JESUS Set Marie’s Broken Arm

Published on: March 3, 2015

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One Sunday after going to church, we decided to get Marie’s horse, King Fox, and go to Highland Park near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After enjoying an afternoon in the sun, we told Marie to ride back and stable the horse so that we could go to Sunday evening services. She rode thru the woods and we rode around the woods in our car.

When we got back to the stables, the horse was tied up and Marie was lying in a car. She had fallen off King Fox and broken her arm. Her face was white and her lips were blue. This shocked Earline and I but we had the presence of the Holy Spirit so we prayed for Marie; nothing happened outwardly.

After putting the horse in the stable and Marie in our car, we headed for home. We didn’t know whether to take her to the hospital or to the doctor or to depend upon God for healing. As we rode back home, the Lord quickened Psalm 37:23 to my mind, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord—“. I asked God to order our steps about what to do.

After we reached home, Marie sat in the car and felt of the bones in her arm. She could feel the dislocated broken bones. We called our family doctor, Dr. Lee, but he was out and his backup was not to be found either, PRAISE THE LORD! Earline said that one of us should be in the car with Marie.

I said I would go and went back to my study to get the anointing oil. As I came out, Earline said, “Go get your oil and pray for Marie”. God had given us a “Word of Wisdom” found in I Cor. 18:8, one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. We? were familiar with James 5:14-15 about anointing with oil and praying the prayer of faith. I then anointed Marie’s forehead, held her hand of the broken arm, and we all prayed again. Her arm tingled and she could feel the bones moving within the arm, PRAISE THE LORD!

We then took her to Doctor’s Memorial Hospital where she was x-rayed and attended by Dr. Kilroy, a bone specialist. He was a very talkative doctor and showed us the x-ray. He could see a complete break thru the shoulder socket. The bone was perfectly set and a chipped bone was perfectly in place. We told Dr. Kilroy about praying for her arm and he said that it was unusual to see that type of break and not have to set the bone.

He put a cast just past Marie’s elbow and said come back in three weeks. Earline and Marie prayed that she would be completely healed by then. Dr. Kilroy examined her and took another x-ray to prove she was not healed. PRAISE THE LORD, she was healed, the cast was taken off, and she rode King Fox three weeks after the arm was broken! Any doctor will tell you that it takes six to eight weeks to heal an ordinary break and longer for complicated breaks.

We had memorized a verse in church the Sunday before the accident, Jer. 32:27, “Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” The answer naturally is, no; God is not limited by our faith.

Since then I have heard of three other cases where God set the bones and I personally know two of the individuals.

The Lord taught us a number of lessons:

1. Anointing with oil is important to Him.

2. Place the blood of JESUS over your family everyday.

3. He will heal injuries as well as sickness.

4. Be ready to pray at all times.

To God be the glory, honor and praise for everything that was done.

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