Spirits Of Religious Error

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There are many Christian fables and cliches that are passed off as the gospel. This lesson provides a look at various deliverance myths, prophecy falsehoods, misconceptions about Christian warfare, traditional holidays and their non-scriptural origins, and various other delusions and errors that have been propagated by the “charismatic movement.” Generally, these are doctrines or teachings that make you feel good. Many deliverance ministers and workers do not realize how demonized they still are. After years of heavy concentration on the problems of others, they sometimes fall by the wayside because they do not continue to purge themselves of demons. Deliverance, at this point in God’s eternal plan, is an ongoing process and the church needs to be involved on a regular basis with breaking curses and casting out evil spirits in the believers. Prophecy can be a blessing or a curse. Christians should beware of trying to make a prophecy come true. This will many times bring disastrous results. Some prophecies are divination. Divination is a false gift of prophecy. Deliverance prayers, renunciations, breaking of curses and deliverance ministry are included with this lesson. Many are in churches or prayer groups that do not believe a Christian can have a demon or they are unwilling to make deliverance available to their people. By listening to these deliverance messages and entering into the ministry which is provided you can be delivered! The Word of God promises that, “Whoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord, shall be delivered.” Joel 2:32


Isa. 14:4-23 Punishment of Satan and his demons. Ezek. 28:11-19 Punishment of Satan.Matt. 9:32-38 Compassion on the multitude – dumb delivered. Mark 6:7-56 Power over unclean spirits – healed all. Luke 9:1-62 Deliverance and miracles of God.

In these end times there is a veritable rash of cults springing up. Their telltale earmarks have often been repeated, but I will remind you again of some of the most common.

There are Biblical qualities of leadership. These are very important for the people will seldom rise above the level of their leaders (Jer. 12:10-11; Isa. 24:2, II Tim. 2:16).

God’s leaders reach for responsibility and are marked by a willingness to sacrifice and be a servant of all (Phil. 2:19-23; I Peter 5:2-3).

The persons the Lord chooses feed the flock (Jer. 3:25; 23:3-4; Ezek. 34:23- 24). Self-seeking ones come in to fleece the flock (Ex. 34:1-10; Jer. 23:1-2; Micah 3:1-5; John 10:12-13). When leaders falter and fail, pray for them, but do not follow them into error (I Cor. 5).

There is an edification and building of the body under godly leaders who gently lead the flock (Isa. 40:10-11). Others scatter and bring confusion, dividing the flock needlessly (Jer. 23:1-2).

When a leader is God-called he sees himself as only the under-shepherd of God’s sheep with a call to keep himself totally committed to the Lord at all times (Psalms 100:3; 23:1; Ezek. 34:23; Ex. 34:30-31; I Cor. 7:23; I Peter 5:4). A self-appointed leader is a hireling (John 10) and considers the sheep as his property to be sheared for his benefit.

In a group cursed with false leaders there will be false teachings on: submission to authority (with a loyalty foreign to scripture and without the provision for growth and development); divine order; individuality; the kingdom of God; and becoming deity. Psychic and occult powers may be presented in the guise of spiritual gifts from the Lord. False prophecy which does not come to pass and financial exploitation will flourish. Pride and exclusivism in the group will be fostered and deliberate divisions will be caused from families and from other Christians. There will be a widespread and thinly veiled use of fear as a weapon of control and the group will be periodically shaken by moral lapses, many condoned by the leadership.

Currently popularized on T.V. and in the movies, this deadly art, under several titles, has gained widespread acceptance in every strata of our society. Combined with the moral training of Zen Buddhism, its purpose was to develop Sumurai warriors.

Today Karate is often taught in conjunction with various forms of transcendental meditation (similar to Yogi) to “psych” up the students to heights of greater effectiveness. This puts it in the category of an occult “religious” exercise and makes it extremely dangerous.

