pinson – THE SEPARATENESS OF THE SAINTS 2-of-2
All through history there have been people who have lived a separated, hidden life. You have to obey God even though other people do not understand what you are doing. To be a washed, justified, sanctified saint you must be separate from this world, the works of the devil, from self, flesh and those who deny Christ. There is suffering that accompanies separation. We have been given to Christ by the Father. We are to behold His glory here and now on this earth. Only those who have Holy Spirit revelation can see Christ. As we behold Christ in the Spirit we are changed. We will not get into Heaven if we are not like Christ and you have to see Him to be like Him. It is a lifelong process of becoming changed into the image of Christ and it will happen until the day we die. Being one with Christ and being glorified with Him is only possible to those who suffer with Him. What is number one on God’s mind is that we become like His Son. Every son He receives, He chastens. If you ask, “What is going on?”…realize you are being conformed to the image of Christ. Lift up your heart to the Lord and allow Him to bless you as you live this separated life unto Him.

13LHCD12-10 – Nickie Pinson – WHO CONTROLS YOUR BODY?
The Scriptures have much to say about our body. What we do with our body, our deeds, prove who our father is. A father has power and influence over his children. Whose power and influence is your body under? The body is not disconnected from the salvation experience. We can not do whatever we want with our body. It has to be brought under the power of God our Father. One reason you are not getting anywhere with God is because you are withholding your body from Him. It is all of us or none of us…the complete person. You are deceived if you think you are your own boss. We have a Heavenly Father and we are under His power…body, soul and spirit. If you do not come under the power of the Father we will die in our sins. Whenever we join ourselves to another person we become one body with them. Whoever you give your body to is whose servant you are and they have power over you. The first temptation was aimed at Jesus’ body to see who was going to control it and the devil tempts us every day to see who will control our body. Many people have just a business relationship with God but He seeks intimate fellowship with us…soul, spirit and body so allow the Holy Ghost to touch your body.

Psalm 91:3 “Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler.” A snare is a bird trap or anything serving to entrap unawares. A fowler traps by trickery, enticement or deceit. The devil is a fowler. He is a bait-layer, he catches and imprisons men, women, boys and girls in his trap by enticing and luring primarily through the flesh. For what overcomes a man, to that he is enslaved… morally enslaved to wickedness. When you catch yourself enslaved to anything, just break that off. If we want to be used in the ministry of deliverance we must be free ourselves from bondage to sin. They that bear the vessels of the Lord must be Holy. A person who is enslaved to sin cannot bring deliverance because the devil does not recognize or obey those who are his slaves and in bondage themselves. If you need the blessing of deliverance, ask God to grant you repentance so you can escape the snare of the fowler. Do not take the devil’s yoke ever again. Do not fall for his tricks and be ensnared. Instead, walk after the Spirit on the straight and narrow and be wise for the Lord’s name and His glory. Your ministry will come out of your relationship with God and the revelations He gives you.


14LHCD4-4 – Nickie Pinson – FAITH IS A CHOICE
Hebrews 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God. The fearful and unbelieving will not enter the Kingdom of God. The biggest problem Jesus’ disciples had was unbelief. Their first concern and worry was for their food and clothing. Jesus told them to take no thought for their life. And in spite of our little faith, He will take good care of us as well. We are to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. We must first have undivided time with God and fight off the distractions that will come. God will work faith into us as we spend time in His presence. We must not doubt Him. We will lose our faith through fear and guilt, so do not pray a faithless prayer. Speak to the storm. Until the Lord answers you, keep praying. Jesus is praying for us that our faith does not fail, because through faith in the name of Jesus our faith will have power. It is our choice to receive and manifest faith or we can live life in unbelief and misery. If we will believe we will see the glory of God. Let us encourage each other to be strong in faith.

14LHCD4-6 – Nickie Pinson – THE HOLY SPIRIT
Acts 2:36 They crucified the Christ! The Word of God pricks our heart and makes it burn. We ask, “Lord, what must I do?” He says, “Repent, be baptized and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” When you believe on Jesus, the Christ, the Holy Spirit is with you. When you receive the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is in you. Is He with you or is He in you? There is a great difference and it will show. If the Holy Spirit is in you, the good fruit of the Holy Spirit will come forth in your life. There is going to be the sweet presence of Jesus in a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit came to manifest and reveal Christ in us. If we allow the Holy Spirit to tame our unruly tongue, He can get the rest of us in order. So we need to speak in tongues every day, worship in tongues, and stay full of the Holy Spirit. Praying with unutterable groanings is awesome and beautiful. When people see Jesus in us they will want to receive Him as their Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

14LHCD4-8 – Nickie Pinson – NEW WINE SKINS
When Jesus becomes your Lord and King, He has claim of ownership over your life for the rest of your life. If you think you got saved but you are still the same person you used to be, you need to go back and redo that. You are baptized with Him unto death as you die to yourself. It is an ongoing process of sanctification. But if there is something in your life that you will not die to, God will expose it. You can not keep on doing your favorite sins. Act as religious as you want to, but it will not do you any good. If you are not dead to yourself, you are not alive unto Christ, you are not a new creation and you do not possess newness of life. The new wineskin does not match the old one. Salvation in Christ is not a patch to be applied to fix a few wrong behaviors in your life that you want to get rid of, that are causing you shame and discomfort…the old wineskin. There can not be in you a coming together of your old ways of self and sin in the world mixed with the new ways of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Jesus exhorts us, If you continue in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed. That means to obey and live in the Word. You will not accomplish anything for God, you will not go anywhere with God, and you will never make Heaven if you are not an avid reader of the Word. The Word of God tells the truth about sin. Confess your sins. Do not make excuses for yourself and stop blaming someone else. Quit saying, I can not help it. God understands. Instead say, What I am doing is wrong.” Continue to confess it and repent over it until victory comes. Sin will take you farther than you intended to go, it will cost you more than you intended to pay, and it will keep you longer than you intended to stay You will not be blessed by God or used by God until you deal with your hidden sins. You might have lived with your sin so long it does not bother you anymore, but you can be sure, every secret sin will be brought to the light. God can see in the dark and behind closed doors. What are your hidden sins? Godly sorrow over hidden sin is required. Freedom and deliverance comes when our hidden sins are dealt with and we live a life of true repentance. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

Only God can open the heavens. The Father sent us His Son from heaven and He sent another Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Jesus had an open heaven throughout His ministry. Some said He did His works by the power of the evil one, and in saying that, they blasphemed the Holy Spirit. Heaven was open on the day of Pentecost and some mocked and made fun of what God was pouring out. How do you get an open heaven? In Matthew it says, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. That’s an open heaven. Do not trust anyone in ministry who operates without an open heaven. There is nothing of value that is going to happen in the Kingdom of God without the Holy Spirit doing it. In Joel, God told us He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh that is an open heaven. John the Baptist prophesied the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He saw an open heaven when he saw the Holy Spirit come down and hover over Jesus. The heaven opens when we obey and pray and are in one accord. In this teaching Brother Pinson continues to help us understand what we must do get our open heaven, because without the Holy Spirit we have nothing of lasting value.

