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Published on: October 24, 2017

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Tom & Dianne Stone


09LHCD4-6 – Tom Stone – GOD’S LAW
God wants to share His power and His glory with the church today. Doing things our way leads to idolatry. Come out of the church into the Kingdom; but you cannot come without forgiveness. No forgiveness, no salvation. Put down your selfish desires. If the righteous are barely saved, where are the rest. This is serious war! Lev 11:1 God is speaking. Lev 18:1-30 – list of incest related sins. Every family has situations in ancestry. Sin messes with your immune system. Keep teaching God’s ways from the cradle to the grave. Look in the mirror, see your faults, sins, etc. and deal with them. That is how to be an overcomer. Every voice in this pulpit is breathing out life to you. Prov 19:19 a man of great wrath must be delivered many times. Witness means you were there. What kind of witness do you have? Teach, preach, show the Christ that is in you. Come up higher and live. Deliverance prayers and ministry conclude this message.

09LHCD5-9 – Tom Stone – THE LAW
We are dragging around baggage – our old self. There will be no old trunk or baggage in heaven. Mark 7:6 we are judge, pronouncer of the laws over us. We need to confess and renounce generational curses and be free. Repent, Jesus wants to make you whole like the one leper who returned to Jesus. We need a heart transplant. If you get free of anger and bitterness don?t go back and pick it up again. After a gall bladder is removed, the bitter gall remains and must be purged out to be made whole. What does your life put out? Murmuring and negative speech? The pride of life, lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes are killers. God’s Word is here to bring us into a personal relationship with Him. Repent of every little thing you have done. If you don’t deal with the person, or your problem, God will send you 10 more just like them or worse. Bind, loose and forgive. Tom shares a personal example of a childhood injury that resulted in anger and a physical problem. God keeps saying “grow up”, get on with the program. Today is a start of walking into the kingdom. Lev 17:10, Lev 17:1-15 ? blood made atonement for sin. Eating of blood – makes beastly violent behavior, opens to demons in the physical and Lupus. Lev 18:1, 5, 9, 30 – laws concerning the family. Through repentance, forgiveness, deliverance, you can be set free. Abstinence is the best answer concerning sexual sins. Meditate on God’s Word. A deliberate sin is iniquity. Repent, break covenant with all sin. Tom shares a personal experience of prayer for a house and casting out a demon of suicide that polluted the land and tormented the lady who moved in there. Keep God’s statutes and judgments and we will live and not die. Deliverance prayers follow.

09LHCD7-9 – Tom Stone – OBEDIENCE
It is important to not only know what God requires, but to do what His Word commands. There is grace, mercy and forgiveness available for repentance but sometimes we have to deal with the issues. It is easier to deal with the triggers than to reap the result after the fruit has come forth. In strife, the Holy Spirit departs. When we fight against God, we’ll always lose. God wants to look at us and see His own reflection. The kingdom of God is real and we can live there – now. Deliverance prayer follows.


10LCCD2-3 – Dianne Stone – WOUNDED SPIRIT
Lev 17:11 The life of the flesh is in the blood. Your soul is in the blood. Prov 14:30 Sin in your body causes sickness and death. But Neh 8:10 says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Prov. 18:14 tells us that a wounded spirit will manifest in our body. The blood of Jesus will set us free from all the old wounds. There is a secret place where we can dwell that is a safe haven – Ps. 91. Dianne gives many examples of problems in our lives and the results. However, Prov 4:23 says to keep our heart with all diligence. Are you preoccupied with your past? Jesus came to set us free. We no longer have to be victims! Deliverance follows.

10LCCD2-6 – Dianne Stone – IMAGINATIONS
We first are reminded to keep our priorities straight – God being first, then our spouses, children and church. We can stay in Him – in the secret place in the midst of all that seems wrong around us. Can our family see something of Jesus in our life? We must keep our eyes on the goal – the higher place. Don’t look back and take a chance on being crystallized like Lot’s wife. Neither can you daydream about the future. Live in the “now.” Stop imagining. The trials are for our benefit if we walk with Jesus. We lose when we quit. Count it all joy! Our imagination can take us where we think we want to go but the end may not be for our good.

