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14LHCD11-3 – Randy Richey – UNHOLY JUDGMENT
Three factors combine to form unholy judgment: 1) fault-finding, 2) accuser of the brethren, 3) the spirit of religion. The Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment can be counterfeited as unholy judgment. Stop judging or you will be judged by the standard with which you judge others. Instead, be blessed as a peacemaker, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. We clearly see right from wrong, but how do we handle those situations? We are to do battle and not agree with the darkness. If we speak evil over people we are agreeing with the enemy. We are to be intercessors, stand in the gap for others and love them. Randy lists many synonyms to help us understand what it means to be a judgmental, fault-finding religious Pharisee. We have to guard against giving place to that self-seeking lust, because it invites a demonic spirit that specializes in inspiring a person to find fault with everyone and everything they encounter. That person becomes unteachable and dissatisfied and will never walk in the goodness of God without repentance and deliverance. Those who have this spirit must be stopped by prayer and godly counsel or they will spread havoc. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

This teaching is not against Masons. They can be good, nice people who love their families. The purpose is to expose the anti-Christ religion of Freemasonry. 1) Freemasonry says Jesus Christ is not necessary for salvation, but simply by living a good and moral life, you can go to Heaven. 2) It is gnostic in nature. 3) It claims you are saved by knowledge, and you can thereby attain higher levels of purity. 4) The sin of partiality favors fellow masons in business and the courts 5) Vows bring death if violated. 6) It is a hidden, fraternal order, a system of morality. Randy describes in great detail the demonic symbols and meanings of the craft whose roots go all the way back to Babylonian, Egyptian and Baal worship. Masonry mixes the Bible, idolatry, paganism, the occult, gnosticism, kabala, fertility cults, satanism, and spiritualism to come up with the Masonic religion. It is not of God, it is a harlot of Babylon and it is a lie. The truth is that Freemasons worship Lucifer. This deep and thorough teaching will prepare us to repent and receive our much needed deliverance from bondage to this false religion. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


The controlling spirit personified in Saul has violated many families personally, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically. If a father operates in the spirit of Saul, he can evoke responses of anger, resentment and rejection of God in his children because they have not known a kind, caring, earthly father. They have a distorted view of the Heavenly Father’s love. Many people experience an emotional or mental block when they try to call God, “Father”. They think God is remote and harsh, so they settle for a formal relationship with Him, not understanding the depth of the love He has for us. The damage done by the Saul spirit in an earthly father causes a wounded and broken spirit and sorrow of heart in a child who spiritually becomes an abandoned orphan. The Saul spirit is a controlling, manipulating schemer, impatient, insecure, and explodes in fits of anger. God, our Father, longs to renew us and restore us with the healing power of His love…nurtured, celebrated, loved, wanted, good, and valuable. If this speaks to you, admit where you are in this and what is being done in you or by you. Renounce, forgive, be forgiven and be set free. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LCCD2-6A – Callie Richey – JEZEBEL – ROOTS, EFFECT & REMEDY 1-of-2
15LCCD2-6B – Callie Richey – JEZEBEL – ROOTS, EFFECT & REMEDY 2-of-2
The Old Testament Jezebel was a wicked, evil, adulterous, controlling woman. Jezebel of the New Testament is described as a prophetess, a false teacher, an immoral woman and an idol worshiper. God warns us even now, not to tolerate this spirit in ourselves or others. God gives Jezebel time to repent, but it is a fierce battle for the soul. The Jezebel spirit is undergirded by rejection, rebellion, fear, anger, control and fear of losing control. If we can get to the roots of why someone has a Jezebel spirit, we may be able to help free them from that overpowering influence and help them to recover. One such root is inadequate parenting and a chaotic home life. The result is a loss of physical and spiritual protection. When this covering is gone, life seems out of control and hurtful to a child. They will go into a mode of self-protection, learning ways to control their environment to avoid further pain. Abandonment, abuse and neglect of a child will open doors to spirits of rejection, bitterness and rebellion. Nevertheless, the cruel and vicious spirit of Jezebel must be eliminated from our lives. The only remedy is the love and delivering power of Jesus Christ. Extensive deliverance prayers follow this teaching. This is the most thorough teaching we have ever heard on the topic of Jezebel.


