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Ish Payne

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07LHCD4-1 – Ish Payne – FIGHT OR FLIGHT
Ish brings this excellent teaching with very informative, true life, examples. He begins by saying he doesn’t want us to believe anything he says unless 2 conditions are met. 1) It has to line up with the Word and 2) Make sure it lines up with your spirit. In this hour God is trying to equip an army of men, women and children to rip chains off people. Is God for you or against you? Probably 80% of the church doesn’t believe that He is for us. And God does want us to know what He thinks. Do we have an enemy? Can we know how he thinks? Absolutely, we can know from John 10:10. It says the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy you and your family. Ish tells us a lot of what he is going to minister is in his book “Life in the Red Zone” which you can order from LHBC. Ministry is about relationships. Relational problems bring on other problems. The first thing the devil does is he deceives you. He does this by making you listen. You’ve got to hear something. Second, after he got us deceived, he wants to get a foot hold in our life. When the foot hold is established you are not just hearing what is going on, you are listening. Third, you are living it; it has become a part of you and your lifestyle. Deliverance is a lifelong process. We are always only as free as our next choice. If you live in fear you’ve made satan bigger than our God and he is NOT. In his book, “Life in the Red Zone”, Ish and his wife have created a Red Zone Chart he says is copyrighted, which means you have the right to copy it. He explains a quick synopsis of this chart showing us peace or homeostasis in the green zone, where God designed you and me to live before the foundation of the world. At the top of the chart is Fight or Flight – the thing that God designed for you so that you can run and fight in times of trouble. The minute you lose your peace you are in fight or flight. On the middle of the chart is the Red Zone. He says this chart can affect your life and also a lot of other people. Living in the Red Zone is resisting the Holy Ghost. Through personal testimony he shows that comparison and competition put you in the Red Zone because you might never measure up. It is all about relationships. He shares a deep truth with us – “you better learn to love yourself” because “wherever you go, there you are”. He says he is trying to learn to be his own best friend. There are only 3 ways you can be broken: with God, with someone else or with yourself. Each story he has shared, in each case there is a broken relationship. If your relationship is broken between you and you, or you and someone else, it is automatically broken with God. If you don’t forgive yourself you are saying our sin is bigger than Jesus. Repentance is agreeing with God. God said it and that’s what I need to do about it. Ish closes this teaching with prayer and deliverance recitation with the congregation.

This message begins in Mt 6:33 with a question to the listener, “Who is ruling in your life?” His rule is His Kingdom. Ish speaks of the Glory of God and uses personal experiences to illustrate His Glory being revealed in everyday events when Jesus is within us. The latter part of this teaching is taken from his book, “The Red Zone”. The body only does what it is told and what is going on in our brain is what happens in our body. He describes how continual stress (unforgiveness) can destroy our immune cells and shares how a woman who, after forgiving, became free of Fibromyalgia. The service concluded with many coming forward for prayer to heal heart issues.

This was a unique and heart warming service. Ish called Glen to the front and had him sit before the congregation. He then used a different minister to explain the individual offices of the five fold ministry – showing how God has used Glen in all of these offices. Geri McGhee profiled the Evangelist – concluding Glen is used to convert others to Christ. Carla Butaud outlined the Pastor and said Glen is available and sees to the needs of the flock. Darlena Fields offered explanation of the Teacher and states that Glen teaches the things of the Lord. Phillip Fields portrayed the Prophet as a seer, one who sees what other people cannot or are unwilling to see. Prophets take a stand and do something about what God tells them to do. The Prophet has discernment to separate light and darkness. And certainly Glen has fulfilled that office time and time again. Ish describes the Apostle as a birthing ministry and said signs, wonders and miracles must follow. Suffice to say, LHBC has birthed untold numbers of ministries and only eternity will reveal the signs, wonders and miracles that were done as a result of Bro. Glen’s obedience to do what God called him to. Ish then presented Glen with a hand-crafted rod he made and the group washed Glen’s feet. Ish then brought a teaching on perception versus reality. The foundation of faith must be right or you will be living in a performance type all your life. God always loves unconditionally. Every part of your being exhibits one kingdom or the other. People will remember what you do – not what you say. He states what you see about your earthly father is what you see about God. What you see about your mother is what you see about the church. This service concludes as uniquely as it began. Ish and Geri stand before the congregation to represent a father and a mother. They ask individual forgiveness for a multitude of sins, and the congregation individually forgives. A father’s and mother’s blessing was then prayed. There was a deep work done in a number of saints in the congregation. One lady was so tremendously touched, that the next day she didn’t even look the same – there had been such a transformation by the power of God. The anointing rests on this and will minister to you.

10LHCD5-4A – Ish Payne – WARFARE COMMITMENT 1-of-2
10LHCD5-4B – Ish Payne – WARFARE COMMITMENT 2-of-2
Neh. 4:14-17, Ezek. 22:30 God is bringing people together who have little in common except Jesus. When we come into God’s army, become changed into a person of honor, He wants us to move on as one new man. You will never be a leader until you follow a leader. We must experience the furnace of shared hardships. We must learn to operate in the kingdom. It’s not all about you. If you’re a wounded soldier, you will need others to care for you. We must bind together to take on a common enemy. We grow up by neglect—of everything but Jesus. We are being put in a place where the only important thing to hear is the voice of God. As the church we must not only really love each other, we must love all those that God loves..

Joseph was trained as a prince – not as a warrior. However, he became the ultimate warrior. Our perception becomes reality. Deut. 1:23 Their murmuring brought their circumstances. This teaching has a very dramatic story of the abuse of a young lady by various father figures that is involved in his ministry. Getting saved did not take away the result of the abuse immediately. However, God has little by little set her free. She has been happily married to a pastor for 11 years. Ish and Carla stood in at the end of the service for our mother and father – asking forgiveness and praying a blessing on us.


  *** New mp3 Audio This Month ***

New – LHBC Camp Meeting Coming – New
Every day at camp there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer!

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