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Steve Coyle


05DELTRCD-2A – Steve Coyle – BREAKING CURSES 1-of-2
05DELTRCD-2B – Steve Coyle – BREAKING CURSES 2-of-2
Are you living 100% in the blessings of God? Then consider the possibility a few curses may be remaining in your life that need to be dealt with. Deut 28 lays it out very clear. Bro. Coyle not only goes back the generation man but up the line as well, outlining some of the potentials for the need to break curses. Bro. Coyle reminds the ministry that oftentimes those who come for deliverance do so as a last resort. They have exhausted the solutions the world has to offer with medicine, counsel, self-help, etc. It behooves the ministry (and especially the deliverance minister), to first encourage them that freedom can be a reality, and then to be well equipped and prepared in the things of God to do the stuff. This was an exceptionally good teaching.


Mark 2:27-28 “And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.” Steve starts off this campmeeting with a message on the meaning and value of true rest. From the very beginning, God instituted rest. God rested on the seventh day and Adam and Eve rested with Him. Are you in poor health, exhausted, maybe even burnt out? Many physical, emotional and spiritual maladies come on us when we live in a constant state of hurry and stress in our 24/7 society. When you think you are resting, are you really? There are physical and spiritual rhythms of work and rest and one can strike a balance. Surrender your most precious possession to the Lord – your time. A prayer of repentance, restoration and refreshing follows this thought-provoking message.

This is part 2 of Steve’s message on rest. A short review of his first message is followed by a message on the Sabbath – a shadow, a symbol or representation of things to come. The person of the Lord Jesus Christ is the substance of all of those. Ex 33:14 “And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” Mt 11:28 ” Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus fulfilled the Sabbath rest. On the cross, Jesus said, “It is finished.” He completed all the works related to us living the Christian life. Now we are to identify with and trust in what Jesus has already done for us. He wants to live through us. Steve gives us insight into his personal journey of learning to enter into a rest that transcends the physical rest. There is an inner peace and tranquility because of our identification with the Lord Jesus. We don’t have to do the work, but we need to believe and trust the Lord.

In Luke 4 we learn about the ministry of Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry becomes the model and the example of what we are to understand ministry is all about. There are 5 areas of ministry that Jesus was identifying with in these Scriptures. Jesus was letting them know He was going to: 1) Preach the gospel to the poor – Evangelism – Jesus is the Evangelist; 2) Heal the broken hearted – Counseling Ministry – Jesus is the Counselor; 3) Preach deliverance to the captives – Deliverance Ministry – Jesus is the Deliverer; 4) Recovering of sight to the blind – Healing Ministry – Jesus is the Healer; 5) Set at liberty those that are bruised (crushed by the calamities of life) – Benevolence ministry – Jesus is Jehovah Jireh our provider. Steve provided excellent examples in each of these areas of ministry. Jesus said this is my ministry. This is who I am and this is why I have come. Jesus imparted ministry to those with Him. His ministry gave them authority & power to do deliverance and healing ministry. These are also our “fivefold” ministries. Eph 4:11 speaks of the fivefold ministry offices of apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors. Those who are called to these offices minister in this regard. And these offices of fivefold ministry function superbly in a church. What Jesus has done for everyone is, that He has commissioned each one of you to carry out His five-fold ministry and empowers you by the Holy Spirit. All 5 areas are for you to fulfill in ministry because He has anointed you to be able to minister as He ministered. This session of teaching was closed with prayer that the anointing comes fresh, it becomes renewing, and it becomes powerful again in your life to minister in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


This study is taken from Ex 30:1-10 concerning the altar of incense. The altar of incense by having 2 rings only, would swing when being carried. As the priest burned incense morning and evening, he worships as fragrance (Luke 1:5) permeating the whole area. The priest, Zacharias, stood and worshipped and received a breakthrough. God may ask you to do something and you may have to wait 9 months, more or less for your answer. He then shares the ingredients of the incense and how they pertain to worship. 1. Stacte – from a myrrh tree (purest kind), it eases pain, you cut the branch and the sap pours out immediately. This is for worship that comes instantly. 2. Onycha – comes from external crust of a shellfish from deep in Mediterranean and Red Sea. It enhances the other ingredients of incense to come together and work together. It is used in medications and perfume. This is intercession and the intercessor in worship. 3. Galbanum – a gum resin that comes from roots and the lower trunk of wild plants. It does not smell good. It stinks! It is very valuable and one of the oldest forms of medicine. It is uniquely used to repel snakes and reptiles. Mixed with oil it will kill snakes. Pertaining to worship, the smell is in regard to the stink in our life that needs to go such as any addiction, anger, fear, rejection, depression, etc. And secondly when it is mixed with the other ingredients and burned it smells good. So when we receive deliverance to get rid of the stink as it is burned we become pure and smell good. 4. Frankincense – is gum resin from a tree. When the sun goes down the tree is cut and the sap does not come out until hours later in the night. It is edible and good for digestion, healthy skin and relieves depression, anxiety, etc. In relationship to worship it is like what takes place in the middle of the night with us sometimes; a time of worship and praise and a good time for intimacy. Altogether these ingredients become a blend of worship. 5. Salt – added as a way of seasoning and blending in. Mal 1:11 – even among non-Hebrew nations His name is great and everywhere incense will be going up. Ps 141:2 – may my prayers be counted as incense towards You. Rev 8:3, 4 – visible sensation of what is going up. Steve uses a visible illustration of crushing and burning incense. We must submit to a crushing and breaking process to be pleasing to God as the incense is crushed first; whole the ingredients will not work. Praise builds the house and worship is when God moves in. This teaching ends with those present placing the incense in the replica of the altar of incense which burns, and the house is filled with worship.

Mal 2:1-4, 7-8. About 1,000 years from the start of the priesthood at this time it is corrupted. Ex 19:4-6 a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, God says to the Hebrews at Sinai. The tribe of Levi stood with Moses to serve God. They tended to the worship of God; offered up the people’s offerings, etc. The High Priest, on the Day of Atonement, entered the Holy of Holies and took blood so sin was forgiven for the nation. In the New Testament the high priest is Jesus, the priests are the believers. In the Old Testament their role was intercession. The people were dependent on the priests; in the New Testament this all changes. Heb 9:11-12 – Jesus, the sacrifice of His blood on the mercy seat for us. Vs. 24-28. Heb 7:24-25 – intercession is the key role of the High Priest and Priests. The word intercession in Greek is entungchnein. The primary meaning is to meet with a person to converse with him. The secondary meaning is to address someone in behalf of another person. Jesus as our high priest will first talk to us and He makes the appeal. I Pet 2:5, 9, Rev 1:5, 6, 5:9-10. He explains what we do as priests. The role of a priest is not an office it is a function, it is servanthood. We offer up not physical (lambs) sacrifices but spiritual sacrifices. Most important area is worship; it is preeminent. Worship is about intimacy between you and the Lord. It comes from your spirit. Second role of spiritual sacrifice is to receive confessions; show people they have a direct access to God?s presence. The third role is involved in spiritual warfare; you have spiritual authority and weapons. The priest led in a spiritual battle around Jericho until the walls came down. Luke 10:19, II Cor 10:4. Are you doing these things? It is time for you to be who you are. That is who you are – the anointing is there. Ex 29:19-20 – ordination of the priests. As believers we are all priests. Steve closes by anointing with oil, those who desired, into the priesthood.

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