Randy leaps into the void and teaches about his conviction that gigantic creatures existed on Earth in ancient times…human beings mixed with fallen angels…aliens who troll the universe even today. Thousands of encounters with such alien creatures have been reported recently by Christian pastors. When these demonic entities begin to openly manifest among us, they will say they are our creators, sent by God to rescue us from our calamities. They are unredeemable deceivers, full of lying wonders, false Christ’s, false prophets, and if possible they will deceive the very elect. They will manifest as glorious men, not as freaky monsters. Randy believes the anti-Christ will be a mixture of a human and one of these creatures. This will be the Answer Man. DNA manipulations have been developed which mix human beings with animals. It’s all about altering and defiling the image of God in man. We also need to know about the hidden symbolism, images and statues in Freemasonry which empower demons and bring Babylon to our present reality. As children of light, we must bring to light the hidden things of darkness. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-7 – Randy Richey – THE SPIRIT OF TRAUMA
Randy and David Nees enact a scene which demonstrates how to respond when the devil throws fiery darts and lies. We are to rebuke demons with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, or those darts will stick. Then Randy proceeds to teach on the Spirit of Trauma. Demons can cause traumatic events and then take advantage and enter us because of the weakened state of our will. Trauma is an overwhelming life event that renders one helpless and fearing for his or her life. It is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape, physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse, shock, violence, a natural disaster or war, and often remains in the subconscious mind. Immediately after such an event, shock and denial are typical reactions. Amnesia, complete obliteration of memory is a defense against the horrors of trauma. As you hear this message and you begin to remember, repent if you are aware of anger, hatred and bitterness because of these events. Otherwise you will be in a “fight or flight” mode the rest of your life. Often trauma is revealed by the Holy Spirit with words of knowledge and wisdom from the Lord on how to minister deliverance. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD11-2 – Randy Richey – ARE YOU BROKEN HEARTED?
This comprehensive teaching reveals to us how a person with a broken heart lives in inner misery and cannot ever fully receive cleansing and holiness. Abandonment, abuse and betrayal are life events that cause your heart to break. Unforgiveness and bitterness are the glue that holds the pain there. You need to know your Heavenly Father as your Abba, your Daddy, the one you run to for protection because He loves you, celebrates you, provides for you and gives you identity. When you know your Daddy loves you, it does not matter what freight train the devil sends you. But when your heart is broken, negative thoughts fester, like anger, rage, resentment, depression, worry, anxiety, frustration, fear, excessive grief, guilt and shame. Based on what your brain thinks, chemicals in your body produce electromagnetic waves and actions. The negativity of a broken heart poisons you, and your body will develop ailments such as: heart disease, depression, multiple personality disorder, ADD, ADHD, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, extreme anxiety, sleeplessness, panic attacks, extreme fear, thyroid issues, blood disease… Dwell on the goodness of God and His Word. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD11-3 – Callie Richey – THE SPIRIT OF JEALOUSY
Before Callie received deliverance, the spirit of jealousy brought an unbearable feeling of hopelessness to her. Many times she tried to take her own life. Jealousy was cruel to her and caused her to be cruel to other people. She was in bondage to it. In this teaching she defines jealousy and envy, and reminds us of historical events where the spirit of jealousy triumphed. Lucifer’s fall, Cain slayed Abel, Esau was jealous of Jacob, Joseph’s jealous brothers tried to eliminate him, Korah and Miriam rose up in fiendish jealousy against Moses and Aaron. God’s spirit left Saul and the evil spirit of jealousy entered him. He became insanely jealous of David, but the Lord was with David. To the jealous person, there does not have to be a real threat, merely a perceived threat. Callie insightfully describes the characteristics of jealousy and its negative consequences. Jealousy is always about fear of being displaced. I Cor 13, Phil 2:3; 4:8-13, James 3:16 and Pro 27:4 help us overcome and dominate demons. She and Randy share how spirits of jealousy and anger almost destroyed their marriage. God showed Randy how to respond as Priest of his home. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD11-5 – Callie Richey – THE SPIRIT OF PYTHON
What is the Python Spirit? How does it attack and gain entry? How do we overcome this demonic power? We begin with the ancient city of Delphi and the Greek gods to establish historical facts and Biblical foundation regarding the Spirit of Python. 1) In the shrines of ancient Greece, a Pythoness, a priestess, would reveal hidden knowledge. She was a diviner, a soothsayer, a fortune teller, a prognosticator, a witch. The Spirit of Python works with the spirit of Jezebel to set the stage for false prophets of Baal. The Book of Acts 16:19 tells of the girl with the spirit of divination, or Python. Soothsaying is the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit’s gift of Prophecy. Deut 18:10-14 forbids all forms of witchcraft as an abomination to the Lord. 2) In the natural, a python crushes its prey to death by suffocation. In the spirit, Python attacks by control, pressure and manipulation. It achieves spiritual apathy, suffocating the breath of God from your life. It crushes your hopes, your drive, your motivation and your fight. 3) The only way to kill a Python is to cut off its head. Bring every thought to the obedience of Christ. Refuse to be in agreement with Python. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD11-7A – Randy Richey – ROCK & ROLL & THE MYSTERY CULTS 1of2
15LHCD11-7B – Randy Richey – ROCK & ROLL & THE MYSTERY CULTS 2of2
Rock and Roll is dangerous. It affects your eye gate and ear gate. If God is delivering you out of drugs, alcohol, disaster, and sexual sin, but then you dabble in the wrong music and watch witchy or sexual programming on TV, you are going to fall. “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life.” Occult music and dancing originated in ‘Mystery Cults’, a term used to refer to religious organizations which flourished in ancient Greece and Rome. They were not associated with the state religions but were extremely secretive and exclusive by nature. Randy goes into great detail in exposing the horrors of these abominable occcultic religions and their satanic rites. He names many demons which continue to afflict God’s people today, one of which is the spirit of Kundalini, two snakes running up and down the backbone. Voodoo rites use the beat of the drums to stir the blood with ecstasy, enthusiasm and wild dancing. Even in church satan can put you in an ecstatic state to make you think what you call praise and worship is from God. Money, magic and music operate together to accomplish satan’s objectives. Always ask, “Holy Spirit, is this of You?” Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.



Study to know the person and character of Yahweh God. I AM THAT I AM is the way we are to remember Him. Consider the magnificence of our God who is living inside of us. Find out what a wonderful Father He is. Randy teaches about thirty of Father God’s names and their meanings. Names like Jehovah Nissi, the Lord our Banner and Jehovah Rophi, the Healer of Our Wounds. These names are embodied in His Son for our benefit. Get the revelation of Jesus Christ, our Warrior King who fights for His people. He is our Deliverer, Passover, Righteousness, Shepherd, the Way, Provider, Judge, Teacher, Captain of Our Salvation, Bridegroom, Bread of Life, Alpha and Omega, Anointed One, Apostle, High Priest, Blessed Hope, Bright and Morning Star, Creator. Some of the names of the Holy Spirit are: Set Apart One, Comforter, Spirit of Holiness, Eternal Spirit, Spirit of Prophecy, Adoption, Revelation, Judgment and Burning. Our God is a consuming Fire! The key to defeating the enemy is drawing close to God. We must let God love us and let His love flow through us to others. Those who know their God are going to do great exploits. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-7A – Randy Richey – IDOLATRY 1-of-2
16LHCD5-7B – Randy Richey – IDOLATRY 2-of-2
Every sin we ever do begins with idolatry. Idolatry is when we think our feelings, emotions and reactions are more important than what God says. The definition of idolatry: The worship of a physical object as a god, an immoderate attachment or devotion to something, to love or admire to excess. We need to repent for our nation, because it is given over to idolatry. In our capitol, the structure of Freemasonry and pagan symbolism is unbelievable. It goes back to Simeramus, the wife of Nimrod, and pagan worship in Babylon. That is why we have a problem of child sacrifice in our nation today. Exodus 20:3-4 is a commandment, not a suggestion. James 4:4. Loving what the world has is the same as hating God. He wants us only for Himself. The preeminent evil spirit of the world going forward is not going to be atheism nor agnosticism, but a highly religious system that proclaims, “All roads lead to God”. Pray that we “intolerant ones” will stand strong with those who have been martyred because they held to their faith in Jesus Christ. Ask God to forgive you of idolatry and He will. Be sure to forgive yourself in this process of repentance and forgiveness. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD9-4A – Randy Richey – TRAPS, SNARES & DELUSIONS 1-of-2
16LHCD9-4B – Randy Richey – TRAPS, SNARES & DELUSIONS 2-of-2
This teaching deals with demonic symbolism, jewelry, toys, games, and the spirits of Kundalini and Freemasonry. Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Give up all traditions of man, religion, doctrines of demons, and lies from the pulpit, which make the Word of God ineffective in your life. Symbolism matters in the spirit realm. Every witch hates God and His people. They understand and use symbols. Within each symbol is the enemy who is determined to destroy you because you give the enemy a legal right to access your life. Delayed calamity can be caused by demonic symbols in your home. Get rid of them. Burn them. The occult Third Eye opens us into the spirit realm to bring in witchcraft prophecy, divination, false tongues, and clairvoyance. Learn about amulets, ankh, sacred bull, Egyptian idols, double-headed snake, Masonic symbols, Baal worship, moon god worship, earth, wind, fire, rain, the Phoenix, dream catchers, the Evil Eye and much, much more. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD9-6 – Randy Richey – THE SPIRIT OF TRAUMA
Trauma is an overwhelming life event that renders one helpless or fearing for their life, interferes with abilities to cope, and is outside the range of normal experience. Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event, typically followed by shock, denial, amnesia, unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and physical symptoms. Traumatic experiences often remain in the subconscious mind so that people do not understand why they have trouble moving on in their lives. The spirit of trauma introduces confusion, insecurity, disillusion, sexual abuse, bullying, domestic violence, alcoholism, and addictions. If you see death occur, it can bring trauma. First responders and soldiers experience PTSD this way. Hidden trauma can stop your soul and spirit from maturing, resulting in arrested development. Allow God to expose those deep, dark, hidden places with His light and love. Get those trauma demons cast out and it will no longer hurt you emotionally to tell your story. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

