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By Carla Butaud

We highly recommend her!

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Carla asks our Father to circumcise our hearts, even break down the walls of protection that we have put up around ourselves to keep us from receiving from Him. There are many Genesis curses that we were born with which Carla calls grave clothes. Our intent is to deal with those generationally inherited curses, evil spirits, and spirits of infirmity that have been in our blood line for years and years which bring death. We will not be satisfied until we get those curses broken and the demons cast out. Sin and death came into mankind when Adam and Eve sinned. Death is a slow gradual diminishing of our life force. It means “aging”. Death curses can be broken because of Jesus’ blood. Since we belong to Jesus Christ now, we have the opportunity to step back into the Garden of Eden with all the benefits He meant for us to have. We are able to step into His resurrection life force without growing “old”. Finally, to combat the spirits of offense and unforgiveness, Carla counsels us about “Adam Anger” and “Eve Anger” and the ensuing power struggles in relationships. This teaching reveals much fallow ground that must be broken. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. 

There are grown women who are still having issues concerning their mothers. The Old Testament definition of mother is “the bond of the family”, “womb”. The New Testament definition that applies here is “a woman who exercises care or tenderness to another” or gives parental advice”. The relationship between mothers and daughters is complex. Carla shares stories about her relationship with her mother and her own experiences as a young mother. The Lord commands us to honor our mother regardless of her attitude and behavior toward us. Difficult and confusing situations will arise between mothers and daughters, and they need to be dealt with appropriately and lovingly. You do not have to be angry to tell someone the truth. You can communicate truth without being offensive when the words are spoken in love and with respect. Conversely, we as mothers do not need to “mother” our adult daughters, which according to Scripture, is the age of 20 years. We do not need to give unsolicited advice or enable them. Daughters need to learn that God is their parent now. Mothers and daughters can become sisters in Christ in the family of God. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

1 Corinthians 11:27 We need to examine the deepest chambers of our hearts where we have hidden sins. We must expose them to the light of Christ, repent, be forgiven and delivered. One hindrance could be an attitude of our heart. If we think we have a right to hold unforgiveness against anybody, it is a waste of time to come to a deliverance camp. We must choose to “let it go” or we will remain in bondage to the person who offended us. Perhaps we have a forgiveness problem, not a demon problem. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Matthew 18:1-7 If we are not careful, a spirit of offense will cause us to stay in unforgiveness. Have we offended someone or judged them with a word, a look, or a thought? We will be judged by that same measure. Also, pride, religious spirits and anti-Christ spirits will keep us from receiving deliverance. Pride will cause us to judge everyone who does not live up to our high standards. That anti-Christ spirit will cause us to avoid praying in the name of Jesus Christ. An unloving spirit will bind us up and hinder us from deliverance. Let the Word of God bring us the discernment we need. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD4-5A – Carla Butaud – WITCHCRAFT 1-of-2
15LHCD4-5B – Carla Butaud – WITCHCRAFT 2-of-2
We as the Church need to know about witchcraft. This valuable teaching brings to light many truths about satan’s doomed followers and their magic arts. God forbids the abomination of witchcraft and He puts a death sentence on every witch. Witches know the principles of God and use them against Christians. Witches are faithful to pray their satanic prayers against us because their god is a wrathful, cruel and unforgiving slave master. Satanists show up wherever God’s people gather. They are assigned to cause strife and discord. These evil emissaries bewitch us with sorceries and magic. They invade our privacy by astral projection. Terroristic acts world-wide are the schemes of satan. Witches use the elements of nature and weather to bring disasters on the land. They use water spirits, divination, enchantments, spirits of the witch such as warlocks, wizards, witchdoctors, séances, palm reading, crystal balls, dark arts, cunning, guile, invocations, charms, spells, vexes, hexes, tormenting spirits, voodoo, bewitchments. Witches can no longer work unhindered. Take authority and dominion over every evil work of witchcraft against God’s people. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. Your A.M. WARFARE PRAYER

