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Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 1975 – 1993
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 1994 – 2008
The Founders of LHBC

ARK-STORY – By Glen & Erma Miller – The Arkansas Story
Lake Hamilton Bible Camp (LHBC) is a registered non-profit corporation. Our 501-C ID is 23-7394399. We’re located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was established by the Lord, in the early 1970s to be a place where families could come for prayer and to receive spiritual help. Glen and Erma Miller were given the responsibility of overseeing the Camp. They faithfully laid down their lives in obedience to that calling. Erma went to be with the Lord in October of 2002. Glen fervently pursued his calling to fulfill the purposes of God which have been ordained for Lake Hamilton Bible Camp until April 28, 2011, when at age 90, he went to be with the Lord. Merrill Miller is now President. Merrill and his wife, Barbara.  Merrill oversees the camp meetings, invites the speakers, and is doing a wonderful job.

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79LHCD12-2 – Erma Miller – FEAR NOT
Wonderful praise and worship are provided on the first half of this message. God’s promise “to be with us,” come what may, is a Word of life to our flesh.


80LHCD8-6A – Erma Miller – WHEN JESUS SAID LIVE 1-of-2
80LHCD8-6B – Erma Miller – WHEN JESUS SAID LIVE 2-of-2
The Spirit of God moves in the hearts and lives of those present as these words of life were shared, giving glory and honor to the Life giver, Jesus Christ. You too will be ministered to as you lend your ear to what is said.
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Erma Miller shares her testimony on this message and she also speaks of the plagues and the curses of Egypt that are told about in Deut. 28. It speaks of the blessings of obedience and curses of disobedience, and the curses which would overtake Israel if they were disobedient to God, His laws and commandments. Remember that we too can have either the blessings or the curses. It is our choice.

Wonderful Scriptures outlining God’s plan for us to be holy. We are to walk in holiness before the Lord; then we will automatically be walking in holiness before the world. We have to be a people that God can depend on in these last days. “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.” Unbelief will keep you from walking in the power and authority the Lord has for you. Tear into your hearts with honesty and allow the Holy Spirit to remove all unbelief. Ministry for deliverance from unbelief at the close of this message.


82LHCD4-3 – By Erma Miller – The Children Of Israel Our Example
I Cor 10 ignorance has caused many of us to sin because we have not known the Word of God. Erma tells of how she lived years in rebellion because she did not know any better and if they ever preached about deliverance she never heard it. She says many times you can hear the Word of God preached but the devil can shut up your mind. Rebellion rises up in all of us. The children of Israel are our example. In the Old Testament, they were called children of Israel – in the New Testament, they are Christians. Erma thinks we are right back in the predicament that the children of Israel were in. She says she does not want to be overthrown in the wilderness. She wants every bit of rebellion and the devil out of her. She wants to be without spot or wrinkle. God says all that call on Him will be delivered. Many of the things we call religion is of the devil. But we want to keep it until the Holy Spirit says, it is time you let that go. She thinks there is more idolatry in the body of Christ than any other spirit. We idolize preachers, Sunday school teachers, buildings, music, cars, boats, pleasure, football games, money, status symbols, homes, children, husband, wife, etc. Many times God says no that is evil. He says if you are covetous you are an idolater. God says He wants our attention. We are looking for an anointing that will break the yoke off of people. Jesus wants to set His people free and deliver us. He will set the captives free. The devil even lies to himself and says he is not coming out but he has to in the name of Jesus. She tells about fornication and murmuring. All these things happened to the children of Israel. They are our examples for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world have come and we are there right now. It is time that we sought the Lord. She shares personal experiences she had with evil spirits. An evil spirit will come out the way the Holy Spirit wants to kick him out. Always be tuned into what the Holy Spirit is saying. We overcome evil by doing good. When you are tempted you are not sinning based on when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. When you are tempted do not let the enemy tell you he is back in you, he is not. But if you yield to that temptation then you have sinned and allowed the evil spirit to come back into you. Ask Jesus to let His blood flow down over your heart and your mind and cleanse you. Do some good heartfelt repentance. Don’t just be a nambe pambie about repenting, REPENT! And then ask the Lord to give you the authority to cast that lying spirit out of you. Then praise God for a few moments and you will feel the anointing coming. Say, you devil, you liar, I bind you in Jesus’ name and command you to come out of me. Then do some real gut-level breathing out and they will come out. This is how to do self-deliverance. The devil is really more scared of us than we are of him. Don’t let those nests build up. When sin comes in to get it out right then! It takes strength to pray against the enemy but we must keep praying. Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be delivered is a promise we must hang on to. Cry out to the Lord and He will show you the things that need to come out of you little by little. Our main occupation should be to walk with Him. In closing, Erma calls people to come and get deliverance today and leads them in a prayer of repentance. She says look right at Jesus, He is your deliverer not me.

