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Ronnie & Diane Bijeaux

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00LHCD5-2 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE POOL OF BETHESDA
The Church is being positioned for this final hour, but it needs to be delivered. We need to come to the Pool of Bethesda. The Spirit is stirring the waters. We must step up so that we can step in. Many received a healing touch from the Lord as Bro. Ronnie ministered to individuals following the morning’s message.

00LHCD5-13 – Ronnie Bijeaux – TWO WOMEN
John 10 tells us that Jesus is the “door.” There were three “doors” gaining entrance into the three parts in the Old Testament Tabernacle. Using the story of Elkanah’s two wives, Hannah and Peninnah, in I Samuel 1, Bro. Ronnie explores the three doors of cleansing; pruning and weaning that are required to come into the fullness of what God has for us. A wonderful time of ministry follows the teaching.

00LHCD7-1A – Ronnie Bijeaux – TAKING IT BACK 1-of-2
00LHCD7-1B – Ronnie Bijeaux – TAKING IT BACK 2-of-2
After introductions from the various ministers who were invited to speak, Bro. Ronnie exhorts us concerning how the enemy attempts to infiltrate and divert the church as it engages in warfare to “take back” its inheritance. Using the account of the power struggle between the houses of Saul and David in II Sam. 3 as a pattern, we are given greater understanding as to the enemy’s tactics to sow seeds of compromise and block spiritual discernment in God’s true army.

The trumpet of God is blowing. Are we listening? Are we hearing the voice of God calling us to praise, to worship, to battle? Bro. Ronnie discusses the silver trumpets that assembled the Children of Israel in the wilderness and makes application to us as His children today. May we hear and obey!

00LHCD7-23A – Ronnie Bijeaux – HE IS  1-OF-2
00LHCD7-23B – Ronnie Bijeaux – HE IS  2-OF-2
The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem presents a powerful picture of deity – Jesus, the Anointed One – being borne in humility on a lowly, untamed donkey – the unruly Adamic nature of man. However, the colt must be loosed – delivered! Bro. Ronnie explores a number of similar types borne out in this story, culminating with the account of the full revelation of the anointing in human flesh – Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration..

00LHCD8-1 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE HOLY FLOW
Ronnie brings forth the message of the four levels of believers. He explains their characteristics, requirements, and relationship to Him on every level. It is an encouraging message for every believer to get into a deeper “flow” with Jesus.

00LHCD12-1 – Ronnie Bijeaux – WITH THE INTENT TO KILL
You have to mean business if you are going to engage in spiritual warfare. You have to have a mind of a warrior. You can’t just slap a demon on the wrist, you have to attack them with an intent to kill. God is looking for men and women to stand in the gap. We need to take back what the devil has taken!

We are living in a time when the people of God need to be comforted. The different camps must overcome their differences, for the devil is succeeding when there is dissention among God’s people. The first consolation is to hear God. The second consolation is to learn to wait In His presence. There is also consolation in revelation. We must learn how to live in our own revelation knowledge.

We must stand in a vertical position because we are the righteousness of God. But you must know who you are and who lives in you so you can cry out against the enemy with all your soul. Confidence is the anointing factor. It is time for us to cry out to God and proclaim His Word! You will see you can do all things through the power of Jesus!

00LHCD12-10 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE BLOODY CROSS
When we begin to understand what Jesus did on this cross, we will have all the faith we need to have to move mountains. He poured out His life on the bloody cross for humanity. We must learn how to walk with Jesus everyday. The greatest revelation of all is “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son”. There is no greater power than the blood of Jesus!


04LHCD7-16- Ronnie Bijeaux – THE THREE “E’S” OF EXPANSION
Psalms 75:6-7 “(6) For exaltation comes from neither the east nor from the west nor from the south, (7) But God is the judge; he puts down one and exalts another.” Brother Bijeaux lists the 3 steps of Exaltation: Elevation, Evaporation and Exaltation. In the teaching he uses the example of David and his rise to power. He was first in the valley when he meets the enemy Goliath. Because David had been trained by God to follow the Holy Spirit and was obedient after God’s own heart, He elevated him with a series of victories. This resulted in Evaporation of his foes and Exaltation before the people and God. This Exaltation is always a gradual incline.