15LHCD5-1A – Carla Butaud – THINGS THAT UNCLOG OUR WELL 1-of-2
15LHCD5-1B – Carla Butaud – THINGS THAT UNCLOG OUR WELL 2-of-2
Genesis 26:15. The Philistines filled the water wells of the Israelites with dirt. We must keep our ‘spiritual wells’ clear, clean, fresh and flowing. Living in strife and opposition will clog our ‘spiritual wells’. We will not get past the spiritual law that says our trespasses will be forgiven in the same measure with which we forgive the trespasses of others. The ministry of deliverance helps with forgiveness because it teaches us to separate demons from the person being used by the devil like a puppet. Judging people is a clog in our well. We will be judged for that very same thing and with that same judgment. A self-righteous Pharisee will see the mote in someone else’s eye which is simply a reflection of the beam that is in their own eye. Powerful deliverance prayers unclog our wells from generational curses and the familiar spirits that accompany them are released. Carla ministers to those who have participated in abortion and murder, prays to restore fragmented souls and breaks off curses of death. Also dealt with are death curses which come from practicing witchcraft, from not honoring our parents, from committing adultery, incest, and a host of sexual sins. Unclog those spiritual wells.

Some demons came into us when we were born, some come from our own actions, some because the devil is a bully and wants to make sure we do not have a positive influence in the Kingdom of God. Each time you are set free from the control of an evil spirit, you will still be tempted, but you will have more power over that demon than it had over you. You will have many opportunities to use that power and say, NO! In the name of Jesus! Then set your mind on something else. It will require continued, rigorous, violent discipline of your mind. Satan wants you to hate yourself, so he will come and project to your mind thoughts of self-hatred. Just start praising God for the opposite of what the devil is trying to put on you. He tempted Jesus. He will tempt you. That’s his job. He’ll be back. He’ll try again, and again. Take those thoughts of doubt and unbelief captive and bring them into the obedience of Christ and stand your ground. The ark is a type and shadow of Jesus Christ where we can run into and be safe. He is drawing all men unto Him. But there is a day coming when the ark will be shut and there will be no more entrance. Multitudes are standing in the Valley of Decision. Choose whom you will serve.

Do you have a close relationship with your parents? God’s Word says to honor your father and mother. Honor means to express respect and treat parents with dignity, even if you think they do not deserve it. It is a commandment with God’s promise of a good long life for you, if you obey. If you strike a parent or speak hurtful words to or about them, you will automatically receive a curse of death. You may not ever be best friends with your parents, but you must treat them properly. Some parents think their adult children still need their unsolicited advice, and ought to obey them even when those children are past twenty years of age. Many times adult children do not live the way they were raised “in the fear and admonition of the Lord”, but rest assured, the law of sowing and reaping will deliver their consequences. Be careful not to enable your adult children or you will get in God’s way when He is dealing with them. What you hear in this teaching could change you – so your relationships can improve. It might take a miracle, but our God is a miracle working God. Deliverance prayers of repentance, forgiveness, healing, restoration and the longed for ‘Blessings of a Father and Mother’ follow this teaching.

What is the Kingdom of God? Multitudes today have a battle going on inside of them and have not made their decision regarding the Kingdom of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Matthew 4:17 “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” ‘Repent’ means to change your thinking. ‘At hand’ means within your reach, it is right here, right now. In Matthew 5:21, Jesus commands His followers to change their thinking from adhering only to the law, but to expand and change their thinking and love their enemies! He gives examples of what those words mean, then tells us to bless them that curse us, do good to them that hurt us, and pray for them that despitefully use us and persecute us. That requires a change in our thinking alright. When we speak the truth about the Kingdom of God, we will join Jesus in the fellowship of His suffering. He is sending us into the world to preach His Kingdom, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons, freely. Receive His power and become a Son of God. That’s our commission, that’s our job. While doing so, remember to keep your thoughts focused, centered on Jesus Christ and not on the enemy of our souls. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Some demons came into us when we were born, some come from our own actions, some because the devil is a bully and wants to make sure we do not have a positive influence in the Kingdom of God. Each time you are set free from the control of an evil spirit, you will still be tempted, but you will have more power over that demon than it had over you. You will have many opportunities to use that power and say, NO! In the name of Jesus! Then set your mind on something else. It will require continued, rigorous, violent discipline of your mind. Satan wants you to hate yourself, so he will come and project to your mind thoughts of self-hatred. Just start praising God for the opposite of what the devil is trying to put on you. He tempted Jesus. He will tempt you. That’s his job. He’ll be back. He’ll try again, and again. Take those thoughts of doubt and unbelief captive and bring them into the obedience of Christ and stand your ground. The ark is a type and shadow of Jesus Christ where we can run into and be safe. He is drawing all men unto Him. But there is a day coming when the ark will be shut and there will be no more entrance. Multitudes are standing in the Valley of Decision. Choose whom you will serve.