Randy teaches what God says about the perversion of sexual sin. The Bible gives us clear instructions on what is okay and what is not. Genesis 1:27-28: “God created male and female in His own image.” Genesis 2:24: “A man and his wife will become one flesh.” 1 Corinthians 7:2: “To avoid temptation each man should have his own wife (female partner in marriage) and each woman her own husband” (male partner in marriage). Hebrews 13:4: “Let marriage be held in honor and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” Exodus 20:14: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Leviticus 20:10 “The adulterer and adulteress shall be put to death.” Today, instead of being stoned to death, a spirit of death is released against you. Proverbs 6:32 “He who commits adultery with a woman destroys his own soul.” Randy deals with fornication, incest, bestiality, homosexuality, pornography, venereal diseases, and how spirits come through ancestral curses. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. 

16LHCD10-4 – Randy Richey – FEAR – WHAT IT IS & HOW IT WORKS
Synonyms of fear: bother, worry, fret, fuss, stress, sweat, trouble, alarm, anxiety disorder, dread, fright, horror, panic, scared, terror, trepidation, phobia, creeps, jitters, nervousness, willies, twinge, agitation, apprehension, consternation, fear of the devil, discomposure, disquiet, funk, perturbation, concern, dismay, cowardice, faintheartedness, timidity, strain, tension, disturbance, edginess, frantic, hand wringing, jumpiness, panic, angst, torment, cold feet, doubt, foreboding, fear of the unknown, panic attack. The root spirit of panic is Pan, also called Bacchus, the god of the wild, wine, revelry, chants, orgies and fantasy witchcraft. Refuse to live in panic and fear. Once you get cleansed of all that sexual sin and anger, walk with God in forgiveness and you will not have a lifestyle of panic, fear, and disease. You will dominate the enemy. There is a place and peace in God that regardless of any raging storm, you know you are safe and secure in Him. The power of the living God will sustain you. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD12-1 – Randy Richey – FAMILY REPENTANCE
Randy opens this service with a prayer of deliverance to cleanse our family blood lines and to help us repent. He brings to light the collective sins that defile a nation because that brings about the defilement of its individual people. Repentance means a sincere turning away of the mind and heart from self to God. It means to crucify the flesh, turn away from sin, and come into agreement with the Lord. Repentance needs to be a lifestyle as we daily confess godly sorrow for our sins. Remember that every demon’s job is to impart their character to you, and Pride is a strongman that builds walls in you to prevent you from confessing your sins. As we confess the sins of this nation, we take accountability and disarm the enemy from gaining power from the defiling sins of its people. Defilement makes unclean or impure, is to debase, to violate the sanctity of, to desecrate, to make filthy. All sin is idolatry…any defiling thought or action which is contrary to God’s will, so flee from it. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD12-6A – Randy Richey – REJECTION 1-OF-2
16LHCD12-6B – Randy Richey – REJECTION 2-OF-2
The enemy of your soul will send the spirit of rejection into your life to wound your heart and make you think you are not of value to God or anyone else in the world. Your identity is not as a citizen of this world, but you are wanted and accepted in God’s Kingdom. Give all you have and are to Jesus Christ and follow Him as His Disciplined One, which is your real and true identity…the being that has come forth according to His plan. Your identity is about who you are in Christ. The truth you know will set you free, so fighting Scriptures must be engrained in your mind and soul for fighting the enemy. When the devil attacks you, fight him with the Word of God. Warfare Scriptures tell you who you are in Christ. Declare these Scripture every day until you believe them in your heart. Learn about the many ways rejection comes to attack and destroy you. That is not who God says you are. Renew your mind with the truth of the Word of God and your identity will become anchored in Jesus Christ. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.


17LHCD7-7A – Randy Richey – GREAT DECEPTIONS 1-of-2
17LHCD7-7B – Randy Richey – GREAT DECEPTIONS 2-of-2
Randy deals with the great deceptions of occult activity, entertainment, tattoos and essential oils. Everyone is affected one way or another by some form of deception, if not through personal involvement then at the least, what has come down the bloodline. Randy coins the phrase, “the enemy is an equal opportunity destroyer”. We want to get clear of these things so that we are not affected in our ability to believe God, we’re not scared of it and we can speak, in the name of Jesus, against the workers of darkness. He thoroughly dissects all of his subject matter and leaves no stone unturned. You won’t walk away from this message and say, “Nobody told me there was anything wrong with that.” Extensive deliverance service concludes this message.