04LHCD11-1 – Ronnie Bijeaux – GOD IS MOVING TODAY
This is a new day. The church is the body of Christ and its relationship with God the Father, and the LORD Jesus Christ is ever unfolding. This unfolding began to be recorded by Moses and then came into a new dimension with the advent of Pentecost. Pentecost is not a religion but an event in which God empowers His people. Bro. Ronnie unfolds this revelation today of His expounding grace, and gives a prophecy concerning spiritual incest and the damage it causes God’s people. This service closes with ministry and deliverance.

Pro 4:20-22 “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.” Sis. Bijeaux opens with Josh 6:10-16. Joshua heard the Word of God, inclined his ear, humbled himself and obeyed. The Word was heard with clarity, verification and change of mind set. Joshua brought the people before the Ark of the Covenant, i.e. into God’s presence. To feel God’s presence we must remove any barriers by searching our conscience, confession and repentance. Then we pray in tongues until we obtain a release and can declare the victory with a shout. Service closes with a time of ministry, a victory march, declaration of victory and a prophetic word.

04LHCD11-5 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE WINDS OF GOD
Jn 3:8 “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” Bro. Bijeaux uses the story of the prophet Jonah to illustrate the winds of adversity when we, as servants of God, do not obey God’s direction for our life and ministry. When we repent and turn, then God’s power is manifested. He uses Moses at the parting of the Red Sea, Paul on the voyage to Rome and Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones, to show God’s restoring power. He closes with Song of Solomon 4:16, in which the north wind brings forth the pleasant fruit from His garden.

04LHCD12-7 – Ronnie Bijeaux – RIGHT PLACE – WRONG TIME
Eccl. 3:1 tells us there is a season and time for every purpose. In John 21, Jesus shows that you can do the right thing but at the wrong time and receive no results. But when you follow His direction and timing, you will obtain excellent results. Jesus told His disciples He would make them fishers of men, then sent them out to all the world. It starts with your own family – in your backyard. As you go forth in life, watch for the opportunity to be a missionary right where you are! Also available on CD in Treasures on CD’s.

04LH12-14 – Diane Bijeaux – NOW IS THE TIME
This is an exhortation to the scattered church, using Neh 1:3 to portray the condition of the church today. God is calling His people to fast, pray and move forward. As we view the scattered and hurting church we must work to inspire the people to move in one accord. (Neh 2:18) Those who have not responded to God’s call should ask forgiveness, and for grace to move forward. When this happens, the wall was completed in record time (Neh 6:15). Also available on CD in Treasures on CD’s.

The trumpet of God is blowing. Are we listening? Are we hearing the voice of God calling us to praise, to worship, to battle? Bro. Ronnie discusses the silver trumpets that assembled the Children of Israel in the wilderness and makes application to us as His children today. May we hear and obey!

04LHCD12-16 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE COMPOUND ANOINTING
The purpose of the anointing oil found in Ex 30:22 was to bring glory to God. The five ingredients portray a type of the five-fold ministry – apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist. This oil was used only on those God called out for service. The incense was compounded of 4 ingredients. Their purpose was to repel the enemy and was a type of the prayers of the saints. This compound anointing, being called by God and raising God inspired prayer will defeat the enemy. Also available on CD in Treasures on CD’s..


06LHCD5-7 – Ronnie Bijeaux – MICHMASH
1 Cor 4:5 “Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.” Michmash means “hidden” in Hebrew. God will bring out those hidden things in our hearts to have us deal with them. This will produce in us DNA – Divine Noble Ability. It will help us accomplish our potential, discover excellence and reach our goals, which God has set for us, and remove vanity.

06LHCD7-4 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE SPIRIT OF JAEL
This service opens with a prophecy. The message text is from Judges 4 where we see Deborah as a mother in Israel, and her apprentice is a warrior by the name of Jael. Ronnie then discusses the 5 “G’s” representing the 5 fold ministry – the Apostle governs; the Prophet guides; the Evangelist gathers; the Pastor guards and the Teacher grounds. All of this weaves back to Judges and concludes with the account of Jael’s victory. The service ends with declarations for personal victory.

