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Published on: January 7, 2016
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Geri McGhee is often a featured speaker here at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. She is a very active part of LHBC camp meetings!  We recommend her!

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We Highly Recommend Her!


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Geri McGhee

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Years – 2009 to 2013

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NOTE – Geri’s Page was getting too long, so we needed to split into THREE pages. 

Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008 Deliverance Ministry

Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2018Deliverance Ministry


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Spiritual nakedness is a shame we do not know as much about as natural nakedness. Rev 3:14-21 spiritual nakedness is shown here. Geri tells us what we need to be clothed with: Gal 3:27 – Christ; Psa. 96:9 – Holy attire; Isa. 23:18 – choice attire; Jer. 2:32 – Bridal attire; Rev 7:9 – white robes and white attire; Rev. 3:5, Matt. 22 – Wedding clothes; Rev 19:8 – fine linen; Luke 24:49 – power from on High; Ps 132:9 – righteousness; Prov. 31 – scarlet and purple; II Cor. 5:2 – dwelling from on High; Ps 132:16 – salvation; Ezek. 16:10; embroidered cloth; Isa 52:1 – beautiful garments. She shares ways we can lose our wedding clothes; spiritual adultery, spiritual harlotry. Geri shares negative clothing with scripture references. She gives the causes of spiritual nakedness such as demon possession, spiritual adultery, sexual sin, etc. You are not under the law until you disobey God’s Word. I Tim 1:8 – the law is not made for a righteous man. Geri shares the characteristics of spiritual harlotry with scripture and closes with prayers asking God to reveal sins in our life and clothe us in righteousness, and leads the congregation in repenting of the sins.

09LHCD4-2 – Geri McGhee – ROOTS OF PRIDE
Geri begins with testimony of her eyes and ears being healed and how this thrust her into the Word of God. If you have a physical problem, do a word study on the body part affected. Sickness is a curse; you must find the root. The most important thing you can do is get in the Word of God. Geri shares many definitions and symptoms of pride, being proud and arrogance such as holding a high opinion of yourself, self-importance, being bold to excess, etc. Pride cast Lucifer out of heaven. It’s the first sin to enter men’s heart and the last to leave. Pro 6:16 – haughtiness means to lift oneself up. The eyes are the index of the mind. Watery eyes come from a haughty look. God sent His Word to heal us. A patient spirit is better than a haughty spirit. Those “turkeys in your face” are just mirrors of unresolved childhood issues with your parents. I John 2:16 the first consequence of pride is eye problems. Pro 21:4 – shows about pride and consequences. Geri share many scriptures concerning consequences of a prideful, arrogant heart from Prov. and Psalms, etc.

If we are not worshipping the Lord we worship the beast. Lev 14:44, Rev 16:2. Press into God to look for spiritual answers to physical problems. You must find the spiritual root of why you are sick. God uses this to discipline his children. I Pet 2:24 – by the stripes of Jesus you are healed. The sanctification process takes a lifetime. Every ritual practiced by the masons, eastern star, woodmen of the world, etc. is building a temple for the beast. We must die to ourselves. Geri shares definitions of malignant and sores. Two reasons why people get sick are toxins in their body and toxic emotions. Sin opens you up to worship the beast. We are either obeying God or obeying the devil. Your nose has to do with judgment. A critical spirit is just misguided discernment. Rom 1:21 is talking about believers. She shares some reasons we worship the beast; we fear man more than God, worship man more than God – when we obey the demons in another we worship the beast; judging, through masonic groups, etc., sexual perversion inside or outside the marriage, rebellion, signs of the times, toxic emotions – anger, bitterness, fear, etc. She shares consequences of worshipping the beast such as sores – Lev 22:22, curses – Deut 28: 35, and others with scripture. When you judge someone else you are being self-righteous. Geri closes with corporate repentance prayers to renounce worshipping the beast.

If you are a “fretter” you have anger and anxiety. It is a state of mind. In the OT the word is “fret”. In the NT “anxiety” is used with the same meaning. These words are used 344 times in the Word. Much of this teaching comes from Ps 37. Geri shares many dictionary definitions for fret and anxious. Delight yourself means to be tender and pliable towards the Lord. She shares ways you can overcome fretting. Along with fretting comes being judgmental. God tells us to fret not because it is sin. Geri shares personal examples of her fretting experiences. If we rest in Him, He will carry us through. When we fret we are judging by what our eyes see. Remember, He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God is watching you; you never leave His sight. Evil is coming. When we fret; we do not believe the Word of God. We don’t get glory any other way except by repenting. God uses your circumstances to conform you into His image. You will either get bitter or better. Every sin we commit can be traced back to denying God. Geri shares some reasons why we fret. Scripture references: Job 40:23, Isa 8:20, 21, I Sam 18:8, Prov 6:34, II Kings 19:28, Prov 19:3. She shares reasons why we shouldn’t fret because of evil doers; fretting grieves the Holy Spirit, destroys your witness, etc. Matt 6:25 be anxious for nothing. Stay submitted to God and you will fulfill your purpose. Geri closes with corporate prayers against fretting, anxiety, etc.

We are soil. What’s in our spiritual garden? Thru our forefathers, many seeds are planted in our heart and whatever is planted will produce – some good, some bad. We must get rid of the bad seed in order to preserve the good. Gal 6:7,8 tells us to do good as unto the Lord and we will receive the same from Him. We must repent and break things off our children and begin to sow according to the Spirit – seed that will produce righteousness. We?re told that whatever we see wrong in others may be what God is wanting to change in us. Get the log out of your eye. Our heart is the land we are to possess. Prov 15:32 says if we hate instruction, we hate ourselves. Wherever we have a demon, there is a sin problem.

