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 NOTE: – Years ’06 till now of Jane Hunt can be seen on DVD video too. 


This message brings an “up close and personal” look at the many fears that operate and hinder us from doing the works of Jesus. Jane brings a different perspective to some of the fruits of fear, including tiredness and weariness. Much deliverance is wrought in this excellent expose on how fear binds believers.

Jealousy is one of satan’s number one tools. Ex 34:14, “for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God” God is jealous for His people. Oftentimes we treat God as though He is a drive-thru, instead of taking time to dwell in His presence. He is jealous for us. When we give place to jealousy in our lives, we are taking the place of God. It is actually idolatry – walking in the flesh, being man-centered, instead of in the Spirit and God-centered. A synonym found in the Thesaurus for jealousy is heartburn. What if Acid Reflux is rooted in that green-eyed monster, known as jealousy? Does jaundice “yellow eyes” arise out of jealousy? Some Bible examples where jealousy played a big factor were Cain & Able, Saul & David, Joseph & his brothers (where the father played favorites). Jealousy can come from not knowing who you are in Christ. Deliverance service concludes this message.


Worship – When you think of worship most people think of music, but we quickly learn as Jane Hunt takes us to a deeper depth of worship, just how much farther it goes. How? By answering when He calls out to us, giving thanks for all things, and being willing to just come close to Him pouring out our love to Him and receiving the fullness of His love for us. We learn that worship gives honor and is pleasing to the Lord our God.


07LHCD9-2L – Jane Hunt – WHY WORRY
In the teaching Why Worry, Jane defines worry as “a failure to understand God’s provision for us and His promises, a failure to cast our cares on Him.” Although, this is easier said than done, Christians need to be aware of unnecessary worries and anxieties that come into their lives. Results of excessive worry produces mental as well as physical illnesses. Many Christians are unaware that worry is actually anxiety, and is rooted deeply in Greek mythology. Matthew 6:34 states, “So, do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of it’s own. Sufficient for each day is it’s own trouble.” (Amplified) Many times, our mouths overload our spirit man and we say such things as “I’m worried to death”, or “I got so worried I couldn’t sleep.” Worry is actually a sin, because if we are worrying, we are not trusting and if we are trusting, we should have no worries. This teaching reminds us that most of the things we worry about never happen, We need to be on guard against this tool of the enemy.

LHBC worship leader, Jane Hunt, is a member of a southern gospel quartet, The Gospel Sounds. They graciously put on a concert for us on Sunday afternoon. This was a wonderful service and a tremendous blessing to all who attended. The quartet took a break and Bro. Glen shared some of the things the Lord has shown him and history has documented concerning who America is, in relation to the Scriptures. Sing along with them as they sing some of your favorite southern gospel songs. They conclude with the glorious, How Great Thou Art..

07LHCD11-1AL – Jane Hunt – HIDDEN ADDICTIONS 1-of-2
07LHCD11-1BL – Jane Hunt – HIDDEN ADDICTIONS 2-of-2
Jane begins by asking the congregation for a list of what they consider to be addictions. The responses caused quite a stirring. Including shopping, soap operas, drugs, caffeine, gambling, sex, cigarettes, and much more. Addictions cause one to feel guilty, trapped, false hope, secretive, deceived, and many other emotions. Jane uses the excellent analogy of buying a house – to our Christian walk. Lack of care and maintenance causes the property to be run down and loose value. God does His part in our lives but we have a responsibility to manage the upkeep – repairs that we can fix, etc. It’s easy to become ensnared and addicted to the things of this world, – even as Christians – even as delivered Christians! Deliverance demands that we change. It requires repentance and Godly sorrow. If we’re not sorry for the things that control us, we have a greater likelihood of returning to that same bondage after we have been prayed for. Don’t let your addictions defeat you. You can get free and stay free! This is a practical message to real Christians with real problems who know they have messed up but believe, that with the help of the Lord, they can be fixed. There is no addiction – no matter how consuming it is – that has the power to hold you in bondage forever! Jesus can be your Deliverer – but we have to do it His way! Jane concludes with prayer and ministry for deliverance.