06LHCD7-16 – Ronnie Bijeaux – KAIROS SEASON
“If you don’t praise, you don’t get a raise.” “If you don’t worship, it won’t rain.” Buckle up for this teaching! God is doing something new in the church for the land (earth – you) and the temple of the Holy Ghost. The time is coming that if you don’t deal with the secret sins privately, He’ll deal with them publicly. It’s time to know who you are in the Lord. God is just as big in the valley as He is on the mountaintop! And there is a river running through the valley – a time of refreshing. It’s during the Kairos season that you find out that up to now, you’ve been religious, never really occupying your promised land. God is a god of order. He is order and the five-fold ministry establishes it in His body.

06LHCD7-1L – Diane Bijeaux – WORSHIP
What is worship? It’s reverence, the trust factor, revelation of His greatness, to idolize. God wants us to love Him so much that we’ll do whatever He says – no questions asked!!! Knowing the heart of God – being one with Him – yielding our will to His – giving Glory to Him. Pay no attention to what others think or say. Be quick to repent – quick to obey. John 4:23 – the hour cometh – (future) – and now is (present) – when they who worship will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He wants TRUE worshippers – not just what we sing or what we say with our mouth. Future blessings are contingent on present obedience. When our eyes are on God and we are worshipping there is no telling what He will do. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve been, God wants to expose all the hidden roots in our lives so that He can free us to worship in spirit and truth. Deliverance ministry follows this teaching.


08LHCD7-2 – Ronnie Bijeaux – THE NEW CART
This teaching text is taken from I Chron 12 & 13. He says we are moving in on a new horizon; 1. New administration on the rise. God is raising up people called by His name. The five fold ministry needs to come. 2. New level of understanding at the gate. (Issachar anointing, Zebulun anointing). The devil is not your greatest enemy, your tongue is. 3. New dimension of spiritual warfare. 4. New release of spices – Exodus 30 – God told Moses to use 5 sweet spices. 5. Fresh move of God- Ronnie uses the hand and “g’s” to illustrate the offices of 5 fold ministries: Apostle – governs; Prophet – guides; Evangelist – gathers; Pastor – guards; Teacher – grounds in truth. Ronnie gives illustrations with David and Saul. We have to discipline ourselves to praise God every day. David said in vs 2 if it seems good to you and it is of the Lord God. The new administration will happen corporately before globally. We are going to have to change our mind set. We don’t want to get into the church we want to get into God. We are the “woman of God”, what are we birthing? Think of the transition in Matt 17:1-8, vs. 4 it is good for us to be here – Hear ye Him! Vs 7 – Jesus had to move from where He was to where they were. I Chron 12:32-33 – everyone needs a strategy to defeat the enemy. He tells about a “PHD”- praise Him daily. At the gate of understanding, your understanding will be peeled back and what you could not see; now you can see. You will know apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists by their fragrance not by their title. This is the final order. We must be careful of the false anointing, false teaching, etc.

In the last 2000 years we have been getting into church not into God. Ronnie says we are partakers not undertakers. Shifting means there is going to be a birthing. God is changing us; this means He is shifting us. In Gen 28 we see Jacob was a supplanter. Heb 5 tells us Jesus learned obedience through the things He suffered. I Kings 18:44 there is some shifting going on. God gave Elijah a warning. Elijah prayed and saw something. We need to go back to what we saw from God rather than what we are seeing. Come into the Kingdom as a little child. Humility 101 is the lesson – you are nobody until you are somebody in Jesus. Eph 6:18 through perseverance we need to be observant of what God shows us in the Spirit. God is going to spew lukewarmness out of his mouth. Every door is clearly marked push or pull. Nothing is birthed without adversity. Shifting takes place from hind sight to insight. Things don’t just happen. Choice and not chance will lead you to your destination. In Gen 28, the ladder had a divine connection between heaven and earth. Promotion comes in our shift. We are not limited when it comes to God’s will; we are limited in our finite minds. Wisdom from above is pure, gentle, etc. God has an “escort business”. He will have an angel take you right to where you need to be. Ronnie says he knows of 2 witches in the church; the Pentecostal witch who prays against the soul of the leadership of the church and the Charismatic witch who draws the sheep to themselves. If we always do what we’ve always done we will always be the same.


