1977 Summer Camp Meeting

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1977 Summer Camp Meeting

A speaker had to be removed from our library many years after this camp meeting was over by Glen Miller. The founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. This was cassette master #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18.
Kevin, LHBC staff.

Win Worley
Deliverance Ministry

77LHCD6-4 – Win Worley – Deliverance
77LHCD6-7 – Win Worley – The Bread of the Children 1-of-2
77LHCD6-9 – Win Worley – The Bread of the Children 2-of-2
In the first part of 77LHCD6-9 Buzz Milosh came up and shared some Scripture, deliverance songs. He had a cassette tape he liked to freely give away when he was here, He’s given us permission to share it.
Go to Camp Meeting Music See Buzz Milosh.

77LHCD6-12 – Win Worley – JESUS AND THE CROSS
This is absolutely the most compelling message most have ever heard concerning the last few hours in the life of our LORD Jesus. Bro. Worley goes into great detail about every aspect of the passion starting in the garden praying with the disciples. There is much included about the involvement of satan and the hosts of hell in his commentary. This message is full of food for thought and interesting insights. For instance, Win gives an interpretation regarding the garden trial – “let his cup pass from me” – that you may not have ever heard, but you’ll find it interesting and thought-provoking. He makes several such points. Even the funny parts of this message are useful and informative. You’ll find yourself wanting to listen to this message over and over!

77LHCD6-14 – Win Worley – SIN IN THE CAMP
Amidst the multitude of admonitions within this message to stay focused on the Word of God, is a clarion call to pastors to be accountable in their position in the ministry. One of the most withering things you can do to a demon is to say, “I’m seated high in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus”. The enemy is fully aware of the authority we have in the name of Jesus as we are obedient to Him. Brother Worley delivers strong attacks against pride, sexual sins, and religious racketeers – just to name a few. Evil reproduces evil but the Word of God produces the whole counsel of God. If you are to effectively be used to help set the captives free, you must be willing to confront and repent of sin in your own life and submit to God’s authority.

77LHCD6-17 – Win Worley – GOD’S ARMOUR
This is a wonderful discussion of how casting out demons was such a vital part of Jesus’ ministry. Worley will convince you that deliverance is for everyone! Included is an outstanding treatment of Eph 10:6, and how important it is for you to be in the thick of the battle. We don’t have a chance without the armor and, above all, the shield of faith to put out every fiery dart of the enemy. The faith shield can reinforce any part of the armor. Win explains what to do when Satan throws up your past and condemnation. Great advice to send those demons packing!

Art & Lilly Johnson
Gospel of The Kingdom – (Types & Shadows)

77LHCD6-19 – Art Johnson – EAGLE SAINTS
This is a message to those desiring to be overcomers and it will challenge you to soar in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit has anointed this story and it will help you to attain that higher realm of walking with Jesus. Isaiah 40:31. As the eagle hides away for 40 days of renewal, so the Eagle Saint learns to hide away in the springs of Living Water for cleansing, deliverance, and healing. The Eagle Saint feeds on honey in the Rock, while resting in the cleft of the Rock, and thereby is enabled to fly in the heavenlies.

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Audio by Camp Meetings – Main Menu

Camp Meeting Schedule

Free LHBC video messages on YouTube – New

The Bread of the Children 1-of-2
The Bread of the Children 2-of-2
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