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Richard Tate

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08LHCD5-10 – Richard Tate – OVERCOMING

The harvest is really white and the laborers are few. Our life is about control. Who is going to have it – God or us? We are willing to share, but God is not. We just want some kind of control over our life. Esther 4:11-14 – she had to overcome some facts. 1) May cost her life 2) Exposure – of finding out she was a Jew 3) She had a plan, it may not work out. Any way she turned, it may cause her death. God is a God of going through. We go around and around the mountain and dig a trench. God says, go through. God has a purpose and plans – this is your time. He wants to do it through you. We are works in progress. John 10:27 – say as Jesus did, Father you have brought me here for this hour. Instead of trying to be an overcomer, just do what God is telling you to do. It is not about being an overcomer it is about overcoming. Heb. 12:1 – don’t get in a hurry, just finish it. Our eye can’t be on the finish line but must be on Jesus. We overcome as we go; obstacles etc. II Cor. 6:9 – we get up and go and that is the devils problem. He can’t get rid of us. You don’t get muscles by sitting on the sofa eating popcorn or watching weightlifting on TV. You can’t have a valley without two mountains. We are into signs and wonders in these last days. Hunger can be the most dangerous thing in your life. God is longing to bring a people forth. Be willing to let Him. It is time to break camp and move on. Richard closes with prayer.

08LHCD11-8 – Richard Tate – BEYOND DELIVERANCE
When we close the door the enemy may scream but he can’t come in unless we open the door. Then God puts us on the potter’s wheel and when He touches our flesh we pull back and open a back door to our life and make it so someone can come in. The spirits that enter the back door are more deadly because we invite them in and they make us feel good. We only want Jesus to touch the spots that offend us but we need to let Him touch the parts that offend Him! This is the time for preparing. He shares two positions he sees in the storm. He closes with a corporate prayer of confession.

08LHCD12-8 – Richard Tate – RELATIONSHIP
We have responsibility when we open our mouth for what we say. Acts 17:10, 11, Matt 12:6, John 14:26. Richard says the text for this teaching is John 17:2 & 3. Relationship is where it is at and don’t be afraid to tell God the truth. You don’t go from hot to cold you gradually cool off. Richard shares some personal examples. God is not looking for us to react; He is looking for us to respond. We have to make changes in ourselves. We are priesthood. Rev 5:10, Ex 19 kingdom of priests. What we do for God may not work but what He does with you does work; it may not be for you but for someone else. The hardest thing is forgiving yourself. Richard shares some personal testimony of how he was self-destructive before he met God. Richard’s prayer is that God will show you who you are through His eyes. God straighten out our perception. You can help others by where you have been. He closes with prayer for everyone to listen for a word from the Lord.

Richard teaches on worship. He says lots of worship leaders do not know how to worship. Psalms 100:4. Start thanking the Lord; enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courts with praise. Praise is a vehicle to get us to the destination of worship. Acts 15:13-16 – the Tabernacle of David to be re-built. God was looking for something not found in Moses Tabernacle. In the Old Testament they worshiped before leaders; they bowed down to them; didn’t have to feel anything. David made God approachable. There was no worship in the garden. David saw God for who he really is – His goodness. God seeks worshipers. The Old Testament worship is concerned with actions, the New Testament with attitudes. The essence of worship is found in Luke 7:37-38. God wants to show us a way to communicate with Him. Praise is a vehicle and worship is the end. This is where God wants us. God says wait on Me. Richard then goes to I Cor. 11:26-33 where Paul gives directions for communion and Richard leads those present in partaking communion as 2008 ends and 2009 begins.


