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Geri McGhee is often a featured speaker here at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. She is a very active part of LHBC camp meetings!  We recommend her!

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A person with mental problems is a person who has been scattered. Double-mindedness, or multiple personalities can be caused by soul ties, satanism, or can be as simple as putting on a different personality at church than you would have at home. A home not run under the mind of Christ is the root of schizophrenia.


Deliverance is a life-long process. We are all involved in this process. Deliverance is not a one-time process it is continuous. Deliverance is basically giving ourselves to God and resisting the devil – he will flee. We must look for the spiritual roots for why we are the way we are. We are all in a process of walking out our salvation.


Many problems in our lives can be traced back to not honoring our mother and father. To honor means to forgive. Carrying anger, frustration, and having idols and false gods in our lives are also roots. Anger is idolatry, and can take its roots in not honoring, or forgiving your parents. Geri traces many situations and problems that occur in life back to how we have judged our parents.

There are many things we can do “religiously”. A great number of people who call themselves Christians have a religious spirit – their religion is in their head, they have never been born again. People who are religious will not accept correction, a disciple wants the truth, and wants to line up with God’s Word. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.


Using many scriptures, Sister McGhee shows that Jesus came to set the captives free. The enemy of our soul (the devil) is always seeking those he can devour, swallow up, or take captive (I Peter 5:8). She gives many scriptures to show the cause of captivity and the fruit of being taken captive or swallowed up. Then she outlines the steps to freedom.

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7. Sister McGhee presents a wonderful detailed study of fear. Using many scriptures she shows how to systematically uncover the root of fear, anxiety, and distress. Once the root is uncovered then the root cause can be eliminated to bring you under God’s Word and protection. Deliverance prayers follow the presentation.

03LHCD12-9 – Geri McGhee – WHY FLESH MUST DIE
Luke 9:23 “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” Dr. Derek Prince states, “The cross comes when your will crosses the will of God.” Sister McGhee outlines a 9 step program to deny self (flesh) and follow Christ Jesus to bear fruit of the Spirit. An excellent message for all who have problems with the flesh. Deliverance prayers follow the teaching.


1 Cor 10:14 tells us, “Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.” An idol is an image used for false worship, or anything you put before God. Sister McGhee reviews the various forms of idolatry and discusses the fruit of idolatry which includes pride, jealousy, envy, anger, misfortune, famine, plagues, loss of understanding, pain, vexation, bitterness, unrest and many other things. She covers the steps to free you from the curse of idolatry and start the road to recovery.

In Mt 13:18-23 (also in Mark & Luke), the believer is compared to soil or land. In 1Cor 3:9, the believer is compared to a house and a field (soil). As we look in Num 13:16-33, we find that Moses sent spies to spy out the promised land. They returned with fear and unbelief that the promised land could not be cleared of giants for them to occupy it in God’s rest and peace. Sister McGhee shows by Scripture that the things that stop us from occupying in peace and rest are a mirror image of the past sins we have planted in our lives, which have now matured and produce much evil fruit. To come into God’s rest we must recognize behind each hindrance there is an idol in our lives. She lists many Scriptural causes for lack of victory, and then outlines steps to victory. Prayers of repentance, breaking of curses and mass deliverance follow the teaching.


05LHCD12-12 – Geri McGhee – THE WRATH OF GOD
Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Geri establishes that God is a righteous God who must judge and punish unrepented sin. She then lists from Scripture, twelve causes of God’s wrath; rebellion, idolatry, sins of mouth, spiritual adultery, offering to Baal, love of the world, priest who make no difference between holy and vile, living after the flesh, disobedience, suppress the truth, stubbornness, and fornication. She then shows God’s heart and willingness to forgive sin and turn from wrath. This teaching closes with prayers of confession, repentance and deliverance.

05LHCD12-18 – Geri McGhee – SOUL TIES
Eccl 11:10 Therefore remove sorrow (vexation) from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh: for childhood and youth are vanity. Soul ties are a spiritual bond to another person or animal. Sister McGhee lists over twenty-five ways these evil ties can be acquired. She explains the mechanism behind the ties and gives an excellent teaching how evil soul ties cause pain and suffering, how to avoid forming them, how to discover the cause and finally, how to get free and stay free of evil soul ties. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


Pro 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Scripture states that if a child is trained up by the Word of God, then he will not depart from His Godly training and will be seen as the glory of his earthly father (Pro 17:6). In any area which you do not train your child by Scriptural principles, then that child will have problems later in life. Geri shows that children must be raised with both love and discipline (Heb 12:9) but without harshness to provoke them to anger. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching which is an excellent guide for young fathers.

III Jn 2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” If you see a Christian brother or sister sinning in a way that does not lead to death, you should pray and God will give that person life. But there is a sin that leads to death and I am not saying you should pray for those who commit it (1 Jn 3:16 NLT) It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter (Pro 25:2). Geri shows how we are subject to the sins of our fathers because we were in the loins of our fathers when they sinned, as Levi was in the loins of Abraham when Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek – hence Levi paid tithes to Melchizedek (Heb 7:9-10). Since we must pray for ourselves to clear the bloodline of sins leading to death. Geri then leads the congregation to confess and repent of over 30 different sins, which lead to death. Deliverance concludes this message.

