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Published on: August 1, 2016
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Marvin & Kathy Sistrunk

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06LHCD5-2 – Marvin Sistrunk – TEMPTATION
James 1:14 “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.” This is a superb teaching on a problem common to all God’s people. He shows how common lawful pleasures of life can become traps of the enemy and give him a foothold in your life. He then shows how to avoid these common traps and live a victorious life, standing against the sin which so easily besets us and run with patience the race set before us (Heb 12:1) This is an excellent message on how to avoid common traps by the enemy to bring you into bondage.

06LHCD5-10 – Marvin Sistrunk – FEAR
2 Tim 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Fear can imprison, discourage and make you ill. It has been said that 77% of what we think is fearful and negative. We must control our thoughts. (2 Cor 10:5). The Word consistently encourages us not to be fearful but to trust in God and make Him our strong tower of protection. Ministry for healing and deliverance concludes this teaching.

Kathy tells a joke on the story of creation – how life is explained, to move into a humorous teaching you will not forget. She illustrates, with the carrot, egg and coffee bean boiled for 30 minutes in water, how each change and relates each to our walk with the Lord using scripture to confirm the comparison. We are called to be barometers (to change) not thermometers (to measure). We have to guard our heart and keep it soft and pliable. Deliverance is wonderful but better than that is getting to a point so you don’t need it. Kathy encourages us to get Frank Hammond’s book, “The Father’s Blessing”. She says it has a corporate prayer that changes your life, healing something deep inside of you. Examples are given of what blessing and prayer can do for others. The joy of the Lord is our strength. We can make a difference – be an encourager. Philippians 3:10 – our purpose is to know Him and become more like Him. Stay with the Word. God said it – that settles it – and I believe it. She closes with prayer.

07LCCD2-5 Kathy Sistrunk – FAITH
God can give you the Word and set you free and use laughter and have fun is how Kathie introduces this powerful teaching. She give us an interesting Poem “Housecleaning Recipe for 2007” for our personal temple, including throwing out worrying, hate and I might, I think, I ought. Faith is the nature and Word of God. Everything we do is by faith. Faith has the power to make you what God wants you to be. Kathie explains the two functions that operate in the Spirit; faith which is the stronger and works by love and fear. Satan’s greatest tool is the spirit of unbelief and he knows our weaknesses. She relates a beautiful story of a woman’s dream. We should look at challenges for assurance of faith. Hebrews 4:2- the Word has to be mixed with faith. Kathie recommends reading the word out loud. She gives a parable about the rubber band. We are an instant society but God is not. God is the slowest person to always be on time. Remember Daniel who waited 21 days. Kathie tells the story of the ant which compares with “bulldog” faith that will not give up until you get the answer. Examples of we never know what God is up to as in story of Noah, Moses, Abraham, and Joseph. But Psalms 43:5 tells us to put our hope in God. He is working all things out for His glory. God does what he meant to do. She tells a delightful little story of how Plainview, Texas got its name. We can have faith in what satan says. Faith is just believing something somebody says. God does not want us to have fear and doubt. The world bombards us with fear on every side and creates an atmosphere to pamper our flesh. Faith in God always takes you forward but fear will keep you in neutral, stop you or take you backward. Fear is putting a perverted faith in what you can see and touch. Faith you cannot see such as in healing, etc. Whatever is not of faith is sin. You don’t need a whole lot; just use what you’ve got. Faith! Faith! Faith! Janie says her teaching to you is to stir up your belief and faith. She ends this great teaching with congregational deliverance prayers against evil spirits.