09LHCD2-8SUN – Richard Tate – Sunday – The Day of the Lord
Richard begins by telling us his text today will be from I Thessalonians 4:12-18. The term that seems to be used today is rapture?  He explains there are many rapture theories. Rapture is really the catching away, to be snatched away. In order for there to be error there has to be truth. Richard shares 3 positions which most people take on the Day of the Lord. The first is, pre-trib. To be caught up before tribulation begins. Scripture references include Matthew 24:20 and Revelation 3:10. Keep us through is easy as saying keep you out. Genesis 7:1, Daniel 6:7-9, 23. You will see Jesus when He comes one day.  He is the sky. Matthew 25:5& 6. The second is mid-trib which is to be caught up half the way through the tribulation. Scripture references include Revelation 12:1-6 and I Thessalonians 2:1-3, 6. And the third position is post-trib, which is to be caught up at the end of tribulation. We will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. II Thessalonians 2:1-3, 6. Richard uses the parable of the 10 virgins to illustrate, saying this is where we are at now. Five of the virgins thought He was going to come sooner so they thought it wasn’t a necessity to go through any kind of preparation. And when He didn’t come they were not prepared for the long wait. Are we preparing to go through what is coming, because He is not going to take us around? And most of us He is not going to take home, He is going to take us through. We are going to operate in gross darkness. The only light there is going to be is the light in you. Don’t let us relax and not let Him prepare us in the days ahead, for His coming; not only days of trouble but there will be days of glory. Jesus goes before us, He goes with us and He goes behind us and He lives in us. 

09LHCD4-8 – Richard Tate – COMMUNION
The 14th day of the first month was Passover. Exod. 12:6-8 lamb with bitter herbs was eaten. Vs.12-14 there is no fear of God in the church today. Passover was not observed for generations until the book was found. It is all about God; reverential fear. The devil would like to kill us but all he can do is neutralize us. II Cor. 5:10-11 knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men. Phil 2:12 work out your salvation with fear and trembling. II Tim 1:7 this fear has to do with our conduct. Any church you are in, you are either a part of the solution or part of the problem. At Passover, the blood protected them from God. Lev 23:1-4, 27, Sabbath days are discussed. In every church there are people who will respond to God. I Cor. 1:10-13; 3:1-4, 11:17, 20. Communion was an afterthought. As today, there was no fear of God. It’s something we do. Vs. 21-27 – Repent – God give us Godly sorrow. Change us and we will be changed. The Lamb is mentioned 26 times in Revelation.

Gen 1:1 says in the beginning God … it’s just GOD. We don’t live like He is in us. In Gen 12:1-3 Abram knew God was talking to him. The Word is to give us peace with God not with ourselves. When God speaks to us and we get ready to go, not everything in our suitcase is good for us. God is more determined to get you in the Promised Land than you are. The wilderness is necessary in God’s economy; this is where we learn. The children of Israel got out of Israel but then came the wilderness which is there to get Egypt out of us. They needed to learn war in a controlled environment; they needed to learn rest but don’t get settled because they moved when the cloud moved. We have to learn to trust God when He isn’t talking. We learn obedience by what it costs us. Sometimes obedience hurts; but it changes us. The wilderness is not the end. Half the battle is knowing that it is a tunnel from glory to glory and not a cave. Three things we must know for our journey; put on all the armor of God, stand fast – resist the enemy and ourselves, begin to let the Holy Spirit live through you. Richard shares more scriptures with illustrations – Josh 7:1, 21, Ps 26:2, Num. 14:28-31 We need to be tested, to see where the wickedness is in us. In closing he says where does that leave us? We must be like Caleb who stood for his family and Joshua who stood for the nation. You cannot let God loose in yourself as long as you hold on to yourself. You must deny yourself. Whatever comes on you prepares you for the Promised Land.