We’ve learned that both bastard and incest curse have a 10 generation curse. That’s 144 people thru which the curse comes. We begin with a prayer for deliverance. Scripture says, the glory of children is their father – Prov.17:6. A wicked inheritance can be passed down from your father. In additions, judgments that you make can bring curses and cause a blockage between God and you. We must forgive in order to enjoy God’s glory. Whatever we sow, we’ll reap. An example was given of a homosexual son who was set free when his father got saved and began to affirm him – Prov. 13:22. In the spirit realm demon spirits can see the glory of God over a child under his father’s covering and consider it off limits. Again we see the necessity of forgiveness for our walk in freedom. As we walk in repentance, the glory grows brighter. Deliverance prayer follows.

Jer 23:14, Ps 81: 15 – Those who hate the Lord fake obedience. There is no spiritual drunkenness on the highway of holiness. There is a famine of the Word of God in the land and the enemy is making fools of God’s people while they believe they are in ‘revival’ – one example being drunkenness. Eph 5:18 says we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 1st Peter 4:7 says, to be sober, watch and pray. We need to put on the armor of light and blind the enemy! Deliverance prayer follows. 

1 Cor 3:9 We are God’s building. God wants to restore our lives. We all have images in our heart that influence what we believe about God. The father’s role today has been demeaned. We need good father examples in order to influence our view of our father, God. If we have unforgiveness toward our fathers, we must forgive in order to be free of the spirits involved. Deut 5:16 says we are to honor our parents even when they have not been honorable and we are not to judge them. Go to God and let Him correct our mistakes and theirs.


View a list of all Geri McGhee’s Messages on CD
which is higher quality then these free pod cast audio files.

View a list of all Geri McGhee’s Messages on DVD
which is higher quality then these free pod cast audio files.


Geri gives a list of 21 reasons why we are sick. God has provided healing but we are still not walking in healing as a body. We sometimes abuse our bodies. Sometimes the problem is sin – either our own or sins of our forefathers. At times, we’re passive or just too lazy to fight. According to scripture, God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hos. 4:6. Deliverance prayer follows.

09LHCD11-8 – Geri McGhee – COVENANT
The body of Christ is in distress. 1 Cor 6:17 says if we are joined to the Lord, we are one spirit – that’s covenant – to be His possession. Covenant – an exchange of garments, weapons, etc. It means that whatever is His, is mine and whatever is mine is His. It’s a walk of death to my desires, my ways etc. Our part is to stay on the Potter’s wheel – His part is to make us holy.

A fainting spirit causes you to want to give up. Instead of trusting God and seeking His help, we choose to quit. When someone pushes our button, we go to a false god. If we go to God and forgive, He resets the default and we’re at peace again. A joyful heart is good medicine. Prov 17:22 A sad heart will make you sick – Deut 5:16 Jesus endured more than we will ever know. You do not have to agree with someone’s sin to honor them …. sometimes you simply be still. The purer your heart, the more you see God’s character.

09LHCD12-7 – Geri McGhee – PERVERSE SPIRIT
Steadfast = no compromise, stubborn, perverted, crooked, unteachable. If we are perverse, we are not one of God’s children but we can have a perverse spirit in us. Rev. 9:20. Geri gives characteristics of a perverse spirit and it’s all based in idolatry and we have no protection from the enemy if we have other gods in out life. 

When we make a vow, we enter into idolatry. We build a wall around our heart-protect our selves/pride, rather than let God protect us. 1Jn. 3:21 says if our heart doesn’t condemn us, we have confidence toward God. Mk 6:52 a disciple can have a hard heart. Heart and eye problems can be related to a hard heart. The hard ground needs to be broken up, plowed, sowed, watered etc., to get a new crop. Keep God’s Word in the midst of your heart. 



10LHCD4-2 – Geri McGhee – SOUL TIES
Geri tells us that soul ties are any connection we have with people, places, objects etc. They can be good or evil. The emphasis in this teaching is on the evil ones and how to get rid of them. We’ve learned that forgiveness is a very vital part of the process in any area where we’ve been violated. She talks about souls of people being scattered by false prophets of today – Jer 10:21 and the good soul ties described in Col 2:2, formed by the love of Jesus. She gives a list of things that can form soul ties. She talks about possible problems from transplanted body parts and blood transfusions. Repentance and deliverance follows.

Geri shares on what must be dealt with before deliverance. Eph. 4 GOD delivers us from a fainting spirit. She shares about how anger damages our health. Anger is toxic and is rooted in idolatry. We must be able to speak the truth in love or we have unresolved issues in our life. When we worship or submit to idols, we are submitting to demons Rev.9:20. We must submit to authority but not to demons ? and know the difference. The True Vine produces the fruit of the Holy Spirit Gal.5:19-23 as opposed to the flesh. Sin is idolatry – ‘having it my way.’ If we say we have forgiven and we still roll it around in our thoughts, we haven’t forgiven from the heart. We must yield to the Potter and allow Him to form Himself in us. Let go of your idols and be healed & set free! Repentance and deliverance prayer follows. 

What do we do when everyone is a mess? Who caused it? Was it Mother or Dad or me or someone else in the bloodline? REPENT! Deal with what has been sown and see others change. Mt 7:12, Lk 6:37 Who is not treating me the way I want to be treated? Jer 17:10, 32:19,Ezek 36:19, results of deeds. Prov 12:14 “what you sow, you’ll reap. We are always sowing in our spiritual garden – good or bad and we will see the fruit. We are the vineyard of the Lord. We must do things God’s way. Take accountability, repent and then do what God says. Prayer follows.

10LHCD5-5 – Geri McGhee – BLESSINGS
Ps 109:1 Bitterness comes from agitated thoughts or negative words. Words spoken over you even while in your mother’s womb can cause curses in your life – or they can cause blessings. We must learn to say what God says. However, we must also be obeying Him or our words will not bring blessings. If our heart is right, we will speak right words. Medical tests results on the effect of words are given. Are we blessing others, our country, our leaders, ourselves, etc? We are given many scriptures to illustrate the truth of this teaching. Prayers of blessing follow the teaching.

