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Miscellaneous Speakers



God is going to manifest Himself in His sons. We must examine ourselves before the Lord and allow Him to take corrective measures in those areas where change must come about. God cannot come forth in all His glory until His people are prepared. Let Him prepare you. Powerful teaching..

Wonderful teaching on going on to perfection. Bro. Cain emphasizes the most dangerous enemy to God’s people is not heresy or false doctrines; it is staying in the status quo. Very good.

This message will put the punch to all that hear it. No one has all of his prayers answered. Bro. Cain gives Scriptural accounts of types of prayer and some possibilities as to why our prayers are at times not answered. Exceptionally good!


87LHCD11-1 – Jerry Garner – GIDEON’S 300
Introduction and testimonies of visiting ministers and speakers for the camp meeting. Pastor Jerry Garner concludes the service with a testimony of God’s healing that changed his life and a word of exhortation for us to be as Gideon’s 300.


88LHCD12-13 – Tommy Cook & Deorham Bholan – FASTING
These two messages on fasting were given prior to the noon time of prayer. Has God been dealing with your heart to fast? These admonitions on fasting will benefit you. Part of being a disciple of Christ is to live a life of discipline, and fasting is a part of that lifestyle. Fasting without prayer is just a diet. It takes both prayer and fasting to bring spiritual change. The Word of God calls us to fast, but we need wisdom to know the type, duration and purposes of fasting. It is also important to have the correct motive for fasting. We should be doing it to please God and in obedience to Him. Your flesh will fight this denial of self, but fasting will turn your heart to God and produce much spiritual fruit. God uses our fasts to bring cleansing to us: body, soul and spirit. Fasting afflicts the soul and does a work in us that cannot be duplicated by any other means. Many want the tabernacle experience but are not interested in God’s prerequisite of cleansing. As we humble ourselves in fasting, God will give us food to eat that man doesn’t know about. This is another classic message. One of the best teaching on fasting that we’ve heard.



90LHCD5-1A – A. R. Trotter – 24TH PSALM 1-of-2
90LHCD5-1B – A. R. Trotter – 24TH PSALM 2-of-2
Bro. Trotter’s rich background in ministry gave him many examples to share regarding the mercy and provision of the Lord as he took us step by step through Psalm 24. At the conclusion of the service, he called for people to come forward who needed a touch from God, and called upon the other ministers to assist in praying for the people. Deliverance flowed and needs were met as the people reached out to the Lord.

90LHCD5-7A – A. R. Trotter – 3 STEPS IN RECEIVING FROM GOD 1-of-2
90LHCD5-7B – A. R. Trotter – 3 STEPS IN RECEIVING FROM GOD 2-of-2
This message could be classified as a practical teaching for all believers. To receive from God, we must allow Him to search our hearts and make them right before Him, petition Him for our needs, and then simply receive by faith His provision..



93LHCD12-1 – George Monta – REPENTANCE
We can only truly repent by God’s grace. We can’t do it on our own. When we try it becomes just a religious show. Godly sorrow and repentance will bring life and a new understanding of our identity and authority. Unless travail is preceded by conviction it will be fruitless.

We have lost the “earnest expectation” which is the prerequisite for God’s blessing. This expectation must come from our spirit and the Voice of God, not from our soul and our imagination. Satan has convinced us to expect the wrong things. This teaching will encourage you to renew your expectations and see God move.

93LHCD12-7 – Jerry King – REPENT
Throughout the ministry of John the Baptist his message was, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” After His temptation, Jesus preached the same message. The Kingdom of heaven is about to be manifested, but it has not been seen yet. We must repent in order to be able to do that which God calls us to in this day.

93LHCD12-10 – Jerry King – COVENANT
The concept of “covenant” is one of the basic principles of the Word of God. This is an excellent teaching that explores the basic elements of the ancient ritual of making a covenant as they correspond to the covenant between God and His people. Only in covenant with God can we successfully advance His kingdom and oppose the kingdom of darkness.