17LHCD10-1A – Randy Richey
17LHCD10-1B – Randy Richey

Wounds can fester into infections if left untreated. That’s exactly how unforgiveness works. If something isn’t done the person ends up facing demonic harassment and torture and becomes a very bitter and unhappy person. You are actually opposing God when you don’t forgive. He says if we don’t forgive others, He doesn’t forgive us. Randy speaks about unholy judgment and it’s partners – fault-finder, accuser of the brethren, and the spirit of religion. Oftentimes people forgive but that original judgment is still working. The unholy judgments need to be broken. Discerning of spirits is a gift to help you pray for people – not condemn and judge them. When you’re sincerely praying for people, it’s awfully hard to find fault with them! Dangerous vows – “I will never be like my father,” or “I will never marry a woman like my mother.” The measure of judgment you give will be measured back directly to you. The vows are ongoing without a finish line. They place you in bondage. They may seem positive because you don’t want to be like that but they work a curse in reverse. Extensive prayers and deliverance ministry concludes this wonderful teaching.

17LHCD10-4A – Randy Richey – FREEMASONRY 1-of-2
17LHCD10-4B – Randy Richey – FREEMASONRY 2-of-2
Randy addresses the symbols and snares of the religion of Freemasonry and it’s conflicts with the Word of God. This in-depth expose reveals things that most Masons aren’t even aware of. Freemasonry is no different than other false religions in that there is a mixture of lies and truth. Masonry mixes the Bible, idolatry, paganism, the occult, gnosticism, kabala, fertility cults, satanism, and spiritualism to come up with the Masonic religion. That is why it is important to understand the snares and symbols so as not to fall for the deceptions and be found embracing this anti-christ spirit. Whether there is Masonry is in your family or not, we recommend obtaining this message to make you better aware of how to minister. Prayers for deliverance conclude Randy’s teaching.

17LHCD11-1A – Randy Richey – REPENTANCE AND WARFARE 1-of-2
17LHCD11-1B – Randy Richey – REPENTANCE AND WARFARE 2-of-2
The war begins and you become satan’s target the very moment you repent and become born again. Randy breaks down the process of repentance, forgiveness and the goodness and greatness of God towards those who live a life of repentance. As he addresses various issues he stops and takes the listener through extensive repentance, forgiveness and deliverance. A second title for this teaching could also be “The greatest weapon a Christian has against the enemy is obedience to God.” Though Randy is blessed to minister in the area of deliverance, he is a teacher. The next weaponry is the armour of God which Randy explains in excellent detail, adding a dimension to Ephesians 6 that perhaps you haven’t seen before. Armour has to be part of your lifestyle as a believer. He goes on to give other weapons we, as Christians, have at our disposal to live and walk as victorious believers. Deliverance ministry is provided at various intervals throughout this teaching.

17LHCD11-5 – Randy Richey – MANY WILL COME – KUNDALINI
Matthew 24:5 “For many shall come in My name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” The world does not raise us up to agree with God. Randy gives a massive documentation on the kundalini spirit. He begins with potential ancestral embedding, moving on to entry points from yoga, karate, and meditation (passive mind – not meditation on God’s Word). He highlights its movement in the churches of today – emphasizing it doesn’t show up in dead churches – only the ones where people are looking for miracles and spiritual happenings. Many Christians don’t have a clue as to all the portals the enemy uses to implement his goals of stealing, killing and destroying. It behooves us to be aware. Extensive renunciation prayers and deliverance ministry is included. (This message is a continuation of what Randy taught at Labor Day Camp when the subject matter centered on Catholicism (17LHCD9-5 or 17LHDVD 9-5). Also now – 18LHCD3-6A & 6B



What is the three fold cord Randy deals with in this message? It is unforgiveness, rejection and shame. What does faith have to do with all of this? Faith is just a word unless it becomes operational in our lives. How does it become operational? We believe God. We are all given a measure of faith, or we wouldn’t even be saved. It is a supernatural gift from God. Growing in faith is a process. When we can grasp what Jesus has done for us it makes it easier to pass that grace on to others. The sycamine tree is used to help us comprehend the importance of forgiving down to the very root of issues. The bottom line is this – if you allow bitterness and unforgiveness to rule you, it will ruin your spiritual life and could possibly kill you. Rejection is the absence or the perception of the absence of meaningful love. It’s the absence of unconditional acceptance. It results in the rejection of self and low self-esteem and, as a protective device, often moves into rejection of others. The purpose of the eradication of rejection is to experience the true love of God. Sometimes people just don’t treat you right. You then have to fall back on the price the Lord paid for them, even if they aren’t acting right. Randy profiles the many symptoms of rejection and the remedies for them. Shame is one of the many bondages the enemy oppresses God’s people with. Removing the cloak of shame paves the way to put on the robe of righteousness. Prayer and ministry are provided throughout this entire message.

17LHCD12-2 – Callie Richey – ARE YOU WALKING WOUNDED?
It is important for us to understand what it is to have a wounded soul and how it can affect, control and devastate every area of our lives. The healing of our soul – the mind, will and emotions doesn’t happen the moment we are saved. It is progressive as we apply the Word of God, His Power and His Presence in obedience to the Word of God. Callie shares many Scriptures that tie our souls to a plethora of issues we need healing and deliverance from. The reasons our souls need healing is because we have been wounded. Sometimes the burdens of wounds will cause people to totally give up. That is how much power a wounded soul has. Jesus can and will heal us from every wound that we have. Callie explores different things that can wound our souls – such as sin, trauma and generational iniquities. Likewise, she identifies consequences when souls become wounded. Even constant complaining could be the result of a wounded soul. Soul wounds can negatively control our emotions. Callie shares glorious testimony of how the Lord healed her of multiple infirmities and afflictions that stemmed from a wounded soul. She gives identifiers to help us know if we have soul wounds that we can take to the Lord for healing. Service concludes with prayers of deliverance and healing.

17LHCD12-5A – Randy Richey – SUPERNATURAL CREATURES 1-of-2
17LHCD12-5B – Randy Richey – SUPERNATURAL CREATURES 2-of-2
Why would God, who is the God of Truth, use fantasy, witchcraft, black magic or white magic to teach His people anything? God is not a mixture. Though many attest to fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls, etc. having supernatural powers, the power doesn’t come from God. They are demons. If you entertain darkness, darkness will entertain you. Randy shares history, Scriptures, and personal experience to give the listener a “college crash course” on things you shouldn’t be involved in, watching, give to your children or have in your house. Deliverance prayers and ministry are shared throughout this entire lesson.

