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Jesus’ ministry of deliverance is not directed to the unsaved. It is for today’s believing Christian. God sovereignly began to reveal deliverance to this couple thirteen years ago when they were desperately seeking Him in order to keep their own marriage and family together. These lessons are an excellent foundation for learning how to combat satan’s strategies. They include a look at the many faces of rejection, bitterness, rebellion, and unforgiveness. Rejection is a control demon and one of the personalities set up in the schizophrenic. Sexual perversion, a rampant problem in this nation and among Christians, is an extreme attempt to overcome rejection. Satan’s ultimate purpose is to destroy you and he employs all the hosts of hell to accomplish that goal. The good news is that Jesus came to defeat the enemy and because of Him we are entitled to that victory! Deliverance ministry is included with this message and much structural damage is done to satan’s kingdom!

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Reason For Learning – The main reason we are teaching you how to do basic deliverance is that every Christian should be able to cast out demons at least in their own family. Later on God may lead you to have deliverance services in your home or church. God told us to train an army for His use; you are part of that army!

Deliverance will assist in establishing family order and God’s order. Every Christian should cast out demons (Mark 16:17). There are not many “Deliverance Ministers” to help people. Christians have many demons; proper deliverance takes a lot of time. Deliverance is a way of life and not a grand event.

Parents are the best persons to minister to their children; husband to wife and wife to husband. Parents need to protect their children and set the family free from demons.

Deliverance gives an understanding of God’s and Satan’s kingdoms that you will not get any other way. Deliverance allows you to see into the spiritual world by the manifestations of demons and angels.


1.Basic Deliverance consists of setting a person free from three common demon families: Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion (also common to Schizophrenia).

2. Typically a person becomes rejected, then becomes bitter and finally rebels (then come other problems).

3. The most important key in setting a person free from these families is to get the person to forgive anyone that has hurt him!

4. First, unforgiveness should be dealt with before the families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion are cast out.

5. After basic deliverance, then other demon families can be attacked. For example, Cancer and Arthritis can come into a person thru the open door of bitterness. After basic deliverance, cast out the spirits of Cancer and Arthritis.

6. A person may have become demonized while in the womb by sins of the the ancestors for causes other than rejection, bitterness and rebellion. If so, another approach is required.

7. Again, the most important key in setting a person free from the sins of the ancestors is to get the person to forgive his ancestors, and ask God to forgive them and bless them if they are alive (parents are also ancestors).

8. After forgiveness for any hurt or sin, then any demonic ties should be broken. For example, curses of the ancestors passed down thru the generations, or soul ties caused by sexual sin or witchcraft control are demonic ties.

9. After breaking curses and soul ties, we ask God to restore the fragmented soul – mind, will and emotions. We ask God to send out angels to restore anything that the demons have stolen.

10. After restoration of the fragmented soul, we ask God to stir up the demons in the subconscious mind so that they can be identified and cast out.

11. The person can then be led in a general prayer of salvation / deliverance to God. There are many good prayers.

12. The leader should then pray and take authority over the demonic spirit world and ask God for help.

13. After the grounds for deliverance are established (taking away the legal rights before God for the demons to stay), then start casting out demons.

14. Use all the weapons of the warfare in the Bible against the demons. These include reading Scripture to the demons, exercising the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, causing the demons to reveal information against themselves, seeking discernment from God thru the Holy Spirit, praying to God in other tongues, asking Jesus for help, and any other methods that are helpful in gathering data, taking away legal rights and casting out. By all means, do what God tells you to do even if you do not understand it.

15. Unforgiveness – get the person to forgive others by an act of his will which God will honor. It may be very difficult for the person but God accepts their willingness to forgive.

16. Unforgiveness – Cancer or Arthritis can come into the person later on.

17. Before any deliverance starts, a person should be given an opportunity to discuss his problems and background so that you can get to know the person and properly minister to him.

18. After deliverance is ended, a person should be counseled about how to walk out his deliverance and discipline his life.

19. It is good if teaching on basic deliverance or sins of ancestors precedes the deliverance.

20. After counseling, anoint with oil and pray for any healing needed or for scars in the body where the demons left (inner healing).

Steps To Minister Deliverance

A. Steps for Basic Deliverance for Individual

1. Find out about the person’s problems and background.

2. Some discussion about how they got into trouble may be helpful.

3. Get the person to forgive others and lead him in a specific prayer about his problems.

4. Start casting out the families of Rejection, then Bitterness and finally Rebellion.

5. Counsel the person about how to walk out his deliverance and how to discipline his life.

6. Anoint with oil and pray for healing (physical and/or inner).

7. The above steps could be used after a church service at the altar or in the prayer room, in the home or over the phone.

B. Steps for Sins of Ancestors for Individual

1. Follow steps A.1 thru A.3 above.

2. Lead the person thru a prayer to break curses and soul ties, restore the fragmented soul, stir up the demons in the sub-conscious mind, and finally salvation/deliverance.

3. Here again, it is good to start with basic deliverance of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion. Then go into other areas that have been identified and legal grounds established for casting out.

4. Follow steps A.5 thru A.7.

C. Steps for Basic Deliverance / Sins of Ancestors for Group / Church

1. Teach on Basic Deliverance, Sins of Ancestors or any other deliverance topic.

2. Lead the congregation in a mass prayer about that topic, and include curses, soul ties, fragmented soul, subconscious mind, unforgiveness and salvation.

3. The pastor / evangelist will then pray and take authority over the demonic spiritual world, and ask God to send his forces and take charge of the deliverance.

4. Start the mass deliverance with basic deliverance and then go to any other topic. Workers shall help individuals having trouble getting free.

5. After mass deliverance, work with individuals and follow steps A.5 thru A.7.

6. The above steps could be used in a prayer group, church, home or any meeting about deliverance.

D. Steps for Basic Deliverance / Sins of Ancestors for Home Ministry Meeting

1. Provide specific counseling to the individuals as God leads.

2. Follow steps A.1 and A.2. Take a refreshment / bathroom break of about fifteen minutes.

3. Follow steps A.3 and C.2 thru C.5.

E. Variations

The above procedures can be varied to fit the situation or at the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


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