09LHCD7-2 – Ronnie Bijeaux – IF MY PEOPLE
In this message, we’re told that there is an attempt to mute God’s voice in the earth today. When we look at the way things used to be, we realize that our freedom of speech has been lost even in the church. What happened to the name of Jesus? The church has been silenced by fear–behind the scenes. Amos 8:11 talks about a famine of hearing. What has happened to trusting God and knowing He is more than enough and we have nothing to fear? God is for us, not against us! The enemy tampers with our peace as well as our joy. We’re told that Jezebel is trying to kill the anointing. The apostles and prophets must come forth to redirect the church. Leviathan is Jezebel’s strongman. We must open our mouth and speak the words of God. It’s time the voice of God was heard in the church again. Prayer follows..

09LHCD9-1L – Diane Bijeaux – WHY IS MY PAIN PERPETUAL?
Opportunity to release things in us that no one knows. What blocks you from entering into worship of God? Could it be the accumulation of offenses from the past and the present, hidden sins, family secrets, etc., which keep us separated from God. He will expose the offense – sting, prick, goad – by His Holy Spirit – if you allow Him according to Heb 4:12. God is not allowing compromise. This is the time for strong people of God to rise up and go forth but we must rid ourselves of the offenses that give the enemy place in our lives. Ps 139, Isa 43:25-26. Deliverance prayer follows. 

09LHCD9-3L – Diane Bijeaux – HOPE – THE ANCHOR OF MY SOUL
Are you expectant, or have you lost hope? Luke. 16:19-31. Hope deferred is not denial. Delight yourself in the Lord – receive the desire of your heart – Ps 37:4. Diane shares her testimony of having to wait 10 years to see victory in a personal situation. We learned some reasons why we’ve not realized our desires – how our hope can be lost, or wounded by past disappointments in relationships, causing offenses – undealt with offenses that will carry over into new relationships. We do not have to continue carrying a wounded spirit, Ps 119: 81, Col 1:23-27. Many were set free in this service and you can be too!

09LHCD7-11 – Ronnie Bijeaux – A RIVER IS COMING
Ps 46:1-11 Be still and know that I AM GOD. You can’t hear God till you get still. The next move of God will cover the whole earth – Ezek 47:1 We learn about the 9 rivers in Gen 2:11 the meaning of each name. We need to let God be God in our lives. He’s the one to take us down the river. We’re told that whatever you see is where you’re going. Learn to catch little fish and God will teach you how to catch the big ones. “.. and he who wins souls is wise. Prov. 11:30 This river of God is moving, flowing, brimming with life. Integrity will come back to pastors. We’ll see a mending ministry, waters of opportunity, unity, humility, all working together, all in the same river, moving with God.


10LCCD2-1 – Diane Bijeaux – TRANSITION INTO POSTITION 1-of-2
Transition is the place you go through when change is in process ? change our mind set, our attitude, our heart. It is the place where we must give in to what God has planned for us. He shows us our heart and we must decide to go His way. He is capable of turning your life and any negative situations around. Stop looking back. Philippians 3:9-16 tells us we are able to do what He is requiring of us no matter how impossible it looks. Diane gives a very poignant testimony of what God did in her life as she had to deal with what seemed to be an impossibility.

10LCCD2-4 – Diane Bijeaux – TRANSITION INTO POSITION – PART 2-of-2
God is faithful and He has a purpose for you. Jer. 29:11, 1 Peter 2:9. You are chosen by God, Ps 33:12. Take a stand, so that people will know that you are chosen in Christ ? joint heirs, royalty. Purpose and plan = destiny. We are accepted in the Beloved. The Greater One lives in us. God is on our side. He will take us to the place in Him that He has chosen for us. Diane uses examples to show us how God brings us into our destiny. Esther, Ruth and Naomi are all examples of God bringing His chosen ones into an unexpected end. Would He do any less for us?