17LHCD12-6A – Callie Richey – THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL 1-of-2
17LHCD12-6B – Callie Richey – THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL 2-of-2
We learn in this teaching about the roots, the effects and the remedy concerning this spirit. First of all, who was she? We learn that there are two Jezebels found in the Bible – one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. In 1st Kings 16:31 she is seen as an evil woman that marries King Ahab and they served Baal. However there was Elijah, a prophet of God who proved his God to be the true God against Ahab and 450 prophets of Baal, and God came thru for Elijah, making him even more the enemy of Jezebel and Ahab. There were many more chapters of evil in their lives eventually bringing death .The Jezebel in the New Testament is found in Revelation 2 where she is described as an evil woman who calls herself a prophetess, teaching God’s people to commit sexual sin and eat things offered to idols. Callie goes on to discuss the numerous problems that the victims of the Jezebel spirit may encounter. Abandonment of the father, either physically or spiritually because of the control of a Jezebel in his life is a very prominent issue-especially in today’s culture. Then what does the control of Jezebel teach our children? The maternally dominated family becomes the pattern. There are many other examples in this teaching. An absent father means the child has to learn to take care of themselves. But frankly most husbands and fathers are absent because of the controlling lifestyle of the wife and mother. What they learn from the Jezebel mom is how to be one. There is an emphasis on the mother in this teaching because its pattern is to travel down thru generation after generation. There are also male Jezebels but the majority are women. There may be bitterness at mom for causing dad to desert them. Sexual issues will usually be in the forefront because of the search for love…sometimes even in the father-daughter or son relationships. Is it any wonder our families are in such turmoil?


18LHCD3-1A – Randy Richey – THE SPIRIT OF OFFENCE 1-of-2
18LHCD3-1B – Randy Richey – THE SPIRIT OF OFFENCE 2-of-2
The enemy uses offences as bait to lure us into a lifetime of bitterness, resentment, failure to forgive and even hatred. When we allow the spirit of offence to come in it becomes a hindrance and a stumbling block to us. It causes us to stumble in our walk with God. You can start to be offended over the littlest things and when you’re not healed, those little things that should mean nothing turn into mountains. There is a place in God’s kingdom where we can walk and not be offended. Randy examines different aspects of offence. If you’re easily offended there’s a good chance selfishness is involved. There can be insecurities. David is a good example of one not easily offended – so was Jesus. We have to be determined to not be offended. Pray for those who offend you the most! It’s good to say, “Lord, if I’m offended, show me where.” Extensive deliverance ministry concludes this very practical teaching.  

Randy speaks for the first 20 minutes on the door of hope and ministers to the people on hope deferred. Jehovah Witness and Latter Day Saints is a continuation of his series on “Many Will Come”. Randy states the root of Jehovah Witness is buried in Freemasonry. And though one has no knowledge of any Jehovah Witness in their lives or their bloodline, there is a great possibility the line contains Freemasonry. The falsehoods of Jehovah Witness and how it compares to the Bible are revealed in this message. Many people think Jehovah Witness is just another Christian group. But they have a totally different character they put the name of Jesus on. Discerning of spirits is what we need to know the difference between what is God and what calls itself God. Mormons lure people in by claiming to be a Christian organization and family oriented. Their friendly masquerade is one of kindness and love. The Mormons are very powerful in the world today because of their wealth. Be watchful about sending your DNA in for ancestry testing. Extensive prayer for renunciation and deliverance of both Jehovah Witness and Latter Day Saints is included with this message.

18LHCD5-1A – Randy Richey – GRACE 1-of-2
18LHCD5-1B – Randy Richey – GRACE 2-of-2
Randy shares extensively on what grace means, concluding with his definition – “God’s power in our lives that accomplishes God’s will for our lives.” It is a gift that has to be received by faith to accomplish anything. Grace gives us the ability to receive the fullness, breadth and depth of God’s love. It is NOT a license to sin. By the grace of God we can be dead to this world and alive unto God. Throughout this entire message Randy stops at strategic times to lead the congregation in specific prayer concerning forgiveness, repentance, revealing of individual sins, ancestral sins, etc. Grace is extended to help us forgive. It takes God’s grace for every detail of our lives. Randy asks the questions, “How much of your life are you living in your own strength?” “How much of your life is spent doing works that are good but not God breathed?” Perhaps we should be asking the Lord, “Do You have a better way than what I know to do?” We want to be God-sufficient, not self-sufficient! Much repenting and deliverance takes place within this message, paving the way for a deeper relationship with our God.

18LHCD5-3A – Randy Richey – TRAUMA 1-of-2
18LHCD5-3B – Randy Richey – TRAUMA 2-of-2
Randy begins his message on trauma with deliverance prayers. Before he begins praying, he admonishes us to be sure we are saved and then to repeat the prayers after him. Randy then led us in prayer, emphasizing the power and willingness of God to carry out the deliverance. He says, passivity kills that we must fight, resist the enemy, put our flesh to death and make God our #1 focus. Each area that he touches on in prayer, he then commands evil spirits to leave. We must learn to tear down these strongholds, the lies in our mind, and put in the truth, which is what God says. The description of trauma is a life event that may render one helpless or fearing for life. It may not be in your conscious mind…buried but still doing it’s damage. Sometimes it causes amnesia or delayed recall, and some have replay over and over as happens in wars, prison experiences and concentration camps. Sometimes it’s temporary and sometimes it’s blocked out forever. It can range from slight depression to complete stupor. Regardless of the cause, we mustn’t allow unholy judgment to take up residence. Take accountability, forgive, give it over to the Lord and be freed. Confusion, betrayal, insecurity, openings for sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction and the list goes on – whether it is the source or the result, there is one remedy and that is our Lord’s love, forgiveness and deliverance. Randy gives many more examples and more prayer.

18LHCD5-8A – Randy Richey – WEAPONS OF WARFARE 1-of-2
18LHCD5-8B – Randy Richey – WEAPONS OF WARFARE 2-of-2
The final service of this camp meeting contains quite a few “bonuses” as Randy put it. We won’t list them all in this summary. The power of words, as a weapon of warfare, is given serious consideration in this message. If you really want some understanding, go to Proverbs and highlight every time you see “words” or “speech” and read how much God has to say. You will be amazed. After he completes the lesson on words, he makes the statement, “if you’re words don’t change, your life doesn’t change.” The greatest weapon of warfare that we have is obedience to God. On it, hinges the success of all remaining weapons. When you have a problem that besets you, get into agreement with believers who will stand with you to see you through to victory. Sometimes the victory comes by doing something different. For example, if you have a problem with pornography don’t open your computer without there being someone else in the room that you can be accountable to. Other weapons of warfare are the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. Never hide from your sin – repent and apply His blood. This message would make a wonderful booklet!

