The Woman Question

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1. Part of our calling is to minister to pastors and other Christian leaders and their families. As we have ministered to this group of people, there have been a lot of questions formed in our minds. We are going to discuss this sensitive area. I will ask the questions and Earline will give you her answers so that you can not say that I am a prejudiced chauvinistic male.

2. The Bible says that the woman is the “weaker vessel” (I Peter 3:7). What does that mean to you? How is the man the stronger vessel?

A. That the woman does not have the muscular strength of a man is well known. It is also known that women are more easily led into Christian fantasy. By that I mean they tend to get carried away with some teaching to the extreme. Such as the prosperity of God to a Christian being predominantly financial. When in truth God promised to supply all our needs out of the riches of CHRIST JESUS in glory. Phil. 4:19, III Jo. 2. To truly prosper is to have success in all areas of ones life.

3. Let’s say that the woman is weaker physically and spiritually than the man. How can she be used in the ministry? How did women minister in the Bible?

A. Man was created first. and given authority over the earth.

4. The Bible says that the man is “priest and head of the home” (I Cor. 11:3, Prov. 1:8). How should he minister to, provide for, and protect the wife and children?

5. Suppose a man will not be priest and head of the home. Why does a woman then try to manipulate or be a Jezebelic woman to get the things that she and the children need in the spiritual and physical realms?

6. Suppose a woman is married and her husband will not provide spiritual protection. Can she shift this responsibility to her pastor or to any man other than her husband to be her protective covering? What is the “covering” (I Cor. 11:3-16) of the woman?

7. We have ministered to many women without their husbands present who either were not saved or did not believe in DELIVERANCE. What is the frequent result of only ministering to the woman without her husband present?

8. There are many woman’s meetings in the land today. Why do women like to meet without their husbands?

9. Consider the basic way a woman thinks. What happens to a woman in her mind when she has no male leadership?

10. Should a man minister to a woman alone in DELIVERANCE? Should a woman minister to a man alone in DELIVERANCE? What is the possible happening?

11. The Bible talks about “Priscilla and Aquila” (I Cor. 16:19). Is this a husband and wife team?

12. We minister as a husband and wife team. What are the advantages of this method? What about protection from sex traps laid by Satan?

13. What characteristics are taken on by women who minister full time? Do they try to emulate or copy men?

14. God sent men out “two and two” (Luke 10:1). Did He send out any women one and one, or two and two? Was God discriminating against women?

15. Assume a woman minister travels with another woman. What are the pitfalls?

16. Assume a woman who ministers by herself is either married or unmarried.

What are the pitfalls?

17. Assume a woman who ministers is married and her husband is unsaved or saved, and will not travel with her. What are the pitfalls?

18. In the Bible the family is considered as an institution or unit (Gen. 2:24) and was created even before the church. What happens when the family is separated by occupations, ministry or the church? How can the church help to destroy the family by having too many meetings for different members of the family. What is gained by keeping the family together as a unit in work, play and church?

19. What would you like to add to these questions from your viewpoint as a wife, mother, Christian woman and DELIVERANCE minister?

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