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PREPARATION FOR CASTING OUT DEMONS – Before you start casting out demons, go to the appropriate lessons and use the prayers to establish repentance, break curses and soul ties, and call on the Lord to help you.

ABUSED CHILDREN (DELIVERANCE FOR THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND) – Start with basic deliverance in subconscious mind and conscious mind (Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion). Then call for demon spirits that went in from the abuser (Spirits of Abuse). Call out the Victim Spirit (advertises to be victimized).

beating, discontent, covetousness, hate, dejection, stealing, guilt, hopelessness, kleptomania, retaliation, suicide, material lust, destruction, death (welcome fantasy), food lust, pouting, morbidity, greed, cursing, heaviness, criticism, berating, gloom, intolerance, inferiority, false burdens, irritability, lonely, worry, competition, timid and shy, dread, driving,inadequacy, apprehension, argument, ineptness, nervous, grief, suspicion, excitement, sorrow, jealousy, schizophrenia, heartache, spite, mental illness, heartbreak, hatred, retarded, crying (for control of others) cruelty, madness, contention, manic depressive, sadness, daydreaming, paranoia, laziness, fantasy, unfairness, death, distrust, fear of judgement, cursing,pretension, fear of condemnation, gossip, unreality, fear of accusation, mockery, escape, fear of reproof, belittling, indifference, sensitiveness, railing, stoicism, hallucinations, idleness, passivity, nightmares, self-pity, sleepiness, confusion, self-reward, alcohol, frustration, self-hatred, drugs, forgetfulness, self-awareness,quarreling, incoherence, self-condemnation, fighting, doubt, self-protection, torment, unbelief, sexual impurity,harassment, skepticism, lust, funk, indecision, incest,listlessness, procrastination, fantasy lust, lethargy, compromise, masturbation,depression, pride, homosexuality, despair, ego, harlotry, despondency, fear of authority, rape, disgust, lying and deceit (for protection), exposure, discouraged, frigidity, defeated, pretense, murder, sadism, backbiting, hyperactive, driving, no peace, lying, fear of loss of love, fear of love, manipulation by false love, cold hearted, no feeling, don’t care, unstable, loveless, unlovable,deceptive, sly, cunning,



Ahab, Idol Worship, Abdicating Leadership, Impotence,Adultery, Joblessness, Aggression, Laziness,Angry, Leaving things of God to wife, Bitterness, Lust,Communication breakdown, Lust of material things, Conditional love, Lack of confidence, Childish behavior, Liking sensual women, Competition, Macho spirit, Covetousness, Misunderstandings, Compromise, Manipulating women, Clashing conflict, Murder, Considering God’s things trivial, No order, Call evil good – good, evil, No peace, Displeased, No unity, Disobedient, Overloading wife, Dirty stories, Pride,Degradation, Pornography, Destruction of family priesthood, Pouting,Doubting manhood, Passive quitter, Drunkenness, Rebellious children, Emasculations, Rejection, Emotional cripple, Resentment, Failure, Scared, Fearful, Separation & divorce Fear of getting hurt, Sibling rivalry, Fear of women, Sluggishness, Filth, Stoicism, Following sins of the father, Tragic mistakes, God of sports, Unemotional, God of jobs, Upset children, Heavy spirited, Workaholic, Hatred of women, Worship of enterprise, success, Homosexuality, profit, promotion & wealth, Hurts, X-rated movies, Inability to designate authority, Hatred of Women,


Accusation, Indecision, Aggression, Intimidation, Attention seeking, Insinuation, Arrogance, Insecurity, Beguiling, Inadequate, Belittling, Intellectualism, Bickering, Inhospitable, Backbiting, Interference, Brash, bossy woman, Jealousy, Bedroom blackmail, Jezebel, Conniving, Lack of confidence, Contention, Lying, Continuous complaining, Lawlessness, Condemnation, Laziness, Confusion, Manipulation, Counterfeit spiritual gifts, Mistrust, Conditional love, Nagging, Charming, Overindulgence, Controlling spirits, Pouting, Dissatisfaction, Pride, Demands, Perversion (sexual & spiritual), Doublemindedness, Psychology, Doubt, Philosophy, Disunity, Projected guilt, Discord, Quick temper, Disruption, Retaliation, Distrust, Revenger,Deception, Rationalization, Delusion, Rebellion,Demanding, Strife, Defeat, Slander, Determined maneuvers, Sharp temper, Dominance, Short temper, Emotional outburst, Sorcery, Failure, Shirking responsibilities, Fear, Sensitive, Frustration, Sharp tongue, Forsaking protection, Sleepiness, Female dominance & control, Shame, Female hardness, Suicide, Fierce determination, Spiritual blindness, False sickness, Self-defeating, Finger pointing, Sorrow, Frigidity, Turmoil,Grief, Ungodly discipline, Hatred of men, Unbelief,Hot temper, Ugliness, Hasty marriage, Vanity, Hopelessness, Witchcraft, Hypnotic control, Worldly wisdom, Inability to give or receive love, Whining, Irresponsibility,


Fear of Rejection, Dread, Shame, Fear of Men’s Opinions, Apprehension, Sexual Impurity, Fear of Disapproval, Roving, Cult Involvement, Bitterness, Restlessness, Embarrassment, Rebellion, Unreality, Self-Will,Stubbornness, Indifference, Disgust, Anti-Submissiveness, Passivity of Mind, Worry, Disobedience, Lethargy, Anxiety, Fear of Criticism, Depression, Fear of Reproof, Insecurity, Discouragement, Fear of Confrontation, Timidity, Defeatism, Confusion, Inadequacy, Hopelessness, Doubt, Ineptness, Heaviness, Unbelief, Distrust, Burden, Indecision, Fantasy, Forgetfulness, Procrastination,Compromise, Rationalization, Pride, Fear of Failure, Deception, Play-Acting, Ego, Discontent, Frustration, Pretense, Fatigue, Hyperactivity, Argument, Selfishness, Carelessness,Mockery, Hypocrisy, Heedlessness, Cynicism, Smug Complacency,

BALDNESS – BEARDS – HAIR – Lists related to this lesson are many which drive humans to have the above emotions. Common Demon Groupings (Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion, etc.) always is a good choice because these demons are common to men and women. Fears Of can be used because people are driven by fears to do the above acts. The following are some of the spirits encountered:

Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Baldness, Disfigurement, Mocking, Pride, Ego, Vanity, Jealousy, Envy, Shame,Embarrassment, Premature Baldness, Selfishness, Fears, Phobias, Insecurities, Inferiority, Self Pity, Loneliness, Timidity, Shyness, Inadequacy, Ineptness, Whipsaw Spirits, False Youngness, Dying the Hair,Falseness, Playacting, Put On, Theatrics, Affectation, Pretension, Sophistication, Super Spirituality, Religious Demons, Feminine Men, Masculine Women, Haughtiness,Female Diseases, Female Disorders, Burning, Female Cancer, Diseases of Flesh, Jezebel, Ahab, Domination, Manipulation, Control, Witchcraft,Destruction of Family Priesthood, Excessive Hair on Women,


Sins, Bastard, Fornication (Idolatrous Sex Orgies), Adultery, Masculine Women,Effeminate Men, Abusers of Themselves with Mankind (Arsenokoites or Sodomite, Oral or Anal Copulation), Sensual (Carnal, Voluptuous, Senses, Appetites), Evil Concupiscence,Inordinate Affections (Excessive), Lasciviousness (Lewd Emotions), Filthy Communication (Obscene, Blasphemy, Profanity), Masturbation, Homosexuality and Catamite, Lesbianism,Pornography, Exposure, Uncleanness, Perversion, Lust and Passions, Fantasy Lust,Fantasies, Obscene Music, Poetry, Literature and Art, Occult Sex,Immorality, Incest,Harlotry, Rape, Frigidity, Bad Dreams, Heterosexuality, Drunkenness,Drugs,


Venereal Diseases, Insanity, Gonorrhea, Staggering Gait,Chancroid (Soft), Heart Disease, Granuloma Inguinal, Blindness,Spirochetal Infections, Ulcerative Lesions, Syphilis, Yaws,Congenital Syphilis, Bejel, Gonorrheal Arthritis, Pinta,Venereal Lympogranuloma, Relapsing Fever, Aids, Topical Ulcer,Meningitis, Rat-Bite Fever, Endocarditis, Weil’s Disease,Sterility, Herpes I and II, Feeble-mindedness, Alcoholics,Epilepsy,


Pestilence, Idol Worship, Graven Images, Consumption, Bastard, Pride, Fever, Wicked Balances, Catholic Prayers, Inflammation, Dislike/Hatred/Murder, Prince of Southern Curses, Extreme Burning, Curse of the Law, Prince of Occult, Blasting, Bless You Spirits, Witchcraft Curses,Mildew, Incest, Voodoo Curses, Botch of Egypt, Lesbians, Occult Curses, Emerods, Necromancers, American Indian Curses,Scab, Blaspheming, Charismatic Witchcraft, Itch, Sodomy, Horoscopes, Madness, Oral & Anal Sex, Rebellion, Blindness, Slackness, False Prophets, Astonishment of Heart, Deeper Teachings, Seances,Plagues, Irish Shamrock Hex, Fortune Telling, Sore Sicknesses, Fertility, Nonproductivity, Diseases of Egypt, Deceiving, Personal Poverty,Trembling of Heart, Adultery, Misrepresentation, Failing of Eyes, Disobedience, Perversion of Judgment, Sorrow of Mind, Cursed Objects, Doubt, Broken Vows, Thievery, Homosexual, Unicorn, False Swearing, Tulip, Twelve Petal Rosette, The Distlefink, Your Lucky Stars, Love & Romance, Eight Pointed Star, Friendship Hex, Pentacle/Pentagram, Eastern Star, Hexagram, Star of David, Mogen David, Cabalistic Magic Symbol,White Magic, Masonic Symbols, Freemasonry, Italian Horn, Leprechaun’s Staff, Unicorn’s Horn, Egyptian Ankh, Egyptian Sun God RA, Zodiac, Mexican Sun God, Buddhas, Crescent Moon & Star, Cursing, Vexation, Rebuke, Destroying, Perishing, Consuming, Groping, Not Prosper, Oppressed, Spoiled, Failure, Crushed, Smite, Pursuing, Sore Botch of Knees, Legs and Whole Body,Overtaking, Distress, Plucked, Chastisement, Removed, Not Healed, Astonishment, Proverb, Byword, Want, Besiege, Straitness, Evil,


General – Burning of Votive Candles, Catholic Hymns, Catechism, Penance, Confessional, Confession, Lying in the Confessional, Confirmation, False Baptism, Fear of Priest, Fear of Nun, Fear of Being a Priest or Nun, Relics, Veneration of Relics, Fear of Excommunication, Burning Incense, Blind Obedience to the Priest, One Holy Priesthood, One True Church, Prayers to Saints, Novenas, False Confession, Rosary (this includes spirits of Buddha, because the rosary was adopted from Buddhism, and spirits of Death coming from Buddha), Purgatory, Fear of Judgment and Hell, False Celibacy, Idolatry, Holy Water, Way of the Cross.

Benediction Services – Genuflecting, Sorrowful Mysteries, Joyful Mysteries, Veneration of Saints, Sacred Pictures, Holy Cards, Icons, Sacred Medals, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sign of the Cross, Crucifix, Belief in the Pope as Head of the Church, Sacred Silence, Jesuit Spirits.

False Religious Rites – Liturgy, Holy Rites, Ceremony, Processional, Litany, Greater or Lesser Litany, Invocation, Invocation of the Saints, Confirmation, Auricular Confession, The Confessional, The Confessionary, Sign of the Cross, Pax, Kiss of Peace, Reciting the Rosary, Telling of Beads, Thurification, Incense, Aspersion, Asperges, Lustration, Seven Sacraments, Mysteries, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, Burning Candles.

Unction – Sacred Unction, Sacramental Anointment, Chrism or Chrisom, Chrismation, Chrismatory, Last Rites, Viaticum, Last Supper, Lord’ Supper, Holy Communion, The Sacrament, Holy Sacrament, Intinction, Consubstantiation, Impanation, Transubstantiation, Real Presence, Elements, Host, Wafer.

Mass – Missa, The Divine Liturgy, High Mass, Missa Solemnis, Low Mass, Missa Bassa, Rosary Mass, Rosary of the Seven Dolors of Mary, Lady Mass, Dry Mass, Missa Sicca, Liturgy of the Presanctified, Missa Praesanctificatorum, Missa Publica, Missa Privata, Missa Cantata, Missa Media, Missa Adventitia, Missa Manualis, Missa Capitularis, Missa Legata, Requiem, Requiem Mass, Dirge, Memento of the Dead.

Parts of the Mass – Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, Introit, Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Collect, Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia, Tract, Gospel, Credo, Offertory, Lavabo, Secreta, Preface, Sanctus, Tersanctus, Canon, Memento of the Living, Consecration, Elevation of the Host, Anamnesis, Memento of the Dead, Paternoster, Fraction, Angus Dei, Pax, Communion, Post Communion, Dismissal, Blessing, Last Gospel.

Sacred and Ritualistic Articles – Relics, Sacred Relics, Monstrance, Ostensorium, Host, Eucharistia, Pyx, Ciborium, Tabernacle, Ark, Crucifix, Cross, Rood, Holy Cross, Osculatory, Pax, Agnus Dei, Icon, Bambino, Veronica, Pieta, Sacramental, Holy Water, Holy-Water Sprinkler, Aspergillum, Asperges, Asperger, Thurible, Censer, Incensory, Cruet, Urceole, Rosary, Beads, Beadroll, Chaplet, Votive Candle, Vigil Light, Incensory, Cruet, Urceole, Paschal Candle, Sanctus Bell, Sacring Bell, Sangraal, Holy Grail. Missals, Mass Book, Formulary.

Holy Days – Advent, Christmas, Candlemas, Candlemas Day, Epiphany, Three Kings’ Day, Twelfth-Tide, Twelfth-Night, Twelfth-Day, Septuagesima, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Pancake Day, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Lententide, Qnadragesima, Quadragesima Sunday, Holy Week, Passion Week, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Eastertide, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Annunciation, Annunciation Day, Lady Day, Ascension Day or Holy Thursday, Pentecost, Whitsuntide, Whitsun, Whitweek, Whitsunday, Whit-Monday, Whit-Tuesday, White Sunday, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, Lemmas, Lemmas Day, Lamaestone, Michaelmas, Michaelmas Day, Michaelmastide, Halloween, Hallowmas, Allhallowmas, Allhallowtide, Allhallows, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, Martinmas, Ember Days.

Allegiance to Pope – Pontiff, Papa, Holy Father, Servant of the Servants of God, Cardinal, Primate, Exarch, Metropolitan, Abuna, Archbishop, Bishop, Prelate, Diocesan, Suffragan, Coadjutor, Dean, Rector, Vicar, Chaplain, Curate, Penitentiary.

False Religion – False Doctrines, Mind Idolatry, Mind Binding, Babylonian Spirits, Nimrod, Semiramus, Tammuz, Babel, Confusion, Deception, Pipytheas (religious lying), Orion (compromises the truth; gives false gifts), Python (spirit of divination), Divination, Parricide (murder of parents).

Religious Orders – Franciscan, Gray Friar, Friar Minor, Minorite, Observant, Recollect, Conventual, Capuchin, Dominican, Black Friar, Friar Preacher, Preaching Friar of Brother, Carmelite, White Friar, Augustinian, Augustinian Hermit, Austin Friar, Begging Hermit, Benedictine, Black Monk, Jesuit, Loyolite, Crutched Friar, Crossed Friar, Templar, Hospitaler, Bernardine, Bonhommie, Carthusian, Cistercian, Cluniac, Gilbertine, Lorettine, Maturine, Premonstratensian, Trappist, Brigittine, Marist, Maryknoll, Oratorian, Redemptorist.

Patron Saints – There are also patron saints over various occupations, diseases, certain groups of people (expectant mothers, falsely accused persons, etc.), countries and places. Various symbols in art represent saints (George – dragon and Francis – birds, also deer, fish, skull, stigmata, wolf, etc.) The Roman calendar has a special saint or saints for every day of the year. There are over 5,000 saints in all.