Guilt is the flaw, and shame is the signal. Guilt is an emotional reaction to behavior, while shame is an eternal judgment against oneself. We must share our faults with one another, accountability brings us into deliverance. We must let go of guilt that lingers after we have been set free. A very important message!




03LCCD2-5 – Jackie Sellars – A FIRE THAT BRINGS GLORY
God wants us to be ready for war. Using the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3:10, we are shown how our LORD is able to deliver us from any problem, if we have the faith to believe for it. It takes reaching the end of our rope, before we can get to the beginning of God. God is faithful – He is in the fire before we have even got there!

Anything worthwhile takes work. There are things we have to deal with in our lives, and the only way we learn to deal with them is to do so. The hooks in life are painful and cannot be avoided, but walking with the Spirit of God in your life will produce good results. God wants you to not only get the hook out of your jaw, but keep it out.

03LHCD5-10 – Steve Sellars – WHO IS JESUS TO YOU?
He should be everything to you for without Him, we are nothing! Knowledge of your Father will affect your prayer life. The more knowledge of Him you have, the more you want to spend time with Him. We need to know the Father in a close relationship. The closer relationship you have with the Father, the more of your needs that are going to be met. The reason people perish for the lack of knowledge is because they do not know who their Father is.

03LHCD7-6 – Richard “Butch” Berget – MANIFOLD PRESENCE MINISTRY
This is a powerful message of overcoming and the supernatural powers of the LORD at work in this world. The people need to be properly positioned to both give and receive ministry. You must be sure of your salvation before you can teach others. God gives us our life experiences so we can teach others. Until we minister to others, we can never receive a full understanding of Him.



04LHCD12-5 – Bruce Miller – SAUL’S SPIRIT REVEALED
In Mt. 10:7-8 & Mk 3:13-15, Jesus calls and appoints the disciples to preach the Word, cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and raise the dead. Freely we receive, freely we give! We must be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s call. As we go we must believe that God will do what He has promised (Jn 6:26) When we believe and go forth, then we will do the works of God. Saul had a spirit of control and this same spirit can manifest in our lives. This service concludes with ministry. Also available on CD in Treasures on CD’s.


05LCCD2-3 – Polly Buchanan – HOW CAN MAN KNOW GOD?
Gal 5:16 “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” Sister Buchanan begins this session on walking in spiritual authority granted by God with her personal testimony. She shows how salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit changed her and her husband’s lives and those of her family. As she walked with Jesus she experienced some of life’s serious difficulties with the resultant breaking. She found that all things do work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. God can even bring good out of evil and use it for His Glory. Also available on cassette tape in Treasures on Tape.  

05LCCD2-5 – Polly Buchanan – WEAPONS OF CHOICE
“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)” 2 Cor 10:3-4 We must choose our weapons and the battleground where we fight the enemy. The old term “praying through” means to examine the battlefield and push past the flesh and claim the promise of God. Polly uses the example of David’s mighty men to show how we must decide to defend our “bean patch” (2 Sam 23:11-12) Then we must push through the veil of the flesh, claim the promises of God, bind the enemy and claim the victory.


 Glen & Erma Miller

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05LHCD7-17A – Glen Miller & Testimonies – SOME OF GLEN’S FAMILY 1-of-2
05LHCD7-17B – Glen Miller & Testimonies – SOME OF GLEN’S FAMILY 2-of-2
There were several people in attendance this Camp meeting who have lived here in the past. Glen considered it a small “family reunion”. This was a wonderful session of reflections by various ones who shared their hearts concerning what living at LHBC meant to them at the time and how it has helped them through the years. Among those sharing are Kevin & Patti King of LHBC, Diana Pena of La Feria, TX, Sandra Schepers of Fairmont, NE, and Don Magallanes of Pascagoula, MS.



05LHCD9-1L – Patti King – AFFECTIONS
Deliverance is all about love. The devil would like you to believe it’s all about him. But, it’s about the Kingdom of God becoming a reality in our lives. One of the ways that God’s love is expressed is through our affections. This message looks at Godly and ungodly affections. It starts with ?kindly affections? that place God has designed in all of us to cherish our biological family. In contrast, satan has his counterfeits. The Word calls it ?without natural affection? which is being ?hard-hearted towards kindred? and inordinate affections? out of order, unrestrained affections which is the souls diseased condition out of which the various lusts spring. Deliverance concludes this message.  