09LHCD5-11 – Richard Tate – ARE YOU A SOLDIER?
II Tim 2:1-3 there is no way to get away from real battle. Acts 16:1-3. The first soldier Richard shares about is Timothy. Timothy was obedient. God is not looking for generals, He is looking for soldiers. Any job that is honest is honorable. We must do all as unto the Lord. God’s Kingdom is made up of servants, priests, warriors. It wasn’t easy for Timothy to go with Paul. The other soldier Richard shares about is Mark. He and Barnabas were relatives and they were close. II Tim 4:11 these two young men, Timothy and Mark, were from different backgrounds but that didn’t matter – they endured and were obedient. They did not start out having anything or doing anything, they just walked before the Lord and were soldiers who persevered. It cost Timothy to go with Paul. When you are in the army you have to watch out for each other. As a soldier you have someone who tells you what to do. Jesus always said, If you keep My commandments. His enemies in the OT were His enemies in the NT. Both of these young men set examples for us. They persevered. It is not about how quick you can get there, it is that you get there. They never looked for position, title, recognition, etc. Richard shares personal experiences and examples of being a good soldier. John 14:26, Matt 12:43-45. In closing Richard explains about closing the front door and the back door of our minds to demons and giving Jesus the key. Rev. 3 – the front door doesn’t have a handle on the outside. Watch your back door. Prayer for your doors follows.

09LHCD7-13 – Richard Tate – WORSHIP
What really wakes people up is trouble. In Joshua we find that even though God had said He would drive out the Jebusites, the people did not overcome the enemy and began to worship their gods. We must do things God’s way! Abraham had a relationship with God so that he knew when God spoke to him. God wants that kind of relationship with us – what He’s trying to bring us into. Eventually we’ll have to come back to Him and He’s looking for roots as well as fruit. God requires that we learn from the hard places. He doesn’t require that we win the race but He does require that we finish. Find out what God is after and take care of that.

In order to have a valley, there must be two mountains – one on each side. If there is only one mountain, then you have a plain. Ps 137:1 speaks of Zion, God’s people in a valley of weeping. There will be crushing, breaking and ultimately death – again and again – from the mountain to the valley, then to the mountain again. Know that it is not because you are living in sin, but because you are being prepared for the next mountain. God is changing your attitude so that you only need Him. If we stay in the valley, we’re plains people. We have to want to be changed and want our eyes opened, then God will complete the work in us.

09LHCD9-8 – Richard Tate – WHY NOT YOU?
God says, if you’re going with Me, you’re not going to drive! Change happens without us even looking for it. It is not in the outer court, but in the Holy Place. Jer. 1:1-10 God knows who you are. His calling is special. In Jeremiah’s time, the people were saying one thing and doing another. God said the way out was to repent. We like doing things our way for the Lord. It’s going to have to be His way or we’ll stay in the outer court. The outer court people will not ask to come in until they see us change into God’s image. We must choose to move with God into the Holy of Holies. He’s calling a people for this time.

09LHCD11-1 – Richard Tate – CHANGE – ONE STEP AT A TIME
We cry out for relief and God says, Wait – it’s not time.  He desires to do some things in us which will not come forth if He allows us to have our way. God has a purpose for His plan and our part is to humble ourselves and allow Him to do it His way. TRUST, yield and don’t quit. Even Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered. Heb 5:8.

God will not work His program on your time frame. God brings change & so does the enemy. We need to hear the right voice. The tabernacle of David has fallen. We have lost the glory. God wants to rebuild what has been lost but it takes time. God has eternal purposes. It’s not about us- or even about the present – it’s about His presence operating thru us for others. Mt 22: 14, Rev17:14.  Overcomers have overcome some things. 1Sam 17 says David ran to the battle without Saul’s armor. He had God’s provision and he overcame. Be available, willing and obedient.

09LHCD12-14 – Richard Tate – IN TRANSITION
Of what Spirit are we? The Holy Spirit will teach you all things-lead you into all truth. Gold has to be found, dug and purified and then formed into the desired product. Fit scripture to scripture, allowing yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Richard also talks about the salmon and how, at the end of it’s life, it works it’s way back to the place of their birth, lays eggs and then dies. If we return to our first love and then die, allowing God to take over, He will bring His desired results.