Rejection by Christian brothers, sisters, pastors Rejection of deliverance and Lake Hamilton Bible Camp Rejection by husband, wife, mother, father, children Rejection between deliverance workers, pastors Rejection in womb, of self, of others Hurts and deep hurts by Christians Touch me not, inability to give or receive love, conception in lust

False doctrine, hearsay False preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles False tongues, prophecy, interpretation, demonic gifts False religions, religious cults, eastern religions False love, sweetness, sentimentality False prosperity ,love of money, think and grow rich, money by faith False positive thinking, metaphysical faith, soulish faith False charismatic movement, false partial gospel False shaking, quaking, crying, putting on a show False cooperating, discipleship

Charismatic witchcraft, witches, warlocks Domination, control, manipulation, dictatorialMind control, blanking, blocking, binding, confusion Witchcraft, occult, antichrist, familiar spirits, divination Jezebel, Ahab, passivity, destruction of family priesthood, lukewarmness

Commanding angels for riches, imaging, visualization Greed, covetousness, mammonFinancial poverty of workers, pastors, churches, camps

A different gospel, another Jesus Apostate religion, almost fooling the very elect Spirit of error, spirit of the world,, aborted spirit Ruler demons over workers, pastors, families, churches, camps Soul ties and curses from control

Despondency, despair, defeat, hopelessness, morbidity Strife, contention, bickering, quarreling among brethren Inability to work with other Christians Denominational spirits, separation, infighting Spiritual pride, ego, vanity, pre-eminence, haughtiness Self idolatry, we are gods, worship of man, fear of man

Mormonism, Jehovah Witnessism, bloodless religions Catholicism, occult, Masonry, religious demons Evil eye, third eye, Masonic eye, all seeing eye

Christian fantasy, falseness, false love Playacting, theatrics, affectation, pretensionHypocrisy, lying, deceit, deception, delusion, compromise


Cylert, Dexedrine, Mellaril, Tofranil, Haldol, Thorazine, Ritalin, Speed and Amphetamine-Like Drugs Withdrawal, Depressed Mood, Fatigue, Psychotic Episodes, Severe Prolonged Depression, Paranoia, Suicidal, Severe Sleep Disturbances, Bed Wetting, Increased Dreaming with Nightmares Mental Illness, Crazy, Insanity, Nutritional Deficiencies, Stunting of Growth, Allergic Reactions Anxiety, Tension, Extreme Agitation, Irritability, Psychosis Mood Swings, Nervousness, Insomnia, Dizziness, Headache, Appetite Loss, Unexplained Fever, Blurred Vision, Joint Pain, Uncontrolled Movements, Rash, Hives, Sore Throat, Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Chest Pain, Fast/Irregular Heart Beat, Unusual Bruising, Unusual Tiredness, High Blood Pressure Confusion, Behavior Problems Tourette’s Syndrome, Body Ticks, Spasms, Barking Sounds, Screaming Babble, Screaming Obscenities Seizures, Epileptic, Convulsions, Fits, Grand Mal, Petit Mal, Body Twitches, Violent Muscular Spasms, Unconsciousness, Brain Damage Over Stimulation of Central Nervous System, Death, Vomiting, Tremors, Exaggeration of Reflexes, Muscle Twitching, Convulsions, Coma, Euphoria, Confusion, Hallucinations, Delirium Sweating, Flushing, Headache, High Fever, Abnormally Rapid Heart Rate, Irregular Heart Beat, Pounding Heart, High Arterial Blood Pressure, Pupil Dilation, Dryness of Mucous Membranes Thorazine, Chemical Lobotomy, Thorazine Shuffle, Slack Jawed, Drooling, Palms Turning Back, Arms Hanging Slack, Tardive Dyskinesia, Uncontrollable Muscle Spasm, Tongue Rolled Over, Tongue Protruding, Limbs Shake, Parkinson’s Disease Attention Deficit Disorder, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Learning Disability, Impulse Disorder Hyperactivity, Inattention, Impulsivity

CHILDREN’S DELIVERANCE – A good general list of demons to cast out of children is the Schizophrenia-Paranoid Hands list of demon families found on Pages 126 and 127, Chapter 21, Schizophrenia, “Pigs in the Parlor”. It can be used for mass or individual deliverance. Start with Rejection, then Root of Bitterness, then Rebellion families. After going through basic deliverance, the three R’s, then start to cast out the other demon families (Schizophrenia-Paranoia).

Find out the child’s problems by talking to the parents (and the child if possible). After doing deliverance in paragraph above, then work on specific demon families identified for the individual. You can also use the previously listed names of demonic toys, movies, games and music as the names of demons in deliverance. Very simply, there is a name of a demon for every evil practice that is contrary to the Holy Bible!

CHRISTIAN FANTASY (LIES NOT TRUTH) – Use Ahab and Jezebel, Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting, Charismatic Witchcraft, Holidays, and When Demonization of Christians is Denied. The following is a general list to use: Christian Fantasy and Fables, Christian Tradition and Cliches, Lies, Lying, Deceit, Deception, Ignorance, Laziness, Slothfulness, Playing Church, Play Acting, Lying Teachers and Prophets,False Witness, Falsehood, Pat Phrases, Soulish Prophecy, Spiritual Adultery, False Dreams and Visions, Charismatic Witches and Warlocks, False Prophetesses, Hypocrisy, Vile Affections, Theatrics, Sophistication, Pretension, Divination, False Gifts and Fruits, Greed, Gluttony, Drunkenness, Mind Control, Witchcraft, Rebellion,


Idol Worship, Saturn, Occult Practices, Oannes, Image of Jealousy, Janus, Halloween, Joannes, Chambers of Imagery, Druids, Wicked Spirits, Fairies, Mourners for Tammuz, Sacred Oaks, Queen of Heaven, Elves, Sun Worship, Charms, Baal, Ego, Idolatry, Misleading Children, Jack-0-Lantern, Astarte, Heathen Worship, Eroticism, Haunted Houses, May Pole, Unclean Things, Lust, Rebellion, Ishtar , Falsity, Conception in Lust, Unclean Spirits, Sun God, Pagan Rituals, St. Patrick, Devil’s Colors, Liber, Witchcraft, Necromancy, Reveling, Ostera, Familiar Spirits, Abstinence of Lent, Reign of Evil, Tammuz, Witches/Wizards, False Healing Powers, Easter, Adonis,Abominations, Eastre, Futility, Bacchus, Soothsaying, Satan Worship, Fear, Nimrod, Demonic Images, Casting Spells, Mass for Christ, Santa Claus, False Worship, Fertility Symbols, Diana of Euphrates, Sacred Egg , Divination, Asiris Eucharist, Vanity, Sorcery, Worship of Rabbit, Hot Cross Buns, Dead Stock of Nimrod, Pride, Occult Supernatural, Hate, Envy, Greed, Bragging, Selfishness, Fantasy, Cruel, Evil Competition, Harshness, Laziness, Pouting, Demonic Manipulation, Violence, Embarrassment, Shame, Hurt, Depression, Disappointment, Lying, Doubt, Distrust, Ahab, Jezebel , Traditions, Fear Of Failing, Fear, Unhappiness,Wanting, Confusion, Pressure, Negative, Sacrifice to Satan; Worship of Firs, Cedars and Oaks; Honoring Dead Saints; Goddess of Flowers (Flora); Blessed Palm, Willow & Olive; Black Sabbath Mass; Transubstantiation; Saturn Worship (Saturnalia); Goddess of Rising Light of Day; Lord of Dead (Shamhain); Mother of Mercury (Maia),


Abderus, Aeolus, Amphitryon, Arion, Absyrtus, Aerope, Amycus, Aristaeus, Acamas, Aeseaus, Amyntor, Arne, Acantha, Aesculapius, Amyone, Artemis, Acarnas, Aeson, Anaxibia, Aruntius, Acestes, Agamemnon, Anaceus, Ascalaphus, Achaei, Agenor, Anchises, Ascanius, Achaemenides, Aglaia, Anchurus, Astarte,Achates, Ahenobarbus, Androcles, Asteria, Acheloides, Ajax, Androgynae, Astraea, Achelous, Albion, Andromache, Astyanax,Acheron, Alcathous, Andromeda, Atalanta, Acherusia, Alcestis, Antaeus, Ate, Achilles, Alcestis, Antigone, Athamas, Achillides, Alcimede, Antilochus, Athena, Acis, Alcinous, Antiope, Atlantides,Aconteus, Alcithoe, Antiphus, Atlantis, Acrisius, Alcmaeon, Aon, Atlas,Actaeon, Alcmene, Aphrodite, Artreus, Admenta, Alectryon, Apollo, Atrides, Admetus, Alpheus, Arachne, Atropos, Adonis, Althaea, Arcas, Attis or Atys, Adrastus, Amalthaea, Ares, Augeas, Aeacus, Amata, Arethusa, Aurora, Aeetes, Amazons, Argia, Auster, Aegeus, Ambrosia, Argiphontes, Autolycus, Aegis, Ammon, Argo, Automedon, Aegisthus, Amphiaraus, Argonauts, Avernus, Aeneades, Amphion, Argus, Aeneas, Amphitrite, Ariadne,Bacchanalia, Bellerophon, Bomonicae, Briareus, Bacchantes, Bellona, Bona Dea, Briseis, Bacchus, Bergion, Boreas, Buchephalus, Baucis, Beroe, Branchus, Bu Siris, Cacus, Camilla, Ceres, Clythemnestra, Cadmus, Capaneus, Chaos, Clythie,Caduceus, Cassandra, Charon, Comus, Caeneus, Cassiopein, Charybdis, Coriolanus, Calchas, Castalia, Chimaera, Cornucopia,Calliope, Castor, Chiron, Creon, Callirrhoe, Cecrops, Chryseis, Cronus, Callisto, Celaeno, Circe, Cupid, Calydon, Centaurs, Clio, Cybele,Calypso, Cereberus, Clotho, Cyclopes, Camenae,Daedalus, Dardanus, Deucalion, Dionysus, Danae, Dejanira, Diana, Dioscuri, Danaus, Delphi, Dido, Dirce, Daphne, Demeter, Diomedes, Dryads,Daphnis, Echo, Erato, Eumenides, Eurystheus,Electra, Erebus, Euphrosyne, Euterpe, Elysium, Eros, Europa, Evander, Endymion, Eteocles, Eurydice, Fates, Faunus, Flora, Furies, Galatea, Genius Loci, Golden Fleece, Graces, Ganymede, Glaueus, Gorgons, Hades, Hecuba, Heracles, Horatius Cocles, Haemon, Helen, Hermes, Hyacinthus, Hamadryads, Helenus, Hero, Hydra, Harpies, Helicon, Hesperides, Hygeia, Hebe, Helios, Hesperus, Hylas, Hecate, Helle, Hippocrene, Hymen, Hector, Hera, Hippolytus, Hyperion,Icarus, Iphigenia, Iris, Ixion, Io,Janus, Jason, Juno, Jupiter, Lachesis, Laodamia, Lares, Leda, Laertes, Laomedon, Latona or Leto, Laocoon, Lapithae, Leander, Mars, Melpomene, Midas, Minotaur, Medea, Menelaus, Minerva, Morpheus, Medusa, Mentor, Minos, Muses, Meleager, Mercury, Naiads, Nephele, Nessus, Nisus, Narcissus, Neptune, Nestor, Notus, Nemesis, Nereus, Niobe, Nymphs, Neoptolemus,Oceanus, Oenomaus, Omphale, Orion, Odysseus, Oenone, Oreads, Orpheus, Oedipus, Olympus, Orestes, Ossa, Palamedes, Pax, Phaedra, Priam,Palladium, Pegasus, Phaethon, Priapus,Pallas or Peleus, Philemon, Prometheus, Passas Athene, Pelias, Phoebus, Proserpina, Pan, Pelion, Phryxus, Proteus, Pandora, Pelops, Pleiades, Psyche, Parcae, Penelope, Pluto, Pygmalion, Paris, Penthesilea, Pollux, Pylades,Parnassus, Pentheuslea, Polyhymnia, Pyrpha, Pasiphae, Persephone, Polyphemus, Pyrphus, Pasithea, Perseus, Poseidon, Python, Patroclus,Remus, Rhadamanthus, Rhea, Romulus,Saturn, Selene, Silenus, Sol, Satyrs, Semele, Sirens, Somnus, Scylia, Sibyls, Sysyphus, Styx, Tantalus, Tethys, Thetis, Tithonus, Tartarus, Thalia, Thisbe, Triton, Telemachus, Themis, Tiresias, Turnus,Tereus, Theseus, Titans, Tyndareus,Terpsichore, Ulysses, Venus, Vulcan, Zephrus, Uranus, Vesta, Zeus,


Bitterness, Accusation, Passivity, Resentment, Judging, Funk,Hatred, Criticism, Indifference, Unforgiveness, Faultfinding, Listlessness, Violence, Lethargy, Temper, Rejection, Anger, Fear of Rejection, Depression, Retaliation, Self-Rejection, Despair,Murder, Despondency, Insecurity, Discouragement,Rebellion, Inferiority, Defeatism, Self-will, Self-Pity, Dejection,Stubbornness, Loneliness, Hopelessness, Disobedience, Timidity, Suicide, Anti-Submissiveness, Shyness, Death, Inadequacy, Insomnia, Strife, Ineptness, Morbidity,


Argument, Jealousy, Heaviness, Quarreling, Envy, Gloom,Fighting, Suspicion, Burden, Distrust, Disgust, Control, Selfishness , Possessiveness, Worry, Dominance, Withdrawal, Anxiety, Witchcraft, Pouting, Fear, Daydreaming, Dread, Retaliation, Fantasy, Apprehension, Destruction, Pretension , Spite, Unreality, Nervousness, Hatred, Tension, Sadism, Escape, Headache, Hurt, Indifference, Nervous Habits, Cruelty, Stoicism, Restlessness, Passivity, Excitement, Sensitiveness, Sleepiness, Insomnia, Self-Awareness, Alcohol, Roving, Fear of Man, Drugs, Fear of Disapproval, Sexual Impurity, Perfection, Lust,Persecution, Pride, Fantasy Lust, Unfairness, Vanity, Masturbation, Fear of Judgment, Ego, Homosexuality, Fear of Condemnation, Frustration, Lesbianism, Fear of Accusation, Criticism, Adultery, Fear of Reproof, Irritability, Fornication, Sensitiveness, Intolerance, Incest,Anger, Harlotry, Mental Illness, Rape, Insanity, Competition, Exposure, Madness, Driving, Frigidity, Mania, Argument, Retardation, Pride, Cults, Senility, Ego, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Schizophrenia, Christian Science, Paranoia, Impatience, Rosicrucianism, Hallucinations, Agitation, Theosophy,Frustration, Urantia, Paranoia, Intolerance, Subud,Jealousy, Resentment, Latihan, Envy, Criticism, Unity,Suspicion, Mormonism, Distrust, False Burden, Bahaism,Persecution, False Responsibility, Unitarianism, Fears, False Compassion,

Lodges, societies and social agencies using the Bible & God as a basis but omitting the blood atonement of Jesus Christ


Grief, Confusion, Sorrow, Frustration, Heartache, Incoherence, Heartbreak, Forgetfulness, Crying, Sadness, Doubt, Cruelty, Occult,Unbelief, Ouija Board, Skepticism, Fatigue, Palmistry,Tiredness, Handwriting Analysis, Death, Weariness, Automatic Handwriting, Laziness, Indecision, ESP, Procrastination, Infirmity (May include any disease or sickness), Hypnotism, Compromise, Horoscope,Confusion, Astrology, Forgetfulness, Levitation,Indifference, Fortune Telling, Inheritance, Water Witching, Self Deception, (Physical), Tarot Cards, Self-Delusion, (Emotional), Pendulum,Self-Seduction, (Mental), Witchcraft, Pride, (Curses), Black Magic, White Magic, Mind Binding, Hyper Activity, Conjuration,Confusion, Restlessness, Incantation, Fear of Man, Driving, Fetishes, Fear of Failure, Pressure, Etc.,

Occult Spirits

Spiritism Spirits, Cursing, Religious, Blasphemy, Ritualism, Mind Idolatry, Course Jesting, Formalism, Intellectualism, Gossip, Legalism,Rationalization, Criticism, Doctrinal Obsession, Pride, Backbiting, Fear of God, Ego, Mockery, Fear of Hell, Belittling, Fear of Lost Salvation, Fears (All Kinds), Railing, Religiosity, Phobias (All Kinds), Etc., Hysteria, Spiritism, Seance, Spirit Guide, Necromancy, Fear of Authority

Addictive & Compulsive Nicotine, Caffeine Lying, Alcohol, Deceit, Drugs,

Pride, Medications, False Religions, Ego, Gluttony, Buddhism, Vanity, Taoism, Self-Righteousness, Gluttony, Hinduism, Haughtiness, Nervousness, Islam, Importance, Compulsive Eating, Shintoism, Arrogance, Resentment, Confucianism, Frustration, Etc., Affectation, Idleness , Theatrics, Self-Pity, Covetousness,Playacting, Self-Reward, Stealing, Sophistication, Kleptomania, Pretension, Self Accusation, Material Lust, Self-Hatred, Greed, Self-Condemnation, Discontent,

CURSED OBJECTS (CLEANING YOUR HOUSE) – Books and objects identified with anything related to Satan’s Kingdom. Sinful activities of former residents. Knocking or noisy ghosts (poltergeist) and apparitions. Owl and frog images of all types. Witch’s mask and fetishes used by witch doctors. Objects and literature that pertain to false religions, cults, the occult and spiritism. Graven images of gods (demons). Objects dedicated to demons (idols and artifacts). Ouija boards or other occult paraphernalia. Prayers and worship to demons. Mexican sun gods; idols, incense; Buddhas; hand carved objects from Africa or the Orient; anything connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, etc.; books or objects associated with witchcraft, good luck charms or cult religions (metaphysics, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.); rock and roll records and tapes. Jewelry given to a person by someone in witchcraft, hex signs, ancient geometric and mystical motifs, jewelry designed to bring good luck and act as talisman to chase evil. Egyptian ankh, broken cross (peace symbol), chais, Polynesian tikkis of gods, African jujus, Italian horn, protectors from the evil eye, hand with index and little fingers pointing up, crosses, clovers, stars, wishbones, luck coins, mystic medals, horseshoes, religious fetishes and statues. Products with cryptic curses (hidden secret, occult curses). Dolls used for witchcraft and magic; puppets, cult objects or representations.

