1986 Spring Camp Meeting

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1986 – Spring Camp Meeting
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Jack Harris
Gospel of The Kingdom
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Tommy Cook
Gospel of the Kingdom
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*Jack Harris – and **Tommy Cook – BRINGING FORTH THE CHRIST
*Hear, O house of the Lord, and know of a truth that you are a privileged people this night.” The messages that came forth in this camp meeting will never be heard in most churches around the country. Even now He is raising up a company of people that shall bind the strongman and plunder his goods, until there is a remnant of people that are brought forth into the fullness of the manifested Christ. It is unfortunate to get entangled with various concepts that bring no life, says Bro. Harris. What matters are the mechanics that make the concepts work! **Benjamin was “the son of the right hand,” and Rachel was said to be in hard labor bringing him forth. The Christ who is coming forth within us will be wrought with much “hard labor” in the Spirit. There are obstacles at every turn. The enemy is roaring in our midst. He’s done damage within the sanctuary. However, there is a visitation of God coming forth upon the land. His anger and wrath will be evidenced and the bad fruit will be cast into the fire, but He’ll bring forth a mighty and strong people in His image and his likeness and His Kingdom shall be established.

Jack Harris
Gospel of The Kingdom
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Tommy Cook
Gospel of the Kingdom
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86LHCD3-2 – *Jack Harris – ON TO DELIVERANCE
(Also on this service is – **Tommy Cook – 5 WAYS WE ARE TESTED)
(Jack) – *And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world and then shall the end come. Not just the gospel of salvation, but the gospel of the kingdom! The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. We are in a period of gestation, a time of preparation and screening, awaiting the time of full birth being truly born again, no longer sinning. (Tommy) – **God allows many things to happen in our lives to mature us. Testing is part of our growth as a Christian. He gauges our reactions to failures, successes, furnaces of affliction, temporary feelings of loss of his presence, and His allowing the enemy to operate in our land. This last testing is the focus of this CD. God will permit the enemy to try and influence you to see what your response will be. You choose whether to learn from it or be defeated by it.

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2
The Founders of LHBC – 1975 – 1993
Gene & Earline Moody 
Deliverance Ministry

Forbidden practices of the occult (spiritual fornication): enchantments, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, wizardry, necromancy (praying to dead saints), charming, stargazing, and astrology will deprive you of God’s best. If your focus is to rule and reign with Jesus then you must continually submit to deliverance to stay in focus! God’s provision for deliverance makes reaching complete maturity in Him attainable. Many invaluable experiences have been God’s teaching tools to bring forth discernment here at the camp. God considers pride an abomination and He will destroy us if we don’t repent. Many mature Christian teachers and leaders fall in pride – wanting to exalt themselves and their own ministries with some great, new revelation, which ironically is usually a gross error. Signs following were evident, with the demons crying out with loud voices as they vacated many lives.

Tommy Cook
Gospel of the Kingdom
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86LHCD3-4 – Tommy Cook – MARKED OF GOD
There are many gatherings in the land today, but none quite as profound as this Passover gathering with the men of the congregation corporately presenting themselves before God The men, as priests of their families, were admonished to reach deeply into the crevices of the Almighty and to remove their eyes from what is temporal. It is an hour when God’s people should be more dedicated – not slack in examining themselves and asking: Where am I in Christ?” Stir up your spirits, reach deep within yourselves, and say, “Lord, here am I. Do a work in me.” In the day of great catastrophe, only those whom God is marking will be left standing. We are responsible to stay full of oil, to be ready for the bridegroom.

Jack Harris
Gospel of The Kingdom
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86LHCD3-5A – Jack Harris – FIRSTFRUITS OF THE KINGDOM – 1-of-2
86LHCD3-5B – Jack Harris – FIRSTFRUITS OF THE KINGDOM – 2-of-2
Unsearchable treasures of the kingdom of God are unfolded in this First Fruits message. God is calling those who are His, and if you are interested in heeding that call you won’t want to miss this message.

Gene & Earline Moody 
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Gene – Body – Cured And Healed By Deliverance – A

Earline – Keeping What You Have – Maintaining Deliverance – A

86LHCD3-6A *Gene Moody – HEALING BY DELIVERANCE 1-of-2
86LHCD3-6B **Earline Moody – HOW TO KEEP IT 2-of-2
Avail yourself to further understanding of deliverance in relation to healing. Gene lays the facts on the table, so to speak, with Scripture after Scripture of specific examples where healing occurred after Jesus cast out demonic spirits. The diversity of Jesus’ ministry brings healing in various forms. As we yield to the Holy Spirit, we too can be instruments of healing in ways other than you may have traditionally believed. ** 86LHCD3-6B 2-of-2 – Earline Moody – Deliverance is valuable in the kingdom of God only so long as you keep it. God’s part is fulfilled when the spirits leave. You choose to keep them out or allow them back in. Earline brings instruction on how to effectively keep the deliverance you receive, emphasizing the responsibility we have to control our thoughts and actions. We must know the commandments Jesus gave so we can discipline our minds and bodies. Many were delivered in this service from infirmity spirits, addictions, and powers that came in with the taking of drugs, etc. You too can be delivered as you hear this message.

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1975 – 1993
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1994 – 2008
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86LHCD3-7 – *Glen & **Erma Miller – CURSES THAT BRING SICKNESS
*God wants His people free! But are we? Most of us are so bound we don’t even know there is any other way to be. We think that is just the way we are, because that’s the way we’ve always been; not realizing the effect these many curses have on our lives. Jesus made the way of escape! When these curses are broken, and the evil spirits leave, you can think more clearly, function better, pray and praise more effectively – be a cleaner vessel for the Spirit of God to move through. Glen specifically deals with those curses that, according to the Word, are placed on us by God because of our own disobedience or that of our forefathers. **The young people especially listened attentively as Erma shared experience after experience of accidents and sicknesses where she found herself right at death’s door – only to be set free when the curse of death was broken off of her. Her grandmother invoked this curse upon her on the day she was born! Curses originate in various forms and the more we learn about them, the better able we are to get free and then help others to be set free. It’s time to get on with life and live in the fullness Jesus has for us!

Miscellaneous Speakers
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“Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works…and I will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” (Rev. 2) The dealings of God in Bro. Hood’s Christian walk are profitable to remind us all not to become so involved with the work of the Lord that we lose sight of the Lord of the work. The fruit of his obedience to return to the first works is obvious as the Holy Spirit moves through him intensely in the gifts of Word of Knowledge, Healing and Miracles.

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