14LHCD7-4 – Nickie Pinson – FEEDING DEMONS
God provides food for our spirit and food for our body. Demons are spirits and they also need to be fed. Jesus describes the main food demons desire to be fed…they entice men to steal, kill and destroy. Demons are sustained by everything that comes under these headings. The devil is sustained by lies and unrighteousness. When we express the attributes of the devil and we sin, demons gladly feed on that. We are either the house of God or a house for the devil. Demons are parasites and need to live in a host. Every time we sin we feed a demon with evil such as excessive greed, depression, negativity, jealousy, envy, abusive behavior, fighting, wars, hatred, violence, contentions, gossip, dissentions, sexual perversion, rape, child molestation, and drunkenness. An unclean spirit does not rest until it can satisfy itself in a polluted human heart where it can feed on evil and thereby harass and torment the soul of its host. We need deliverance and we must replace the void with the Holy Spirit. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

14LHCD7-6A – Nickie Pinson – AVOIDING TEMPTATIONS TO SIN 1-of-2
14LHCD7-6B – Nickie Pinson – AVOIDING TEMPTATIONS TO SIN 2-of-2
As long as people are breathing there has to be repentance. The thing to do is to have preventive measures regarding temptations to sin. We are all tempted by the devil, by others, the world, and our own lusts. God wants us to learn how to overcome temptation to sin. 1 Corinthians 6:9 The unrighteous are those who practice sin, those who make excuses, defend what they have done, refuse to repent. Hypocrites shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Unless we want to be of the devil we must 1) Avoid temptations. “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” God is able to keep us from being tempted if we pray earnestly that He will deliver us from the devil’s power, snares, deceptions, the temptations. If you know you have a problem in an area, stay away from it. God’s government, great power and glory will be manifested when we overcome sin. 2) Have faith that we will not fail the Lord this day. Believe that God is for you and wants you and your family to make Heaven. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

14LHCD7-11 – Nickie Pinson – THE FLESH IS WEAK
Our biggest problem is not with demons, but with our flesh, our self life. Our flesh wants to “wax fat and kick”. The Lord sends His prophets to straighten a church out, to reveal what is in there that shouldn’t be there. The way you react when you are rebuked will show you your self. Here is the standard by which to measure every message you will ever hear: Does it proclaim life in Christ by death to ourselves? Paul said, “I’m always delivered over to death for His name’s sake.” That is death to your flesh, your self-life. His grace is sufficient. He will see you through, you will be a better person, and you will have accomplished His will. The modern church says, “You, your flesh and self life shall not surely die.” But God’s Word says the flesh is weak and those who live after the flesh can not please God. Our flesh is an enemy of God. Self will always want to be on the throne. Our life should be about becoming like Christ and being made conformable to His death. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

Jesus said, “If you continue in My word, you will be My disciples. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Repentance is about keeping God’s presence in your life. When God grants you repentance, you will know it because His presence will be there. Every gift that God promises to us has conditions attached and requirements demanded before those gifts are given. That includes salvation, grace, healing, the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, deliverance from unclean spirits, and even eternal life. The predominant requirement to receive the gifts of God is repentance which must be granted by God the Father. A truly repented person will manifest holiness. II Corinthians 7:1 “Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” To cleanse ourselves describes the true work of repentance. Another aspect is to live in peace with all men. You are looking at hell if you do not repent. You must have godly sorrow, deep regret for your sin, humility, a broken and contrite spirit, and determination to never commit that sin again. Truly repent and be truly changed. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

14LHCD8-7 – Nickie Pinson – IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS
I Corinthians 2:2 “I am determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” We have to be so careful in ministry and our personal lives that it is all about Him, not us. He is the center of everything. It is always Him first. If our life does not line up with that principle, then our life is not worth living. He is not our genie lamp, our spare tire, an insurance policy, our co-pilot, or our business partner. Life eternal is all about Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Life Giving Word. We must get away from our many distractions and shut ourselves in with Christ. II Corinthians 6:17 “Come out from among them and do not touch the unclean thing.” We are to be separated to Christ. Be crucified to all that is not Christ. Philippians 3:7-8 “But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.” Jesus is the prize – not what we get out of Him. Be made conformable to His death. Regardless of the storms swirling around us, we are complete in Him. It is all about Jesus.

14LHCD8-9 – *Luke Pinson (age 12) /**Nickie Pinson – *SNARES OF THE DEVIL & ** POWER FROM ON HIGH –  * Luke Pinson  * We are not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices. God has a plan for your life and so does the devil. The devil tries to destroy you through your weaknesses. Money and jealousy for power are two of the main snares. He will not hesitate to go to extreme lengths to get rid of you. Our flesh is a big obstacle. It will not stop, kicking and screaming till it gets its way. The devil will say that God has left you behind. A hardened heart is another big snare. The devil will keep laying traps for you and he will accuse the brethren, day and night. He hates God and you and will not stop until he can get you to break. ** Nickie Pinson ** In the closing minutes of Jesus’ earthly life, He said he would send the promise of His father, the filling of the Holy Ghost. When you are given the gift of tongues, it edifies you and is for power from on high. Faith and the Spirit will ever increase in your life when you pray in tongues, when you wait upon the Lord and learn how to hear His voice. He will give you a word for your circumstance. You might decide what you will do, but God knows how to make you desperate for His intervention, His will and His way. God is going to find out if you mean business. Then you will receive that power from on high.

Psalm 119:67 “Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now I’ve kept your Word.” God knows what He is doing when He afflicts us. He brings deliverance through chastisement, out of His kindness and great love for us. Affliction allowed by the Lord is His chastisement and it will deliver us from the error of our way. The purpose of chastisement is to get us back on the straight and narrow path. We have become unprofitable and we are sinners. Until we become honest and confess our sins, evil spirits will never come out of us. So how long are we going to put up with our sins? It’s time to get something done here because it’s just going to get worse. We need to get violent about our deliverance. The wimpy do nothing more than complain and feel sorry for themselves. The longer we attempt to cover up our sins, gloss over them, or make light of them, the longer we will be afflicted. Church, chastening puts us into a position to partake of God’s holiness! When the Lord chooses to use chastisement as a means to bring us into holiness, the key is for us to reverence and be in subjection to Him. We need to have a broken and contrite spirit, humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and get free from bondage to sin.

14LHCD11-6 – Nickie Pinson – PROPHETIC WORDS
This teaching begins with prayer for God’s help in this time of battle…we have not run from the fight but we do get weary. We want a true word from God; words that are applicable to our lives. We have need of every weapon that God has provided for us. 1 Corinthians 14:3 says that one who prophesies – exhorts, comforts and edifies Proverbs 15:23 says, A word spoken in due season, how good it is. One word from God can change everything. We’re talking about the God that spoke the world into existence! We may not always comprehend the meaning or the means, but if it’s from God, He will bring it to pass in His time. Scripture shows how God chose to bring healing, deliverance, instruction, correction, wisdom and restoration by means of prophecy. Examples from scripture are given. John 4:16 Jesus spoke a word to the Samaritan woman about her many husbands and she recognized Him as a prophet. In Acts 27, we see that Paul had a word of prophecy which was instruction for the safety of all that were on the ship that was about to be destroyed by a storm. We are given many other examples of how God used … and yes, still uses prophetic words today to bring needed answers to our questions.

Colossians 1:25 “Christ in us, the hope of glory” If we do not have Christ in us, we do not have the hope of glory. 1 Cor 2:2 “I am determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” To know Him implies intimacy and knowledge grounded on personal experience. True obedience can only be possible if we know Him. Col 2:10 “We are complete in Christ who is the head of all principalities and powers.” There is nothing outside of Christ whereby we can become complete. As in the Garden of Eden, the devil is constantly working on our minds trying to convince us that we need more than Christ. Seeing Christ inwardly, as the Holy Spirit reveals Him to us, is the only way we will ever change to be like Jesus Christ. Three levels: John 14:16 – 1) See Him not, neither know Him, 2) but you know Him, 3) because He is in you. The Holy Spirit sent down from Heaven means Christ is in us. If we want to see Him, we must get in the Spirit and we will see Him as He is. Then He will change us. Unless He knows us, we are not His sheep and we cannot hear His voice. It’s all about us becoming one with Him…Him in us and us in Him, the mystery revealed.

14LHCD12-10 – Nickie Pinson – OUR UNPREDICTABLE GOD
Sometimes God does not act the way we think He should. If you have a preconceived idea of what God ought to do in your home, family, marriage, or job, and God doesn’t do it the way you think He should, you will get upset. We get in trouble when we look at the outward appearance of things. “Stagger not at the promises of God through unbelief. Be fully persuaded that what God promises He is able to perform.” We will never have God figured out. Sarai tried to make things happen, made her plans and thought she could help God. Hannah, on the other hand, poured out her soul before the Lord and waited before Him. God wants to answer your prayer. He does not want you to figure out how to answer the prayer for Him. Sampson mistakenly thought God was predictable. God expects total obedience from us, to do exactly what He says to do, how, when, and where He says to do it. Expect God to put you under tremendous pressure to teach you to trust Him. He is going to find out if you mean business with Him. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Do not let the devil push you into a decision. Wait on God, be patient, see what He has planned for you. It will be better than what you thought. It will be God.