CURSING OTHERS AND BEING CURSED – Call out the demons that come in through the curses also.

Pestilence, Idol Worship, Graven Images, Consumption, Bastard, Pride, Fever, Wicked Balances, Catholic Prayers, Inflammation, Dislike/Hatred/Murder, Prince of Southern Curses, Extreme Burning, Curse of the Law, Prince of Occult, Blasting, Bless You Spirits, Witchcraft Curses,Mildew, Incest, Voodoo Curses, Botch of Egypt, Lesbians, Occult Curses, Emerods, Necromancers, American Indian Curses,Scab, Blaspheming, Charismatic Witchcraft, Itch, Sodomy, Horoscopes, Madness, Oral & Anal Sex, Rebellion, Blindness, Slackness, False Prophets, Astonishment of Heart, Deeper Teachings, Seances,Plagues, Irish Shamrock Hex, Fortune Telling, Sore Sicknesses, Fertility, Nonproductivity, Diseases of Egypt, Deceiving, Personal Poverty,Trembling of Heart, Adultery, Misrepresentation, Failing of Eyes, Disobedience, Perversion of Judgment, Sorrow of Mind, Cursed Objects, Doubt, Broken Vows, Thievery, Homosexual, Unicorn, False Swearing, Tulip, Twelve Petal Rosette, The Distlefink, Your Lucky Stars, Love & Romance, Eight Pointed Star, Friendship Hex, Pentacle/Pentagram, Eastern Star, Hexagram, Star of David, Mogen David, Cabalistic Magic Symbol,White Magic, Masonic Symbols, Freemasonry, Italian Horn, Leprechaun’s Staff, Unicorn’s Horn, Egyptian Ankh, Egyptian Sun God RA, Zodiac, Mexican Sun God, Buddhas, Crescent Moon & Star, Cursing, Vexation, Rebuke, Destroying, Perishing, Consuming, Groping, Not Prosper, Oppressed, Spoiled, Failure, Crushed, Smite, Pursuing, Sore Botch of Knees, Legs and Whole Body,Overtaking, Distress, Plucked, Chastisement, Removed, Not Healed, Astonishment, Proverb, Byword, Want, Besiege, Straitness, Evil, Emotionalism, Love of Money, Psychic Prayers, Idol Worship, Conceived in Lust, Abortion, Rejection, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Bastard, Incest, Fornication, Strife, Alienation, Sickness, Deceit, Delusions, Cruelty, Lying, Seduction, Death, Troubling, Confusion, Lethargy, Misery, Destruction, Ignorance, Sorrow, Wickedness, Badness, Adversity, Affliction, Calamity, Displeasure, Distress, Grief, Harm, Hurt, Mischief, Sadness, Trouble, Vex, Wretchedness, Wrong, Perishing, Decay, Ruin, Corruptness, Destroying, Falling, Deluded, Allured, Enticed, Persuaded, Slumber, Stupor, Hardening, Error, Taking God’s Glory, Following Man, Witchcraft, Indian Spirits,


Appetites & Addictions, Physicians & Pharmacies, Addiction to drugs and many other things, Apollo and Apollyon, Drugs, Aesculapius, Bondage; slavery, All gods and goddesses, Craving for and addiction to cigarettes, Hippocratic Oath, Craving for and addiction to alcohol, Caduceus, Cigarette, Pharmakeus, Nicotine, Pharmacy, Amphetamine (also medical and slang names) Pharmacist, Barbiturates (medical and slang names), Witchcraft and Sorcery, Craving for and addiction to drugs, Downers, Fantasy, Various Spirits, Drug Groups, Flashback, Nervousness, Pain Killers, Habit, Confusion, Tranquilizers, Methadone, Mind Control, Antidepressants,Phenobarbital, Tension, Sedatives, THC, Anxiety, Hypnotics, Hashish, Worry, Hallucinogens, Pipe smoking, Narcotics, Unreality and many others, Stimulants, Fears, Depressants,

DRUNKENNESS AND GLUTTONY – Start with Basic Deliverance: Rejection / Bitterness / Rebellion, then Drunkenness / Gluttony, Drugs and Medicine, Ungodly Spirits and finally Common Demon Groupings.

Gluttony, Drunkenness, Nervousness, Alcohol, Compulsive Eating, Medications for Drunkenness, Resentment, Desire,Frustration, Addiction to Alcohol, Idleness, Bondage,Self-Pity, Slavery, Self-Reward, Fantasy, Caffeine, Fears, Diet Pills, Flashback, Indulgence, Habit,Surfeiting, Unreality, Addiction to Food, Craving for Alcohol,Cravings for Particular Foods, Addiction to Any kind of Beverage, I Like To Eat,


Rejection, Effeminacy, Unable to Endure , Fear of Rejection, Softness (in bad sense), Hardship/Privation, Self Rejection, Lewdness, Subdued, Rejection of Others, Womanish, Dull, Voluptuous, Decline in Force, Bitterness, Delicate, and Quality, Resentment, Decadent, Declining Morals, Hatred, Unmanly, Deterioration, Self-hatred, Gentleness (in bad sense), Destruction, Violence, Weakness, Death, Rage, Unreasonable Fondness, Rottenness, Temper, Debility, Lacking Quality and Intensity,Anger, Failure / Automatic Failure, Retaliation, Foible, Impaired, Murder / Abortion, Feebleness, Corrupt,Unforgiveness, Victim, Debilitating Guilt, Folly, Debased, Rebellion, Frailty, Selfishness, Self-will, Explosiveness, Distrust,Stubbornness, Deprived of Manly Qualities Impotent, Disobedience, Emasculated, Passivity, Anti- Submissiveness, Not Vigorous, Indisciplined, Flirtatious, Immorality, Unregulated, Haughty, Disorderly, Immoderate, Carnal Minded, Pride/Ego/Vanity, Insecurity, Sexual Impurity, Self Conceit, Lovers of Pleasure, Catamite, Evil Concupiscence, Uncontrolled Passions,Sodomite, Inordinate Affection, Fantasy Lust, Unnatural Lewdness, Filthy Language, Sexual Lust, Masturbation, Lewd Emotions, Obscene Music, Art, Sexual Deviate, Exposure, Literature, Poetry,Fornication, Pornography, Occult Sex, Adultery, Uncleanness, Sex Orgies, Arsenokoites, Lust, Incest,Creating Bastards, Rape, Fondling, Dirty Old Man, Sex Dreams, Succubus, Incubus, Oversexed, Under Sexed,Nymphomania, Child Pornography, X-Rated Movies, Obscene Jokes, Demonic Domination, Overeating, Shame, Burning with Lust, Cursing, Suicide, Weil’s Disease, Meningitis, Harshness, Venereal Disease, Insanity, Unscrupulous, Gonorrhea, Staggering Gait, Degenerate Mind, Chancroid (Soft), Heart Disease, Self Gratification, Spirochetal Infections, Blindness, Lusts of the Eyes, Granuloma Inguinal, Ulcerative Lesions, Lust of the Flesh, Gonorrhea Arthritis, Relapsing Fever, Pride of Life, Syphilis, Tropical Ulcer,Defiled, Venereal Lympogranuloma, Herpes I & II, Impure Thoughts and Actions, Congenital Syphilis, Endocarditis, Putrid, Aids / Yaws / Bejel, Pinta / Warts, Sterility, Criticism, Gossip, Cancer, Arthritis,


Air, Excrement, Medicine, Aloneness, Eyes, Metals, Animals, Failure, Meteors, Anything New, Fatigue, Mice, Bacilli, Fearing, Mind, Bad Men, Feathers, Mirror, Barren Space, Female Genitals, Missiles, Bearing a Deformed Child, Fever, Moisture, Bees, Filth, Money, Birds, Filth, Personal, Motion, Blood, Fire, Myths, Blushing, Fish, Naked Body, Brain Disease, Floods, Name,Bridges, Fog, Needles, Burglars, Food, Negroes, Buried Alive, Forest, Night, Cats, Frogs, Northern Lights, Change, Functioning, Novelty, Childbirth, Ghosts, Odor, Choking, Girls, Odor, Personal, Cold, Glass, Open Space, Color, God, Pain, Comet, Gravity, Parasites, Confinement, Hair, People,Contamination, Heat, Place, Corpses, Height, Pleasure, Crossing Streets, Hell, Points, Crowds, Heredity, Poison, Dampness, High Objects, Poverty, Darkness, House, Precipices, Dawn, Ideas, Punishment, Daylight, Infinity, Rabies, Death, Injury, Railroad or Train,Defecation, Innovation, Rain, Definite Disease, Insanity, Rectal Excreta, Deformity, Insects, Rectum, Demons, Jealousy, Red, Depth, Justice, Responsibility, Devil, Knife, Ridicule, Dirt, Large Objects, Right, Disease, Left, River, Dogs, Light, Robbers, Dolls, Lightning, Rod, Dust, Locked In, Being, Ruin, Eating, Looked At, Being, Sacred Things, Electricity, Machinery, Scabies,Emptiness, Man, School, Enclosed, Being, Many Things, Scratches, Everything, Marriage, Sea, Examination, Materialism, Self, Semen, Speaking Aloud, Thunder, Sex, Spider, Time, Sexual Intercourse, Stairs, Touched, Being,Shock, Standing Up, Travel, Sin, Standing Up & Walking, Trembling, Sinning, Stars, Trichinosis, Sitting, Stealing, Tuberculosis, Sitting Down, Stillness, Vaccination, Skin Disease, Stories, Vehicle, Skin Lesion, Strangers, Venereal Disease, Skin of Animals, Street, Void, Sleep, String, Vomiting, Small Objects, Sunlight, Walking,Smothering, Symbolism, Water, Snake, Syphilis, Weakness,Snow, Talking, Wind, Solitude, Tapeworms, Women, Sound, Taste, Hearing Certain Words, Sourness, Teeth, Speaking, Thinking, Work, Writing,


Lover’s of Self, Utterly Self-centered, Inordinate Greedy Desire for Wealth, Proud, Arrogant, Contemptuous Boasters, Abusive, Blasphemous Scoffers, Disobedient to Parents, Ungrateful, Unholy, Profane, Without Natural Affection, Callous / Inhuman, Relentless, False Accusers, Trouble Makers, Intemperate, Loose in Morals and Conduct,Uncontrollable, Fierce, Haters of Good, Treacherous / Betrayers, Rash, Inflated with Self-conceit, Lovers of Sensual Pleasures, Lovers of Vain Amusements, Having a Form of Godlessness, Denying the Power of God, Strangers to God, Weak Natured / Spiritually Dwarfed, Easily Swayed / Silly, Evil Desires, Seductive Impulses, Inquiring Never Acquiring, Depraved Minds, Distorted Minds, Counterfeit, Rash Folly, Wicked Men, Imposters, Deceivers, Leading Astray, Lazy, Unorganized, Spiritual fantasy, Wrong Priorities, Witchcraft, Drugs, Rock Music, Ungodly Sex, Satan Worship, Bastard, Incest, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Divorce, Adultery, Harlotry,Prostitution, Homosexual, Pride, Willing Deceivers,Disobedient to God, Dishonoring Parents, Stubbornness, Bestiality, Striking Parents, Cursing Parents, Jezebel, Ahab,Turning Someone from God, Not Properly Disciplining Children, Sexual Sins, Offending Children Who Believe,


Unforgiveness, Rejection, Rebellion, Fear of Rejection, Self-Will,Self Rejection, Stubbornness, Rejection of Others, Disobedience,Anti-Submissiveness, Root of Bitterness, Depression, Resentment, Despair, Hatred, Disgust, Unforgiveness, Despondency,Violence Toward Self, Discouragement, Violence Toward Others, Defeatism,Temper, Dejection, Anger, Hopelessness, Rage, Envy, Murder, Distrust, Grief, Selfishness,Suicide, Fantasy, Death, Unreality, Insomnia, Spite,Wrath, Hateful, Malice, Hatred, Bitter Wailing, Deceit, Bitterness of Death,

Escape, Confusion, Indifference, Frustration, Stoicism, Incoherence, Passivity, Lying Spirits, Sleepiness, Guilt,Alcohol, Self-Hatred, Drugs, Condemnation,Indifference, Shame, Listlessness, Unworthiness, Lethargy, Embarrassment, Weariness, Pressure, Tiredness, Railing,Laziness, Confrontation,

Doubt, Disease, Doubting God’s Word, Cancer, Indecision, Ulcers, Indifference, Arthritis, Self-Deception,

Grief, Worry, Sorrow, Anxiety, Heartache, Fear, Crying, Dread, Sadness, Apprehension, Cruel, Restlessness, Burdens, Roving, Oppressive Grief, Pain of Mind, Pain of Emotions, Regret, Suffering Spirits, Distress, Heaviness, Cursing, Morbidity,


Ill-Will, Lack of Christian Charity, Get one’s back up, Opposition, Trying to imitate, Get in one’s hair, Grudge, One who divides homes/church Keep at boiling point, Malice, Dubious, Make one blow his top, Prejudice, Distrustful, Eruption (get in a huff), Debate, Skeptic, Apoplexy (bad veins), Yellow Jaundice, Indignation, Fume and sputter,Backbiting, Annoyance, Fail at, Covetousness, Tantrum, Fulminate, Spiteful, Enmity, Have a Tantrum, Flare up, Murder, Provoking, Go on the warpath, Non-Conformist, Despise,Go into orbit, Full of Doubts, Evil-surmisings, Look black, Without faith, Corrupt, Become Insane, Peculiar, Disobedient,Hatred, Fury and Temper, Deceiving, Wrath, Impatience, Lies,Proud, Violence, Adultery, Froward, Fretful, Guile, Whisperer, Out of Humor, Evil-Speaking, Meddling, Get one’s goat, Contentions, Foolish, Get one’s dander up, Selfishness,Scorner, Stir up a hornet’s nest Greedy, Reproach, Rage and Outbursts, Competitive, Contradicting, Bitterness, Evil Eye,Lewd, Hemorrhage, Looks that kill, Rioting, Yell and Scream, Pairing off, Drunkenness, Boil Over, Anger – Rage, Chambering, Seethe, Revenge – Wrath, Wantonness, Have a fit, Quarrel – Hostile, Tumults, Bristle Up, Ultraminiature, Riflings, Gnash one’s teeth, Abnormal-Rebel, Disputings, Fly off the handle, Suspicious,Earthly, Snap the mind/go mad, Unbelief, Sensual, Crack Up, Out of line, Devilish, Meddleth, Displeasure, Confusion, Forcing, Vexation, Evil-Works, Vainglory, Frenzy,Wars, Unlearned, Sharpness, Fightings, Opposition, Gall, Chafe, ruffle, Condemnation, Leprosy, Make the fur fly, Hypocrisy, Silliness, Make bad blood, Ought, Rottenness, Make sore,Discontentment, Shame, Hysterics, Lusting, Blasphemies, Irritate, Hard feelings, Boasting, To Rant, Cravings, Desolation, Roar, Resentments, Assault, Shake and Quiver,Rivalry, Deceit, Scold, Strife, Malignity, Fly apart, Controversy, Divisions, Carry on, Quarrel, Carnality, Raise the Devil, Hateful, Swellings, Stamp with rage, Furious, Provoking, Look daggers, Bitterness, False Teaching, Arrogance, Resentment, Indecision, Voluptuousness, Withdrawal, Lying, Vengeance, Deceit, Lies, Root of Bitterness,Anger, Folly, Raking, Retaliation, Dishonesty, Wrath, Revenge, Bribery, Grudge, Hurt, Hate, False witness, Guilt, Piousness, Sowing discord, Unforgiveness, Hypocrisy, Plotting Evil, Cancer, Divorce, Pretense,Arthritis, Cruelty, False Glory, Idol Worship, Licentiousness, Swearing, Graven Images, Sexual Sin, Vulgarity,Sacrifice Children, Wantonness, Corruption, Pride, Haughtiness, Judgemental,Violence, Murder, False rebuke,


Idol Worship, Saturn, Occult Practices, Oannes, Image of Jealousy, Janus, Halloween, Joannes, Chambers of Imagery, Druids, Wicked Spirits, Fairies, Mourners for Tammuz, Sacred Oaks, Queen of Heaven, Elves, Sun Worship, Charms, Baal, Ego, Idolatry, Misleading Children, Jack-0-Lantern, Astarte, Heathen Worship, Eroticism, Haunted Houses, May Pole, Unclean Things, Lust, Rebellion, Ishtar, Falsity, Conception in Lust, Unclean Spirits, Sun God, Pagan Rituals, St. Patrick, Devil’s Colors, Liber, Witchcraft, Necromancy, Reveling, Ostera, Familiar Spirits, Abstinence of Lent, Reign of Evil, Tammuz, Witches/Wizards, False Healing Powers, Easter, Adonis,Abominations, Eastre, Futility, Bacchus, Soothsaying, Satan Worship, Fear, Nimrod, Demonic Images, Casting Spells, Mass for Christ, Santa Claus, False Worship, Fertility Symbols, Diana of Euphrates, Sacred Egg, Divination, Asiris Eucharist, Vanity, Sorcery,Worship of Rabbit, Hot Cross Buns, Dead Stock of Nimrod, Pride, Occult Supernatural, Hate, Envy, Greed, Bragging, Selfishness, Fantasy, Cruel, Evil Competition, Harshness, Laziness, Pouting, Demonic Manipulation, Violence, Embarrassment, Shame, Hurt, Depression, Disappointment, Lying, Doubt, Distrust, Ahab, Jezebel , Traditions, Fear Of Failing, Fear, Unhappiness,Wanting, Confusion, Pressure, Negative,