Sin – whether it be yours or ancestral, messes with your immune system. Lev. 18 talks about sexual sin – incest in particular. God forbids any kind of sexual sin, including homosexuality and bestiality and there will always be a price to pay. Even if we are ignorant of the laws, we are going to suffer the consequences. However, God has made a way of escape – called repentance – whereby we may be free of the curse. We are to be a holy people. Deliverance from ancestral sexual sins follows teaching.

10LHCD5-11 – Tom Stone – GOD’S LOVE
How we’re treated as children has much to do with how we relate to God. If we have angry parents, we think God is angry. When we are neglected, we’ll think that God will not meet our needs. However, if we are nurtured by our parents, we can easily believe that God loves us. Our heavenly Father’s love is far greater than even the best parent’s. Ps 91 describes a secret place where we can dwell with God. Once we find that place, we will know what God’s love entails. It’s pleasant and comfortable. We are covered, protected, surrounded, and shaded by One who loves us unconditionally. Deliverance prayer follows message.

One of the ways a person is uncovered is to be unwanted. A child is aware of what is being said, even in the womb. But we need to know and understand that God ordained our birth and that we are wanted – by HIM! Jer 1:5 – We must renew our minds to that truth, forgive, remit sins and be reconciled. Unforgiveness keeps us bound to that relationship, keeping it strained and puts a barrier between us and the Lord also, keeping that relationship with Jesus distant. Much deliverance followed this teaching.

Tom says we were all born in witchcraft – in darkness, in Egypt, disobedience, rebellion – and we need to be drawn out just as Moses was drawn out of the water – Ex.2:10. Rebellion grieves God. Heb 3:17, Judges 10:16. If God was grieved with His people then, how must He grieve over this land today? We are all guilty of areas of unbelief today. We can be changed. We can be free of the past, free of the fear of tomorrow, free to be all Jesus has called us for, because He has already paid the price. Deliverance prayer follows.

We are never without hope when we’re trusting God. The weapons of our warfare are supplied – and they “are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” 2 Cor 10:4, We are to be “bringing into captivity, every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Even if there is incest between parents & children or between siblings or any other sexual indiscretion, we can be free. There are repercussions but there are also biblical remedies that we can access. No matter what our past has been, we have recourse. Stay clean and pure and “repented up.” Jesus came to set us free. Deliverance prayer follows. The DVD has some audio problems at the beginning.

10DELTRCD-3 – Tom Stone – SONS OF GOD
Who is your God? Ex 20:3 We are commanded not to have any other Gods before HIM. We can appreciate the creation and the blessings that God pours out on us, but He must first and foremost be our GOD. When we have other gods, we open the door to the enemy. Sometimes it may be sickness, sometimes fleshly weakness and sometimes we may see the results of our sin in our bloodline. But we can be sure, our sin will surface. Tom gives examples of those in scripture that sinned against God and reaped accordingly. Lev.18, 1-30. Deut 28 gives us the blessings that come when we do what God asks of us. We know also that our love for God is measured by our obedience to His word. We apologize that DVD audio difficulty prevents us from making a DVD of this service available..


11LCCD2-5A 1-of-2
Dianne Stone  The Ten Commandments in The New Testament 1-of-2
11LCCD2-5B 2-of-2
Dianne Stone  The Ten Commandments in The New Testament 2-of-2
Dianne begins with Ex. 20 – The 10 Commandments and then Mt. 7 – where Jesus is continuing His instruction on how to honor God and treat others. We are in this battle together, one body. She begins to connect the teachings of Jesus with the O. T. commands going back and forth between the old and New Testament. This is God’s work and it WILL be done His way. Dianne gives many, many scriptures defining the commands in the Word and telling us how vital it is to obey God. We are commanded to not only obey, but to obey with a pure heart and right attitude. She also points out the consequences to rebellion and disobedience. Be thankful to God because He is on your side. Love is the fulfilling of the Law. We obey Him because we love Him..