1 Cor 11:17 This teaching is about judging ourselves. We are not to justify ourselves by comparing ourselves to one another. When there are divisions in a church, the flesh is operating. God will let people “show out” and “act up” to expose themselves for what they are. The more God moves, the more the devil is going to manifest himself. God allows some things so we can find out who is real and who is not real. Bro. Pinson prepares the congregation to receive Holy Communion. He cautions us to not receive the body and blood of the Lord unworthily. It is a holy sacrament and ordinance of the Church. 1) If we would judge ourselves we should not be judged. If you are full of the Holy Spirit, you will be corrected in time. Truth is the number one weapon to keep your church pure. It will separate the goats from the sheep. 2) If we will not judge ourselves God will come along and chasten us. 3) If we do not judge ourselves and are not chastened, we will be condemned with the world. Do not presume upon the mercy of God. A friend of Bro. Pinsons’s said, “There’s enough stench in the church to make a turkey buzzard hold its nose.” Judge yourself, or you will pay the price.


It is very foolish to start the day without prayer. “Early will I seek You,” is not a suggestion. Encourage yourself in the Lord, and the Holy Spirit will draw you to communion and fellowship with Him. The Bible is a book about the Holy Spirit from one end to the other. The Holy Spirit wrote it and it is He who will bring revelation knowledge to you about its meaning. The Holy Spirit is the One who is working on the face of the Earth. It is also true that we have our own work to do to be saved and to endure to the end, but without the Holy Spirit, Christ cannot be revealed to us. We need to pray in tongues without ceasing. Bro. Pinson believes he is commissioned to warn God’s people to be in preparation for the difficult days ahead in the natural and spiritual realms. We need to let the Holy Spirit guide us, prophesy to us and through us. He will show us the things to come. Our Heavenly Father wants us to have the same nature as His son Jesus Christ and do the works He did, but we need the Holy Spirit in us for this to be accomplished.

15LHCD4-7 – Nickie Pinson – OUR CONFIDENCE
The confidence we have of our position in Christ has a direct bearing on every area of our life. Hebrews 3:6 says, “Christ’s house or family we are if we hold fast tightly and firmly to the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end.” To have confidence means to have faith in, to rely upon, to trust in or have assurance in something or someone. It can be described as an undisturbed calm. An offensive boastfulness is the wrong kind of confidence. We are to have no confidence in the flesh or in any man, especially ourselves. Our confidence must be in Christ Jesus. God will test and chasten us to be sure we have the right kind of confidence. Self-confident people have plans and dreams of all that they are going to do for God, but they don’t involve God. It expresses that they don’t need God. Israel put confidence in the Ark of God, but it did not save them. Do not put your confidence in the works He is doing through you. No one is getting into Heaven unless he is like Christ. We must have His likeness and character. Only the Holy Spirit can change us into Christ’s image as we behold Him. Let us walk in the light as He is in the Light, be delivered from evil and be conformed to the image of Christ.

The Lord longs for an intimate relationship with each of us. Every morning we have to spend time with Him in prayer. That is when the Lord will speak to us. Write down what God gives to you, or you will forget. In 1 Samuel 14 we learn that Saul thought he had to do something instead of waiting on the Lord to speak to his heart. He had not developed his own close relationship with God. We must put down the rebellion and self-will in our hearts so God can restore and bless us. We must seek the will of God about everything in our life. It is so important to wait until we hear from the Holy Spirit and not depend on our own “common sense”. God is concerned with our hearts, not with outward appearances. He is looking for a people who have a heart after Him. David had a relationship with the Lord that Saul did not know anything about. Jesus is looking for His Bride, so do not allow any sin or idol to come between you and Him. It will grieve you deeply to hurt the One you love. Allow your spirit to rise up and connect with the Lord. Keep seeking God and in time He will come to you. Anticipate being with your Beloved forever. “As a deer panteth after the water brooks, so my soul longeth after Thee.”

15LHCD5-7 – Nickie Pinson – ANSWERS FROM HEAVEN
The enemy’s agenda is to destroy everything the Lord has given to us, but the devil does not take away anything from us that God does not allow him to take. We must combat this enemy according to scriptural principles. David did not go to war until he heard from the Lord. The Lord must be in the midst of us or nothing will go well, no matter how hard we try, so we must keep “our camp” holy. If we do what we are supposed to do, God will rebuke the devourer for our sakes and give back to us what the enemy has stolen, or perhaps something different and better. We must meet His conditions, such as: ask and keep asking, pray and keep praying, forgive others, confess your faults one to another, pray for one another that you may be healed, remember that faith is a choice, be willing for God to get the glory out of our difficult situations, do not be double minded, do not limit God, allow the Gifts of the Spirit to operate in your life and pay attention to details when God shows you something. Say and do only what the Holy Spirit gives you by revelation. Without a prophetic word we will not have “the goods” to do the works of Jesus. By the power of God and His Word, He will send to us His answers from Heaven.

15LHCD7-1 – Nickie Pinson – HOW MUCH FAITH DOES IT TAKE?
Faith comes in three different ways and levels. 1) Scripture says God has given every man, woman and child a measure of faith. 2) One Fruit of the Spirit is faith. 3) 1 John 14 tells us there is a supernatural gift of faith. All of us would like to walk in more faith because faith gets us what we need. Hebrews 11:1 is called the ‘Faith Chapter’. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I Peter 1:7 says, “Faith is more precious than gold which perishes.” Romans 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” It is the ground, the basis, the foundation, the support, the confidence of things you want to come to pass. Faith is a choice you make, and without faith it is impossible to please God. Have a talk with God about what you need … Him alone. Cry out to Him in fervent prayer. Wait on Him and answers will come. Then you will know it is God who has heard and answered you. Doubts will come, but decide not to listen to those thoughts. Finally, there is a time to come out of the prayer closet and speak things into existence. Faith is a force greater than electricity. Keep on believing, and you shall receive.

15LHCD7-6A – Nickie Pinson – PREPARING FOR COMING TROUBLE 1-of-2
15LHCD7-6B – Nickie Pinson – PREPARING FOR COMING TROUBLE 2-of-2
Has God called you to ‘save much people alive’ in these troublesome times? Brother Pinson shares with us that he is a “Prepper” and advises us to be “Preppers”, too. This is a Joseph Ministry. Although Joseph had been horribly mistreated by his family, he said to them, “I will nourish you and your little ones.” Psalms 105:13 reminds us of how God had His hand on Joseph. Under pressure you might disobey the leading of the Lord, but He knows how to bring you to a place where you are willing to be thankful for whatever He gives you. He will bless and prosper you as He did Joseph so you can be a blessing to others. If our economy weakens, and maybe collapses, people will be running out of the cities because there are only a few hours of food on the shelves of their grocery stores. Be prepared to feed them, not shoot them, folks. Show them the love of Jesus. Matthew 25:31 teaches us we are to share the goods of this world with our brethren in need. “Whatever you do to ‘them’, you are doing it unto Jesus.” Are you willing to “save much people alive’? Simply ask God what He expects you to do.