Sacrifice to Satan; Worship of Firs, Cedars and Oaks; Honoring Dead Saints; Goddess of Flowers (Flora); Blessed Palm, Willow & Olive; Black Sabbath Mass; Transubstantiation; Saturn Worship (Saturnalia); Goddess of Rising Light of Day; Lord of Dead (Shamhain); Mother of Mercury (Maia)


Rejection, Escape, Fear of Rejection, Drugs: Street and Prescription, Demonic Subjection, Alcohol, Self Rejection and Hatred, Over Sleeping, Rejection of Others, Indifferent, Rejection of God, Stoicism, Bitterness, Lethargy, Resentment, Depression,Hatred, Despair, Unforgiveness Toward Self, Despondency,Unforgiveness Toward Others, Discouragement, Unforgiveness Toward God, Defeat, Temper, Hopelessness, Violence, Morbid,Rage, Gloom, Anger, Disgust,Retaliation, Heaviness, Murder, Evil Spirit of Unbelief,Abortion, Occult, Suicide, ESP, Rebellion, Hypnotism,Self-will, Horoscope – Astrology, Stubbornness, Levitations, Disobedience, Fortune Telling, Anti-Submission, Tarot Cards – Tea leaf Reading, Strife in Family, Witchcraft – Black and White Magic, Quarreling, Conjuration, Fighting: Physical and Verbal, Soul Travel, Demonic Domination, Charms, Fetishes, Talisman, Amulets,Self-Idolatry, Self-Worship, Humanism, Man is God,Demonic Denomination, One-World Government, Idol Worship, One-World Money, Witchcraft, New Age Movement, Deception, Irresponsibly, Stupor, Evaluation, Anti-God, Situational Ethics, Anti-Salvation, Can’t Comprehend, Anti-Bible, Denial, Anti-Christ, Denying God’s Protection, Anti-Salvation by Jesus, Denying God’s Provision, Lies and Lying, Denying God’s Love, Human Reasonings, Denying God’s Presence, Stupid Imaginations, Denying God Provided Man with a Spirit, Vain Imaginations, Denying that God is Supernatural, Anti-Godly Supernatural, Denying True Worship of God, Worship of: – Denying Prayer and Power of Prayer,Medicine – Denying God Will Answer Prayer, Demons – Denying Religious Emotions, Science – Denying Godly Hope, Man’s Reason – Unreasonableness, Man’s Intellect – False Religions,Self – Buddhism, Pride – Taoism, Ego, Vanity – New Age, Man’s Ideas – Hinduism, Aggression: – Islam, Against God, Shintoism, Against Others, Confucianism and Ancestor Worship, Against God’s Law, Masons, Violence, Pantheism, Hate, God and Goddess Worship, Envy, Unnatural Affections, Empty Headed Fool, Unreal Expectations, Lust of the Eye, Wishful Thinking Greed, Hateful Thinking,Covetousness, Demonic Domination, Fervent and Uncontrollable Desire, Unreal Hopes, Conquest for “Good Life”, Socialism,Envy, Pride of Life, Pleasure, Self-Righteousness,Grasping, Self-Realization, Lust of the Flesh, Self-Fulfillment, Over Indulgent Food, Things, Etc., Self-Worship, Self Gratification, Self-Glorification, Comfort, Compromise, Self Seduction, Demonic Domination,Effeminate Life:, Haughty, Soft, Pampered, Weakness, Delicacy, Vain,Unmanly, Decadent, Decline in Force, Pride, Decline in Morals, Decay, Rot, Ego, Adultery, Hard Hearted, Fornication, Calloused, Sodomy, Vain Imagination, Demonic Sex, Shedding Innocent Blood,Deviate Sex, Abortion, Perverted, Murder,Pornography, Euthanasia, Homosexual, Infanticide,Divorce, Infirm Demons, Passivity,


Babylonia and Assyria, Egyptian, Ishtar – goddess of propagation, Amun-Re – sun god, Tammuz – husband of Ishtar, Aton – solar disc, Dagon – father of Baal, Isia – fertility, Anath – virgin goddess of fertility, Astarte, An – shy god, Osiris – agricultural deity, En-Ul – wind god, Horus, Enki – earth and water god, Nut, Seb, Set, Temu, Tefnut, Ningal – mother goddess, Shu, Ptah, Knum, Hathur, Sobek, Namuzi – Tammuz, Utu – sun god, Canaan, Nannar – moon god, El – unbridled tyrant, Marduk – chief god of Babylon, Baal – god of the storm, Ashur – principal god of Assyrians, Melcarth, Nabu – patron of learning, Koshar – the vulcan, Nergal – god of war and underworld, Hauron – shepherd god, Nusqu, Mot – god of death, Sin – moon god, Shapash – sun goddess Shamash- sun god, Venus, Adonis,

False Gods,

ADRAM’MELECH (Adad-Milki) (Hadad) – Adar is king; burned children in the fire. ANAM’MELECH (Ann is King) – God of the sky; burned children in fire. ASH’IMA – God of Hammath. A’SHER’AH (ASHERIM) – Pagan goddess (Asherat – Lady of the eat and consort of El) (Qudshu – holiness) (Astouth – Asterte – Anath) (Qedishim – sodomites) (Ashtoroth – Asherah – Anathoth) ASH’TORETH (Astorte)- Goddess (Athter – Ishtar – Asherah – Anat – Ashtortu, Athten, Athtert), goddess of sensual love. ASTAR’TE – Greek name for Ashtoreth. BAAL – Master, lord (sin of El) (Baal-ged; lord of good fortune) (Baal- hummen, Baal-hazer, Baal-meon, Baal-peer, Baal-Tamar) (Most common name of idols in Bible) BAAL-BERITH – Lord of the covenant (El-berith) BA’ALIM – (Baal-shamen, Baal-melkart, Baal-Saphin, Baal-Berith, Baal-Peor, Baal- Tebuh) BAAL-PEOR -licentious worship (Chemosh) BAAL-ZEBUB – producer of flies BEL – lord BERITH – see Baal-berith CALF WORSHIP CAS’TOR and POL’LUX – horse tamer and master of the art of boxing CHE’MOSH – children were sacrificed in the fire. CHI’UN – star god DA’GON – god of grain DIA’NA – goddess GAD – god of good fortune JU’PITER – highest god in heaven MAL’CHAM – their king ME’NI – god of destiny or fortune MER’CURY – god of commerce MERO’DACH – head god of Babylon MIL’COM – national god of Ammorites MO’LECH – sacrifice of children (Found in women who have had an abortion.) MO’LOCH – (Molech) (Notice different spellings of same idol.) NE’BO – god of wisdom and literature NEHUSH’TAN – brazen thing NER’GAL – sun god NIB’HAZ – idol worshipped by Amvites NISROCH – god POL’LUX – (see Castor)REPHAN – the star of the god Rephan RIM-MON – sun god SATYR – demonic creaturesSIC’CUTH- stellar deity SUC’COTH-BENOTH – supreme orbiter of the worldTAM’MUZ – god of pasture and flocks TAR’TAK – heathen deity


SUCCOTH-BENOTH – idolatrous tents for impure purposes NERGAL-SHAREZER- a CUTHITE deity, fire prince, the war god of men of Cuth ASHIMA – a deity of HAMATHNIBHAZ – a deity of the AVITES in the form of a god-headed man. TARTAK – a deity of the AVITES in the form of an ass, hero of darkness (prince) ADRAMMELECH – The name of an Assyrian idol – burned children, female power of sun. ANAMMELECH – An Assyrian deity – burned children in the fire, self-torture and human offerings BAAL (etc.) – a PHOENICIAN deity – master, possessor, “male deity”. ASHERIM- type of abounding fertility MOLECH (etc.)-fire god, chief deity of the AMMONITES – counsellorNISROCK – a BABYLONIAN idol – great eagle – human form with eagle’s head.ASHERAH – (ASHTAROTH) – star worship? by BASHANITES NEHUSHTAN- the copper servant of the desert – brazen serpent ASHTORETH- chief “female deity” of PHOENICIANS – star goddess of love APIS – golden calves SAKKUTH, KEWAN, BAAL-PEOR BAAL, ASTAROTH BACCHUS – Mardi Gras


Alcoholic spirits (especially firewater & whiskey), Eagle, Estsanatlehi – old woman who rejuvenates self, Akeyla (Sun God), Astrology, Earth monster – Tlalaltecuhtli,Anger, Anti-Christ, Hiawatha – glandular malfunctions, swelling, Aiy,Ancestor Gods, Father sky, Amulets, Fox spirit (makes a witch pass thru fire), Batgod – Jaguar, Buffalo, Fireside dancer,Buffalo child (croaton), Fear of lack of provision, Blood thirsty, False prophecy thru money, Break curse of loss of prosperity, False Indian prophecy, False tongues, Blood brothers & sisters, Feathers, (break ties), Firebird, Baby Pow, Firegod – Xiutechli, Baby Pow Reincarnation, Great Buffalo spirit, Baal Worship, God of War (Ojibway), Beads – white meant peace;, God fouls of the air, purple meant war, death, (Ojibway), or mourning, God of the stars (Ojibway),Birdgod – Crocodile, God of herbs of the earth, Bitterness, (Ojibway), Cannibalism (Ojibway, Medicine Man), Great Spirit, Great Lodge, Caribou spirit, God of the harvest, Curse on Arrowhead, God of death (Aztec) associated with group, Curse to cause cutting off, Curse of firstborn to pass thru the fire, Geronimo, God’s eye, Child sacrifice, Great Father, Charms – war, health, ward off evil spirits, God of hunting (Ojibway), Greed, Chac (water God), Heavy heart, Drums, Human sacrifice, Dominance, Hoop dance,Dances – owl, charcoal,sun, Horoscopes, snake, duck, chicken, Hatred, horse, fire leaping, fish, Hopa doll, alligator, crow, ghost, Hypnotic trance, buffalo, scalp, Idol worship, Divorce, Incantation, Desertion, Indian Art,Elk Spirits, Indian rituals, Eliminate curse on American Indians, Magic – arrowheads, string, gourd rattles, Earth Mother, rawhide, roots, twigs,berries,beaks of birds, bird wings, pure white, pebbles, turquoise, eagles, blackbirds,peace pipe, Indian artifacts, Mother earth, Indian folklore, Murder,Indian curses, Medicine tipis, Indian pierced ears in women, Mediums, men and children, Necromancy (Ojibway & Cherokee) Indian scalp spirit, Indian pierced ear spirit, Nakedness, Indian spirit of poverty, Order of the Arrow, Indian spirit of bondage, Prayer to the Dead, Indian chants, (Winnebago,Peyote cult),Indian corn, Peyote eating (open to all drug spirits),Indian sorcery, Indian witchcraft (ability – Power over life of animals, to turn oneself into a – Power over death of animals, bear, wolf, fox, owl, – (especially wolf) Crow,snake) – medicine men, Indian Astrology spirits, Peace piper, (believed to be ruling – Peace pipe worship-Calumet, spirits) when a star – Poverty, comes to earth, it is – Pow-wow, believed to change into – Pride, demon. – Priesthood of the Bow,Indian Mythology spirits, Rejection, (for youth), Racoon spirits, Indian spirit of war, Reincarnation, Indian Jezebel, Rain dance, Indian Fireside Humor spirit, Rebellion, (Sioux), Resentment, Indian drumbeat (Voodoo – Retaliation, worship), Religious spirits (prophets, priests) Indian magic spirits,Inherited incest, Regeneration, green corn dance,Indian eye, Knives, Sacrificial pole, Ka-du-te-ta (older women who never die) Sorcery, Snake dance,Kachina doll, Serpent swastika, Long house, Sun worship,Lenelanapa (Indian Macho man), Scout Societies, Masks for dances, Scout Idols,Medicine Bag, Spirit of Happy Hunting, Medicine Lodge, (powerful death spirit), Maid of the Mist, Shamans (medicine man),Moloch, seer, Medicine Man, Superstition, Matolu (chief), Seances (Croaton), Moon worship, Sun Dance (all), Spirit of the Prairie Wolf, Song to the Morning Star, Spirit of the Sun, (Pawnee), Spirit of the Clouds, Si-ka-ma-hi-fi (Elder, Spirit of the Sky, creator spirit, Spirit of the Moon, Hidatsa), Spirit of Animals, Bitterness, Spirit of Trees, Hate, Spirit of Grass, Break Curse of Half Breed, Spirit of Water, Will of Whip, Spirit of Stones, War Whoops, Spirit of Maize, Wolf,Spirit of Maple Syrup in trees Warpath, Spirit of Nature Worship, War God, Spirit Guides, Wigwam (Ojibway), Squirrel Spirits, Thief, Submission to tribal custom, Teepee, Sacrifice to God of the Harvest, Scout Oaths, Sitting Bull, Stooped shoulder,Squash Blossom, Stag, Sweat lodges & puberty rites, Tobacco Spirits – nicotine, cigarettes, cigar, Thunderbird (Eagle, no head, beak full of rows of wolf’s teeth, powerful ruling spirit in American Indians) Sisuitl (soul catcher), Totem pole – Spirit of Theclan Thunder God – Ibeorhum, Woe from long march (Mohawk), Six Nations,


Prince, Kings & World Rulers, Accident, Accident Prone, Bone Breaker,Back Breaker, Traumatic Shock, Paralysis, Crippling, Deformity, Atrophy, Depression, Discouragement, Hopelessness, Despair, Suicide, Death, Affliction, Spinal Cord, Scar Tissue,

Roots of Infirmity, Shame and Embarrassment, Rebellion & Idolatry, Grief, Troubled Will in Conflict, Resentment & Envy, Disobedience, Curse of Jezebel, Vanity & Pride, Curse of the Law, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Witchcraft & Occult, Envy & Jealousness, Hypnotism & Demonism, Taoism & Pantheism, Reincarnation,Astrology, Psychic/Metaphysical, Spiritual or, Healing, Christian Science,


Tooth Decay, Leukemia, Cancer of Bone, Tuberculous of Bone, Acne, Carbuncles, Skin Cancer, Menstrual Cramps, Diarrhea, Colitis, Cancer of Bowels, Eye Trouble, Bowel Upset, Cancer, Hernia,Kidney Stones, Kidney Failure, Kidney Infection, Kidney Panic, Heart Disturbances, Melancholy (sadness), Scalp Ailments, Falling Hair, Restlessness, Inability to Sleep, Aimlessness, Futility, Pestilence, Consumption (T.B.), Fever, Inflammation, Botch (boils), Madness,Emerods (Hemorrhoids), Blindness, Encephalitis, Schizophrenia, La Tourette Syndrome, Polio, Huntington’s Chorea, Muscular Sclerosis, Stroke,Scab (measles, small pox), Spinal Meningitis, St. Vita’s Dance, Blasting (prevents growth), Scoliosis, Brutishness (unteachable ignorance), Female Cancer (uncontrollable body odor), Heart Attack (astonishment of heart), Venereal Disease (inflammation of a fungus infection in sex organs),

Diseases Found in the Bible

Ague, Blains, Boils, Blemish, Blindness, Botch,Broken-Handed, Broken-Footed, Bruises, Canker, Crook-Backed, Dropsy, Dwarf, Emerods, Flat Nose, Flux, Gangrene, Halt, Impotent, Infirmity, Inflammation, Issue, Itch, Lameness, Leprosy, Lunacy, Madness,Maimed, Murrain, Palsy, Pestilence, Scab Scall,Scurvy, Sores, Wen, Withered, Worms, Wounds,

Functional Diseases of Body

Meriham (controller – females, allergies), Tiepea (mouth, gums), Woteige (gluttony, body illness, ruler of Octopus), Felus (gluttony), Arcolias (fatness, sins of Sodom and Gomorrah),Lukolias (pain of sternum), Blargy (infection of colon and colon cancer), Bozo (stomach infection), Boice (pancreas), Carpa (stomach nerves), Denemis (Gall Bladder),Hiawatha – Indian (glandular malfunctions and body fluids, swelling), Moxie (chest pains),Monroe (breast cancer under ruler Cerulias – controller), Prince Damulias (right breast),Ruler Arculias (left breast), Taile (lymph glands of breast), Verico (mushroom growth type breast cancer), Colbeck (bone marrow), Upeedes (ear, deafness), Optias (puts parasites and organisms into body), Targa (broken rhythm into heart), Yondacola (blood cancer),Citicizan (convulsions and epilepsy), Rezpan (pituitary glands), Goratus (pituitary glands – violent), Woepe (heart blockage), Csarbolias (foot pain), Pontolias (right foot),Pintolias (left foot), Nickulias (pain in neck), Eraualias (ear infections),