Some of us control and some of us allow ourselves to be controlled. If it is negative and demonic control, it is as the sin of witchcraft. Parents and Godly authority figures on the other hand need to teach Godly discipline. Children that are properly disciplined feel loved and secure. Undisciplined children can become bipolar and rebellious. God’s kingdom works under authority. A spirit of control will oppress, encumber, dishearten and enslave. A controlled person feels victimized. In Ps 72:4, God says “He will break in pieces the oppressor.” Oppressive controlling spirits want power and they will advance in any way they can. God wants us to be under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Our freedom in the Holy Spirit can be hindered if we come under the control of someone else’s will. The Harry Potter movies are all about the teaching of witchcraft and controlling others to do your will. There are many people who are not witches who are practicing witchcraft by trying to manipulate and control others or by praying towards that end. The listener will be challenged to ask themselves the question, “Am I a controller?” or “Am I being controlled?”

06LHCD7-10 – Geri McGhee – THE DEVOURERS
We are taken captive when things happen in our childhood and we turn to something (besides God) to cope with it, or when we refuse to even risk life, we check out emotionally and the enemy “swallows us up”. This can be a main root of deaf and dumb spirit, turning to an idol. Several Scriptures are presented to show where the enemy is swallowing us up. Jonah was swallowed up in the belly of the whale due to rebellion. We can be swallowed up into captivity because of lack of knowledge. Isaiah 5:13 We can be swallowed up due to lack of a shepherd. We can be swallowed up by one another. Gal 5:15. This could also be a cause of being overweight. Once we stop biting and devouring one another, the weight will drop! This is a must message for every deliverance worker!

Beginning with reference to Matt 7:1 and Luke 6:37, Geri tells us that false gods are judgments you will not take to the cross. Even in the womb you reap things that were sown in generations before you. She explains these come down from your mother and father. We must do as Deut 5:16 and Eph 4 tells us concerning our father and mother and dealing with our sin before sundown. She also makes reference to our Nehushtan. The world says “what goes around comes around” but God calls it “the law of sowing and reaping”. We must take accountability for what we do and quit blaming others – John 20:20. “Bitter roots are about bitter fruit”. She explains what righteous judgment and unrighteous judgment mean to us. And she reminds us that “wherever you go you have to take yourself”. Geri says God allows people in our lives that permit our “roosters to crow” as He did for Peter. Bitter root judgment is your own sin. Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die. “How you are trained up defaults your lifestyle” is an interesting analogy she brings to us. But you can cancel your reaping by repentance. God says love and forgive. Faith purifies your soul as you yield to God you can receive holiness. Geri tells us we become like whom we judge. She gives many scripture references in this teaching and closes with a group recitation renouncing generational curses and other strongholds.

06LHCD12-9 – Geri McGhee – THE POWER OF WORDS
In her introduction, Geri gives us nuggets about our words from the Word. God gives us the keys to the Kingdom of heaven, whatever we bind and loose on earth is bound and loosed in heaven. One way we overcome and take dominion is through our words. God says if you are His child and you are righteous – He orders your steps. God says if I say it, you can say it. Remember every idle word men speak they will have to give account for on the Day of Judgment. You can dig the ditch deeper or praise your way out of the ditch. Scripture says the walls are salvation and the gates are praise. A gate lets things in so I can stand at the gate and I can be negative and let demons into my life or I can stand at the gate and praise God and keep the enemy out. Halleluiah!! She asks, “What do words do?” They bless or curse, bind or loose, hate or love, bring sickness or health, etc. If you can control your words, you can control things around you. The Bible says the tongue sets on fire the course of your life, either negative or positive. Geri explains many scriptures concerning your lips, tongue and words. She says a critical spirit is a misguided gift of discernment. She references Steve Sampson’s book “I am always on my mind”. James 3:1-7 tells us we cannot tame the tongue but we can purify our hearts which changes what the tongue says. Matthew 15 says out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts. Then Geri gives us some steps to deliverance concerning confession of words and a prayer of self-deliverance with the congregation repeating after her asking for revelation of the truth that sets us free. She concludes with the song “Nothing but the blood of Jesus” asking the Lord to fill us with love, joy, peace, etc and speaks a blessing over the congregation.

08LHCD12-12 – Geri McGhee – Soul Ties
A root of prayerlessness is when you don’t believe God wants to talk to you; this could be how you saw your parents. Heb 12:1 don’t quit when God disciplines you. Matt 5 the pure in heart shall see God. Prov 30:3 die to our flesh. I John 4:6 abiding in Christ means to obey. James 4:7 a soul tie is being connected with another spirit. Whatever they are you can become. Remove vexation out of your heart and God will heal you. You become like who you judge. Geri shares many causes of acquiring soul ties. You have to forgive each one and each situation. I Tim 5:2, Luke 6:40, I Cor 6:15, II Cor 6:14-17, Prov 13:20, 11:15, Ps 115:135, I Cor 8:9-12. God wants you to become conformed into His image, not in the image of the person who hurts you. Everything you have planted in your spiritual garden is going to come up, good or evil. Geri closes with prayers for breaking soul ties.

06LHCD12-14 – Geri McGhee – THE SPIRIT OF SLEEP
Geri begins her teaching by telling us what the Bible says about being sober, on alert and drunk. Zephaniah 1:12 tells us of the man with a stagnant spirit. A reprobate mind is a mind that doesn’t recognize God therefore it is a root to alzheimers. The Bible warns us to wake up. Ephesians 5:14 tells us you are either drunk with wine or the Holy Spirit. She gives us scriptures about bringing about the spirit of sleep or a sluggard. The seeds of lust produce a crop. Did you know your body sleeps but your spirit does not? You are either better or bitter. God is telling the church to get out of harlotry. If you sit in a church and don’t come out different you haven’t met God. This is the reason Geri says she likes to come to LHBC. She always leaves different. More references are given including Matthew 22:2-6, 7-14 showing us God is pulling out a remnant. Romans 11:8-10 shows a spirit of stupor or slumber. Geri closes with spiritual warfare against these spirits and others. 