Ephesians 5:14 Church, wake up and arise from the dead! Walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time; diligently, cautiously with watchfulness, guard against surprise and danger, with steady application and care, not negligently. The spiritual warfare we are engaged in requires daily, hourly, extraordinary Christianity. Prove your faith by obeying God when the crisis of testing comes. Encourage yourself in the Lord your God, just as King David did. These are some of the scriptures that keep Carla on level ground: Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 33:3, Exodus 15:6, Psalm 16:8, Psalm 16:11, Psalm 17:7, Psalm 18:35, Psalm 20:6, Psalm 44:3, Psalm 48:10, Psalm 60:5, Psalm 63:8, Psalm 89:13, Psalm 98:1, Psalm 138:7, Song of Solomon 8:3, Isaiah 41:10. You can live by sight and circumstances, or you can rely on the Word of God. Employ ministering and warring angels to help you in a mighty way. Live with faith, believing that your prayers are being answered right now. Carla demonstrates how to bind, loose, rebuke, and render the enemy powerless in the name of Jesus Christ. Church, take dominion, and conquer!

Carla’s message is given out of her love for Jesus Christ and God’s people. It is a study on the subject of the current trend of Christians to conform to Jewish rites and ceremonies and incorporate them into their spiritual life. Matthew 24:4 Take heed that no man deceive you. The Word is talking about the Spirit of anti-Christ. “He is anti-Christ that denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, come in the flesh.” Jesus’ brethren hated Him because He spoke against their traditions, making the Word of God of none effect. Are we in danger of leaving our first love? Jewish people are still waiting for their Messiah. As Christians we should be so joyful, so prosperous, so healthy, so peace loving and so blessed that they would be chasing us down to know our Jesus. Some have believed. We better stick with the Holy Scriptures, not the TV Church’s, prayer shawls, minorahs, and the like. Search out the origins of the Star of David. If you trust in anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, you are involved in witchcraft. Jesus came to fulfill and replace all these things which have enthralled so many. Jesus Christ is all we need. Cast out the anti-Christ spirit. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

We are walking in a world full of filth, so we need to be diligent about cleansing ourselves of those things which weigh us down and affect us. Let us ask the Lord to search our hearts and let the light of His Holy Spirit shine in us to reveal those areas which need cleansing. It is critical to deal with forgiveness. Maybe we are holding on to even some small offenses. We are actually collecting “junk” in our “dump”, wounds hidden away and festering. This can be a spiritual thing that works out in our flesh and might cause a physical illness. Forgiveness is a stern requirement of God. If we do not forgive others, we will not be forgiven. What is standing in the way of our being healed and made whole? It might be our self in need of forgiveness. Also, be on guard against judging others. “I would never do that.” What we judge about others, the same will be delivered to our house. Ask God to show us what we have judged so we can have that “purchase order” cancelled. The speck we see in someone else’s eye is a reflection of the mote in our eye. We must humble ourselves so we do not become proud, self-righteous Pharisees. His grace is sufficient for us. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

