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Blanche Reynolds

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87LHCD12-1 – Blanche Reynolds – SIX MEASURES OF BARLEY
God is desiring a people like Ruth who will be steadfast-minded, making a covenant commitment that “Thy God shall be my God.” The pressure is on the “Barley Company”, the first fruits, causing them to stand and depend solely on the Lord God, not relying on self or what it can accomplish. He is not setting us up to fail, but to graduate, using the threshing floor experience to bring forth the expansion of His Word to the full measure of His glorious intent.

87LHCD12-3 – Blanche Reynolds – MIXTURE IN THE HOLY SEED
Christians today are laboring under the rebellion of past generations. Many of our ancestors did not deal with their lawless iniquities and disobedience to God’s commandments. They did not fear God nor walk in His ways. They failed to keep their covenants with Him. The power and authority for those bondages to be rent lies in Christ Jesus our Lord! We are being taught in this hour to know who we are in Christ Jesus and to recognize God’s plan so clearly that in the authority of His Word we bind, pull-down and cast out every legal right of the Bloodline Bondages that have been visited because of this iniquity factor. Jesus was bruised for our iniquities. His blood was bruised so that our bruised blood would be purged! God’s anointing for deliverance in bloodline bondages rests upon this message…

87LHCD12-14A – Blanche Reynolds – CONSIDER YOUR WAYS 1-of-2
87LHCD12-14B – Blanche Reynolds – CONSIDER YOUR WAYS 2-of-2
Jesus! He is the Word; the declaration of Life; the Authority over death! Eternity will see the performance of His Word in us, but today is the day for surrendering those things that are producing death in us. The book of Haggai ministers life along with spiritual understanding. As you examine the candid checklist which calls you to consider your ways, your desire should be to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and seek His face for His Life. Deliverance allows you to view His Word in holiness, with holy eyes that will reverence, fear and obey His Word..

87LHCD12-17 – *Linda Sutter – OUT OF CAPTIVITY / **Blanche Reynolds – DOUBLE PORTION OF A NEW BEGINNING
*The extension of God’s mercy, grace and longsuffering is illustrated both in personal testimony and teaching from the book of Nehemiah. The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem is likened to His handiwork being performed upon the old ruins of our lives. Reflecting on this theme of restoration, one gains a sense of deep appreciation for the sovereignty of our God. **The kingdom of God won’t be seen through the eyes of the natural man; it must be viewed by the Spirit. When God calls you to drink of the Living Water there comes a time when you have to make a decision to no longer be desirous of the things of this world that have bound you. Only then can we come to the place where He becomes more important than anything in this earthly realm. There is yet a greater manifestation of Jesus Christ awaiting us! This service concludes with the watch night communion.


88LHCD5-3 – Blanche Reynolds – GENERATION MAN
We are being called out of death into life, to stand in the Glory of God’s presence in this end-time hour to set captivity free. Jesus has brought the generation of Life that cancels the past generations of death. However, we must be willing to face ourselves, our sins, our thoughts, our emotions, etc. There are things that must be dealt with that we have inherited from the death realm, from bloodline bondages, and ancestors past. Some are sins that have never been repented of by any previous generation! A glorious deliverance service follows this teaching with many, many curses being broken. Enter into what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in this hour.

88LHCD5-6 – Blanche Reynolds – THE GLORIOUS GENERATION
The generation of Jesus Christ is coming forth in fulfillment of that which the prophets of old longed to see and experience! This new generation man will not be bound with the limitations of the carnal mind nor the bloodline bondage of death. The Glory of God will flow through them with no restrictions! The religious façades are dropping off and we are becoming like Him! He is bringing us to that position where the enemy can find nothing in us—where there is no longer any attraction to what Satan has to offer. We must plough through in faith, believing God that Jesus bore all of our iniquities on His body and the end of sin is in sight! Deliverance ministry concludes

88LHCD5-11 – Blanche Reynolds – KEEPING YOUR DELIVERANCE
We are being equipped for God’s end-time hour and now is the time to move on in Him.  As good as your experiences have been, you can’t camp there and expect to come into the fullness of what God is doing!  Many fail to move on because they are content with what God has already done, and become unwilling to embrace more intensified dealings of the Lord in their lives.  After deliverance, you must set your mind to keep yourself in the love of God.  The enemy will try to catch you unawares, but if you determine to set yourself apart from the world and walk in obedience to God’s Word you will be victorious in His Spirit.