Geri begins by telling us she is going to give us a tip that will change our life and circumstances. She says it is by blessing yourself, your spouse and your children. First we have to deal with our “stuff” – unresolved things planted in our spiritual garden. The more purified your heart, the more you can bless others. In John 4, Jesus said He was looking for worshippers and blessers. You need to find out what’s in your heart. Negative words can cause spiritual or physical death and act as a curse over peoples lives. Speaking blessings cause strength, energy, vigor and power. Positive words bring spiritual life and vitality. With words you can heal or make sick. Your words can set you free and others free. She gives many examples from the book of Proverbs. We can direct our lives by speaking God’s Word. Geri give us facts about blessings and curses. For instance one fact about blessing is agreeing with God and one fact about curses is that they put God in opposition to us. In God’s Kingdom we do not have the right of free speech only to say what He says. Blessings are often forgot-ten among Christians today. Our blessings have more power than satanic curses and power blessing will blast power curses. She tells us the root of bi-polar. We cannot bless horizontally until we can worship and bless God. We can “drive a nail for God or we can drive a nail for satan”. She closes this very informative teaching containing many nuggets from the Word of God with congregational recitation for deliverance after asking the Holy Spirit to reveal any negative words spoken over them or they have spoken over others.

07LCCD2-6 – Geri McGhee – ENABLER
Geri opens with prayer asking Jesus to cover her words with His precious blood. Jesus says “Come unto Me” – Give us control of your life, get on the potters wheel, yield to God and He will take junk out, God has a refuge – Psalms 91. She explains a vivid picture of an enabler in the story of the man clipping the butterfly’s cocoon before its time. She tells of people healed when they receive deliverance and repentance from being an enabler. If you quit trying to be their savior, they will look for a savior. Enablers usurp Gods authority. Geri shares personal stories. Realize that if you stop being an enabler their pain will bring them to God. Geri shares many Proverb scriptures on the woes of being an enabler such as 28:5 – enabler is a worker of iniquity. Enablers are false deliverers, delivering for the moment only. They operate under jezebel, anti-Christ and python spirits. Enablers exalt human opinions over the Word of God. She uses many scriptures to back this up. Remember enablers reap what the person they enable sows. Geri closes this excellent teaching asking each one to ask the Lord if they are enablers and to repent. Congregational deliverance recitation follows at the end.

Geri nails Scripture after Scripture to lay the groundwork for possible roots to diseases. The spiritual root to a disease is the sin that causes the disease. The sin can be your own personal sin, a sin committed against you, or it can be a generational iniquity of the forefathers. For some people it is hard for them to understand or believe that sin and sickness could be related. This message will do more for you than any prescription drug, any trip to the doctor, any surgery, or treatment plan. The Holy Spirit is sending a message to the body of Christ that the Word of God is the solution for every ailment, every disease, every affliction or symptom. It is the way of healing, the way of divine health and we have to be willing to let the Master Surgeon operate on us using His Precious Word. His death on the cross was not a religious experience for Him. Neither is what Geri talks about in this message, intended to be a religious experience for us. We must be willing to have everything exposed by the Holy Spirit so that cleansing, healing and restoration can be fulfilled. Ministry concludes this teaching. 

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will lift up a standard against him. In the context of this message, the flood that she refers to is the flood of words the enemy uses. For example, satan might say, “You’re fat.” God has told you that you are wonderfully made. Listening to the flood could cause a person to fall from faith. See that you are not misled for only the righteous will enter the inheritance of God. The Word of God is the standard that is lifted up against the enemy. Geri also makes the statement that, “How you are walking proves who you are walking after.” Don’t be swept away by the enemy’s flood. This message ends with prayer and deliverance.

07LHCD5-10A – Geri McGhee – DO YOU HAVE EARS TO HEAR? 1-of-2
07LHCD5-10B – Geri McGhee – DO YOU HAVE EARS TO HEAR? 2-of-2
“The Word is like a fire and a hammer that breaks rock.” Geri takes the listener through many Scriptures – from being born again, to discipleship, to obedience, and hearing. We need to have an ear to hear and understand. If our natural ears or spiritual ears are in need of healing, REPENT. If we have cut off (closed our ears to hear) our parent’s voice, a teacher, pastor, etc., or an actual blow to the ear – FORGIVE and watch God set you free. You are a spiritual garden. Watch over what kind of seed you plant! Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


Geri uses many Scriptures and personal experiences to illustrate the subject of addictions. An anti-Christ spirit is an unloving spirit that will not let you love yourself or others. In John 14:27, Jesus said, “My peace I give to you.” We are either led by the Spirit of God or the spirit of bondage. Maybe we are co-dependent on someone else instead of God and have bad soul ties. In Jer. 17:5 and Eph. 5:8, we see that as we get delivered we will have no need for the addiction that had us in bondage. Geri points out to not be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Holy Spirit. As the character of Jesus is being formed in us – we will suffer. Let go of pride, take responsibility, repent – be willing to suffer. Much, much more is included in this teaching. If you need victory over any addiction this CD or DVD will help you. To get the full benefit of this teaching you should also listen to 07LHCD7-13.mp3 – Geri McGhee – AN UNLOVING SPIRIT. Listen to Breaking the Power of Addictions first and then An Unloving Spirit.

