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She has many years of teaching experience in Deliverance ministry, and a
very practical Bible teacher.

She has a been a vital part at the morning prayer team in just about
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By Carla Butaud

We highly recommend her!


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Carla Butaud
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NOTE From years 06 till now – We have Carla Butaud messages also on DVD too.


Carla Butaud 1-of-4  – 2004 – 2008 – Deliverance Ministry

Carla Butaud 2-of-4 –  2009 – 2012 – Deliverance Ministry

Carla Butaud 3-of-4 –  2013 – 2014 – Deliverance Ministry

Carla Butaud 4-of-42015 – 2018 – Deliverance Ministry





YEARS 2006 TO 2010, and one in 2015 so far.


06LHCD11-5 – Carla Butaud – THE KINGDOM – PART 1 of 8
Carla starts her teaching with the statement that we are entering a different time. She references Eph. 3:1-5. Jesus made us holy with His holiness. Verses 9-11 are parts of the gospel that were hidden until a certain time. Rom 8:18-22, even creation itself was changed when sin took place. She says, we, as the sons of God, have been given dominion over these things and we must learn to take dominion over the things on the earth. We need to learn to use the power we’ve been given. Romans 8:16 tells us we are the sons and daughters of God and John 1:12 says we are if we have received Him. We have some catching up in order to do what Jesus did. Matt 3:1 tells us John the Baptist was borne for that purpose. We must repent and learn to think differently. Jesus walked in and operated in another realm right here on earth. She explains Scriptures that tell us why Jesus was manifested with the first being I John 3:8 – to destroy the works of the devil and John 3:16 – eternal life and 5 other reasons. Carla uses several real life situations to make her points. She tells us this is only the beginning of a series she will be teaching on Seeking the Kingdom to come soon as God has shown her. Carla’s insight’s and illustrations are very interesting in this teaching.

06LHCD12-12 – Carla Butaud – THE KINGDOM – PART 2 of 8
Carla begins telling us the basis of what the Kingdom is all about in Ephesians 3:1-12. There are things revealed to the church at different times. The Kingdom teaching seems new. This is about the revelation of the Kingdom. She says repent means to think differently, reconsider. Many scriptures are referenced concerning the Kingdom. Because we are citizens of the Kingdom of God we are entitled to privileges. We have been transferred from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light. Carla makes comparison of three differences we would encounter if we were placed in a foreign country. 1. We would have to learn to language – the Holy Spirit speaks through us 2. There would be a time difference – Kingdom time is not measured by the clock 3. We would have to exchange our money – money is worth nothing in the Kingdom, faith becomes our exchange. She tells us the Greek definition of Kingdom has to do with a realm, also it is tangible. The Kingdom is here now. Demonic power is understood but God’s power is all most always misunderstood. Carla gives scripture references and explains the things Jesus does when walking in the Kingdom. You will find out what she calls the “kingdom principle of multiplication” in the Bible including II Kings 14:48. She tells us our thinking must change because the Kingdom is here. Carla says her next teaching will look at the weight holding us down and how to enjoy the benefits of living in the Kingdom – Matthew 5:5&6. She closes this interesting teaching with prayer.


07LHCD5-6A – Carla Butaud – THE KINGDOM – PART 3A of 8
07LHCD5-6B – Carla Butaud – THE KINGDOM – PART 3B of 8
Carla starts with a prayer, “Dry bones, hear the Words of the Lord!” Change your thinking as Jesus said in Matt 5:43-45. Using Hebrews 12:1b, – let us lay aside every weight … – she likens them to unevenly distributed weight in an airplane. Weights can be 1) getting saved, becoming religious, then never getting to KNOW Him; 2) not knowing our inheritance in Isaiah 53, not taking possession of it. She uses 2 Sam 9:1-10 to illustrate a person of royalty who described himself “as a dead dog.” The King said, “Fear not, I will restore.” Once we begin to walk in our inheritance, we can give it – distribute it – so Jesus can come and rule and reign in the Kingdom of God. 

