1994 Labor Day Camp Meeting

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The 1994 Labor Day Camp Meeting

Miscellaneous Speakers
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94LHCD9-1A 1-of-2 Various Speakers
94LHCD9-1B 2-of-2 Various Speakers
Dr. William Null, Jim & Mildred Coffey, Tommy Cook, John Fletcher, Col. Speed Wilson, Jack Harris. The various ministers are introduced and speak briefly. Dr. William Null stresses the importance of intercession. The Coffey’s share concerning their ministry and the results of the ministry of angels. Tommy Cook introduces the topics of the need to listen to God and then do what He says and the battle that is raging in and for our souls. John Fletcher emphasizes the importance of praise and worship. Col. Speed Wilson gives his testimony. Jack Harris shares his testimony and the importance of allowing God to be Lord in our lives.

Tommy Cook
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The battle with satan takes place primarily in our souls. We must submit our mind, will, emotions, and desires to God. We must repent of idolatry, iniquity, and submitting to familiar spirits. Satan wants to tear and fragment our souls. What God does in your spirit must filter up into your soul and change it.

George Leroy
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We are the body of Christ corporately, but we are also the body of Christ individually through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Demons within, operating through the soul, defile the body of Christ. Our reaction to circumstances determines who will be lord over our souls. According to I Corinthians 6:19-20, the body and spirit are God’s. It is in the soul that we must work out our salvation. Deliverance prayers conclude the service.

Col. Speed & Ruth Wilson
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94LHCD9-4 – Col. Speed Wilson – END TIME INTRODUCTION
In this session Col. Wilson touches briefly on several topics that provide a basis for understanding what is happening in these end times, what will happen as time progresses, and what will NOT happen. Topics covered include knowing when the Lord will return, the pattern of the tabernacle, the doctrine of the Hebrew feasts, rebuilding the temple, the mark of the beast, and the rapture.

Tommy Cook
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94LHCD9-5 – Tommy Cook – TAIL OF THE DRAGON
A true prophet points people to Jesus, not to himself. This teaching stresses the need for discernment, the results of the operation of a false prophet in a congregation, ways to overcome Satan, and the need to pray for the fallen, the falling, and those who will fall.

Jim & Mildred Coffey
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94LHCD9-6 – *Jim & **Mildred Coffey – SOUL TIES
*Before Sis. Mildred begins the teaching, Bro. Jim shares their testimony of becoming involved in the deliverance ministry. **Until you came to know Jesus, your soul was being destroyed and you didn’t even know it. There was none to deliver. Satan can fragment your soul through evil soul ties and through witchcraft. We can pour parts of our soul into people or projects. Your body, soul, and spirit cannot be brought into proper relationship with each other and in line with the Word of God because you don’t have all of your soul! Satan doesn’t yet remove part of your soul and leave that spot vacant. He fills it with demons and with parts of other people’s souls. Prayers of deliverance and restoration of the soul are included in the ministry on this message.

(Col.) Speed & Ruth Wilson
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94LHCD9-7A – Col. Speed Wilson – YOU & THE NEW WORLD ORDER 1-of-2
94LHCD9-7B – Col. Speed Wilson – YOU & THE NEW WORLD ORDER 2-of-2
These messages should be of interest to every Christian. They provide information concerning the goals of the conspiracy; actions being taken to implement these goals; the current political situation; the move to intimidate the population, especially Christians; and actions being taken which may thwart the conspiracy. This information is shared to bring knowledge to the Body of Christ, not to bring fear. Fear paralyzes and now is the time for action.

John Fletcher
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There is a three-step process to maturity in God. The primary requirement for moving on in God is the willingness to give everything over to Him. Deliverance is a part of the second stage. We must move into deliverance, but then we must move through it, and beyond. It is in the third stage that we move into the presence of God in a new and fuller way, and are able to bring others into His presence as well. Satan does not want us there and will do everything in his power to stop us. In the place beyond deliverance we can rout the enemy. Prayers of deliverance are included on this message.

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003 – Deliverance Ministry
Dr. William Null – 2004 to 2008 – Deliverance Ministry
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94LHCD9-9 – Dr. William (Bill) Null – CURSES
This teaching focuses primarily on the curses which God has pronounced and those which others may speak against us, particularly those in authority over us. When a curse is sent out, an evil spirit is sent with it to bring it to pass. In order to cast out the demons, the curses have to be broken. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

George Leroy
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94LHCD9-10 – George LeRoy – TESTED
We want the promises of God to be manifested in our lives immediately. We don’t want to go through the process that God has planned to bring them to pass. The lives of Abraham and Joseph provide wonderful examples of how God will be with us through the trials, working toward the salvation of our souls. Ministry prayers are included at the end of the teaching.

John Fletcher
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94LHCD9-11 – John Fletcher – GOD’S ANOINTED
This is a marvelous teaching from the life of David. Bro. Fletcher begins with the observation that David was anointed several years before he took the throne. In tracing the events of those years, he shows how they parallel our experiences in moving from the anointing that we receive from God to the possession of the fullness of what he intends for us. This is indeed a word that will bring life to the hearer.

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1-of-2 Various Speakers
2-of-2 Various Speakers