Geri teaches that this spirit is connected to a multitude of fear spirits. 2 Cor. 10:12 Do we compare our self by our self or by the world? Isa 40:18 God is the one to compare our self to. What does He say about us? When we don’t see our self as God sees us, we are in sin – which causes the body to turn on itself. When you curse yourself (I’m fat, etc.) you strengthen this unloving demon. Geri suggests that this spirit is at the root of several diseases that she names. This spirit may come through a parent – the one most like you. It will not allow you to love yourself like God does. The biggest hindrance to loving yourself is this unloving spirit. Mt 22:37-39. The devil says you are never going to win. God says you always overcome in Him. God wants you to change your way – go His way. The root of this spirit is lack of discipline. A great deal of teaching concerns this in children and the consequences in later years. To get rid of this spirit – come under God’s discipline. Decide to love yourself as God does. Look up verses on who you are in Christ. Ps 40:5 Forgive parents – repent of rebellion and refusing discipline – recognize the spirit is not you. Break generational curses – break soul ties with the parent most like you. Prayers for deliverance conclude this service.  

Fear is a sin and an evil spirit. If not dealt with, it can destroy your immune system. She believes fear is at the root of all sin and is the opposite of faith. A lack of peace causes disease and God wants us to live in peace. As our heart and thoughts get purified, our mouth will be changed. 2 Cor 10:4-6 Geri gives the remedy for pain found in Ecc 11:10 and points out that pain is rooted in vexation and we must forgive. Germs cannot live in a body that has no unforgiveness. She says, “Let God fix it” or “the world wants to cover it.” She covers good fear and bad fear. Good fear – the fear of the Lord causes you to want to run to God. Demonic fear causes you to run from God. The term “fear not” is in the Bible over 344 times. It is rooted in idolatry which lets wounds come in. God wants to heal your wounds. If you say, “I’m just full of wounds,” you’re saying you are full of idols. If you have a fear of death that spirit can hinder the work of the cross in your life. Geri lists many doorways to fear. The solutions to be free are to 1) Lay down the idol, 2) Take your thoughts captive, 3) Give up your life (your wants), 4) Take the idol up the mount (to God), 5) Run into God’s refuge. Command the enemy to spit you up if he’s swallowed you up!

This message reveals how to have relationships healed. Geri points out that the things that bother us now are the things not resolved in childhood. We are living in the day when we need to be walking the “Highway” of holiness – walking in the light as He is in the light. We need to be the light that is shining and as we deal with getting rid of sin in our lives, it makes the light shine brighter. Breaking up the fallow ground causes our land to shine. Our children mirror what was done in our early lives or the lives of our ancestors. If you try and forgive and it won’t go away it might be a parent issue. Forgive everything about your offender that you didn’t like about your mom or dad. Whatever you can’t stand about your mate is what you judged your parents for. It all needs to be taken to the cross. If our hearts go after other lovers (spiritual adultery) we will be under the curse of spiritual harlotry. Idolatry is the root of many things – loss of understanding, anger, frustration, saying you are wounded and much more. Those things that “push your buttons” are God’s way of showing you what your idols are. Prayers for repentance, deliverance and healing follow this excellent teaching.  

07LHCD11-2 – Geri McGhee – THE ARMOUR OF LIGHT
Geri’s opening statement is, “Quit playing church!” She exhorts the listener to press into God and break up the fallow ground (which means make your land shine). Be attentive to this message – it will help you survive, no matter what you see happening on this earth. She gives personal testimony concerning one of her sons who became saved even though he suffered from a fatal illness. She shares an abundance of Scripture – the Holy Spirit makes it clear that our trials are to purify us. Do you receive instruction? If not, find out why you don’t and learn to. We are to walk on the narrow highway of holiness. That is the path of protection from the enemy. We are to rest in the Lord. Geri states that unrest is a curse. We must yield our lives to Him, see sin and turn from it, come under the yoke of Jesus and you will have peace in your life. Moment by moment obedience to the Lord guarantees you are protected by His Armor of Light. Rom 13:12-14, “The night is almost gone, and the day is at hand. Let us therefore lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave properly as in the day, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual promiscuity and sensuality, not in strife and jealousy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.”

Gal. 5:  bears witness there is no law when we are producing the fruit of the spirit but when we are living in the works of the flesh, we are under the law. You are not under the law until you disobey it. Look for the spiritual reason behind why you are sick. It may be a childhood promise you made. Issues that were not dealt with then bring symptoms and consequences in the present. Geri speaks extensively about idols in this message. Repent of your idols. Jesus died on the cross to get the devil out of you! Every place your parents did not train you up according to God’s Word, you have a root issue for a present sickness or problem. FORGIVE! You have to see the sin and idolatry before you can break the curse. When we turn from our false gods we can be healed. We must stay on the potter’s wheel. He wants to make us into the purpose He has for us. If you haven’t understood about curses before, this teaching can help you learn to walk in freedom. Prayers for bondages to be broken conclude this message. 

