1985 Memorial Day Camp

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Published on: April 14, 2020

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Bill Smith – Gospel of The Kingdom

85LHCD5-2 – Bill Smith – FREE, BUT NOT LOOSE
Bro. Smith labors to explain to the saints the truths found in Lev. 24 concerning the candlestick, wick, and oil. These represent a type of Christ and His church. Jesus must daily “trim our wicks”, as we are to be the light of the world. We are in the process of being perfected, purged, and purified so we can be formed into the likeness of Jesus. Persecutions, trials, pestilence, and famine are upon us, but these people whom God has chosen and appointed for this time shall be formed into an instrument for His purposes that will not break nor back down in the face of any trial. As Christ is exalted in our lives, so we will manifest hope and joy to the waiting, groaning creation.

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1975 – 1993
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1994 – 2008

85LHCD5-3A 1-of-2
85LHCD5-3B 2-of-2
*Many houses of the enemy were emptied, swept, and garnished (put into proper order) in the course of this service and ministry. The power of the Holy Spirit was present to infill those many lives that were touched by the delivering power of the Lord Jesus Christ. The devil would love to conceal the area of the sins of the fathers, but the Light of the Word of God pits his deeds to death and liberates the body of Christ. **Are you intimidated by doing the works of Jesus? Many were released during this service from spirits of intimidation and sins of the ancestors that hinder the ministry of Jesus in our lives.

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Bill Smith
Gospel of The Kingdom

85LHCD5-5 – Bill Smith – CONTINUE ON
Here we are encouraged to grow up in Christ, remain and continue in Him. As Bro. Smith says, “It’s not how we run for a while. We’ve got to bring this thing to the finish. That’s where the reward is. This spiritual pep talk exhorts the Body to come against the flood of error that the enemy has breathed out into the churches today. We must learn to exercise the authority of the Word of God that is written on our innermost being and say to the enemy, “It is WRITTEN!” Bro. Smith shows us again how this kingdom walk is a style of living that becomes our life, built on a solid foundation, submitted to God, and continuously victorious. This message will help you “hang in there” through those rough bumps in the road.

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1975 – 1993
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1994 – 2008

85LHCD5-6 – By Erma Miller – The Occult
Christians, take heed! If you have never had any prayer to release you from the occult powers which you have dabbled in yourself (usually in ignorance to what the Word of the Lord says), or your ancestors have practiced, by all means, listen to this message. The Word of God expressly prohibits going to a fortuneteller, consulting Ouija boards, reading horoscopes, being hypnotized, and many other occult activities. You are living under a curse and need to be set free and come out from under these powers. Understand and recognize that all occult involvement is considered a sin and must be renounced and repented of. Many, many occult practices are called out as spirits in this service, and deliverance from these powers of darkness is ministered. Divorce, strife in the home, indifference, extreme fears, nervousness, and suicide are only a few of the numerous symptoms of occult oppression and bondage.

Bill Smith
Gospel of The Kingdom

After salvation has come into your life, it is up to you if you want to go on with God. It is not the will of the Father for us to stay in the wilderness all of our lives, but if you choose to remain there, that is your choice. Some are coming out and they are coming out leaning on the arm of their Beloved. They were trained, tried and tested, and God is using and will use them to feed and nurture those who are still in that wilderness. We have all come through a falling away, but it is time for restoration with the heart of God! You make your decision. It will be overcomers who enter in!

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1975 – 1993
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2 The Founders of LHBC – 1994 – 2008

85LHCD5-9A – Glen & Erma Miller – INCEST 1-of-2
85LHCD5-9B – Glen & Erma Miller – INCEST 2-of-2
God is doing a thorough house-cleaning in His church today. The commandments of God have too long been violated. We must become a church obedient to the Word of God. Incest and all of its destructive tentacles are visited unto the tenth generation. How many of you know if any of your ancestors “uncovered the nakedness” of their relatives? It’s alarming within the body of Christ how many fathers are molesting their daughters, brothers their sisters, mothers their sons or daughters, and so on. Repent of the sins of your ancestors and your own sins in these areas. Many are of experimenting with or exploring the bodies of their brothers or sisters as youngsters. Let’s get at the root of these problems. The same is true in the areas of bringing abominable things into your home, eating food that God’s Word calls abominable, etc. Our disobedience to the Word of the Lord has brought sickness and disease into our lives and we are reaping what we have sown. Thank God that as we come to Him in repentance, He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us. Many were released from the chains and torments that the enemy had kept them in bondage with for so long. The more free we become, the fewer hindrances there are to moving into the fullness of God.

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85LHCD5-3A 1-of-2
85LHCD5-3B 2-of-2
The Occult
INCEST 1-of-2
INCEST 2-of-2
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