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86LHCD7-9 – Earline Moody – CURSE OF THE BASTARD
Most likely not a single person within the sound of this tape is not affected by the curse of the bastard (Deut. 23:2). It is a curse involving 10 generations and continues to perpetuate itself. Conception of a bastard brings a child of lust and not love. A child conceived this way is very often a sensual child, with problems of masturbation and later, severe sexual abnormalities. Earline was the third generation in the line of a bastard. She never knew why or what she was ashamed of, but was never comfortable with, people looking at her until after her deliverance. Ministry for deliverance from the curse and spirit of the bastard, and many other unclean sexual spirits, are cast out in this service. The deliverance is included on this message for you to get free also.


90LHCD8-9A 1-of-2 – *Earline Moody – BASTARD
90LHCD8-9B 2-of-2 – **Glen & Erma Miller – INCEST
*Any child begotten out of wedlock brings a ten generation curse and begotten means conceived, not born. So marrying after conception does not change the effect. Sis. Earline discusses a lengthy list of characteristics that may be symptoms of this curse in operation in our lives. None of us knows everything our ancestors did for ten generations back! **Sis. Erma shares testimony of the work of the spirit of unbelief and encourages us to fight against it and stand in faith. Bro. Glen shares the Biblical definitions of incest, which also carries a ten-generation curse and probably affects us all. Deliverance prayers are included on these messages.

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87LHCD7-9 – Gene & Earline Moody – BREAKING THE CURSES
The light that comes with the understanding of Biblical curses brings forth a greater portion of God’s kingdom in the lives of His people. If the demons have a right to remain before God as a result of a curse, you will not be able to cast them out. Christians need to face the facts about curses! They will keep you bound until Scriptural principles are applied and you break these curses off yourself and family members. You may be the key God is wanting to use to set your entire family free! “I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed” Joel 3:21.

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“A person begotten out of wedlock shall not enter into the assembly of the Lord; even until his tenth generation shall his descendants not enter into the congregation of the Lord” (Deut. 23:2).

KING DAVID Let’s take a Bible example: David in II Sam. 11:2 conceived a bastard. The results were murder to cover it and death to the child.

What happened to David’s children as a result of this one act of disobedience? Nathan told David that God would have given him more wives but to take Uriah’s only wife was very evil. God placed a sword in David’s house; it would raise up evil against David out of his own house. David’s wives would be taken by others and lain with in sight of all Israel.

Household results were murder, incest and rebellion. Amnon, David’s firstborn, raped his half-sister Tamar; Absalom killed Amnon in revenge; Tamar was destitute; Absalom took David’s wives in the sight of Israel; and much more evil. In II Sam. 14-15, Absalom was very rebellious to his parents, planned to take the throne and to kill his father.

Of David’s first six sons: Amnon raped Tamar and then was murdered by Absalom. Of the second, Chibab; fifth, Sephatiah, and sixth, Itham, no mention is made. Third, Absalom, was rebellious, murderer, attempted murder of father, and was murdered himself. Fourth, Adjonijah, plotted and attempted to take David’s throne when David had his last illness. These had total disregard for God’s house.

When a bastard is conceived in lust, it is not true love. True love is protecting and providing. Neither is present when the bastard is conceived. Demons of lust will follow all children of this line. Besides lust, all types of demons follow them and try to gain entrance.

Present day observations include more bastards, family and personal rebellion, sickness, suicide, can’t feel welcome or at peace in God’s house, murder, delinquency, mental illness, and physical deformities.

Four family generations which included mother, daughter, grandchildren and great-grand children. Mother ran away from home at fifteen (claimed poverty was the reason), lived with a man, conceived a bastard daughter. The daughter runs away at fifteen, lives with man, conceived granddaughter; lives with another man, creates another bastard grandson and granddaughter; marries, has legitimate grandson; divorces, lives with another man and has bastard granddaughter. First granddaughter entices man to sex, conceives child and forces man into marriage. Second granddaughter, the stepfather exposes himself to her. First grandson is very promiscuous. Second grandson is only Christian with any strength; he is very weak and unsure. Last granddaughter, thirteen years old, finds out she is also a bastard and is broken-hearted over it.

At present, daughter is married, found Bible, got saved and sought deliverance. Mother refuses to forgive.