Curses are real whether we believe it or not! Based on Jesus & Gal 3:13, this teaching specifically addresses those sins that resulted in a curse of death. Renunciation prayers, followed by breaking nume


Rom 8:6-7 “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.” The prophet, Isaiah, calls us to come and buy food and drink without money. Incline your ear and come unto Me and your soul shall live. (Isa 55:1-3) When we lean on our own understanding and refuse to follow the Holy Spirit’s instruction and direction because of various fleshly reasons, then we abort the work of God. This is clearly illustrated in Romans, the leper’s response in 2 Kings 5:1-14, and Joash aborting Israel’s victory over Syria in 2 Kings 13:14-19. Healing ministry follows this teaching.

06LHCD4-8 – Steve Sampson – KNOW WHO YOU ARE
1 Cor 6:19-20 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” Rom 8:16 “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:” The enemy works to steal your identity as a child of God. Jesus works to confirm it. On the cross He stated it is finished. (Greek – perfectly & completely done). In Acts 19, God did unusual miracles through Paul who knew who he was. But the sons of Sceva failed because they did not know who they were. David, in 1 Sam 17, knew who he was and refused to allow his brother or King Saul take his identity in God’s promises. He confronted Goliath and won God’s victory because he knew his identity in God. We must believe the Holy Spirit and not circumstances or our natural sense, and be obedient to God to obtain victory. Healing ministry concludes this service.


06LHCD5-4 – La Von Thompson – THE FINGER OF GOD
Luke 11:20 “But if I with the finger of God cast out devils (demons), no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.” Our position is in Jesus seated on the right hand of the Father (Eph 1:20; 2:6). La Von establishes from Scripture that as we form a close relationship with Jesus as a branch on the vine (Jn 15:1,2), we will bear much fruit. As we lean on Him and are led by the Holy Spirit, we will speak the Word of God, which will manifest the power of God, to accomplish the will of God.

06LHCD5-8 – La Von Thomson – BETRAYAL
Mr 13:12 “Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.” This teaching begins with the definition of the word “betray”. 1) to lead astray, to seduce, 2) to deliver to the enemy by treachery, 3) to fail or desert in terms of need, 4) to disclose in violation of confidence. Biblical examples of Joseph, Samson, David, Absalom, Peter and Judas are discussed. La Von then points out how each example applies to our Christian walk today and how to avoid and respond to betrayal.


07LHCD9-4 – Phillip Fields – TIME TO GET REAL
The title of this message reflects the ministry name God gave to Bro. Fields – Get Real Ministries. He begins by sharing how God is using him to discipleship the broken. It has required him to yield to the flow, not try to control it. He has found that the infilling of God in his life is what has changed him and he knows God wants us to be filled with him. We all have need of a personal encounter with God. When you have forsaken the presence of God, ask Him to give you a willing will an open door to come in and bring change. He will meet you in your desperate need. Part of the reason change is difficult is the patterns learned from childhood. God will keep drawing you ? let Him love you. Learning to be holdable is the key to healing the deep hurts. If we are not seeing the change, fruit, etc. of God, it?s because we are doing our own thing. God wants to speak a fresh new word to you. Breakthrough begins with brokenness as you feed on His Word. Ministry follows this teaching.

07LHCD9-10 – Phillip Fields – A 3 FOLD CORD
God has a plan for you and it’s always good. The key to overcoming bondage is to bond with God. Allow yourself to learn, grow and to make mistakes. The real test of what God is doing in your life is in relationships. Jesus did not build an institution. He moves His Gospel through people. Phillip talks about the 3 fold cord spoken of in Ecc. 4:12 and expounds on many areas of 3s. All of us have been hurt by somebody. Exchange the ?yuk? in your life for the benefits Jesus paid for. If you are still living as a victim of sin, you are still in bondage. Let the light in ? shine on the dark areas and get healed and free. Jesus, in the garden prayed three times until his self (will) was into God?s will ? then came the impartation to go through to the cross. We have to be willing to have all of self emptied. Exchange old pain for new love and the acceptance God want?s to pour into you. You do not have to live in that childhood place of pain in your life anymore. You don?t belong in Egypt anymore. You belong in the Promised Land.