Belfagar (vanity), Contressie (flippancy of emotions), Collodus (stoicism – no feeling),Repanel (controller), Ashtroth (accusation, criticism), Petragrammation (selfishness),Philanfesus (sloth), Felix (self pity, fear of disapproval), Varrier (controller – disobedience against obedience), Vermo (Guilt), Eland (resentment, sorrow), Remus and Remur (cause sleep in spiritual environment), Soonelton (rebellion), Vormo (excessive tiredness),Phonique (play acting, dramatic, choreography), Voltare (game playing, taunting), Boletta (game playing, taunting), Whocarto (over concern of what others think),Puno (blood pressure), Triano (blood pressure), Targa (rapid heartbeat), Woepe (heart blockage),Optias (puts cancer cells into human anatomy),

Body Pain

Condor (controller prince), Artrize (shaking of the body), Colbeck (bone and marrow), Sutias (back pain), Shiton (back pain in spine, serpent – Jean Dixon’s snake), Larkopious (knee),Rockalious (knee), Lukolidus (sternum), Damelious (body pain), Sarkolious (pain – energy force – from outer space), Romulious, Nickolious (pain from outer space), Arkilious (radiational force), Taepe (copy demon – copy other characteristics), Pycone (back of neck),Osmodaus (back of neck), Porox (blocks human will), Carbare (ruler of spiritual blockage),Ruschon (fights against Jesus Christ), Morondo (blocks reading of Word),Meganosis (blocks all knowledge), Armenious (false doctrine),


Ingratitude to God, Dishonor of God, Rejection of God & his, Thanklessness, Hatred Towards Gods, dealings with you, Punishment, Discontent, Lying To Self, Cover-Up Lies, Cringing Fear, Ineptness, Fear of Failure, Dishonor of Self, Dishonor of Others, Futility, Foolish Reasonings, Vain/Godless Imaginings, Stupid Speculations, Senseless Minds, Foolishness, Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Wisdom, Idolatry, Sexual Impurity, Homosexuality, Indecency, Incest, (Male or Female), Loathsomeness, Unrighteousness, Iniquity, Guilt, Covetousness, Grasping Greed, Malice, Envy, Jealousy, Murder, Strife, Deceit, Treachery, Ill-will, Cruel Ways, Secret Backbiting, Gossip, Slandering, Hateful to God, Insolence, Arrogance, Boasting, Inventors of Evil, Undutiful To Parents, Having No Understanding, Without Conscience, Faithlessness, Heartlessness, Loneliness, Mercilessness, Fantasy, Poverty in Soul, Poverty of Spirit, Poverty in Body, Poverty in Pocketbook, Want, Lack,Self-centeredness, Insufficiency, Rationalization, Murmuring & Complaining, Proud, Proud, Abusive/Contemptuous, Blasphemous Scoffers, Arrogant & Contemptuous, Disobedient To Parents, Ungrateful, Boasters, Unholy, Profane, Callous and Inhuman, Relentless, Unforgiving, Lacking Natural Affection, Troublemakers, False Accusers, Intemperate, Loose Morals, Fierce, Haters of Good, Treacherous, Betrayers, Rash,Self-conceited, Hypocrites, Lovers of Sexual Pleasures, Anger Towards God, and Vain Amusements,

LIES, DECEIT AND FLATTERY – You can use “Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting”; “Christian Fantasy – Lies not Truth”; “Common Demon Groupings”; “Hate, Vengeance, Envy and Strife”; and “Self”. The following list are characteristics of liars:

Lies, Lying, Prevarication, Equivocation, Paltering, Fibbing, Deceitfulness, Deceptiveness, Trickery, Misleading, Deluding, Beguiling, Dishonesty, Unfairness, Mendacious, Untruthful, Flattery, Feigning, Pride, Ego, Vanity, Falseness, Imprudent, Unwise, Faithless, Cheating, Pretending, Insecurity, Inferiority, Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Selfishness, Greediness, Self-Serving, False Witnesses, False Teachers, False Prophets, Fruit of Their Lies, Self-Centered,Spiritual Adultery, Love of Money, Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh,Pride of Life, Compulsive Liar, Christian Fantasy, Affectation, Theatrics, Playacting, Sophistication, Pretension, Self-Inflated,


Scornful, Lying, Palmistry, Destroyer, Cursing, Handwriting Analysis, Fear, Blasphemy, Automatic Handwriting,Death, Criticism, ESP, Poverty, Mockery, Hypnosis,Afflictions, Railing, Horoscopes, Trouble, Gossip, Astrology, Confusion, Fantasy Sex, Divination, Terror, Masturbation, False Doctrine, Hate, Lust, Deceiving, Diseases, Perverseness, Seducing, Distress, Homosexuality, Asceticism,Domination, Fornication, Vegetarianism, Broken Heart, Adultery, Dishonesty, Dismay, Incest, Proudness, Heaviness, Provocativeness, Pornography, Mourning, Harlotry, Unforgiveness,Infirmities, Nicotine, Yoke of Bondage, Sicknesses, Alcohol, Serpents and Scorpions, Stealing, Drugs, Blindness,Murder, Medicines, Retaliation, Doubt, Caffeine, Striving, Condemnation, Addiction to Food, Sinus Trouble, False Gifts, Eastern Religions, Migraine Headaches, Imaginations, Pagan Religions, Negative Confessions, High Things, Philosophies, Principalities, Unclean spirits, Mind Sciences, Powers, Resentment, Yoga Exercises, World Rulers of Darkness, Hatred, Karate, Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness,Anger, Mormonism, Guilt, Rejection, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Temptation, Self-Pity, Christian Science, Strongholds, Jealousy, Restrictionist, Imaginations, Depression, Theosophy, High Things,Worry, Unity, Evil Thoughts,Inferiority, Bloodless Religions, Disobedience, Insecurity, Occult, Evil Weapons, Mental Torment, Spiritism, Evil Tongues, Procrastination, Seances, Nets and Pits,Indecision, Witchcraft, Wiles, Compromise, Magic, Principalities, Rationalization, Ouija Boards, Powers,Loss of Memory, Levitation, Rulers or Darkness, Spiritual Wickedness, Fiery Darts, Mockery,False Gospel, Cursing, Affliction, Sore Boils, Lust of Uncleanness, Presumptuous, Self-Willed, Corruption, Spots and Blemishes, Deceiving, Adultery, Covetousness, Madness, Vanity, Lust of Flesh,Wantonness, Pollutions, Unrighteousness, Filthy Dreamers, Murmurers, Complainers, Sensual, Dumb, Lunatic, Anger, Wrath, Divers Diseases, Murder, Plague, Dead Works,Lieth with his sister, Lieth with his mother-in-law, Lieth with his father’s wife, Maketh graven or molten image, Smiteth his neighbor secretly, Lieth with any manner of beast, Removeth his neighbor’s landmark, Setteth light by father or mother Taketh reward to slay an innocent person, Maketh the blind to wander out of the way, Confirmeth not all the words of this law to do them,Perverteth the judgement of the stranger, fatherless and widow,


I now command all controlling spirits to come out of the human being as follows:

Soul: Mind – Will – Emotions

Conscious – Subconscious – Unconscious

Body: Physical – Brain – Sexual Organs

I now command all special demons to manifest and come out or leave as your name is called:

Wer Beasts: Vampires – Werewolves – Zombies, Manifestations: Changelings – Incubi/Succubi – Dopple Gangers, Objects: Familiar Objects – Fetish, Talisman and Amulets – Marks – Hagstones – , Biofeedback, Curses: Spells – Incantations – Hexes – Vexes,

I now command all demons associated with the above practices to come out as well as the following demonic families:

Son of Satan – Mind Control – Death – Occult – Magic – Witchcraft – Drugs – Child Abuse – Fornication – Demonic Healing – Eastern Religions – Demonic Inheritance – Demonic Games – Rock Music – Voodoo – Familiar and Guiding Spirits – Forces and Powers


Resentment, Unforgiveness, Occult sins and practices, Demonic subjection to authority,Psychic powers or bondages of physical or mental illness, Evil curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, jinxes, bewitchment, witchcraft and sorcery, Every dark spirit, evil influence,Pride, haughty look, lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift to running to mischief, false witness and he that soweth discord among the brethren, Unbelief and doubt, care, worry, anxiety,

Evil soul ties

All fetters, bonds, ties and bands, whether they be by word or deed, Fragmented mind, will and emotions, Retardation, insanity and senility, madness, Mind control and prince of mind occult, Sins of blood ancestors, Cults, Eastern religions and false religions, Mind altering medicines such as Valium, Librium, Serax, Phenobarbital, sleeping pills, etc., Early retirement, defeat, giving up easily, automatic failure mechanism, Forgetfulness, vows, confusion, envy, jealousy, gossip, compromise, cravings, addictions, Sickness, poverty, oppression, Smoking, nicotine, craving of smoke, Adultery, harlotry, fornication, lewd sex, sexual exploits, Acting, deceit, role playing, fantasy, Depression, imaginations, daydreaming, intellectual idolatry, infirmity, Blindness, astonishment of heart, Anger, hate, low I.Q., fear of failure, aging, anti-Christ, fear of man, divorce, self-centeredness, ego, nervous habits, fatigue, religion without Christ, suicide, Diabetes, kidney stones, cancer, hepatitis, arthritis, kidney infection, All fears and phobias,Self-gratification and selfish pleasure, surfeiting Derangement, dumb, crazy,Worship of objects or persons, Incantations and psychic prayers, Trauma of accidents, fire, shock, etc.,No incentive, victim of chance, mental acceptance of mediocrity and low man on scale


Forbidden Practices in Bible

Enchantments, Witchcraft, Soothsaying, Magic, Sorcery, Divination, Wizardry, Necromancy, Charming, Observer of Times, Astrology, Idolatry, Sacrificed to Devils, Worship of Devils, Star Gazers, False Prophets, Rod Became a Serpent, Wise Men, Chaldeans, Curious Arts, Graven Images, Pass Thru the Fire, Dreamer, Doctrines of Devils, Unfruitful Works of Darkness, Heeding Seducing Spirits, Ate Sacrifices of the Dead, Sold Themselves to do Evil,

Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Ball, Cards, Tea Leaves,Handwriting Analysis, Ouija Boards, Telepathy, Kabala, Horoscope, Voodoo, Pendulums, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Star Gazing, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience,

Magic Practices and Spiritism

Mediums, Seances, Second Sight, Levitation, Necromancy, Spirit Guides, Auras, Self Hypnosis, Mental Science, Water Witching, Dowsing, Superstition, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Divining, White Magic, Table Tipping, Metaphysics, Trances, Runes, Self Realization, Visions, Black Magic, Medals, Witchcraft, Good Luck, Fetishes, Incantations, Charms, Talismans, Mascots, Apport, Amulets, Birth Signs, Spells, Wart Charming, Ankh, Sorcery, Curses, Psychic Powers, Potions, Automatic Writing, Poltergeists, Acupuncture, Burn Charming, Pendulum Diagnosis, Yin-Yang, Ghosts, Trance Diagnosis, Birth Stones, Metaphysical Healing,

Occult In General

Ruler of Witchcraft, Death by hypnosis, God’s Eye, Karate, Martial Arts, Third Eye, Judo, Kung Fu, Snake, Mongoose, Cat, Cobra, Lust for Dominance, Swan, Lust for Power, Spider, Open Doors, Rappings on Wall, Foundation, Black Mass, Satan Worship, Multiplied Curses, Jezebel, Ahab, Female Dominance, Yielding Male, Evil Eye, Occult Fears, Black arts, Luv Knot, Devil’s Foot, Indian Kachina,Conjuration, Occult Symbols, Serpent Charmer, Omens,Prognostication, Pass Thru The Fire, Augur, Rebellion, Stubbornness, Parapsychology, Yoga, Hearing Noises, Psychic Portraits, Macabre, Phrenology, Numerology, Great Seal, Alchemy, Calling Evil Spirits,Baptism in Witchcraft,

Occult Books

Magical Books, Christian Science, Hypnosis, Horoscopes, Astrology, Arthur Ford, Jeane Dixon, Ruth Montgomery, Fantasy Books, Tolkien, Jehovah Witness Books, KISS Rock & Roll, Mormon Books, Rolling Stone Books, Witchcraft Books, Satanic Bible, Martial Arts Books, Kabala – Magic Book, Porno Novels, Porno Magazines

Occult Movies

Movies ContainingSeances, Movies with Sleight of Hand, Bewitched, Adams Family, Munsters, The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, Star Trek, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dracula, Frankenstein,Poltergeists, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Friday the Thirteenth, Texas Chain Saw Massacres, Bridie Murphy, JesusChrist Superstar,E.T., Any Horror Movie, Science Fiction Movies, Soap Operas, Any Other Movie Which Depicts a Power Not From God,

Superstition / Good Luck

Throwing Salt, Wishbone, Friday the 13th, Black Cats, Walking Under Ladders, Wart on Finger, Crossing Fingers, Horseshoes, Gambling (All Kinds), 4-Leaf Clover, Rabbit’s Foot,

Witchcraft Jewelry

Star of David (Hexagram), Pierced Earrings, Italian Horn, Ankh,

Occult Objects

Dolls (Originated in Voodoo), Lotus Flower, Fortune Cookies, Weight-Machine Cards, Horseshoe Over Door,

Occult Games

I Ching, Ouija Board, Dungeons & Dragons, Chinese Checkers, Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board (Levitation), 8 Ball, Bloody Murder, Rubik’s Cube, Bingo, Gambling (Any Kind),

Occult Cartoons

He Man, Disney Cartoons (Witches, etc.), MANY, MANY OTHERS,


Jezebel (Female Dominance), Ahab (Yielding Male), Acupuncture, Amulets, Ankh, Apparitions, Astral Projection, Astrology, Auras, Automatic Handwriting, Belomancy, Birth Signs, Black Magic, Black Mass, Bleeding For Rituals, Blood Pacts, Kabala, Case Reading, Cards Charms, Clairvoyant, Cobra, Conjuring, Crystal Ball, Curses, Cursing,Enchantment, E.S.P., Eye (Death by Hypnosis), Fairy Tales, Fetishes, Fire-Gazing, Fire Psyche, Fortune Telling, Handwriting Analysis, Hexing, Horoscopes, Hypnosis, Incantation, Idolatry, Judo, Karate, Martial Arts, Levitation, Magic of Any Kind, Materialization or Apport, Meditation, Medium, Mental Telepathy, Metaphysics, Mind Control, Mind Expansion, Mind Reading, Clairaudience, Psycho-Cybernetics,Christian Science Healings, Psychic Predictions, Zen Meditation, Tattoos, Voodoo,

Occult Music

Rock N Roll, Acid Rock, Punk Rock, Break Music, Soul Music, Popping Music, Rhythm & Blues, The Oldies, Christian Rock, Jesus Rock, Country Rock, Country & Western, Heavy Metal,


LSD, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Diet Pills, Valium, Alcohol, Nicotine, Tranquilizers, Pain Relievers, Cocaine, Heroin, Mescaline,Peyote, PCP, Hash, Opium, Embalming Fluid,

False Religions and Cults

Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Christian Science Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Unity, Unitarianism, Phrenology, Bahi, Spiritualism, Scientology, Swedenborgianism, Christodelphianism, Inner Peace Movement, Spiritual Frontiers, Association for Research & Enlightenment, Eckankar, Religious Research Foundation, Urantia, Moonies, Subud, Latihan, Islam, The Way, Roman Catholic Church, Koran, Marxism,Children of God, Hare Krishna, Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Confucianism, I Ching, Religious Science, Nihilistic Philosophies, Reincarnation, Eclectic, Anglo-Israelism, Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God, Black Muslim, Conceptology, I Am, New Thought, Theosophical Society, Unity School of Christianity, Eastern Mysticism, Zen, Transcendental Meditation, Witchcraft, Mind Science, Numerology, Ouija Board, Owls and Frogs, Palmistry, Palm Reading, Parapsychology, Peace Sign, Pierced Ears, Poltergeists, Potions, Pow Wow, Psychic Readings, Puppetry, Pyramid Power, Runes, Satan Worship, Second Sight, Snakes, Sorcery, Soul Travel, Spells, Spiritualism, St. Germane (Babylonian Spirits), Star of David, Superstition, Table Tipping, Talismans, Tarot Cards, Tea Leaves Reading, Third Eye, Ventriloquism, Psychic Powers, Pendulum, Voodoo, Warlock, Wart or Burn Charming, Water Witching, White Magic, Eckankar, Mind Programming, Psychokinesis, Reincarnation, Seances, Spirit Guide, Trance, Trance Diagnosis, Necromancy, Teraphim,Transcendental Meditation, Vexes,


Deceptions, Areas and Order of Invasion, Passive Will – indecisive, torture of mind, embarrassment.

Passive Mind – inactive mind, hesitation, rashness, lack of concentration, lack of judgement, bad memory (can’t remember names, numbers, dates, important facts).

Passive Imagination – gazing, evil gazes, dulled vision, bound mind, can’t think (mind held by iron band, mental pressure, mental weights, fetters on mind, mental chains, mental yokes and fetters.)