A look at Scriptures and God’s law as it relates to sexual sin and its activity in our lives today. Many have sat in church all of their lives but have never been taught what God has to say about this subject. Part of the reason Satan has so many inroads in our lives is that we have sinned in ignorance. God is bringing light upon these issues so His Army can get in line with His Word.

82LHCD4-24SAT – By Erma Miller – Moab-Incest
Erma says this teaching came out of an experience with a Moab spirit which is incest. It is so rampant in the US that it has to be dealt with publicly in the sanctuary. It is in every class of society. Incest can be between a father and daughter, a mother and daughter, a brother and sister, a grandfather and granddaughter, a grandfather and grandson, the teenage boy and his aunt. It is everywhere because sin is rampant in the nation. Gen 19:30 Lot and his 2 daughters committed incest. Both became pregnant. The firstborn son of the eldest daughter was called Moab, father of the Moabites. The firstborn son of the younger daughter was called Benammi, the father of the children of Ammon. In Deut 23:2, 3 – God put a curse on them. Israelites were to marry inside their tribe but not relatives and it is a law today in the US that you can’t and should not marry a relative. You can no longer do this because now you have heard it as being wrong. Men with lust in them and little girls who have a spirit of incest in them come together because the demons ally together and cause problems, so beware of that. The spirit of shame is of the devil. This is what Satan wants. God wants us to be set free but are we willing, to be honest with the Lord. Any of us who have had any background of 400 years of incest in us will have problems with sexual misdemeanors, masturbation, lewdness, sensuality, adultery, fornication, perverseness, whoredoms, being frigid, torment, and fear, etc.; all come with this. But God says He will deliver us; whoever calls upon the Lord shall be delivered. I Cor 5:1 taking your father’s wife is incest. Paul is reprimanding them because of fornication. Going to fortune-tellers is whoring after other gods which is spiritual fornication or adultery. I Cor 6:9-20 – these shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Erma gives an example unless we are in the Spirit and clean ourselves those things can transfer onto us. We are in the world but we are not of it. We must submit ourselves to God. She closes with a prayer of repentance to the Lord for our forefathers and for incest, fornication, adultery, etc. Glen Miller prays in breaking the curses also.

Erma begins with the scripture “not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth the Lord”. She says we don’t need mighty ministers, we just need to minister by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what is going to change your life. Matt 3:7 – underline “and with fire”. Erma prays that everyone will be baptized with the fire of the Holy Ghost before this teaching is over. We need lots of repentance and the Holy Ghost. Fire is the symbol of God. The baptism of the Holy Ghost will cause flesh to die out and the Holy Spirit to take over. Jesus and the Holy Ghost are compared to fire in the scriptures; also God’s messengers, angels. We have been destroyed because of lack of teaching, lack of our reading in the Word and lack of our praying in the Spirit. Erma give an illustration from when she worked at Lockheed to what God uses; He uses the water of the Word, the oil of the Holy Spirit, He uses His breath to breathe on us. But none of that would have ever made that airplane fly, all of these different ingredients, it took fire to fire up those engines and we need the fire of God to be fired up in us so that we can soar into the heavenlies. The way to get totally full of the Holy Spirit is to receive more. If you have a glass half full you have to put more in it to fill it up. She asks everyone to look at Jesus right now and say Lord give me a new flow of Your Spirit from the throne room. Say to the Lord “I am receiving the Holy Spirit”. She prays for everyone to receive and keep drinking in the Holy Spirit. Just a little bit of faith will do you. Just keep drinking in. Jer 23:29 – the Word of God is compared to fire. It is cleansing to you, it is fire. Zach 13:9 – this is the coming of the day of the Lord; we are tried once each day, tested. The Lord is my God. Acts 2:3 – the obedient ones stayed in the upper room until they received the Holy Ghost and were endowed with power. This was the promise Jesus gave them. A lot of people will not wait upon the Lord. We must have a daily walk with the Lord. Every day walking with Him, praying in the Spirit. You generate the fire of the Holy Ghost by praying in tongues. That is your generator and it makes this fire. Erma gives an exhilarating plea for all present to receive more of the Holy Spirit. She says we are all in the family of God and need to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Erma and Glen lay hands-on people to impart the gift of tongues and the gift of interpretation and the gift of prophecy. You will hear authoritative instruction with people receiving the stirring up of the gifts of the Spirit in themselves. (Erma actually teaches about 15-20 min, the rest of these messages is ministry – about an hour) If you enter in to this ministry you will also receive!

82LHCD5-6 – By Glen & Erma Miller – God’s Sexual Laws/Deliverance
Tremendous information on sexual cleanness and uncleanness. God is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle and this is one area He commands us to be holy in. God established all these laws for good reason, but man has rejected this wealth of information. As we begin to walk in these truths, change will come forth physically and spiritually.

