(How to Minister) – Children’s Deliverance

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85LHCD12-16 – Gene & Earline Moody – CHILD ABUSE & DELIVERANCE
The “victim spirit” advertises to be beaten, robbed, molested, etc. It is very common in people who have suffered abuse. Based on first-hand experience, having gone through abuse herself, Earline shares the process of deliverance that the Lord took her through. If you have been abused or have been an abuser, your life will be changed with this helpful message, and a time demoted to ministry at the end. Listen and receive from the Lord!

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(How to Minister) – Children’s Deliverance


1. Sit together as families during deliverance. A husband has special power and authority over his family that even we don’t have as deliverance ministers.

2. The Book of Proverbs was a special comfort to me after Byron died because we had disciplined him; he was a well-behaved son.

3. God is ultimate truth and there is no fantasy in God or in His Word. Fantasy causes most of our young people’s problems: drugs, drink, sex, etc.

4. God taught us to tell the truth in love; we practice tough love!

5. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what dolls to throw away; be cautious about any doll.

6. Playing card games can become addictive.

7. We have taught small children to cast out demons; the demons hate to have to obey children! Children in the First Grade were taught to war in the spirit.

8. Demons can also be cast out of the fetus in the womb.

9. It is fun to cast demons out of babies – watch demons manifest and watch them leave.

10. Don’t be fooled or become sympathetic to the demons!

11. Speak quietly and softly; this infuriates the demons! Know your authority over the forces of evil.

12. Very few parents do their job properly.

13. We have not seen any parents that have protected their children completely or properly; we didn’t.

14. Notice that the deliverance prayers are establishing the basis for casting out the demons.

15. Adults have to overcome false religious teaching, ignorance of the Bible and fear of deliverance.

16. We will not minister to the children without the parents present.

17. The parents should enter into the deliverance of their children in church and at home.

18. Full Gospel Christians are in general very demonized, not demon possessed, but simply have many demons!

19. The lie about Santa Claus caused our daughter to doubt that her parents would tell her the truth. All lies come from the Devil (John 8:44).

General (Excerpts) – Husbands are often the most effective in commanding spirits to leave their wives, with the support of others. This is true with his children also. Children must be disciplined by their parents (Proverbs 13:23). The prayerful and judicious application of the rod can act as a deterrent to childish and foolish behavior (Proverbs 22:15). Parents many times prepare the way for deep-seated spirits of Fear, Rejection and Conditional Love to enter. God will turn the heart of the father (not the mothers) to the children (Malachi 4:6 and Colossians 3:21). A child left to rear himself is a disaster going somewhere to happen (Proverbs 29:15). Indwelling demons can be present because of inheritance, curses, habitual sin, or legal holds or grounds from other sources. The punishment should equal the offence. We provoke our children to wrath when we punish more severely than the offence justifies. The offence should be explained. Other ways to behave should be explored. Then show love; give a hug, approval, compliment on good behavior or improvement of conduct.

Scripture warns us to have nothing to do with fairy tales, fables, enchantments, charmers or such like: Titus 1:14 (fables turn one from truth) and II Peter 1:16 (declares importance of truth). Children at a susceptible age may well be opened up to spirits of Fear, Error, Perversity, Lying and Fantasy. The truth is important to God and many, ignorantly, cause children to believe a lie in the guise of a friendly, jolly, phony, called Santa Claus.

The encyclopedia says that the origin of dolls is witchcraft and magic. Only witch doctors or medicine men were allowed to handle them. To this day, multitudes of idol (demon) worshippers use dolls in pagan religious ceremonies. Exodus 20:4 – no graven images, and Jeremiah 48:10 – Lord places a curse on those that use deceit.

The inventor of the first deck of cards evidently hated God and the Bible, and designed a message in the cards which was the exact opposite of the truth of Scripture. Jesus is supposed to be the joker. Witches, psychics and Satan worshippers use playing cards for divination, and to cast spells and curses. It is time that Christians clean house and destroy the hidden works of darkness (I John 2:15-17, Romans 12:1-2, II Corinthians 6:17-18 and I Timothy 6:12).

By initiating young, interested believers into the battle for deliverance, they soon become seasoned soldiers, learning tactics of war in the battlefield.

