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Randy & Callie Richey 
Deliverance Ministry

19LHCD12-1A 1-of-2 Randy Richey
19LHCD12-1B 2-of-2 Randy Richey
Galatians 5 is the foundation for this excellent training.  The bad news is that we are born into a mess. The good news is salvation, and within that is deliverance.  In the middle of all the bad news, Randy makes over twenty (20) declarations of good news.  Additionally, you do not have to wait until the end of the message to participate in deliverance.  It is injected throughout the entirety of the teaching. Randy identifies the flesh as our #1 enemy, the devil and demons as #2, and this world’s system (operated by the devil and his demons) as #3. The devil is like the cheerleader for your flesh.  No demon can make you do anything if you do not have agreement with it.  Sometimes we inherit those “agreements”.  However, if your daddy was a fornicator, he never made you commit that same sin.  You still had to be in agreement with it.  We must repent and change our mind about the sin we are in or our ancestors were in.  We then choose to turn.  Randy illustrates this by physically turning his body to go a different direction. You decide to come into agreement with God, turn and begin to walk in the ways He has for us to walk.  “As a man thinketh, so is he.” If it’s all in your head and never gets into your walk, you will walk in the works of the flesh. God’s word is the plumb line for everything. But there are demons that are called out in deliverance, whose names may not be found in the Bible. However, they are real and have to come out in Jesus’ name. There are works of the flesh that have demons that work with them.  This message includes an in-depth look at the works of the flesh and the nasty rotten fruit they produce.  It concludes with extensive prayer for the fruit of the Spirit to be produced in each one’s lives.

Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008
Geri McGhee 2-of-3 – 2009 to 2013
Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2020
Deliverance Ministry

19LHCD12-2 – Geri McGhee – A TRANQUIL HEART
Geri begins by commenting on how important it is to walk closer to Jesus…to be living for eternity. What is a tranquil heart and how do we get there?  We learn in John 6 all about dying to our flesh and going God’s way. When we are dead, there is no battle. She told us that God isn’t going to take everything from us.  Sometimes it’s up to us to choose His way.  If He does it all, we won’t have to die.  Prov.14:30 says a tranquil heart gives life to the body but passion rotten the bones. In Hebrew, tranquil is defined as medicine to mend or cure but passion means anger, jealousy, striving, which are all flesh. We heard an interesting comparison between trees pushing off the dead leaves in the fall and the life of the Vine {Jesus} pushing death out of us.  He will purge us as much as we allow, bringing in new life.  Our goal should be a closer walk with God, allowing Him to lead us to wherever and to whatever He chooses.  Our eyes must be single toward Him.  Mt. 6:24 tells us that we can’t serve two masters – no compromises.  The double-minded will receive nothing from God.  Verse 25-34 tells us that He has and He is everything we have need of.  Thus we see that to worry and fret is lack of trust and that our eyes are not single. The key is in verse 33: Seek first the kingdom of God!  We must concentrate on walking with God today and let Him take care of tomorrow.  She reminds us of the promises to those who wait upon the Lord.  We are to be still and know that He is God.  We saw instruction and promises in Psalm 37.  When we’re troubled, we need to focus on what God’s Word says.  She says do like we’d do if we got arrested: put your hands up and do what you’re told.  Surrender.  In any area where we are lacking peace, we open the door to disease.  When we have a tranquil heart, that door is closed.  So we need to find the roots of our lack of peace.  We saw the path to peace in Philippians 4 and Psalm 23.  Geri continued with numerous scriptures to confirm that there is a path we can follow that leads us to tranquility, reminding us this is a continual walk. She then led us in repentance prayers and deliverance.