11LHCD7-13 – Tom Stone – BEGUILE
Beguile means to charm, to divert. This is the method of the enemy, to entice by falsehood, maybe not a total lie but just to color the truth enough to mislead. Sometimes this happens in relationships, friendships, marriage. We have been given power over the “liar” and we must use it in order not to be deceived. In addition, it is necessary to not only discern the truth, but to forgive when necessary. Otherwise we become bitter and angry, opening ourselves up to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Prov. 19:19 says a man of great wrath will be put in prison ? not a natural prison but we’ll be bound to the lie and the liar as well. Another issue we may deal with is pride, which according to Prov. 16:18 goes before destruction. Deliverance ministry follows at the end of the message.

11LHCD9-3 – Tom Stone – BEGUILE
The definition of “beguiled” is to influence, intentionally mislead, even to pass time pleasantly. Are we eating of wrong teachings? Are we being beguiled? Spend time with your children and have them tell you what they are being taught. Speak life to them when they come in from school. Speak life to each other. If there is hurt and disappointment in your children’s lives they will hurt other people. Command the evil forces to leave. Anxiety, fear and stress are companions to anger. We all have hot buttons that God wants to defuse. Anger allows a spirit of witchcraft to enter us. Holding on to the gall of bitterness may be a cause of gall bladder and liver problems just as mental disorders can come from generational sins. Evil words of betrayal spoken by angry family members can cause physical problems in us, even while these family members attempt to beguile us into believing all is well between us. God wants to set us free from all these things. We do not have to be in prison in our minds, sick or disabled. God is real and He forgives all. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

11LHCD11-1 – Tom Stone – Mind Wars 
Brother Tom shared his testimony. About 20 years ago, Jack Harris was ministering here at LHBC and the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell. Bro. Harris began to quote large passages of scripture. Tom was encouraged to ask for prayer and God healed and delivered him from an alcoholic spirit that day. God changed him and He can change us so we can go to war. He wants to put a yearning in us to become His “battle axe.” The battlefield is the mind. If we do not repent and go to war we will turn back and get into witchcraft. Forgive and be restored. Service ends with deliverance prayers.

If you were to die today could you stand before God with what you said or did last night? We need to be prayed up, repented up, ready. We must get all sin out of our lives. Let’s put away our aggressive attitude – the anti-Christ spirit. We have the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Hear what the Spirit says and speak God’s Words. Check to see if you have a religious spirit. If you do, there will be no fruit in your life. Jesus wants to see His image in us. Let’s get the beginning of a plan to start walking in the Spirit. “You shall have no other God’s before Me.” No graven images, no lust, no strong drink. These are idols. To get mad at a parent brings a death curse. As a Christian it is our responsibility to tell our nation: “Thou Shalt Not”. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Deliverance prayers conclude this message.


Be aware of your motives for getting deliverance. If you are really hungry for God your motives will be pure, not self-serving. In order to get out of your prison you can’t just go to a fellow-Christian and ask them to get the discernment of the Holy Spirit for you. YOU ask the Holy Spirit what is keeping you from moving on in God. Be compassionate when you try to understand what is keeping another person locked up. Could it be rejection, criticism, hurt, abuse, being lied to, molestation in mind or body. It all puts you in a prison that is almost impossible to get out of. Once in a while a well-meaning fellow-Christian will try to help you get out of your prison. They will be eager to tell you what demons you have. That comes from a spirit of judgment … the third eye. It is witchcraft. None of us is without sin. Do not be afraid to repent. Repentance stops the death angel from snatching you. Know His Word. Build up your faith in the Holy Ghost so what we say is not our words but His words. We are without excuse. We have within our bodies the ability to cause diseases or to be healed from them. Don’t sit down and entertain judgment. Learn to pray through. Get caught up in the presence of Jesus where time has no meaning. If you don’t like your life, ask God to recreate it. He will get you out of your prison..


New LHBC Camp Meeting Coming New
Every day at camp there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer!

Mind Wars 
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