15LHCD9-3 – Nickie Pinson – OBEYING LUST
The biggest cause of temptation to sin is lust. To lust is to have an intense desire, to hunger, to covet, to yearn or long for something or someone. Our body is temporary and weak and is prone to lust which leads to sin. Sin dwells in a believer’s body but it reigns in an unbeliever’s body. When our natural, God-given, life sustaining appetites begin to burn with lust, we will make fools of ourselves … gluttony, drunkenness, sloth, and sexual perversion. The lust of the world, the lust of our flesh and the lust of the devil work on us. We could live in a place isolated from the world but still be eaten up with lust because the videos of fantasy, those “vain imaginations”, are playing in our head. Righteousness comes through Jesus Christ, so keep your mind on Him. Cry out to God to make you righteous and help you overcome lusting after fame and fortune, covetousness, jealousy, envy, retaliation, murder, wrath, plotting evil, and inventing evil devices. Entertaining lust makes a person a child of wrath and his father is the devil even if he calls himself a Christian. Deceitful lust promises pleasure but produces death. Finally, Scripture teaches us the only way to conquer lust is to crucify the flesh. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

15LHCD9-8 – Nickie Pinson – OBEYING THE FLESH
We need the Lord’s help battling against lust. Search these scriptures concerning the lust of the world, the lust of the eyes, the lust of our flesh, the lust of our own hearts, and deceitful lust: 2 Timothy 2:22, Titus 2:12, Ephesians 2:3, Ephesians 4:22, James 1:14, Romans 6:7,12, 2 Peter 2:18. When we are tempted and allow ourselves to be drawn away and obey our own lust, we are imprisoned by it, trapped, a slave and servant to sin. Lust is inherent in us. We are born with it. Before we are saved there is just one of us, the carnal man which is full of lust. When we come to Christ, our spirit is born again. We still have the old man and now we have the new man. Those two will always be operating in us and will be in unending conflict. Therefore: 1) Deny your lust, starve it, and take up your cross. 2) Turn away from fleshly things and towards the things of God. Come out from among unbelievers. 3) Be baptized in the Holy Spirit and stay full of the Holy Spirit. 4) Speak in tongues to keep your soul clean. If you fail and feel wretched, recognize that you have a problem, confess it, quit making deals with the Lord, and ask Him to forgive you. With His help you will gain victory. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

15LHCD10-4A – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF RECKONING – PART 1A of 2
15LHCD10-4B – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF RECKONING – PART 1B of 2
Romans 6:11 “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves (not someone else) to be dead indeed (completely, totally) unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” When you are dead indeed unto sin you are beyond its reach so that it cannot have dominion over you and it cannot reign in your mortal body. Does your heart cry out to be loosed from the reign of sin, even your secret sins? Only because of what Jesus Christ has done for you, by the power of His death and resurrection, are you able to reckon yourself dead indeed to sin. You have legal ground here, but until you have repented, there is no real authority for you to be alive unto God. You must decide to have nothing more to do with sin and that temptation that has been bothering you so long. Whatever it is, get rid of it. Look the other way. Put it down. Rebuke it. Flee from it. Refuse to take ownership of the thoughts the devil puts in your mind. Declare that for the rest of your life you are never going to do that sin again. Teaching, preaching, reading the right books, visions will not change you, but you will be changed as you behold Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in you, and by the inward revelation of Him. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

15LHCD10-6 – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF RECKONING – PART 2 of 2
This is now the conclusion of this message from above # 15LHCD10-4B
Paul had the will to do what was right but he could not find the strength to do right. We also are involved in this fight between good and evil. We discover that something besides the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us. The law of the renewed mind and the law of sin and death continue to war inside of us. We will never cast the law of sin out of us, nor can we reform it, but by appropriating the law of the spirit of life in Christ we can overcome sin. Be confident of this very thing, “He which has begun a good work in you will perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ our Lord.” Jesus will watch over His Word. Still, something continues to war against God’s work in us. We must never stop confessing and repenting of our sins with a broken and contrite spirit before God. He will forgive us and cleanse us. We must put on the whole armor of God and always be ready for the conflict between good and evil within us. The Kingdom of God is inward therefore the fight is inward. It is Christ living in us that is the answer. True salvation is when we give up our life and let God live His life through us. Let us reckon ourselves dead to sin, let God have control of our life and be conformed to the image of Christ.

God has sent His Holy Ghost down from Heaven to His people, to those who will seek Him. We are to receive the promise of the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ. We can not be righteous or do one thing without His Presence. The Holy Ghost showed Jesus what the Father was saying and doing, and He will tell us what to say and what to do. Jesus left this earth with the Holy Spirit as the superintendent of the Church. It is only the Holy Spirit who restores, regenerates and renews. The Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and will make alive our mortal bodies. The Holy Spirit is the power of God coming down from Heaven and working upon this earth in the affairs of men. People begin to receive revelations, prophets speak, people are marvelously changed and many other miracles occur. With the anointing of the Holy Spirit the Word of God can be preached and understood. It’s a locked book, otherwise. If we are believers, signs should follow us. Praying in tongues is the perfect prayer to keep us filled with the Holy Ghost, and when we are full of the Spirit, we are led by the Spirit, we go in the power of the Spirit, are anointed with the Spirit and are comforted by Him. Get the Holy Ghost!

This is a teaching about what provisions are, what they do, and how to cut off wrong provisions. To make provisions means to set things up, to establish, prepare, fix, provide the means, to arrange, to furnish, to make ready, to direct, to make contact, to do things that make a thing possible, to order, to confirm, to determine, to make strong, to make preparations, to make considerations, to fashion, to form, to make yourself ready, to make sure. We do so according to the way we understand the Scriptures. All provisions are aimed at the body, soul, and spirit of mankind. Matthew 6:26. Jesus is not saying, “Do not prepare,” He is saying, “Do not worry, fret or be anxious. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added to you.” Maybe God will give you a vision and send you ahead to keep much people alive, as He did with Joseph. On the other hand, some things are wrong provisions. Without provisions, nothing can be sustained. We must cut off provisions which provide opportunity for lust, our flesh and our mind. There would be no sin unless there was first provision made for sin by others, demons, or circumstances. If you will cut off the provision, you can cut off that sin..

15LHCD12-7 – Nickie Pinson – FIVE CHOICES MOSES MADE
Hebrews 11:24 Five verses, five choices. Who will we be? What will we do? What will we esteem? What will we forsake? What will we keep? Moses had a life of ease, pleasure, and influence. God put in his heart to deliver His people from Pharaoh’s bondage. Moses made his decision knowing what it would cost him. *Each of us is making the choice today to become someone different than who we are. *Make a choice to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, be blessed and rather suffer affliction with the people of God than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Do not deny Him but do what He says. *Esteem the reproach of Christ greater riches rather than to continue giving yourself to a life of pleasure. You will be hated by this world. *Forsake Egypt not fearing the wrath of the King. *Endure, seeing Him who is invisible. Those who endure to the end, the same shall be saved. If God has called you to ministry and you are doing it, there is a High Hand with you. *We are to fearlessly forsake this world and be conformed to the image of Christ. Through faith Moses obeyed the Father and kept the Passover, revealing the Christ. Is Christ being revealed in you? Personal ministry follows this teaching.

15LHCD12-9A – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF THE NEW TONGUE 1-of-2
15LHCD12-9B – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF THE NEW TONGUE 2-of-2
Words bring life or death, both to the speaker and to the hearer of those words. Jesus said the Judgment at the last day will be according to a man’s words. “By your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned.” Guard against idle, silly, stupid talk, foolish jesting, dirty talk, gossip, criticism, taking the Lord’s name in vain, profane and vain babblings. Are you speaking life or death into people? Every morning ask God to help you use your tongue to help the weary. James 1:19, “Beloved, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” Our tongue is a world of iniquity, lawlessness, out of control, set on fire of hell. The Bible teaches that if you can bridle your tongue you can control your whole body. Let all of your words be led of the Holy Spirit, the Watchman at the door of your mouth. The source of Jesus’ words was the Holy Spirit. What about speaking in new tongues? It is a higher level of praying. When you pray in new tongues, you pray right. It’s the greatest tool you have outside of the Word of God. Your tongue is supposed to be set on fire by the Holy Spirit. What spirit is setting your tongue on fire? Personal ministry follows this teaching.