Kernaa & Jean Williams
Deliverance Ministry
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We began by decreeing who we are and what we believe, emphasizing the benefits of favor. In Rev 12:9 &10, we can see that satan is the accuser of the brethren.  Accuse means directing blame in order to bring persecution….to kill, steal and destroy.  Job’s life was a good example of what our enemy’s capabilities are.  He was a very rich man with family, he loved God, yet everything was taken from him, causing him to wonder what he’d done wrong.  She gave an excellent personal example of how the accusing spirit operates.  When accused, sometimes the accusation goes deep into our spirit, causing us to question even when we know the truth.  This is especially true when there is family or close friends involved.  In studying Job, she began to take notice of what he was.  He was a man of integrity, wisdom, and substance. The accusing spirit wanted that to all fall because he was a man of influence…people paid attention to him and since he loved
God, the enemy wanted to take him out.  It’s the same with us.  If our ministry or testimony honors God, we will be attacked.  Job 1:25 says the thing he feared had come upon him…and come unto me, meaning that his spirit was vexed.  When we are attacked, our integrity questioned, the spirit of fear will come.  We soon forget that God is with us and is in control and we may begin to believe the accuser.  If we remember who we are in Jesus Christ, we can stand in the face of the accuser, but fear affects our entire being.  Prov. 18:21 tells us that death and life is in the power of the tongue. So, it’s vital that we do not agree with the accuser.  1 John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out fear…not made perfect in love.  2nd Tim. 1:7 tells us God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.  We need to believe and speak the word of God. Jean says that our enemy has gone to another level and we must also!  We continued to get examples of the different tactics of that spirit as well as what our responses should be. Sometimes we may fall but Prov. 24:16 says that a just or righteous man falls seven times but he gets up again.  So, we must not lose hope or give up. In the end Job prayed for his accusers and ended up more blessed than when he started.  There’s much more instruction followed by repentance prayers and deliverance.

Kernaa & Jean Williams
Deliverance Ministry
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Kernaa begins by telling us that according to the Hebrew calendar this is the year of  Peh which is a prophetic picture of a mouth.  So we see that for the next decade our mouth determines our inheritance whether we curse or bless ourselves.  It is a time to decree and declare a reversal to the plans of the enemy.  We then go to Job 22:28 which talks about decreeing a thing and it shall be established unto thee.  At that point he led us in a series of decrees to shift the atmosphere, especially concerning assignments against our family and ourselves this year. We are in a war, so you’d better be prepared to do battle for your life. In Luke 22:31, Jesus tells Peter that satan desires to sift him like wheat. That’s what he desires to do to you and me also.  This means to strip and overthrow us, to dethrone us in every area of our lives including our physical life.  In other words, to kill us before our time.  Kernaa shared a very serious situation that happened while on a mission trip where a spirit of death overtook him.  After returning to the states, he began to ask God what had happened.  He learned that he was not alone…that it had happened to others.  It seems that satan has begun to use this type of tactic to abort our destiny.  Eccl. 7:17 says not to be wicked or foolish, for why should we die before our time?  Ps.25:23 says that bloody, deceitful men shall not live out half their days.  Prov. 10:27 says the fear of the Lord will prolong your days.  Eph. 6:1 gives instruction for children. Verse 3 says the result of obedience is long life. 1 Cor.11:28 speaks of being properly prepared to receive communion and the danger of partaking without doing so – weakness, sickness and early death.  1 Chron.10:13 tells us why King Saul died an early death.  He didn’t keep God’s word and sought counsel from a witch.  Kernaa continues to give examples of how our life can be shortened.  John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus said that He had come to give us abundant life.  Our choices play a vital part in our life.  We must stand strong in the face of the enemy as we are not ignorant of his devices and we must take our authority over the spirit of death.   Deliverance prayers follow.

Deborah Vails
Deliverance Ministry
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Deborah begins with worship, thanksgiving and praise in song, prophetic words, declarations, prayer and apostolic correction.  We were called to account for not cooperating when deliverance prayers were prayed the night before because we shut down, causing a subduing of the spiritual atmosphere and causing others not to get help. She said this was not what she had prepared to teach but the Holy Ghost had something to say, so she cooperated.  We were told that we were being religious by not being who we really are, not worshipping the way we usually do, by not being responsive to God when He speaks to us, hiding in a cave.  She reminded us of the importance of having up close, personal relationship with God, how necessary it is to spend much time in the Word and prayer, reminding us that scripture says if we ‘submit ourselves to God and resist the devil, he will flee from you.’ James. 4:7. Every time we get more freedom, we must keep and walk in it.  Luke. 10:19 Jesus said, “Behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”  That’s God given power!  That makes you a threat to the devil but we don’t have to be afraid. Deborah also reminded us of our need to watch our relationships. Stay under your covering until God looses you.  Obey God.  When all the stuff is stripped away and it becomes all about God, we’ll see the greater works.  But we have to be invisible…Die!  Even the clothes we wear may change. We can’t bring attention to ourselves.  We must pray more than we do anything else. We are to hide ourselves like Moses did so that when we come out, the glory of God is seen…His image, His likeness.  When we are ready, God will bring us out.  In the midst of the correction was teaching on how to come out of our caves and instruction for our walk of obedience in accordance with God’s word.