Each time we say ‘no’ to God, our heart gets a little harder. Jer 17:9 tells us our hearts are wicked. In Heb. 3:7,8 we see we can harden our heart. Ps 37:4 promises to give us desires of our heart. Obviously, confessing our sins and repenting puts us in the receiving line for God’s blessings. Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If our burden is too heavy, perhaps we need to check the source as well as the conditions of our heart and our attitudes. If we hold unforgiveness toward God or others, we acquire a hard heart, blocking our relationships. Vows must be broken, and our heart softened in order to be free so we can walk in paths of peace. Prayer follows.

By Geri McGhee – A major result of lack of discipline is mental problems. In grades 1-3 only 2 or 3 in each class showed no evidence of mental problems. Geri says if we see things we do not like in our children, ask God to expose it in us. God wants to correct our areas of distress but we must submit to His discipline. We must also learn how to apply discipline to our children. If God corrects those He loves, should we not follow His pattern. Isa 1:5 says when we revolt, the whole head is sick and the whole heart is weak. Prov. 15:32 tells us if we neglect discipline, we despise ourselves. God helps those who really want help. Deliverance prayers conclude this service.

Ladies 1:15 – Don’t listen to Goliath! God gives us the spirit of power, love and a sound mind. The promises of God are to the overcomers, Ps 91:1, Job 28:1. Walking in the way of wisdom – no demon can find you – the armor of light blinds him. Mt 6:22 “The light of the body is the eye, if therefore the eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light”. Many places in the Word tells us not to fear, that God has not given us the spirit of fear. He has given us wisdom which is greater than pure gold. The fear of the Lord is wisdom. Fear is sin and rooted in idolatry. 1 Jn 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.” Geri uses many more scriptures concerning fear. Prayer, dealing with spirits of fear, conclude this teaching.

We need to make His way our agenda. Doing things our way is saying that we are going to be ‘lord’ over ourselves. Only disciples will inherit the kingdom of God. Rom 12:1, presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice is obeying His word because we want to please Him. Jn 12:25 says if we love our life, we’ll lose it. Give it to Jesus and we’ll live – in resurrection life – His life. God does not allow compromise. We must sacrifice in order to bring forth fruit that is acceptable to Him. There are many more scriptures that point out our need to get in line with God’s agenda. Prayer for deliverance follows.

Romans 12:1 “Present your body, a living sacrifice” James 4:7 says if we submit to God and resist the devil, he (the devil) will flee. The devil does not make me do it. A way of escape has been provided. We choose to disobey in many cases and are recipients of the fiery darts of the enemy. We must not only repent, we must be obedient to the Word of GOD. In any area that you are disobedient, you are under the law. There is a place in God where the enemy is powerless in our life. He will turn things around for good. The result is wisdom for future trials. Attacks are opportunity to overcome and become clean.

10LHCD11-5 – Geri McGhee – REJECTION
The closer you are to Jesus, the farther you will be from religious people. Definitions of rejection are read. When we are victims of rejection, we will attract rejection from others. We have all been rejected and have rejected others. This opens us up to fear and fear of man. Jesus paid the price for rejection for us. Isa. 53:3-6 and 2 Peter 2:24. Rejection is also a sin and can come down your bloodline. It can be the root of physical, emotional and mental problems. God leads us – but satan drives us. Ask God to forgive you. Forgive those who have rejected you and forgive yourself. Repent of the past and press on. Deliverance prayers follow.

08LHCD12-6 – Geri McGhee – Overcoming Anger
Eph 4 – If you let the sun go down on your anger, you will be full of demons. Anger may lead to heart failure and death. Geri reads a medical report showing much more about bodily damage. Sin is at the root of most disease; bitterness, unforgiveness. Gal 5:19 anger and it has a hot wire to idolatry. Deut 32:15-20 a hard heart is produced from the flesh. Most of our problems are from unresolved childhood issues. Not dealing with it only lets it blow up somewhere else. I John 3:21 If you don’t get free of the spiritual roots it will be hard to keep your deliverance. Frustration is a form of anger. God wants us to live in peace Gal 5:19, Matt 22. I Cor 13 love never fails. Anger can change the body’s chemicals. Prov 19:19 if you are angry with 500 people you are in 500 prisons. Forgive self also. Unforgiveness chokes you. Arthritis in feet, etc. is the result of unforgiveness in your path. Psa 41:10 God is pleased when my enemy has no power over me. Prov 27:4. Prayers for freedom close this teaching.

An unloving spirit is described as self-rejection, antichrist. It’s the opposite of what God says about you. An unloving spirit is bitter toward self, a nit-picking demon that torments day and night – self-condemnation. We think this is who we are – unaware that there is a lying demon spirit involved. Eccl. 10:12, “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious: but the lips of a fool will swallow him up.” James 3:1-3 says if we do not offend in words, we are a perfect man and able to bridle the whole body. Watch what comes out of your mouth! Forgive others and yourself, repent and accept God’s opinion of you. Deliverance follows.

10LHCD12-5L – Geri McGhee – SPIRIT OF STUPOR
A spirit of stupor may be the result of not being a disciple – no ears to hear. This evil spirit may have many others attached to it – most of them, generational – operating in your life. Rom 11:8 says God will give a spirit of stupor or slumber. Can it be because of our hardness of heart? Examples of stupor are daydreaming, multiple personality, blocking out, memory lapses, etc. Many other examples are given with scripture. Mt 13:15, Mk 18:18. We must let go of our life in order to find real life. Truth – God’s truth … is what sets us free. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHCD12-12 – Geri McGhee – TAMING THE TONGUE
The tongue is capable of producing good or evil. Prov 12:17-19 The mouth of fools pours out foolishness. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” Mt 12:34. Words are as seeds that are planted and we are as soil. Something is going to grow. Many of our problems come from spoken words – sometimes our words, and at times, words of others. We must say what God says if we want what He wants. Commit our ways to Him and we’ll begin to speak aright. Geri gives many examples of possible physical or demonic issues that can be connected to spoken words. Deliverance prayer follows.


