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NOTE: Pastor, Bo & Jean Fisher have both spoken MANY times here at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp over the many years they have been coming. Bo is very experienced in deliverance ministry. Both are gifted teachers. Need a speaker? Contact them!

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Brother Fisher gives a systematic in-depth presentation of how the New Age with its roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese Mysticism has gained popularity in modern society. He gives in-depth exploration of the belief system behind many alternative or complimentary therapies, Acupuncture, Acupressure Reflexology, Shiatsu, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Iridology, Macrobiotic Diet, Applied Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Biomeridianism, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Prona, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Transcendental, Meditation These and many others are rooted in eastern religion i.e. idolatry – an evil root. A Bad (evil) tree bears bad (evil) fruit. Matthew 7:17.

05LCCD2-2.mp3 – Jean Fisher – HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD
Jn 4:24 “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” Jn 18:37b “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” Jean reminds us that Jesus calls us to live by every rhema word spoken by God to us. (Lk 4:4) This living word is received into our spirit. To receive this word a believer must stand against deceitful lust of the flesh and deliver our soulish life to death. This is done by humbling ourselves before God in obedience, realizing that without Him there is no good thing within us. There is only one who is good and that is God. She encourages the ladies to be honest, to ask God to protect us from deception so that we will not believe a lie, and seek Him with our whole heart and soul, that we may find Him.

05LCCD2-4.mp3 – Jean Fisher – FAMILY LINE CURSES
Luke 6:37 “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:” Beginning with Sarah’s rejection of Ishmael, Jean traces the sin of rejection through Isaac, Esau and Jacob, then to Jacob’s favoritism of Joseph and Benjamin. She shows how God worked in both Joseph and his ten brothers to bring forgiveness and reconciliation to end the familiar curse of rejection – to God’s Glory. This resulted in saving the family unit and continuing God’s plan for Israel. Excellent teaching! 

06DELTRCD-4.mp3 – Bo Fisher – Eliminating Demonic Ground from Your Life
Bo starts this teaching out by saying the real title is “Ordering demons out of your life” and opens with prayer. Reading I Corinthians 14:33, and 40, Bo tells us that on the side of the Kingdom of God we see peace and order and on the other side we see confusion. He explains reference to this in several scriptures; James 3:13, 17, Galatians 5: 19, 22. Bo explains he will be focusing on the peace, patience, faithfulness part of this for our ministry to others which fruit results from putting things in order in our lives. He explains that chaos and disorder in our lives hinders us from helping others by using Proverbs 24:30 and Judges 17:6, Judges 21:25 and Eccl 8:4 and Nehemiah 1 and 2:17 as examples. He then expounded on 7 principles of how to make demons leave and keep them out with scripture references on each. (1) Keep a short account with our Lord and fellow man (2) Maintain a disciplined prayer life – Begin with Him each day. (3) Fall in love with the Word (4) Eliminate mind junk – TV, Internet – do self-deliverance (5) Build a fasting regiment into your life in some way – some level of self-denial. (6) Open your life to real accountable relationships (7) At every opportunity open your life to minister to others. In conclusion Bo gave us some ways to crucify the flesh. Get up early, finish what you start, planning and organizing, eliminate clutter, exercise, discipline yourself with consistent giving, crowd the devil out of your life with good things. This is an excellent teaching with all of these points explained and taught in a unique way using many scriptures. Bo completed the teaching with prayer.

06DELTRCD-7.mp3 – Bo Fisher – Staying Spiritually Alert & Ready for Battle
Bo starts this teaching by giving us a sub title “Developing a taste and Stomach for War”. He relates Leviticus 6 to Romans 12:11 and tells us there are two ways the fire can go out in our life or the zeal or fervency can burn low. Bo relates the story in Numbers 13 to our lives today. Then he gives us the two reasons the fire can go out; first is through neglect, not tending the fire and feeding it fuel that it needs to keep going. Spiritual life must be lived proactively. This is illustrated through scriptures in Proverbs 4 and 14 and Ecclesiastes 10:18 and II John 8. The second reason is through substituting unauthorized fuel. King James calls it “strange fire”. We put things in the fire that doesn’t belong there that not only do not help but they hinder. Several scriptures and examples are used here; II Timothy 4:9, Mark 4:18, Exodus 20:5 and Leviticus 10:1. Bo extracts principles God is teaching us from Exodus 16 concerning the “manna and the children of Israel” including gluttony, over indulgence, too much sleep, and exercise. Our bodies were made to move. He categorizes all of these in either the neglect or substituting reason the fire goes out. He explains about having control over our thoughts. He tells us the thrust of this teaching is the importance of daily quiet time and putting things in the quiet time that need to be there; praise, spiritual warfare, reading the Bible, fasting, getting under authority. Add faith and holiness and we can cross over to the promised land where the children of Israel failed. Concluding, Bo encourages everyone to avail themselves with the booklet “The Secret to a Free and Unencumbered Spirit” by Chris Simpson and also “Deliver Yourself” by Norman Parish. He then closes this excellent teaching, containing many interesting scenarios, with prayer. 