18LHCD7-1A – Randy Richey – WITCHCRAFT & OTHER SNARES 1-of-2
18LHCD7-1B – Randy Richey – WITCHCRAFT & OTHER SNARES 2-of-2
Randy lays a Scriptural foundation for this teaching on witchcraft and other snares. People are looking for power. They are looking for something real. Sad to say for the most part, God’s people have failed to display the power of God. The enemy is trying to mold his character into us and he uses all available resources he has. Children are being taught the power of darkness through movies, video games, television, school, etc. It is the responsibility of a parent to discern the source of what their kids are watching. It’s not easy being a parent today but you are not your child’s best friend – you’re their mommy or their daddy! There are only 2 kinds of supernatural power in this world – if it’s of God it is good. If it is of the devil it is not. Randy shares a plethora of information to instruct us and help us understand and discern the cloaking devices the enemy uses in his efforts to fill us and our children with his supernatural powers. Deliverance ministry is included. (The Visual overhead illustrations are not shown on the DVD. Our video camera is focused on making the speaker the clearest).

18LHCD7-3A – Randy Richey – RETURN OF THE DAYS OF NOAH 1-of-2
18LHCD7-3B – Randy Richey – RETURN OF THE DAYS OF NOAH 2-of-2
We’re not going to stop what is written – the Bible. What we’re doing is fighting the enemy in the meantime for the sake of those who don’t know Jesus. Randy’s sub-title for this message is “Alien Scientists and DNA Altering the Image of God in Man.” Eccl 1:9 “… there is no new thing under the sun.” He states that everything that is going on has happened before. Using Gen 6:1-8, he shares his views on fallen angels, giants on the earth, Nephilim, sons of God and how they are connected. Many other Scriptures are provided in this lesson referencing giants found throughout the Bible. His research shows archeological structures that even today, with modern technology, would be impossible to construct. Search for “world governments preparing for aliens”. It brings up current news that might surprise you. There’s a reason these stories are about aliens. Randy uncovers the set-up and what’s behind the schemes. If you’re born again, you have nothing to fear but you need to know who you are in Christ. The world is being set up to believe these things are our creators and will be what save mankind. Schools and colleges are already using this information to teach your children. So what’s the point of all of this? Why should we know and what should we do? Get the teaching. (The DVD does not include any of the pictures referred to in this study.) Randy provides more than adequate material for you to do you own research.

18LHCD12-1A – Randy Richey – UPROOTING THE ENEMY 1-of-2
18LHCD12-1B – Randy Richey – UPROOTING THE ENEMY 2-of-2
Randy begins this session with a testimony of how he became acquainted with the deliverance ministry and ultimately Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. He goes on to point out that this is not a ‘one shot deal’…that deliverance is a progressive lifestyle.  He also emphasizes that it all starts with repentance.  He begins his message with Jeremiah 1:8-10 where the Lord is talking to the young prophet.  Randy says this scripture is the pattern for deliverance.  We are to “root out, pull down, destroy and throw down”. This dismantles the enemy.  Then we replace the work of our enemy with truth which sets us free.  We still need healing…the wounds from past experiences.   If we get delivered but not healed, we still have a problem.  We may not have as many demons but there are still some areas that need attention, so now we build and plant”.  Then we get a blueprint for deliverance.  He begins with forgiveness and repentance, both individual personal as well as identification and goes from there, pointing out that it all must begin in the heart.  Mark 1:14,15.  John 3: We must be born again. Jesus said we must be born of water and the Spirit.  Randy continues to lay out a pattern for deliverance and to walk us through it, giving scripture and declarations and ending in mass deliverance.

Randy begins by reminding us of how even going to God for repentance is an act of faith and when that’s finished, we are not to look back. The reward for repentance is cleansing. There’s no progression while looking back. Once we are forgiven, we must change our ways…thus changing our future. If we continue to lament our past, we’ll repeat it. We make headway when we forgive our enemies, and pray for those that despitefully use us. We waste time by thinking about the past. We must get it in our mind that His blood is enough! We’ve been cleansed and each time we go forward being more loving, we’re being polished. Our heart change causes us to desire to do what Jesus says and little by little we begin to resemble Jesus. If we behave because we love Jesus and want to please Him, we’ll be free, but if we behave because we don’t like the consequences, we’ll not be. Our check list is 1st Corinthians 13. Randy says that the deliverance part is easy but then you must walk it out…hear and obey. Love causes that to happen. First we receive it from God and then we pass it on. The fruit of the Spirit is the result. Galatians 5: tells us what love looks like. The love that we receive from Him is what enables us to keep His commandments. John 14:15, 23, Luke 10:27, John 13:35. He gives us the ability to love as He commands. John 17:26 Jesus prays, “that the love wherewith thou {GOD} hast loved me {Jesus} will be in them and I {Jesus} in them”. Randy uses many other scriptures, did deliverance and then Callie, his wife came up and led us in declarations.


19LCCD2-3 – Callie Richey – THE SPIRIT OF JEALOUSY
Callie begins by first telling us that she has known this spirit quite well – naming it the angry eyed monster that was a raging fit-thrower. Numbers 5:14 talks about what happens when we become jealous for no cause.  It is an evil spirit.  She shows us that this spirit works together with envy.  There are ways that we can open doors to envy and jealousy.  It can be lack of trust because of a particular experience with someone or simply insecurity because of our past. She gives a very personal example of jealousy of the relationship of her husband and his son.  She wanted all the attention. We get a very thorough list of symptoms of jealousy…some that we’ve all surely felt including grudges, suspicion, betrayal, competition, anger, hatred and many more…sometimes toward your self, sometimes toward others. Jealousy doesn’t have to make sense. Insecurity usually is resident, causing an aggressive drive for self gratification.  We believe this is who we are and always will be, having no idea that it is an evil spirit that can be cast out.  We get precise descriptions of jealousy and envy and it’s all about “self.”I want what you have and I don’t want you to have it… don’t want to share either.”  We are given examples of jealousy or envy in Is. 14:12-14 where Lucifer was jealous of God, wanting to be bigger and more powerful. Then we go on to Ezek. 28:12-15 where we find the description of the anointed cherub – perfect – until iniquity was found  in him…envy and jealousy.  Then we look at Eve in the garden with the serpent who tells her that she can be as God… if she goes against what God told her.  Envy was at the door and she let it in.  This is just a small sample of the content of this message.  Mass deliverance ministry follows.