In this message Carla shares with us her spiritual insights into the nature and symptoms of Autism, Arrested Development, and other developmental learning disabilities. We learn how to pray for the deliverance and healing of these afflicted children. ‘Arrested Development’ means that the advancement toward completion or perfection has been hindered or restrained. This condition could be due to trauma in the womb. The baby there is very sensitive and they know when Mommy is frightened, upset, or sick. A person’s mental and emotional age will be ‘arrested’ when they experience trauma. Arrested development can come to children who are molested, who endure physical or sexual abuse, incest, accidents, sickness or events they can not deal with. God taught Carla how to pray for children with Autism and Arrested Development. She explains that Autism is like a prison. The child has been taken captive and is a prisoner of war. She would anoint the child with oil, speak to the brain’s, electrical impulses, eyes, mind. Several children have been delivered and healed of Autism through prayer. Learn who you are in Christ, take dominion and expect miracles. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD12-8 – Carla Butuad – THE PRODIGAL
Before Carla brings forth these truths, she prays for the spirits of comfort, encouragement, hope and peace to parents in the congregation. Many of our children are in overt sin and rebellion. It is disturbing to realize that often times the things they are doing openly are things we did in secret. As you listen to this teaching and conviction hits your heart, repent immediately. Just say, “Lord, forgive me. I did that.” They are ‘giving in marriage’ which means ‘neglecting to marry’. Many babies are born out of wedlock. As with any unwanted child, an anti-Christ curse of the bastard corrupts these little ones. As time goes on, they might become a prodigal child. Luke 15’s prodigal got weary of being under authority, demanded his inheritance and left home. This father was not an enabler. He did not try to keep his son from leaving, did not follow after him, or inquire after him. “Prodigal” means given to extravagant expenditures of resources, spendthrift. Then there came ‘a mighty famine’ in that Prodigal. No man gave unto him. He came to the end of himself, repented and returned to his Father. Lay your prodigal on God’s altar and trust them to His everlasting love. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD12-12A – Carla Butaud – WHAT TO EXPECT 1-of-2
15LHCD12-12B – Carla Butaud – WHAT TO EXPECT 2-of-2
– Carla gives practical instruction on what to expect when we get back home from a camp meeting. The devil has lost ground and he does not like it. He sends spirits of ambush, backlash and retaliation against us. We must bind them, break their power and tell them to shut up and go in the name of Jesus. We will have to fight the lying spirit which can make a person lie but it also stands between people and tangles their communication. If a person is new to the “ministry of the casting out of demons” and does not understand how a Christian can have a demon inside of them, listen to Carla’s teaching on “Grave Clothes”. ( 08LHCD5-6A & 6B) Demons are relentless in their determination to make an open shame of us. Demons of witchcraft are listening to our every word and designing assignments against us. In addition to routine prayers we must do intense spiritual warfare to protect ourselves and our families. Every day bind and break all word spoken curses coming from the kingdom of darkness, and many coming from charismatic witches. Break evil soul ties. We must learn our authority in Christ and how to use the weapons of our warfare. We are at war. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


Carla begins this teaching by taking authority over the strongmen and evil spirits assigned to interfere with the hearing and doing of the Word. I Cor. 11:27-32 “If we will judge ourselves we will not be judged.” To judge: examine, test, discern. Tell the Lord you are sorry for your sins. You are forgiven and the slate is clean. Eph. 4:26-27. “Be angry and sin not. Do not let the sun go down on your anger.” We must learn to forgive offenses immediately or we will be thrown into prison with our tormentors. Not forgiving is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. If you judge somebody, it is like writing a purchase order for that very thing to be delivered to your house. Pray for people and lift them up to the Lord. Let the purchase order be lost in the mail. The splinter you see in them is a reflection of the beam in your own eye. So often we hold people up to a standard that we can not achieve. Also, be on guard against religious, anti-Christ spirits which dispute and pervert the Word of God. Do not give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, but search the Scriptures. In the end, the only acceptable motive for serving God and others is to shed abroad His love in our hearts.

16LCCD2-6A – Carla Butaud – CLAIM YOUR INHERITANCE 1-of-2
16LCCD2-6B – Carla Butaud – CLAIM YOUR INHERITANCE 2-of-2
What God wants to do is move us from the place of asking for healing over to the place where healing is. Jesus said, “It is finished!” So receive healing by faith. Your circumstances do not dictate truth. Carla leads the ladies in a powerful prayer to break generational curses and to dismiss familiar spirits coming down the blood lines. You are going to have to work and fight for what belongs to you, to claim your godly inheritance of divine health. Carla cautions us that when we come into these end times, there will be “healings” that will not be of the Lord. Be careful what and who you put your faith in, what and who you trust. Is Jesus Christ really your all in all? Carla recounts several of her personal life experiences of how Jesus taught her to believe and trust in Him. It was Jesus who was wounded for our moral corruption. Say, “Jesus shed every drop of His blood for me. Whatever my infirmity, He took it on the Cross for me. By His stripes I am healed. He bore my griefs…depression, anxiety, continued pain or distress, disease, misfortune and loss. That is His inheritance for me. I claim and fight for my rightful inheritance.” Tell satan you are probating the Will. Prayers for healing conclude this teaching.