Kernaa & Jean Williams
Deliverance Ministry
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19LHCD12-6A 1-of-2 Kernaa Williams – THE DONALD TRUMP SYNDROME
19LHCD12-6B 2-of-2 Kernaa Williams – THE DONALD TRUMP SYNDROME
This is a time to get real about what the Word of God says.  As believers, we are mandated by the Word of God to love.  1 Jn 3:14-15 clearly tells us, “We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.”  Hate is the manifestation of a spirit of murder.  If you hate, there is a spiritual death trying to line itself up with you.  Kernaa has seen so much seething hatred amongst believers for President Donald Trump. Whether you like the man or not, 1 Tim 2:1-3 tells us it is acceptable to the Lord that you pray for him.  Whether you believe it or not, or even care, the White House is under intense spiritual warfare. The psychiatric profession has now named Trump Derangement Syndrome a mental disorder and if you are a Trump supporter that is how you are being classified.  Why is there so much hatred for this man? Do we as Christians not know that anyone that is fulfilling God’s assignment and purpose becomes a target? Have we not considered that God has appointed this man for the destiny of this nation?  Perhaps we are much closer in Bible prophecy than we think. Consider coming off the mind-control plantation and the hypnosis you are possibly under from the mainstream media and recognize that God uses whoever He pleases to accomplish His plans.  Kernaa makes it clear that Donald Trump is not being glorified in this message – all glory goes to Jesus! He educates the listener on the Hebrew roots of why we are in the “season of the mouth” and shares multiple scriptures on the evil cavity of the mouth and tongue.  In that same vein he includes prayer, decrees and declarations for 2020.  The final thirty minutes is devoted to prayer and deliverance ministry with an emphasis on medical problems.

Kernaa & Jean Williams
Deliverance Ministry
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19LHCD12-7 – Jean Williams – NEW LEVEL OF KNOWING GOD
Before this message begins there was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit and we included that. How do we get to that new level of knowing God in a more excellent way?  Jean gives “spot on” direction from the Holy Spirit that helps us not only reach for that new level, but also jump the hurdles of opposition that will come.  One of the greatest barriers we will face in going to a new level is being too comfortable in the one we are in!  We have a choice to allow Him to move us forward. If you choose to accept the call, then believe He will equip you as you begin to feel the responsibility and authority of this new place.  You must be prepared for an increase in spiritual attacks.  The more you move into this new level, the greater threat you are to satan’s kingdom.  Be aware that transition takes time.  Don’t get ahead of God.  The flesh always wants to push us.  Be patient and spend time with Him.  God has designed change to be a process, not an event.  We must have bold faith in this new level.  His way is a way of faith.  The problem plaguing many of us is that “if we can’t see it, we can’t believe it”. We must exercise “now” faith (Heb 11:1). We must commit to overcome the opposition.  As God moves us forward, the devil wants to move us backwards.  He will attempt to overwhelm us with thoughts of “this is too much for me” or “I can’t do this.”  We must apply the Word to our situation, to our circumstances. As you sense the call of God to move you to a new level, ask Him for discerning of spirits, to give you assurance that you know, that you know, that you know.  Once this is established in your heart you are better able to “stand your ground in the Lord!”  Remember, to know God is not just knowing the stories of Scripture.  It is to know Him in experience.  He desires relationship.  It takes time to spend time.  Will you make the time?

Randy & Callie Richey
Deliverance Ministry 2014 – 2020
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19LHCD12-8A 1-of-2
19LHCD12-8B 2-of-2
Part of winning a war is not ignoring your enemy. You have to respond to temptation and dominate the foe. That is what Jesus did.  If there is no response from you, the fiery dart will stick.  For some, passivity is killing them.  The more permission you give the devil, the more power he has. Learn to be excited that demons have to go in Jesus name!  If the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, what are they?  They are spiritual and they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  What are strongholds?  In a nutshell they are a demonic thought process, way of thinking or belief system that will cause you to act or behave a certain way every time.  If you don’t get the sword out, the sword doesn’t cut.  And the sword divides between good and evil.  It’s not a head knowledge that in Jesus name, the demons have to go, it’s that you KNOW in your “knower”. The victory comes when the demons know that you know. Therein lies your effectiveness. In the segment of this message that deals with the tongue and the words we speak, Randy encourages the listener to take a highlight pen and go to the book of Proverbs and highlight every single thing that pertains to word of speech.  Get it into your soul the importance of what comes out of your mouth.  Randy drops segments of his personal testimony into the contents of this message, producing practical truths that can help in your everyday Christian walk.  Anointed deliverance prayers and ministry that you can actively participate in, conclude this teaching.

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