Matthew 16:21 says Peter rebuked the Lord because the threats against Jesus’ life were getting too close to himself, but Jesus said Peter was an offence to Him. He was thinking like the carnal world. We are required to lay down our lives for Jesus. Real Christianity demands a radical dedication and commitment that most people will not pay. You are not to worry about your rights and your reputation. Humble yourself and become obedient under the mighty hand of God. What Jesus wants is for us to take the gospel to people but not by our own power or holiness. Get really full of the Holy Ghost and you will be able to do the works of Jesus. As we minister, we cannot attempt to use His name if we do not have the anointing of the Holy Spirit to back it up. Realize that the devil is always trying to move you away from the place God put you. He will use what he thinks will work on you. Do what God tells you to do because you are not your own, you have been bought with a price. Do nothing till you hear from Him. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

There is a lot of fear in people’s hearts these days about future events, not just in America, but it is happening worldwide. Jesus taught us the future is in the Father’s hands. Let’s keep our focus on staying full of the Holy Spirit so we will be able to deal with whatever comes. We have a great and powerful hope. Psalm 121:2 “My help comes from the Lord.” We need to continually seek the inward revelation of Christ which is life-changing. Every morning for years Brother Pinson had to fight his way out of a dark, depressing sort of feeling. But recently a word of the Lord came for him to declare, “I break every bondage of fear.” That would set him free for the rest of the day. Him whose sins are pardoned and whose heart is filled with the love of God has nothing to dread in this world or the world to come. Refuse to hear the accusations of the devil. Fear is going to come and we will have to decide what to do about it. Fear is banished when we know for sure that we are loved by God our Father perfectly, completely and forever. So, if we are righteous and we belong to God and we are walking in obedience and the power of the Holy Spirit, why would we fear? Man can not harm our soul.


16LHCD3-5 – Nickie Pinson – A GREAT MYSTERY
Ephesians 5:32 is about the mystery of the relationship between Christ and His Church. God the Father is looking for a Bride for His Son. The work of the Holy Spirit is to prepare the Church to be His Bride. Esther 2:2 is about the purification and beautification process of selected young virgins of their land to see who would qualify to be the wife of the king. Maidservants were assigned to assist in their purification. God will give us ‘maidservants’ to help us with our preparations. The purification and beautification process is a lonely and difficult task and must be undertaken with detail and effort. John 6:44 Right now is the time and it is our purpose to be drawn unto Him. Preparing the Bride of Christ involves those whom the Holy Spirit has called to an intimate fellowship as in marriage where two become one flesh. The Coming of the Lord is about the Marriage of the Lamb. We are to desire Him in marriage, live with Him and be one with Him throughout eternity. He is our reason for living. Our only real destiny, our one purpose in life is this, “The Bride has made herself ready.” John 14:1 “I will receive you unto Myself, that where I am there you may be also.” Personal ministry follows.

16LHCD3-8 – Nickie Pinson – SUCH AS WE HAVE
Peter and John went to the temple at the hour of prayer. God gave Peter an opportunity to minister life to a lame man. “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk.” So what do you have to give? If you do not have Jesus, you cannot give Him. The Spirit of the Lord must anoint you to preach the Word and minister His life to people. Be led by the Spirit to do only what the Father shows you to do. You need to have confidence that you are His child and that He is working in your life. When you sin, repent immediately and go on. In a crisis it is too late to get right with God, so stay right with God. He will heal and bless people through you for His glory alone, not your own. He will give you what you need before the appointed time to minister life in His name. If you laid your hands in prayer on someone, would anything happen? Are you able to deal with people in desperate need who have poor hygiene? How do you handle delays in your plans? Do some people get on your last nerve? Do you have the attitude of an Ambassador of Christ? If you want a ministry, it will be when He decides you are ready. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

The first purpose of the ministry of Jesus Christ on this earth is to take away our sins by the sacrifice of His body on the cross, make manifest to Israel that He is the Lamb of God, and to baptize in water. The second purpose of the ministry of Jesus is to baptize people in the Holy Ghost and with fire. In these times we need to ask ourselves, “Who is the Holy Spirit descending upon and who is the Holy Spirit remaining upon?” Day after day we need to see the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. We determine and recognize who is being led by the Spirit if they are living according to the Word and will of God. People are watching our lives, so stay filled. It is a necessity for us to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and Him remaining upon us. The Holy Ghost is big enough to move on God’s people without ‘working the crowd up’ whether you are teaching, preaching or leading worship, so give Him place. Jesus Christ put a tremendous emphasis on the Holy Spirit. We will not know Christ except the Holy Spirit reveal Him to us. It is essential to know that after evil spirits are cast out, the Holy Spirit must fill that persons’ empty, cleansed, swept, and garnished house. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

The Lord Jesus Christ must be central to every life and ministry. We need to lift HIM up. Paul loved Jesus so much, that is all he wanted to talk about. John 21:15 Do we love Jesus more than ‘these’? (That stuff we are so involved in.) He must be our First Love. We need to be broken and weeping when we realize how much He has done for us. Jesus wants to know, “Do you love me?” Why are we here at Camp Meeting? God knows. If you don’t love Jesus Christ, no matter how many demons you get cast out of you, they are going to come back and bring some worse than they were. Quit using Jesus and start loving Him. Seek His face and not His hands. The Lord wants to know if we love Him even to the point of dying for Him. We can sing all day long, “Oh how I love Jesus”, but we are going to have to prove it. He is going to see to it that we prove it. You either love Jesus Christ or you hate Him. There is no in-between. Politicians talk about God, but they do not want to say the name of Jesus Christ. Those who refuse to obey Him are those who hate Him. We need to be learning how to hear His voice so we can obey Him and prove our love. This love sets us free. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD7-3A – Nickie Pinson – BEING SET FREE 1-of-2
16LHCD7-3B – Nickie Pinson – BEING SET FREE 2-of-2
1 Corinthians 6:9 and Galatians 5:19 tell us, “The unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.” There are many works of the flesh, activities and lifestyles that will keep you out of God’s Kingdom, regardless if you think you can justify the practice of those sins. There will be no deliverance from demons unless you first repent! To be set free from sin is a lifelong process of depending on God. Sometimes we are haunted by a fear that we will never be able to overcome and let go of a particular sin. Certainly the Commandments of Jesus are more difficult to keep than God’s laws that were given to Moses. We have all broken the Commandments, but we are washed, cleansed, sanctified and justified by that blood He once shed on the Cross for us. So if we continue in His Word, we are His disciples, with much effort on our part. Knowing Jesus Christ in an intimate, ongoing relationship will set us free, but we have been warned that if we forget to continue in the Word of God, He will forget our children. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

The gates of the government of hell will fall before us and shall not prevail against us. The living, overcoming body of Christ has been given the Keys of Heaven to bind and loose, but unless a prophetic word comes to us by the Holy Spirit, nothing is going to happen. Jesus came to attack the kingdom of darkness and destroy the works of the devil. He was totally committed to do the will of His Father. What God could do if we were not concerned about exalting our reputation and our own agenda! We are to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord using the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. Always remember that the battle is the Lord’s and the glory belongs to Him. Jesus asks us to follow Him in this way…Luke 4:1 1) Jesus was obedient and submissive and baptized by John to fulfill all righteousness. 2) Jesus was filled with the Holy Ghost and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. 3) Jesus returned in the power of the Holy Spirit. 4) “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me.” Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD7-11 – Nickie Pinson – THE FLESH IS WEAK
If you cut off provision to sin, you will cut off the sin. We are to cast down vain imaginations and bring every thought to the obedience of Christ. We will always be presented with a way of escape, but we tend to override that way of escape and blow right past it because passion is burning so deeply. If only David could have looked into the future and seen what his sin of adultery was going to cost him, his family and the nation of Israel, but he was blind to temptation. The flesh is weak even though the spirit is willing and ready to do right in God’s sight. We can put our body into submission but the flesh must be crucified on a daily basis. The flesh is our enemy and will continuously attempt to operate in us and dominate us. So let us watch and pray that we enter not into temptation. Man has the Holy Spirit to manifest and reveal Christ inwardly to help us keep the law. Take heed. Do not get proud and complacent. We will go through this struggle until the day we meet the Lord. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

