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87LHCD7-9 – Gene & Earline Moody – BREAKING THE CURSES
The light that comes with the understanding of Biblical curses brings forth a greater portion of God’s kingdom in the lives of His people. If the demons have a right to remain before God as a result of a curse, you will not be able to cast them out. Christians need to face the facts about curses! They will keep you bound until Scriptural principles are applied and you break these curses off yourself and family members. You may be the key God is wanting to use to set your entire family free! “I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed” Joel 3:21.

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Two excellent booklets have been printed by the Hegewisch Baptist Church: “The Curse of Ahab” for men and “The Curse of Jezebel” for women. Men may also have Jezebelic tendencies, and women may have Ahab tendencies:

The relationship of Ahab and Jezebel provides an excellent illustration of the curse brought about by a husband and wife being out of God’s divine order for the family.

However, this curse can be traced back all the way to Adam and Eve. It can be found through the Bible being manifested in different families.

God puts the greatest burden of responsibility on the men, not the women. If the men were not Ahabs and were, in fact, priests and heads of their homes, then the women would not be Jezebels! The man cannot escape his responsibility by blaming his problems on the woman.

Earline will give her testimony and teaching about Jezebel from a woman’s viewpoint.

Gene will give his testimony and teaching about Ahab from a man’s viewpoint.

The Bible provides a lot of stories about families with Ahab/Jezebelic tendencies. It is very interesting to trace the sins of the ancestors down through the generations in the Bible. Not only can you see the sins passed down through the men but also through the women.

Do you have more than the usual problems in finances, housing, family, etc.? This may be the curse of improper family structure (Mal. 4:6). If someone does not stop the pattern of living in the curse, they will go from generation to generation. A mother who is a Jezebel will raise Jezebel daughters and Ahab sons. Ahab fathers will raise Ahab sons and Jezebel daughters. If sons do not see their father as respected in his office of father, they have no other example to the contrary and will follow him. Likewise, the girls will probably choose a husband like their father.

When you have a Jezebel/Ahab marriage, you will have men not committed to God, home or children. These men prefer to play and pretend they are men, and only deceive themselves. Likewise, the women who have to take over the financial care and sometimes total responsibility for the children are equally deceived.

1. We set the wrong pattern for our children to follow.

2. The children spend the rest of their adult lives trying to live normal lives.

3. Husbands are wrongly influenced by their wives.

4. Husbands let the wives do their jobs.

5. Ahab men are weak spiritually and may be evil.

6. Ahab men turn away from their families and God to achieve satisfaction in other things such as wine, women and money.

7. We shift our blame to the other party.

8. The women are placed in a position of priest and head of the home which they cannot handle.

9. We open our families, churches and nation to demonic attack.

1. Divorce – one parent families. 2. Felinism – pictures bungling father and clever mother. 3. Sex – no restrictions. 4. Young people – confused, rebellious. 5. Drugs – Sex – Music. 6. Society with emotional problems. 7. Effeminate, emotional, weak spiritual and weak physical men. 8. Women’s false strength – put to test usually fails.

Children are open to violence or death, even early death, because of tensions, confusions, hurts and insults given them by the family structure being out of order (Ezekiel 38:8-9). Confusion, frustration, disgust, hate, etc. lead to suicide. In trying to find their place, these children frequently give in to spirits which drive them to love of power, money, praise, fame, etc. (I Kings 21:20).

Children have fear, insecurity, frustration and difficulty learning. It leads to potential corruption, discord, growth in occult and cults, selfishness, doubt, inability to achieve, fake sickness, hypochondriacs and church splits.

Ahab fathers place curses on male children; Jezebel mothers – female children. Male children tend to become homosexuals; The female children – lesbians. Children will have broken marriages and families like their parents. Jezebel mothers cause children to be manipulative. Children are full of rebellion and under pressure to prove their love to their parents. Finally, children are open to satanic attack and will usually become like their parents!

Such qualities as these have unnatural power to seduce you, even overwhelm you. It is not charisma but seduction, and it creates bondage. You may have a friend whom you at times have a great desire to be free of, and the next moment feel guilt or condemnation for desiring your freedom. Consider why you are attracted to your friend.

Look out for mothers/dads who try to dominate married children’s lives, and men/women who cannot delegate authority but try to mind every detail.

Women/men shouldn’t try to force mate into a religious experience, but win him/her by quiet and joyful submission to the Christian life, fulfilling your role as God established it.

Omri was an idol (demon) worshipper and Ahab’s father; Omri did worse than all the kings before him. He set the pattern for his son to follow and Ahab did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him, even Omri (I Kings 16:25, 28 & 30).

He married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians who worshipped Baal. So Ahab served and worshipped Baal. Ahab was influenced spiritually by Jezebel. Baal was the male god; Asherah – female god (I Kings 16:31; 18:17-19).

Ahab told Elijah that he, not Ahab, was the one that troubled Israel. Ahab would not take his responsibility but shifted blame for his problems and those of his father (I Kings 18:21). He persecuted the prophets (I Kings 18:4, 13 & 19).

Ahab told Jezebel about Elijah killing the prophets of Baal. Jezebel was the one that took action against Elijah (vowed to kill him), not Ahab. He let her do his job
(I Kings 19:1).

Ahab not only worshipped Baal; he was disobedient to God and did not follow Elijah’s prophecies.

He grieved over not getting Naboth’s vineyard; he was greedy. Ahab let Jezebel do his dirty work of stealing the vineyard. Then he did not mind about hearing of Naboth’s death. He sold himself to Satan to work evil (I Kings 21:4, 7, 16, 19 & 20).

His children were affected by the deeds of Ahab (I Kings 21:21).

He was dominated by his wife to do evil. God forgave him when he humbled himself before God (I Kings 21:25 & 29).