When you enter a cave, it may be by yourself. Elijah did. At the bottom, where you find yourself, repent – for God has an elevator. Flowing water will wash out the rust in the empty pipe that we are. Let God flow. We teach children how to be good because the sin nature is in them from conception. We have plenty of knowledge but God gives us life. His life changes us – if we cooperate with Him. Is your goal to be that empty, washed out pipe that God can operate through? Mt 11:28,29. Let’s walk where we are and not always be looking at where we want to be. Jn 17:3, James 1:12

Richard says this message will not win friends – hopefully it will influence people. It is never popular to talk about death. He believes the deeper the death, the higher the resurrection. Jn. 17:2,3 eternal life is to know God and Jesus whom He sent. That’s grace. 1 Cor. 6:19,20 says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are bought with a price. Maybe you’re legally His – but does He own you? Perhaps we need to learn a little more about slavery and get out of the independence mode. There are several good illustrations included. Prayer follows.

10LHCD9-2 – Richard Tate – LEARN OF ME
Mt 28:11-30 His yoke is easy and His burden is light. When we’re first born again, it’s an easy time – no cares, just peace and love. However, God has a plan for your life. He’s taking you somewhere. What we need to do is stop trying to figure it out and just go with Him. Let?s start over today – allowing Him to take us. In the coming storm, there will be no time to prepare or get to know Him. We must be ready – in tune with our God – able to hear and quick to trust and obey. Eph 4:30 says, grieve not the Holy Spirit of God.  He is grieved when we aren’t walking closely with Him. Col 3:15 (Phillips) Let the peace of God rule as an umpire in all your decisions?

10LHCD9-10 – Richard Tate – RESTORATION
Rev. 3:4,21,22,God is looking for a people who are willing to go up the mountain to hear what He has to say. If we hear what the Spirit is saying, we have hope. Someday we will see and know the person made in His image – the one He created us to be. In the 1500’s, God began restoration of the outer court – faith by belief in Jesus. In the 1900’s, holiness was more in the forefront than salvation; restored alter, laver, then the holy place, priesthood and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. In the 1940?s, the Latter Rain movement ? Jesus – the shewbread. The 1960’s brought praise and worship. Richard goes on to detail where we are now and where we?re headed with a description of process, the cost and the results.

10LHCD11-8 – Richard Tate – AMEN! SO BE IT!
God is everywhere but sometimes He withdraws and we have to call out to Him. The enemy will challenge the ground taken and it is up to you to hold your victory. Sometimes we just want relief. Not to just stay free. Hold on to God and His word until the end. Amen is a universal word. Past, present and future. The word is in the OT 74 times & the NT 54 times. Amen – So be it. It’s agreeing with God, and going His way, standing with Him. Mt 17:20 says if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible to us. Faith brings – so be it into the present.

10LHCD12-2 – Richard Tate – IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS
Phil 3:10 – That I may know Him.  Do you know God?  Do you recognize His voice? He said that His sheep hear His voice. We must! The answers we need may not always be obvious. If the Bible was all that is needed, God would have given Adam one. But He came and walked and talked with Adam in the garden and He wants to come and walk with us too. Are you in that type of relationship with God?  When you hear a voice, do you know who is speaking to you?  If you keep company with Him, you’ll stay on the right track. No compromise. You will want to please Him. Prayer follows for a love-slave relationship with God.

God is going to have a pure people but it is costly. There are conditions but there is also promise. We are called to be a kingdom of priests. Deut. 5:1 Moses was called to stand between God and the people. To be a priest, you have to hear from God. Acts 15:12. We know that God speaks to those who will hear. He wants us in close to Him, not on the outside edges. A higher place is available. 1 Pet 2:9,10. Are you really satisfied to stay at a distance, listening to what God tells others, taking a chance on falling away? There has been a better way prepared just for you. It may be a hard road to travel, but there’s still joy on the journey!