Passive Judgement – can’t make a clear judgement on issues, misuses the verse on judge not. Many do not realize they are to judge every prophecy, fruit in our lives and in the lives of others, etc. I once heard a pastor tell his people they should not criticize him even when he is wrong, neither should they talk about him. I have seen a strange thing in that church – an unusually large number of divorces, illegitimate children, crimes of theft and forced entry, and idolatry, etc. People should be taught to properly make scriptural judgement.

Passive Reason – closed mind, evil positiveness, infallibility.

Passive Conscience – moral degradation, moral stagnation, retrogression in life and service, false voice of God, false reasoning.

Passive Spirit – wrong thoughts, wrong spirit, inactive spirit, faint spirit, bound spirit, filthy spirit, mixed condition, impure spirit, absolutely powerless spirit, bound use of Tongues, no liberty, wrong mental conclusions, mixed feelings about God, soulish spirit, quenching spirit, ignoring spiritual truths, (exhaustion of spirit, body and mind), (strained spirit, mind, body).

Passive Body – cessation of consciousness, passive sight, passive hearing, passive smell, passive taste, passive feeling, dulled consciousness, dead consciousness, unconscious habits, repulsive habits, peculiar habits (hyper- personality conscious), lethargy, heaviness, (stooping of back, shoulders, spine), dullness on eyes, passive eyes.

Passive Whole Man – dormant affections (dormant faculties of mind and body) dormant bodily needs, severity to body, indulgence of flesh, stoical feelings, sensuous domination, physical domination (physical spiritual experiences); senses feed on thrills, glow, fire) sense realm, walk after flesh, aroused sense life, (acute sensation of body consciousness), dulled sense of God, loss of God’s presence, crutches, veiled in ignorance of God, natural idiosyncrasies, infirmities, over stressed, nervous mind, timid mind, no gift of speech, no power to think, (incapable for God’s service), apathy, (passive state of rest, peace, love, joy, fruit of spirit), passive holiness, misconception of self-effacement, counterfeit suffering, weak willed; spasmodic spirit, mind and body.

General Passivity

Rebellion, Moral Stagnation, Mental Stagnation, Passive Mind, Stoicism, Incoherence, Fleshly Mind, Filthy Minded, Hesitation,Immorality, Conditional Love, Tortured Mind, Impurity, Double Minded, Backsliding, Indecency, Glutton, Unsettled Mind/Emotions, Sorcery, Weak Willed, Idiosyncrasies, Mind Control Drugs, Unlawful, Futile Mind, Enmity, Lack of Concentration, Evil Plotting/Planning, Strife, Retrogression, Intimidation, Jealousy, Listlessness, Doubt, Anger, Lethargy, Unbelief, Ill Temper, Skepticism, Indecision, Party Spirit, Indecision, Worry, Peculiar Opinions, Drugs, Forgetfulness, Heresies, Dread, Procrastination, Envy, Compromise, Insomnia,Drunkenness, Hopelessness, Roving, Carousing, Self-seduction, Morbidity, Depression, Heaviness, Maniac, Despondency, Fear of Failure, Apprehension, Defeatism, Nervousness, Self-deception, Doubt, Unbelief, Unfounded Fears, Dejection, Tension, Self-delusion, Despair, Mental Illness, Pride,Discouragement, Madness, Fear of Men, Gloom, Senility, Occult Spirits, Burden, Schizophrenia, Spiritism Spirits, Disgust, Paranoia, Mind Idolatry, Withdrawal, Carelessness, Intellectualism, Daydreaming, Suspicion, Rationalization, Pouting, False Love, Unholy laughter, Fantasy, Fear of Women, Ego,Pretension, Distrust, Vanity,Unenthusiastic, Automatic Failure, Hate of Men/Women, Unreality, Confusion, Hysteria, Escape, Frustration, Mockery, Deceit, Self-righteousness, Haughtiness,Importance, Arrogance, Unresisting (to evil), Believing Lies, Lying, Unresponsive (to God),Demonic Manipulation, Recriminations, Unproductive behavior, Restless, Unrepentant, Reprobate Mind,Darkened Mind, Blinded Mind, Cult Spirits, Spiritism Spirits, Mind Control, Hysterical Babbling, Excessive Talking, Excuses, Unproductive, Pushing to Extremes, Dissension, Excessive Weeping, Uncontrolled Will, Not Making Decisions, Incorrect Judgement, Attitude of Infallibility, Pride, Shame / Embarrassment, inability to Reason, Inability to Listen, Mental Lethargy, Lazy, Nerve Irritation, Impatient Restlessness, Unteachableness, Evil Positiveness, No Power of Choice, Spirit of Division, Prejudice, Marred Judgement, Antagonism to Truth About Evil Spirits, Emotionalism, Lack of Moral Vision or Judicial Balance, Ignorance of God’s Word, Oppression of Self and Others, Rage,Believing Teachings of Demons, Vain Imaginations, Exaggerated View of Self (Good or Bad),Unqualified Obedience to Demons, Counterfeiting God, Presence of God, Divine, Human, Angelic and Satanic Things, Supernatural Visions and Voices.

PERFECTING LOVE – Cast out demons after you have forgiven and repented. It is good to begin with the list on Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion in Basic Deliverance and Schizophrenia. See also chapters on Mind and Family. Take time to let the Holy Spirit lead you since everyone has their particular problems. You will discover demons not on the list. The list is for those commonly found associated with these problems. It is good to read scriptures on deliverance during the deliverance sessions.

Lying, Unstable, Fear, Fighting, Fear of loss of love, Unlovable, Pouting, Violent, Fear of being loved, Sly, Cursing, Victim, Demonic manipulation, Cunning, Berating, Alcohol, Drugs, Torment, Suicide, Morbid, Coldhearted, Beating, Lonely, Witchcraft,Unfeeling, Guilt, Inferiority, Uncalled for laughter, Unstable, Destruction, Timid, Silly, Loveless, Jezebel, Shy, Foolishness,Don’t Care, Ahab, Suspicious, Pride,


Anxiety, Repressed Emotional Excitement, Continuous Fear, Shameful Desires, Fear of Future Trouble, Wrong Motives, Fear of Dying, Repressed Frustration, Fear of Going Crazy, Fear of Serious Illness, Obsessive, Fear of Change, Irrational Idea or Desire, Fear of Rejection, (Homosexuality), Worry, Prejudices, Panic, Indecent or Criminal Acts,

Compulsions, Compulsive/Obsessive, Over inhibited, Extremes – Orderly/Sloppy, Overconscientious, Extremes – Generous/Stingy, Rigid, Extremes – Courteous/Discourteous, Chronic Tension, Extremes – Kind/Cruel, Ritualistic,

Kleptomania and Other Manias, Hysteria, Stealing/Shoplifting, Hysterical Paralysis, Neurotic Kleptomania, Glove Anesthesia, Repressed Fear, Stupidity, Resentment of Rejection, Convulsions, Criminal,

Disassociated Personalities, Neurasthenia, Split Personality, Death Wish or Wish to Stop Functioning, Sleep Walking, Continuous Fatigue, Fugue, Diseases, Flight, Colitis, Amnesia, Asthma,Anxiety of Conflict, Hives, High Blood Pressure, Psychosomatic Medicine, Migraine Headaches, Impotence and Frigidity,

Psychotherapy, Phobias (Fears Of), Release Therapy, Bathophobia:, Psychodrama , Falling From High Places, Group Therapy, Claustrophobia:, Interview Therapy, Tight Places, Free Word Association, Necrophobia:, Fear of the Dead, Agoraphobia:, Fear of Open Space,Photophobia:, Fear of Bright Light, Snakes, People and Many Others,

Traumatic Neurosis

Trauma, Self-Gratification – Spoiled Brat, Unsuccessful Adjustments, Withdrawal – Flight, Childish Reactions, Retrogression, Success – Boasting, Regression, Failure – Denial, Jealousy, Inordinate Desire For Praise, Dependence, Attention and Satisfaction, Passive, True Motive Denial, Bed Wetting, Fantasy, Thumb Sucking, Primitive Aggression, Tantrums, Demonic Domination, Homesickness, Inability to Handle Frustration, Panic, Blind Rage, Hysterical, Unreasonableness, Don’t Care Attitude, Irritable, Sour Grapes, Temperamental, Detachment, Unthinking, Unjustified Elation, Uncaring, Unjustified Depression, Ungrateful, Irresponsible, Hostility, Acting Superior, Cruelty, Paranoia, Suspicious, Compensation, Unable to Trust, Rationalization, Delinquency, Bullying, Rebellious, Sadism, Homosexuality,


Psychopathic Personality, Materially Successful, Emotional Disequilibrium, Psychopathic High Pressure, Gross Errors in Judgement, Attempts To Dominate, Egocentric, Gambling, Disdain for Love, Harlotry, Scoffers at Bible and God, Spend Thirst, Sneers, When Failure Comes:, No Human Affection, Self-Pity, Unheeding, Munching On Friends, No Understanding, Hard Luck Guys, Extreme Selfishness, Blaming Others – Not Responsible, Paranoid, Strutters, No Fair Plan, Sniveling, Quaking, Cringing,

Emotionally Unstable Personality

Passive-Aggressive Type, Compulsive Personality, Passive Type, Passive With Aggressiveness, Overinhibited, Helplessness, Pouting, Overcompensates, Indecisiveness, Stubbornness, Chronic, Excessive, Clinging Vine, Procrastination, Obsessive Concerns, Inefficiency, Work-a-holic, Aggressive Type, Obstructionism, Rigid, Frustrated, Chronic Objector, Tense, Irritable, Neurotic Illness, Temper Tantrums, Regression From Maturity, Destructive, Trying To Dominate, Hidden Deep, Dependency, Homosexuality, Male, General, Cosmeticized, Emotionally Unstable, Effeminate, Sexually Confused, Sissified, Alcoholism, Ahab and Jezebel Home, Female – Lesbian, Overextending to Mother or Father, Gruff, Unusual Hate for Mother or Father, Swaggering, Everlasting of Genital Stimuli, Aggressive, Fear of Father or Mother, Masculine, Jealousy of Sibling, Homosexual Seduction, Masturbation, Abnormal Erotic Interest,

Sexual Deviation, Sexual Deviation, Fetishism, Alcoholism, Drugs, Crime, Inanimate Sex Object, Rebellion, Body Erotic Stimulation, Voyeurism, Peeping Toms, Flagellation, Girlie Shows, Whipping (sadism) – Desire to Inflict, Movies, Pain, Masochism – Desire to Receive Pain,

Pederasty, Fellatio and Cunnlingus, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Buggery, Sodomy, Exposure, Bestiality, Senile, Dirty Old Man,

Antisocial Reaction (Sociopathic)

Chronic Antisocial, Can’t Learn From Experience or Punishment, Stoic, Irresponsible, Disloyal, Poor Judgement, Callous, Rationalization, Hedonistic, Radical, Emotional Immaturity, Shirks Duties,

Dyssocial Reaction (Sociopathy)

Disregard for Social Codes, Catastrophic Childhood Frustrations, Repeated Conflict, Juvenile Delinquency, Unstable, Demon Sympathetic to Crime, Hostile to Authority, Low Moral Standards, Criminal Mind, Pains of Broken Family, Anti-Religion,


The Organic Psychosis (Physical), Psychological Discord, Kinds and Causes:, Anxiety – Escape Behavior, Inborn Brain Defects, Psychic Shocks, Brain Infections, Death, Intoxication, Deceived, Head Injuries, Divorce, Circulation Disorders, Hate, Seizures, Rejection, Bodily Changes of Growth & Aging, Terror, Tumors or Cancers, Fears of Catastrophe, Unknown Physical Causes, Depressed Nervous System, General Paresis – Syphilitic Damage,

The Organic Psychosis (Physical), Psychotic Depression

Alcoholic Reactions, In Emotions, Physical, Intellectual, Regression, Discouragement (Devil’s D’s), Pathological Intoxication, Worthless, Acute Alcoholic Hallucinations, Hopeless, Delirium Tremors, Fantasy, Korsakoff’s Syndrome, Introvert, Blackouts, Stupor, Senile Dementia,Symptoms, Involutional Melancholia, Release, Regret of Past, Interference, Fear of Future, Amnesia, Fear of Change, Dementia, Death Wish, Aphasia, Fear of Death, Compensation:, Suicide, Avoids, Despair, Replaces, Sexual Impotence, Repeats, Despondent,

Maniacal, Change of Life Stress – Male/Female Wild Elation, Guilt, Depression, Uselessness, Distorted Perverted Values, Irritable, Restless, Psychotic Mania, Headaches, Excessive, Heart Palpitations, Outgoingnesss, Dizziness, Talking, Sleepiness, Laughing, Forgetfulness, Shouting, Depression,

Artificial Joy

Flitting Mind, Schizophrenia, Spend Thrift, Double Minded, Hypomanic, Split Mind, Flouting Restraints, Fantasy, Sexual Problems Accompanying, Indifference, Psychotic Mania, Inconsistency, Promiscuous, Unreality, Arrogant, Emotional Disorders, Bold, Excitement, Exhibitionistic, Exaggeration, Denial, Hallucination, Dementia Praecox, Simple Schizophrenia, Apathetic, Vagabonds, Vain Imaginations, Prostitutes, Deny Reality, Delinquents, False Perceptions, Wanderers, Delusion, Unsettled – Undependable, False Beliefs, Stealing, Withdrawal, Indifferent, Detachment, Filthy, No Communication, Dangerous, Disgrace, Drunks,

Acute Schizophrenia, Catatonic Schizophrenia, Panic, Indifference, Agitated, Hostile, Nervous Breakdown, Childish Negativism,Temper Tantrums,

Sheer Aggressive Energy

Killing, Hebephrenic Schizophrenia, Superhuman Demonic Strength, Crazy Fool, Regression, Silliness, Disassociated Emotions, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Peculiar Delusion & Hallucinations, Disordered Emotion, Grimaces, Delusion of Persecution, Gestures, Delusion of Grandeur, Fantasy, Anxiety, Insane, Guilt, Symbolism, Deep Fear, Frustration, Tranquilizing Drugs, Fear of Homosexuality, Chlordiazepoxide – Librium, Fears of Failure, Chlorpromazine – Thorazine, Fear of Competition, Diazepam – Valium, Persuasive Delusional System, Meprobamate – Miltown & Equanil, Promazine – Saparine, Reserpine – Serpasil, Street Drugs/Rock Music, Side Effects of Drugs, Jaundice, Nausea, Rashes, Severe Mental Depression, Suicidal Tendencies,


See the list of demons in the lessons, Sexual Diseases, Impurities, and Demons; Deliverance for the Subconscious Mind; and Basic Deliverance. The following are characteristics that those that have been raped or molested may have: Rape, Incest, Attempted Rape, Fondling, Helplessness, Fear, Embarrassment, Guilt, Rage, Anger, Shame, Terror, Horror, Devastation, Vulnerability, Confusion, Violence, Hatred, Trauma, Frustration, Humiliation, Withdrawal, Numbness, Loss of Emotions, Revenge, Pain, Sorrow, Depression, Sleeplessness, Overeating, Starving, Loss of Trust, Fear of Touch of Men, Fear of Breaking Glass, Fear of Bedroom, Fear of Elevators, Flashbacks, Fear of Death, Can’t Look At Men, Paralysis, Anxiety, Phobias, Stress, Fear of Sex, Fear of Parking Lots, Fear of Sudden Awakening, Fear of Ski Masks, Lack of Sexual Desire, Sexual Dysfunction, Panic, Powerlessness, Victim, Sexual Diseases, Sexual Injuries, Fear of Death, Loss of Self Confidence, Fantasies, Deadness, Craziness, Loss of Sexual Identity, Dirtiness, Sullied, Ruined, Spoiled, Rejection, Abandonment, Loss of Sexual Identity, Avoidance, Dissociation, Multiple Personality Disorder, Brutality, Domination, Fright, Powerless, Loss of Control, Shock, Disbelief, Escapism, Loss of Appetite, Nightmares, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Crowds, Rape Trauma Syndrome, Lust, Depression, Disorientation, Denial, Fear of Diseases, Nervousness, Tension, Nausea, Bed-wetting, Murder, Killing, Pressure, Repulsion, Upset, Violated, Degraded, Fear for Safety, Threatened, Accusation, Judgementalism, Blame, Infidelity, Promiscuity, Temper, Crying, Self Hate, Inferiority, Worthlessness, Fear of Being Killed, Loss of Control, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Chlamydia Trachomatis, Venereal Warts, Trichomonas, Gardnerella, Human Immune Deficiency Virus, Fellatio, Anal Sodomy


Rebellion, Greed, Disobedience, Lying, Self-will, Hate, Stubbornness, Evil Plotting and Planning, Anti-submissiveness, Evil Control of Others, Destruction, Unrighteous Judgement, Subversion, Rock Music, Resistance, Christian Rock, Interference, Deceit, Friction, Trickery, Repulse, Betrayal, Defiance, Pride, Aggressiveness, False Love, Scorn, Arrogance, Sorcery, Conniving, Seduction, Confusion, Sullen, Masculine Women, Taking Tranquilizers, Effeminate Men, Taking Drugs, Insecurity, Restless, Frustration, Witchcraft, Depression, Unholy Sex, Doubt,


General – Lodges, societies and social agencies using the Bible and God as a basis but omitting the Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Cults that deny the Blood of Christ or philosophy that denies the divinity of Christ.