82LHCD9-5 – Erma Miller – GOD’S PEOPLE
Isaiah 1 provides the groundwork for these sound admonitions. The people of God are the ones who are going to change this country. We don’t need to be fighting ministries that we think aren’t doing right – we need to pray for them. God knows how to handle each of us. If you want a word from the Lord, open your Bible – don’t look only to a man. We are not to idolize our pastors. If you see nothing wrong in your life – work on the unbelief that is there. Ministry for deliverance concludes the message. Also near the end of the deliverance ministry, Chuck Flynn gives some words of the Lord, and also some instructions after your deliverances. Wonderful service! 


83LHCD3-2 – Erma Miller – INTO HIS IMAGE
Testimony and teaching. God is preparing a church without spot or wrinkle. Let Him work in your life by crying out to Jesus. He is the One who sets us totally free.

83LHCD6-2 – Glen Miller – I WILL
It is God, which works in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure, but we must align our wills with His will. There are many Scriptures that “we have to do something” and then as we determine to walk that way, the Spirit of the Lord is with us to accomplish it.1984

**Erma Miller – THE OCCULT
*The area of the sins of our fathers and the curses that are upon us as a result of those sins cannot be ignored if one is wanting to move into the fullness of deliverance. It is a vital part of becoming free from the strongholds the enemy has held us captive with. Seemingly one of the most unfair legal rights Satan has to our lives is in this area. Thank God that Jesus made provision for us to be free and we are coming out from under Satan’s dominion and subjection. **The subject of the occult ties into the sins of the fathers and encompasses many other areas of our lives. Erma deals with the various types of occult involvement as well as symptoms in your life that are brought on through occult spirits, i.e., unkempt appearance, compulsive eating, and irresponsibility, to name a few. Other topics include inter-racial marriages, minor-key music, and sensual dancing. Much deliverance was wrought during this service and much truth revealed to help us break free and tear down the walls that have us bound.1983

83LHCD5-8 – Glen Miller – FORGIVENESS
We must forgive others to have God’s forgiveness. We must forgive not only with the head but also with the heart. We must forgive and forget and stand against the temptation that rises up to get revenge. As Jesus told the adulterous woman, “Neither do I condemn thee,” so we must show His grace. Mature sonship will carry His grace and extend it to others. Unforgiveness is one of the main things that hinders deliverance. We need to fear God’s judgment and be quick to forgive so the Shekinah glory can rest over us. The singing of Psalm 130 and a prayer for forgiveness close this service.

83LHCD11-3 – Glen & Erma Miller – THE SINS OF OUR ANCESTORS
Jesus died for the salvation of the whole world, but not everyone has accepted and appropriated that provision. The same is true in the area of curses. We must apply the truth that Jesus became a curse for us to those areas of our lives that are cursed by the sins and iniquities of our forefathers, or our own sins. Study the Scriptures that are presented here. When no one has stood in the authority of the Lord to break those curses off of us, they continue to perpetuate themselves generation after generation. We must begin to “reverse the curse.” It is mandatory for us to learn the ways of the Lord if we are going to deliver creation. Enter into the repentance and deliverance prayers that are provided in this message and you will be set free and delivered.

83LHCD12-1 – Erma Miller – LIVING STONES
God is building a house that will stand. He is building by His hands, with the lively stones of men. Erma illustrates a clearer picture of lively stones using some of her own experiences in and with deliverance. With the anointing that is upon this message, many were delivered from problems in the mind, as well as oppression that keep us from being attentive to the Word of God. Deliverance ministry prayers at end of this message. Glen & Erma Miller we’re the founders of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. Wonderful message.

83LHCD12-20 – Charlene Fite & Erma Miller
Charlene shares the first half of this message on the Power of Tobacco. It’s history and the demonic bondage within her family. She ends with deliverance prayers. Erma Miller – DELIVERANCE: IT’S IMPORTANT – Erma’s testimony is also given on this message concerning tobacco, cigarette, and pipe smoking and the root of idolatry coming from the Indians. Deliverance service concludes this message with ministry specifically for addictions.


84LHCD4-3 – Glen Miller – TRADITIONS
Perhaps the greatest enemy of Christians today is tradition. Many of these traditions are deep-rooted and carry with them demon spirits, from which we need deliverance. Glen touches on traditions such as the translation of the word “Jew”, the meaning of the word “Gentile”, the phrase “pleading the Blood”, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, just to name a few. It is necessary to forsake these traditions in order to really go on with God in the fullness that He desires for us to have.

84LHCD4-6 – Erma Miller – HIM WILL GOD DESTROY
The text for this message is taken from 1 Corinthians 3:16 and 6:9. There is much we can do for ourselves to eliminate the spiritual and physical decay that occurs in our lives because of disobedience to the Word of God. If we are to walk in newness of life as the Bible says we are to do, there is a need to get out from under these confining shackles that are keeping us bound. First, we must be aware of what we are doing that is wrong. Erma points out numerous areas where change may possibly need to take place. Mass deliverance and casting out of evil spirits was ministered at the conclusion of this message.