Pro 16:7 – When our ways please the Lord, He makes our enemies to be at peace with us. Assyrians today? – One World Order. The United Nations is their headquarters. Sin gives legal right for our enemies to move in – 1 Peter 5:8. Idolatry was the sin of the Israelites – false gods. Ours? – One of them is anger toward each other. If we practice anger and not forgiving, we will not inherit the kingdom of God. Obedience to the Lord is our only hope in these days. The Rev 3:10 hour is about to come upon the whole world. The book of Nehemiah is for the building up our spiritual walls in order to close up any entrance that gives access to the enemy. If we are not obedient to God, we will be turned over to the Assyrians. Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help. We must endure until the end. Prayer follows.

Fear is generated in many ways. The news media is a good example. 1 Jn 4:18 tells us that perfect love casts out fear. Fear is rooted in idolatry, therefore it’s necessary to first, give up the idol which sometimes is ourselves. Rom 3:1 instructs us to present our bodies as a sacrifice – that includes our whole being. We see that it’s necessary to give up your life and allow God to clean house. We find out about the entrances that the enemy uses. God allows the turkeys that push your buttons so as to expose the issues that He wants to deal with. Ps 4:7 says the angel of the Lord encamps around us if we fear him and will deliver us! Deliverance from fear spirits follows.

Love is spoken of 270 times in scripture. 1 Cor. 13 tells us what love looks like. Anger breaks God’s law and you enter a spiritual prison. Satanic forces will keep you in that prison and torment you while you’re there. The only way to walk in love is to die and we can only love as required with the love that God gives. Mt 22 tells us to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. The way to stay in the secret place of the Most High spoken of in Ps 91, is to stay in the Spirit. If Jesus is our Lord and we stay repented up and walking in love, we’ll stay under God’s protection. Scripture concerning the law are shared. Deliverance prayer follows.

The voice of this spirit sounds like you, tearing down all the truth of what God says about you. This self-hatred, and anti-Christ spirit usually comes in during childhood. When we repent for hating what God has made us to be, He shines a light – dissipating the darkness. Geri goes on to list many examples of how this may manifest. God created us and what He created is good so we need to accept ourselves and stop believing lying demons. Just give up, accept God’s truth and allow Him to lead us into freedom. Deliverance prayers follow.

11LHCD7-4A – Geri McGhee – WHY LIFE DOESN’T GO WELL 1-of-2
11LHCD7-4B – Geri McGhee – WHY LIFE DOESN’T GO WELL 2-of-2
Geri begins by stating that all who are true believers must be broken. The pits we experience are to bring us to the end of ourselves and show us who we really are. Jn. 15 tells us that God prunes all who are ‘in Him’ – and it’s a painful process. What is planted in our hearts will surface. Many scriptures are used to point out a number of ways that our relationship with our parents sets the pattern for our lives, Mt 15:4. It all goes back to forgiveness and honoring them in order to have all go well with us. Deut. 5:16, Eph. 4:26. Anger is idolatry – jealousy and fear are products. Eccl. 11:10 says to get vexation out of your heart and pain out of your body. Mt. 5:8 – Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Deliverance prayer follows.

11LHCD9-1LA – Geri McGhee – SHAME 1-of-2
11LHCD9-1LB – Geri McGhee – SHAME 2-of-2
Shame keeps you from being that ambassador of Christ and causes you to live in timidity. We are to take up our cross, get in His presence and operate in His glory. Let your mind be renewed or the enemy will rule. This is one of the roots of Alzheimers. God wants to heal today every shameful thing that ever happened in your life so you can be about the things God would have you to be doing. As long as the devil has something over you, you do not have freedom of speech. Shame makes you feel you are worthless and causes self-hatred. Under the bastard curse you are born into shame – on the outside looking in. Shamed people feel abandonment. The answer to any problem is in God’s Word. Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

The biggest problem in your life right now is what God wants to fix next. Sanctification comes while we work out our salvation. Dismantle the hot wires such as anger. It is not acceptable. It is idolatry of self in your heart. Confess each sin individually – not in a big lump. Seeds planted in the spiritual garden of our lives will reproduce after their kind. Weeds sewn into our lives come from seeds, too. See the fruit and trace down the seed. God breaks down the hedge of the unfruitful vineyard. People who call themselves Christians today are in a mess. What we sow into our lives reaps fruit. What our forefathers sowed into their lives is being reaped in ours. When a problem comes up, ask God where it came from and let God help you deal with it. Live for God’s glory. Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

There are 2,000 kinds of fear and each is linked to idolatry. We have to give up our life and find God. We cannot overcome the enemy when fear rules. Let go of fear and let faith come. When you die to your self the fruit of the spirit comes. Jesus’ nature comes. He is our answer. Everything you go through can be used by God to perfect you. In suffering, sin loses its power over you. We, today, must live in the Secret Place or we will die. The answer to all our problems is the Word of God. No plague can come near your dwelling when your conscious is clear. That’s when you have faith in God. Idolators are turned over to terror. God has compassion when those idols are gone. The yoke of Jesus produces peace because you give up your idols. Say, “Jesus, You are all I want.” Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

11LHCD11-5A -Geri McGhee – Christians Can Be Under Curses 1-of-2
11LHCD11-5B -Geri McGhee – Christians Can Be Under Curses 2-of-2
God sent His Word to heal you. It is a fire and a hammer. God’s Word burns the demons. The Old Testament is as important as the New Testament. We are commanded to preach the Gospel which comes before healing and deliverance. If we quit overcoming we will be overcome. If you are not healed, ask God to reveal the root of the problem. Look up every scripture pertaining to it and repent over it. Every place you sin against the Word you have a demon. Blessings overtake you when you obey God. Curses overtake you when you do not obey and if you are ungrateful for His many blessings. Deliverance prayers conclude this service.