07LHCD12-1L – Geri McGhee – CRY OUT
There are things in our life that are never going to change until we cry out. Geri shares scripture passages that are examples of crying out; Ps 17:1, I Kings 8:28, II Chron 6:19 and many others from the book of Psalms. How long and when do we cry out? Ps 55:7, Ps 86:3, Pro 2:3-5 and Eccl 10:10 give us the answer. She shares scriptures from Psalms that are commands to cry out. When you cried out as a child what happened? How were you responded to? You will feel the same way about the response you received when you cry out to God. There are 5 factors essential to crying out 1. Recognize helplessness 2. Recognize hopelessness 3. Realize no one can solve my problem but Him 4. Surrender unconditionally 5. Expect results. Geri gives us 8 reasons God might not hear our crying out. Honor your Father and your Mother means you forgive them of their poor stewardship of you, by sundown. Closing with prayer to forgive parents in order to remove blocks between us and God, Geri emphasizes we need to learn to cry out to God. This teaching concludes with deliverance and an invitation to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Geri first tells us the core of the message is “don’t let the sun go down on our anger”. This opens your life up to demon spirits. Bible tells us in Matt 13:25 that the enemy sows tares while men are sleeping. This means we become a captive of the enemy in whatever area we are angry in. She believes that in whatever area we are sick there is unforgiveness somewhere. God wants us to live a lifestyle of repentance; it is not a one time thing. Every day we can find something to repent of. It means I am going to get it right before the devil gets his teeth in me. Everything we go through has a lesson in it. She gives an example about her father. Repentance does a healing work in your life. There is a spiritual root to why you get sick. Deut 28 tells us sickness is a curse. Pro 26:2 says that a curse cannot light without a cause. There may be things from your childhood that you have forgotten. One of the major roots to eye problems is pride. God said he sent His Word to heal you. Look up in the Bible all that you can find on whatever part of you is sick or hurt. Sometimes when we have a physical problem, God is trying to get our attention about something. If you find out the cause of the curse, healing can come unless God is ready to take you to heaven. Pain is rooted in vexation of heart. Honor, which means forgive here, your father and your mother, so that life is going well for you. Geri goes through some scriptures for people with back problems and trusts God will heal you today. If somebody puts burdens on your back you cannot see them but can feel them. If you had eyes to see like an angel or demon you could see the burdens on somebody’s back. If you had a wounded spirit, crushed to the bone as a child, it throws your back off and it causes back problems. You have to deal with it or you will continue getting crushed. You’ll either get bitter or better from the things you go through. Choose better because bitter will kill you. Another root to a back problem is the spirit of leviathan, which is the spirit of pride. Another root is having a Pharisee spirit, like growing up around people who were perfectionist or legalistic. They tied excessive burdens on your back and weren’t even willing to lift a finger to help you. Geri tells many other roots to back problems in this teaching with explanations of each and scriptures pertaining to them. She closes with prayers of repentance and forgiveness recitation with all present and thanks that LHBC is a river in the desert.

07LHCD12-4 – Geri McGhee – DO YOU HAVE EARS TO HEAR?
Your protection in these last days is to hear and obey God. Geri gives testimony of being born again to be a disciple. We are to be changed from glory to glory. We can do self-deliverance, John 12:24. When we are not listening to God we may be going back to an issue with our father or mother. This can also be the cause of later hearing loss. Repentance will be the first choice to try. We need to ask God to straighten out our thinking and He will. See Job 34:3, Hos 4:2 and Isaiah 6:9. The ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Neh 9:16-37. Stubbornness leads to a stiff neck; a cold shoulder to God’s Word. II Kings 17:13-20 may be the cause of shoulder pain or problems. Pro 1:24-33 – promises for listening to God. Isaiah 42:20 – seeing not hearing. Mal 2:2 – God curses not listening to and obeying Him. II Tim 4:3 – have ears for false teachers. Stay on the potter’s wheel because the potter is really smart. Watch what is coming up in your spiritual garden. Plant good seeds. Isaiah 5:3-listen that you may live. I Kings 3:9 – a hearing heart was Solomon’s prayer. Examine your heart. Do you have ears to hear? In closing Geri speaks deliverance prayers.

07LHCD12-9 – Geri McGhee – SHAME AND GUILT
Shame means to distort, etc. and leads to guilt. If we deal with it God’s way, He removes the shame. Anywhere you get your button pushed you have a wound and it is an idol. She references Deut 32:15. It is ok to make your needs known to the Lord but if you are angry, it is an idol. Rev 9:20, Producing from the flesh leads to eye cataracts. Gal 5:19, If you practice anger you will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Matt 13, anger and jealousy are fruits of idolatry. God uses the turkeys in your life to change you. Deut 32:23-39, if we put our trust in God, we will never be ashamed. Geri shared some of the causes of shame – when a child is not covered by love, grows up with criticism, poverty, alcohol in the family, what we think we ought to be, sexual sins, living a sinful lifestyle, a past life, children not having a dad, etc. II Sam 13:10-19, sexual sins open you up to shame which opens you up to a spirit of death. II Kings 19:26, pride-trusting in your own abilities – vs. 28, 22 shame because of wickedness. A root of torment is unforgiveness. Psalms 44:7, root of shame-hating God’s children. Ps 53:5, rejection, Isaiah 45:16, 42:17, trusting in idols, Isaiah 45:24, angry at the Lord, basically anger from an unresolved childhood issue with a parent. The need is to forgive. Repent, praise God and go free. Isaiah 54:4, Geri closes with prayers of repentance and forgiveness for all.