08LHCD3-1 – Phillip Fields – THE FEAR OF THE LORD
Phillip begins by saying when you can hear God’s voice everything else falls into place. Fear is an obsession with yourself. He just released a new book “Get Real With God”. It is a comeback story – almost from death – that he wrote because every time he was in a meeting someone would come up to him and say “I can relate to you”. Phillip says be open to what God wants to do. A learner is a disciple; are you willing to be one? Fear and being absorbed in self keeps us from being in this move of God. Being real, seeing what’s in our heart leads to freedom. Col 10:13 – lays a foundation for Kingdom living. It is a lot easier to please God than to please yourself. How are you spending your spiritual inheritance? Are you using it for a last minute ticket to heaven, a tool to judge others or a means of defense so people cannot get close to you? Have you ever been so busy doing the Lord’s work that you couldn’t see the Lord? He wants all of us to have the benefits of the gospel. You’re in, you qualify. It comes down to a couple of things. What is my responsibility in the Kingdom? To position ourselves strategically so we can fulfill our purpose when the Holy Spirit comes. We are the vessels. Experience conditions us. We have two hindrances: 1. Passivity – I can’t do it; fear of being hurt and disappointed. You become passive because you don’t want to get hurt again. The enemy has you captive because you are passive. The other extreme is 2. False responsibility- everything is my responsibility; you wear yourself out “like a hummingbird”. You develop a “Messiah complex” trying to grow feathers like an angel. You create problems by trying to be the Holy Spirit. It brings a lot of peace when you learn who you are and what your purpose is. John 8:14-16 – the number one priority of Christ was to bring honor to His Father’s Word. That is the fear of the Lord which is a passion to protect your relationship with the Father. If you can get this in your heart everything else will come into place in your life. The first change is for God to take you out of judgment and into mercy. Judgment in the body of Christ causes more pain than anything else. The key to walking in the fear of the Lord is a blinding encounter with God. Acts 9 – the story of Saul’s conversion. You understand God’s mercy. He wants you to have a living encounter with Him. How you respond to His discipline determines the fruit from this encounter..

08LHCD3-1LA – Darlena Fields – LIFE AFTER DELIVERANCE 1-of-2
08LHCD3-1LB – Darlena Fields – LIFE AFTER DELIVERANCE 2-of-2
Darlena begins by sharing a little bit of her testimony. Our perception of life is how we view ourselves and others and is what really drives our life. Everything filters through our perception from the time we are born. Most women struggle with victim mentality. She gives characteristics of victims who allow their life to be governed by external circumstances. Victims are pros at denial. Fear becomes the idol of their choice. After you receive deliverance you take perception back home with you. Darlena shares answers she has found in her own desperation for freedom and deliverance. Rom 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. False beliefs must be exchanged for truth. Usually what the enemy torments us with the most is the counterfeit of our purpose in life. She told us a quote from a book she read “our last and greatest human privilege is our perception”. Being victimized does not make us a victim. Reading God’s Word is filtered through our perception. Darlena shares examples of false beliefs acquired from birth on. Jesus said “it is finished”. Why can’t we believe that? The Bible says we’ve become saints. We have to stop living in the past, believing the past, etc. We have the philosophy of getting the devil out instead of getting God in. We have to become and believe the “new daughters” that we are, in Christ. Your place is only found in intimacy in God. She tells of a vision she had about the fear of the Lord. Trust God?s ability to rule us not the devil. Pro 30:21, 22 – recognize you are living in the present world and move above it. You will reproduce around you what you cultivate within you. II Tim 2:19 – who is your master? She tells us about false humility. The greatness of a king’s subjects brings glory to him. Darlena makes a declaration over the group present that true humility matures us to where the Lord wants us to be. Which team do you want to be on – the slaves or the royalty? She closes with an activity time to write down the attached names the devil has put on us as curses as opposed to the names God wants us to have.