Geri McGhee –
Without Holiness no man will see the Lord. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Deliverance without Repentance will not work. The flesh and the spirit are constantly at war. It is God who makes you Holy. Most of us were not trained up in the way we should go. When you step out of God’s Word you are open to receive demons. When you have no obedience to the Lord you have no protection in these end times. Jesus died so you might be free from sin and death and thereby walk in newness of life. He died that you can be a slave of righteousness resulting in holiness. Reckon yourself dead. Yield your members to Christ. Obey God and He will clean out your junk. When calamity hits the USA it is going to be too late to give up unforgivness, bitterness, hatred, malice, strife and all the works of darkness. We are soil. Watch what is planted in your heart, because that is what comes out of your mouth. When you abide in Christ sin looses its power over you. 


Geri opens with prayer, binding the perverse spirit that will not let hearers receive the truth. Realize that God is not like your earthly mother or father. It is possible that you were not correctly brought up. Geri offers deliverance prayers to help us forgive our parents for failing to raise us well. We must repent or perish. If we do not have a hedge of protection around our life, the enemy can and will come in. Lukewarm believers are no different from the world. There is an urgent need to separate the holy from the profane. The remnant of God is going to be His Holy Bride. The promises of God are to the Overcomer. She shares a dream of what is coming on the earth and God’s provision for us as we walk on the highway of holiness. Prayer follows. (No DVD available).

How do we overcome fear in this world? Every tree not bearing fruit is cut down. If you are not dead to yourself the flesh shows through. We are the tree and the vineyard. God says, I’ve given you all things that pertain to life and goodness. How many of us are being pruned? We are chosen to bear fruit. We need to get a purpose for our life, full of the fruit of the spirit in that particular set of circumstances. If we don’t take care of our garden, weeds will grow up and take over. That’s how the demons can get to us. For example, when the sun has gone down on our anger we have a sore in our life, rotten fruit. Not dealing with the stuff in our garden will produce fruit of flesh. Look at the fruit and trace it back to the root. God will let the devil attack us in the area God wants to fix. In order to have a clear conscience, deal with a thought that comes up. We must watch over our hearts. Regarding criticism, pray for a person instead of judging them. A critical heart is a misuse of discernment. Jesus says, Take up your cross and follow Me. We are all a work in progress. To overcome fear today: 1) Be born again. 2) Deal with the things in your heart and overcome them. Walk the path of wisdom no demon knows. The Lord of Hosts is with us and promises to protect us from the things coming on the earth. Prayers of deliverance follows.

12LHCD7-5A – Geri McGhee – MEEKNESS 1-of-2
12LHCD7-5B – Geri McGhee – MEEKNESS 2-of-2
We lift up Jesus only when we humble ourselves. Ask God to show you all the deep areas of pride you are unaware of. Pride is like an iceberg – cut off the top and more will surface. The only time we become humble is when we choose death to self. It is a choice we make by God’s grace. The Lord uses our problems to show us what He wants to deal with next. It is the crushing in our life that brings the anointing, just as olives are crushed for oil. Jesus is meek and lowly. Leviathan is the prince of pride. Make no provision for the flesh and follow after meekness. Instruct others in a spirit of meekness. Jesus chose to go to the cross and we choose also. We go through trials to humble us. Jesus shows us that anything good in our lives is because of Him. Lord show us by Your grace how to be truly meek and humble and regard others before ourselves. The meek shall He teach His way. The meek are the gentle, tamed by God. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

12LHCD9-3A – Geri McGhee – GRAVEN IMAGES 1-of-2
12LHCD9-3B – Geri McGhee – GRAVEN IMAGES 2-of-2
How you train up a child is setting up a default. You are programmed at the factory (home) and you will automatically revert (default) to those behaviors all your life. Watch over your heart with all diligence. Any kind of negative thought or emotion is the result of rebellion against God and it leads to idolatry. When we develop a mental image of what we think we ought to be like to be acceptable to others, or what we think our children ought to be like, or our mate, or what our work ought to be in this world for us to be successful. It’s all idolatry. The Bible says to go into the land and destroy their images. This is a physical picture of a spiritual reality. Bitterness, depression, discouragement, hostility, indignation – all negativity. It needs to be driven off of our spiritual land and destroyed before it destroys us. There are unresolved issues that are buried so deep that we don’t even see them. Wherever you have an idol it’s because you have been wounded. It’s then we turn to a false god and make inner vows. I’ll find someone I can trust who will love me. Bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Do not compromise. God’s true remnant will seek God with their whole heart. Keep asking the Holy Spirit to change your heart. He works on the inside out. Praise God that Jesus Christ made provision for us at Calvary. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

This message combines teaching on the Potter’s Wheel and Idols, Images, Yokes & False Gods. If you grew up believing that in order to be loved you have to perform, you receive a lie. When you get saved, you think you have to perform to get God to love you and to keep Him loving you. It wears you out because you cannot do it. The Word says, – God is the Potter and we are the clay. Take My yoke upon your neck and learn of Me. I am gentle and meek and lowly and humble and you shall find rest for your souls for My burden is light and My load is easy. You can only wear the yoke of Jesus when you deny yourself and take up your cross. Then you are operating in the character and nature of Jesus. If you have yielded to God the best you know how, do not think you have missed Him. You cannot. It is impossible. He is the Potter. Parents model for us a picture of what God is like. When parents provoke a child to anger the child receives a lie and their heart is drawn to an idol. Jesus says, Come unto Me. Around every idol you will have a negative emotion. There is a pain. Grief, sorrow, hurt and anger are idolatry. Anger is tied in with all negative emotions. Whenever you get mad and fearful you are trusting in an idol. Do not think you are a hopeless case. That’s why God drives them out little by little. As you repent over the Word, your soul will prosper.  Begin to daily ask the Holy Spirit to change your heart.  That’s a real spiritual prayer. I think He longs to here those type words of surrender from us. So make it even more personal. Holy Spirit, I give you permission to change my heart. He works on the inside out. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