Carla starts basic deliverance by teaching us how to break generational curses as well as other demonic assignments. This puts us into position to receive all that God has for us. It is written in Matt 12:29 and Mark 3:27 that we each have a strongman, a demonic force sent by the enemy to have rule over our life. We bind that strongman and break his power so we can eradicate his influence and spoil his house. The Keys to the Kingdom, as named in Matt 18:18, belong to us so we can live a powerful Christian life. Carla comes against idolatry and death curses in our lives. John 11:44 “Lazarus was dead, bound head and foot with grave clothes and came forth.” Nehemiah 1:5 is a cleansing prayer of repentance to break generational curses of sin and death. Carla leads the congregation in prayers of confession and continues to break generational curses, evil soul ties, and death curses which include aging, a slow, gradual diminishing of life. The death curse is the ruler of all infirmities. Psalm 91:3 speaks of a “noisome pestilence”, meaning “any ill smelling, infectious, contagious disease or virus.” Receive your healing, the finished work that Jesus Christ accomplished by His stripes and death on the Cross.

We need to know what satan’s legal grounds are and break them off of us. Generational curses come down our blood lines because of the sins of our ancestors. Powerful ruler spirits are assigned to hold each of us hostage. The death of Lazarus symbolizes us before we were born again. Our sins are the grave clothes which defile us. Those grave clothes prevent us from living our Christian life. Jesus Christ comes and calls us to “Come forth!” Humbly repent and burn those filthy rags in the fire of God’s delivering power! Carla leads us in a prayer to deal with hindering, blocking, lying and perverse spirits that hinder the hearing and understanding of the teaching of the Word. The spirit of offense causes us to rise up against the move of the Holy Spirit in us as we seek deliverance. The anti-Christ spirit wants to dispute the Word of God. Very often our forefathers made oaths, covenants and dedications on our behalf. Familiar spirits are attached to these word curses. Psychics communicate with familiar spirits and operate in the spirit of divination, known as Python. Keen spiritual discernment shows us when we are dealing with psychic witches. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-5 – Carla Butaud – THE CURSE OF TAMAR
This teaching is about breaking desolation off people’s lives. It comes in through the Curse of Tamar. There are so many beautiful, single Christian women who want to be married but have no prospects and they remain desolate. Read II Samuel 13 and learn what happened to Tamar. Amnon, her half-brother, was ‘sick with love’ (lust) for her. He knew that a relationship with her was off limits (rebellion), but he was driven by temptation (obsession). An evil spirit had taken him over. Amnon deceived her (plotted a conspiracy with seducing spirits) and forced her to lay with him (rape). Then he hated her (anger, resentment, bitterness, shame, self-hatred .. the familiar spirits of a rapist) with hatred greater than the love he had for her (betrayal). The devil lured him into sin, then mocked and reviled him for succumbing to evil. Tamar was totally devastated. No more virginity, beautiful garments, hopes or dreams for this Princess. From that day she lived a lonely life of exile in her brother Absalom’s house. Years later, Absalom plotted and conspired to have Amnon killed (revenge and murder). The iniquities of the father, King David, were visited upon his children. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

A curse is a source or cause of evil, an open door that allows evil spirits to come into us. When you break a curse, you shut the door to prevent the entrance of more spirits. Genesis 12:10 and 26 tells how Abraham’s sins were repeated in his son…fear and lies. The sins of King David continued to happen in his sons’ lives … a forbidden sexual encounter and murder. Break the generationally inherited curses that have come down your father’s and mother’s bloodlines … sicknesses, weaknesses, bad habits, infirmities, vices, addictions, expressions and mannerisms … break them now in Jesus’ name. Give leave to the familiar spirits that have followed the curses down the blood line and attached themselves to you. Break evil soul ties with people and send their soul and spirit back to them. Call your soul and spirit back to you, cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ. Then enjoy having a mind that is no longer scattered and confused and a life that is not ruled by curses. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD7-6A – Carla Butaud – ORDER, POSITION, AUTHORITY 1-of-2
16LHCD7-6B – Carla Butaud – ORDER, POSITION, AUTHORITY 2-of-2
Carla begins this teaching with a thorough and powerful prayer of binding and loosing. She reminds us that obedience will always open the door to blessings and miracles. Definitions: ‘Order’ means to arrange in an orderly manner, to assign, dispose to a certain position or lot, appoint, ordain, an established mode of proceedings. ‘Position’ means state of being placed, a situation. ‘Authority’ means legal power or right to command, rule, sway, to have or wield full privilege over, prominence, figuratively superior in rank, character, excellency, as a prince over subjects or a parent over children. God is a God of order. He expects His order to be fulfilled in the earth, the family and the church. Ephesians 5:23-24. Order in the home requires that husbands love, honor, protect, nourish and cherish their wives. Wives will then find it joy to reverence, be in awe of, revere, respect and obey them. Then Carla deals with God’s desire for order regarding sexual identity. Everything must be done God’s way. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

