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89LHCD12-3A Gene & Earline Moody/Glen & Erma Miller – DELIVERANCE 1-of-2
89LHCD12-3B Gene & Earline Moody/Glen & Erma Miller – DELIVERANCE 2-of-2
This message focuses primarily on an angle of deliverance not often appropriated Gene Moody speaks on – How NOT to do deliverance! These two teams present helpful insights, gleaned from approximately 35 years of deliverance ministry, on avoiding many common pitfalls. Erma shares some of her testimony about deliverance, The bottom line for successful deliverance is forgiveness and changing the way you think and act. Ministry for casting out evil spirits is included with this message. Wonderful message.

Mark 16:17. When deliverance is done properly, you will succeed. If it is attempted in an improper manner, you may become the victim of satan. This is a practical, informative teaching to prepare workers to minister in wisdom, understanding, and carefulness. (Excellent teaching!)


Some Advice – For the person who wants God to use him or her for deliverance work among those possessed by evil spirits, here is some advice:

1. The person ministering in the area of deliverance is in a position of all- out warfare with the forces of evil. Many have fallen by the wayside because of ignorance of Bible and deliverance, still having many demons within themselves, women and men ministering by themselves, being lured by false doctrines, etc.

2. Demons can be very stubborn and highly seductive. Demons do not easily come out when they have a right before God to stay due to unconfessed sin, curses, soul ties, etc. They can lure the man or woman who is alone into a sex trap destroying the ministry, their family and others who are following that leader.

3. Effective weapons used against ministers are carelessness, pride, immorality, taking God for granted, spiritual weakness, and affliction of wife or husband where the minister refuses to yield to God.

4. Deliverance ministers should train their families and involve them in deliverance work. Husband and wife should minister together as a team if possible.

5. Unforgiveness is the biggest hindrance to answered prayer and to casting out demons. Unforgiveness between husband and wife is especially a hindrance.

Overall View of Deliverance – Deliverance consists of about three equal parts: teaching, casting out and counseling. Christians generally either do not get involved or only get involved slightly. Because of this, there are weaknesses in the ministry of deliverance. Deliverance will not be completely successful unless there is a balance in the church of teaching, ministry and counseling.

The biggest weakness is trying to cover deliverance by just casting out demons without proper teaching or counseling. Here, many Christians only go after the surface demons and do not go after the root causes of why the person got into those problems in the first place.

The second biggest weakness is not walking out the deliverance. After the demons are cast out, a person must change their ways of thinking and acting, and discipline their life or they will let the demons come back into them. A person needs extensive counseling to help them do this and they must decide to change their lives.

The third biggest weakness is the lack of teaching on deliverance. There is a large body of knowledge about deliverance but you hear little practical teaching come from the pulpit.

Comments – Single men and women must be very careful in ministering deliverance. Satan wants to destroy your ministry by the appearance of sexual sin or by falling into that trap.

Deliverance Myths – There is much ignorance and many myths about deliverance. Deliverance is the most misunderstood part of the Christian life. Many deliverance workers and ministers do not realize how demonized they and the Christian body are. Sometimes they fall by the wayside because they do not continue to purge their bodies of demons. Unless the Church gets involved on a regular basis with deliverance, many Christians will continue to be defeated by Satan.

When the young Christian starts to cast out demons, he will make statements like, “You are completely free of demons.” Jesus never told anyone in the Bible that they were completely free of demons.

Battle Myths – There are many myths about Christian warfare. Satan is a good Devil, a worthy Adversary, at what he does; he works twenty-four hours a day to destroy us. He will probably take about 98% of the world population and 75% of the church population to Hell with him. Matt. 7:14, Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. All we need to have in the church is token deliverance. I can keep my cursed objects without causing any harm. We can get all of our demons cast out in one grand event. I am sure you realize that these are false statements.

The Woman Question – Consider the basic way a woman thinks. What happens to a woman in her mind when she has no male leadership? Should a man minister to a woman alone in deliverance? Should a woman minister to a man alone in deliverance? What is the possible happening? We minister as a husband and wife team. What are the advantages of this method? What about protection from sex traps laid by Satan? Assume a woman minister travels with another woman. What are the pitfalls? Assume a woman who ministers by herself is either married or unmarried. What are the pitfalls? Assume a woman who ministers is married and her husband is unsaved or saved, and will not travel with her. What are the pitfalls?

Comments – Common teaching is that a Christian can not have a demon. Churches need demonstrations to show the manifestations to the congregations. It will be very difficult for a woman who has an unsaved husband to be effective in deliverance. They are not in agreement, woman is weaker vessel, she must go by herself, etc. A woman is much more effective when she is married and her husband is a believer who practices deliverance. Transfer of spirits can not occur unless there is a crack in your armour.

Loudness Of Voice – Many people feel that if you shout or scream at demons that they will come out sooner. The contrary is true. If the demons feel that you don’t know your authority or how to cast out demons, they will feel that you are in a weak position and will resist leaving.