The Scriptures teach us, ‘They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.’ Our part in these days is to close all doors in our lives that would give entrance to the enemy. Let God work out of us all that would not bless others. Speak and declare what the Bible says. Do not be a mealy-mouthed compromiser. Often times we don’t know what’s in our heart until it comes out of our mouth. Speak the truth. It will be painful, but separate yourself from idols – the holy from the profane, whatever it costs, no matter the separation that comes from those we love the very most. All iniquity is rebellion and idolatry. Keep putting on meekness. Be dead to yourself. We will be rejected. God already says we will. We must choose to walk the narrow way. God will change us from glory to glory. Let us use these last days to help others and not live for ourselves. If we give up our life for Jesus we will find it. Ask God to send us divine appointments so we can help the needy. God has already given us all that pertains to life and godliness and without holiness no man can see God. Deliverance prayers follow.

There will be no ‘self’ or ‘flesh’ on the highway of holiness as we pass through this world into eternity. Make sure you are not just a religious church member, exalting and serving your ‘self’. Be willing to examine and deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow Jesus Christ. God destroyed the children of Israel because they murmured and grumbled in the wilderness. Our wilderness is our circumstances. We are to be thankful and grateful to God for His blessings. It is impossible to get delivered if you do not have a grateful heart. Keep covenant with the Lord. Repent and get sin out of your life. Go to Zion, the throne of grace to get strengthened, confirmed, established and perfected. There you are conformed to His image by dying to self. Zion is the New Jerusalem, the Mountain of the Lord, the Hill of the Lord. It is the place of protection, the place of God’s presence. It is the Secret Place. Be encouraged. When you are yielded to Him, He will protect you in these dangerous times. Zion is the place of life, health, healing and deliverance – a place of great authority. No man or woman can stand against you if your ways please the Lord. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

08LHCD12-6 – Geri McGhee – Overcoming Anger
Eph 4 – If you let the sun go down on your anger, you will be full of demons. Anger may lead to heart failure and death. Geri reads a medical report showing much more about bodily damage. Sin is at the root of most disease; bitterness, unforgiveness. Gal 5:19 anger and it has a hot wire to idolatry. Deut 32:15-20 a hard heart is produced from the flesh. Most of our problems are from unresolved childhood issues. Not dealing with it only lets it blow up somewhere else. I John 3:21 If you don’t get free of the spiritual roots it will be hard to keep your deliverance. Frustration is a form of anger. God wants us to live in peace Gal 5:19, Matt 22. I Cor 13 love never fails. Anger can change the body’s chemicals. Prov 19:19 if you are angry with 500 people you are in 500 prisons. Forgive self also. Unforgiveness chokes you. Arthritis in feet, etc. is the result of unforgiveness in your path. Psa 41:10 God is pleased when my enemy has no power over me. Prov 27:4. Prayers for freedom close this teaching.


Geri McGhee –
Geri McGhee –
We need to take our sorrows to God, to the Throne of Grace where Jesus sits. We grieve because of our own failures, regrets and loss of expectations. It is essential that we repent of judgments against parents. Anything we once valued that we lose will cause grief and a spirit of death will enter. Grief can cause our soul to weep. Our body will deteriorate and oftentimes eyes grow dim. Deal with sin and vexation. When we remove vexation from our heart we will remove pain from our body. People who drive us nuts are reflecting to us what we do not like about ourselves. We are getting on our own nerves. Thankfully, we can live in the nasty here and now in perfect peace when we allow ourselves to be conformed to the image of Christ. Spend every day of your life serving God and developing a relationship with Him. That is what is real and will last forever. When you enter into Gods rest the fruit of the Spirit will be manifested in your life. Just say, ‘Whatever it takes to make me pleasing to the Lord, that’s what I want and He is all I want.’ God will put His love in your heart and exchange sorrow for joy. Deliverance follows this teaching.  

Insomnia, by definition is, “inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially chronic, difficulty in falling or staying asleep.” Geri believes one of the biggest causes for insomnia is discontentment, not begin satisfied with your life. “The fear of the Lord leads to life so that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil.” (Pro 19:23 NAS) Another reason some people have trouble sleeping is because bad things happened to them at night when they were sleeping and they are still trying to protect themselves by staying awake. Some people didn’t have a daddy to protect them so they were afraid to go to sleep, they never really felt safe. Other possible roots of insomnia are presented. Ministry concludes this timely message for so many people who are plagued with insomnia.

13LHCD3-2A – Geri McGhee – THE SPIRIT OF COMPROMISE 1-of-2
13LHCD3-2B – Geri McGhee – THE SPIRIT OF COMPROMISE 2-of-2
Compromise means mutual adjustment, to yield for the sake of peace. But there is no compromise with God’s Word. We must align our will with God’s will. Fence riders or compromisers never have a problem with anyone. But when we want to “build the walls of Jerusalem”, to repent and get our life right with God, evil spirits that hate God will rise up in other people to mock us. We then think there is something wrong with us and we cave in. To not compromise is to have a steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. It is synonymous with honesty, sincerity and incorruptibility. God uses obstacles in our lives to train us to follow His ways and He will enable us to respond in a righteous manner. If you say, “I’m saved by grace,” and turn from righteousness, you’re a compromiser and defiled. Do not compromise God’s Word! Sanctification is a lifetime process. Thank God that He is the Potter and we are the clay.