11LHCD4-2 – Richard Tate – HIS KINGDOM – FOR YOU TO KNOW
Richard talks to us about Pipe Theology.  God pours thru us, pushes the junk out – pours in the good. We are the pipes. The Holy Ghost is determined to get us to where God wants us. Acts 1:6-8. There’s a vast difference between the spiritual kingdom and the natural kingdom. We know that strong delusion comes when we do not love truth. 2Thess 2:11 It is not enough to know the truth – we must have a love for the truth. Count the cost. God wants to have relationship with us. It’s good to know the book, but much better to know the author. God takes us thru but the choice of whether to go is up to us. Be stiff-necked or be change.

11LHCD5-2 – Richard Tate – FOLLOW ME
In Jn 21:22, Jesus speaks specifically to Peter, follow thou Me. This is a decision made alone. The disciples knew Jesus because they followed Him, stayed near Him. In vs. 15-17, we see the difference in how we love. We start out as servants and progress to friendship. Servants get rewards but friends have a heart involvement in what is happening. Jesus said, Feed My sheep. We must die to ourself and follow Him. Love, forgive, and walk in harmony with Jesus. Be a worshipper or you’ll have trouble being a follower. Let God do something through you.

11LHCD5-11 – Richard Tate – MOVING FORWARD
God has a variety of ways to look at truth. It’s dependent on who or what He’s looking at. It’s like a building. There may be four builders, doing four different sides of the same building, depends on the angle from which you are viewing but it’s all the same building. God likes variety and He’ll use anyone. He’s never locked in to a particular pattern. Even the misery we go through can be a good thing and it has limits. The summarization of this week’s messages were; Christ in you, Christ in me. The services were progressive as God spoke and built on it all week. With a mixture of humor and sincerity, we heard what God said this week. We are reminded that God chooses the procedure that works on each of us, – no cookie cutter techniques. No patterns!

11LHCD7-14 – Richard Tate – WE BELONG TO JESUS
We need to hear the Lord! We’re past the tipping point. However, as long as we stay with Jesus, we have hope, even in the darkest of days. Richard gave testimony of a recent deliverance that he experienced that came a total surprise, something was brought to the surface that he never would have thought existed. It was so deeply engrained that only God would have known it existed. This is a time when God is going to go deeper than we thought possible. Have you ever told God something and then He called you on it? We have to watch our words, sometimes even those we sing. He will take you at your word. We have a window of time. We’re ordained for this time and for a purpose. It is transition time.  God is moving and things change when He moves. We make choices, how far we want to go with God. We must get to a place where we are familiar with the author and not just the book. We either stay with Him or fall by the wayside. We make that choice.

11LHCD9-7 – Richard Tate – TESTIMONY
When God gives you a prayer, something will happen. Some very religious people know the Bible but not the Author. It is a good day to know the Lord. Jesus wants to get at our motives. We have to get close to Him or it is all useless. When He tells you to go,  pack it up and go. Richard shared God’s dealings with Him in his younger years as a drug using hippie. He was delivered from cigarettes, liquor and drugs. God will apprehend you where you are. Richard’s heart was changed overnight. Jesus says, Follow Me.  The Truth is a person. Don’t worry about what’s coming on the earth in these times. Ask Jesus to prepare your heart to follow Him. What God asks from you in war time is what you have promised Him in the time of peace.

11LHCD9-11 – Richard Tate – GOD’S HOLY CALLING
To be in God’s presence is all that matters. He wants to break us from our thing so He can do His thing. We are to be a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. We are spirit beings with a soul in a body. God will rebuild the tabernacle of David. The Outer Court and the Holy Place are places we are not to dwell in but are to pass through. How much of ourselves will we give Him for Him to produce Himself in us? Some refuse God’s gifts. Some want God to take the gifts back. Some never use what God gives, and some misuse what God gives. Will we be servants, friends, or sons?  To what degree will we allow a relationship to develop? The sons live with Him in the Holy of Holies. Where will we finally pitch our tent? Will we work for Him, with Him or in Him. He has called us out of darkness to live with Him in the Holy of Holies. This Priesthood is a warring Priesthood. Jesus wants to take a people through the veil into the Holy of Holies.