We need to know who we are in Christ and how to do spiritual warfare. Prayer is addressing God and spiritual warfare is addressing the enemy. Carla begins her teaching with the prayer of confession found in Nehemiah 1:5-11. She explains the meaning of generational curses and how they are like grave clothes which bind us and keep us from living the Christian life successfully. Unfortunately, the ministry of casting out evil spirits is being neglected in the churches. That is why Christians are so oppressed by the devil with spirits of poverty, infirmities, abuse, addictions, divorce and death, to name just a few. Throughout this teaching Carla guides the congregation in prayers to break the power of generationally inherited curses and gives leave to the familiar spirits that accompany them. These familiar spirits seek to guide us contrary to the plans and purposes that God has for our lives. She deals with the importance of forgiveness, the danger of judging others and how to break soul ties. This is stripping off grave clothes.

16LHCD9-5A – Carla Butaud – SINS THAT BRING A CURSE OF DEATH 1-of-2
16LHCD9-5B – Carla Butaud – SINS THAT BRING A CURSE OF DEATH 2-of-2
The plan of demons is to torment you and keep you from living. Familiar spirits travel down family blood lines through generational curses. These include sins such as sexual perversion, incest, abortion, child abandonment, murder, spiritual adultery (participating in witchcraft and the occult), which are some of the sins that bring a curse of death. Even if you have not ever participated directly in them, you will suffer the effects and consequences of the sins of your ancestors. Your blood line needs to be cleansed from these curses and the familiar spirits that accompany them. On the other hand, if you have knowingly committed these sins, satan has his greatest power in the area of your secrets. He will spiritually blackmail you. Confess and repent of these sins of disobedience and rebellion which keep you separated from God. Break the curse of death that has come upon you. Because of Jesus’ blood and death on the Cross, you are forgiven and cleansed of all unrighteousness and made whole as you repent. Without Repentance there is no remission of Sin. Deliverance prayers are ministered throughout this teaching.

THE “IT” FACTOR – Personality is that which constitutes an individual, a distinct person, individuality. Demons have personalities. If you do not know that “it” is a demon, then you think “it” is you. We have many “things” coming down the generational lines that define who we think we are, but that is not who God created us to be. Disorder means lack of order, tumult, commotion, disturbance, agitation, usually accompanied with great noise or uproar, confusion, violence, irregularity in the functions of the brain, derangement of the intellect, disturbed natural functions, sickness. You can begin to know “it”, what evil spirit you are dealing with, by the way “it” acts. “It” acts the same in every person. Without the ministry of casting out demons there are only three things you can do with “it”…medicate a person, punish with jail time, or take authority and cast “it” out. Break the power of generational curses, familiar spirits and soul ties, forgive, repent, and be set free. Go for the miracle! Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


17LCCD2-1 – Carla Butaud – EXPLORING PRAYER
Carla wants to help people learn to pray so they do not have to explore by trial and error as she had to do. When she first began to learn about prayer, she was not sure where her prayers were going or if they were being heard. But she learned God does hear and answer our prayers. She shares many of the foundational Scriptures that helped develop her prayer life. Learning to pray is a process. Know that God will help us along with dreams and visions. Nothing will be impossible to us if we have even just a little bit of faith, like the size of a grain of mustard seed. Be specific in your requests to the Lord and be assured that He fights for us. In the spirit realm, ministering and warring angels are all around us, so be encouraged. If we seek God with all our heart, we shall find Him. Ultimately, we are to do the very same things Jesus did on this earth…preach the gospel of the Kingdom, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons in the Name of Jesus Christ. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

