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 Dr. Marcus Haggard
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80LHCD4-7 – Dr. Marcus Haggard – PROTECTING THE MIND
Dr. Haggard instructs on protecting your mind. You have the mind of Christ because the Word says you have. That word “mind” means intellect. We have the intellect of Christ. Be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might. We must watch closely, make supplication for all saints, and continually pray in the Spirit (in tongues). The battlefield is in your mind. Either you control and protect your mind, or the devil has a part or all of it. It takes work to protect your mind. You protect your mind, your children’s minds, and the minds of the newly delivered. First, become a believer; it only works for believers.

80LHCD5-2A – Dr. Marcus Haggard – BORN INTO BATTLE 1-of-2
80LHCD5-2B – Dr. Marcus Haggard – BORN INTO BATTLE 2-of-2
We are born into battle as warriors of the Lord. He is building a tough army. The weak will fall out Scripture says you have to overcome to the end. That means you will be in battle until the day the Lord comes or takes you. All the Bible is deliverance and overcoming from Genesis to Revelation. Let’s be the head and not the tail!

80LHCD5-4A – Dr. Marcus Haggard – IS YOUR YOKE BROKE? 1-of-2
80LHCD5-4B – Dr. Marcus Haggard – IS YOUR YOKE BROKE? 2-of-2
The Lord’s power is all-powerful. We have to learn to be instruments of the Lord while remaining our unique selves and not become a tool of the devil. Satan can easily lay a trap for a person and easily ensnare him. We need to beware that we are not working for God, but with Him. How can we determine this? By listening to the Holy Spirit and obeying the Word of God. When we are working for God, we are moving by soul-power; however, when we are working with God, we are a threat to Satan’s kingdom.

80LHCD5-7A – Dr. Marcus Haggard – A HOME LAUNDRY 1-of-2
80LHCD5-7B – Dr. Marcus Haggard – A HOME LAUNDRY 2-of-2
Dr. Haggard teaches about the keys of the Kingdom of God, binding and loosing. He specifically directs this message at binding the influence of the devil on our families and loosing the spirits of God to minister to them. The conclusion of this teaching is found on 80LHCD5-8, God’s 21 Spirits For Us by Dr. Marcus Haggard.

80LHCD5-8 – Dr. Marcus Haggard  – GOD’S 21 SPIRITS FOR US
This message is Tape 3 of the conclusion of the morning service, 80LHCD5-7A & 7B, A Home Laundry. Marcus starts by telling us when we look back we will see the hand of the Lord in this meeting. The Lord works with active minds and active persons and he wants you active. The spirit of counsel works when you are needing things. He then prayed to break bondage on the conscience and subconscious mind and smash it with the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and commanded Satan to loose these minds. He prayed for legions of angels to surround the camp. The morning teaching ended with 7 spirits and we are going to continue to cover 21 Spirits of God. The next group we are going to discuss is in II Timothy 1:7- For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. He gives personal stories of fear. These spirits covered in this scripture are the spirit of power, the spirit of love, and the spirit of a sound mind or a disciplined mind. Marcus explains each of these Spirits from God adding other scriptures. The definition of the Spirits of God are servants of God working in total harmony to bring harmony for your spiritual being and spiritual mind to serve God to its fullest. Then he added 4 spirits; life, grace, joy, and truth which were also discussed. These Spirits mold our personality, character, and divine nature. Marcus gives us 4 scripture references where it says the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just; Hebrews 1:14, Proverbs 13:22, Ecclesiastes 6:2, and Job 27:16 & 17. The next group of Spirits of God is wisdom, strength, and blessings adding enlightening scriptures. We inherit all the promises in the Old Testament. He closes with a lesson greater than we can imagine from Proverbs 10:4. Ministry follows concluding the teaching.
If you want the entire context of this message you will need to listen to –
A Home Laundry by Dr. Marcus Haggard FIRST.


82LHCD4-5 – Dr. Marcus Haggard – WORKS OF THE BELIEVER
One who believes is one who does the works that Jesus does, and one whom signs and wonders follow. Such belief is the work of and gift of God. “This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom He hath sent.” (John 6:29) It is our spiritual man who is enabled to believe and do the works of Jesus. Are you freely giving that which you have received?
There was no #6 message
82LHCD4-7 – Dr. Marcus Haggard – THE FAMILY IS A FORTRESS
Attention: husbands and fathers. You are in the position of head and leader, and you have been appointed by God. Are you reflecting on your family what is expected of you? For instance, do you have a sound mind? Does your family respect you for who you are in Christ? It would do well for all men to heed the challenge presented on this tape. Some discussion takes place in reference to our souls. The Scriptures tell us to possess our souls in patience. The soul consists primarily of the mind, will, and emotions. Do you always have the mind of Christ? Is your will in harmony with God’s will? This material bears careful consideration and attention. The Bible says, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
82LHCD4-8 - Dr. Marcus Haggard - FAMILY ARSENAL
Children need to be instructed on how to march forth in God's army. Parents need to train their children in the weapons of God and let them help pray for others. Some of these weapons are binding and loosing in family agreement, Scriptures on the doorposts, Scripture tapes, and deliverance prayers throughout the day in the home. TOTAL VICTORY IN THE HOME FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY.
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