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10LHCD12-1.mp3 – John Rothacker – HOLY NUTRITION – PART 1
Nutrition is mostly ignored by the church but the ‘world’ is paying a lot of attention to it. Job 5:26, 27, says, we are to come to an old age in vigor – not die of disease. Bro. John says he saw his mother healed of a tumor but not arthritis, causing him to question, WHY? Why are Christians as sick as the world? His mother began to take supplements and within a month, her arthritis was gone. Can correct nutrition play a part in our healing at times? Ex 15:26 says if we hear, pay attention and obey God’s Word, He’ll put none of these diseases on you. This message gives multiple scripture references as biblical guidelines for our health.

10LHCD12-4.mp3 – John Rothacker – HOLY NUTRITION – PART 2
Psalm 23 tells us that “the Lord is our shepherd.” That certainly is a good thing! Our water is contaminated, our bread is cursed and fluoride is toxic. Pro 3:7 says to “Fear the Lord and depart from evil.” When we are obedient to Him, He has promised to take care of us. Food can be a snare, a trap and a stumbling block. Perhaps we should get deliverance from church suppers. The Word of God gives us specifics as to what He made for food but even some of it has been contaminated. Sometimes we just have to eat in faith but still we need to be obedient to His guidelines. Ex. 23:25 says if we serve God, He will bless our food and water and take sickness away from us.

10LHCD12-13.mp3 – John Rothacker – THE COMING OF THE LORD
PLUS – Our brother gives us some specifics on the benefits of natural herbs, spices, honey, etc. that God has provided. God has an answer for everything in the natural and in the spiritual. Many Christians want ‘hands laid on’ them for healing, and have not taken responsibility for what they should be doing in the natural, that God has told them to do or not do in the scriptures. Jesus is coming soon but we are not all ready. A seducing spirit is at work. There is a falling away and the appearance of the anti-christ before we are gathered together with Jesus. However, people will perish because of their lack of love of the truth, and deliberate rebellion because they love their sin. We’ve got to be righteous, holy and sold out to God. Say to the Lord: “Holy Spirit, I give you permission to change my heart”. That’s a spiritual prayer Jesus.


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