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Published on: March 3, 2015

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86LHCD3-6B **Earline Moody – HOW TO KEEP IT
*86LHCD3-6A 1of2 – Gene Moody – Avail yourself to further understanding of deliverance in relation to healing. Gene lays the facts on the table, so to speak, with Scripture after Scripture of specific examples where healing occurred after Jesus cast out demonic spirits. The diversity of Jesus’ ministry brings healing in various forms. As we yield to the Holy Spirit, we too can be instruments of healing in ways other than you may have traditionally believed. ** 86LHCD3-6B 2of2 2-of-2 – Earline Moody – Deliverance is valuable in the kingdom of God only so long as you keep it. God’s part is fulfilled when the spirits leave. You choose to keep them out or allow them back in. Earline brings instruction on how to effectively keep the deliverance you receive, emphasizing the responsibility we have to control our thoughts and actions. We must know the commandments Jesus gave so we can discipline our minds and bodies. Many were delivered in this service from infirmity spirits, addictions, and powers that came in with the taking of drugs, etc. You too can be delivered as you hear this message.


LIST OF SCRIPTURE There are many healing scriptures in the Holy Bible; the following is good list:

Exodus 15:26; 23:25-26

Numbers 12:13; 16:46-48; 21:7-9; 23:19

Deut. 7:15; 28:15-61

II Kings 5:14; 20:5

II Chron. 16:12-13

Job 2:6-7; 5:26

Psalms 27:1; 30:2; 34:19-20; 37:25; 42:11; 91:10, 14-16; 103:1-3; 105:37; 107:20

Proverbs 3:7-8; 4:20-22; 12:18; 13:3; 16:24

Isaiah 53:4-5; 58:6,8; 59:19; 61:1

Jeremiah 8:22; 16:19; 17:14; 30:17; 33:3,6

Matthew 4:23-24; 7:7-8; 8:8,13, 6-17; 9:2, 5-6, 20-22; 9:27-30, 32-35; 10:1; 7-8; 12:13,15,22,24; 13:15; 14:14,36; 15:28; 17:14-21; 18:19-20

Mark 1:22-25,40; 2:5,9,11; 3:10-15; 5:23,28-31,34,36;6:1-6,13,56; 9:23- 25; 10:46-47,52; 11:20-24; 16:14-20

Luke 1:37-38; 4:8-32,35,39,41; 5:9-13; 6:19; 7:21-23; 8:28-30,36; 9:1-2; 6:37-42; 10:8-9,17-20; 11:14; 13:11-17; 17:11-19; 18:35-43

John 4:47-53; 5:5,14; 6:2,63; 8:32,36; 10:10; 14:12-16; 15:5,7; 16:23-24

Acts 1:8; 3:4-6; 4:9; 5:12,14-16; 8:5-8; 9:18,34; 10:38;14:8-11; 16:18; 19:11-16; 28:8-9

I Cor. 12:9-10

II Cor. 9:8; 10:4-5; 2:14

Galatians 3:13

Ephesians 3:20; 6:10-18

Phil. 2:27; 4:13

II Tim. 1:7

Hebrews 2:4; 11:1,6,11,34; 12:2,6-8: 13:8

James 4:7; 5:13-16

I Peter 1:3-7; 2:20,24; 4:12-19; 5:7-8,10

II Peter 1:3-4

I John 4:4; 5:4,14-15

Rev. 12:10-11

Also see I Corinthians 5:4-8 for the destruction of the flesh for sin and II Corinthians 12:7-9 for the messenger of Satan to buffet Paul to keep him humble.

Action by God or Physicians

Jeremiah 33:6 (health and cure)

46:11 (Not be cured)

53:6 (cure them)

Hosea 5:13 (cure them)

Matthew 17:16 (not cure him)

17:18 (child was cured)

Luke 7:21 (cured many of their infirmities)

9:1 (cure diseases)

13:32 (I do cures)

John 5:10 (him that was cured)

Old Testament Medicine and Healing
1. A medicine, healing (cure).