The Old Testament law was to protect women. They were held in high esteem. Ruth overcame a lot of obstacles to be in the lineage of Jesus. The Godly woman is portrayed in Pro 31. The church is always called SHE. Gen 1:26-27 – he called their name Adam. The woman is the crown that fits on the man’s head in the family. We are to be peacemakers. We are both to have the nature of Christ. In the New Testament Jesus was pro-woman, very much, as the Samaritan woman at the well. Acts 16:13 – Lydia was a business woman, a worshiper. We have a need for God fearing parents today for the children, a unit that works together. To love is a decision. Jane shares her testimony of going full circle from Baptist Church to Holy Ghost and back to Baptist beginning to minister as God intended. God has anointed us ladies to do multiple tasks. She uses the illustration of a lady who rubbed people the wrong way. They repented over not being nice to her and God said to ask her to help on some decorations. Jane says keep loving and don’t give up on them. Love them when they are unlovable, bind up that spirit on them and don’t give up on them. If we acknowledge Him, He will direct our ways. A woman can go the way of the world or she can have a Godly home. It takes a lot of work to have a Godly home. So many people are hurting; we fail so many so often. Jesus liberated women. Jesus never rebuked a woman in His ministry. Reach out and touch Jesus at every opportunity. I Cori 11:1 – God wants us to have His Way.


09LHCD5-3L – Jane Hunt – BITTERNESS
There are three things we can do with bitterness-1) ignore it 2) argue with it 3) disobey it. Jane uses the first chapter of Ruth for this teaching. Ruth made some bad decisions which lead to bitterness. Naomi left home, went to a foreign country and lost two sons. When we run from our problems we come into a spiritual famine and bitterness. When we endure, sometimes we get bitter and hard. We need to take responsibility for our own actions. If a man says he has no sin he deceives himself. Rom 8:28 We can use our trials to work for our good and God can get the glory for it. She tells us the story of Elimelech. There are 3 testimonies in the story of Ruth: Naomi – who covered up, Orphah – who gave up and Ruth – who prepared to stand up, she trusted God. Jane explains each of these. Bitterness can change your looks and affect your personality. The root of bitterness will not only defile us but the people around us. Bitterness can be accompanied by self-pity and can lower your resistance. Jane closes with corporate deliverance against bitterness.

09LHCD12-4L – Jane Hunt – AMORITE SPIRIT
The words of our mouth and our heart condition are connected. God told us to drive out all the ‘ittes.’ Js.3:8 says the tongue cannot be tamed. It takes more than self control. We must evict the enemies out of our lives and we must make sure we get to the core of the problem. We know that at times, the actual source stays hidden for years. We must get rid of the spirit involved. If our heart is right, our speech will be right and our faith will be on target also.


Ladies 1:15 – Shame is a negative emotion coming from many different sources – some because of our behavior and some because of negative words spoken to us. It may also be a generational curse. That will open a door to a spirit which will manipulate your life. In the case of Adam and Eve, it was their own behavior, Gen 3. They were ashamed of their disobedience and tried to cover it up. Then, began the blame game. What have we covered up? Jane gives testimony of how ashamed she was of smoking and how deliverance came. We’re told what is acceptable and beautiful, how slim we can be, etc. Shame is linked with low self-esteem which can cause depression. Our goal needs to be to be pleasing to God, 1 Cor. 6:20. He wants us free. Deliverance ministry prayers follow.

When the border of a jigsaw puzzle is put together first, you can’t see the whole picture. Our lives are similar. When we first get saved, we just see the outline of our new life. Then we receive the Holy Ghost and the picture improves. Eventually, other changes, deeper commitments, deliverances, etc. and the list goes on. God begins to put us back together, making corrections where life has distorted the true picture. He will, according to Eph 4:22, give us a sound mind. Renewed minds are a continual process of restoration. We cast down vain imaginations – refuse to think on them, continue to reject them until the enemy gets tired of losing and goes away. Phil 3:6 tells us what to think on. Gal 5:16 says to Walk in the Spirit and you’ll not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Isaiah 26:3 tells us He will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. When we do what He says, He’ll do what He said He’d do. Deliverance prayer follows.


