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Published on: January 24, 2019
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Kyle Parmer

More audio coming of Kyle Parmer.

NOTE: Kyle was a big help to Glen Miller over the many years at camp meetings. Helping Glen with the recording, and making the voice heads. You still here his voice on many of these cassette transfers. I’m just now starting to get into his own cassettes of camp meetings where Kyle was the speaker too. Kevin, LHBC staff.


96LHCD4-5 – Kyle Parmer – APOSTASY
A challenging teaching, showing how Christians have been influenced by false teachings which have permeated the religious world, calling us to repentance and righteousness, and outlining some of the ways doors are opened for demonic activity in our lives. Our motto should be, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

96LHCD5-5 – Kyle Parmer – PURITY IN HEART
The longing of God’s heart is for fellowship with us. If we truly understood this, temptation would lose much of its appeal. We need the Word of God (Jesus) in us, His nature entwined in us, so that His life can flow out through us to the world. We need to destroy the works of the evil one, not play with them!


97LHCD7-17 – Kyle Parmer – ABIDING IN HIM
Abiding in Christ is more than a mental exercise. It begins with a true salvation experience and is developed through studying, believing, and obeying the Word. When we truly abide in Him, the world will see Him through us. A message which will both encourage and challenge.

97LHCD8-5 – Kyle Parmer – IN HIS PRESENCE
A call to move beyond a superficial relationship with God to walk in the light of His presence. Only as we come to that place can His kingdom be made manifest in us and through us. Then we will know the peace and joy that are to accompany righteousness. Don’t let fear hold you back!

97LHCD12-14 – Kyle Parmer – SUCCESS / FAILURE
Many of the problems in our lives come about because we have wrong ideas about success and failure. We become so involved in trying to do something for God in our own strength that we don’t let Him work in and through us. Fruit doesn’t produce relationship; relationship produces fruit. What matters is that God is pleased with us.


98LHCD3-5 – Kyle Parmer – DEATH TO SELF
Christianity is more than a decision; it is a state of being! If the Word condemns us, we need to repent and conform ourselves to the Word. That is obedience, not legalism! In order to be consistent in our faith and our walk we must die to self. 

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