84LHCD4-7 – Glen Miller – BIBLICAL CURSES
We hear much about the blessings of the Lord, but we hear very little of how we arrive at those blessings. IF we do not keep the commandments of the Lord then we will automatically receive the curses. Perhaps this seems like a hard saying, but the Word of God says it. There is much yet to be understood about curses but as we learn and continue to apply what the Lord reveals, then He will give us more. The blessings of Abraham are ours but we must become obedient to the Word of the Lord in order to receive these blessings. This is an in-depth Bible study on just some of the curses that we know to be real. Deliverance ministry follows with breaking of curses over our lives.

84LHCD5-11 – Glen Miller – TRADITIONS & CURSES
There are many things yet hidden in the Word of the Lord, and as our hearts become more hungry for truth then the Lord will pour out more revelation upon us. Three types of curses are examined: curses that we have put upon ourselves through our own disobedience curses that others have spoken or pronounced against us, and ancestral curses. Various traditions that we participate in bring curses upon us and Glen touches on many of these.

84HCD9-30SUN.mp3 – Glen Miller – WOMAN’S PLACE IN THE CHURCH
(Glen Miller founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp). Glen begins this teaching with prayer. He relates scriptures that he deems appropriate to this controversial subject. Starting in II Tim 1:15 then going to Acts 2:14-21 and to the prophesy in Joel 2:28-31 – God predicted and promised that He would pour out His Spirit on women and they would prophesy. The literal translation of the word prophesy is preach. The reading of the Word of God is testimony of Jesus and prophesy should testify unto the Lord Jesus and be judged out of scripture. Then he begins with a little ground work, starting with Luke 24, verse 1, Mark 16:1,9, Matt 28:1,9, John 20:1,11. Jesus sent a woman to be the first evangelist. Mary Magdalene is the first evangelist that is recorded in the Bible. Acts 21:8, 9 – Philip the evangelist had 4 daughters which were preachers (prophetess). They were evangelists, like their father. In the gospel we read of several women who are messengers who proclaim the good news. To prophesy means to speak to men to edification, exhortation and comfort. I Cor 14:3, 4, 12, and 14:1-6,12,24,26,29 and 33. In Rom 16 we have a record of a number of women servants of the Lord in various churches. Phoebe in Rom 16:1, 2, Priscilla in verse 3, 5, and others in this chapter mentioned as laborers to the Lord. In Phil 4:2 we have 2 women mentioned as being leaders of the church at Philippi. In Corinthians, women prophesied and prayed in the church. I Cor 11:4, 5 and 14:34, 35 – these scriptures are used to condemn women preachers. This does not refer to preaching but (2 verses out) to disturbances in the church service, asking or talking to their husbands in church. I Tim 2:11-15, verse 14 – another scripture used to condemn women preachers. Ex 15:20, Judges 4:4, II Kings 22:14, etc. all tell of women who prophesied and had places of authority, in the Old Testament. Glen gives scriptures to tell of the weak things God used to confound the mighty. I Cor 1:18 – God is well pleased with the preaching whether it be by man or by woman. It is possible that God can use a woman to be a preacher or an evangelist. Ezra 2:65 – women were part of the choir to sing unto the Lord. I Cor 11:3 – no difference in the Lord; male and female are both equal unto the Lord. I Tim 2:9, I Peter 3:1-7 we find man and woman are both equally blessed. I Tim 5:3 – concerning widows. We have had lots of “clothes line preaching” because of ignorance. We need to rightly divide the Word with common sense concerning men and women’s clothing. Glen clarifies some accusations, referencing James 3:6, against himself and the camp and sets all these matters straight. I Pet 3:7 – we need to dwell together in unity. II Tim 2:15 is Glen’s purpose, goal and aim in teaching and in Bible studies. 


85LHCD4-9 – Erma Miller, Robert Bagley, Shirley Smith
Tremendous testimony of the healing and delivering power of the Lord Jesus Christ

85LHCD5-3A 1-of-2
85LHCD5-3B 2-of-2
*Many houses of the enemy were emptied, swept, and garnished (put into proper order) in the course of this service and ministry. The power of the Holy Spirit was present to infill those many lives that were touched by the delivering power of the Lord Jesus Christ. The devil would love to conceal the area of the sins of the fathers, but the Light of the Word of God pits his deeds to death and liberates the body of Christ. **Are you intimidated doing the works of Jesus? Many were released during this service from spirits of intimidation and sins of the ancestors that hinder the ministry of Jesus in our lives.

85LHCD5-6 – By Erma Miller – The Occult
Christians, take heed! If you have never had any prayer to release you from the occult powers which you have dabbled in yourself (usually in ignorance to what the Word of the Lord says), or your ancestors have practiced, by all means listen to this message. The Word of God expressly prohibits going to a fortuneteller, consulting Ouija boards, reading horoscopes, being hypnotized, and many other occult activities. You are living under a curse and need to be set free and come out from under these powers. Understand and recognize that all occult involvement is considered sin and must be renounced and repented of. Many, many occult practices are called out as spirits in this service, and deliverance from these powers of darkness is ministered. Divorce, strife in the home, indifference, extreme fears, nervousness, and suicide are only a few of the numerous symptoms of occult oppression and bondage.

