1992 Spring Camp Meeting

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The 1992 Spring Camp Meeting

Jim & Mildred Coffey
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92LHCD3-1A – Jim & Mildred Coffey – DELEGATED AUTHORITY 1-OF-2
92LHCD3-1B – Jim & Mildred Coffey – DELEGATED AUTHORITY 2-OF-2
Jesus, Who has all power and authority, delegated authority to the apostles for a specific job: to cure all manner of diseases, cast out demons, and preach the kingdom. This same delegated authority works today. It has not been revoked. We need to have our understanding of the Scripture opened and we need the fear of the Lord, so that we are AFRAID NOT TO DO RIGHT, and will exercise the authority we have been given.

Jim & Mildred Coffey
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92LHCD3-2 – Mildred Coffey – BINDING AND LOOSING
The devil wants us to believe that binding and loosing will not work, but when we know Who has the power, and who we are in Him, it WILL work. God has given us the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, and the angels to help us. He has promised that if we bind, He will stand behind it. We must stand firm when the devil tries to attack our minds with doubt.

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003 – Deliverance Ministry
Dr. William Null – 2004 to 2008 – Deliverance Ministry
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92LHCD3-3A – Dr. William Null – FAMILIAR SPIRITS 1-of-2
92LHCD3-3B – Dr. William Null – FAMILIAR SPIRITS 2-of-2
There are two kinds of spirits that may be referred to as “familiar spirits.” The first is a spirit or group of spirits assigned to your family to harass you, report on you, and keep you in bondage. The second group, and those focused on in this study, are spirits with which a person has a relationship so that supernatural power can be manifested. It is even possible for a Christian to be deceived and moved by a familiar spirit, believing it to be the Holy Spirit. The question is, “How can you tell the difference?” Dr. Null provides a number of criteria by which we can judge. Prayers for deliverance from familiar spirits and the curse of whoredom are included on this message.

Miscellaneous Speakers – General Bible
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Jeremiah Faulkner – GENETIC CODE/SINS OF THE FATHERS 1-0f-2
Jeremiah Faulkner – GENETIC CODE/SINS OF THE FATHERS 2-of-2
Current scientific research into genetic predisposition to certain diseases and personality traits provides some interesting new ways of looking at several Biblical accounts and concepts. The idea of dominant and recessive genes especially ties to the concept of the sins of the fathers being visited to the third and fourth generations. Light, in the form of lasers, can be used to change genetic configuration. How much more so then, can the Light of the World, the Lord Jesus? Prayers conclude the service to call into dominance those genes that would conform us to the image of Christ and to alter genes that would cause diseases or undesirable traits.

There was not a #5 cassette master to convert to mp3

Glen & Erma Miller
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(Erma Miller was the Co-Founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp)
Many Christians do not see the need to fast, yet it is Scriptural and has been proven over the years to have many benefits, both physical and spiritual. Those who attempt to fast are often unsure of how to fast, or encounter such difficulties that they become discouraged. This tape offers both inspiration, in the form of personal testimony and discussion of the benefits of fasting, and practical tips on overcoming some of the common physical reactions to fasting. Deliverance prayers, aimed primarily at appetites, lusts, and restoring the physical body conclude the service.

Glen & Erma Miller
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92LHCD3-7A – Glen Miller – DAVID: GOD’S CHOSEN 1-of-2
92LHCD3-7B – Glen Miller – DAVID: GOD’S CHOSEN 2-of-2
God’s promise to Judah was that Israel’s kings would come from his family line. However Saul, the first king, was from the tribe of Benjamin. Why? Because of the curse on the line of Judah caused by the incest between Judah and Tamar. This curse prevented the descendants of Judah from taking the throne until ten generations had passed. David was the one God had chosen to be king. There are many curses listed in the Bible that prevent God’s blessing. From these come at least 120 diseases that afflict our physical bodies. This study concludes with prayer to break those curses and restore our bodies to health.

Miscellaneous Speakers – General Bible
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92LHCD3-8 – Jeremiah Faulkner – SON OF MAN
There are many idiomatic expressions in Scripture which we need to understand in order to fully appreciate the significance of certain passages. One of these is the phrase “son of man”, which occurs in both the Old and New Testaments. A better understanding of this expression will give new light on our standing in Christ, our responsibilities in the kingdom, and God’s promise of restoration.

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