08LHCD3-7A – Phillip Fields – HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD  1-of-2
08LHCD3-7B – Phillip Fields – HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD  2-of-2
HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD – The question is really, “How do you get close to Him?” If God hasn’t spoken to you, that is the starting place. What really helps is the Word of God. You don’t have to have the power you just need to know where to get it. Be willing to learn. John 17:3 Stop praying for results! Compassion in the New Testament is not pity but to draw you out of that place. Jesus pulled darkness out and light in. Our efforts are limited. Your brain uses an eye dropper; your Spirit can suck on a hose. Matt 6:9-10 Jesus said “Your Kingdom come”. For us to activate this we must hear God’s voice. Today we must hear the voice of God for our self. Jesus is our mediator. When we begin to see with spiritual eyes then we will hear Him. The Word of God must be current in our life. Be teachable! A disciple is a learner. Give yourself permission to learn. Position yourself to draw from Him. If you are going to hear God’s voice, He has to be your focus. You have favor, draw from it. We are not here just to hang out. God has not hidden His Kingdom from you; He has hidden it for you. Stop trying to live for God – draw from the well. We need lots of water. John 6:28-29 – what must we do to work the works of God? Believe in the One who is sent. A free person can ask for anything needed. Any problem you have is because of words and will only be solved by words. Our need – a Word of life. Anything you want to know – God has spoken. The devil cannot override the Word of God. There are 4 words that God gave that Phillip says he uses every day. 1. Listen 2. Wait 3. Obey 4. Stand. Learn to still yourself expecting from God. Come Holy Spirit. Just listen then write down what He says, then wait, whatever you see or hear check out in the Scripture. Obey – act on His Word to you. Free yourself up – simplify your life and stand on God’s Word. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. Philip closes the meeting praying for release of hurtful relationships, pain, disease, old habits, and unholy images and to set the captives free. Receive from God and then give to others.

08LHCD5-3L – Judy Duffey – THE TONGUE
We have 7 openings in our head; 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, and 1 mouth. How many of you wish we had two mouths? This one opening causes more problems than all others combined. There is a lot of material in the Bible regarding the mouth, tongue, lips, speech, and words. There are over 2,000 references alone in the Old Testament. How was everything created and what is Jesus called in John chapter 1. The Word! Jesus made it clear in Matt 12:34 “for the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart”. Or the heart overflows through the mouth thereby revealing the true condition of the heart. James made 4 analogies of the tongue in 3:1-12 using a horse’s bridle & bit, a ships rudder & a small kindling of fire. Each was explained. Judy shares 6 diseases with scriptures for each; excessive talking – Pro 10:19, Eccl 5:3, Matt 5:37 and James 3:8; idle or careless words – Matt 12:36; gossip – Lev 19:16, Pro 18:8, Pro 20:19; lying – Pro 6:16-19, flattery – Pro 29:5, Rom.16:17-18, hastiness of speech – Pro 29:20, James 1:19-20. An excellent example of a man hasty in words in scripture was Moses; see Num 20:8-13. The root of these diseases is the condition of the heart. She closes with 3 steps to the healing of the diseases of the tongue: 1) Call our problem by its right name – SIN. 2) Confess your sin and receive forgiveness and cleansing – I John 1:7-9 3) Refuse SIN – Yield to God – Rom. 6:12-14; Col. 3:5-11. In closing prayer follows to yield our tongue to Jesus.