2. To mend, to heal (cure).

3. Heal it, to remove (cure).

4. Bandage as placed on a wound (cured).

New Testament (Relieving and Making Whole)
1. To relieve of disease.

2. To attend (cure, cured).

3. Healing, make whole (cures).

4. I made a study of cures in the Bible; here is what I found. Either you can pray to God or you can go to the physicians to be cured. Medicine is used to relieve diseases. The Israelites had to depend on God for their cures; they were not trained medically. God is displeased when Christians do not seek God first for their cures. We have found that demons come into a person when they have an operation and are given an anesthetic. Demons also come into the child during birth by operation and drugs.

The following are excerpts from the Bible that show how the body can be cured and healed by the casting out of demons:

Matt. 4:23-24 (Torments, lunatic, possessed with devils – healed.)

8:16-17 (Possessed with devils – healed sick.)

12:22 (Possessed with devil, blind and dumb – healed him.)

17:14-21 (Rebuked the devil – child was cured.)

Luke 4:38-39 (Rebuked the fever and it left her.)

6:17-19 (Vexed with unclean spirits and they were healed.)

7:21 (And plagues and of evil spirits – cured.)

8:2 (Of evil spirits and infirmities – healed.)

9:37-42 (Rebuked the unclean spirit – healed the child.)

13:11-17 (Spirit of infirmity – healed.)

Apparently the casting out of demons is considered healing by the Bible; it frequently says that demons were cast out and they were healed. Other verses make a strong reference to this phenomenon.

Demons can lie dormant while waiting for the right opportunity to strike. They can be in the body due to inherited sins from the ancestors.

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: We have seen people exclaim they were healed when the casting out of demons is taking place and there was no prayer for healing. There are evil forces (demons) behind many illnesses from minor to life threatening.

Behind a screen of bitterness, rebellion, ingratitude, and rejection hide evil spirits which work on the mind and on body chemistry and cause disturbances in physical, mental and emotional health.

God has designed all the parts of the human body to work in harmony.

In some cases a person will repent of their sins and forgive all who have hurt them and receive healing but will later allow themselves to get into a pattern of unforgiveness again and allow the problem to reoccur.

Here are a few scriptures which show the correlation between attitudes, sins and actions with sickness or disease: Proverbs 12:4; 14:30 rottenness in bones – incurable disease, stink maybe cancer, etc. Psalms 6:7 eyes dim because of grief. II Chronicles 21:12-15 intestinal disease because of idol worship and murder. Isaiah 3:16-26 ladies who are haughty, indisciplined, flirtatious, and proud may suffer scabs on the crown of heads, stench of rottenness, and or baldness and poverty. Deuteronomy 28:21-35 disobedience brings many consequences some are physical and mental illnesses.

Acupuncture and Acupressure. Acupressure which uses pressure points and massage instead of needles, but is still based on the occult.

Often when a person receives a healing through some occult practice they will soon find themselves with a greater illness. My father used an occult practice of tying knots in a string and burying it in the drip of the house to cure one of my brother of warts, later he had spinal meningitis.

Some examples are as follows:


According to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary epilepsy is a recurring paroxysmal disorder of cerebral function characterized by sudden, brief attacks of altered consciousness, motor activity, or sensory phenomena. Convulsive seizures, hyperpyrexia, metabolic disturbances, recurrent attacks of abdominal pain, headaches, falling, dizziness, vomiting, emotional instability, fainting spells and the like. Psychomotor attacks cause mental confusion, staggering, purposeless movements, may make unintelligent sounds, may have occasional outbursts of irrational and even violent behavior.