11LHCD11-2 – Richard Tate – WITHIN THE VEIL – PART 1
Jesus never said, Would you like to follow Me? He said, Follow Me. We are to follow Him through the veil. He brings us through the veil, one by one. He will take off every false part of us. Judgment comes to the church first. We are to become a kingdom of warring priests. In going through the veil we die to our flesh. We are coming to God without being destroyed and we are going through a much deeper cleansing in our lives than ever before.

11LHCD11-4 – Richard Tate – WITHIN THE VEIL – PART 2
The Lord’s name is the Lord of Hosts. He is the Commander of His army. He is the God of love and wants us to love the truth. We can be deceived by 3 things: another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel. God says that in the last days He is restoring the Tabernacle of David – God’s presence. The censer has been moved from the Holy Place into the Holy of Holies. Today He is bringing a people into the Veil. They will work to bring people from the Outer Court & Holy Place into the Holy of Holies. Decide which kingdom you belong to. Sometimes the Lord takes us through hard places to disclose what is in us. At the last trumpet the mystery is finished. Christ in you – the hope of glory.


12LHCD5-2 – Richard Tate – WHERE ARE WE LOOKING?
We know the Word pretty good but we don’t know God too good. It is the unknown we have fear of. Cease to do evil … then you will do good. We are chosen to be in the end-time. Are we looking up or are we looking down? We are seated in the Heavenly Places. We are to be looking down on our earthly situations, problems and concerns from Heavenly Places. Who then is to rule us? The old man of earth or the heavenly man? God’s intention is for the spirit man to rule. God has a will and a purpose for your life. We have power and position. Start looking WITH God. See things as He sees them. He takes us through, not around our problems – there is where He changes us. He sent an army after the Israelites every time they backslid. Without a progressive vision the people perish. Go with the peace of God but move. God is moving all over the earth. He is looking for an army. We are it. Darkness does not dispel light. Light dispels darkness. It may not be what you are saying to someone that touches someone’s heart, but it is God’s Holy Spirit flowing out of you into that other person. We are here for a reason, not to be just fat and happy. We want to be wherever Jesus is because that is where we want to spend eternity. We are not what we used to be but we are not what we will become. Jesus says, “Follow Me … choose Me.”

12LHCD7-6 – Richard Tate – ATTITUDES
Richard gives his testimony of how he had been looking for God’s peace in the world. Then one day Jesus came to him and changed everything. In a Teen Challenge meeting God spoke to him saying, Follow Me or I will never speak to you again. He quit taking drugs and gave away all his stolen clothes. The Holy Spirit led him to a Samoan church which took him in. After marriage to Mara, about three years later, he had a great need. A man walked behind him and prayed about what was tormenting him. Later, he was singing, Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord, and he had a vision of a mountain with a path by it. There was a sign on it saying, Relationship. God showed him the mountain he was singing about and which represented this problem that had been tormenting him, was hollow. He has purpose for each of us. The things He does in our lives are eternal. He wants to reach through us to those who cannot help themselves. Our attitude determines how we walk, and He changes us whether we like being changed or not. As we wait on God we will be changed.

When God deals with you, you are going to be changed. Nobody ever met Jesus and stayed neutral. Something happens when you meet the Master. Holiness is not imparted to us, He works it into us. We cannot comprehend the real love of God. Jesus is God indeed in all His splendor but He is not afraid to lower Himself to redeem a relationship with us. He’s not afraid of the truth from us. He will start with the truth and will build from there. Jesus is wrapping things up. He’s calling out a people. He wants to share His glory and vision with us. He’s going to bring a group of people.  His family, into the Holy Place. The key is in the book of John. Here’s how you tell the difference. John followed Jesus without hesitation. Peter followed him but he had questions. John simply had an ear to hear and he followed. Some churches do not ever intend to follow Jesus. They need a real hunger for God to be really open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. God always hears the cry of His child. That’s how the Godhead is. He’s just as much God now as He ever was and He wants to bring us up into Himself where we will be changed into the image of His dear Son.