17LCCD2-5A – Carla Butaud – WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST 1-OF-2
17LCCD2-5B – Carla Butaud – WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST 2-OF-2
You need to know your place in God’s Kingdom and what His purpose and plan is for you. Until you know who you are in Christ, you will never be able to do what He has called you to do. Your flesh and weaknesses will get in the way and you will think you are how others define you. Find out who God says you are. Go to your Bible and read it out loud to yourself. When you read what the Word says you are, it is recorded in your brain by way of your eyes and your ears. You have a brain in your spirit man called the mind of Christ. You are the righteousness of God because of Christ Jesus who lives in you. He sees you as holy, a living sacrifice unto Him. First and foremost, your purpose is to be conformed to the image of Christ Jesus. Rest in Him and He will do it. There is a timing and preparation involved. The devil will be unrelenting is his attempts to frighten and distract you and get you to back off from finding out who you are in Christ. Your identity is revealed in Holy Scripture. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Jeremiah 1:9-10 Tells about spiritual nations, kingdoms of darkness in this land that we are commanded to destroy in order to build and plant in the Kingdom of Light. We are to break up our fallow ground until He comes and reigns righteousness upon us. Understand that after we are saved and baptized, we need the ministry of deliverance. Our own righteousness is as filthy rags and we “stinketh”. We are bound hand and foot with grave clothes such as the generational curses we were born with and the consequences of our own sins. I Corinthians 6:19 reminds us that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and it was bought with a price. Matthew 21:12 tells us that Jesus had to cast the money changers out of the Holy Place, the Inner Court of His temple, His House of Prayer. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and we are to do the same, violently, with energy and force. Force means go after it and do not stop until you obtain it. Set your plow deep and break up your fallow ground. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Satan is identified clearly as the enemy – using people as his instruments. We need to know who we are dealing with, we need to know how to deal with who we are dealing with, and we need to understand and know who we are in Christ. You are going to find yourself “beat up” – until you understand who you are in Christ. Then you can say, “No way! Jesus Christ got the victory and I’m walking in that victory. It belongs to me.” In dealing with generationally inherited curses, it is important to realize that these are curses that have fallen on us through our ancestors. We were born with some of them – they are in the bloodline. Carla explores and teaches on a number of inherited curses that hinder us from living our Christian life successfully. She leads the congregation in prayers of deliverance for each curse she addresses.

17LHCD5-3A – Carla Butaud – SINS UNTO DEATH 1-OF-2
17LHCD5-3B – Carla Butaud – SINS UNTO DEATH 2-OF-2
Carla says she gets flack from people that say, “All you ever talk about are bad things, curses, and all that stuff. You know there are blessings too!” She responds by saying, “Yes, that’s true but are the blessings giving you any trouble?” It’s the sins, the curses and the bad things that we have to deal with because they are what are hindering us in our Christian lives. They are what are keeping us from entering into many more blessings!!! This teaching is based on Leviticus 20 and ties into 1 John 5:16. Deliverance is a process and this teaching and the accompanying ministry can take another layer off!

Carla shares that nothing has affected her life more, (other than getting saved) than the message of deliverance. It opened the door for change – to be set free from the things she didn’t like about herself – things she had tried to get rid of and couldn’t. People come to camp to be set free from things. In this message Carla teaches about deliverance blockers. These are things that will block your deliverance. She deals with these things the first night of camp so that all the other messages can have their deepest, best work in you (the listener). This is a wonderful message, both for those new to the deliverance ministry and for you who have experienced much deliverance. Are you where you want to be in the Lord? This message could provide the key you have been asking for from the Lord. Ministry is included.

17LHCD7-8A – Carla Butaud – THE CURSE OF THE BASTARD 1-of-2
17LHCD7-8B – Carla Butaud – THE CURSE OF THE BASTARD  2-of-2
Carla opens with a very thorough prayer covering the participants in this meeting…a prayer for our participation, protection and understanding of the works of the enemy in order that we may be set free. She then explains exactly what a curse is… a doorway for spirits to come in and out. We want to get rid of this doorway and stop the enemy from having access to our person. Galatians 3:13 tells us that we have been redeemed from the curse of the law…that Jesus Himself was made a curse for us. The curse of the bastard was a 10 generation curse. The problem arises because it was a very shameful thing and wasn’t discussed openly, allowing a continuation throughout the family line. Neither has it been dealt with because of ignorance of the curse, misunderstanding or unbelief. After a very thorough exposure of the works of the enemy through the bastard curse, she leads us in very powerful prayer of deliverance. There is complete freedom from this curse through Jesus.