Oh, wretched man that I am! We are rebellious, hateful, smart aleck, contentious people. There must be a way to over come the flesh and there is one. We are to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved. Romans 2:2 tells us, “And be not conformed to this world; but be you transformed (changed) by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” More than anything, praying in tongues and reading the word of God will renew our mind in Christ. Titus 3:5 “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost.” I Corinthians 2:5 “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” With the mind of Christ we can overcome sin. Let this mind be in you. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD9-8 – Nickie Pinson – THE FINGER OF GOD
Luke 2:25 “Simeon was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Ghost was upon Him. He came by the Spirit into the Temple.” Simeon and Anna knew that baby was the Messiah by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Today we need to be led by the Holy Spirit wherever we go. As believers in Christ, we are a pawn on God’s chessboard, a sign to be spoken against. Remember they hated Jesus without a cause and they will hate us without a cause. All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution, that the thoughts of many hearts be revealed. When the Holy Spirit leads us, we are to speak prophetic words of knowledge. The finger of God must come through us individually. Whatever He commands us we shall speak and not be afraid of their faces. At times His finger will show us what great things we are to suffer for His name. You and I are set as a sign for a contest between Ishmael and Isaac. Our God will answer with fire on His altar, again. “The Lord He is God.” Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD10-1 – Nickie Pinson – LOST SHEEP
Luke 15:1 tells how the undesirables of society drew near to Jesus. The words He spoke were spirit and life and He spoke with power. For example, He commanded the unclean spirits and they came out. Jesus came for the lost, the wayward, the unwanted, and the outcasts. It is the sick who need a physician. If you are a lost sheep, the Lord is looking for you. Jesus, your Good Shepherd, wants to meet your needs, look after you and keep you secure. The Lord rejoices when He finds His lost sheep and He wants others to rejoice with Him. Jesus has such compassion and great love for that lost sheep of His. Jesus never said how or why His sheep got lost, He just went hunting for them. Let us look for those who stray, without judging them. Repentance brings joy to Heaven more than many who need no repentance. May God give us compassion and love for men who once lived for God but somehow failed Him. We must determine if the church is to be a hospital or a social club for the self-righteous. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD10-6 – Nickie Pinson – LOVEST THOU ME?
After Jesus had been crucified, His disciples felt lost, foolish, tired and worn out. They just went back to their business of fishing. The devil continuously waits for us to feel like failures, to become discouraged, confused, distracted and disappointed. During these times the devil is quick to remind us of what we used to do and be. When we lose our direction, that devil subtly suggests that we should return to our former lifestyle. We will find that there is nothing back there that we want. It can not compare to the love relationship we had with Jesus Christ, to be in His presence. We will come to that place where we welcome the chastening of the Lord because it returns us to His love. What Jesus wants from us is to love Him. He will ask us if we love Him more than anyone or anything else and He will give us a chance to prove it. If we say we love Him but are not obeying Him, He does not know us. He will call us workers of iniquity and will tell us to depart from Him. Lovest thou Him? Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD11-1 – Nickie Pinson – WHOSE KINGDOM ARE YOU IN?
If you are not alive in Christ you are not in His Kingdom. This Kingdom is populated with people who have beautiful feet because they preach the Gospel. Citizens of God’s Kingdom speak truth, love good and hate evil. Because they trust in the Lord, they dwell in the land and shall be fed. They are just passing through Caesar’s Kingdom. Kingdom of God people know that tithes come out first, then they pay their bills. The love of God dwells in them as citizens of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom people bear one another’s burdens, restore one another, do not think too highly of themselves, and they take care of their pastors. They do not know each other after the flesh but after the Spirit. The citizens of the Kingdom of God seek after the gifts of the Holy Ghost. They have poor, broken and contrite hearts and spirits and they tremble at God’s Word. Kingdom people weep before their God because of their sins. They seek the Joy that is set before them. Their names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD11-8 – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF GOD
Acts 8:18 We are not going to make it without this Holy Ghost power. The reason this nation is in bad shape is because there is no power in the Churches. For the most part, what calls itself the Church is just like the rest of the world, even trying to act like the world to attract people…marketing the Church and using high profile personalities to attract “customers”. The power from on High must be granted by the Holy Spirit when there is a need for it. Jesus’ last word to us from His Father was to tarry (sit down, sojourn, wait for it, settle down, abide, dwell in, remain or stay as in a place, to inhabit, to temporarily dwell, linger, halt, to be in readiness for, to remain inactive in a state of repose, rest, peace, calm, tranquility, until something expected happens, anticipate, look for, remain neglected for a while) for the power from on high. As we wait, the Lord will clean the junk out of our life and bring us into submission. Do not give up while you are waiting on God for His promise to come to pass. Personal ministry follows this teaching. 

16LHCD12-3 – Nickie Pinson – RECOVERY
In Luke 15:11 Jesus tells about the Prodigal Son and his spiritual recovery program. The purpose of recovery is not to enhance your life and get you the American Dream. Realize what you have become, realize that you are perishing, you’re without hope and it’s not anybody else’s fault. Drop all the excuses and come to your senses. That is the way out of hopelessness. Confess your complete and utter failure that comes from doing things your own way. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Do not blame a spouse, parents, teachers, schoolmates, the justice system, the arresting officer, incompetent lawyers, the preacher, or God. You will never be recovered until you admit and confess, “I did it.” You can be recovered without things being like they were. Some things and relationships you will have to do without and eliminate from your life. Truly you can be happier having less. Know who and what is a waste of time, and let God set boundaries for you. Recovery is about getting things right between you and God. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD12-7A – Nickie Pinson – THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH US 1-OF-2
16LHCD12-7B – Nickie Pinson – THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH US 2-OF-2
Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit – no one else. There are nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and this world needs them now more than ever before. God set those gifts permanently in the Church. The Word tells us to seek them earnestly. The move of the Holy Spirit can not be simulated in a church setting with colored lights and a smoke machine. If you let the Holy Ghost move in your church service, the devil is going to show up, too, and there will be a contest between what God wants to do and what the devil wants to do. Give the Holy Spirit a place in your church service. Honor Him by letting Him speak through you. You may have only the first few words of a prophecy or an interpretation of tongues. God will give you the rest as you go along. If a few words are all you get, then that is all you say. Do not let anybody put you under condemnation. God lets people know how much He cares about them as you submit to the working of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD12-9 – Nickie Pinson – OPEN HEAVEN
We have heard that there are three heavens. There is the heaven immediately above us…the firmament, the sky. There is the second heaven where the devil operates with his army. Then there is the third heaven where God is. To get something through from the third heaven to us means we must have an Open Heaven. There are powers operating in that second heaven that must be broken through for us to receive something from God. Read II Kings 6:24. The King let things get out of hand before he went to God, as we often do. We need to wait upon the Lord and see what He says about our situation by way of an Open Heaven. Many times we just do not see how it could be the way He says it will be. It is up to us to believe. There will always be doubters, but do not listen to those mockers. It is true that God has windows and doors in Heaven where He can pour out His super abundant blessings. We must learn how to live in obedience so God can open Heaven to our families, churches and nation. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

Matthew 16:21 says Peter rebuked the Lord because the threats against Jesus’ life were getting too close to himself, but Jesus said Peter was an offence to Him. He was thinking like the carnal world. We are required to lay down our lives for Jesus. Real Christianity demands a radical dedication and commitment that most people will not pay. You are not to worry about your rights and your reputation. Humble yourself and become obedient under the mighty hand of God. What Jesus wants is for us to take the gospel to people but not by our own power or holiness. Get really full of the Holy Ghost and you will be able to do the works of Jesus. As we minister, we cannot attempt to use His name if we do not have the anointing of the Holy Spirit to back it up. Realize that the devil is always trying to move you away from the place God put you. He will use what he thinks will work on you. Do what God tells you to do because you are not your own, you have been bought with a price. Do nothing till you hear from Him. Personal ministry follows this teaching.


