Ernie Marzullo

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Published on: June 11, 2016
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Ernie Marzullo

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06LHCD12-8 – Ernie Marzullo – THE POWER IN THE SPOKEN WORD
Ernie starts out sharing that he is Italian and “The Family is All”. Referencing Matthew 12:36 he says because we have the same Spirit of God in us we have power. Matthew 19, we can bind and loosen. Proverbs 13:3 – you mouth speaks positive things and it becomes life. Matthew 12:33-37 – Feed your mind Godly words. Read the Bible! Read the Bible! Read the Bible! Read the Word of God! Where the Word of God goes the devil flees. Fill your mind with the Word of God. We are accountable for what we speak. We will be judged by what we created with our words and rewarded for what we say. As you sow so shall you reap. If you sow words of life you will reap abundantly. James 3:10 – We can bless and curse with the same mouth. Ernie gives examples of damaging spoken words in Exodus 20:25. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Ask God to give you a new testimony fresh every morning. Ernie then asks the congregation to participate. He gives declarations we repeat to Jesus and then to the devil. Then he gives renunciations re-peated by the congregation. Ernie tells us the devil is out to get you by crook or by hook. One of the greatest hindrances to healing is unforgiveness which is caused by pride. To the extent that you have forgiven you will be forgiven. Ernie then continues with congregational renunciations to command evil spirits out dealing with sexual bondages, and fear. Then he goes through a list of occult spirits and organizations of fellowships not pleasing to the Lord. In closing he asks for fresh Holy Spirit on all..

Ernie begins by telling us the greatest obstacle to receiving anything from Jesus is fear. He says the key scripture to this teaching is II Timothy 1:7. Ernie was a teacher of teachers until “the Teacher” came. He is convinced the author of unsoundness is “right in front of me facing me the mirror”. The Holy Spirit’s purpose is to make us like Jesus. John 14:16-18 – He (Holy Spirit) is the Comforter another helper. The Holy Spirit is not an ‘it’, He is a person. There is no door knob on the outside of us only one on the inside and only we can let Him in. At this time Ernie give some family life experiences. Psalms 91:14-16 has 20 pronouns. Exchange them for “Jesus” and your name. Luke 10:19 – we have power in the name of Jesus. Power is released by prayer, praying in the Holy Spirit. Only with His Spirit in us are we able to love others. “Our father” means we are all brothers and sisters. There is a battle for the control of our minds. Ernie gives scriptures of what the Holy Spirit does when he comes into us. An extension cord is no good unless it is plugged into the power. Fill your mind with godly words. Isaiah 54:17-remind the devil who you are. We must remember who the Holy Spirit is and talk to Him and ask him to make us like Him. Ernie closes with an awesome prayer asking the Holy Spirit to come, and led the congregation to pray along with him.