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Published on: October 24, 2017

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Don & Ada Andrews 



09LHCD7-8 – Don Andrews – TRAUMA
We learn in this teaching that the traumas in our life can work for our good or for our harm. We must choose life. Trauma – to wound, pierce, shock. Sometimes it takes something traumatic to cause us to make right decisions. We must learn to enter into God’s presence and let Him circumcise our heart so that we want what He wants no matter what it costs. Demons tell us lies that open us to insanity spirits. Sin deceives and kills – Christians are looking for freedom – not a disciplined life. The law is good in that it is fulfilled in us. It is written in our hearts. Ps 51:15 says a broken and a contrite heart, God will not despise. He hears the deep cry in our heart and is waiting on us to turn completely to Him. Sometimes it takes trauma to bring that to pass. Prayer for God’s blessing follows.



10LHCD4-7 – Don Andrews – NEW LIFE
With much conviction Don expounds on the need to know Jesus and how that changes us – how He gives us a new heart – new life in us with no end to it. We hear a testimony of strong oppression but also of a stronger GOD. “Macho Man” was cast out! The peace that God’s presence gives is unexplainable. Don shares on how God showed him that there was nothing he could do to “produce God” – It’s all HIM or not HIM at all and we have to allow Him to produce in us. Say “YES”. 

10LHCD11-3 – Don Andrews – IDENTITY
In this teaching, we hear much testimony of God’s deliverance from what seemed an impossible place. We hear how He can take you out of a place of torment and transplant you into a safe place. We hear how God will even change your identity. Isn’t it funny how when God begins to set you free, your whole environment seems to change? Spiritual conflict with your life is conflict with God. An example is schizophrenia – Amos 3:3, Mt 6:24. Most deliverance is a process – a becoming. 1 Jn 3:1-5. Becoming sons of God – Rom 8:14. Anything is possible when we are with God. Deliverance prayers follow.. 

10LHCD12-17 – Don Andrews – GOD’S FREEDOM IN US
Things that aren’t resolved in our lives can effect our discernment. However, when we are set free, certain symptoms may reoccur but we can now tell them to leave. Our God is a God of love and whom He sets free, is free indeed. God will have a people – and don’t we all want to be part of that? We must be determined! God wants us to be where He is and there is continually more to reach for. Let God do a work in your life in order that you may be an encourager to others. We have a responsibility to give – to be a light. The river of God is flowing. Do you want to be in it? Prayer for healing and God’s blessing follows. There is no DVD available for this message.


11LHCD4-5 – Don Andrews – FEAR OF REJECTION
Don gives an extensive testimony of the work that God has performed in his life, beginning with prayers prayed for a special anointing in the spirit realm. There was much in his life that God had to deal with such as his equipment concerning martial arts. He learned also that power is another side of rejection. God began to show him what love is so that he became very conscious of endeavoring to please God and aware that God hears the cry of our heart. As the soul chooses God’s way, the flesh begins to die off. If it comes to just God and me, that is enough. He can bring us to be at peace with heaven and earth. Don shares many examples of how we can progress in the spirit realm by loving God and doing what He says – 1 Cor. 10:3-5, 1 Jn. 2:15 and Ps. 91. Prayer follows.

11LHCD5-5 – Don Andrews – REDEEMED
What should we do when attacked by the enemy? – withdraw into God’s arms. Redemption = rescue. Is. 54:5-8 is an illustration of God’s grace – beauty in action. God prepares us to deal with the demonic. We are accepted, loved, restored. We can live in peace with God and others, free from our past. Rom 7:5-9, the law is still connected to our sin nature, trying to draw us back in. However, God sets us free from all that. He gives us a battle and then tells us to walk it out. But when we are set free, it’s worth the price. Rom 8:1 tells us there is no condemnation to those who walk after the spirit. We have already been given the victory and now it’s being worked out. Don’t give the enemy credit for what God is doing in your life..

