The Deliverance Manual

Categories: A WISE AND UNDERSTANDING WOMAN, AHAB AND JEZEBEL, Ahab and Jezebel characteristics, AIDS, Aids To Casting Out Demons, AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, BALDNESS - BEARDS - HAIR, Basic Deliverance, Biblical Curses, Bind - Loose - Agree, Bitterness, Books, Breaking Curses, CAN A CHRISTIAN HAVE A DEMON?, Casting Out Demon Spirits, CASTING OUT DEMONS, Catholic Spirits, Charismatic Witchcraft, CHILDREN, CHILDREN DRUG ADDICTS, CHILDREN'S DELIVERANCE, Christian Fantasy, CHRISTMAS - PAGAN OR CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY?, Church Management, CLEANING YOUR HOUSE (OF DEMONS), CURSED OBJECTS, Curses for Shedding Innocent Blood, Cursing Others and Being Cursed, DAILY PRAYERS, DECEIT AND FLATTERY, DEDICATION OF CHILDREN, DELIVERANCE FOR THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, DELIVERANCE FROM GRIEF AND BITTERNESS, Deliverance Ministry, Deliverance Ministry Warfare Team, Deliverance Prayers, DELIVERANCE PRAYERS - Summary, DELIVERANCE SCRIPTURES, Demonic Ties, Drugs and Medicine, DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Drunkenness And Gluttony, Earline Moody's Testimony, EFFEMINACY - SINS OF SODOM, ENVY, Family, Fasting, Fear and Nervousness, FORBIDDEN PRACTICES OF THE OCCULT, Forgiveness, Free mp3 Audio Deliverance Ministry, FROM DEATH INTO REAL LIFE, GOD IS A MAN OF WAR, God Sends Demons & Evil On People For Disobedience, Godly People Stricken, GOOD HOMEMAKERS, HATE VENGEANCE, Healing, HOLIDAYS, Holy Spirit, HOW NOT TO DO DELIVERANCE, How To Be Miserable, How To Identify Godly and Ungodly Spirits, How To Minister Basic Deliverance, - Site Help, HUMANISM, IDENTIFY GODLY / UNGODLY SPIRITS, IMPURITIES AND DEMONS, INDIAN CURSES AND BOY SCOUTS, Keeping Your Deliverance and Maintaining, Kingdom Ministry, Learn About Deliverance, Learn About The Real Enemy - Satan and His Followers, LIES, LIES - DECEIT AND FLATTERY, LISTS OF DEMONS TO CAST OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS, LOOKING AT DELIVERANCE, MAINTAINING YOUR DELIVERANCE, Maintaining Your Deliverance From Evil Spirits, MARIOLATRY, MARIONETTES, MARIONETTES MARIOLATRY MUMMERY, MASONRY AND EASTERN STAR (FREEMASONS), MASS DELIVERANCE, Mass Deliverance - How to Get Delivered, MASS DELIVERANCE SUPPLEMENT, MEN, MEN'S WEAKNESSES, Ministry of Deliverance, Ministry of Healing, MISCELLANEOUS SCRIPTURAL STUDIES, Missionary, MUMMERY, Names of Demons, Paranoid Schizophrenic, PASSIVE MIND - THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP, PERFECT FAMILY WITH A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP TO GOD, PERFECTING LOVE, PRACTICAL DELIVERANCE BOOKS, Prayers For Deliverance Ministry, Psychic Prayers, RAPE OF WOMEN, Rejection, REPENTANCE - THE KEY TO DELIVERANCE, Respect, Restoring Your Mind, Schizophrenia, SELECTED TOPIC STUDIES, SEXUAL DISEASES, SEXUAL HARASSMENT - ABUSE - ASSAULT - VIOLENCE, Sexual Sins, SINS OF OUR ANCESTORS, Sins of the fathers, Soul - Put In Right Mind By Deliverance, Soul Ties, Spirits Of Religious Error, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Warfare Combination, STRIFE AND LOVE, THE AIDS EPIDEMIC, The Art Of Selfishness, The Change of Life - Menopause, The Curse of Ahab and Jezebel, The Curse of Incest, The Curse of the Bastard, THE DELINQUENT PERSONALITIES (PSYCHOPSYCHOSIS), THE NEUROTIC PERSONALITY, The Occult, The Passive Mind, THE PATHOLOGIC PERSONALITY (PSYCHOPATHIC), Uncategorized, Valentine's Day, Warriors For Christ, We can bind and loose spirits, WHAT IS A CULT?, Winning Over Witchcraft, WOMAN'S VIEWPOINT, WOMEN'S WEAKNESSES
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Published on: March 1, 2015

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How The Believer Can Take Control

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By Gene B. Moody

 Read First – Preface

Gene B. Moody, Ordained Minister
Teaching, Ministry, Counseling

Deliverance Ministries
14930 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70817-5217
Phone – 225-755-8870
Fax – 225-775-6120
Download other free PDF deliverance manuals too.


Below is our LHBC original August 1990 version of The Deliverance Manual, single spaced format. Gene’s new (hard copy) printed versions are in double column format. He’s written many manuals since then. There is a FREE download on his own web site

The first printing of The Deliverance Manual was in August 1990 here at LHBC. We had two offset presses in house.

All the converting of Gene & Earline Moody cassette audio messages they spoke here at LHBC over the years, is now online freely. 

Gene Moody told us not all chapter headings will have audio.    