85LHCD7-12 – Erma Miller – LORD, TAKE OUT THE TRASH
A study of the enemies of the children of Israel. Many of the characteristics and problems of those people are some of the very same enemies that we do battle with today. Numerous ones who had never moved out in the gift of prophecy, or tongues and interpretation did so during the time of ministry.

85LHCD7-20A – *Erma Miller – FATHERS 1-of-2
85LHCD7-20B **Glen Miller – TRADITIONS & INCEST 2-of-2
*”Remember the Lord which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your houses.” Neh. 4:14. A call to warfare for the fathers on behalf of their families. **Traditions are a good places to start in getting the families cleansed and freed from the shackles of the enemy has used to keep us bound, lo these many years. Tremendous anointing for deliverance ministry – many were set free. Hear the prophecy that came forth to parents and grandparents during this service.

Humorous accounts that reveal a lighter side to deliverance, yet penetrating into the seriousness of problems that affect our everyday living. Many were delivered during the time of ministry included on this message. Erma had no sympathy for the devil and she was tremendously effective in deliverance.

Also on this message is Erma Millers teaching too. **Erma Miller- OUT THE BACK DOOR ACTIONS – *WITCHCRAFT IN THE HOME VIA SEX! Gods purposes for creating sex have been greatly distorted within marriage relationships. It’s time for Christian husbands and wives to wake up and kick this villain out of their homes. When there is rebellion in the bedroom, there are problems in the rest of the house. In the vein of deliverance we should all stay busy repenting of our past sins of ignorance – those actions that have created stumbling blocks in our Christian walk. **Erma puts the finger on the occult, eastern religions, martial arts, magic, false doctrines, reincarnation, and necromancy. We have all sinned. We have all been ignorant. It’s what we now do with truth and light that makes the difference. We must appropriate the blood of Jesus and come out from under the bondages. You can kick the devil out the back door, but until you repent he will come right around the house and park on your front porch! Deeply rooted spirits were cut loose during this service and deliverance was ministered with much intensity.

85LHCD12-19A – Gene & Earline Moody, Glen & Erma Miller 1-OF-2
85LHCD12-19B – Gene & Earline Moody, Glen & Erma Miller 2-OF-2
The climax in deliverance during this camp meeting came following these teachings. The response of parents and teenagers was phenomenal. For many it was the first they’d heard that Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and many other traditional holidays, are an abomination and stench to God. Erma explained about the “powers” of darkness that come into us after participating in sin, and how these “powers” cause us to do and think the way we do – against God’s ways. God’s mighty presence was in our midst, to bring resident demons of hell to the surface and to force them out of God’s children!


Forbidden practices of the occult (spiritual fornication): enchantments, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, wizardry, necromancy (praying to dead saints), charming, stargazing, and astrology will deprive you of God’s best. If your focus is to rule and reign with Jesus then you must continually submit to deliverance to stay in focus! God’s provision for deliverance makes reaching complete maturity in Him attainable. Many invaluable experiences have been God’s teaching tools to bring forth discernment here at the camp. God considers pride an abomination and He will destroy us if we don’t repent. Many mature Christian teachers and leaders fall in pride – wanting to exalt themselves and their own ministries with some great, new revelation, which ironically is usually a gross error. Signs following were evident, with the demons crying out with loud voices as they vacated many lives.

Spiritual termites are sent by our enemy, the devil. They sneak into our lives unnoticed. We are often born with them. Most of their work is undercover in concealed situations. Colorful illustrations of how satan works in the lives of Christians, using natural termites and their characteristics as the example. Deliverance service concludes this teaching.

86LHCD5-9 – Glen & Erma Miller – INCEST: THE CLOSET DEMON
Incest is in Christians! We must wake up to the hour we are in and apply the Word of God to get ourselves cleaned up. All the knowledge and understanding of what it means to go to Zion will be of no value if you don’t get out the spots. Deliverance is the way! The fire of God was present to set the captives free! When ministry began, some who had been plagued for most of their lifetimes were released, the horrible power and reproach of it being lifted forever! It’s time to expose the works of darkness, lean on the arms of Jesus, and go on with God. It’s been said that if we have the knowledge of deliverance and continue to embrace our pet demons, then when Satan is unleashed in all his fury, those pets will take us over. Is it worth the risk?

God is looking for and preparing a people He can trust with ruling His kingdom. If you can’t be trusted today with the Word of the Lord and that which He has given you, how will you be able to rule over more? We must understand the requirements of the kingdom and learn to obey. Firmness and stability that cannot be shaken must be worked in us. He has given us his Word to learn by; it’s up to us what we do with this responsibility.