Books, literature, music, etc. dealing with false religions.

Demons from all false doctrines studied, believed and taught; all unrighteous practices engaged in.

A great many come in through family background, curses and inheritance. There must be legal grounds or holds to open a person to attack.

Practices and Teachings

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Urantia, Subud, Latihan, Unity, Mormonism, Bahaism, Unitarianism, Children of God, Unification, Forever Family, The Mission,, The Process, Scientology, Love Israel, The Assembly, The Body, The Farm, The Way, Spiritualism, Swedenborgianism, Christodelphianism, Inner Peace Movement, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery, Eckankar, Herbert Armstrong, Eastern Star,, Freemasonry, Seventh-Day Adventism, Mary Baker Eddy, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Religious Research Foundation of America,

Practices and Teachings – Religious Demons

Ritualism, Formalism, Legalism, Doctrinal Obsession, Seduction, Doctrinal Error, Fear of God, Fear of Hell, Religiosity, Reincarnation, Demonic Healing Groups, Astral Projection, Chanting, Charismatic Witches, Soul Travel, Karma, Idol Worship, Incense, Yoga (Lotus), Fear of Lost Salvation, Cult Book Reading, Bloodline – Cult lies, Transcendental Meditation, Consecration, Deception, Baptismal Regeneration, Good Works, Metaphysics, Jesus Only, Predestination, Holy Ghost Fear, Psychocybernetics, Jerking, Six-Six-Six, Varied Studies in Cults, Clearing House – Cult Control, Evolution Studying and Teaching, Eastern Religion Interest and Study,

Martial Arts

Karate, Ushito, Lust (Asmodeus), Kung Fu, Ki-Ya, Fighting, Judo, Hatha Yoga, Rage, Tae Kinon Do, Iketo, Suicide, Jiap, Destruction (Osmodeus), “Enter The Dragon”, Acupuncture, “Way of The Dragon”, Masochism, Remedial Message, “Game of Death”, Meditation, Herbal Remedies, Murder, Hypnosis, Kung Fu-Wu-Su, Hate, False Honor, Kata, Violence,

False Religions

Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, Confucianism, Hare Krishna, Zen Buddhism, I Ching, Indian Fakir, Krishna Consciousness, Catholicism,

Catholic Spirits

Candles, Catholic Hymns, Saints (by name) Dedication to Saints, Confessional, Confession to Priest, Confirmation, Fear of Priest, Holy Eucharist, Lourdes, Fatima, Incense, Mariolatry, Fear of Excommunication, Obedience to Priest, One Holy Priesthood, One True Church, One Only Church, Prayers to Saints, Pope, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Peace, Queen of Righteousness, Spirits of Babylon, Angel Worship, Idolatry, Medals, Miraculous Medal, Scapulars, Feast Days, Assumption, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Hail Mary, Sign of the Cross, Way of the Cross, Masochism, Infant Baptism, Penance, First Communion, Extreme Unction, Mariology-Study, Rosary-Buddhism, Holy Water, Missals, Catechisms, Titles of Mary, Mother of God, Great Harlot, Nimrod, Tammuz, Knights of Columbus, Holy Mother Church, Statues (by name), Sacred Heart, Lady of Mt. Carmel, Worship of Host, Immaculate Conception, Anti-Christ Christmas, Infant of Prague, Our Lady of Guadelupe, Glory be Ejaculations, Catholic Matrimony, Semiramis, Veneration of Crucifix, Celebrating Mass, Spirit of Death, Stoicism, Sadism, Masochism, Eucharistic Devotion, False Confession, False Orders, False Devotions, Religious Deception, False Confirmation, False Vows, False Obedience, Virgins (by name), False Ordination, False Tongues, False Visions, False Dreams, False Prophecy, False Preaching, False Celibacy, Religious Mind Control , Mediatrix of all Graces, False Salvation Doctrine, False Laying on of Hands, Ordination to Priesthood, False Religious Authority, Magic of Seven Sacraments, Spirit of Man in Black Suit, Obedience to the Priesthood, Blind Obedience to Superiors, Prayers and Novenas to Saints, Doctrine of Transubstantiation, Plenary and Partial Indulgences, Armenianism – Loss of Salvation, Consecration to Mary as a Slave, Necromancy – Praying to the Dead, Going to and Hearing Confessions, Consecrating and Adoring the Host, Anti-Christ with Power and Strength, Veneration of Pope, Bishops, Priests, Kissing, Bowing and Incensing Relics, Praying, False Baptism in Holy Spirit, Receiving and Administering Sacraments, Veneration of Relics, Tabernacles, Chalice, False Anointings of Baptism and Confirmation, Making Vows of Obedience, Chastity and Poverty and Breaking Them,

Religious Works

Works Religion, Good Works, Unbelief, Doubt, Another Jesus, False Tongues, False Baptism, False Gifts, False Diving Healing, False Dreams, False Prophecy, False Prophets, False Hope, False Joy, False Testimony, False Visions, False Holiness, Hypocrisy, Holy Ground, Holy Roller, Poison Drinking, Snake Handling, Passing Thru The Fire, Woman Preacher, False Purity, False Virginity, Snake Venom, Shaking – Inside and Outside,


Use the lists of Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting, Fears Of, Psychoneurosis, Schizophrenia and Paranoia, and Schizophrenia and Related Diseases.

In addition, the following list may be used: Insecurity: Inferiority, Self- Pity, Loneliness, Timidity, Shyness, Inadequacy, Ineptness; Sensitiveness: Self- Awareness, Fear of Man, Fear of Disapproval; Persecution: Unfairness, Fear of Judgment, Fear of Condemnation, Fear of Accusation, Fear of Reproof, Sensitiveness; Paranoia: Jealousy, Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Persecution, Fears, Confrontation; Mental Illness: Mania, Paranoia, Hallucinations; Jealousy: Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Selfishness; Worry: Anxiety, Fear, Dread, Apprehension; Nervousness: Tension, Headache, Nervous Habits, Restlessness, Excitement, Insomnia, Roving; Mind Binding: Fear of Man, Fear of Failure; Fears (All Kinds): Phobias (All Kinds), Hysteria; Fear of Authority: Lying, Deceit; Religious: Fear of God, Fear of Hell, Fear of Lost Salvation, Fear of Other Gods; Inheritance: Fears of Ancestors; Doubt: Unbelief, Skepticism; Death: Fear of Death; Rejection: Fear of Rejection; Discouragement:

Fears: Dread, Fright, Alarm, Panic, Terror, Trepidation, Aversion, Timidity, Trembling, Hesitation, Fearful, Apprehensive, Afraid, Premonition of Evil, Weakness, Cowardice, Sorrow, Rage, Anger, Pain, Caution, Horror, Bondage, Solicitude, Demonic God of Love

Nervous Habits: Nervousness, Excitable, Irritation, Jumpy, Timidity, Apprehensive, Agitation, Uneasy, Unsteady, Erratic, Irregular, Nervous Breakdown, Emotional Disorder, Worry, Addictions, Fearful, Afraid, Fear of Man, Fear of Future, Spirit of Fear, Lack of Faith and Trust, Mental Abuse, Physical Abuse


Fallen Angel, Authorities, Whoredoms, Charmer, Ruler of World, Evil Practices, Death, Thief, Evil Supernaturalism, Devils, Wickedness, Hindrance, Divination, Lucifer, Betraying, Enchantment, King of Babylon, Denying, Familiar, King of Tyre, Vipers, Giants, Chief Kings, Gehenna, Leviathan, Chief Princes, Tarsus, Magic, Kings, Children of Devil, Necromancy, Princes, Fever, Satan, Kingdoms, Dumbness, Serpent, Principalities, Blindness, Evil, Unclean Spirits, Dominions, Infirmities, Witch, Powers, False Prophets, Wizard, Prince of, Thorn in the Flesh, Anakim, Southern Curses, Hymenaeus, Avim, Generals, Alexander, Emim, Legions, Self Control, Horim, Rulers, Corruption, Nephilim, Captains, Ananias & Sapphira, Rephaim, Chief Captains, Covetousness, Zamzummim, Chief Rulers, Elymas, Antichrist, Centurion, Jezebel, Strongman, False Apostles, Belial, Imps, False Gospel, Darkness, Pain, Nicolaitans, Demons, Affliction, Pergamos, Lion, Interference, Conformance, Sorcery, Deceiving, Oppression, Tempter, Nimrod, Python, Accusation, Tower of Babel, Unbelief, Adversary, Sodomy, Fear of Death, Great Red Dragon, Idolatry, Spirit of Bondage, Enemy, Balaam, Spirit of World, God of Age, Disobedience, Fear and Cowardice, Liar, Mediums, Slumber, Lies, Shedim, Strange Gods, Murder, Seirim, Soul Power, Slander, Jealousy, Rage, Mockery, Beast, Babylon, Carnality, Son of Morning, Appolyon, Destroyer, Prince of Devils, World Rulers, Teachings, Rebellion, Hatred, Anger, Ugliness, Dread, Rage, False Religion, Rejection, Curses, Depravity, Incest, Worship of Stars, Bondage, Slavery, Licentiousness, Lasciviousness, Orgies, Fury, Violence, Resentment, Wicked Spirits in, Host of Hell, Illegitimate Birth High Places,


Rejection (Beginning of Schizophrenia),

Pre-natal rejection, Rejection in the womb, Rejection after birth, Self- rejection, Fear of rejection, Inability to give or receive love, Starved for love

Rebellion (Rejection and Rebellion are the core, the two main personalities.)

Self-Will, Selfishness , Stubbornness, Disobedience, Anti-Submissiveness, Aggression, Unteachable

Root of Bitterness (Three main areas are Rejection, Rebellion and Bitterness) Resentment, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Hatred, Violence, Temper, Anger, Retaliation, Murder, Memory Recall

Double Mindedness (Schizophrenia or Double Mindedness are Controls) Hesitating, Dubious, Irresolute, Unstable, Unreliable, Uncertain

Paranoia (Strong area – Paranoid Schizophrenic – rooted in fear) Jealousy, Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Persecution, Fears, Confrontation, Many Voices, Insensitive, Confrontation with honesty at all costs, Delusions, False Grandeur, Omnipotence, False Beliefs

Mental Illness (Schizophrenia – Paranoia – Mental Illness) Insanity, Madness, Mania, Retardation, Senility, Hallucinations

Self (The schizophrenic is constantly looking at self.)

Self Pity: Fear of Judgement, Insecurity, Inferiority

Self Accusation: Compulsive Confession, Self-Hatred, Self-Unforgiveness, Self-Condemnation, Attention Seeking

Self-Will: Selfishness, Stubbornness

Self-Deception: Self-Delusion, Self-Seduction, Pride, Unteachableness

Self-Awareness: Timidity, Shyness, Loneliness, Sensitiveness

Lust (Weds a person to the world for love).

Fantasy Lust, Harlotry, Perverseness, Sexual Impurity, False Compassion, False Love

Depression (The Devil’s D’s: Rejection to Depression to Suicide.)

Despondency, Despair, Discouragement, Defeatism, Dejected, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Suicide, Death, Insomnia, Morbidity, False spirits

Fears (Paranoia – Phobias – Fears)

People, Mental Insanity, Germs, Hysteria, Phobias

Control (Demonic control of others: parents, mates, pastors, etc.)

Domination, Witchcraft, Possessiveness, Conniving, Manipulation

Indecision (Double Mindedness – Indecision)

Procrastination, Compromise, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Indifference, Apathy

Unfairness (No one treats them fairly)

Withdrawal, Fantasy, Daydreaming, Unreality, Vivid Imagination, Pouting, Pretension

Talkativeness (Can not let others talk)

Nervousness, Tension

Accusation Towards Others (Keeps one from looking at self.)

Projection, Criticism, Faultfinding, Judgementalism

False Compassion (False concern for others – false spiritual gifts.) False Responsibility, False Burden, False Love, Inordinate Affection for Animals

Guilt (Demonic prolonged false emotions).

Condemnation, Unworthiness, Shame, Embarrassment

Perfection (An effort to earn respect and acceptance of others).

Pride, Intolerance, Irritability, Vanity, Frustration, Anger, Ego, Impatience, Criticism

Soul Ties, Demonic Subjection (Control Spirits – Break these with those who have treated you.) Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Neurologist, Social Worker, Group Therapist, Mental Institutions

Phobias (There are 210 recognized phobias by psychiatrists.)

Persistent Abnormal Fear, Aversions to Subjects, Anxiety, Morbid Fears

Tranquilizing Drugs (Controls the soul – mind, will and emotions).

Ataraxics, Indian Snake Root, Rauwolfia Serpentina, Chlorpromazine, Reserpine, Meprobamate, Barbiturates, Sedatives, Peptic Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis

Demonic Techniques

Lobotomy, Shock Therapy, Drug Therapy, Tranquilizing Drugs, Narcosis, Diets, Fever Therapy, Release Therapy, Psychodrama, Group Therapy, Interview Therapy, Free Word Association


Schizophrenia and Related Diseases, Schizophrenia/Simple, Double, Psychosis, Emotionally Dull, Consciousness, Alcoholic, Ambition Loss, Personality, Depressive, Withdrawal, Dual Personality, Functional, Multiple Personality, Involutional, Schizophrenia/Paranoid, Split Personality, Manic-Depressive, Persecution Delusions, Organic, Mania, Post Infectious, Schizophrenia/Catatonic, Puerperal, Postpartum, Stereotyped Excitement, Religious, Senile, Stupor, Transitory, Toxic, Unproductive, Traumatic, Schizophrenia/Hebephrenic, Excessive Excitement, Mental Disorder, Silliness, Exalted Feelings, Personality/, Speech Problems, Delusions of Grandeur, Disintegration, Hysteria, Elevated Mood, Unreality, Delusions, Overactivity, Delusions, Hallucinations, Idea Overproduction, Hallucinations, Childishness, Obsessive Preoccupation, False Concepts, Maniac, Anti-Social, Schizophrenia/General, Peculiarity, Enzyme Unbalance, Abnormality, Always Guarded, Manic-Depressive, Inefficiency, Split Mind, Psychosis, Unreality Regressiveness, Alternate Depression/Mania, Bizarre Behavior, Extreme Depression, Melancholia,


Schizophrenia/Schizoid, Psychosis, Neurosis, Seclusiveness, Unworthiness, Accident, Reduced Initiative, Exalted Feelings, Anxiety, Morbid Introspection, Unstable, Association, Queer Behavior, Idea Overproduction, Compensation, Obsessive Preoccupation, Compulsion, Maniac, Craft, Schizophrenia/Dementia, Expectation, Praecox, Fatigue, Precocious Dementia, Obsessional,


Pension, Dementia, Paranoia (Fear), Sexual, Alcoholic, Delusions of Persecution, Traumatic, Apoplectic, Sensitiveness, War, Epileptic, Suspiciousness, Simple Nervousness, Organic, Jealousy, War, Paralytic, Brooding, Phobic, Paranoids, Self-Consciousness, Hysteria, Postfebrile, Logical Delusions, Hypochrondriac, Prisincle, Megalomania, Depression, Primary, Rare Hallucinations, Unresolved Conflict, Secondary, Inability to Concede, Maladjustment, Senile, Resentful, Nervous Disorder, Syphilitic, Bitterness, Tabetic, Toxic, Terminal, Alcoholism, Toxic,


divers diseases, uncleanness, strong delusions, torments, vile affections, seducing spirits possessed, burning lust, doctrines of devils, lunatic, reprobate mind, seared conscience, palsy, unrighteousness, forbidding marriage, unforgiveness, maliciousness, abstaining from meats, sickness, envy, root of bitterness, infirmities, debate, profanity, fear, deceit, double mindedness, fierceness, malignity, bitter envying, little faith, backbiters, sensuality, unclean spirits, hate of God, devilish wisdom, strong delusion, despiteful, confusion, leprosy, boasting, evil works, blindness, inventor of evil, spiritual blindness, dumbness, covenant breaker, demonic miracles, blasphemy, no affection, graven images , evil thoughts, implacable, familiar spirits, murder, unmerciful, wizardry, adultery, malice, child sacrifice, fornication, evil imaginations, divination, thief, high things, observer of times, false witness, false apostles, enchanting, vexing, self exaltations, charming, unbelief, messenger of Satan, necromancy, Legion, idolatry, rebellion, crying, witchcraft, stubbornness, covetousness, hatred, provocation, wickedness, variance, baseness, sorcery, emulations, vileness, lasciviousness, wrath, heavy burdens, evil eye, strife, oppression, pride, sedition, demonic yokes, foolishness, hearsay, whisperers, faithlessness, principalities and powers, vanity, foul spirit, thrones and dominions, unthankfulness, dumb and deaf spirit, lust of flesh, deceivableness, fever, lust of eyes, lying wonders, nudeness, pride of life, curious arts, serpents and scorpions, anger, vainly puffed up, filthy communication, rulers of darkness, evil spirits, hypocrisy, spiritual wickedness, worshiping angels, lusts, fiery darts, bewitchment, lying, terror, voluntary humility, disobedience, inordinate affections, lameness, evil concupiscence, drunkenness, reveling,