(NOTE): This message was recorded with a pocket voice recorder we tried using. The recording sounds very sharp and picked up a lot of noises in the room. Still a wondeful message.  — Bo opens with prayer and begins this teaching by taking a scriptural look at several instances of “passive protection”; Numbers 23:18-24, vs.22 – horns of the wild ox, Zachariah 2:4 – wall of fire, Psalms 34:7 – angel of the Lord encamped, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. It would be called ‘raw faith’. Can we enhance this protection? Bo believes we can by exercising spiritual authority over ourselves. Expand the perimeter of God’s hedge of protection. We need to identify our ‘horns’ and enhance them. He gives us 5 points he took from Chris Simpson’s book “Keeping Demons Out Once They Are Cast Out” which are also used to enforce a powerful Christian walk: 1) disciplined prayer life 2) build a fasting regimen 3) fall in love with the Word of God 4) eliminate mind junk 5) keep short accounts. But he adds that one thing you can always do is speak in tongues which will expand your spiritual perimeter. Tongues can help us seal off a major in-road to the devil. Bo expounds on the ‘eye gate’, the ‘ear gate’, and securing your mind and emotions with scriptural references on each one. He says if we speak in tongues a lot, fast, pray and read the Word, it will help bring a calm mind and emotions so we can identify sin but we won’t likely yield to it as readily. A progressive series of the gates mentioned lets the sin in. Bo explains how this can happen. The mind cannot submit to God because of SIN. Speaking in tongues, fighting the devil in prayer and making choices God would have us to make brings the soul under the control of the Spirit and the body under control of the soul. Only through the Spirit do we have any hope of controlling the soul. Bo closes this informative teaching with prayer and an exercise of speaking in tongues.

You do not have to be anything other than what you are to receive love! We cannot use the world’s rules; we were created to be a child of God. Everything else the Holy Spirit will do. We are called to die; we are called to weakness. This teaching is taken out of I Sam 8, 15 and 17. Israel is compromised; they did not want to look different. They left the door open to the enemy and he came in. I Sam 15:24 – when you need to be thought well of by others, you are not following the Lord. When there is a valley, it is a picture of something you need to go through. The pathway to freedom starts right where you are. You must keep going forward or you will be going backwards. Verse 5-7 is a picture of intimidation, everything we cannot handle in our own strength. Jean praises the Lord for the “goliaths in her life.”  Goliath means captivity. The Lord allows the devil in our life to press us to depend on Him. She explains the circumstances David was in, leading up to facing Goliath, this example also pertains to us in our walk with Him. She compares Saul to the world and David to faith. Ps 131 is written about David in his ability to quiet his soul before God. What keeps us from becoming quiet before the Lord? Are we too busy? In conclusion she prays for us to ask ourselves what it is that keeps us from setting aside quiet time with the Lord and prays to expose the barriers preventing our quiet time. 

Bo opens with prayer. He recommends a booklet by Chris Simpson. Deliverance from Guilt and Shame? Bo believes guilt is from sinning and shame is a painful emotion Exodus 20, Romans 3:9-19, Isaiah 53:1-6. Sometimes guilt is there so we can get free. Proverbs 4:25 without Jesus our guilt would remain. Ps.22:1, Heb. 9:6, 14, 28, I John 4:9-10, John 19:20 Jesus said it is finished – all done. Rev. 10:12, Romans 5:8, 3:23 we are justified by His grace. To take this offer of forgiveness, just believe. Lot?s son-in-law did not believe. Romans 4:23, 10:9 saved by heart confession. Romans 5:1 by faith we receive mercy. Psalms 165, 103:1 God?s character; love, forgiveness and mercy. James 2:12-13 mercy triumphs over judgment. James 5:11 the hardness of heart is what grieves God. Exodus 34:5 God, slow to anger but punishes the guilty. First step is in knowing the truth. I John 1:1-10 Have you owned up to your crooked ways? Prayer of confession and deliverance follows. Micah 7:18 The Holy Spirit will bring up any future needs of deliverance. Don’t go fishing, let the Lord convict of any future need. II Cor. 10:3-5 use the weapons of our warfare. Heb. 10:26 what about if you sin after being saved? Heb.6:4, II Pet. 2:20, Ps. 68:1, 85:8-9, John 5:14, 8:11. Freely forgiveness is given, go and sin no more. Ps. 89:30 if you are slow to repent, God will help you. I John 2:1 God’s first choice – be holy, not sin. Choose God’s grace when you do blow it. Jesus forgave James 5:16. Have consistent accountability; love Jesus. Prayer follows to close this teaching. 