Ministry To Children (Excerpts) – Since it has already been shown that demon spirits are able to gain entrance to a fetus and to children, it is obvious that there should be deliverance for them. Demons can be called out of children in the same way they are called out of older persons. There will be manifestations of the spirits leaving through the mouth and nose as in other deliverance’s.

Ordinarily, children are quite easily delivered. Since the spirits have not been there very long, they are not as deeply embedded in the flesh. There are exceptions to this, as in the case of children who have been exposed to demonic attack through severe circumstances. The manifestations of the demons can be quite dramatic, even in children.

A young Christian couple brought their three-month-old child for ministry. This was their first baby and they had disagreed as to how to discipline the child. The father and mother had a violent argument over the matter. While they were having this argument, the child began to scream, and since the incident it was apparent that the child was suffering from tormenting spirits. My wife held the child in her arms and began to command the troubling spirits to go in the name of Jesus. As the first spirit came out, the baby stiffened and cried out. Two other demons came out in the same way. Then the child grew quiet and relaxed, and was soon asleep.

Most children by the age of five or six can be given a simple explanation of what you are going to do before you begin the ministry. They need to know that you are not talking to them but to the spirits in them, otherwise they may be offended or frightened by words of command addressed to the evil spirits. Usually the children are quite cooperative. Since the children may feel more secure with a parent, it is often best for the parent to hold the child during the ministry. The deliverance minister must discern reactions in the child attributable to the spirits being stirred up. The spirits may cause the child to resist being held. He may cry or scream and show signs of great fear. The demons may try various tactics to make one think it is the child being hurt or wronged. The minister and/or parent will then become so sympathetic with the child that they will stop the ministry and the demons retain their hold.

Especially in ministry with children it is well to remember the fact that it is not the loudness of a command that moves the demon but the authority of the name and of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The commands can be given with such calmness and matter-of-factness that the child will scarcely realize what is taking place.

How do infants and children keep themselves free from the demons once they are delivered, since they are not competent to protect themselves? It is not the responsibility of the child but of his parents or guardians. I believe you will find in the Scripture that when Jesus ministered to children, one or both of the parents were present. It is the responsibility of parents to be the spiritual guardians of their children.

Children And Deliverance (Excerpts) – Some people say that children do not need deliverance. I could not disagree more. Parents have a solemn responsibility to provide protection for their offspring in the matter of spiritual warfare. So many curses, legal holds, and other legal grounds can be inherited through the ignorance, curiosity, and/or willful disobedience of the parent. In addition, our society provides a climate for demon infestation.

Once one is alerted to the dangers of passing on weaknesses, infirmities and other unpleasant things to siblings, he should begin breaking curses, destroying legal holds and grounds, and binding any inherited spirits. This is preparation for casting them out. The occult demons are tremendously powerful and tenacious, often staying in families for centuries. People afflicted with them are highly susceptible to psychic phenomena and influence. We have seen children (from babies to teens) receive significant deliverance in the church and at home. Parents are able to minister some of this to younger ones while the child is sleeping. There need be no fear created in the child about deliverance. They will usually be able to handle the idea of casting out evil spirits better than many adults.

When a child is brought to us for prayer, we ask that one or both parents accompany them, preferably the father, since he has the most spiritual authority. Often I will talk briefly with the child, allaying any fears, with love for him.

Usually I ask if he sometimes does or says things he doesn’t really want to do, things which get him into trouble. After an affirmative answer, I will mention that often ugly things called spirits get into a boy or girl and cause this sort of thing. I also talk with the child about asking the Lord Jesus to come into his heart (Revelation 3:20) if he has not already done so. I then ask if he would like for those things to come out of him if they are there. Children seldom want problem-causing things and usually readily consent to prayer.

I pray for them, quietly taking authority over the spirits and commanding them to manifest and leave. If they are stubborn and the father is present, I will have him take authority and guide him in what to pray. In practically every case this combined assault will rout the demons.

If parents wait until the child is grown up before attempting deliverance, they will discover the enemy has wasted no time and has burrowed in deeply, often scarring body and mind. They will work tirelessly to put a child in bondage, drag him out into the world, and enslave him with many sinful habits. An ounce of prevention here is certainly worth the proverbial pound of cure.


Pigs In The Parlor – “Ministry to Children”, pages 65-66

Demolishing The Host Of Hell – “Children & Deliverance”, pages 33-35


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