07LHCD12-14 – Geri McGhee – BUTTON PUSHERS
Button pushers are rooted in an area of your heart where, when you were hurt as a child or some other time, you did not go to God, you were provoked to anger, you receive a lie and your heart goes after something else. And that something else is idolatry. Here in America we have false gods and do not even realize it. Every thing that makes you mad, afraid and depresses you is linked to a false god. Wounded spirits can come down generationally and you can be born with a wounded spirit. Babies can hear in the womb. Geri encourages all to find what purpose we have in life. We are all sowing good or evil by the things we do. She says when you get your button pushed you need to start looking for the idol. Personal experiences are shared by Geri. Gal 5:19, things not acceptable to God. Every place you get your button pushed you may stuff it or you may explode because you have a wounded spirit. Rev 3:10, deal with your stuff and overcome. The button pushers are things that God is letting manifest in His timing because he says I am ready to heal it. You are always healed when you go to God in your pain. When you say I am a wounded person you are saying I’ve got lots of false gods. I’m just an idol worshipper. Col 3:2, do not provoke your children to anger because it sets in motion the law of sowing and reaping. Geri shares many personal experiences in this teaching. Do not speak negative words over your children. Wherever you have an idol you have an issue of sadness in your heart. Get in the mirror of God’s Word and seek out repentance whether you think you are guilty or not. The Word is what heals you the world cannot. What you say is directing the course of your life. Geri then prays Lord what pushes my buttons and asks all to repent of what the Lord shows them. Then she closes with deliverance recitations from a wounded spirit, button pushers, etc.



Geri begins by admonishing us to be full of the Word of God for these times of need. Her text for this teaching is taken from Jer 23:1-3, 10, 14-22. The so-called prophets today are about another gospel, another Jesus with no conviction of sin and no righteousness. John 8:32 – understanding is the truth that sets us free. Discernment is lacking in the church today. If Jesus isn’t Lord in my life something else is. In the one world religion there is no Word, no repentance, no cross and no reverence, etc. Ezek 13, Matt 12:33. God wants us to overcome. Prov 24:3, Ps 119:34 shows our need of understanding. The fear of the Lord is wisdom. Wisdom is your sister – understanding your intimate friend. Our parents are models for us in what God is like. The more pure our own hearts are towards our parents the more we really know God. Geri has many scriptures showing why we need understanding. She shares her “snake story” with us. Then she shares many more scriptures to show how we lose understanding. II Thess 2:10 – she explains how to get understanding; Prov 1:23 – by digging for it – Prov 2:1. The gold is the Word of God. True revival is when you and I make Jesus Christ Lord and master of our life. A time of repentance and deliverance concludes this teaching.

The gold is in God’s Word. He sent His word to heal you. The more you repent the more of God’s glory you get. Geri uses a computer to begin illustration of this teaching. Just as a computer has defaults, we have acquired defaults also from our parents. Whatever area your parent does not train you up according to the Word, provokes you to anger in that area. She gives personal examples. Our parent model for us is a picture of what God is to us. We are wounded in all the areas our parents failed us. It is not acceptable to God for you to keep your fears, etc. Never think the second time around will be better. Remember “the grass is greener over the septic tank” not on the other side. Matt 7:1 tells us to judge not lest you be judged in the same way. When you have a problem say, “OK Lord, what are you trying to show me?” God sends a “turkey” to show what we haven’t repented of. In Deut 5 – Honor your father and mother – there are 2 promises here and the “honor” means to forgive. It is in an area where you have let the sun go down on your anger. Prov 32 tells us we gain understanding by letting God correct us and this sets us free. Thank God for the “turkeys” in your life. Problems teach us but they are not fun. Whenever you take accountability for your sin then you can forgive. Pro 30:17 – forgive them. When parents do not train you then Christ does. God breaks the default and changes it from something negative to something positive. Geri closes with questions and answers and everyone present repeats deliverance prayers.

08LHCD7-12A – Geri McGhee – SOUL TIES 1-of-2
08LHCD7-12B – Geri McGhee – SOUL TIES 2-of-2
You can carry sexual diseases, demons, etc. from soul ties. She shares an experience where Michael the arch angel drove out a demon from a woman with a satanic background. Also, a person who craved drugs after being in contact with a user. Demons come in through the eyes. Jer 23 the pastures have dried up Ezek 12 The body of Christ is starving for the Word of God. Deut 28 God scatters when there is no obedience. These soul ties are one way we are scattered. God wants to heal. Soul tie is a false relationship, personality. There are good soul ties and evil soul ties. The sword of the Spirit can sever the connection. Col 2:2 is a biblical soul tie. When God’s order in the home is not perfect there will be issues ito deal with. Unforgiveness opens you up to soul ties. The glory of children is their fathers. When a child does not have a daddy, the enemy thinks they are up for grabs. A present example; boys raised by their mother to know God is their Father can be in balance, they do not need as much healing. I Cori 6:9 Geri says “Repent”. A person raised by only one parent may take on their familiar spirit. They may not be an active homosexual or lesbian but will draw persons with the same spirit to you. Be careful to not let people lay hands on you. I Tim 4:1 Soul ties to perverted family ties. You can receive soul ties through bestiality, sickness of animals. You can receive soul ties through grief. Unforgiveness binds you to the one who hurts or disappoints you. If you have piercings, tattoos, break soul ties with the one who did yours. Break this blood covenant tie. Levi 19:28, Ex 21:6 Cut soul ties with the one who cuts your hair. Geri shares some medical body transplants that changed the personality of the persons who received the transplant organ. Floaters in the eyes can be logs from judging people. Pro 13:20 You will become like the bad companions you fellowship with. Ask God to show you who you have soul ties with. Prayers for deliverance close this teaching.