07LHCD9-5 – Carla Butaud – IDOLATRY (The Kingdom of God Series – Part 4)
This message begins with John 14:30 and Luke 18:18-27 as the basis for the statement – The reason we are not walking in the Kingdom is because we have too many weights on us. Having other gods before us keeps us from enjoying and partaking of God’s Kingdom. The question is raised, “What are some of the things you can’t let go of?” (Idols). When Jesus comes into a life, there should be a transfer of loyalty. Without realizing it, you may still be bound to ancestor worship or family traditions. In the Old Testament the covenant promise was for the land. In the New Testament, for us, it is the Kingdom – so obey God! A spirit of religion blinds you to the Truth. We make idols of our children, become men pleasers instead of God pleasers. If you need your children to change, get out of the way. If you are between them and God, you are making yourself God. Carla speaks of many modern day idols and says you can’t walk the line – you will slip off one way or the other. This session ends with prayer for repentance and deliverance.


09LHCD4-3 – Carla Butaud – KINGDOM ECONOMY – PART 5 of 8
(This is the 5th message in Carla’s series on the Kingdom) – Economy is defined as a systematic arrangement. Matt 6:19-24 The Kingdom of heaven is here. You cannot serve God and mammon. God wants us to trust Him – press into the Kingdom. Vs. 33 – seek, Mark 10:17, Luke 12:15 not self-sufficient but trust in God; Kingdom principle – Jesus is Lord over all our life. Prov. 3:1-9, Gal 4:16; the 90% after the tithe goes further than the whole amount. Mal 3:7 robbing God of the tithe brings a curse. I Pet 5:8 take God at His Word, His covenant with you. Mal 3:16 it’s time for us to tend to the things of the Kingdom because the world has nothing for us. Luke 6:38, 16:1-8 – be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. Are you a good steward of what God has put into your hands? Heb. 11:1, 6, Eph. 2:8.


10LHCD7-15A -Carla Butaud  THE SPIRIT MAN – (THE KINGDOM – PART 6A) of 8
10LHCD7-15B -Carla Butaud  THE SPIRIT MAN – (THE KINGDOM – PART 6B) of 8
In deliverance we have rooted up, pulled down etc. Jer. 1:10 – Now is the time to begin to build up. 1 Cor. 6:19 tells us our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Samaritan woman testified of Jesus and many believed. You may see the church and religion but not the kingdom until you’re born again. Jn. 3:1- We need the Holy Ghost in order to enter into the kingdom. Even Jesus did no miracles until after He received the power of the Holy Ghost. We have been given power to operate in the kingdom and to begin to build up and to plant. Prayer follows.

10LHCD9-4A – Carla Butaud – THE SPIRIT MAN – (THE KINGDOM – PART 7A) of 8
10LHCD9-4B – Carla Butaud – THE SPIRIT MAN – (THE KINGDOM – PART 7B) of 8
– Lk. 3:21- Carla says that the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the shape of His body. It can be seen, can be touched. You must be born of the Spirit to manifest the kingdom of God on the earth. Jesus is the king and He’s coming back to rule His kingdom. We are to be preparing for that by destroying the works of the enemy 1 Jn 3:8. We are to be renewed, fresh every day, 2 Cor 5:17. It is time for the church to walk after the Spirit of God and do the works that Jesus tells us to do! “Present your body a living sacrifice” Rom 12:1. Carla gives us testimony of how this has worked in her life. Submit the flesh to the spirit, put your body in subjection, and walk in the spirit. “These signs will follow those that believe” Mk. 16:17. Prayer follows.



Carla’s message is given out of her love for Jesus Christ and God’s people. It is a study on the subject of the current trend of Christians to conform to Jewish rites and ceremonies and incorporate them into their spiritual life. Matthew 24:4 Take heed that no man deceive you. The Word is talking about the Spirit of anti-Christ. “He is anti-Christ that denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, come in the flesh.” Jesus’ brethren hated Him because He spoke against their traditions, making the Word of God of none effect. Are we in danger of leaving our first love? Jewish people are still waiting for their Messiah. As Christians we should be so joyful, so prosperous, so healthy, so peace loving and so blessed that they would be chasing us down to know our Jesus. Some have believed. We better stick with the Holy Scriptures, not the TV Church’s, prayer shawls, minorahs, and the like. Search out the origins of the Star of David. If you trust in anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, you are involved in witchcraft. Jesus came to fulfill and replace all these things which have enthralled so many. Jesus Christ is all we need. Cast out the anti-Christ spirit. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

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