Example: An unsaved drunkard conceives daughter with prostitute. Gets saved, visits daughter and finds her being raised in house of prostitution. His family agrees to take her into their home. Curse of bastard affects even the legitimate children; one son has bastard and another son is petty criminal.

Great grandfather marries great grandmother in church. All seems well; has three children. Great grandfather dies. Great grandmother discovers she can not get his railroad pension because she is his fifth wife. My grandfather becomes very bitter and a little paranoid. My mom is paranoid and schizophrenic. She abused me physically.

Here are some of the problems created for me by this curse. Never feeling at home in any church for long. Never feeling good about myself. Being ashamed for people to look at me even though I didn’t know what I wanted to hide, overriding fear, striving excessively to succeed and stopping short of realizing the goal, fear of failure, fear of authority, resisting authority, fighting verbally and physically, demonic pressure to sexual activities, and not much joy in natural or spiritual life. Youth and Adults

Young people – if things severely pressure you, you have tendency to perversions or violence, agitating passion, moral conflict and craving or covetousness, perhaps the bastard curse is on you. Does crime fascinate you, are you excessively self-conscious, are you ashamed for people to look at you even when you don’t know why, have an unusual desire to please peers and adults, fear of not being accepted by God, sell yourself for nothing, don’t respect yourself, don’t trust and obey God or parents, deviate from God’s moral code, have no joy and are double-minded?

Where does true joy come from? Only a clear pure heart can have true joy. This joy abides through trouble. All other joy is either partial or counterfeit.

Adults – if you have the same problems including the inability to love, guide and lead your children into a Godly life, you also may have the bastard’s curse or you may have started it.

Each time a bastard is created, whether it comes to birth or is aborted, ten generations of bondage is started. If it happens with you, and by some good fortune it is avoided for nine generations and happens again, the countdown starts over.


Read and study these scriptures: Num. 22-31, Rom. 1:18-32, Rev. 2:4, I Cor. 6:15-16. See Strong’s Concordance under Ashtoreth, Ashtaroth, Queen of Heaven, Tammuz. If you look these names up in Biblical dictionaries and encyclopedias as well as secular dictionaries and encyclopedias you will see that all forms of deviate and demonic sexual behavior is the basis of their worship. As we engage in these sexual acts we are worshiping (whether we realize we are worshiping or not does not make any difference in the consequences) but we are not worshiping the God of the Bible. It is very difficult sex acts once they for people to leave their religions so it is hard for people to give up immoral have engaged in them.


Repentance and forgiveness are absolute necessities. We must see this sin as God sees it. For worshipping idols, only three to four generations are cursed; but for bastard – ten generations. A Bible generation is forty years; this curse runs 400 years if no one does it after the first occurrence. Next, we must break the curse and call out the demons. After this is done, we must renew and discipline our mind and body. We are looking to obtain a harvest of righteousness in James 3:17-18, not a harvest of curses.

Because Jesus became accursed for us, we have the privilege of breaking this curse, obtaining our family’s freedom and living Godly lives that will not profane God before the heathen.


Two genealogical studies prepared for non-religious purposes will clearly prove the law of generations:

“The Kallikak Family” by H.H. Goddark, Macmillian Company, New York, 1927 Father, Martin Sr., origin was good English blood/middle class with both parents feeble-minded; from him came 41 matings, 222 feeble-minded children, and ONLY 2 normal children.

First family has an honorable marriage; from it came 496 descendants, ALL NORMAL, 3 listed as degenerates, 2 alcoholics, and 1 sexually loose. All the legitimate children married into “better families” in their state and became: colonial governors, doctors, lawyers, judges, educators, traders, landowners, and respectable citizens. Among them was found: no feeble-mindedness, no illegitimate children, no immoral women, no epilepsy, no criminals, and no keepers of houses of prostitution. Of the 496 descendants, only 15 children died in infancy, 1 case of insanity , 2 victims of habitual drunkenness, and 1 sexually loose.