86LHCD8-6A Glen & Erma Miller 1-OF-2 – LISTEN UP! –
86LHCD8-6B Glen & Erma Miller 2-OF-2 – LISTEN UP! –
Contrary to popular opinion, curses are very real! Curses can come through disobedience to the Word of God. To protect ourselves from curses we must walk in obedience to His Word. Jesus became a curse for us, but we must appropriate that work in our lives – it’s not automatic. The occult is a direct rebellion against God. Contact with the occult may have occurred in childhood or it can come through previous generations. There are numerous types of occult involvement discussed in this message. It all must be renounced, the curses are broken, and the evil spirits cast out. There are too many quitters in the household of faith. God is looking for men and women who will get in there and get the job done! Casting out of evil spirits takes place at the conclusion of this message. Deliverance is not for the passive Christian – it’s for those who are determined to see God’s kingdom established.


 Living The Whole Christian Life – A
 Also listed in the Deliverance Manual for this chapter. 


*A walk of total obedience to the Word of God is to be living the whole Christian life. Our goal is to be like Jesus Christ and this restoration comes as we yield to His daily processing. There are no shortcuts. You must “work at it” to be a Christian. **The Scriptures tell us that we must believe, forgive, repent, praise Him, fear Him, pray, trust – and these are only a few of the things we must do. God is on the throne and He performs the supernatural, but it is our responsibility to do the “ifs.” If you do your part, God will do His part!

87LHCD7-8A – *Jack Harris – GOD’S PURPOSE & PLAN FOR MAN 1-OF-2
87LHCD7-8B – **Glen Miller – INTERCESSORS & OVERCOMERS  2-OF-2
*God’s plan is to fill us with His very life. He wants our entire body, soul and spirit – our life. Seemingly, that wouldn’t be difficult except that there is an adversary that wants the same thing. Deep calleth unto deep, as Zion truths are unfolded in this message. **There is a remnant that God is forming who is willing to sigh and cry for the abominations in the household of faith. It is the intercessors who are sealed with the mark of God who will be protected in the day of the Lord. The rewards of the Lord are to those who overcome.

We are all susceptible to the devices that Satan would use to try and “spoil” our Christian walk and testimony. Those who desire to be a part of God’s end-time army are willing to fully repent with godly sorrow and walk unquestionably in what His Word commands, Your right to the tree of life depends on whether or not you keep His commandments! Deliverance is the fruit of obedience.

87LHCD9-8 – By Glen & Erma Miller – Restoration Of The Mind
Erma shares her testimony of life – the result of having been delivered from the curse of death! Having gone to death’s door many times even with childhood diseases, being confined to a mental hospital, the victim of numerous shock treatments. Jesus paid her a visit and said, “Live!” Allow the Holy Spirit to touch you with this message of life.

87LHCD11-6 – Glen Miller – GOD’S CURSES
God has blessings for all of us if we keep his Word, but there are also consequences if we disobey His commandments. This teaching outlines many of the ways we have disobeyed the Lord and how we can change. Prayer for deliverance follows the message.

God has always had a remnant willing to obey His voice and serve Him with all their heart. Through Jesus, we too can be one of those not willing to bow our knee to Baal. He became our dedication. His example of servanthood, His willingness to give His very life in obedience to the Father’s will us the means by which we can become this people of dedication. We only need to say, “Here I am Lord. I will do it,” He is not bringing rebels unto Zion. A time of consecration and rededication concludes this message.

87LHCD12-16 – Erma Miller – DEMON TROOPS
A troop speaks of a great number, and in this reference they are assigned a common mission. Satan’s army is extremely sophisticated and well organized. In domino fashion, he maneuvers his troops with mass-marketing skill, forcing people all over the nation and the world to commit identical destructive acts. An example of this would be airplane hijackings. Several years ago, there was a deluge of these and they were instigated by demon troops of hijacking spirits. Deliverance ministry flows at the conclusion of this message and many demons were eradicated from God’s people. 


88LHCD4-6A – Glen & Erma Miller – THE BASICS OF DELIVERANCE 1-of-2
88LHCD4-6B – Glen & Erma Miller – THE BASICS OF DELIVERANCE 2-of-2
True to their calling, Glen and Erma deliver this necessary message to help the body of Christ in their pursuit toward being without spot or wrinkle. The Word of God mandates that evil spirits be cast out of believers by believers. The Holy Spirit is constantly bringing more light to uncover these demons that dwell in the dark crevices where the blood of Jesus has not yet been appropriated. God says that He will drive out these enemies little by little. With all that God has on the horizon in the realm of deliverance, there are some basic requirements that still must be adhered to. We must follow God’s order in all things. Ministry for deliverance accompanies this teaching.

88LHCD5-9 – *Erma Miller – ANGELS **Glen Miller – CURSES
*Angels play a significant, unseen role in spiritual activity. They are sent to the heirs of salvation to assist, do warfare, and protect. There are many Scriptural accounts of angelic activity, but we must always remember that we go through Jesus to ask for help from angels. **We are reaping the harvest of our ancestors’ disobedience to God’s laws. The Bible refers to over seventy curses that God places upon His people because of their disobedience to His Word. We are in many ways the victims, laboring under the consequences of past wrongdoings as these activities have snowballed, perpetuating themselves from generation to generation. The good news is that Jesus is seated at the Father’s right hand, far above all principalities and powers of darkness and in the authority of His Name, these bondages that have been levied against God’s people from centuries past are being cancelled. Suicide, death, cancer, drug addiction, witchcraft, sodomy, incest and any other work of darkness has to bow to the authority of Jesus’ Name! Anointed deliverance service to participate in and be set free!