Callie begins by saying probably all of us have been controlled or have controlled others.  She calls it a Saul spirit. We know that how we see our earthly father affects how we see God, our heavenly Father.  Some have not been able to recognize God as a father because we were taught to revere and to fear Him which keeps our relationship distant and/or formal.  In Rom. 8:15 we read that we have not received a spirit of bondage but a Spirit of adoption so we can cry Abba Father. Gal. 4:6 says because we are sons, God sent His Spirit to our hearts crying Abba Father.  Abba is an Aramaic word that can be translated as daddy, a common word used to address their earthly father.  This is a word that means there’s someone looking out for me, taking care of me and really loves spending time with me and can’t bear the thought that he would be upset with me but know he will forgive me and is proud of me and given me his name.  This is the kind of relationship our Father God wants to have with us. Now we are going to investigate a wounded spirit damaged by a Saul spirit. The story of Michal, Saul’s daughter is recorded in 1st & 2nd Chronicles clearly illustrates the pain of a damaged spirit caused by an angry, impatient, controlling father. Saul used his daughter to destroy David.  His plan didn’t work and David eventually deserted Michal to get away from Saul who then gave her to another man. Later David returned to claim Michal as his wife, taking her unwillingly from her present husband.  The whole story makes it easy to understand her anger and disapproval of his dancing in the streets as he brought the ark to the tabernacle.  She was hurt and angry, having been used by her father and by David.  At this point, forgiveness was the necessary medicine but was not used.  She reminds us again of our good father, God. The rest of the message details the Saul spirit and the one who is controlled by that spirit.  It’s very possible to find yourself in one or both. Deliverance follows.

19LHCD4-1A – Randy Richey – THE EIGHT R’s and SOUL TIES 1-of-2
19LHCD4-1B – Randy Richey – THE EIGHT R’s and SOUL TIES 2-of-2
Randy begins with prayer for God to touch each one in whatever area is needed. He goes on to say we are all here for the purpose of becoming more free…that it is a continual pursuit – a Journey … from glory to glory. Just know that we are not battling alone. Our Father GOD is with us! We are not to be passive – go into battle swinging your sword, knowing that we have the Almighty on our side and His promises are “yes and amen”. Randy then begins to detail eight R’s that are necessary for our freedom beginning with Recognizing the problem, taking Responsibility and Repenting eventually ending with Rejoicing and Restoration. Next, we go into some detail on sexual sin and soul ties…what God’s Word says. We are given scripture after scripture … verses that give very specific guidelines for our sexual activity … marriage, adultery, fornication, pornography, abortion, etc. This teaching gives many references in both the Old and New Testament concerning our moral behavior as well as what happens when we disobey. He notes that when we continue to disobey God’s word, we’ll be given over to a reprobate mind…that we’ll believe that we are ok and our land will be defiled … individually then corporately. He describes what happens when souls are knit together, how it can happen, that there are good as well as bad soul ties and especially the effect that the evil ones can have on us. This message is packed full of needed information beginning and ending with prayers of deliverance.

19LHCD4-2 – Callie Richey – REJECTION
Callie’s husband, Randy, prepares the ground for her to teach by taking the congregation through submission, warfare, and declaration prayers. Rejection can be a great hindrance to healing. It is one of satan’s most effective forms of oppression and is the root to many problems. Callie encourages everyone to purpose to allow the Lord to deal with sources of where problems came in – even if it is painful. When a child doesn’t experience the love of a father or mother, they oftentimes have trouble grasping the love of our Father God. This results in a need for healing of those childhood wounds. Many of God’s people have experienced “identity theft”. They don’t know who they are in Christ. Callie shares relevant Scriptures to help one be established in the Lord. And with that, the statement can be made, “If I will renew my mind with the Truth of the Word of God, my identity will become anchored in Jesus. When that happens, I will not be made smaller by the enemy when I fail at something. Neither will I become puffed up when I succeed because all Glory is His. I will no longer need to defend territory.” We have to reach the point that what negative things others might say about us or the enemy tries to make us think about ourselves doesn’t affect us, because we know what God says about us. Turn the choice to be offended into an opportunity to pray for that person. They must have problems or they wouldn’t behave that way. There is a realm of personal deliverance that comes when you can do this! She goes on to profile the rejection spirit, which can make one feel valueless or worthless because of the sense of being thrown away. One important thing to remember about rejection – it doesn’t matter if it is real or imagined. It becomes real to the person, even when it is imagined. This entire message contains valuable truths to help understand and be free from rejection. Don’t think because you have heard other messages on rejection that you don’t need this one! You are missing out on some fundamental truths if you pass this one by. Deliverance ministry is shared at the conclusion.

19LHCD4-5 – Callie Richey – FEAR
This message is about what fear does to our bodies. If we can “get this” a lot of diseases, unnecessary anxieties and worries will be gone! Scattered throughout this teaching, Callie shares her own testimonies of the massive impact fear has had on her life physically, and the many healings she has experienced in the process of being set free. She talks about what fear is, how it works and how to defeat it. As she shares an extensive list of fear’s characteristics, she instructs the listener to repent when they relate to one or more of the attributes. The purpose is to begin to come out of agreement with it. God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Unholy manifestations of fear in a human’s life can include psychological problems, i.e. anxiety which is a direct result of fear. This produces its own set of related issues such as panic attacks, phobias, etc. That leads into the arena of physical problems which are directly and/or indirectly a result of fear. Some of these can be stomach problems, feelings of choking, smothering, shaking, tremors, faintness, and dizziness. Jealousy, persecution, paranoia, heart disease and various physiological systems of the human body are discussed here. The impact that fear has on the organs and systems of our bodies is astronomical. We are created to walk in divine health and victory, but fear has been craftily working behind the scenes to cripple and deteriorate us, serving up both disease and death. The good news is that “we are fixable” in Jesus! Dig into the deliverance offered at the conclusion of this message. Your destiny does not have to be riddled with disease and drugs. Callie is a living example of that. 