At the close of the War of Independence, the father, Martin, Sr., went to a pub to celebrate the end of the war. There in an inebriated state he intercoursed a woman who was “loose and feeble-minded”. An illegitimate son, Martin, Jr., was born. Of that son, Martin, Jr., there were 480 descendants. Only 46 were found to be normal, 36 were illegitimate, 33 sexually immoral, 24 confirmed alcoholics, 3 epileptics, 82 died in infancy, 3 criminals, and 8 keepers of houses of “ill fame”. Of this large group some 1146 offspring were birthed; there were 262 feeble-minded, 197 considered normal, and 581 undetermined.

“The Jukes” – “A Study of the Relation of Crime, Pauperism, Disease, and Heredity in the 1900’s” by R.L. Ragsdale, G.P. Putnam and Sons, New York and London.

Father, Max, was a hunter, fisher, hard drinker, jolly and compassionate, adverse to steady work, and became blind (probably due to syphilis). Origin was middle class Dutch.

Of those 1200 descendants there were 280 paupers, 140 criminals, 250 arrests and trials, 140 years of imprisonment, 60 habitual thieves, 7 murderers, 50 common prostitutes, 40 syphilitic women, 400 men contracted syphilis, 40 wives contaminated, 440 total contaminated by syphilis, 300 children died prematurely, and 50 illegitimate births. In 75 years the family of 1200 members cost the state $1,308,000.00 in costs in the early 1900’s.

Now let’s study the influence of the sins from generation to generation:

FIRST GENERATION: Max, blindness, probably due to the syphilis.

SECOND GENERATION: Effie, no information.

THIRD GENERATION: Name not recorded; harlot; married her cousin; not industrious.

FOURTH GENERATION: 4 MALES — illegitimate son; at 30 on relief; went to prison; able bodied, full health — in poor house.

ANOTHER SON — at 22 on relief; at 44 breach of peace; jail at 49; in poor house rest of life. ANOTHER SON — in poor house at 23 and remained there rest of life. ANOTHER SON — at 24 on relief, assault and battery at 33, habitual drunk. DAUGHTER — harlot, poor house at 23, kept brothel, contracted epilepsy, married second cousin. DAUGHTER — harlot, birthed illegitimate son, a licentious vagrant, married second cousin. NOTE: In this generation all offspring show profound stress with characteristics of the father.

FIFTH GENERATION: 7 MALES, 10 FEMALES: MALE — Laborer, syphilis, jail numerous times, petit liar, assault and battery, poor house most of life. MALE — cohabited, killed at war. MALE — at 21 on relief, jail vagrant, soldier in rebellion. MALE — bricklayer, at 19 on relief, jail, married cousin. MALE — at 7 in poor house, was abandoned. MALE — soldier in rebellion, incurable syphilis. MALE — not industrious, temperate. FEMALE — harlot, illegitimate child. FEMALE — harlot at 21. FEMALE — deserted at 13. FEMALE — deserted at 11, dead at 14. FEMALE — deserted at 9. FEMALE — harlot, incurable syphilis. FEMALE — reputable character, NOTE: This is a female child given up for adoption. FEMALE –died at young age. FEMALE — harlot. FEMALE — harlot, not industrious. SIXTH GENERATION: Nine Males; Fourteen Females: MALE — on relief. MALE — attempted rape, dangerous man, unmarried. MALE — deserted at 8. MALE — incurable syphilis, assault and battery, jail. MALE — intemperate, lazy. MALE — industrious, soldier at 21, good reputation, NOTE: a child deserted who was adopted. MALE — dwarf, double jointed. MALE — intemperate, married cousin. FEMALE — harlot. FEMALE — reputable. NOTE: one of the children deserted then adopted. FEMALE — died of syphilis. FEMALE — harlot, could not read or write. FEMALE — incurable syphilis, died of same. FEMALE — harlot, incurable syphilis, incurable drunk, kept brothel. FEMALE — incurable syphilis, harlot. FEMALE — harlot incurable syphilis, lazy, kept brothel. later adopted. FEMALE — blind, on relief at FEMALE — harlot, incurable syphilis, vagrant. FEMALE — good reputation, NOTE: a child deserted, 27 for rest of life. FEMALE — harlot, relief at age 31.

Note the profound growth of the sins of the forefathers as each generation progressed. The ONLY descendants listed as reputable and good citizens were three females and one male, and they were among those children deserted who later were adopted into reputable families. Marrying blood relatives is incest.


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