In 1 Kings 16,17 and 18, we see that Ahab was a man of little conviction, confused, irresponsible and plays the blame game. This is not an option for men as God has put them in the place of leadership. We?re reminded that women really desire strength in men as it makes them feel safe and protected. Not only does Ahab fail to restrain Jezebel, he encourages her to do his dirty work – a job she did willingly. Men, you can restrain with kind words – speaking truth in love. I Kings 20:30 Ahab exercises poor judgment and God pronounces judgment on him. Ahab was not a leader. He allowed Jezebel to be Jezebel. The teaching continues by giving reasons for Ahab?s problem and remedies for all those with Ahab spirits. Prayer follows. 

God’s message to His people is the same all the way through the scriptures. Bo presents an excellent teaching of the parallels of Old and New Testament. We see that the flood in the Old Testament is a picture of New Testament baptism. We see in the story of the bondage of God?s people in Ex. 1 and how the enemy tried to wipe them out but GOD sent a deliverer just as He did in the NT. We saw how the Psalms are pictures of spiritual warfare. All day long, demons say, “Where is your God.” But Jesus has said that He would never leave or forsake you. Obedient living threatens satan. Mass deliverance follows. 

10LHCD12-6.mp3 – Bo Fisher – WHO’S IN CHARGE, YOU OR THE DEVIL?
There is no comparison between the light that came on when you were born again, and the light that is seen after you’ve come to really know the Lord.  When we fall in love with the Living Word, our lives will progressively change.  Ps 149:1 – Then the strongholds in your life will begin to be broken and the light in us begins to be light to others. For what reason was the Son of God manifest?  So, we must carry on Jesus ministry ? continue to do what He began.  Lk 9:1 & Lk 10:1,2  Do you see yourself with the authority over demonic forces.  Pray violently – give the enemy both barrels and don’t give up until the battle is won.  Bo gives several more scriptures describing the weapons of our warfare as well as the armor.  Take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ believe what He says!  Deliverance prayers follow. 

10LHCD12-9A.mp3 – Bo Fisher – PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD 1-of-2
10LHCD12-9B.mp3 – Bo Fisher – PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD 2-of-2

Eph 6:10-14 -Be strong in the power of HIS might. Four times in the next four verses, we re-told to stand or withstand.  We’re to wear the belt of truth! What is that truth?  What Jesus says – God’s word is truth. Jn 8:32, 40 The devil speaks lies, John 8:44. Jesus came to undo the works of the devil! Did He fail? NO!  So what are we to be doing? We must be walking in the provision that Jesus gave to us.  We are citizens of light – of life. We should be shining forth the light given to us. This teaching is packed with much more than listed here about the rest of the armor. Good teaching. Prayer follows.

11LHCD5-3.mp3 – Jean Fisher – THE WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE
We do not war after the flesh. 1 Cor. 2:12, says that we have not received the spirit of the world but the spirit which is of God. In 2 Cor. 10 we read that the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. We can correctly surmise that if we’ve been given weapons, we have a battle to fight. We must not be limited by our minds but know that these are God-given weapons, fully capable of gaining the victory. Stop depending on your friends or family or your own understanding – which becomes a stronghold of wrong thinking – to do the fighting. The Bible talks much about wisdom – the wisdom of God ? which gives right knowledge on how to handle our battles. There are many scripture references given. Prayer follows. 

Jean shares how she grew up in church and had a good up-bringing, but she was not thankful. Not being thankful cuts you off from God and opens you up to many wrong things, such as a dark and hard heart. You will do strange, ungodly things. Giving thanks is a choice. Gratefulness makes it possible for us to grow in God. Give thanks in all circumstances. God sees eternally. When I am giving thanks, I am saying I trust God. It breaks self-pity and other such negative thought patterns. In this world we will have tribulation, but Jesus says, I have overcome the world. When we praise Him we are complete. We are created for relationship with Him. When the Israelites came out of Egypt they were never thankful or content. King David gave a good example of a thankful heart. Jesus gave thanks after breaking the bread and passing out the cup. Paul gave thanks as he broke bread on the sinking ship. We are to give thanks as we are going through trials and tribulation. Of the ten lepers Jesus healed, only one turned back to thank Him for what He had done. Giving thanks is a mighty witness to the world. We cannot receive more from Jesus until we are really thankful from our heart for where we are right now. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching. 


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