08LHCD7-5A – Ron & Glenda Pettey – TESTIMONY 1-of-2
08LHCD7-5B – Ron & Glenda Pettey – TESTIMONY 2-of-2
Ron says LHBC is affluent with angels, warring angels who are armored. Glenda says they have been given a healing ministry. They also understand you must get the “splinter (demon) out in order for the healing to take place. This is a warfare center here at LHBC. Rev 12:11 is keeping Ron alive. This is their testimony and the testimony of Jesus. In the Word is our testimonies and they can be duplicated. Glenda says their story is true to their life and has stretched them. She says everyone may use it as the spirit of prophecy. Fear, depression, self-centeredness overcame Glenda at 31 years old as Ron’s (at 33 years old) brain problem almost took him. She was angry at God. God visited her in the night and told her He was giving Ron back. She received peace that passes all understanding. Ron shares how he died and went to heaven. You will hear about the “check-in table”, “guardian angel” and “heavenly smile” as Ron was in the “foyer” of heaven. He saw the Lord’s eyes dripping with love. When he returned he had “residual vision” from heaven. He received his memory back when he saw a “flounder fish”. They explain how the Lord uses them for healing. John 14:6. To God Be the Glory! God uses them at the close of this testimony to minister healing to many present..

08LHCD9-2 – Toby & Gisela Huyssen – WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE
Gisela, and her son, Toby, are missionaries to the Philippines, Asia and Germany. Toby gives testimonies of his father as a missionary willing to lay down his life for the Lord. He was a man who did what God told him to do. Hab 1:5; it’s about God. He explains how the Bethesda Home for unwed mothers was started in the Philippines and gives testimony where shame was replaced with Jesus. His father passed away in 1994. The family felt they needed to go on with the ministry their father had started in the Philippines. Toby shows a short footage about Germany. Three and a half years ago God called Gisela back to Germany to the town where she grew up as a child. Gisela gives testimony of how her family members from childhood, one by one, came to Jesus and a new ministry has started there. God changed Gisela and brought her out of her comfort zone. She tells of a vision she had. Gisela shares that we need to share what the Lord has done in our lives not just preach. Jesus wants our obedience to Him. Toby shares about the store front church right downtown in a small town in Germany. He says we must get out of the boat as Peter, who was actually walking on the Word of God, when he walked on the water. We make excuses instead of walking on the Word of God. He tells us I Tim 4:12 is a verse for everybody. Timothy’s excuse was because he was young. Don’t worry about your excuse, be an example in speech, life, love, faith and purity. One person can make a difference. It is not us but it is God. Toby says without the arm how could the hand reach; without the leg how could the foot go? We are to be in unity. He speaks of the Springs of Living Waters which is a children’s ministry built right beside the Bethesda Home. God does the work and it just spreads in the Philippines. Three hundred churches planted in three years through their team. They want to reach all the people in the Philippines for Jesus. They are now branching into Southeast Asia and Africa, Vietnam and South Korea. They are training 3,100 ministers to be ready to go. You cannot limit God – only blindly follow Him. Toby closes with a story of how one person who wanted to be used by Jesus becomes unified with many in the body of Christ.

08LHCD12-4 – Charles Jennings – Revival
If we don’t learn from the past, we are doomed in the future. The church Jesus is building is a living body. The cross is the central point of all history. God had a plan in the beginning and it is still going forth today. Brother Charles shares his testimony of being born again and receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Psa 85:1 what is revival? He shares several definitions. We have enemies backed up by demonic spirits. Dan 10:12 There is warfare in the heavens and in the spirit world; there is a battle for our country. In 1776 the Illuminati was organized. He shares several hymns and exposes their background as being not of God. We, in the church, are inflicted with something called ignorance. Rev. 6:15-16 – ‘mountains’ refer to government. We have strayed as a nation in our dress, our music, etc. He shares great revivals from the past and how they saved nations. Every revival has had its pitfalls; start in reality, ends a man made monument. He shares 17 things God gave him in 1997 that begin with “I WANT TO BE” that are coming. It is time to get right with God now before the real church is outlawed. It starts with restoration and ends with a coronation of our prophet, priest and king, Jesus.