11LCCD2-3 – Jane Hunt – SOUL TIES
Ps 23:3 He restoreth my soul. The Word says we are created in the image of God. When we are born again, the battle is on. Paul said that he died daily. The flesh screams loud and clear and receives its instruction from the soul. We must not let it rule. Whatever we feed, grows – and what you starve, dies. Soul ties bind together for a purpose. Unholy soul ties keeps us from the things of God. We can have unholy ties with people, organizations, animals, etc. We can also have good soul ties with friends, spouses, family, etc. They can be physical, mental or spiritual. Jane gave us a list of ways to break unholy soul ties. Deliverance ministry prayers follow.

11LHCD9-3L – Jane Hunt – ARK OF GOD
Jane experienced a new hunger for God in her life. Scriptures began coming alive. She is beginning to realize that God wants to reveal Himself in ways we are totally unused to and unaware of a higher place. When we are talking all the time it is hard to hear God. Sometimes the places we don’t want to go are the places He will use us the most. Much will be required of us in the days ahead. Pray, I want more of You, Lord, and less of me. In His presence miracles will happen. God wants all of us to bring honor and glory to Him. More of Jesus, more of His presence. Are we willing to abandon ourselves in worship like David did regardless of other people’s thoughts. If we despise the things of God it can leave us barren like David’s wife. Has the glory of God departed from your life? He gives good gifts to His children. He wants us to have the fullness of His Spirit and move us forward from glory to glory.


13LHCD12-9A – Jane Hunt – REVIVAL TIMES 1-of-2
13LHCD12-9B – Jane Hunt – REVIVAL TIMES 2-of-2
The Body of Christ means “the called out ones”…the ones who answer to a different government. Have you ever wondered what happened between the time of the apostles, the early church and now? Every wave of spiritual blessing seems to have a spiritual renewal in the generation in which it operates. God wants us to recover spiritual truths that He has for us…to bring His people into alignment with His Spirit and His Word. Jane tells us how the Church developed from its very beginning through the 4th century when Constantine put an end to the persecution of Christians, on through the Middle Ages and the following centuries to the present day Church in America. Whenever people prayed, spontaneous revival would come and sweep the entire nation. It took the spirit, fire and finger of God to bring revival…Holy Spirit electrified them with His Presence. Today in America God is trying to get the Church to wake up, but it has rolled over and gone back to sleep. If we had as much praying as we have preaching, revival would come and people would make Jesus Lord, be baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. Our desire should be for God to send His fire and move in us and bring revival to our land.


14LHCD12-6A – Jane Hunt – UNITY IN THE CHURCH 1-of-2
14LHCD12-6B – Jane Hunt – UNITY IN THE CHURCH 2-of-2
Without unity nothing will go right in our lives. In the church, praise brings us into unity as we enter into the presence of God. As we praise the Lord, a level of worship comes and the glory of the Lord is revealed. Then we are bound together in unity. Praise is an instrument of harvest and is the voice of victory. Praise creates an atmosphere where miracles occur. It ushers in the anointing which will break every yoke. Praise is celebration. Praise is also warfare. It changes the atmosphere of any bad situation. Praise will still the avenger. Our focus needs to shift up into the heavenlies, not on the situation at hand. With our will we choose if we are going to be involved in praising our God. When we reach the place of worship, God’s people are beyond help because they are so caught up into the presence of God. Worship is like the anointing oil in the Old Testament. In praise we focus on what God does, and in worship we focus on who He is. Sadly, refusing to forgive offenses blocks unity, and that will prevent the anointing from flowing in our lives and our services. Blessed are the peacemakers, not the troublemakers. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. 

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Every day there will be personal ministry.

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