17LHCD4-5 – Nickie Pinson – HIDDEN SINS
Deal with your flesh and deny yourself on a daily basis or you will not be able to maintain your deliverance. Numbers 32:23 Be sure your sin will find you out. I Timothy 5:24 Sins will follow after a man. Hide it now but regret it later. John 3:20 Everyone who does evil hates the Light lest his deeds be reproved. Luke 12:2-3 There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, neither hid that shall not be known. Ecclesiastes 12:14 God will bring every secret work into judgment. Mark 4:22 There is nothing hid which shall not be manifested. Romans 2:16 God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to His gospel. I Corinthians 4:5 The Lord will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and will make manifest the thoughts of the heart. Genesis 3:1 Eve was drawn to stand by ‘the tree’ and was making provision for her flesh to sin. She and Adam thought they could hide their sin against God. Psalm 51 leads us in repentance. Let us be of a broken and contrite spirit and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

No matter where you go, no matter what the situation, whatever “mission field” God has put you in, what is important is that the Spirit of the Lord is upon you. God has predestinated you to be conformed to the image of His Son by the power of the Spirit of the Lord. That is what God says is “good”. Where are the works that bear witness with signs, wonders, and gifts of the Holy Ghost that are supposed to follow you in your ministry? You are to forsake all and follow Him. It is not to be about how comfortable you are, because all who follow Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. Thankfully your sufficiency is of God. Luke 4:1 You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only are you to serve. You need the power of the Spirit of the Lord upon you to be able to refuse the tempting offers that continuously come from the evil one. God does not need your best education, skills, training or talents. God wants you to be a vessel available to Him so He can flow through you. Surrender. That is when the Spirit of the Lord is upon you.

17LHCD5-5  – Nickie Pinson – THE IMAGE
God created man in His image, but sin has distorted that image. This is a message concerning God recovering His own image in the hearts of a few people – it won’t be everyone. The whole world is not going to be saved. “Few there be that find it.” There will be those who will deny their own image and reach out and receive His image. The purpose of God is to recover His Image in us which was lost. The image Nickie is teaching is God’s spiritual image. The enemy is always coming to us to add something in the physical, without regard to the consequences of what will happen to us spiritually. Nickie illustrates this quite well using Adam and Eve. We have to get a hold of the fact that we are complete in Christ. Excellent message.

Romans 10:3 sets the title for this message. Jesus is our pattern and He was a submitter. Bro. Pinson narrates side by side comparisons of what an establisher is and what a submitter is. Establishers live in the realm of self, and submitters are willing to be emptied of self. Submitters “let” God do things in them and for them. Establishers try to “make” things happen. This is not an “ear tickling” message! It is for those who need to know that the opposition they are experiencing is not necessarily from the devil. It quite possibly is the processing of God, confirming them as a submitter. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

17LHCD7-5 – Nickie Pinson – BY THE POWER OF GOD
Luke, Chapter 1 is the cornerstone of this message, specifically verse 35 – “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee:” God’s plans and purposes are demonstrated by and through His power. He didn’t need Mary’s permission, she had not called out to Him asking for this – it is what God did. Jesus waited until the Spirit told Him what to do. It’s not the how-to videos or the formulas, it’s by the power of God. The 7 sons of Sceva found out it’s not about watching someone else do it, the Holy Spirit was not intending for that man to be delivered – they were not being led by the Spirit and they did not have the power of God operating. We’re not going to accomplish anything except by the power of God. Jesus was conceived by the power of God. There is ministry beyond our imaginations if the Holy Ghost is upon us, and anointing us – it is awesome what God can do!

17LHCD10-2 – Nickie Pinson – CHRIST’S CLAIM ON YOU
Nickie begins his message in 1ST Corinthians 6:19, which tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost which is IN you (emphasis on IN). He goes on to say this scripture is not written to everyone but to those who have the Holy Spirit IN them. John 14:16 Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit being given to be with them and will be IN them. When John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came on Him and He became a different person. At that point, He began to teach, preach, heal, and cast out demons…after HE received the Holy Ghost. On the day of Pentecost, The Holy Spirit came to live in 120 people and He continues to come to those who receive Him. Back in 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 we see that we are not our own. We’ve been bought with a price….the price being Jesus, so we are to glorify God in our bodies and in our spirits, which are GOD’s.

17LHCD10-6 – Nickie Pinson – THE LIFE OF CHRIST IN US
Nickie shares many “nuggets of truth” in this message. This is a life of submission. It can’t be bought. Nothing comes from us. It all comes from Him. “I live by the faith of the Son of God.” God has a way of making us willing. There’s 2 kinds of people sitting on the church pews – those that know Him and those that know about Him. There is a vast difference. It’s not that we don’t want more of God, it’s that many don’t realize there is much more of Him we can have. He challenges the men to quit going after ministry and just go after God! When you start finding God and knowing God you minister out of that and not after information that you have received. It needs to become an intimate relationship. Col 2:10 “And ye are complete in Him.”.

17LHCD11-2 – Nickie Pinson – ALL THINGS FOR CHRIST
The church at Antioch ministered unto the Lord. Nickie challenges the listener with many questions that bring awareness of our motives as believers, congregations, pastors and churches. Are we “needs” based or “Christ” based? Who are we ministering to? If a church is seeking for what Christ wants and not what the people want, both the church and the people’s needs would be met. Most have it reversed. Many people are looking for a ministry when they ought to be looking for Christ. There is a difference in preaching what Christ can do for you and preaching Christ. To embrace this message, one must be willing to forfeit all of self with all it’s delusions of grandeur. You must accept the fact that God has never deviated from His original plan to have man in His image, and that this life is not about us individually but about Christ and Him being formed in us. Prepare to have your theology and belief system challenged. That’s always a good thing! Step by step, Nickie builds a Scriptural foundation that supports the title of this message, “All Things for Christ”.

17LHCD11-8 – Nickie Pinson – HOW TO BE FREE
“I have one objective, and that is to preach Christ” is Pastor Nickie’s opening statement. Only as Christ dwells in us – meaning the image, or the person of Christ – can we ever overcome the sin that dwells within us. Many would like to blame their sin on this or on that, or on a demon, or their parents, or their husband or wife, or their boss at work – but the scripture says it is our flesh producing sin! Whatever your problem is – the only answer is Christ in you, the only source of life! It is the Truth that makes us free and Jesus is the only Truth. Get the Word of God in a person, get them to abide in that Word – and they will be made free (John 8:31-32)! There are too many testimonies to that fact to ever refute it! We will know if we are in Christ – because old things have passed away, and all things are become new! We will know if we are in Christ – if I am not what I was, and I do not do or say the things I once did – for then I am a new creature in Christ. It is not if I got ‘saved’, or healed, or how many demons left, but rather – am I in Christ! Again, salvation and deliverance is necessary, but these are only a means to this end – which is to be found in Christ (Phil 3).

17LHCD12-4 – Nickie Pinson – WHEN THE SPIRIT MOVES
Whatever we need – in whatever area of our life – the Spirit of the Lord moving in that area – is the answer. We must come to the understanding that “God’s good” is not always what we think it should be, nor “His purpose” necessarily what we want it to be. It’s not that He doesn’t meet our need, but He is more interested in what’s going on the inside of us than on the outside. Nickie digs deep into the purpose of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit, tying it altogether to show His desire to bring us into the image of Christ. (Rom 8:28-30) Just as the Holy Spirit moved upon the face of the waters, He has to move on us to bring us back in line with the purpose of God. The Holy Spirit is well able to do His job! It is the work and office of the Holy Spirit to change us. (2 Cor 3:18) The devil can imitate a lot of outward things such as visions, dreams and come as an angel of light but there is one thing he cannot do – he cannot copy or match the revelation of Christ in you. If you have been asking the Lord for more of Him, more of His Holy Spirit, you must listen to this message.

“Are you sitting together with Christ in heavenly places … in Christ Jesus?” That was the opening question as Nickie began his teaching. The emphasis is on being ‘in’ Christ. Scripture says we don’t know how to pray as we ought. If we don’t know how to pray, how do we know how to have faith that pleases God? We must remember that the only way we please God is thru His Son. Ephesians 4:15 “But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things which is the head, even Christ.” Don’t all things include faith? What faith? ‘Grow up into Him’ … that includes His faith…. Everything is bound up in Christ. So we see that the only faith that works for us is the faith of Christ – the faith that opened blind eyes, calmed the sea, healed the sick … the faith that faced the cross and said, “Not My will, but Your will be done.” We’ve got to get past having just ‘faith in Christ’ which gets us salvation and get to the ‘faith of Christ’ which is what grows us up in Him and is pleasing to the Father. The reason we fail is because we try to do things with our own faith instead of the faith of Christ. We aren’t going to raise anyone from the dead with our faith. The faith of Christ is a must if we’re going to do what God tells us to do. Smith Wigglesworth was a man that heard from God and raised the dead with the faith of Christ. We will not have that type of faith in and of ourselves. If we can have His righteousness, we can have His faith. We’re not talking about faith for Christ to do something but the faith of Christ that causes God to speak what He wants and then the faith of His Son in us to carry it out. Where do we get that faith? It is thru His Holy Spirit that He sends to work thru us. Are we to be doing these things? What does it say in John 14:12 – greater works! Galatians 2:16 – not justified by works but by the faith of Christ. Time to get down to business! Prayer follows.