The formula for casting out demons is Mark 16:17, And these signs (signs, wonders and miracles) shall follow them that believe (Christians that believe the Bible); In my name (Jesus Christ) shall they cast out (command out) devils; they shall speak with new tongues. An analysis of this verse reveals that you must believe the Bible in what it says about casting out demons, you cast them out in the Name of Jesus, and signs will follow your ministry. I charge you by Jesus Christ to cast out demons if you are a Christian. Even children can cast out demons in the Name of Jesus.

Laying Hands On Others – This is an area that is dangerous and caution must be exercised because of the potential harm to individuals and God’s Kingdom. A good verse to ponder is I Tim. 5:22, Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.

It is not necessary to lay hands on someone to cast out demons. In some cases it is better not to lay hands on the person being ministered to. This is especially true when casting out sexual demons from the opposite sex. You need to be led by the Holy Spirit in what to do.

If you have sexual demons within you, they will interact with the sexual demons in the other person. They will stir up emotions in either or both individuals. This is especially true between the opposite sex, or between homosexuals, or between lesbians.

We have observed men laying hands on women, and women laying hands on men. The safest way is to lay hands on the top of the head. Next in safeness is to lay hands on the shoulder. Many times God heals by the lengthening of legs and straightening of the back. In this instance it is safe to hold a persons shoes and pray for them. In between the head and shoulders, and the feet is the danger zone of eroticism (sexual arousal). This is the area that stirs up sexual feelings.

The way a person ministers to others reveals what is going on inside them.

Suppose that a person has latent homosexual or lesbian demons that they are not aware of. Then, they will want to love on men and boys, or women and girls. They may want to lay hands on their sexual organs and to kiss them to get rid of the homosexual or lesbian demons. This actually invites these type of demons to attack the person being ministered to and satisfies the demons within the person doing the ministering. Ministers have that tendency if they are not careful.

Comments – Some women want to be lord over the men in deliverance; they feel justified even if they are wrong. Men and women should not be in competition. Some deliverance does more harm than good if not done properly such as pulling out a person’s eye to get rid of the demon. Their doctrine should be sound and according to the Bible.

Traveling Ministries – Suppose that a man or woman travels alone in the ministry. This person could be single or married. If married, the mate is not traveling with that person. Sexual pressures and loneliness may build up in the traveling evangelist. There may be an unconscious desire to love on the person being ministered to; this satisfies the unfulfilled desire within the minister. This is extremely dangerous and has caused many divorces and loss of ministries.

Outside of the desire to live, sex is the greatest drive in mankind. The big three used to destroy a person’s relationship with God are money, sex and power. Sex is a playground for Satan and he has used it to destroy multitudes of Christians, ministers and churches.

The Bible clearly states that the woman is weaker than the man. A woman traveling alone is more vulnerable than a man traveling alone. The woman is also subject to being raped or molested. However, it is now getting to the point where men are being raped too.

Suppose that the woman is a lesbian or has lesbian tendencies, is manly or has manly qualities, or has problems with rejection and not being loved. Traveling with another woman may lead to a lesbian relationship. If a woman looks like, acts like or dresses like a man, then she is a candidate for this problem.

Private Ministry – A man should not minister to a woman alone and a woman should not minister to a man alone. What frequently happens is that the couple ends up in bed having sex. Suppose that the minister is a man of God. Many women will come to him with their problems of a serious nature. He may feel sorry for them and try to comfort their feelings. If he does not go about this ministry in a proper way, then he is on the abbess of destruction which can lead to Hell.

Suppose that the minister is a woman of God. She may feel that she is strong and not subject to the temptations of mortal woman. Due to her lack of a man, she may go overboard in ministering to the man and make a fool out of herself. She may feel that she can minister to the man in her motel room which is the ideal setup for Satan’s mischief.

Husband and wife can protect each other from the opposite sex. You should ask yourself this question, “How am I opening myself up to sexual attack?”

Comments – Pastors can lay hands on women improperly and open themselves up to demon attack. Women should lay hands on women and men on men in places where it would be inappropriate for the opposite sex to place their hands. One problem area is that women want to be counseled privately by their male pastor. A lot of mischief can happen behind closed doors leading to sex even in the church.

Deliverance is not a parlor game! – Deliverance is not a plaything to make the meeting interesting. It is deadly serious and can make the difference between life and death, or a victorious life here and in the hereafter. We should not practice token deliverance in our meetings or churches.

Deliverance is not a grand event! – Deliverance is a way of life probably until we die and God takes over our training. Christians are very demonized and require years for cleansing and retraining so that the demons are not let back in.

You can’t keep your cursed objects and stay free! – If you persist in keeping your cursed objects, then you are cursed and the demons have a right to attack you, your family and what you have. Don’t expect the demons to let you alone when you give them a right before God to torment you.

Fallen Deliverance Ministers – It is amazing to see the casualties among deliverance ministers. These should be the strongest of Christians and the most knowledgeable of the Word. They are trapped by not confessing sin, not crucifying the flesh and not casting out demons in their lives. They are trying to help others when they need help themselves. They are immature and do not know the Word of God or much about deliverance. They have received a measure of deliverance but need much more.