08LHCD12-7 – Charles Jennings – The Sins of the Canaanites
This teaching uses scriptures from Lev 18 & 20. Paul said “I have learned in whatsoever state I am in to be content”. Gen 9-1-29, Lev 18:6, Noah’s nakedness was his wife. Ham took advantage of her while she and Noah were drunk. Canaan was the result. Lev 20:11 the husband is his wife’s covering. Gen 10:2-5 following Ham’s descendants was a whole evil group ending in the “ites”. Lev 18:1-3, 27 – Canaanites had 17 capital sins God was ready to judge. The origin of this wicked people was incest. Lev 18:30 Holiness has two sides to it; reward and judgment. Gen 38 Judah had a Canaanite woman and 3 sons; a mix of Judahite and Canaanite. Remember Esau married a Hittite. I Kings 11:1 King Solomon married into the descendants of Canaan; the “ites”. Solomon went from fame to shame. Free masonry is traced back to Solomon. Ezek 8:1 abominations in God’s house; much sexual perversion. Money, women and power were a snare to Solomon and are a snare to many modern preachers today. Secular humanism is the religion now not Christianity. I Cor 6:15 – a warning needed to go out to today’s young people is to keep your virginity. Charles discusses some of the well know men of later years whose immorality has influenced our society today. Thank God for the leading of the Holy Ghost. A personal testimony of dying to all that had been before is shared in this teaching and Charles says thank God now he can really learn God’s Word.

08LHCD12-11 – Charles Jennings – Ten Proofs of the Deity of Jesus
The soul is comprised of 3 things; mentality, emotions and will. The Word of God will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the Word of God. The written Word must become the living Word. The Word has to be our life. Sin first passes our door as a stranger then enters our door as a guest and finally enthrones over us as the master. I Tim 3:16 – give us 6 things without controversy and are so obvious by the Spirit. What did God give David? He gave him ten things; a house or lineage, a horn, a root, a city, a covenant, a throne, a key, a tabernacle, a kingdom and a greater son, Jesus. This is the foundational structure of the covenant of David. The tabernacle of David will be the restoration of true biblical worship and praise. The revelation of truth has been made known already and His name is Jesus. Charles shares 10 proofs, out of the life of Jesus, that Jesus is the Son of God and explains each with a key word for each. 1. His virgin birth-key word is incarnation 2. His presentation at Jerusalem-key word is announcement 3. His water baptism-key word is anointing 4. Jesus’ wilderness temptation–key word is overcoming 5. His sinless life-key word is perfection 6. His miracles-key word is approval Acts 2:22. Judge a miracle by its facts, focus and fruit. 7. His transfiguration-key word is glorification 8. His sacrificial, substitutionary death-key word is humiliation 9. His resurrection from the dead-key word is triumphant victory 10. His ascension-key word is exultation. If you have received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost it verifies Jesus ascended to the Father. He is there at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. He closes with Col 2:10.

08LHCD12-14 – Charles Jennings – God’s Ultimate Purpose
1 Tim. 3:16 He was justified in the Spirit. All 10 proofs in His physical life involved the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ in Spirit form. The totality of Jesus Christ is in us by the Holy Spirit. John 15:26 Jesus says the Holy Spirit will speak of Me. The focal point of everything should be Jesus. The Spirit of God wants to commune with us. It is part of our inheritance. Charles shares 5 points of the Holy Spirit in relationship to the Word of God: inspiration – means to breath, illumination – to clarify, supply light on the Word, revelation – something only known by the unveiling of a mystery, interpretation – knowing what the original intent was, and application – how does it apply. He shares 6 areas we need to have in the revelation of God: His person, His presence, His promise, His plan, His provision and His purpose. What is the ultimate purpose of God? Ezek 36:21 – it is for His Holy name, character and nature. God owns it all by right of creation. We have 3 enemies – sin, self and the world (devil). Our biggest problem is self. Charles concludes with an admonition for the last days, the melody of “F”, a 6 word sermon: NEVER FEAR, FRET, FIGHT, FUME, FORGET and gives examples. In closing he remembers a song which says “When nothing goes my way Lord, just give me peace in my soul.”