13LHCD5-1 – Geri McGhee – FEAR
When we fear God we won’t fear anything else. Perfect love casts out fear, and to overcome fear we have to lay down every idol. Some of our big idols are, “I have to succeed, I have to be perfect, I can’t fail, I have to find somebody to love me, I’ve got to be accepted by other people, I have to be noticed.” If we expect other people to meet these needs, we will be angry because they can not deliver. Anger is connected to a hot wire that is connected to an idol in our life. When the fear comes, take your idol up the mountain and lay it on the altar. Ask God to bring glory to Himself through it. You have to give up every idol in your life to glorify God. So be it. We ask one thing, that we please God. Keep on repenting until all fear, anger and pride are gone. Fear is faith in what the devil is telling you. It is trusting in the wrong god. It is a yoke of slavery. Then the demon has a legal right to take us into bondage in whatever area we are dealing with. Job is our example of fearing God and dealing with pride. Finally he repented of pride in sackcloth and ashes. Fear and that whole nasty mess will leave when you really mean it. The testing of our faith will produce endurance and trust in Him.

13LHCD5-4A – Geri McGhee – ORNAMENTS OF PRIDE 1-of-2
13LHCD5-4B – Geri McGhee – ORNAMENTS OF PRIDE 2-of-2
It is said that more people are set free by breaking evil soul ties than for any other reason. Anywhere you violate the Word, evil soul ties are formed. God is ironing out the wrinkles in the lives of His people. We either have on His ornaments or the ornaments of pride. Prov. 1:8,9 tells us that if we obey father and mother, there is imparted to us an ornament of grace. His ornaments are also imparted by Godly wisdom. Understanding is the truth that sets us free. This comes thru His Word. One of the ornaments is a meek and quiet spirit. We need to fear the Lord and avoid evil. What are we covered by? It is necessary to put on the Lord Jesus. And we are accountable for all that we are shown. We need God’s strength as we are unable to win these battle on our own. We can trust Him. Some examples of ornaments are obedience, praise, salvation, righteousness, joy, etc. An example of a way to lose God’s ornaments is found in Ex 33. This talks of being stiffnecked and how God responded. But Eze. 16 shows that God will wash away the pollution of our lives and give us His ornaments. We can’t trust in our looks, money, intellect, etc. Let’s choose God’s way. Deliverance follows.

13LHCD7-2Y – Geri McGhee – SOUL TIES
(This was a youth meeting). Geri is talking to the young people during the 2013 Summer Camp). How do you know what God wants you to do if you don’t read the Bible? Whenever you violate the Word of God you open the door for the devil to attack you. Then God lets the powers of darkness whip up on you until you get in line with God’s Word. When we sin against God, we form a soul tie with the person we sin with. A soul tie is a connection in the spirit realm. It causes a person to act like the person they have a soul tie with. Soul ties occur when there is a lack of God-centeredness in your friendships. You can have hundreds and thousands of soul ties. You get a part of someone and they get a part of you. You also get familiar spirits – their mental problems, their sexual perversions, their bad habits and addictions. We have to get rid of soul ties and familiar spirits in order to get healing and deliverance. Don’t go to bed angry because it opens you up to the devil’s traps. It is so important to forgive everyone and repent of our sins by sundown and cleanse ourselves of ungodly soul ties at the end of each day. God tells us to guard our hearts, our spiritual gardens.

Geri has been seeking healing for her eyes and has been repenting of haughtiness and pride. She is learning that a haughty spirit is connected with eye problems. “Pride” is a feeling but “haughtiness” is a thing that lifts itself up. It is a principality over pride. If we exalt ourselves we put God down and make ourselves great, wanting to be noticed, being a blabbermouth. If we want to be honest, we have all been haughty. God gives us the grace to make the right choice to be patient and humble. It’s hard to admit that our haughtiness is rooted in pride and rebellion, stubbornness and witchcraft. Do not allow Python, Leviathan, Jezebel or any anti-Christ or divination spirit block us from hearing what it is God wants us to hear. We keep thinking and saying the same wrong things because that is what is in our hearts. A haughty spirit is condescending and finds it difficult to tolerate other people’s character flaws. Being critical, sarcastic, scoffing, insolent and a slanderer reveals a haughty spirit. Humble yourself and ask God to reveal to you the root cause of haughtiness and pride in your heart then thoroughly repent and set out to be delivered of all that corruption.

13LHCD9-7A – Geri McGhee – PAIN – GOD’S ALARM SYSTEM 1-of-2
13LHCD9-7B – Geri McGhee – PAIN – GOD’S ALARM SYSTEM 2-of-2
The answer to every problem you have is in the Word of God. Go to spiritual roots and you will find that pain is tied in with soul ties. Geri says she sees many people healed by breaking soul ties and dealing with old wounds and unforgiveness. Through soul ties, you acquire the demons, mental problems, sexual problems, addictions and physical infirmities and pain of the person you are bound to, in the soul realm. Geri develops this lesson with diligence and great care helping us to understand how many ways vexation and sin will snare us and as a consequence we are continuously tormented in our bodies and souls. For example, if you watch pornography, through soul ties you will have a pedophile spirit, a homosexual spirit, adultery, fornication, and lust. It is possible that a soul tie can be established in you because of an event that happened to a forefather. Perhaps you have pain today because of physical abuse you received as a child. Learn how the Philistine spirit will bring great pain and destruction to you. If you have pain in your body, find out where the vexation is. Get it out of your heart and get pain out of your body. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching and soul ties are broken. 