It is also amazing to see these fallen men and women get into false doctrine. A big problem is their pride, ego and vanity. They want to be Number One or have the Preeminence. They want others to tell them how great they are. A common problem is being overweight and indulging themselves on food rather than the food of the Word. Most can not take constructive criticism and are very sensitive about their weight.

We all pay for our mistakes in the here-and-now and in the here-and-after. These people are not open minded and will not change. Therefore, their organizations suffer from their bad decisions of judgement in the mental, spiritual and material realms.

Comments – When praying for someone in a group, the group needs to yield to the person that God has given the authority and discernment. Follow their leadership. Share a Word of Knowledge with the leader. There needs to be discipline and not confusion. Everybody does not have to call the demon out. You do not need crying, loudness, wildness, shouting and disorder. The group needs to pray, agree, give support and have unity. The Holy Spirit needs to be followed so that God’s battle for the individual can be won. The leader should not fall for trying to take God’s glory.

Difficulty in Driving Demons Out – Some demons come out easily and some demons take hours to drive out. A worthless command is, “All demons come out of this person or everyone in the congregation or everyone in the world now in the Name of Jesus.” Another worthless statement is, “All of your demons are gone.” How do you know that all of their demons are gone? Can you see into the body and soul of the person? If Jesus didn’t say this, how can you?

Agreement Between Husband and Wife – When husband and wife agree, there is great power before God. When husband and wife disagree, there is weakness before God. In the deliverance ministry, they need to support each other. They can not be careless, take God for granted, or not do the things that a Christian must do. They need to train the children also about the battle. Satan will attack the children of a couple that minister in deliverance.

Comments – Inner healing, visualization, etc. is a cop-out for not doing deliverance. If you do deliverance, then inner healing is not required. If you only teach deliverance or only cast out demons or only counsel about deliverance, you will fail; to succeed you must do all of these things. A lot of Christians quit along the way such as after salvation, baptism, healing; you need to follow through to freedom. Teach deliverance – minister by casting out – counsel afterwards.

Three-Fold Deliverance – The three arms of deliverance are teaching, ministering and counseling. If they ever get around to it, the church usually wants to cast out the demons and get this messy subject over with so that they can go on to more glorious services. Suppose the man is a drunk. Then, they will try to cast out drunkenness and not find out why the man became a drunk. This is surface or token deliverance: deal with the surface demons and not the root causes. If you don’t deal with the reasons why the person became an alcoholic, then he will probably let the demon back in. It is difficult to dig out the root causes and is time consuming, requires discernment and must have the power of God.

Those who don’t believe in deliverance say that all a Christian has to do it to crucify the flesh. In a sense they are right; you must crucify the flesh to be successful in deliverance. You can’t get your pet demon cast out and go back and do the same thing again. Examples: smoking – the demon is cast out and the person goes out and buys a pack of cigarettes again; gluttony – the demon is cast out and the person goes and eats three pieces of pie.

Teaching and counseling must be continuing. You don’t just bring in the deliverance minister once a year and that takes care of everything, or you minister to a person and you don’t need to talk to that person again. This is the same problem that a new Christian faces after salvation – the need for continual feeding and growth.

Comments – Christians have many demons including the five-fold ministry. It is fantasy to believe that all it takes is one session of deliverance for life. Demons are very common are there are multiplied billions so that everyone can have their share. We cast about 10,000 demons out of one man over a period of about a year. This helped show us how demonized people were. Most of the people we have worked with are Full Gospel Christians. You are like a house with many rooms; every room needs to be cleaned. Search and destroy every problem that is ungodly so you can follow God. Deliverance is not for the unwilling or un- Christian; it is a waste of time. You can intercede, pray and war for them. Don’t cast out demons from the non-Christian; you are doing them a disservice. Try to get them to accept Christ. The best way is face-to-face; next best is phone line to phone line. You can cast out demons across the world on the phone. If the person is willing and will submit to your leadership, then deliverance can be effective over the phone. There is no distance in God and He can be everywhere at once. Your mate needs to agree with you and both need to walk the Christian walk. There must be good communications and openness between mates who are in deliverance. Allow your wife to have her say and do not become bitter against her.

List Of Demons to use with How Not To Do Deliverance
You can use Lists of Demons found in the lessons: Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting, Charismatic Witchcraft, Drunkenness and Gluttony, and Ingratitude. The following are characteristics of those in this lesson: hate, vengeance, envy, strife, rejection, bitterness, rebellion, selfishness, Ahab, Jezebel, ignorance, false doctrines, seduction, soul ties, alluring, carelessness, pride, immorality, taking God for granted, spiritual weakness, unforgiveness, cursed objects, sexual demons, homosexuality, lesbianism, eroticism, demonic sexual feelings, demonic kissing, sexual pressures, loneliness, divorce, separation, love of money, manly women, effeminate men, inability to give or receive love, token deliverance, immaturity, ego, vanity, overweight, drunkenness, smoking.

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