Earline Moody was a retired school teacher, and became a wonderful Bible teacher, and she also helped Gene write the Deliverance manual.

Glen and Erma Miller, the founders of LHBC also taught with Gene and Earline. I’ve added their messages in the online manual too.  See their dedicated mp3 page of all their free deliverance ministry audio messages too.

I’ve added an “A” beside their message to show where it’s listed in the online Deliverance Manual.
Kevin, LHBC staff.

A = matching up their MP3 Audio with each teaching chapter. See below A’s.



01. Can A Christian Have A Demon? – A

02. Jesus Cast Out Demons Everywhere He Went!

03. The Deliverance Minister

04. Keys to Successful Deliverance

05. On With The Battle

06. Comments On Deliverance

07. Living The Whole Christian Life – A

08. Christian Fantasy – Lies Not Truth – A

09. Daily Prayers

10. Warriors For Christ – A

11. God Is A Man Of War  – A


01. Sins of Ancestors, Ourselves and Others  – AA

02. Basic Deliverance – A

03. How To Minister Basic Deliverance

04. Rejection – A

05. Bitterness – A

06. Rebellion – A

07. Unforgiveness – A

08. Hate, Vengeance, Envy And Strife – A

09. Deliverance Prayers

10. Schizophrenia – A

11. Repentance – The Key To Deliverance  – A

12. Demonic Ties – A

13. Bind – Loose – Agree – A


01. Cleaning Your House (of demons) – A

02. Maintaining Your Deliverance From Evil Spirits – A

03. Earline’s Testimony and About Maintaining Deliverance A



01. Passive Mind – The Devil’s Workshop – A

02. Restoring Your Mind

03. The Mind: Freeing – Restoring – Protecting

04. Deliverance For The Subconscious Mind – A

05. Deliverance from Grief and Bitterness – A

06. The Neurotic Personalities (Psychoneurosis) – A

07. The Delinquent Personalities (Psychopsychosis) – A

08. The Pathologic Personalities (Psychopathic) – A

09. An Attitude Of Gratitude – A Cure For Depression  – A

10. How To Be Miserable  – A

11. The Art Of Selfishness


01. Biblical Curses – A

02. Indian Curses – AA

03. The Curse of Ahab and Jezebel (Booklets) – A

04. The Curse of the Bastard (Booklet) – A

05. Cursing Others and Being Cursed – A

06. Curses for Shedding Innocent Blood – A

07. The Curse of Incest – A


01. Learn About The Real Enemy – Satan and His Followers

02. Forbidden Practices Of The Occult – A

03. Winning Over Witchcraft – A

04. Spirits Of Religious Error – A

05. Catholic Spirits – A

06. Charismatic Witchcraft – A

07. Psychic Prayers

08. Humanism – A

Supplements added to The Deliverance Manual

09. Masonry and Eastern Star (Freemasons) – A

10. What is a Cult?

11. Godly People Stricken Before Their Time – A


01. Holidays  A

02. Christmas – Pagan Or Christian Holiday? – A A

03. What’s Wrong With Valentine’s Day? A

04. Marionettes – Mariolatry – Mummery – Puppetry – Ventriloquism 


01. Deliverance Scriptures

02. God Sends Demons & Evil On People For Disobedience  – A

03. Soul – Put In Right Mind By Deliverance

04. From Adam to Ahab – Men’s Weaknesses A

05. From Eve to Jezebel – Women’s Weaknesses – A

06. Miscellaneous Scriptural Studies

07. Selected Topic Studies – A

08. Lies, Deceit and Flattery – A

09. Respect, Fear and Nervousness – A


01. Perfect Family With A Perfect Relationship To God – A

02. Perfect Family Summary

03. From Death Into Real Life (Tract)

04. Earline’s Testimony About Byron’s Death – A

05. Dedication of Children

06. Perfecting Love – A


01. Our Inheritance From a Woman’s Viewpoint

02. A Wise and Understanding Woman – A

03. Good Homemakers (Booklet) – A

04. The Woman Question

05. Keeping What You Have – Maintaining Deliverance – A


01. Gene & Earline’s Personal Testimony.– A

02. Earline’s Testimony About Her Deliverance .– A

03. Children’s Deliverance – A


01. JESUS Set Marie’s Broken Arm

02. Body – Cured And Healed By Deliverance – A

03. Drunkenness And Gluttony – A

04. Drugs and Medicine – A

05. Children Drug Addicts – A

06. Baldness – Beards – Hair – A

13. SEX

01. Sexual Diseases, Impurities and Demons (Booklet) – A

02. The AIDS Epidemic – A

03. Effeminacy – Sins of Sodom – A

04. Rape – A

05. Sexual Harassment – Abuse – Assault – Violence – A

06. The Change of Life – Menopause – A


01. Table Of Contents

02. Mass Deliverance – How to Get Delivered – A

03. Mass Deliverance Supplement – A

04. How To Identify Godly and Ungodly Spirits – A

05. Lists of Demons


01. Read First – Preface

02. Looking At Deliverance

03. Basic Deliverance – A

04. (How to Minister) – Children’s Deliverance – A

05. Mass Deliverance – A


07. Biblical Curses A

08. Aids To Casting Out Demons

09. Casting Out Demons

10. Deliverance Scriptures – Summary 

11. Identify Godly / Ungodly Spirits – A

12. Names of Demons

13. Cursed Objects – A

14. Learn About Deliverance

15. Practical Deliverance Books

16. How Not To Do Deliverance – A

17  Spiritual Warfare Combination – A



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