13DELTRCD-7A – Geri McGhee – WATER SPIRITS 1-of-2
13DELTRCD-7B – Geri McGhee – WATER SPIRITS 2-0f-2
A water spirit is a deceiving, lying spirit which comes in through the words we speak and words we hear. The Book of Revelation tells us “the serpent opened his mouth as a flood against the Woman”. The “Woman” is a type of the Church. One of the ways lying water spirits speak to us is over the air waves. We will be swept away by those lies if we are not clear about what the Bible says. We are continuously being conditioned by this flood of lies from all forms of media. Remember, if a thought contradicts the Word of God, it is of the devil. Through movies, books, TV and cartoons seeds of perversion and witchcraft are being planted in the spiritual gardens of our children. Plant the Word of God in their gardens instead. Evil water spirits of pride and defiance will block us from taking action. Dagon, Leviathan and Poseidon are water spirits which clothe us with their strong, scaly hides as a shield to defend our pride. Leviathan, the sea monster, a water spirit, is awakened through our cursing. He is Satan, king of the sons of pride. Get out of that crocodile skin and put on the humility and meekness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13LHCD11-3 – Geri McGhee – A HAUGHTY SPIRIT
The dictionary meaning of haughty is: arrogant overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward others, unreasonable self esteem, condescending, egotistical, controlling, display of being better and superiority. However, the biblical definition is simple – to exalt yourself. It’s hard to differentiate between haughtiness and pride. Prov. 16:18 says that “pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.” Prov. 18:12 tells us that “Before destruction the heart of man is haughty and before honor is humility.” Prov. 21:24 tells us that “Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who deals in proud wrath.” It seems as though pride is how we think and feel and haughtiness carries it out. We know that according to God’s word, neither is pleasing to Him. He points out the problem in order that we may deal with it. Anything in our lives that is opposite of God’s way is sin. 11 Sam. 22:28 … “Thine eyes are upon the haughty, that thou mayest bring them down.” If we don’t deal with it, He will! In 1 Cor 13, we see that “love doesn’t seek it’s own.” When we are haughty, we are seeking our own. Col. 3:5 reminds us we are to “reckon ourselves as dead unto sin but alive unto God thru Jesus Christ.” Geri gives many scripture references on how we are to deny ourselves and consider others because it is through death to our flesh that the life of Jesus can manifest in us. Deliverance prayers follows.

Could it be that God is dealing with you? A clear conscience is important to be able to sleep peacefully. Worry can keep you awake as well. Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders which keep them from functioning normally during the day. Insomnia can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Taking medicine to induce sleep is like putting a band aid on a spiritual problem. Geri is convinced the sleepless person is unable to enter into God’s rest because of curses, which is God’s judgment carried out by demons. That is how God brings discipline to His children because of His great love for us. Perhaps the problem is found in the lives of your ancestors. Check to see if you are in rebellion and disobedience against God in some area of your life. Unforgiveness, unbelief, fear of the future and anger will rob you of peace. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Repent over the Word, submit to God, take the yoke of Jesus and find contentment in your life…mental and emotional satisfaction. The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not lack any good thing and that includes a good night’s sleep.



Clearing the Land Preparing for Deliverance – by Geri McGhee
With repentance as the focus, this booklet clarifies the responsibilities Christians have to reclaim what Jesus has won for us at Calvary.  We must clear the land before we can possess the land!  Forgiveness, curses, the occult, soul ties, and deliverance prayers give the reader the tools they need to move forward in what God has purposed for their lives. 21 pages.

DRUNKENNESS – Is This A Blessing Or A Curse? – by Geri McGhee
This book is written to give insight to many believers who are experiencing ‘spiritual drunkenness’ or ‘being drunk in the spirit” and tagging this behavior as a fruit of revival or gift from God. No, not so. This is not a blessing, but in fact a curse–nor is this from the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As believers we need to have discernment and open our spiritual eyes and recognize what spiritual drunkenness really is and how it truly affects our spiritual walk. We should not be so eager to embrace such behavior and simply throw self-control out. Wherever the Holy Spirit is, there will be self-control! We are either filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit of God or we are filled with an unholy spirit and out of control… Booklet – 55 pages.

GRIEF – Exchanging Sorrow for Joy – by Geri McGhee
This is a book of hope.  At one time or another everyone will experience some type of grief – whether through the loss of a friendship, a job, a pet, a failed marriage, or through the death of a loved one.  However, it is how we choose to deal with this critical emotion that will determine whether we are hopeLESS or hopeFULL!  This booklet will give you an insight as to why we grieve and how to overcome such deep grief; thereby equipping the reader with much needed revelation and truth.  As you apply the principles of freedom taught here you will exchange your grief for God’s joy and peace.  This is a must have for every believer, a healing balm, clearly indicating that He whom already bore our grief at the cross awaits you – beckoning you to give it ALL to him!  Booklet – 59 pages.

Each day we encounter unfortunate situations that stem from our behavior, bringing about confusion, pain and hurt into the lives of the ones we love, as well as our own.  Many believers simply ‘sweep them under the rug’ and learn to accept these negative patterns as just a way of life (because of numerous failed attempts to change) and believe the lie that they cannot change and that their behavior is ‘normal.’  Fortunately, this is not Gods plan for your life!  Resetting Lifes Negative Reaping Patterns is written with biblical insights that are keys to living an overcoming life.  This book will help to shed light on negative areas in your life and will help you reset them into positive reaping patterns – for yourself and for your childrens children.  There are biblical answers to YOUR perplexing problems and this book can help change them into positive victories!  Booklet – 63 pages.

This booklet is used as a manual for all believers to assist you in your everyday battles with the adversary.  Geri’s prayer is that you will live an overcoming life and every day be strengthened by His word that will be in you.  Read, memorize and meditate on these scriptures.  For in everything we are to have an answer for the hope that is in us.  Booklet – 53 pages.



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