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General – The only way for DELIVERANCE to spread around the world is for many people to begin to practice DELIVERANCE. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice DELIVERANCE, and to help others as you grow stronger. God told us to help train an army to minister DELIVERANCE. May God bless you with all spiritual blessings and bring you into all spiritual truth!

Mass DELIVERANCE is simply DELIVERANCE for everyone that can hear your voice. You can use this lesson for your family or church. Normally we only work on one area of a person’s life in a meeting and do not try to cover all areas at the same time.

There is nothing mysterious about DELIVERANCE; any Christian can cast out demons. As a teacher, I am worthless if I can not show you how to practice what I teach. The Bible is also worthless to you unless you put it into practice.

Encouragement – DELIVERANCE is the last battleground to complete freedom of the Christian. The battle is the greatest and Satan will fight the hardest against this ministry. You are fighting God’s battles; you are cursed if you are unwilling to fight.

The benefits far outweigh having to go through the battle. You will learn things about the spiritual world that can not be learned in any way other than being involved in DELIVERANCE. You will see many signs, wonders and miracles performed by God. You will see peoples’ lives changed before your eyes and dramatically changed for the better. You will help your family as you are helping others; the fringe benefits are great!

Healing and DELIVERANCE go hand-in-hand. Many can not get healed without DELIVERANCE. You will see many healings and miraculous healings by the Lord through praying for healing and casting out of demons of infirmities.

Reason For Learning – The main reason we are teaching you how to do basic DELIVERANCE is that every Christian should be able to cast out demons at least in their own family. Later on God may lead you to have DELIVERANCE services in your home or church. God told us to train an army for His use; you are part of that army!

DELIVERANCE will assist in establishing family order and God’s order. Every Christian should cast out demons (Mark 16:17). There are not many “DELIVERANCE Ministers” to help people. Christians have many demons; proper DELIVERANCE takes a lot of time. DELIVERANCE is a way of life and not a grand event.

Parents are the best persons to minister to their children; husband to wife and wife to husband. Parents need to protect their children and set the family free from demons.

DELIVERANCE gives an understanding of God’s and Satan’s kingdoms that you will not get any other way. DELIVERANCE allows you to see into the spiritual world by the manifestations of demons and angels.

Get involved! Study to show yourself approved by God. Seek God about DELIVERANCE. DELIVERANCE is a constant learning process. Satan has spent thousands of years weaving a very complicated system to trap you and take you to Hell or cause you to live a miserable Christian life here on earth.

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Gene & Earline Moody – FREE MP3 Audio

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