Geri begins telling us the curse of incest and the bastard curse are two curses that go for 10 generations. She says when you break these curses you are to step up in your bloodline and take accountability for the curses coming down and break them over all your family now. Go d is no respecter of persons; He loves all. The righteous and the unrighteous both leave inheritances to their children. Geri breaks illegitimacy curses over those present. She tells us a soul tie is a link whether good or bad; then she breaks these bad soul ties of illegitimacy. Spiritual adultery is when our heart goes after anything other than Jesus. Our problems now are re-runs of the problems we had in childhood; we just have another chance to correct them now. Numbers 5:19 refers to physical adultery. In verse 27-29 we see the curse of the law of jealousy. Ezek 16:30-34 spiritual adultery is not like physical adultery. The physical harlot gets paid for what she does but a spiritual harlot pays her partner. When you make an idol of a person you are in spiritual adultery. The root to all our problems is violating the Word of God. Wherever you have an idol, you have a wound. Our greatest day will be to get in the Word and repent. After a man is fully trained he becomes like his teacher. Geri then gives us characteristics of a harlot. Some of the scripture references are Pro 7:10,23:27,22:14, Isa 1:21,23:16, Jer 2:20, Ezek 16:28, 30, Hosea 2:5, 5:3, Nahum 3:4, Pro 29:3, Job 24, Pro 2:16,5:20,5:3,7:5,6:32,9:13, Eccl 7:26, Pro 6:26, Hosea 4:10, 4:14, Micah 1:7, Rev 17:16, Isa 14:22, etc. There is a harlot church system out there in which there are members who want to live after the flesh. We must yield to God and what He wants in our life not what we want. Read I John 1:9. Geri closes with prayers of deliverance from curses mentioned in this teaching.

Geri starts with a deliverance prayer binding every demonic spirit from this meeting. You cannot have salvation unless Jesus is Lord. Salvation is a walk of continually putting to death the flesh. Gal 5:16 – Choose God’s way over your way. Sin is sin. Be a vessel of honor to God. Repent! The Word of God is what transforms you. The lamp of the body is the eyes. Being lukewarm and not in God’s Word is sin. Ezek 44. When you yield to Jesus His Glory comes all over you. No man can give it to you. Geri leads in a prayer for being born again. Several forms of false worship are described. Church wake up, get in the Word of God. Matt 6:21:2. The entrance of God’s Word brings light. You can have God’s Glory only by crucifying your flesh; so are we changed from glory to glory. Matt 5:14-16. If sin is in your life, your light is dim. The more you repent the more light (Pro 13:9) in your life. Scriptures: Job 18:5-6, Ps 19:105, Pro 6:23, 24:1, 20:27, Pro 21:4. Our answers are in God’s Word. Luke 11:36, Matt 7:1, Matt 25:1-3, John 2:23-24. You don’t obey to be saved; you obey because (Matt 25:1-12) you are saved. Matt 7:15, Ps 41:11, Matt 7:17-27. All you have to do is say “here I am”. Let the Potter mold the clay. Stay on the highway of holiness. Ezek 44. God separates between the holy and profane. Romans 8:13. Geri closes with deliverance prayers.

08LHCD11-7A – Geri McGhee – COVENANT 1-of-2
08LHCD11-7B – Geri McGhee – COVENANT 2-of-2
God has a better covenant – blessings for keeping His Word. The alternative – curses for disobeying. Geri shares an abundance of Scriptures concerning covenant, and the blessings that come from keeping yourself in covenant with Him. It can’t be fully accomplished using our own strength – we must be yielded to Him, letting the Potter fashion us. Give your life to the Potter. An admonition contained in this message: Anger breaks God’s covenant and you go into a spiritual prison. This service concludes with deliverance prayers and breaking of curses.

Eph 4 – If you let the sun go down on your anger, you will be full of demons. Anger may lead to heart failure and death. Geri reads a medical report showing much more about bodily damage. Sin is at the root of most disease; bitterness, unforgiveness. Gal 5:19 anger and it has a hot wire to idolatry. Deut 32:15-20 a hard heart is produced from the flesh. Most of our problems are from unresolved childhood issues. Not dealing with it only lets it blow up somewhere else. I John 3:21 If you don’t get free of the spiritual roots it will be hard to keep your deliverance. Frustration is a form of anger. God wants us to live in peace Gal 5:19, Matt 22. I Cor 13 love never fails. Anger can change the body’s chemicals. Prov 19:19 if you are angry with 500 people you are in 500 prisons. Forgive self also. Unforgiveness chokes you. Arthritis in feet, etc. is the result of unforgiveness in your path. Psa 41:10 God is pleased when my enemy has no power over me. Prov 27:4. Prayers for freedom close this teaching.