09LCCD2-3 – Mary-Etta Hinkle – IDOLATRY (Part 1)
Behind every binding in our lives is an idol. Lev 7:29 no one can give your thanks for you. Isa 57:14 it’s the little things that sink us and cause us to stumble. Mary-Etta share several idolatries that she had and explains each with testimony in her life. She says her grandmother had a “matriarchal spirit” over her family. She had to get rid of the quilt her grandmother made to break it. Mary-Etta’s faith was tested in the midst of trials for 10 years. Jer. 20:7. The second idolatry is father. Regression therapy is when you try to regress the person back to where the problem started. Just forgive your father, don’t try to bring it all back. Ps.a 37:34a. A lesser aggressive behavior is a nice way of saying getting a little violent. The third idolatry is to pastors. You can’t let your spiritual life be an idol. God doesn’t want us to look to a man of God – only to Jesus. There is a fine line between control and God-given authority. Mary-Etta shares about her schizophrenia. Jesus set her free! She closes with a song. I sat down under His Shadow.
09LCCD2-5 – Mary-Etta Hinkle – IDOLATRY (Part 2)
The Lord warned that Mary-Etta’s daughter had to be rescued from the violet man. Later he did kill a man. I Tim 2:15 – She and they shall be saved – if they continue-faith, love, holy living etc. Mary-Etta shares more idolatry she had to be freed from. 1) Idolatry to children – she shares testimony of her 4 children including teen years when rebellion set in. A business opportunity she and her son were to operate for 12 years with prayer every day. Gen 3:12, 16 ? the curse. Gal 3:11. Her children came against her about what she had written in her book. Isa 8:18, 54:18. Today has brought much reconciliation and blessings. 2) Idolatry to pain of motherhood – Matt 10:35-38 She shares a letter written to all her children to help them understand their mother. She told them about her psychiatric friends and how she was getting free of all this hassle and going to stay free. The Lord said, “Pain of motherhood spirit leave”, and it did. But the Lord said you can’t get rid of motherhood pain in this world. She shares examples.
09LHCD4-7 – Don Davis – TESTIMONY

Don begins with “God inhabits the praises of His people.” Magnify His name. God breathed into Adam His breath, His DNA into man. Don shares his life testimony beginning with his birth in 1935. He tells of having warts that led to an introduction to witchcraft, but how God healed him. The Holy Ghost later gave him diverse kinds of tongues. Other highlights include being associate pastor in a dysfunctional church, he and his wife ministering in other countries, etc. Don shared how expressing the love of God caused God to show up with healings, miracles, freedom from demonic forces, salvation and filling with the Holy Ghost. He shares of a conference in Lima, Peru, and closes with Gal 5:16, 17 – walk in the Spirit. Pray in the Holy Ghost every day. Keep your heart and life before Jesus Christ..



We have the mind of Christ. Jesus tells us what to think about. We have the potential for ultimate communion with God all the time. Sadly, to those who are without God’s love, the Word of God is foolishness. The devil’s job is to keep us powerless. His world system cannot stand. It will crumble. We see in part because the enemy brings in other things that seem good. That is why we cannot see clearly all the time. We have to push away those things to get to where God is. To get into God’s bunker His love must be established. Read and meditate on the word. Worship leads to heart to heart communication. Praise is a powerful force. Pray in tongues. Cast down vain thoughts. Be thankful. Forgive. Focus on Jesus and others, not ourselves. When we are anchored in God’s love we have an unshakable power.


* Zalmer Nichols / **Gail Bowen – *GOING DEEPER **THE GLORY OF GOD
*Brother Zalmer recounts stories about early revivals in America and the men and women who stirred it up. They were yielded vessels to God. Then Brother Zalmer teaches from Deuteronomy 11. The Israelites were instructed to place the Ten Commandments on their door post. Only people in covenant with God would come into their home and they were protected. We are in covenant. We could have our homes and families protected from the world as they did. Go deeper into God. When we are truly obedient, broken, and contrite the power of the Holy of the Spirit will radiate through us. **Sister Gail teaches us the brightness and splendor of God is known as the Shekinah Glory. We see the glory of God in nature all around us. God’s glory was in the wilderness with the cloud and pillar of fire. His glory was in the Holy of Holies of the finished Tabernacle. We know that Jesus is the glory of God. Now the glory of God is in us because He built His temple in us. Christ in us. We can pray anywhere and God is there. We are being transformed into the image of Christ – from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord.



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