This personality problem begins when a person withdraws from friends, has morbid introspections, reduced initiative, strange behavior, delusions, hallucinations, and thought disturbances. Three main groups: Catatonic will have one or more of the following problems: catatonic stupor, mutism, negativism, rigidity, excitement, and violence. Paranoid will have these problems: delusions of grandeur, persecution, jealousy, or hallucination of these. Undifferentiated will have some of these: delusions, incoherence, and grossly disorganized behavior. We have seen all these types of schizophrenics freed by the casting out of demons. Most of the time the thoughts these people have are the thoughts of demons and are always meant to incapacitate the individual. In James 1:8 the Bible calls this double mindedness


This disease was recognized by Gilles de la Tourette a French neurologist. It is the compulsion to scream obscenities. The afflicted person may have a lack of muscle coordination, involuntary purposeless movements, facial an muscle ticks, incoherent grunts and barks may accompany the obscenities. They may appear to be very vulgar, drunk or psychotic. There is little or no help in medicine. This ailment usually begins in childhood with uncontrollable twitching, especially of the facial muscles. This is usually helped by repentance and deliverance from spirits of swearing, hate, obscenities, etc.

We have that deliverance from demonic bondage often cures medical or mental problems that have “no known cure” associated with their names.


It is strange that some people seem to be needing operations on a fairly routine basis. There have been a number of times we have found Mutilation to be the ruler. He often has a partner named Accident Prone, they seem to work together to bring a person accidents and operations. I had many operations until it was cast out.

Traumatic shocks open the way for many demon to enter. Some of the natural ones are paranoid fear, depression, despair, discouragement, suicides, paralysis, demons of affliction, death and fear of death, etc.

I was prayed for many times in an attempt to overcome demons who had come in at our son’s death. These demons strengthened those already in my mind and body. Every Sunday for almost two years I was prayed for and the demons would be quiet for a week or less. I became convinced that my problems were to much for God, I had not repented enough or God hated me. After God told me to ask Gene to pray for me in deliverance did I realize I had not been prayed for correctly. Prayers of faith do not do much good unless the right thing is prayed for.


It is not strange that in the realm of healings there are relatively few among the paraplegics and quadriplegics? Although demons do not know everything about the future, they certainly know a great deal more than we do.

Spirits called Accident and Accident Prone work with others named Bone Breaker and Back Breaker to open the way for a character called Traumatic Shock.

Once the base is established and the headquarters in the nervous system is secured, Paralysis calls in spirits of Crippling, Deformity, Atrophy, Depression, Discouragement, Hopelessness, Despair, Suicide, Death and many others and begins the systematic destruction of the victim.

Paralysis sneered at the many preachers and others in healing ministries who had prayed for this man in the wheelchair and others in similar bondage with little or no results. He called them fools because they refused to recognize the presence and the work of demons and thereby could not deal with the problem adequately.

Apparently, there were ruling demons of Paralysis, Affliction, and Spinal Cord Scar Tissue present. I’m sure that there are others yet to be rebuked and cast out.

I am convinced that some people have such a strong gift of faith for healing that when they pray evil spirits are literally thrown out whether the person praying knows this or not. On the other hand, if the demons are only stunned or immobilized temporarily by believing prayer, then there is always a possibility of a later revival of their work and activity.

Princes, Kings & World Rulers

Accident, Accident Prone, Bone Breaker

Back Breaker, Traumatic Shock


Crippling, Deformity, Atrophy

Depression, Discouragement, Hopelessness

Despair, Suicide, Death

Affliction, Spinal Cord Scar Tissue

Roots of Infirmity,

Shame and Embarrassment, Rebellion & Idolatry, Grief

Troubled Will in Conflict, Resentment & Envy, Disobedience

Curse of Jezebel, Vanity & Pride, Curse of the Law

Acupuncture & Acupressure, Witchcraft & Occult, Envy & Jealousness

Hypnotism & Demonism, Taoism & Pantheism, Reincarnation

Astrology, Psychic Healing, Spiritualistic Healing

Hate, Metaphysical Healing, Occult Healing


Tooth Decay, Christian Science Healing, Traumatic Shock

Leukemia, Cancer of Bone, Traumatic Death

Tuberculous of Bone, Acne, Carbuncles

Skin Cancer, Menstrual Cramps, Diarrhea

Colitis, Cancer of Bowels Eye, Trouble

Bowel Upset, Cancer, Hernia

Kidney Stones, Kidney Failure, Kidney Infection

Kidney Panic, Heart Disturbances, Melancholy (sadness)

