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Published on: April 9, 2016

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Deborah Vails
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Isaiah 59:1-5 and Luke 10:19 give us insight into how much the Lord hates sin. He has given us power, authority and the right to walk in His strength to tread on our enemies. Every time God frees us, we have more authority to go on the offense against the devil…that slick, sly, cunning, intelligent creature. The devil works on our minds. He is relentless in his schemes to entice us to break God’s commandments. The sting of the scorpion means to pierce by stinging with his tail. That sting opens a wound and is an entry point for the enemy to inject deadly venom into his victim. The intent is to destroy that person by way of temptation, deception, accusation and destruction. Satan tempts us through our senses and imagination. Portals open wide when we yield to sin. Deborah exposes many defiling strongholds of the enemy. The stings of the scorpion are hostile to all virtue. So forgive everyone, renounce and repent of every sin and surrender to God completely. Allow God moment by moment, day by day, to cleanse our lives and keep us obedient, pure, holy and walking in His Holy Word so that when we rebuke the enemy, he has to flee. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


16LCCD2-3 – Deborah Vails – WALKING IN FREEDOM
Jesus came to set the captives free. The closer we get to Jesus the more we come out of darkness. He brings us out of darkness so we can be a blessing and comfort to others. God has given each one of us a call and a purpose for our life. We must not allow anyone to discourage us with words of doubt or scornful looks. Jesus will equip us with His divine nature to accomplish His purpose. II Pet 1:3-11. “He has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him.” His divine nature is faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, charity. This is walking in freedom, victory and harmony with the Lord. We need to understand that our heavenly Father loves us completely, so come boldly to the Throne of Grace. When you feel overwhelmed, remember that Jesus is interceding for us continuously. Remember that the Father sent the Holy Ghost to be our teacher, our comforter, our guide. As we learn to walk in freedom, we realize that we are part of the family of God and we need one another. Let us apply the inspired Word of God to our lives so the enemy will be exposed. Walk in freedom in the light of the Lord.

16LCCD2-5 – Deborah Vails – DEFEATING THE ENEMY
This teaching is about 13 attacks used by the enemy and the counterattacks to use against him. 1) ACCUSATION (Attributing blame) Ask God to vindicate you. 2) BETRAYAL (Robs us of trust through the violation of covenant) Forgive and release love. 3) CARNALITY (Pleasing your self) Rule your flesh by the Spirit. 4) COMPROMISE (Make concessions) Do not give in or give up. 5) DISOBEDIENCE (Refusal to come under authority) Submit yourself to the Lord. 6) ENTANGLEMENTS (Caught in a web that will stagnate development) As God sets you free, stay free. 7) FEAR (Used to penetrate faith and will keep you from your potential) Pray for power, love and a sound mind. 8) GENERATIONAL CURSES (Defiant disobedience by our forefathers) Break every curse, chain and shackle. 9) BAD HABITS (Having no time for devotions) Diligent discipline. 10) IMMATURITY (Lack of wisdom and emotional development) Grow up. 11) LUST (Strong desires of the flesh and cravings of the soul) Mortify the deeds of the flesh. 12) PROCRASTINATION (Putting off what God gives you to do) Just do it. 13) SABATOGE (Causes malicious destruction of an individual or a work) Ask God to strengthen and encourage you.

We must first identify demonic strongholds, expose them, and take them apart. PRIDE (Leviathan): disobedience, rebellion. LYING: gossip, tale-bearing, flattery, slander. FEAR: torment, anxiety, worry. BONDAGE: addictions. INFIRMITY: all forms of disease. DUMB AND DEAF SPIRIT: physically and spiritually mute and deaf. JEALOUSY: cruel spirit, competition, murderous. FAMILIAR: peeps, mutters and whispers to deceive. DIVINATION: drawing from the wrong spirit (Python), constricts, hinders and deceives. WHOREDOM: unfaithfulness, dissatisfaction, worldliness. PERVERSION: evil actions, filthy mind, chronic worrier. SEDUCING SPIRIT: (Jezebel) draws you away from truth. ERROR: un-submissive spirit, unteachable, contentious, defensiveness, argumentative. HEAVINESS: excessive mourning, self-pity, despair, depression. ANTI-CHRIST: denies the deity of Jesus, a deceiver, promotes lawlessness. DEATH: life and death is in the power of the tongue. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

God is rallying the Church, intercessors and warriors. Our intercession training has been like a military operation. We literally have an Alert Roster. No more silent compromise no matter what opposition or persecution may come. God is saying, “Stand up if you are on the Lord’s side!” Hell is hot and demons are real. When we go through an overwhelming storm of life, something inside of us says, “If I can just get there…get to the house of the Lord one more time, the storm will alleviate”. God is going to give us another chance to get it right. God will take us to it and He will take us through it. Now Church, stand up! We have to come together and put down our differences. God is going to use the events of the world to get the Church right. We will not bow down to the threats of the enemy. Perilous times come to make us strong. We will go into the fire bound, but we will come out free. Our enemies will be defeated by the fire and God will be glorified in the Earth. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. (There is no DVD available for this teaching)


“When you’re walking in fear, then your love ain’t right!” (1 John 4:18) The mantle of Agape love is found in 1 Corinthians 13. Fear will cause you to miss the potential God has for you. We don’t have to be afraid of the enemy/demons because God has given us power and authority over them. Fear will cause you to run. It is rooted in “phobos” (phobia). Deborah puts numerous fears in the crosshairs and shoots each one of them down with the Word of God. She addresses certain signs and symptoms of fear and then prays deliverance. You can be delivered by participating in these prayers!

17LHCD5-7 – Deborah Vails – A JOSHUA LEADER
Deborah delivers a prophetic message that is for everybody, but states it is specifically for Bro. Merrill Miller, the director of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. The Word that comes forth is from Joshua 1-4. God is the one that places the anointing on our lives. As we continue on in the Lord, God will bring out of you what is in you – for His plans, purposes and glory. It’s all about relationship. If you have been called to be a leader, you have to KNOW that God is with you! Though Moses was the one that had led them those forty years, Joshua was the one appointed and anointed by God to take the children of Israel into the promised land. Deborah identifies several points that God spoke to her out of the book of Joshua for a Joshua Leader. When you are called of God to be a leader, you must first have been a follower. A leader’s life is one of submission and servanthood. They are not aspiring to be a leader. They didn’t ask to be a leader. They are appointed and anointed by God.

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