He hated the truth and the prophets of God. He was willing to imprison and torture them (I Kings 22:8 & 27).

He was subtle and willing to use Jehoshaphat as a decoy to be attacked.

Ahab’s son was Ahaziah; he followed his parents’ evil ways. He followed Baal-zebub, the god of Eberon.

Another son of Ahab, Joram, did evil but not like his parents (II Kings 3:1-2).

Jehoram married the daughter of Ahab; he also did evil in the Lord’s sight. He was crafty like Ahab (II Kings 8:18, II Chron. 18:2). He also persecuted the prophets (II Kings 9:7 & 22).

The death of Jezebel is foretold and happens as predicted (II Kings 9:10 & 30-37).

He brought grief and judgement on himself and nation. He opened the floodgates for idol worship into the nation and homes. He did not oppose murder for greed or any other purpose. Once entered into the mind of an Ahab man, he will accept more and more wanton acts of a depraved nature. There is a loss of manhood and fatherhood.

Jezebel’s aim was accurate in spiritual perspective, but her acts were against God and His plan. So by not opposing Jezebel, Ahab gave consent and is guilty of being an accessory to the crime.

Satan’s evil desires are seen in the evil acts of men (John 8:44). Influence is what a demon does to you from the outside; control – inside. You have to be careful what you allow to influence you because demons hope to gain control later on through the influence.

Ahab broke the Ten Commandments; he coveted the man’s field.

Ahab married a woman devoted to everything that God hated and forbid. This opened a breach upon Israel through which Satan gained astonishing power and flooded Israel with evil. Even so, a man opposed to God who submits to his wife or other women, opens the floodgate for evil to pour upon his family.


1. Leaving spiritual leadership up to Earline about how to raise children.

2. Breakdown of communications between Earline, Marie and me as I pursued spiritual goals but neglected my family.

3. Fear of getting hurt by others especially by my family and Earline’s family.

4. God of jobs at one time when I put my job first, family second and God last. Now it is reversed: God first, family second and job last.

5. Leaving things of God to wife occurred partially such as receiving the Baptism. I suggested that Earline receive it first.

6. I came from a poor family and had a materialistic drive until Byron died.

7. We had many misunderstandings as Ahab husband and Jezebel wife.

8. I did not believe in having an argument with my wife. So, I would go into my room, study engineering, and not talk to Earline.

9. We even came close to separation and divorce at our low point about ten years ago.

10. I was somewhat unemotional and could not show love the way I should.

11. The greatest blessing was that God kept us from whole-heartedly pursuing fame and fortune before Byron died.

12. Earline said I acted like an Ahab but did not give in anytime!


The major rebellion was against God in Baal worship. He went after other idols. Worshipping idols is the worst rebellion against God.

Ahab exhibited characteristics of confusion, disobedience, resentfulness, sullenness and greed. He was an accomplice to Jezebel, believed a lying spirit, refused to believe God, and begat rebellious children.


She killed God’s prophets which is rebellion against God. She exhibited hate, retaliation and threatenings.

She turns from the role of woman and wife to trying to upstage the King, her husband. She belittled him, connived behind his back, and plotted murder and control of people. Some women/men today use seemingly pure religious motives to control others such as prophecy – telling others what to do (soulish prophecy – charismatic witchcraft).

Another motive behind her rebellion was that she wanted worship and admiration.

Jezebel is true sorcery. Rebellious Jezebelic males/females will ask questions aimed at causing the other person to doubt their worth, ability, decisions, etc.

She ended up being thrown out a window, run over by chariots and eaten by dogs. Did she go to Hell?


If you believe that Jesus is Lord, He said to cast out demons (envoys of Satan) and He said don’t cast them out of the unsaved (Matt. 12:41-45 & I Kings 18:21).

Many times in deliverance sessions the demons inside someone will cry out for help. If the demon power is bound in Jesus’ name, the demon gets no help and the name of Jesus answers by actions; the demon leaves. Who is greater? (I Kings 18:24).

God’s people should dictate directions and conditions, not Satan (I Kings 18:25).

It is tough on Satan when he is on open display. He does not like talk of demons because as long as he is hidden, he has power; but shown in the light of God, he limps around (I Kings 18:26).

Satanists cut themselves, eat flesh and drink blood (I Kings 18:28).

The Devil usually will not exhibit himself when God’s presence is real but will manifest when people give their will over to his direction. “The devil made me do it” is always a lie! (I Kings 18:29).


Other Families In The Bible Learn to identify mistakes the people made as you read their stories. The only person that didn’t make any mistakes was the Lord Jesus Christ!

Gen. Ch. 3 (Eve) Jezebel Spirit.

3:3 (Eve) Added to God’s Words.

3:6 (Eve) Did wrong and persuaded Adam too.

16:1 (Sarah) Act of Jezebel.

16:5 (Sarah & Hagar) Contention and strife -results of Jezebel.

21:9 (Isaac & Ishmael) Mocking & forever of nations.

25:23 (Rebekah) Knew Jacob was to rule over Esau. 25:29 (Jacob) Also has Jezebel spirit connives to get birthright; results in confusion in children.

27:1-29 (Rebekah & Jacob) Again connive to get blessing.

27:41 (Esau) Hates Jacob.

27:46 (Rebekah & Jacob) Fear.

Gen. Ch. 25 & 27 (Report of contention, strife & wearing down of families)

Read Isaiah 3:12 (Children and women rule).


I Kings Ch. 16:25, 28, 39, 30, 31, 32 & 33


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Micah 6:16

Revelation 2:20


I Kings 16:31, II Kings 9:7, 37, 18:4, 13, 19 19:1, 2, Revelation 2:30, 21:5, 25,

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