Jesus warns in Matthew 26:52 that those who resort to the sword (violence) will die that way. Ephesians 6 speaks of wrestling not with flesh and blood but with spiritual adversaries. I Corinthians 10:3-4 continues in the vein and in Luke 10:19 Christians are given authority over their enemies by the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Since Karate is heavily involved in the occult, those who dabble with it will bring curses upon themselves and upon their descendants to the third and fourth generations. (Deut. 6:8;7:25-26; 11:28; 12:3; 13:6-10) (Worship of Idols).

Most people are unaware that much of the incense sold in curio and novelty shops was manufactured by devotees of the Hare Krishna cult. Their wares are dedicated to this demon god of the Hindus and can cause much trouble.

There on the package of incense was the picture of Hindu deity, Hare Krishna and on the back was printed the Hare Krishna chant with instructions on how to get in touch with the “infinite”.

My daughter uttered a short shriek and collapsed straight to the floor – landing in the yoga lotus position!

There is a strange hold that many weird cults have on thousands of ensnared young people which is through demonic control spirits. In the name of liberty, they have opened the door for terrible bondage (II Peter 2:19-20).

Some of the most well-known are: Children of God; Unification, International Society of Krishna Consciousness; Forever Family; The mission; The process; Scintillate; Love Israel; The Assembly; The Body; The Farm; The Way, etc.

Deeply craving and seeking peer approval, a disciplined life and a better world than the one they see, these youngsters do not realize how easily they can be deceived. Knowing the vulnerability of the group, unscrupulous promoters work zealously to exploit them and their unspoken cry, “I am important, please notice me”.

In the beginning the approach is always warm, friendly and accepting. Chanting is often used to focus attention and limit peripheral vision.

The cruelty, selfishness and egotism of the leaders is unbelievable. Many are Jezebellian women, some are charismatic witches. Others are vicious and unprincipled men, depraved and driven to all sorts of excesses.

Jesus said, Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). Paul admonished believers not to be entangled again in the yoke of bondage (Gal. 5:1). God’s people are to be peculiar (I Peter 2:9; Titus 2:13) but that peculiarity is to be found in the fact that they are zealous of good works and seek to honor God’s name.

Because of the prevalence of religious cults which have destroyed thousands, perhaps the identifying characteristics of them should be repeated. All cultic systems have one or more of the following:

1. Deceptive Christology
2. Extra Biblical revelations
3. Translocal totalitarian authority in leadership
4. Babylonian pyramidal control of the followers
5. Semi-secrete sessions for teaching followers
6. Exclusivism or cronyism
7. Semantic juggling or a text out of context used to “prove” false doctrines and concepts.
8. Punishment and reward motivation or control of behavior and attitudes through ruthless use of fear.
9. Denunciation of others, particularly of those who question or deny cults.
10. Separation and isolation of followers from their families and friends and the formation of communal living cells to facilitate centralized control and enforce obedience.

The more of these practices which are in evidence, the more cultic and demonic the organization is.

We are warned of false prophets and teachers (Matt. 7:15-27; Mark 13:22; Acts 20:28-32; II Tim. 4:3-4; I John 4:1-3; II Peter 2:1).

Many claiming to give prophetic words are not from the Lord. Believers, newly saved and often with liturgical church or no church or biblical background, are swayed by these charlatans.

Satan specialized in deception, is very subtle and often appears as a religious angel of light. Author of confusion and father of lies, he can also come as a roaring lion (John 8:44; I Cor. 14:33; II Cor. 13:15).

Supernatural gifts and miracles of healing do not guarantee the genuineness of a work. False leaders often are very sincere, and may themselves be deceived about what they are doing. They also can manifest supernatural gifts (Matt. 7:22-23). False workers emphasize physical sensations, emotional experiences and employ worldly wisdom which is earthly, sensual and devilish (demonic) (James 3:15). All this de-emphasizes Christ and produces a drift away from Him in search of more thrilling sensual experiences.

