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Deliverance From: The Occult

(All Derek Prince, and Don Basham messages we’re recorded by Glen  Miller founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp in the 1960’s to 1976 as he was commissioned by The Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowship International, and other ministries during that time.)

Derek Prince

The 3 specific problems addressed in this message are: 1. Witchcraft which is the domination of one person over another person or group of persons. 2. Heresies – departures from the Christian faith. 3. False Religions – religions that do not profess to be Christian. God Himself never invades the sovereignty of human will and God requires that we respect the sovereignty of each others will and personality. Derek expounds on each of these problems with scripture and examples. He believes there are things God has tolerated in the past that He isn’t prepared to tolerate any longer. If you have a spirit in your life you can use, it is not the Holy Spirit. No one uses the Holy Spirit. He is God. The Lord gave Derek a definition of witchcraft – it is the attempt to control others and make them do what you want them to. He gives instances of witchcraft via prophetesses in some churches and cases of people he knew. You can never be what God wants you to be when dominated by another person. On the subject of heresies – I Timothy 4:1&2 – people who have been in the faith and depart from it to false religious spirits which entice people further away. Religion is the devil’s main instrument to deceive and destroy the human race. Derek gives examples of false prophecy. Doctrines of demons – II Peter 2 – brings in damnable heresy – costs you salvation of your soul. Heresy means to choose. He gives more instances. Don’t believe everyone that quotes the Bible. He says anything that denies any of the statements in the Apostles Creed is a damnable heresy. I John 2:18-20 – spirit of anti-Christ – 1. Denies person of Father and person of Son but not God. 2. Denies Jesus has come in the flesh. 3. Denies Jesus is the Messiah. 4. Denies Jesus is coming again. Anti means against and in place of. All demons hate Jesus. And on false religions – John 10:9, 14:6 – The only way to get in the supernatural power of God is through Jesus any other way into the supernatural realm is through the devil. He gives some modern equivalents to the King James. To name a few; divination – fortune telling, observer of times, Isaiah 47 – monthly prognostication – horoscopes and many more. A wizard is male and a witch is female. He gives many other examples backed up by scripture. He closes with – How do you get straight if you’ve been crooked? If you’ve been involved in witchcraft how do you get free? 1. Confess it as sin 2. Renounce it – preferably openly 3. Break all contact – burn books, images, anything that dishonors Jesus and uplifts the devil. This message concludes with ministry for deliverance and confession of specific sins.

70DPCD3-8 – By Derek Prince – False Religions
He makes the bold statement, I suppose for every one person the devil deceives by atheism, there must be a thousand persons in hell whom he deceived by religion. False religion has deceived humanity down through the ages, century by century, in untold numbers. And this situation has not changed today. The Bible warns us very clearly that deceptions of religion are going to increase in a remarkable measure. And those that believe are going to be subjected to every kind of pressure to seduce them from their true faith. He deals with two main forms of deception in this teaching: 1) Departures from Christianity that is deceptions which claim to have their origin in Christianity, and often lay claim to the title of Christian. 2) Those types of religion or spiritual activity which lay no claim to being Christian. With reference to departures from Christianity, 1 Tim 4:1-5, You cannot depart from the faith unless you have been in the faith. This activity is traced directly to evil spirits or demons. They are called seducing spirits and the teachings they bring forth are called doctrines of demons. The ultimate goal of these seducing spirits is to win people away from the Lord, Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 2:1-3, False teachers in the church, privily bring in heresy that bring damnation. Heresy is not rejecting Scripture totally, it is choosing how much of Scripture you will believe. No heresy that rejected all Scripture would deceive the Christian. What is deceptive are those presentations that present Scripture but reject certain portions of it. The heresies this Scripture refers to bring damnation. They cost those who believe them the salvation of their souls. The devil does not begin with denial of the truth, he begins by calling them in question. For example: The serpent did not start with Eve by saying You won’t die. He did not immediately present the lie. He began by asking the question, Yea, hath God said? In other words, is it really necessary to believe? When Eve entertained his question, then he followed up with a direct denial of what God had said. The remedy for error is not to expose error it’s to present the truth. There are only two sources of supernatural power God and the devil. Derek takes the listener deep into the Scriptures that reveal the evil supernatural activities those which have never laid claim to being Christian. When he talks to people about the dangers of dabbling in horoscopes, Ouija boards, card reading, etc., they will tell him they only did it for fun. He tells them that in the Old Testament they would have been put to death for doing that for fun. Those using supernatural powers from the dark side are often right in their predictions sometimes with amazing accuracy but that doesn’t make it right it is still evil. His understanding of witchcraft is to seek to control other people by the use of a spirit which is not the Holy Spirit. He concludes this message with instructions of how to be free, prayers of confession, renunciation and loosing.