We begin by going to 1 Cor 13 which needs to be our mirror. Randy then led us in a prayer for God to grant us Godly sorrow that leads to repentance. Prov. 18:21 tells us that “death and life are in the power of the tongue.” One of the reasons to revisit our past is for a testimony. We must be sure that our words agree with God’s word. When we truly repent, we will change what we say. Decide what is truth by comparing it to what God says. Love is a fruit of the Spirit and when it is working, our character begins to change, and love begins to multiply. Then, as with any fruit, it will feed others. We then discuss the different types of love and learn that the love that is the fruit of the Spirit is God’s love – agape – unconditional love, that loves no matter what the situation or whether you’re loved back or treated badly. Only God’s love works like that and we can do that if it’s the fruit of the Spirit. Then we touch on other fruit…joy that may sometimes have to be cultivated…work at it…then peace with God, with others and yourself…patience, long suffering, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, self-control, goodness, temperance. The closer we are to God, the more we will think, act and live more fruitfully. Jn 14:15, Jesus said “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” Vs 23 says if we love Him and keep His commands, He and the Father will come and live with us. Lk 10:27, says we are to love God with all our heart, soul and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. The greatest of these is love. If we love Him, we’ll do what He says. Jn. 13:35, By this, men will know that we are disciples, if we love one another. Lk. 6:35, love your enemies, Lk 6:27 love enemies and do good to those which hate you. Several more scriptures are given that emphasizes the necessity of sharing the love of God with others as well. He closed with prayers of repentance and deliverance.

19LHCD5-1A – Randy Richey – AGAPE LOVE 1-OF-2
19LHCD5-1B – Randy Richey – AGAPE LOVE 2-OF-2
Jesus loved us so fiercely that He took nails for us – He cared that much! After speaking a bit on the various applications of the Blood, he leads the congregation directly into some deliverance, clearing the way for them to receive God’s love and to be a better vessel of His love toward others. To grow in grace, Randy suggests you take 1 Cor 13 and use it as a mirror and say, “How do I compare to this, Lord?”  If you love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself you’re going to obey all the other stuff!  One of the things we need to get a hold of is that it’s not about us (me).  In our weakness He is made strong.  He helps us love the un-loveable – if we cry out for His help. Love is the first one listed in the fruits of the Spirit. Where there is fruit, there is God!  The measure of where we are in our Christian walk (how Christ-like we are) is how we deal with those who don’t agree with us.  For Christ to be formed in us, His type of unconditional love has to be received and pursued and given. Agape love is unconditional – it loves no matter whether the other person agrees with us or not.  Jesus committed to the cross because we are worth it.  He sees value in us and we need to see value in each other.  When you commit to pray for the unholy, wicked, evil person that rubs you the wrong way, it will change your attitude towards them. You exchange unholy judgment for the love, grace and mercy of God. Remember, there by the grace of God go I (we). You can go through repeated deliverance and not walk in love, and your soul and body will be a revolving door for demonic oppression.  Randy also shares hindrances to walking in love.  Randy is a faithful deliverance minister, moving also as an evangelist and teacher to equip the saints.  He concludes this message with more extensive deliverance ministry.

Before Randy gets into teaching on Freemasonry, he reminds us how important it is to not only be saved but to be baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Next he reminds us that there’s nothing new under the sun. Then he begins talking about angels, saying according to Gen. 6:2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men and took them for wives. Vs. 4 says there were giants in the land and evil got so bad that God regretted that He had made man.  He says that the technology before the flood was far more sophisticated than what we have today. There’s a saying in the cultic realm, ‘As above, so below.’ Whatever is going on in the heavenlies is also on the earth.  Randy goes on to explain the problems of Freemasonry beginning with the meaning of the signs…one being if you just live a good life, you can go to heaven…without Jesus.  The G is supposed to stand for God.  He tells us about their belief that man is evolving into Godhood. He talked about partiality and how Freemasonry influences businesses and government, mentioning the ring, handshake and the square.  He goes on to name famous people who are or were Masons.  Randy tells us that there is a certain Masonic degree that pledges to serve allah with a hand on the koran…some know they’re serving lucifer. We end by removing all that is connected to a masonic vow and Randy prays deliverance.

19LHCD7-1A – Randy Richey – IDOLATRY 1-of-2
19LHCD7-1B – Randy Richey – IDOLATRY 2-of-2
God says we are going from glory to glory.  That means something has to change to put us at that next level.  Generally, that something has to do with us changing!  God’s goal for us is to be made into the image and likeness of Jesus.  God loves us just as we are but He loves us too much to leave us there! We are to live the life God puts before us – not someone else’s life.  Our number one enemy is ourselves – our flesh.  Number two enemy is satan and demons.  Our third enemy is the world’s system. The thief commeth to steal, kill and destroy.  Why would we want to help him?  Be quick to repent and quick to forgive.  We are spirit, soul and body.  Freedom only comes when we are walking it all out.  Just casting the demons out doesn’t solve all your problems.  That flesh is still going to have to be crucified.  You are going to have to do something else with your body that is different from what you have been doing.  Randy makes the comment, “If everything that we have been doing was working, we wouldn’t be here!”  Randy covers a whole plethora of potential idols in our lives and most of them are not false religions. Whatever you choose to do that is contrary to God, you are literally bowing down to that.  The question is: “Do we take idolatry as serious as God does?”  There is a reason He lists it as the first Commandment [Exodus 20:3] “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”  Randy concludes with extensive prayer and ministry for deliverance.

19LHCD7-5 – Randy Richey – SPIRIT OF TRAUMA
Randy begins by reminding us how important our words are and that if we would read a Proverb a day, it would change us. He then leads us in deliverance over some Proverbs reminding us to be agreeing with God’s words and repenting when we aren’t obedient to them. There was a disturbance at one point in the service that had to be dealt with and prayer was the weapon of choice.  Randy then goes on with the service reminding us that we must respond, not only with prayer, but with forgiveness.  We must not hate or be in fear.  Moving into his subject of trauma, we learned that it may come in various
ways, accidents, any type of abuse, wartime experiences. anything that overwhelms us outside the range of normal experience. Firemen and policemen see things on a regular basis that may be a cause of trauma.  We may not remember but it remains in our mind, sub-consciously causing emotional or even physical symptoms.  Fear, anger, stupor, anxiety, agitation and stress can all be resident with trauma.  We must battle to agree with God, fighting the lies, facing facts, but not allowing our emotions to control our life.  The goal is that we get free and continue to walk in that freedom.  He talked about rooms in a house. Jesus may own the entire house – but the rooms might not all be cleaned out yet. The anger and fear rooms may be clean, but the rejection room is still occupied. So, we asked God to shine His light on anything hidden. We still need healing of the trauma after we get the deliverance. There can only be total deliverance when we deal with the obvious and the hidden and walk out the requirements.  However, it is ultimately our choices that decide the outcome.  Do we choose God’s way or our own?  Randy prays throughout the message and continues to pray deliverance at finish of message.

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