False love can be spotted because it is limited to a special group and snares participants into bondage. Leaders of such groups claims exclusive authority and revelations of knowledge, but submit themselves to no authority for review or correction.

Groups such as this often adopt distinctive names, identifying them as the one true representative of Christ on earth. The groups are marked by confusion, and always followers are pressured by harsh and condemnatory demands. Situation ethics such as “the end justifies the means” are employed frequently.

Marks of counterfeit groups may include one or more of the following errors:
1. Presenting another Jesus, spirit or gospel (Gal. 1:6; II Tim. 4:3; II Cor. 11:4). Sometimes loyalty to the group is more important than loyalty to Jesus.
2. Denial of virgin birth, the blood, the work of the cross and the existence of sin.
3. They may go overboard literalizing Scriptures such as “hate your mother and father” (Luke 14:26).
4. Some press the return of Christ to an extreme which creates apathy and laziness (II Thes. 3:10-11).
5. Use of isolated Scriptures to build doctrines, ignoring the context.
6. Some are anti-Semitic and are spiritualists masquerading as Christians.
7. Some overemphasize the Old Testament and neglect the New Testament message of the cross and the blood.


General Lodges, societies and social agencies using the Bible and God as a basis but omitting the Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Cults that deny the Blood of Christ or philosophy that denies the divinity of Christ.

Books, literature, music, etc. dealing with false religions.

Demons from all false doctrines studied, believed and taught; all unrighteous practices engaged in.

A great many come in through family background, curses and inheritance. There must be legal grounds or holds to open a person to attack.

Religious Cults:

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism,
Theosophy, Urantia, Subud,
Latihan, Unity, Mormonism,
Bahaism, Unitarianism, Children of God,
Unification, Forever Family, The Mission,
The Process, Scientology, Love Israel,
The Assembly, The Body, The Farm,
The Way, Spiritualism, Swedenborgianism,
Christodelphianism, Inner Peace Movement, Edgar Cayce,
Jean Dixon, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery,
Eckankar, Herbert Armstrong, Eastern Star,
Freemasonry, Seventh-Day Adventism, Mary Baker Eddy,
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Religious Research Foundation of America,


Practices and Teachings – Religious Demons

Ritualism, Formalism, Legalism, Doctrinal Obsession, Doctrinal Error,
Seduction, Fear of Lost Salvation, Fear of God, Fear of Hell,
Reincarnation, Demonic Healing Groups, Astral Projection,
Chanting, Charismatic Witches, Soul Travel,
Karma, Idol Worship, Incense, Yoga (Lotus), Cult Book Reading,
Bloodline – Cult lies, Transcendental Meditation, Consecration,Deception, Baptismal Regeneration,
Good Works, Metaphysics, Jesus Only,
Predestination, Holy Ghost Fear, Psychocybernetics,
Jerking, Six-Six-Six, Clearing House – Cult Control,
Varied Studies in Cults, Evolution Studying and Teaching, Eastern Religion Interest and Study,
Martial Arts, Karate, Ushito,
Lust (Asmodeus), Kung Fu, Ki-Ya, Fighting,
Judo, Hatha Yoga, Rage,
Tae Kinon Do, Iketo, Suicide,
Jiap, Destruction (Osmodeus), “Enter The Dragon”,
Acupuncture, “Way of The Dragon”, Masochism,
Remedial Message, “Game of Death”, Meditation,
Herbal Remedies, Murder, Hypnosis,
Kung Fu-Wu-Su, Hate, False Honor, Kata, Violence,  


False Religions

Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism,
Islam, Shintoism, Confucianism,
Hare Krishna, Zen Buddhism, I Ching,
Indian Fakir, Krishna Consciousness, Catholicism,