18LCCD2-1 – Carla Butaud – SLAYING THE DRAGON
Carla shares various Scriptures to lay the ground work to expedite the deliverance during the conference. There are some things that can block one’s deliverance and generational curses are one of them. For those who don’t understand, a curse is a doorway that allows other spirits in. If you take care of the curse, then when you cast the spirits out, they can go. She shares the importance of understanding the name of Jesus and the power in that name when it comes to casting out demons. It is time to learn to do warfare in the spirit realm. You don’t have to be afraid. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood – against that person that is giving you trouble – against what is going on in the church, community or nation – we wrestle against principalities and powers – demons! If it’s not flesh and blood we’re wrestling with, that means we must know how to defeat the enemy in the spirit realm. Husbands and wives have a unique authority over each other. (1 Cor. 7:4) Emphasis is put on the vital need to forgive. That is one of the biggest “deliverance blockers” we can have. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

One of the enemy’s job is to torment. He is a bully and he is very good at it. God showed Carla the process of how tormenting spirits work. It starts with a thought that comes from a lying spirit. And you don’t like the thought. Then you find yourself arguing with the thought. That causes a conflict in your brain. You think the thought is your’s, not realizing it’s the devil, a tormenting spirit. So this conflict produces fear which produces chemicals in your brain which has an effect over your whole body. It affects your blood pressure, heart rate, digestive system – everything in your body. And it produces a “feeling”. Now you’re starting to “feel” this way or that way. And we, as humans like to “share” our feelings. You start hearing things like “I just feel like” … blah, blah, blah. Satan has already projected thoughts towards you, now you have expressed the feelings with your mouth. There’s much more to be explained here and Carla does a much better job teaching it than we can summarize! Bottom line, she wants you to understand how these tormenting spirits work, so you don’t have to be victim to them. Deliverance prayers and ministry are included with this message. 

18LHCD7-4 – Carla Butaud – THE SPIRIT OF SUICIDE
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It comes at a time when you think you can’t go any further and the enemy is telling you the same thing. He is right there to push you into whatever your idea is. Suicide is an evil spirit. Scripture is given to establish that Jesus is all about life, and satan is all about death. In Matthew, chapter 4, it is revealed that satan tried to get Jesus to commit suicide. Jesus is our remedy to overcome that treacherous spirit. The more the Word of God you have in you, the less likely you are to be deceived. (Heb 4:12) Carla shares both Old and New Testament examples of when this self-destructive spirit accomplished its goal. Various sources of where the spirit of suicide comes in are examined. Even Christians can be plagued with a “give-up” spirit, disguised by saying “I just wish Jesus would come back!” Some of the drugs that people are given to battle depression and other problems can produce symptoms of suicidal thoughts. The enemy would prefer that you not expose him, but remember this is a spirit that has to be cast out! A very timely message which gives significant opportunity to receive deliverance ministry. Choose life!

18LHCD7-7A – Carla Butaud – THE PROMISES OF PROSPERITY 1-of-2
18LHCD7-7B – Carla Butaud – THE PROMISES OF PROSPERITY 2-of-2
Carla begins by stating God has been preparing this message in her for 10 years. She likens it to a big puzzle with many different pieces and when they all come together they create the picture in the puzzle. Some Scriptures have been misused and abused over the years and we have been robbed of the true blessing of the promises of God that are in these Scriptures. The traditions of man make the Word of God of none effect. Example: Most Americans go to church on Sunday and if they feel sick they call the doctor on Monday – instead of calling for the elders to pray and anoint. We follow along with her as she describes various pieces of the puzzle. The primary puzzle piece described in this message is prosperity. Citing the miracle of the loaves and fishes we see God’s abundant provision – not just for the needs but with extra. He didn’t give us just one apple seed. The seed produces a tree, with hundreds of apples and hundreds more apple seeds! Everything about God and His Kingdom is multiplication. The key is where we put our trust and who we are seeking after. Can He trust you? Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

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