88LHCD7-1 – *Blanche Reynolds – CLEAN YOUR CUP
**Jerry Garner – HEALING – *“Deal with yourself!”
Only you can be accountable to His dealings in your life. It’s time to get honest and confront those enemies you know are there! The religious gloss has lost its shine. The façades are being ripped off. Ignoring the problems or blaming them on others won’t cut it any longer. It’s time to put on Jesus! **Ministry to the congregation concludes the service and many were healed in their physical bodies. You too can be healed as you yield to the anointing on this message.

88LHCD7-3 – Blanche Reynolds – ZION’S LAWS AND INSTRUCTION
God’s mercy is being extended to give us time to deal with those things in us which set themselves up against Truth. If this message is new to you, the place to begin is right where you are. No longer can we continue judging everyone else. Concentrate on what is in you that breeds death! We are becoming what God ordained for His creation from the beginning. The Word of God is becoming life in us. The mountain of the Lord’s house is being established. The more deliverance you receive the less the natural realm rules you. Deliverance ministry is included at the close of this teaching. Many of God’s people were released from bondages Satan has held them captive with all of their lives.

Our understanding needs to be opened to see vital truth in this hour. The Lord Jesus is revealing Himself to those who desire to see Him. When revelation hits you cannot stay the same—change must come! In the natural realm, we’re at home in the flesh. We’re used to operating in the sense and feeling realm, but God is moving in the Spirit realm. He is calling together a spirit man who will walk after the dictates of the Spirit and know the life of the Spirit until he is not moved to gratify the flesh. Deliverance ministry is included on the tape and is directed towards the subconscious wherein lies many strongholds of satanic bondage.

88LHCD7-15 – Blanche Reynolds – A FAMINE FOR HEARING THE WORD
Deliverance is serious business. It calls forth areas in our life that in the natural aren’t pleasant to look at. It would be easy to fling away your consciousness by judging everyone else. God is unfolding in this hour the message of deliverance to “set creation free.” The Word of God is life in us and it is revealing the mixture that is in us. The mixture that is revealed must be cast out and the Word of God that remains will endure forever. The Word that is yet to be revealed cannot be measured with any kind of doctrine that you have known thus far. There is much “death word” being taught, but there is a Word of Life coming forth that is delivering a “life meal” to those who are hungering for it. Deliverance ministry concludes this teaching.

88LHCD7-21 – Blanche Reynolds – THE ROD IN YOUR MOUTH
Moses had the rod in the natural; Aaron’s rod budded, a progressive work of the nature within.  In every generation, the authority of the rod has been exposed.  In this day, because we have the right as heirs of salvation to be in the image of Jesus, He gave us a birthright that gives us the authority of the “Rod.”  The Rod is in His mouth and He is smiting the earth and the oppressor.  The rod is in your mouth and in the name of Jesus we are delivered.  He is moving us to the place where we have understanding of that authority.  As we are obedient to pick up the rod and command our being to the attention of that Word, we see the authority of His power at work in us.

88LHCD12-1 – Blanche Reynolds – LIFE OUT OF DEATH (1 OF 2)
“In the way of righteousness is life, and in the pathway thereof there is no death” (Pro. 12:28). This is a “Life Word” which challenges the listener to stop living to die and start living to live! “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” (Rom. 8:2). The emphasis is upon dealing with ourselves, getting delivered and developing the Spirit man that is destined to be conformed to the image and likeness of God. Deliverance makes more room for Jesus! We no longer have to remain bound to the curses of rebellion from ancestors because the covenant promise, through the blood of Jesus Christ, has set us free from the law of sin and death! He has come to give us Life! We are the dwelling place of the living God and it is time to take up residence 