Catholic Spirits

Candles, Catholic Hymns, Saints (by name),
Dedication to Saints, Confessional, Confession to Priest,
Confirmation, Fear of Priest, Holy Eucharist,
Lourdes, Fatima, Incense,
Mariolatry, Fear of Excommunication, Obedience to Priest,
One Holy Priesthood, One True Church, One Only Church,
Prayers to Saints, Pope, Queen of Heaven,
Queen of Peace, Queen of Righteousness, Spirits of Babylon,
Angel Worship, Idolatry, Medals,
Miraculous Medal, Scapulars, Feast Days,
Assumption, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus,
Hail Mary, Sign of the Cross, Way of the Cross,
Masochism, Infant Baptism, Penance,
First Communion, Extreme Unction, Mariology-Study,
Rosary-Buddhism, Holy Water, Missals,
Catechisms, Titles of Mary, Mother of God,
Great Harlot, Nimrod, Tammuz, Knights of Columbus,
Holy Mother Church, Statues (by name), Sacred Heart, Lady of Mt. Carmel, Worship of Host,
Immaculate Conception, Anti-Christ Christmas, Infant of Prague,
Our Lady of Guadelupe, Glory be Ejaculations, Catholic Matrimony,
Semiramis, Veneration of Crucifix, Celebrating Mass,
Spirit of Death, Stoicism, Sadism, Masochism,
Eucharistic Devotion, False Confession, False Orders, False Devotions, Religious Deception, False Confirmation, False Vows,
False Obedience,Virgins (by name), False Ordination, False Tongues, False Visions, False Dreams, False Prophecy, False Preaching, False Celibacy,
Anti-Christ with Power and Strength, Harmoniousness – Loss of Salvation, Consecration to Mary as a Slave,
Veneration of Pope, Bishops, Priests, Magic of Seven Sacraments, Necromancy – Praying to the Dead,
False Salvation Doctrine, False Baptism in Holy Spirit, Ordination to Priesthood,
Pleanry and Partial Indulgences, Mediatrix of all Graces, Receiving and Administering Sacraments,
Going to and Hearing Confessions, Consecrating and Adoring the Host, Prayers and Novenas to Saints,
Blind Obedience to Superiors, Doctrine of Transubstantiation, Spirit of Man in Black Suit,
Obedience to the Priesthood, False Laying on of Hands, False Religious Authority,
Religious Mind Control, False Anointings of Baptism and Confirmation, Praying, Kissing, Bowing and Incensing Relics,
Making Vows of Obedience, Chastity and Poverty and Breaking Them, Veneration of Relics, Tabernacles, Chalice,


Religious Works Spirits

Works Religion, Good Works, Unbelief,
Doubt, Another Jesus, False Tongues,
False Baptism, False Gifts, False Diving Healing,
False Dreams, False Prophecy, False Prophets,
False Hope, False Joy, False Testimony,
False Visions, False Holiness, Hypocrisy,
Holy Ground, Holy Roller, Poison Drinking,
Snake Handling, Passing Thru The Fire, Woman Preacher,
False Purity, False Virginity, Snake Venom,
Shaking – Inside and Outside,    


Marks of Cultic Groups, Tract (II Peter 2:17-19)

“Marks of Cultism”, p. 68,

The Battle Royal “Demonic Religious Cults for the Young”, pp. 47-48, Conquering The Hosts Of Hell (John 8:32; Gal. 5:1).

“Religious Deception”, pp. 112-114,

The Battle Royal. (p. 114 “Marks of Counterfeit Groups”) (Matt. 7:22-23; James 3:15).

A Word About Incense, Tract (Deut. 7:25-26)

Is Karate for Christians, Tract (Deut. 13:6-10)

The above references are from the seven books written by Win Worley, Hegewisch Baptist Church.

BOOKS ABOUT RELIGIONS 50 Years in the Church of Rome (Catholic) The Priest, The Woman, and the Confessional (Catholic) Babylon Mystery Religion (False Religion)

These books and others can be obtained from Chick Publications, P.0. Box 662, Chino, California 91710.


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