You cannot worship God with your intellect. True worship comes from the heart. The core of Old Testament worship was, ‘Who do you bow down to?’ It was about power and fear for them. New Testament worship reveals the beauty of a love relationship between our God and each of us. God calls us a peculiar people, His royal priesthood. That is what we are to be to Him. Ruling and reigning with Him means we are within the royal family. There is one King. No one else took sin for us. And that is why we long to worship Him alone. We come before Him with thanksgiving and praise in the Outer Court. Spirit-filled people minister to Him in the Holy Place. There the gifts of the Spirit are released. There we enjoy the wonders of His glory, the majesty and beauty of His holiness. Then God tests us to see if we are satisfied with these blessings or do we want Him? Will we settle for something less than Him and knowing Him for who He is? The Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and truth.

12LHCD12-7 – Richard Tate – COMMUNION
While His betrayal was in progress, Jesus initiated Communion. At the time of His death, He was unrecognizable – marred beyond recognition. He said to the Father, ‘Thy will be done’ and He did not look back. We are coming into a day when we also must be willing and cannot look back. Let us thoroughly examine ourselves and not allow careless and unworthy participation at this holy time. Thereby we will not be judged and chastened by the Lord. We must forgive one another. Think about which relationships need mending. Realize that God loves us, so forgive yourself and others in your life. We are one Body with Him and He is the Head. We can be one with everyone who names His name. As you receive Communion, keep in mind our brothers and sisters around the world, because they are part of us in the Spirit. Christians in China and India are making headway because of tremendous persecution. Tribulation brings pressure and a different relationship with Him, a different knowing, a different being known. When that pressure comes it will either press us into Him or it will press us away from Him. He earnestly and intensely desires to be in Communion with us – to be one in the Spirit. (No DVD available)


The world is saying these are perilous times, so it must be all right for the Church to say these are perilous times. Jesus gives us peace inside at all times, but if we let go of that peace, we will perish with the world. Sadly, even people who call themselves Christians do not know the voice of God. He wants communion and fellowship with us. We know there are those who cannot help themselves. God will change us so we can get along side others and help them learn to hear the voice of God. We are a fourth dimensional people in a three dimensional world. The natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit. When the people of Israel stopped seeking God for answers He let them move in their own strength. Nobody learned anything and eventually it was too late. Deny yourself now. Pick up your cross and follow Jesus up the hill. Get nailed to your cross. After the Crucifixion comes the Resurrection. Otherwise we have religion and tradition, not life! Jesus wants to be One with us. Let your heart cry, “I want to know You. I’m tired of just knowing about You.”

13LHCD5-8 – Richard Tate – RESTORATION
God is concerned with our attitudes but He won’t change them. However, if we are cooperative, He will walk with us in the process and the enemy will be forced to give ground. God has a plan for this time and you and I are part of it. Things will probably not be the way we have imagined. He chose Jeremiah to be born at a certain time to carry a particular word to His people. But He told him ahead of time that it would not be a popular word and the people would not receive it. However, Jeremiah’s part was to give the word. He was not responsible for their response .. only for his obedience. God has a plan for our restoration and also for future generations. We have allowed God’s gift and promises to fall through the cracks. But God has not forgotten and we are still responsible to hold to His word. Acts 15:16 tells us that David’s tabernacle will be restored. Our freedom from the past is paid for. Liberty = forgiveness and freedom from our past. Deliverance = freedom from demonic oppression. The way has been made for restoration for ourselves and future generations and we are part of His plan to bring the kingdom to our children and our children’s children. Jer 34:17 talks of God’s wrath but Is 58:6 reiterates .. Is this not the fast I have chosen?  It’s time.

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