Win Worley

79LHCD6-19  – Win Worley – Forgiveness – The Occult – Prayers of Deliverance
In this message, Win focuses on 2 areas that are open doors for demons. First, he talks about the necessity to forgive and then keep short accounts. He notes that those closest to us are the ones most likely to hurt or disappoint us, i.e. parents, children, siblings, spouses, ex-spouses, pastors, teachers, etc. If we hold unforgiveness, God will not forgive us AND because we are in rebellion, demonic powers have the right to torment us. We have given them the right. (Mt 18) It is imperative that we repent, get rid of the tormentors, and close all doors and keep them closed. Win then takes the congregation through forgiveness prayers as a pre-requisite to later deliverance prayers. (We urge you to participate as you listen) In the next part of the teaching, we learn about the seriousness of any encounters with the occult, namely such things as sorcery, drugs, crystal balls, tea leaves, astrology, zodiac, hypnosis, ESP, Italian horn, hexagrams, freemasonry, Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, etc. Win points out that yoga positions, karate, and kung-fu, are all mind and body openers for demonic spirits. This is idolatry – turning to another god and brings curses to the 3rd & 4th generation. He then leads the congregation through prayers to break these curses, renounce demonic works and close doors. After all legal grounds are destroyed, the demons can be cast out. Deliverance ministry follows this teaching.

Glen & Erma Miller

85LHCD5-6 – By Erma Miller – The Occult
Christians, take heed! If you have never had any prayer to release you from the occult powers which you have dabbled in yourself (usually in ignorance to what the Word of the Lord says), or your ancestors have practiced, by all means listen to this message. The Word of God expressly prohibits going to a fortuneteller, consulting Ouija boards, reading horoscopes, being hypnotized, and many other occult activities. You are living under a curse and need to be set free and come out from under these powers. Understand and recognize that all occult involvement is considered sin and must be renounced and repented of. Many, many occult practices are called out as spirits in this service, and deliverance from these powers of darkness is ministered. Divorce, strife in the home, indifference, extreme fears, nervousness, and suicide are only a few of the numerous symptoms of occult oppression and bondage.

Lee Nystrom

89LHCD5-3A – Lee Nystrom
89LHCD5-3B – Lee Nystrom
This man’s life was touched by the occult for fifteen years after he initially became intrigued with clairvoyance. Many told him that these “powers” were from God. His advice for ministering to occult victims is not to talk about God – talk about JESUS. Christians should seek to be completely swept and garnished of all trace of the occult that has come in either by sins of commission or by the inherited sins of the forefathers. Satan has yet to put forth his final efforts to deceive even the very elect. Deliverance ministry concludes this service.

Norman Parish

91LHCD11-3A – Norman Parish – THE CURSE OF THE OCCULT 1-of-2
91LHCD11-3B – Norman Parish – THE CURSE OF THE OCCULT 2-of-2
THIS IS A STRONG WARNING TO EVERY CHRISTIAN IN EVERY HOME, FELLOWSHIP AND CHURCH! We would call this a classic. In these last days, with perilous times coming, we need to understand more about the occult. We need discernment of spirits in order to recognize those that the Bible says will come to beguile the saints. Satan has come to bring confusion, destroy peace, rob, and destroy the work of God. Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil. The Jesus in you, the Holy Spirit in you, the God in you, wants you to rise up with the gifts of the Holy Spirit resident in all of us, and then begin to do the ministry of Jesus. Don’t miss this!

Dr. William Null

97LHCD7-6 – Dr. William (Bill) Null – THE OCCULT PART 1: WITCHCRAFT
Dr. Null defines several terms for the various divisions of the occult, then focuses on witchcraft – the use of supernatural power obtained through evil spirits to control people or events. He shows how witchcraft can operate in the workplace, the family, and the church, illustrating how those in a position of strength control through domination or intimidation, while those who are weaker control through manipulation. Deliverance prayers conclude the service.

97LHCD7-12 – Dr. William (Bill) Null – THE OCCULT PART 2: SORCERY
After reviewing the definitions given on 97LHCD7-6 this teaching focuses on the division of the occult in which supernatural power is exercised through the use of drugs, music, talismans, spells, charms, potions, etc. Deliverance prayers conclude the service.

97LHCD7-18A – Dr. William Null – THE OCCULT PART 3: DIVINATION – 1-of-2 97LHCD7-18B – Dr. William Null – THE OCCULT PART 3: DIVINATION – 2-of-2 Divination involves obtaining supernatural knowledge through a familiar spirit in order to control people or events. Dr. Null covers a number of ways in which people participate in divination. The only spirit through which a Christian should receive supernatural knowledge is the Holy Spirit! Deliverance prayers follow the teaching.

Dr. Null concludes this series of teachings by examining the roots of involvement in the occult, its results in our lives and the lives of our descendants, and what our response should be. Deliverance prayers are included.

New – LHBC Camp Meeting Coming – New
Every day there will be personal ministry.
Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !

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