We all labor under curses that are upon our lives due to our ancestors’ or our own disobedience to God’s laws. This is an avenue of deliverance which Satan keep Christians blinded to because curses are the legal ground whereby the strongman does not have to budge. When the light of this glorious gospel shines in your life it enables you to believe that curses are real. The miracle of deliverance is one that appropriates the Blood of Jesus to life, redeeming it from the curse of the law, and setting the individual free in that area to receive the promises of the Spirit. There is yet much to be revealed in the vein of curses and the effects which they have upon our lives today. It is an area where the Spirit of the Lord is moving in this day. Those who are hungering to be conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus embrace having their lives stripped of curses because that is the true fruit of this part of the provision of the Cross. Deliverance is not the final goal; however, it is a means to reach that mark! Ministry to break curses is included with this teaching.


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88LHCD9-6A *Glen Miller & *Erma Miller – CURSES & ASTROLOGY 1-of-2
88LHCD9-6B *Glen Miller & *Erma Miller – CURSES & ASTROLOGY 2-of-2
*This is a Scriptural survey of curses that affect our lives because of disobedience to God’s Word. Curses discussed are incest, bastard children, the eating of blood and fat, sexual intercourse during a woman’s menstrual cycle, bestiality, homosexuality and lesbianism, idolatry, not paying tithes, and many more. “It is written” is the final authority we have over Satan’s kingdom. Deliverance brings holiness into one’s life. **The occult, sorcery, and astrology all live in the stars and the moon. These are enemies we must put under out feet. Most everyone is attracted to the netherworld because of something born in him motivating that attraction. Mass deliverance service concludes this teaching with ministry covering a wide range of spirits involving the occult, suicide, divorce, curses, and much more. Many were delivered and set free and you can be too as you listen to the message.

88LHCD9-9A Glen & Erma Miller – GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYER 1-of-2
88LHCD9-9B Glen & Erma Miller – GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYER 2-of-2
The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad!” This was the theme that the Holy Spirit emphasized through all who gave testimony of Jesus in this glorious service. Glen Miller shares some of his testimony growing up in early Pentecost. Different ones shared of God’s faithfulness to answer prayer on behalf of loved ones bound by satan, broken marriages and families restored, God’s sovereignty to provide mates, and much more. We were all encouraged and built up by one another’s testimony. As we determine to be faithful and obey God, He will be true to his many promises. This Holy Ghost service concluded with Bro. James Golden praying for all of the families represented within the sound of this message. Wonderful Message.


89LHCD3-6A – Glen & Erma Miller – INHERITED CURSES 1-of-2
89LHCD3-6B – Glen & Erma Miller – INHERITED CURSES 2-of-2
Bro. Glen shares, from Leviticus and Malachi, a list of actions that will bring curses that affect the generations to follow. He emphasizes our lack of knowledge about the deeds of our forefathers and the need to “cover all the bases” when seeking deliverance. Sis. Erma encourages us to look to God, not man, for deliverance and shares her testimony of how she became involved in deliverance and the curses that were operating in her life. Deliverance ministry concludes the service and many curses were broken. People became free in areas where they had been bound for years.

89LHCD5-8A – *Mary Die – **Glen & Erma Miller – ANCESTRAL CURSES & DELIVERANCE 1-of-2
89LHCD5-8B – *Mary Die – **Glen & Erma Miller – ANCESTRAL CURSES & DELIVERANCE 2-of-2
*Mary Die retells the Bible story of the actions of a father whose son was at the point of death, sharing the importance of faith in Jesus. **After prayer for those who have participated in the Lamaze method of childbirth, Bro. Glen gives an outline of some of the curses that the Bible says come upon us as a result of various actions. These actions may be our own, in which case the curses will also affect our descendants, or those of our ancestors. Erma shared how curses operated in her own life. Prayers for deliverance conclude the service.

“Be ye holy” is a commandment, not an option. One basic step toward holiness is controlling our minds and our thoughts. We are responsible for cleaning out anything that shouldn’t be there by washing our minds with the blood and replacing it with things that will help us to live holy lives. We must daily decide that we will be holy and not use failure in one area as an excuse to give up altogether. God is also calling us to stand in the gap and intercede both for others and for ourselves. Only by doing this can we claim the promises made to the overcomers in the book of Revelation.


90LHCD6-11 – Glen Miller – CURSES
As Bro. Glen goes step by step through many of the Biblical injunctions for God’s people. He explains why these are still valid commandments today and shows the consequences of disobeying them. He explains how we open the door for familiar spirits, what happens when incest is in a family line, why other curses come on us, and how we can eradicate them.