Scalp Ailments, Falling Hair, Restlessness

Inability to Sleep, Aimlessness, Futility

Pestilence, Consumption (T.B.), Fever

Inflammation, Botch (boils), Madness

Emerods (Hemorrhoids), Blindness, Encephalitis

Schizophrenia, De la Touretts Syndrome, Polio

Huntington’s Cholera, Muscular Sclerosis, Stroke

Scab (measles, small pox), Spinal Meningitis, St. Vita’s Dance

Blasting (prevents growth), Scoliosis, Brutishness (unteachable ignorance),

Female Cancer (uncontrollable body odor), Heart Attack (astonishment of heart),

Venereal Disease (inflammation of a fungus infection in sex organs)

Diseases Found in the Bible
Ague, Blains, Boils

Blemish, Blindness, Botch

Broken-Handed, Broken-Footed, Bruises

Canker, Crook-Backed, Dropsy

Dwarf, Emerods, Flat Nose

Flux, Gangrene, Halt

Impotent, Infirmity, Inflammation

Issue, Itch, Lameness

Leprosy, Lunacy, Madness

Maimed, Murrain, Palsy

Pestilence, Scab, Scale

Scurvy, Sores, Wen

Withered, Worms, Wounds

Functional Diseases of Body
Meriham (controller – females allergies), Tiepea (mouth, gums), Woteige (gluttony, body illness, ruler of Octopus), Felus (gluttony), Arcolias (fatness, sins of Sodom and Gomorrah), Lukolias (pain of sternum), Blargy (infection of colon and colon cancer), Bozo (stomach infection), Boice (pancreas), Carpa (stomach nerves), Denemis (Gall Bladder), Hiawatha – Indian (glandular malfunctions and body fluids, swelling), Moxie (chest pains), Monroe (breast cancer under ruler Cerulias – controller), Prince Damulias (right breast), Ruler Arculias (left breast), Taile (lymph glands of breast), Verico (mushroom growth type breast cancer), Colbeck (bone marrow), Upeedes (ear, deafness), Optias (puts parasites and organisms into body), Targa (broken rhythm into heart), Yondacola (blood cancer), Citicizan (convulsions and epilepsy), Rezpan (pituitary glands), Goratus (pituitary glands – violent), Woepe (heart blockage), Csarbolias (foot pain), Pontolias (right foot), Pintolias (left foot), Nickulias (pain in neck) Eraualias (ear infections)

Belfagar (vanity), Contressie (flippancy of emotions), Collodus (stoicism – no feeling), Repanel (controller), Ashtroth (accusation, criticism), Petragrammation (selfishness), Philanfesus (sloth), Felix (self pity, fear of disapproval), Varrier (controller – disobedience against obedience), Vermo (Guilt), Eland (resentment, sorrow), Remus and Remur (cause sleep in spiritual environment), Soonelton (rebellion), Vormo (excessive tiredness), Phonique (play acting, dramatic, choreography), Voltare (game playing, taunting), Boletta (game playing, taunting), Whocarto (over concern of what others think) Puno (blood pressure), Triano (blood pressure), Targa (rapid heartbeat), Woepe (heart blockage), Optias (puts cancer cells into human anatomy)

Body Pain
Condor (controller prince), Artrize (shaking of the body), Colbeck (bone and marrow), Sutias (back pain), Shiton (back pain in spine, serpent – Jean Dixon’s snake), Larkopious (knee), Rockalious (knee), Lukolidus (sternum), Damelious (body pain), Sarkolious (pain – energy force – from outer space), Romulious, Nickolious (pain from outer space), Arkilious (radiational force), Taepe (copy demon – copy other characteristics), Pycone (back of neck), Osmodaus (back of neck), Porox (blocks human will), Carbare (ruler of spiritual blockage), Ruschon (fights against Jesus Christ), Morondo (blocks reading of Word), Meganosis (blocks all knowledge), Armenious (false doctrine)

CONQUERING THE HOSTS OF HELL, by Win Worley. “Possible Roots of Infirmity”, pp. 63-66 and “Sicknesses and Demonic Symptoms”, pp. 68-70.

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