Abortion, Murder, Suicide, Death, Killing, Cowardliness, Sterility, Miscarriages, Psychiatric Aftermath, Rh Trouble, Tubal Pregnancies, Premature Babies, Perforation of the Uterus, Blood Clots, Infection, Fatal Hepatitis, Regression, Repression, Suppression, Depression, Low Spirits, Gloominess, Dejection, Sadness, Neurotic, Psychotic, Hopelessness, Inadequacy, Oppression, Rape, Obsession, Possession, Dominate, Popularity, Pride, Greed, Rebellion, Stubbornness, Hypocrisy, Self-Justification, Hatred, Envy, Anger, Demonic Grief, Sorrow, Trouble, Regret, Despondency, Discouragement, Despair, Recession, Desperation, Witchcraft, Fear, Black Magic, False Visions, False Prophecy, Divination, Lying, Vanity, Depression, Disease,Shame, Confusion, Faithlessness, Idolatry, Dishonor, Trickery, Craftiness, Molestation, Abuse, Emotional Damage, Delusion, Psychological Injury, Divorce, Brainwashed, Modifying Drugs, Elavil, Valium, ECT, Shock Treatment, Destructive Therapy, Loss of Memory, Mental Illness, Crazy, Pathology, Disorder, LSD, Drugs,


Self-abhorring, Self-despraise, Self-seduction, Self-absorbed, Self-deserving, Self-starved, Self-accusation, Self-ease, Self-subjugation, Self-admiring, Self-evolution, Self-subversive, Self-affrighted, Self-exaggeration, Self-suppression, Self-aggrandizement, Self-exalting, Self-suspended, Self-applause, Self-exposure, Self-suspicious, Self-approbation, Self-exulting, Self-tormenting, Self-awareness, Self-flattering, Self-torturing, Self-banished, Self-forgetfulness, Self-unforgiveness, Self-baptizer, Self-harming, Self-worshiper, Self-beguiled, Self-idolized, Self-abasing, Self-betrayal, Self-ignorance, Self-abnegation, Self-blinded, Self-immolating, Self-absorption, Self-concern, Self-indignation, Self-abuse, Self-condemnation, Self-indulging, Self-annihilation, Self-condemning, Self-infliction, Self-appointed, Self-conflict, Self-killed, Self-assumed, Self-consuming, Self-lauding, Self-begotten, Self-contempt, Self-loathing, Self-centered, Self-criticism, Self-neglecting, Self-collected, Self-crucifixion, Self-oblivion, Self-conceited, Self-deceiving, Self-partiality, Self-conscious, Self-degradation, Self-pity, Self-contained, Self-deluded, Self-pleasing, Self-contradiction, Self-depraved, Self-preference, Self-deception, Self-depreciation, Self-pride, Self-delusion, Self-despair, Self-repression, Self-destruction, Self-destroying, Self-reproving, Self-distrust, Self-devouring, Self-repulsive, Self-esteem, Self-diffidence, Self-restriction, Self-hood, Self-diffusive, Self-reverence, Self-hatred, Self-disparagement, Self-ruined, Self-importance, Self-display, Self-scorn, Self-ishness, Self-loving, Self-interest, Self-torture, Self-made, Self-righteous, Self-willed, Self-opinionated, Self-seeking, Self-wrong, Self-pollution,


Use the List of Demons in the lesson, Rape. The following are characteristics of sexual harassment – abuse – assault – violence: sexual harassment, embarrassment, sexual abuse, emotional distress, fear of specific persons, regression, bed-wetting, thumb sucking, pain, short attention span, withdrawal, escape, substance abuse, nightmares, fear of going to bed, fear of sleeping alone, irritability, temper tantrums, loss of interest, injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, post-traumatic stress disorder, forcible sexual activity, sexual contact, rape, fondling, incest, molestation, exhibitionism, sodomy, pornography, prostitution, seductive behavior, indecent exposure, sexual touching, game playing, oral sex, anal sex, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes genitalis, chalamydia trachomatis, venereal warts, trichomonas, gardnerella, human immune deficiency virus, tay sacks, spinal bifida, downs syndrome, mental retardation, emotional diseases, sexual assault, attempted rape, distrust, sexual violence, intimidation, battery, murder, victim, helplessness, loss of control, domination, anger, control, domestic violence, physical abuse, slavery, trapped, despair.


Sins, Fornication (Idolatrous Sex Orgies), Adultery, Masculine Women, Effeminate Men,Abusers of themselves with mankind, (Arsenokoites or Sodomite, Oral or Anal Copulation), Sensual (Carnal, Voluptuous, Senses, Appetites), Evil Concupiscence,Inordinate Affections (Excessive), Lasciviousness (Lewd Emotions), Filthy Communication (Obscenity, Blasphemy, Profanity), Masturbation, Homosexuality and Catamite, Lesbianism, Exposure, Ego, Uncleanness, Vanity, Perversion, Pride, Lust and Passions, Fantasy Lust, Fantasies, Flirting, Obscene Music, Poetry, Masochism, Literature and Art, Nymphomania, Occult Sex, Succubi, Immorality, Incubus, Incest, Prostitution, Harlotry, Rape, Frigidity, Voyeurism, Bad Dreams, Bestiality, Heterosexuality, Deviation,


Child Pornography, X-Rated Movies Playboy Channel, Porno Pictures,


Venereal Diseases, Insanity, Gonorrhea, Staggering Gait, Chancroid (Soft), Heart Disease, Granuloma Inguinal, Blindness, Spirochetal Infections, Ulcerative Lesions, Syphilis, Yaws, Congenital Syphilis, Bejel, Gonorrheal Arthritis, Pinta, Venereal Lympogranuloma, Relapsing Fever, AIDS, Tropical Ulcer, Meningitis, Rat-Bite Fever, Endocarditis, Weil’s Disease, Sterility, Herpes I and II, Injuries, Mumps, Accidents, Diseases, Structural Damage,


Smurfs, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, E.T., Dungeons & Dragons, Rainbow Brite and Sprites, She-Ra, Pegasus, Unicorns, Care Bears, Herself the Elf, Magic Kit, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Cabbage Patch Playmates, Punk Rock Doll, Gremlins, Crossbows & Catapults, Sword & Sorcery Battle Gear, G.I. Joe, Starriors, Secret Wars, Other World, Black Star, Blackstone, Masters of the Universe, Transformer, Snake Mountain, Robo Force, Go Bots,

Board Games – Thundar-Barbarian, Pandemonium, Magic 8 Ball, Monster Mansion, Krull (occult with sorcerer), Herself the Elf, Gremlins, Dragon Master, Mythical Cards, Dungeon, Ouija, Dark Towers, Magical Crystals, Dragon Lords, Towers of Night, Forest of Doom, Firest of Shadarr, Star Wars and Yoda, Fantasy Card Game, Hell Pits of Night-Fang, Rune Quest, Chivalry, Sorcery and Arduin- Grimoire.


Spirit of infirmity or weakness, Spirit of Antichrist, Spirit of fear, Deaf spirit, Perverse spirit, Dumb spirit, Sorrowful spirit, Blind spirit, Spirit of slumber, Foul spirit, Spirit of whoredoms, Unclean spirit, Destroying spirit, Spirit of the World, Evil spirit, Spirit of divination, Another spirit, Spirit of bondage, Hasty of spirit, Spirit of error, Haughty spirit, Spirit of false doctrines, Perverse spirit, Familiar Spirit, Spirit of jealousy, Seducing spirits, Sad spirit, Jealous spirit, Wounded spirit, Lying spirit, Proud in spirit, Spirit of unclean devil, Spirit of burning, Spirit of heaviness, Spirit of Egypt,


Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Idol Worship, Hermes, Kama, Witchcraft, Adultery, Brahma, Pan, Bastards, Dharma, Cupid, Nakedness, Bee-Strung Bow, Lupercus, Pining Away, Let Yourself Go, Goats, Despondency, Dryads, Dog, Cheating, Zeus, Sadism, Rainbow, Fear, Romulus, Desire, Imp, Remus, Seduction, Evil Dreams, Murder, Kamadeva, Ahab, Mockery, Krishna, Druids, Human Sacrifice, Rukmini, Hearts, Erotic Love, Pradyumma, Despair, Perverted Love, Five Arrows, Lying, Lust, Olympic, Dissatisfied, Fantasy Lust, Dionipus, Killing, Longing, Panic, Callisto, Siva, Tammuz, Dejected, Third Eye, Semiramis, Nymphs, Rati, Jezebel, Bestiality, Voluptuousness, Depression, Abortion, Fantasy Sex, Pierced Heart, Broken Heartedness, Pierced Five Senses, Anti-Christ, Zodiac Signs, Cain’s Religion, Patron Saints, Seduction, Unholy Music, Sorcery, Seductive Drugs, Unholy Sex, Jack-O-Lantern,


Unclean spirit, Devils, Divers Diseases, Leprosy, Satan, Dumb, Foul spirit, Deaf, Fever, Infirmity, Lies, Falsities, Sorcery, Bewitchment, Fornication, Destruction, Unforgiveness, Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel, Beguiling, Subtlety, Corruption, Weakness, Messenger of Satan, Disobedience, Anger, Lusts of the Flesh, Blasphemy, Seducing Spirits, Desires of the Flesh & Mind, Hypocrisy, Profanity, Doctrines of Devils, Striving, Proudness, Seared Conscience, Afflictions, Foolishness, Root of Bitterness, Cults, Despair, Angels of Light, Error, Hopelessness, Spiritual Pride, Deceiving, Suicide, Occultism, Fear, Resentment, Doubt, Depression, Sickness, False Doctrine & Teachers, Magic, Ignorance, Death, Hate,


Occult Practices, Fortune Telling, Ouija Board, Cards, Good Luck Charms, Seances, Edgar Cayce, Jeanne Dixon, Mind Control, Witchcraft, Four Leaf Clover, Rabbit Foot, Wishbone, ESP, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis, Incense, Pendulum, Palm Reading, Automatic Handwriting, Pierced Ears, Horoscopes, Signs of the Zodiac, Voodoo, Magic, Levitation, Water Witching, Tea Leaf Reading, Secret Organizations and Lodges, Eight Ball, Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, Dipping Snuff, Drinking Alcoholic, Kabala, Handwriting Analysis, Beverages, Strychnine, Arsenic, Gene/Chromosome Damage, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, Sorcery, Drug/Pharmakia, LSD, Rubik’s Cube, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Parapsychology, Enchantments, Potions, Ankh, Peace Sign, Star of David, Five Pointed Star, Artifacts, Tattoos, Owls and Frogs, Snakes, Self-Realization, Deja-Vu, Martial Arts, Buddhism-Zen, Hinduism, Taoism, Yin and Yang, Confucianism, Acupuncture, Hare Krishna, Bingo Gambling, Playing Cards, Gambling, Reincarnation, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery, Divining, Psychocybernetics, Mind Over Matter, UFO, Trances, Dolls, Voodoo, Psychometry, Psychic, Predictions, Clairaudience, Second Sight, Auras, Metaphysics, Mental Science, Visions, Superstition, Fetishes, Runes, Amulets, Talismans, Satanism, Indian Witchcraft, Sun or Moon Worship, Spiritual Healing, Italian Horn, Indian Religions, War Paint, Maize Fertility, Christian Science, Omens, Karma, Healing, Mediums, Hex Signs, “Jesus” Rock & Roll, Poltergeists, Irish, Gypsy, Science, Witchcraft, Rappings, Conjuration, Haunted Houses, Fantasy, TV, Shows Like “Merlin”, “Walt Disney”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, Fiction, Tolkien, Incantation, Pornography, Blood Transfusions, Seduction,Rebellion, Country Music, White/Black Magic, White/Black Witchcraft, Astrology, Signs of Zodiac, Self-Help Programs, Self-Hypnosis, Principalities, Powers, Authorities, Kingdoms, Rulers, Strongmen, Strongholds, Imaginations, High Things, Disobedience, Occult, Soul Ties, Valium, Serex, Phenobarbital, Anesthesias, Fantasy, Lust, Bankruptcy, Poorness, Lack, Loss, Need, Greed, Covetousness, Counterfeit, Disco Lights, Nimrod, Scouting, Ritualism, Symbolism, Demonology, Death and Hell, Love Potions, Lotus, Oral Sex, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Poverty, Failure, Serpents, Scorpions, Dirtiness, Orneriness, Divorce, Halloween, Ghosts, Jack-0-Lanterns, Goblins, Barrenness, Sterility, Diseases, Mind Occult, Foul and Evil Spirits, Idolatry,

Demon Association

EDUCATION – parapsychology, Dungeons and Dragons, folklore, mythology.

ENTERTAINMENT – rock music.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES – (both state and federal) Federal Reserve System.

LODGES – origins in witchcraft – Masons, Demolay, Eastern Star, Jobs Daughters.

RELIGIONS Protestant, Catholic, Cults (World Council of Churches).

RECREATIONS – games with demonic influence.

TRAVEL – soul travel, astral projection.

HOME LIFE – mind control, Jezebel and Ahab.

BUSINESS – witchcraft promises promotions, forecasts based on astrology readings, sales power (soul power) pyramid power.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – using psychics, and hypnosis.

PSYCHIATRY – almost 100% using some form of witchcraft.

MEDICINE – Hippocratic oath, sorcery, tranquilizers, pain pills.

Other Demons

Pornography Blood Transfusions Seduction Rebellion Country Music White/Black Magic White/Black Witchcraft Astrology Signs of ZodiacSelf-Help Programs, Self-Hypnosis, Principalities, Powers, Authorities, Kingdoms, Rulers, Strongmen, Strongholds, Imaginations, High Things, Disobedience, Occult, Soul Ties, Valium, Serex, Phenobarbital, Anesthesias, Fantasy, Lust, Bankruptcy, Poorness, Lack, Loss, Need, Greed, Covetousness, Counterfeit, Disco Lights, Nimrod, Scouting, Ritualism, Symbolism, Demonology, Death and Hell, Love Potions, Lotus, Oral Sex, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Poverty, Failure, Serpents, Scorpions, Dirtiness, Orneriness, Divorce, Halloween, Ghosts, Goblins, Diseases, Barrenness, Sterility, Mind Occult, Foul and Evil Spirits,


Rejection, Double Minded, Occult, Bastard, Bitterness, Indignation, Ill will, Indisciplined, Rebellion, Incest, Adultery, Ungrateful, Passion, Witchcraft, Resentment, Flirtatious, Bad Temper, Anger, Animosity, Frustration, Quarreling, Brawling, Clamor, Evil Speaking, Contention, Slander, Nakedness, Haughtiness, Malice, Spite, Hate, Evil Words, Baseness, Fury, Fantasy, Alluring eyes and walk, Rage, Confusion, Greed, Demon and Satanic worship, Ahab, Jezebel, Homosexuality, Abuse, Wildness, Abortion, Covetousness, Gossipers, Selfishness, Troublemakers, Retaliation, Cheating, Desertion, Abandonment, Divorce, Abusive or Blasphemous Language, Wearing of Amulets, Charms and Fetishes, Foul or Polluting Language, Unwholesome or Worthless Talk, Outstretched Necks and Nosiness, Uncontrolled Emotions and Deifying Self,


Insecurity, Inadequacy, Exaggeration, Unbelief, Curiosity, Jealousy, Envy, Overprotection, Jezebel, Lying, Deceiving, Competition, Theft, Greed, Harlotry, Inferiority, Immodesty, Enticing, Provocation, Witchcraft, Despising, Exposure, Conniving, Pride, Calloused, Murder, Foolish, Whoredom, Flattery, Cunning, Harlot’s Attire, Subtlety, Loudness, Stubbornness, Wandering, Impudent, Grudges, Retaliation, Sensuous, Adultery, Fornication, Anti-submissive, Idleness, Laziness, Gossiping, Nosiness, Spiritual Pride, Masculinized, Wily, Scheming, Control, Manipulation, Fear, Bitterness, Passion, Temper, Quarreling, Malice, Baseness, Rage, Wildness, Indignation, Anger, Brawling, Slander, Spite, Fury, Confusion, Abortion, Ill Will, Resentment, Animosity, Clamor, Nakedness, Hate, Fantasy, Covetousness, Indisciplined, Flirtatious, Frustration, Evil Speaking, Haughtiness, Evil Words, Alluring Eyes, Alluring Walk, Foul Language, Worthless Talk, Outstretched Necks, Deifying Self, Abusive Language, Wearing Amulets, Uncontrolled Emotion, Wearing Charms, Wearing Fetishes, Abused Children, Bad Habits, Female Problems, Phobias, Gluttony, Charismatic Witch, Drunkenness, Grief, Vengeance, Strife, Infirmity, Weakness, Sickness, Sexual Diseases, Ingratitude, Passivity, Psychoneurosis, Psychopsychosis, Psychoneurotic, Rebellion, Schizophrenia, Paranoia, False Tongues, False Prophesy, False Discernment, False Interpretation, Contentious, Insolent, Treacherous, Tempting to Idolatry, Desertion, Vile, Contention, Failure, Uncleanliness, Lasciviousness, Strange Women, Masturbation, Lewdness, Perversion, Pornography.

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