07LHCD7-1L – Kathy Sistrunk – DEALING WITH SHAME
Shame keeps a lot of us in bondage and is a spirit that is sometimes overlooked. She tells us the very first case of shame in the Bible was with Adam and Eve. When God walked with them in the cool of the day, they were naked and were not ashamed. Someone comes along and speaks to them and they suddenly become ashamed. God says where are you? They knew they were naked and they were ashamed and hid themselves from Him. The Lord’s response was who told you that? Satan uses doubt which is his biggest tool against us. In Psalms 104:1-2 Adam and Eve were covered with God’s glory. Genesis 3:1-7 – When they knew they were naked they sewed fig leaves to cover themselves. Remember when we open the door, just like Adam and Eve, we don’t just get one demon we get several demons at the same time. Satan comes in and you feel defiled. Their attention changed from fellowship with God to focusing on themselves. She tells us of the Hebrew translation for naked. Satan has no new tactics; he does the same today as he did with Adam and Eve. Shame and guilt make us lose faith in God as Adam and Eve did. Kathy shares Scriptures; Ezekiel 28:12-19, II Corinthians 10:12 – we are warned not to compare, Heb 4:16 – we must come boldly to God. She shares shame experienced by President Bush, the spirit of shame that came on our nation through President Clinton. She gives her personal testimony of the shame she experienced in her early life, being in a family of 12 children. People dealing with shame feel they are inferior, insecure, intimidated, etc. She explains the differences between guilt and shame including; guilt is felt for making a mistake and shame is felt for being a mistake. Kathy closes with prayer asking God to show us the door where shame came into our lives and she takes authority over the spirit of shame and speaks group deliverance, naming some evil spirits of shame individually.

This message not only applies to mates but to children and all the people God has in our lives. Kathy begins with prayer and leads into this teaching with John 15:9-17 – it is important to us that we have joy. If you like or need to laugh you will enjoy this teaching. Kathy has a lot of humorous tidbits for us throughout this message. Loving one another should be a natural emotion for a Christian. Romans 13:8-10 – Love your neighbor. Love will keep us in a safe place. We have proof of Christ’s love for us in that He died for us. Love to us is like water to a plant. It keeps us alive. She gives examples of how babies and pets respond when loved and when not loved. We can call out to God when we need love and He will reach down and hold us and love us. There are 5 languages of love. Which language are we speaking and what do we mean to be speaking? We all have a “love tank”. Usually a child will behave badly when his tank is empty and adults are the same way. Kathy tells a humorous story of a farmer. Marriages are made in heaven, so are thunder and lightning. Here are 5 “languages of love” that you can use to fill a “love tank”. Kathy illustrates each one during the rest of the teaching, to give a better understanding. 1. Words of affirmation or uplifting words 2. Quality time 3. Receiving gifts 4. Acts of service 5. Physical touch. Check with your husband and children to see which ones they need to fill their love tanks. Love is the most important word in the English language. God is love. Love in our society has lost much of its meaning as it is spoken too loosely. Make a list of the good qualities of your spouse then verbalize them. Many humorous and interesting examples are brought to us. Kathy said sometimes she rushes in where angels fear to tread. She concludes advising us that, in her opinion, the church is failing the families. You can teach people the Word all day long but if they don’t know how to apply it we miss the point. We have to ultimately fill our love tank with Christ and learn to love others as He loves us. Ending with group deliverance, she commands many evil spirits to go in the name of Jesus.

07LHCD7-2 – Marvin Sistrunk – THE CHOICES WE MAKE
Using the Biblical examples of Lot and David, and the results of the wrong choices they made, this teaching starts with the comment, “Sin will take you further than you want to go.” We make choices all day long. Do the ones we make affect our lives in a good spiritual way? When we make a wrong choice, do we dwell on it? We need to follow God and learn to make HIS choices. In Matt. 11:29, Jesus said, “Take My yoke upon you.” Marvin said the answer to oppressions, is to say, “Jesus!” He told of a woman who sold her soul for a new house and when the devil came for his payment, it took many long hours of ministry before she was able to say “Jesus!” Many other vivid examples of choices are in this teaching. We choose to either serve God or satan everyday with choices on finances, marriage, and much more. We learn from the choices we make. When we make a bad choice do we call on God to help us? Also, we can learn from the mistakes of others and the choices they have made. There is considerable exhortation made to the young people to make the choice everyday to follow Jesus.

This is a very good message on family life, coming from God’s Word and many years of experience with a wife, several children and grandchildren. Eph 5:20-33 is the basis for this teaching. Jesus is the provider for all things. The husband is the provider for the family. He needs to learn his wife’s weaknesses and help her with them. He must seek God first. This is a big responsibility and he is accountable to God. If both work, he is to share in household chores. The couple must come into agreement on discipline of children and on all else. He must provide security for his family and be their protector in the areas of finances, priest and instructor. If a father fails to discipline a child, a bastard curse comes on the child. There is much more down to earth, practical instruction given on this CD and a DVD is available too.

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