Erma Miller – THE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR 1-of-2
Erma Miller – THE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR 2-of-2
Days are whirling fast. Do you know why? Birth pains have begun. Sis. Erma takes up the wiles of the devil to destroy God’s people. She tells the reason for strife in the church, suicide among Christians, cancers and strange illnesses, insanity, perils of mind control, holistic medicine, Lamaze, and many other controlling spirits. Are you being held back from God’s best? Do you know why you sin? Why are there so many weak Christians? And sick people? There are many answers on this message. Evil spirits were called out during the service.


91LHCD3-3A – *Glen Milller – ARE YOU CURSED?
*Our own actions can bring curses on use when we violate God’s laws. In some cases our actions also curse our descendants, or we may be cursed by the actions of our ancestors. The Name and Blood of Jesus are given to us as our source of power and authority to break these curses. **Unforgiveness brings demons to torment us in our bodies in various ways. Unbelief prevents us from being set free from them. Repentance, forgiveness and belief allow the healing power of God to operate. Prayers for deliverance conclude the service.

*Glen Miller – THE OVERCOMER
***Jack Harris – A BETTER RESURRECTION 1-of-2
*Glen Miller – THE OVERCOMER **Dick Mills – PERSONAL MINISTRY ***Jack Harris – A BETTER RESURRECTION 2-of-2
*God is looking for worshippers to be a part of a kingdom for His Son to rule. He is looking for a people to stand in the gap. We shouldn’t fear the mark of the beast, we should fear not being marked by God! **Bro. Mills ministers the Word of the Lord to various individuals. ***In Jesus’ statements at the resurrection of Lazarus we have assurance of eternal life for those who believe in Him. Although the body, which is not made for permanency, may go by the way of the grave, the spirit will live forever, in a body that is different from this one. Our goal should be to be a part of the first resurrection, should we die before the Lord’s return.


92LHCD12-3 – Glen Miller – ARE YOU CURSED?
A partial answer to this question can be found in comparing our behavior and that of our ancestors to that described in Lev. 20 and Deut. 27-28. Other Scriptures also list actions that bring a curse from God. After discussing some of them, Bro. Glen leads in prayer to break the curses. We want to claim Abraham’s blessings, but they cannot be ours if we are bound by curses.

92LHCD12-9A – Erma Miller – COMFORT IN TRIBULATION 1-of-2
92LHCD12-9B – Erma Miller – COMFORT IN TRIBULATION 2-of-2
The Bible teaches that God comforts is in our tribulation so that we may be able to comfort others who are in trouble. How much compassion do we really have for people who have problems? Sis. Erma shares some of the tribulations she and Bro. Glen went through in establishing LHBC and the compassion they have for those who are bound and tormented by the enemy. Extensive deliverance prayers follow the teaching.


93LHCD7-18 – Erma & Glen Miller – RELEASING GOD’S PEOPLE
Many of God’s people are in bondage, subject to compulsion in areas such as fear, jealousy, eating, alcohol, etc. These bondages block the flow of the gifts of the Spirit. Unconfessed sin can block healing. Inherited sins and curses can also keep us from experiencing all that God has for us. Prayers of deliverance and release are included with this teaching.

Citing numerous Scriptures, Bro. Glen shows that God is looking for a people who are dedicated to interceding for others, especially for those who are of the household of faith. These are the ones who will be marked by God, who have no need to fear the mark of the beast, the ones who will be overcomers.

93LHCD9-9 Glen & Erma Miller – DELIVERANCE
Bro. Glen relates how he and Erma came to an understanding of various areas of the deliverance ministry including following the dietary laws, bringing abominable things into your house, and the operation of Biblical curses. Deliverance is one key in obeying God’s call to holiness. Sis. Erma tells of increased satanic attack in 1993, our weapons against him, and the effects of curses on her life. Deliverance ministry is included at the end of the service.

93LHCD11-6 – Erma Miller & Dr. William Null – SEXUAL SINS
Before Dr. Null begins his teaching, Erma Miller encourages the congregation to take a stand against the devil and begin to exercise authority in deliverance. Beginning with some basic definitions, Dr. Null “tells it like it is” regarding those sexual practices which God’s Word condemns and which open the door for demonic operation in our lives. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

93LHCD12-3 – Glen Miller – CURSES
Are there things in your life which you can’t seem to get free of no matter how much you pray or are prayed for? Often these things are rooted in generational curses. This teaching explains the Biblical basis for the operation of these curses and how they can be broken. Many times this will allow deliverance to flow in an area where previously it was blocked. s to break the curses discussed are included on this message.

93LHCD12-9 – Erma Miller – UNFORGIVENESS
It’s time to let go of everything but Jesus, including our unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger. Unforgiveness will block healing and deliverance and open the door for other demons to operate in our lives. We must not give in to the enemy, but stand up and fight. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 1975 – 1993
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 1994 – 2008
The Founders of LHBC

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