18LHCD3-4A – Nickie Pinson – THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER 1-of-2
18LHCD3-4B – Nickie Pinson – THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER 2-of-2
Nickie illustrates multiple types of authority as he lays the groundwork for this message on spiritual authority. Any and all true authority comes from God alone. Any authority that comes from God has a purpose and one of the greatest purposes is edification. The devil knows who has real authority with God. Nickie explains how you get authority from God and keep that authority. Jesus had authority because He obeyed His heavenly Father in all things. He did nothing to promote Himself. We have to be under the authority of the Holy Spirit or we have no authority. To be under authority means to be obedient to, or under another one’s authority that’s over you. If we are doing our own will, there will be no authority. Jesus came not to do His own will but the will of His Father in heaven. If we’ll let go of our life, and the time comes that our life will be taken, it won’t be an issue! Nickie prays, asking God to give us a heart to do His will, to be under His authority and to let us be like Christ and die to ourselves.  

The thread that ties this message together is that we humble ourselves before God. The reason the Father always heard Jesus and gave Him what He asked for is because Jesus always prayed according to the will of His Father. 1 John 5:14-15 “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He heareth us: And if we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” Instead of us telling God what He needs to do, let us learn to say, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Many times it is our fears that keep us from praying that prayer. It’s time to trust God that His will be done in our lives and the lives of those that concern us most. 

Luke 24:13 “And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about three score furlongs.” Just three days before, ‘one of them’ named Peter, when confronted with these words, “Surely you also are ‘one of them’, for your speech betrays you”, declared emphatically that he was not ‘one of them’ (Matthew 27:73). Notice Peter’s speech betrayed him as being ‘one of them’. Luke 24:29 But they constrained him, saying, “Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them.” The Arabic version renders it, “they held him by force” (the violent take it by force), the meaning is that these two men on the road to Emmaus, who were ‘one of them’, laid hands on Him in a forcible manner. Song of Solomon 3:4 describes this principle of constraining Christ, “but I found him whom my soul loves: I held him, and would not let him go”. Psalms 42:1 says, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God”. The Apostle John, was so desiring to be close to Jesus, that he leaned upon Jesus’ breast. By knocking at our heart’s door, Christ is constraining us to invite Him in so He can abide with us. His knocking at our heart’s door, and His voice calling unto us, will cause a burning in our hearts – if we are ‘one of them’!

18LHCD5-6A – Nickie Pinson – NO OTHER FOUNDATION 1-of-2
18LHCD5-6B – Nickie Pinson – NO OTHER FOUNDATION 2-of-2
Nickie shares instruction on the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit, exhorting the listener to know when it is the voice of God speaking through you or someone else. Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.” Paul said in 1 Cor 2:2, “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” We preach Christ. Why, because we are complete in Christ. We don’t add Christ to our life – He has to become our life. He is the answer to everything. We have to be changed into the image of God. Why? Because we lost the image in the garden. Rom 8:29 “For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” That is what He is after – for us to be conformed into the image of Christ. “That I may know Him”. That “knowing” is intimacy not knowledge. Nickie shares on what the inward revelation of Christ is. We want to be set free but God wants to “make us free” – make us a different person – the image of His Son. The axe has to be put to the root. Your root has to change. What you are has to change. We cannot continue to be what we are and just “fix” some things. When Christ is in us, He is in our house. But when we are in Christ, we are in His house. Nickie shares a variety of different truths in this message but they all circle back to “No Other Foundation”.

18LHCD7-5 – Nickie Pinson – THE POWER OF FATHERS
This message is like a garden, planted with a variety of seeds of truth. Abraham, as a Godly father, forms the border of this garden. God has nothing to offer us outside of His Son. Everything He has for us is found in Him. In Him is completion. Self-willed people may do their own thing in organized religion but they’ll never do it in the kingdom of heaven – simply because they’ll never be able to enter that kingdom. God loves those who do His will. The primary intent of this whole message is for us to hear, “Stop doing your own will.” Does He know you? (Mt 7:23) Abraham was a godly father. God said about Abraham in Gen 18:19-20, “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which He hath spoken of him.” The promises of God are not automatic. There are things we must do. Saul is given as an example. Pastor Nickie shares invaluable advice for parents. Do we love God and our children enough to do God’s will. Abraham put God first and God saved Isaac. Parents have to make hard choices before God, but if the end result is for your child to be saved, is that not the greater freedom? Oh, the power of a Godly father! Your children need to know that God comes first.

18LHCD7-8 – Nickie Pinson – WHAT IS THE WILL OF GOD?
The will of God is that Christ be formed in us, that we grow up into Christ in all things (it is a process), and that we be changed into the same image of Christ! There is no discipleship training that can grow anyone up into Christ, for that is the work of the Holy Spirit alone. We cannot partially be changed into the image of Christ – in some areas willfully retaining our will, our image – and in some areas allowing God’s will, Christ’s image. The will of God cannot be divided, the image of Christ cannot be divided, with us being selective in what we do or don’t do. The will of God is not a mixture of His will and our will. Man does his own will in order to promote his own self, his own worth, his own fame, his own wealth, his own kingdom – and that is the spirit of anti-Christ! Read Romans 8:28-29. Being conformed to the image of Christ is the ultimate and eternal will of God, and everything will in time line up with, cooperate with, and support this eternal will of God, or it will burn with a fervent heat! God has apprehended a people for the purpose of being conformed to the image of His Son – and that alone is the will of God concerning those He foreknew and predestined. 

Nickie begins by telling us that this will be a hard message, comparing it to surgery which may fix something or make it better. 1 Cor 3:9 talks about laboring together with God, being God’s husbandry, God’s building. He points out that just because we are doing ministry doesn’t necessarily mean we are laboring together with God. It has to be His idea. He also points out that just saying a scripture doesn’t necessarily make it so in your life. Neither does doing what you see someone else do. Remember the 7 sons of Sceva. They saw Paul casting out demons and took it upon themselves to do the same. It didn’t turn out well for them! There are people that have taken it upon themselves to minister and it’s time for the people of God to discern the source…be able to know if something is of God. In His kingdom, He rules – Jesus is the rock, the only foundation and we must be sure to stay with Him, progressively being changed into His image. Whether we are ministering or being ministered to, it is God, in Christ, in us that does the work. Nickie uses many, many scriptures to teach this message.  

Deborah Pinson

18LHCD9-8 – Deborah Pinson – CONFESSING CHRIST
Read 1 John 4:2,3 What does it mean to confess Christ? There must be an inward reality of God. If our confession is outward only, we are not confessing Christ and we are confessing self. Actions, choices, and lifestyle, as well as words are the evidence of who enthrones our heart. Outwardly, anti-christ can appear Christ-like. However, while man may look at the outward, God looks at the heart. He originally created us to be in His image inwardly. We cannot worship Him in spirit and truth unless we have the image of Christ…an internal work by the Spirit of God. We must do battle with the spirit of anti-christ, our flesh. She says that those who do not deny flesh will follow the anti-christ in coming days…thinking it is Christ because they cannot discern. The flesh is a bigger threat than any demonic spirit. We are vessels that need inward cleansing, not outward polishing. We must remember that Jesus said it was His Father that did the work. It’s not the works – whether it is prophesying, casting out demons or any other good work. It is the source from which it comes. Are we being led of God, or might it be our own ‘self’? Rom. 8:8 says “They that are in the flesh cannot please God.”

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