11LHCD7-12 – Don Andrews – SHEEP TO THE SLAUGTER
The enemy’s job is to separate us from God but the Word says in Rom 8:28 & 29, that all things work together for good – to them that love God and are called by Him. He planned a victorious life for us. If God is on our side, why do we fret? He loves us and is trying to separate us from things that separate us from Him and that love. If we want His presence, we must co-operate with Him. As the demons drop away, we see Him and His way clearer. We are enabled to hear and we can choose to obey. We must recognize that all the difficulty comes to purify us. He has a higher realm for us to operate in. Eph. 3:6-12. Is what is happening to us out of God’s control? Col 1: 16-21. The truth of who God is, is revealed in His people – His Kingdom is alive and moving.

11LHCD9-8 – Don Andrews – ABOVE THE STORM
God is faithful to deliver us. Don tells of five demon tormentors who had followed him since his childhood. As an adult they went with him to work. He always had fear. They made promises to him if he would let them come in. He knew there would be no hope if he yielded. He could get no sleep. Tiredness began to take over. Weary of the battle, he entered into a life of sin. He thought God could not forgive him. A huge demon appeared in his car and said “I have come after you. You are mine.” A small voice said, “Rebuke him in Jesus’ name.” He repeatedly rebuked the demon and he finally did leave him alone. Later, when he was 30 years old, Jesus came and in His love began to take him above the storm. It took time, never forgetting that love that came and found him and made it possible. We keep missing the small trail up the mountain. If we want what He has, we must bow and let Him have His way. He is taking us up to Zion. The fire on top will burn into us to purify us of worldly ambitions and desires. The world of evil is growing fast. God is making us ready for what is ahead. He wants us to give ourselves to Him. He takes us through the fires of testing to see if we stand firm. He says, “How much of my Son do you look like?”

11LHCD11-6 – Don Andrews – God’s Amazing Love
When Don came to the end of himself God said to him, “When I saw you struggling in your own blood, I said to you – live.” God will make a way for us to come into the reality of His love for us. The love of God is patient with us. We are exceedingly beautiful in His eyes. His love is poured into us so it can pour out of us. We will deal with people we do not want to be around and go places we would not choose to go, but to please God we will do His will. He will break down walls and barriers to soften our hearts. We are His. He is adorning us now, making us the person He knows we are meant to be – for His Glory...

11LHCD12-8 Don Andrews – WE HAVE ONE MASTER
Sometimes we get mixed up between God’s things and the enemy’s things. God gives us what we need for His purposes and in His time. The enemy promises “good things” but they will lead to our destruction. God is looking for ones He can trust just for Himself. He is always dealing with us. God has to purge us of the things that come from our past. He helps us to forgive people who have hurt and disappointed us. Then He gives us the grace to move in perfect harmony with Him. To know God’s heart will never be disappointing. To try to walk this walk in the natural will destroy us in the spiritual realm. He will change our hearts so we can be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. His ways are far above our ways. He is our only answer.


12LHCD5-4 – Don Andrews – GOD’S PRESSURE
God’s pressure is growing today. We are getting “squished” so He can work things out of our flesh. We want to get to the place where pleasing God is the most important thing in our life. These places where God is applying pressure are becoming more narrow and compressed. God wants our whole heart. Allow Him to be God. The narrow ways keep getting narrower and we become smaller and smaller, as little children. In this way we can receive the heavenly things He shows us. The works of His love are challenging. Ask yourself, “Who do I belong to?” He is our destination. He makes the pressure so great we have to move some way. He is renovating our mind … bringing heart and soul into unity. When you lose yourself, the pride drains off. Sometimes when we are weak we speak a thing. The goal is to walk without offense. Allowing offense to come is an emotional issue. You are the one who has the problem. We need to understand what is going on and how God is dealing with us to bring us to Him. He is working righteousness into us. Anger and strife and all evil is going out. The things He asks us to do will change our lives. We must trust Him completely. According to His mercy He saves us. We learn to seek and to ask. He loves us. The pressure He applies allows us to be changed. He puts us in the places only He can go. This teaching is followed by prayers to break all resistance to God.



**New mp3 Audio This Month  ***


New LHBC Camp Meeting Coming New
Every day at camp there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer!

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