11LHCD7-2 – Ronnie Bijeaux – DON’T QUIT IN YOUR PIT!
Life throws some hard punches. We MUST fight back! The pit we’re in now is our preparation for our future life. We are in a pit for a purpose. We must die to some things. You can’t upset something that is dead. According to Eph 4:12, we are called to do the work of the ministry. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to be “contained” in order for us to be still enough to hear the Lord. Ps. 40:2, says that God can take us out of a pit and set our feet on a solid rock. He will put a new song in our mouth. Remember, David encouraged himself in the Lord. Rejoice and get the victory or complain and go thru the problem again. God has a plan and it’s higher and more glorious than we can imagine. Is. 55:8-9

11LHCD7-11 – Ronnie Bijeaux – TAINTED PICTURES
We are a Benjamin generation, seated at God’s right hand – we must operate on a higher level. We heard about a prophet, a brook and a bird. The church is in a drought but rain is coming – a fresh Rhema word to turn the church around. We’ll speak by divine revelation. God is looking for a people who are real. Prov. 6:2 says we curse ourselves while Prov. 16:24 gives the remedy. 1 Ki 17 speaks of a new beginning.


12LHCD7-8 – Diane Bijeaux – RETURN TO ME
All over this land people within our churches are tired of business that is not God’s business. Especially the young people are seeking the presence of the Lord with their whole hearts. There are two kinds of churches: 1) Institutional churches, man-made customs and formats, organized programs polluted by paganism. The Prodigal Son’s older brother stayed at the house, going through the motions. His outward appearance was religious and conforming, but his heart was far from his father. 2) Organic churches looking for life nothing artificial or synthetic, but simply led by the Holy Spirit. Because of the famine in the land (no Word), the Prodigal said, Is this all there is? What am I doing here? He was transformed by the renewing of his mind. He came out from among them. He returned to his father’s house to achieve his destiny. Our Father wants us back. You can wither and die in religion or find fullness of life in the Spirit of God. Service concludes with an old-fashioned altar call.

12LHCD11-1 – Ronnie Bijeaux – KINGDOM CHURCH – Part 1 of-2
We are moving from the Church Age into the Kingdom Age. We have had ‘church’ and ‘religion’ for 2,000 years. We have had an intimate relationship with the ‘church’. What we need now is a relationship with God our Father – true intimacy. The sign of a religious spirit is ‘no personal relationship with the Father.’ That person will defend their church, pastor and doctrine. We are coming out of carnality and pagan Christianity. God is developing us by stages into His Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost: 1) baby’s milk and food 2) strong meat 3) spiritual gifts 4) the five-fold ministry 5) full mature Son ship. ‘Chief Cornerstone’ means alignment. Let the Lord align you and move you into position to fulfill your destiny. God is watching us from the throne, looking for one who is saying, ‘Lord, here I am – send me.’ Jesus says, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.’

12LHCD11-2 – Ronnie Bijeaux – KINGDOM CHURCH – Part 2-of-2
A word of encouragement – the Kingdom of God shall prevail. At this present time, if we are not walking in victory, our mind needs to be renewed. ‘Religion’ has stolen from us, but ‘whosoever will’ call upon God and He will appear to them. Remember, in the Holy Place, the only light is the glory of God. Christ in us the Hope of Glory. We are now coming into the New Jerusalem. We are living in an hour where God is training us to hear and obey His voice. Be ready to endure persecution from the religious church. Learn to sever unhealthy relationships. Get rid of strife and envy in your life. We now live in a spiritual dimension where nothing is impossible to those who believe. Like Abraham, be willing to stand for your nation. There is no other way to walk – no other thing to do but to surrender to the Living God. We are living in a present reality Kingdom. Find out what you are made of and in whom you believe. You are come to Mount Zion.


New – LHBC Camp Meeting Coming – New
Every day there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !
Call and reserve a bed: 501-525-8204 – CSTime.

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HE IS  1-OF-2
HE IS  2-OF-2
KINGDOM CHURCH - Part 1 of-2
KINGDOM CHURCH - Part 2-of-2
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