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Earline Moody, and Glen & Erma Miller got to share on this message too. If you are a Christian, you have no right before God to retain unforgiveness. No matter what anyone has done, you must forgive. God will sometimes change the course of action for your life after you repent. It was after Ninevah repented that God cancelled His plans to destroy them. This is a penetrating study of sin and how it relates to curses. The Holy Spirit zeros in on many families of demons in this deliverance service, and ministry flows to liberate people to new heights of freedom in Jesus. Deliverance prayers and ministry at the end.


*A walk of total obedience to the Word of God is to be living the whole Christian life. Our goal is to be like Jesus Christ and this restoration comes as we yield to His daily processing. There are no shortcuts. You must “work at it” to be a Christian. **The Scriptures tell us that we must believe, forgive, repent, praise Him, fear Him, pray, trust – and these are only a few of the things we must do. God is on the throne and He performs the supernatural, but it is our responsibility to do the “ifs.” If you do your part, God will do His part!.



Deut. 29:18-20…….(Root of Gall & Wormwood) Break this curse.

I Sam. 1:10…………(Bitterness of Soul)

I Sam. 15:32……….(Bitterness of Death)

II Sam. 2:26………..(Bitterness in the latter end)

Ps. 10:7……………..(Cursing, Deceit, Oppression, Mischief, Iniquity)

Pr. 14:10…………….(Bitterness to Heart)

Pr. 17:25…………….(Bitterness of Mother)

Ezek. 27:31…………(Bitter Wailing)

Zech. 12:10…………(Bitterness for only son)

Acts 8:22-24………..(Gall of Bitterness, Bond of Iniquity)

Rom. 3:13-14……….(Cursing and Bitterness)

Eph. 4:31-32………..(Bitterness, Wrath, Anger, Clamor)

Col. 3:8-9…………….(Anger, Wrath, Malice, Slander, Lies)

Heb. 12:14-16………(Root of Bitterness) Break this curse.

Bitterness includes Resentment, Hatred, Unforgiveness, Violence, Temper, Anger, Retaliation and Murder in a common demon family.

Generally, after a person becomes rejected, they become bitter and unforgiving. The opposite of bitterness is forgiveness.

Bitterness is defined as bitterly curse, rebellious, sharp, acrid, grief, embitter, poisonous, violently, provoke, vex, grieve, sorrow, bitter herb, calamity, bile, venom, angry, chafed, most bitterly, rebel and provoke.

Have you had these feelings before? Unforgiveness, which is a form of bitterness, is very common among Christians.

Gall is defined as “poison” or “bile”. Bound is defined as “control” and “uniting”. Root is defined as “root” and “thought”. Wormwood is defined as “cursed”.

Bitterness is a hurt that will not heal, a wound in the spirit (Prov. 18:14). It comes into a life because of a failure to appropriate God’s grace (Heb. 12:15); by refusing to forgive others (Matt. 6:14-15; 7:1-2; 18:21-35); or refusing to thank God for all things (Eph. 5:20; Phil. 4:6). Forgiveness is the most important thing that God has taught us about DELIVERANCE!

However, each time we remember the things which happened, we are suddenly flooded with hurt and/or anger again. This indicates unhealed bitterness.

“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord” (Heb. 10:30). It is too heavy for us to carry and besides it belongs to God. Forgive eagerly (Matt. 18:12), remembering that unforgiveness is torture (Matt. 18:34-35).

We must remember that God loves us (Rom. 8:32-34), and not look at what others say, what we think or even at the situation itself.

We must go to the God of all comfort (II Cor. 1:3) for His Holy Spirit is our Comforter (John 14:16) and He earnestly desires to comfort us (Psalm 103:13).

When we go to God, we will find peace that passes understanding which will keep (guard, garrison) our hearts and minds (emotions and thoughts) (Phil. 4:4-9). God’s peace guards our mind!

Focus on God and give Him thanks (Eph. 5:20; Rom. 8:28) rejoicing because your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Luke 10:20; Phil. 4:4) and ask for grace, comfort and peace (Matt.7:7-11).

Focusing on God and letting Him be our judge is absolutely necessary.

Proverbs 29:25 contrasts the fear of man with trust in God. Perfect love for God casts out all fear because we trust in Him!

To receive comfort and heal the bitterness in your spirit, you must die to works of righteousness (trying to earn God’s love and favor) by drowning in the ocean of God’s love and grace, rejoicing that He has chosen you.

Dealing With Bitterness, p. 36, Conquering The Hosts Of Hell, by Win Worley.

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