08LHCD12-2L – Geri McGhee – GRIEF
In your pain you can be bitter or better. Deut 32:16, 20 fear, anger and terror are idolatry. Life has no meaning without Jesus. Whatever you are doing you are sowing good or evil and it will multiply either good fruit or bad fruit. Wherever you have an idol you have a wound and you need to deal with it and God will have compassion and will get demons out of you. Geri shares examples. Grief means vexation, anger, sickness. Prov 15:32, Gal 5:19. Affliction means poverty. Idols are the root of our vexation. Geri shares definitions for grief such as being pressured, oppressed, etc. Vows set us up for failure. Your life will go well in every area you honor your mother and father- forgive them by sundown. One of the greatest losses is loss of a loved one. Any grief beyond 30 days opens you up to a spirit of death. You can be bonded through soul ties. God is trying to show you, yourself. God resets the default the minute you repent. Geri shares many more reasons why we grieve. Patterns in our life have to be changed. Grief also causes bitterness. She shares many scriptures on grief and where it comes from such as Job 17:7, Psalms 6:7, 31:9, 77:9-10, Prov 10:1, 14:13, Eccl 1:18, 5:16,17, Is 53:3, etc. One of the consequences of idolatry is grief. Geri closes with prayers repeated by the women in this ladies meeting.

God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. “Fear not” appears some 366 times in the Word of God. Fear is a sin. Fear like faith demands a response. Worry, anger and fear can cause high blood pressure. Fear is rooted in idolatry. Fear is rebellion. Geri teaches from Deut. 32:21-25. Fear is the opposite of faith. I John 4:18 fear will be the number one killer in end times. Fear exposes an area in your life that is not free. Fear will draw the thing to you that you fear. Matt 25:18-30 fear sent this person to hell. Fear is a yoke of slavery, bondage, a curse and it can swallow you up. I Peter 5:8. Some doorways to fear are generational such as controlling parents, demanding parents, wanting to be perfect, look perfect, pain, trauma, neglect and abuse. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Overcome fear by calling the devil’s bluff. Every fear has to be taken up the mountain just like Abraham did Isaac. God overcomes the fear. Geri closes with prayers asking what the fears are in your life and she speaks mass deliverance to get rid of them.

08LHCD12-12 – Geri McGhee – SOUL TIES
A root of prayerlessness is when you don’t believe God wants to talk to you; this could be how you saw your parents. Heb 12:1 don’t quit when God disciplines you. Matt 5 the pure in heart shall see God. Prov 30:3 die to our flesh. I John 4:6 abiding in Christ means to obey. James 4:7 a soul tie is being connected with another spirit. Whatever they are you can become. Remove vexation out of your heart and God will heal you. You become like who you judge. Geri shares many causes of acquiring soul ties. You have to forgive each one and each situation. I Tim 5:2, Luke 6:40, I Cor 6:15, II Cor 6:14-17, Prov 13:20, 11:15, Ps 115:135, I Cor 8:9-12. God wants you to become conformed into His image, not in the image of the person who hurts you. Everything you have planted in your spiritual garden is going to come up, good or evil. Geri closes with prayers for breaking soul ties.

Geri McGhee 2-of-3 – 2009 to 2013 – Deliverance Ministry

Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2018 – Deliverance Ministry 

Order – Geri McGhee – Books

Clearing the Land Preparing for Deliverance – by Geri McGhee
With repentance as the focus, this booklet clarifies the responsibilities Christians have to reclaim what Jesus has won for us at Calvary.  We must clear the land before we can possess the land!  Forgiveness, curses, the occult, soul ties, and deliverance prayers give the reader the tools they need to move forward in what God has purposed for their lives. 21 pages.

DRUNKENNESS – Is This A Blessing Or A Curse? – by Geri McGhee
This book is written to give insight to many believers who are experiencing ‘spiritual drunkenness’ or ‘being drunk in the spirit” and tagging this behavior as a fruit of revival or gift from God. No, not so. This is not a blessing, but in fact a curse–nor is this from the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As believers we need to have discernment and open our spiritual eyes and recognize what spiritual drunkenness really is and how it truly affects our spiritual walk. We should not be so eager to embrace such behavior and simply throw self-control out. Wherever the Holy Spirit is, there will be self-control! We are either filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit of God or we are filled with an unholy spirit and out of control… Booklet – 55 pages.

GRIEF – Exchanging Sorrow for Joy – by Geri McGhee
This is a book of hope.  At one time or another everyone will experience some type of grief – whether through the loss of a friendship, a job, a pet, a failed marriage, or through the death of a loved one.  However, it is how we choose to deal with this critical emotion that will determine whether we are hopeLESS or hopeFULL!  This booklet will give you an insight as to why we grieve and how to overcome such deep grief; thereby equipping the reader with much needed revelation and truth.  As you apply the principles of freedom taught here you will exchange your grief for God’s joy and peace.  This is a must have for every believer, a healing balm, clearly indicating that He whom already bore our grief at the cross awaits you – beckoning you to give it ALL to him!  Booklet – 59 pages.

Each day we encounter unfortunate situations that stem from our behavior, bringing about confusion, pain and hurt into the lives of the ones we love, as well as our own.  Many believers simply ‘sweep them under the rug’ and learn to accept these negative patterns as just a way of life (because of numerous failed attempts to change) and believe the lie that they cannot change and that their behavior is ‘normal.’  Fortunately, this is not Gods plan for your life!  Resetting Lifes Negative Reaping Patterns is written with biblical insights that are keys to living an overcoming life.  This book will help to shed light on negative areas in your life and will help you reset them into positive reaping patterns – for yourself and for your childrens children.  There are biblical answers to YOUR perplexing problems and this book can help change them into positive victories!  Booklet – 63 pages.

This booklet is used as a manual for all believers to assist you in your everyday battles with the adversary.  Geri’s prayer is that you will live an overcoming life and every day be strengthened by His word that will be in you.  Read, memorize and meditate on these scriptures.  For in everything we are to have an answer for the hope that is in us.  Booklet – 53 pages.


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