88LHCD12-3 – Blanche Reynolds – LIFE OUT OF DEATH (2 OF 2)
We have been born a spirit man and it is time to allow our spirit man to develop as the Deliverer, the Conqueror, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Death cannot co-exist with the Life giver. We must understand that resurrection life lives in us! When death is in control all that it can produce is more death. Each individual must deal with himself! Once you get a glimpse of Him, it doesn’t hurt so bad to see you. The kingdom of darkness is being destroyed and out of that death, there is a people arising full of Life and Light, no longer compromising with the death realm. We are coming out of the cursed Adamic nature which has gripped our generation man keeping us bound, weak, fallen into the sleep of death, full of apathy and existing in a death mentality.

Blanche Reynolds presides in this afternoon service of praise and testimony to the glorious works that have been accomplished by Jesus. One lady shared she had come for deliverance because she saw some needs in her life, never realizing the depth of need there was until she was here and received ministry. Deliverance removes the shadows of darkness making room for the true light to shine forth. Another couple shared what glory they were experiencing being in the services and the wife was healed mightily of a physical problem that had plagued her many years. A gentleman who has been coming to camp for several years expressed that he just couldn’t get over the quality of teaching he heard in all of the services, new truths that really ministered to his heart. God’s Word is doing a work of Life in His body. Another lady shared that LHBC is like a laundromat for the soul! A couple who drive over 600 miles one way to attend the services shared that many things God was showing them, that had been rejected by those in their community, were confirmed by the Spirit of the Lord in the teachings they have received through the ministries that come to LHBC. Many more testified to specific healings and deliverances that God so wonderfully performed during this series of meetings. Deliverance ministry to the congregation concludes this service.

88LHCD12-19A – Blanche Reynolds – DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY 1-of-2
88LHCD12-19B – Blanche Reynolds – DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY 2-of-2
This message speaks directly to rejection, anger, fear, sodomy, sorcery, the kingdom of self, the drive to survive, and many other causes and purposes of death. Using her own family as an example, Blanche illustrates the effects of generational curses upon life and emphasizes God’s purposes for wanting His people free! In order for the Kingdom of God to come forth in us, the authority of self and Satan has to be completely annihilated so the Spirit of the Lord has the liberty to lead us. We are becoming the condition of love on the earth today, the people which God originally purposed to be made into His image and likeness and to have dominion. When God calls and qualifies you for His purposes, He gives you the grace and mercy to endure the processing which He requires until Christ is formed in you. Each one must deal with himself, and where you are affected, you had better be found seeking the Lord. Let Him do what needs to be done! The anointing of truth is upon this message.


89LHCD7-2 – *Mary Die – THE YOUNG WITNESS. **Blanche Reynolds –
*This lesson focuses upon training up a child according to what the Bible teaches.  The fruit of that instruction brought profound results in a court of law when a nine-year-old girl was asked to testify in a criminal case.  A child’s truthful expression of his understanding of Bible principles is a mighty weapon towards the pulling down of strongholds.  This short message is a must for parents as well as children.  **This message takes a shot at Satan’s kingdom with both barrels.  Included is an exposé of python, tracing it all the way back to Greek mythology, and a look at the origin of divination.  The mind of man has become such a mixture partially because of the tremendous amount of psychic infiltration within the church.  Why is Satan using divination to so controlling the minds of man?  Because he knows when confusion controls your mind you are not going to be able to separate the precious from the vile.  The meanings of Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamos are discussed and how their definitions relate to attitudes within the Church today. 

Our understanding needs to be opened to see vital truth in this hour. The Lord Jesus is revealing Himself to those who desire to see Him. When revelation hits you cannot stay the same—change must come! In the natural realm, we’re at home in the flesh. We’re used to operating in the sense and feeling realm, but God is moving in the Spirit realm. He is calling together a spirit man who will walk after the dictates of the Spirit and know the life of the Spirit until he is not moved to gratify the flesh. Deliverance ministry is included on the tape and is directed towards the subconscious wherein lies many strongholds of satanic bondage.

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